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Forbidden Chapter 56

Forbidden Chapter Fifty Six

Entering Oxford Noctus 

 Once Okubi and his team had exited from the market. They went and search for a secluded area. In order for Okubi to open a portal to Pruflas's dimension. Few minutes later Team Okubi eventually found an empty alley. James, Angelina, and Lisa doubled checked their surrounding. Before Okubi was sure enough to open the portal. Ensured by his teammates, Okubi placed his right hand before him. Eligos resting on top of his Master's shoulders. Okubi opened a portal before his teammates and himself. However unlike Okubi's normal portal being pitch black. The portal opened before them was neon blue. Worried that something maybe wrong. Lisa is the first to speak her mind

Lisa: Okubi... gang. Something is off about this portal. Aren't your portals black?

Okubi: Yes Lisa but the portal before us isn't one of my dark portals. This particular portal is going to lead us directly to Pruflas. Which is why the color is blue instead of black. Trust me I'm 100% certain this portal will lead us to his dimension. I only hope we aren't walking into a trap. Once we enter the other side

Futanari: As long as it leads us to our enemies. Whatever awaits us on the other side is a risk we'll have to take

Angelina: Someone really wants to get their hands on Yamakagashi

Futanari: Well he is the reason I left my homeland... our homeland rather. I refuse to let that monster get away with his misdeeds. Even if it cost me my own life. I will make sure he answer for his crimes

James: I definitely know how you feel Futanari. Cannot wait to get my fucking hands on that sonabitch Ulric! Going to make him pay for what he did to my family and me

Tobirama: Despite the certain danger that awaits us on the other side. We all have our reasons for entering the portal. Therefore I think we should proceed

Okubi: Very well said Sensei. So unless anyone else has any other concerns they wish to voice. It's time we go and take down Pruflas and his minions

Lisa: Lord Asira please be with us

 Immediately Okubi and the others walk towards the portal. Entering the portal one by one. Tobirama being the only one yet to step inside. Quickly prays to himself in silence. Praying for the safety of his allies but especially Okubi. Not wanting to make the others wait too long. Tobirama rushes inside of the portal. Now with all of Okubi's Teammates having enter through. The blue color portal vanishes from the alley. Seconds laters Team Okubi arrives on the other side. Standing underneath an Oak Tree with various blue colored leaves. Next to the tree was a wooden sign that read "Welcome To Oxford Noctus". Finding themselves standing on top of a grassy hill. Team Okubi begins conversing with one another

Okubi: Well this place is rather lovely. Considering this is the dimension of a demon

Eligos: Looks like something out of the RPG MapleStory. I hope there aren't any annoying blob creatures in this place

Angelina: And here I imagined Pruflas's Dimension would be similar that of Razel's

Lisa: Thankfully that isn't the fucking case. That bitch Razel's dimension was gaudy as fuck!

James: Gaudy yes but convenient. Notice that we aren't standing directly in front of Pruflas's main domain. No castle or any tall building in sight

Tobirama: So I'm the only one who notices the cooper bridge over there?

Futanari: Oh wait there's a bridge?

Okubi: Oh talk about convenient. I wonder where it leads too?

Angelina: Only one way to find out

 Making their way over to the bridge. Upon arriving in front of the bridge. Team Okubi immediately notices a blue colored fortress. On the opposite end of the long cooper bridge. Okubi, Eligos, Angelina, Lisa, James, and Tobirama all able to sense a powerful demonic presence within the fortress. The heroes are certain that is where Pruflas and his minion are residing. Realizing how easy it was to find them. Both Okubi, Lisa, and James release a condescending chuckles from their mouths. Angelina, Eligos, and Futanari also finding the situation rather amusing. Tobirama on the other hand is rather skeptical about the situation. Noticing his Sensei's lack of enthusiasm. Okubi begins to question Tobirama

Okubi: Sensei is there something you like to share with us?

Tobirama: Indeed my student. While I don't mean to piss on anyone's parade. I do not think things are as simple as they appear

Lisa: The fuck do you mean Toby? Here is a bridge and on the other side is Pruflas's fortress. I'm sure you sense the demonic presence like the rest of us. All we have to do is cross the bridge and wallah! The seven of us will be standing before the base of our targets

Angelina: Perhaps Tobirama fears there's some sought of trap hidden on the bridge

Tobirama: The bridge itself can also be a trap

Lisa: OMG! What a fucking worry wart! Look if I can fly over this bridge without any problems. The rest of you better cross this bitch

Futanari: Well if you are going to be flying. How would we know if there are any traps on the bridge?

Eligos: Good point Futanari

Tobirama: Do as you please Lisa. However I have feeling you are in for a surprise. Once you begin your attempt to cross the bridge. Rather it be walking on it or flying above it

James: Just fly already Lisa. Hopefully you'll prove Tobirama wrong

 Wings instantly appear on Lisa's back. Ready to take flight over the bridge. Not even three after flying off the ground. Lisa's wings disappear and lands on her feet. Everyone but Tobirama stares at Lisa in disbelief. Annoyed by her sudden inability to fly. Lisa tries again but to no avail. Realizing something is very off. An irritated Lisa turns to her teammates

Lisa: So it seems like something is up with that bridge. While I can summon my wings without any problem. Any attempt to fly over the bridge. My wings will fucking disappear

Tobirama: I knew Pruflas wouldn't make things that easy. Okubi would you mind attempting to open a black portal over to Pruflas's Fortress?

Okubi: By myself?

Tobirama: Indeed. I want to test something real quick

Eligos: Do you think that's a good idea Master Okubi?

Okubi: Good idea or not Eligos. I'm definitely curious to see if there's something blocking us for easily getting over to the fortress. Lisa was unable to fly over the bridge. Perhaps I'm unable to transport myself to the other side. Course we won't know that until I try

 Okubi holds out his right hand. A black portal immediately opens before him. Stepping inside of his portal. Okubi disappears from the view of his teammates. However about three seconds later. The portal reappears as an irritated Okubi steps out from it. Realizing that Lisa is unable to fly over the bridge. Nor is Okubi able to transport himself to the other side. The heroes begin to wonder how will they reach Pruflas's Fortress

Tobirama: Just as I had expected. Pruflas disable any easy attempts to reach his Fortress

Angelina: So Lisa is unable to fly over the bridge and Okubi cannot instantly transport himself in front of Pruflas's Fortress. So exactly how will we get across?

Okubi: I don't know about you guys but I have two working legs. I will enter the bridge first. If nothing strange happens as I walk upon it. James will follow behind me and the rest of your afterwards

Eligos: I shall join you on the bridge Master

 Okubi with Eligos by his side. Starts to walk on the bridge. His teammates watches Okubi cautiously as he walks on the bridge. A few seconds go by and nothing happens. Okubi along with Eligos have successfully walked one fifth of the cooper bridge.

Okubi: Nothing bad has happened since I began to walk on the bridge. I guess this is the only way to reach Pruflas's Fortress. It's just unfortunate we have to walk this entire bridge. In order to reach the other side

Tobirama: Well James you are up

James: Now if I can get to Okubi and Eligos without any issues. The rest of you get your asses on this bridge immediately

 Making his way towards Okubi and Eligos. James begins walking on the bridge at a normal pace. Seconds go by and like Okubi before him. Nothing bad seems to happen. The others watch in relief. Seeing that crossing the bridge isn't impossible. However just before James reaches Okubi and Eligos. Suddenly the bridge violently starts to shake. Causing both Okubi and James to lose their balance. Instinctively Okubi and James grab on the rail of the bridge. In order to keep themselves from being thrown off. Eligos watches helplessly as his Master and James struggles to stay on the bridge. Lisa, Angelina, and Futanari also watches on in panic

Lisa: OH FOR FUCKS SAKES! We have to find a way to help Okubi and James

Futanari: But how? It's not like we can just walk onto the bridge. Perhaps someone knows a spell to remove them off the shaking bridge?

Angelina: If I knew such a spell. I would had already performed it

Tobirama: I knew this was going to happen. Thankfully I have a solution

 Tobirama holds out his left hand. Summons a Dark Portal right above James. The portal pulls James inside. The once unstable bridge swiftly reverts to it's normal self Now that it's just holding Okubi. The Dark Portal reappears right next to the girls. James steps out of it both confused and relieved at the same time. Okubi easily manages to get back on his feet. Turns towards the direction of his Sensei. Unsure about what had just happened. Lisa begins to question Tobirama

Lisa: Okay this bitch is officially confused. Exactly why did you only remove James off the shaking bridge? Along with why it stop shaking. Once Okubi was the only one on it?

Tobirama: The answer is simple Lisa. Pruflas is the controller of this dimension. Therefore he controls how intruders are allowed to travel. Since Pruflas main target is Okubi. Evidence of him ordering his servant Poisonous One to kidnap him. Only Okubi can take the easy route to reach his Fortress. However if any of us attempts to use the cooper colored bridge. The bridge will react violently

Angelina: Shaking anyone off that's on it. Even if Okubi is also on the bridge. Well if that is the case. How will any of us besides Okubi reach the Fortress?

Lisa: That fucking coward is really only going to allow Okubi to cross the bridge? I swear when I get my hands on that bastard...

Okubi: Excuse me Lisa but Pruflas is my target! I won't allow anyone else to fight him. However if that fool thinks I'm going to enter his Fortress alone. Pruflas is even more foolish than I have expected

Eligos: Even with your tremendous powers. It would be suicidal to enter Pruflas's Fortress alone

Tobirama: Which is why we will go into the forest behind us

Futanari: Exactly how is going into the forest any safer than crossing the bridge?

Tobirama: Unlike the bridge which is specifically designed for only Okubi to cross. The forest will allow all of us to venture through it

James: How can you be so sure about that Tobirama?

Tobirama: Even with this Dimension being controlled by Pruflas. There are certain rules about dimensions that cannot be broken. Meaning if the bridge is inaccessible for us. The forest must allow all of us to enter without fail. Course that doesn't mean we won't encounter any dangers. Once we are inside the forest

Angelina: I also bet the forest is the long way to reaching Pruflas's Fortress

Lisa: Sonabitch!

Okubi: Long way or not. I'm determine to find and vanquish Pruflas. I'm certain the rest of you feel the same way

Futanari: I will bring Satomi Yamakagashi to justice

James: I'm not leaving this place until I kill Ulric

Lisa: I personally want to get my hands on those obnoxious fuckers Natan and Lita

Angelina: I want that asshole Poisonous One dead so badly

Tobirama: Then it's settle. Okubi quickly remove yourself off the bridge and let us head into the forest

 Now that Team Okubi fully understands their situation. Once Okubi and Eligos had gotten off the bridge. Lead by Tobirama the heroes enter the forest. In spite of the dangers that awaits them within the forest. Okubi and his friends are determine to reach Pruflas's Fortress. In order to take down one of the founding members of The Children of Ruin. Bringing them closer to stop Janiel from releasing Mastema from Forbidden


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Cool Nine & Braddox Morse

Cool Nine

A extremely attractive sage from Kemet. This woman goes by the name Cool Nine. User of the Magical Arts Zare's Scorn. A type of magic that involves the use of magical dices. Cool Nine is one of the eight kidnapped combatants of the current Underground Fighting Tournament. However unlike the other eight kidnapped combatants. Cool Nine allowed herself to be kidnapped. In order to complete a special mission assigned to her

Braddox Morse

Born and raised in France. Braddox lived a relatively normal life. However on his sixteenth birthday. Braddox became possessed by the demon spirit of Crocell. A former Demon Lord that had been assassinated many centuries ago in the Underworld. Fortunately upon being possessed by Crocell. Braddox not only maintained dominance over his mind and body. Being possessed by Crocell also gave Braddox incredible supernatural strength and agility. Realizing what this power could do for him. Braddox abandon all intentions of living a normal life. Instead Braddox would use his power to compete in various fighting tournaments in France. 

Having defeated so many powerful sages and skilled fighters with his demonic strength. While Braddox gained many fans and admirers. Braddox had also made plenty of enemies. After his victory in the latest tournament in Lyon. On his way back to the hotel. Braddox found himself surrounded by several sages he defeated in the past. Normally Braddox is very calm and control of his emotions. However a rage had awaken within him. Causing him to unleash a fury like no other against the sages. Once the fight had ended. Braddox found himself surrounded by the blood of the now dead sages. Before Braddox could even make his next move. Braddox was surrounded by multiple cop cars and guns pointed at him. 

Despite possessing the power to combat the cops. Braddox decided to surrender. Sentence to prison for fifteen years. After having serve ten of his fifteen. Braddox was release from prison. While Braddox had accepted what he had done. Between being disowned by his family and friends. Braddox had grown resentful towards his country and wanted out asap. Less then a week as a free man. Braddox took a plane from France to Mayland. In hopes of starting a new life for himself. 

Finding work as a bouncer in Neo Aigosthena. Braddox didn't engage in combat the way he use too, but always made sure to train himself daily. One night after exiting from work. Braddox encounter a demon dressed in a suit. Knowing the demon did not mean him well. Braddox was ready to defend himself. Unfortunately before Braddox could make a single move. The demon hits Braddox with a cloud of knock out gas. Braddox will not know his fate until he awakes. 

Oriana Violet's New Look

Gorgeous Summoner

One of the current Four Divas residing in King Onyxe's Castle. During her stay in Onyxe's castle. Unable to continue her modeling work. Due to the current situation of descendants being hunted down by a group of demons called The Children Of Ruin. Oriana along with her beloved friend and summoning Ricky. Decided to use this time for some intense training. Recently a situation has occur in Neo Aigosthena. One that involves Yura former partner in crime Celia. Oriana was selected by Yura. In order to help her take down Celia 

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The Combatants


Hello ladies and gents the name's Karen Caramel. I'm your host host of this years Underground Fighting Tournament. Which takes places every every year in the state Neo Aigosthena. Now now I know what you're thinking. "What is the Underground Fighting Tournament?" Maybe even "Who in the fuck is Karen Caramel?" Well not of that matters at the moment. All will be revealed in due time. However if you read the latest chapter of Forbidden. Then you should know know. I Karen along with the help of my good friend friend Stanford. Who like myself is one of the Elite Servants of Lord Pruflas. Successfully captured our two final combats Nara Chabla and the M.V.P. herself Jia Xiaoyu. Now now is the time I tell you the names of this year's competitors


1. Braddox Morse

2. Syh

3. Damien Benzo

4. Danielle Amarillo

5. Nara Chabla

6. Jia Xiaoyu

7. Romio Mitarai

8. Cool Nine

9. Sinclair

10. Pelham

 More details on the combatants and myself in the future chapters of Forbidden! I truly truly appreciate your continuous support in this amazing story. Bye bye bye for now reader. I Karen look forward to our next encounter. I promise you it will be a real real shocker! (Insert Evil Childish Laugh Here)


My favorite fighter in KOF

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Forbidden Chapter 55

Forbidden Chapter Fifty Five

Preparations For War

 It was nine in the morning. Okubi, Eligos, and Othello went upstair to wake everyone up. Hearing the door unlocking to their room. Hellin and Xiaoyu were to first two to awaken. Seeing Okubi, Eligos, and Othello walk into the room. Both Okubi and Othello appearing in their combat wear. Okubi in his cerulean skin tight combat suit and Othello wearing her purple dress serving for both style and combat. While Othello has a neutral expression on her face. Okubi and Eligos are staring at Xiaoyu and Hellin with smiles on their faces. Xiaoyu smiles back at Okubi and Eligos before greeting them.

Xiaoyu: Good morning Okubi, good morning Eligos. Also good morning to you Othello

Othello: Morning Xiaoyu, morning honey

Hellin: Good morning mother

Okubi: Good morning Xiaoyu and Hellin

Eligos: Awe the feeling of being greeted by two beautiful women

Hellin: You calling me "beautiful" old man? Someone is definitely in a good mood

Eligos: We are allies Hellin for better or worst. I think it's high time we started treating each other as such. Needless animosity towards one another is pointless. Besides considering we still have the real enemies to deal with

Hellin: I suppose you're right spirit, but don't let my civil behavior fool you. I still find the majority you here irksome, but we are allies nevertheless

Okubi: I'm glad we are on the same page Hellin

Hellin: Now it doesn't take a psychic to know why you two are here. I can also tell by your appearance that both my mother and you had already showered. However exactly how is your battle suit not all tattered up Okubi? Didn't it get damaged at the Elestial Market last night?

Othello: That's a easy one Hellin my sweet. After Okubi, Eligos, and I had our talk. I brought the both of them to Babylon. That's where Okubi and I had gotten ourselves ready for today's mission. I had my tailors repair Okubi's battle damaged suit.

Xiaoyu: Well that explains that. Surprise you went with Othello to Babylon though. Didn't you worry she might had try to kill you?

Okubi: Despite Othello and I having our differences. I knew Othello had no desire to do harm against me. Even with my current power level. Othello and I understand what's at stake. Eliminating the remaining members of The Children of Ruin. Is tens times more important than our personal fued. Once Pruflas and the other remaining T. C.O.R. members are dead. Then Othello and I can decide if we still want to kill each other. That's of course goes for you as well Hellin. I haven't forgotten you want to fight/kill me as well

Hellin: Both Onyxe and you to be exact, but considering Onyxe's position in Mayland. I'll have to wait until either he's dethroned or resigns from being King. Otherwise if we succeed in stoping The Children of Ruin thus stopping Mastema's release from Forbidden. Then I can focus on taking you down Okubi. Until then I have "bigger" fish to fry. Starting with that bastard Iron Zabel

Othello: Speaking about Iron Zabel? I have something I wish to discuss with you later Hellin.

Hellin: So am guessing you're casting aside your vacation. In order to aid Anna, James, and I in assassinating Iron Zabel after all?

Othello: Well I'm not going to totally abandon my vacation. A bitch is still going to have some fun. However after talking somethings over with Okubi and Eligos. I decided that I need to be apart of Zabel's assassination

Xiaoyu: Speaking about going after targets. Okubi I didn't get a chance to talk to you last night. Due to the fact you were unconscious when everybody gathered together at the Elestial Market

Okubi: Indeed. One of Poisonous One's zombies had knocked me out. Thankfully my Sensei appeared from out of nowhere and rescued me. Otherwise I would currently be in Pruflas's custody. Enduring only Asira knows what. Thankfully since my clone had bitten that bastard. I can portal to his location. Course that's once we all talked about our strategy in handling our enemies

Xiaoyu: Agreed, but may I first explain a bit of my situation to the four of you?

Hellin: Everyone else is still asleep Xiaoyu. I fail to see why not

Xiaoyu: Last night when my team went to find Lisa and Futanari. After successfully finding them safely hiding in a alley. My team had encounter both Lorenzo and the girl responsible for kidnapping her. The girl's name was Karen Caramel. Karen is also one of Pruflas's Elite Servants and the mastermind behind Neo Aigosthena's Underground Fighting Tournament. Lorenzo who is currently under Karen's control. Fought against the rest of my team. While I fought one on one against Karen. Half way through our battle. Karen threw two invitations to her tournament at me. Once the invitations were in my possession. Karen told me if I ever want a chance to rescue Lorenzo. I will have to meet her at a specific location in Neo Aigosthena. Karen also told me to bring along a friend. However there's a catch

Hellin: Color me surprised

Xiaoyu: If I brought along any of my demon allies. Karen would kill Lorenzo immediately. Therefore I think it's best I just go alone

Othello: Nonsense Xiaoyu. Going alone would be too dangerous. Besides only the majority of us here are demons

Hellin: Nara, Lisa, Futanari, Tobirama, Lava Rose, Zira, and Tre' aren't demons. Nara and Tobirama are Darkens. That annoying cunt Lisa is an angel. Lastly Lava Rose, Tre', Zira, Futanari and you are mortal sages

Okubi: Tre' is actually some sought of man made angel but that's not really important. Furthermore Futanari has a sole target in mind. The target is more than likely won't be present at Karen's tournament

Eligos: That target is no other than Satomi Yamakagashi! Who is most certainly is going to be with Pruflas.

Okubi: Not to mention I will be bringing Lisa with me as well to fight Pruflas and his servants.

Othello: And I have plans for the members of Team Rose. Therefore the only one who will be going with you is Nara.

Hellin: Mother don't tell me you want to bring Lava Rose and his friends with us to fight Iron Zabel? I strongly believe James, Anna, you, and I are more than enough

Othello: Who said James was coming with us? Now be quite Hellin until I say otherwise

Hellin groans in annoyance before becoming silent. A surprised Xiaoyu continues to speak

Xiaoyu: But Nara? I mean he's my boyfriend and is extremely powerful in his own right. However I don't know how everything will go down in Karen's tournament. The last thing I is to end up fighting Nara?

Okubi: I share you concern Xiaoyu, but what choice do you have? I'm not letting you go alone and let's not forget. Even without Karen's No Demon Policy. If someone like Hellin or myself were able to enter. If someone of our power level were to fight you. Having to face one of us would be much worst than fighting Nara. Plus I'm certain it won't just be Nara and you at Karen's tournament

Othello: Besides if you're serious about saving Lorenzo. Whatever risk you gotta take is going to be worth it. I would suggest to swap Tre' for Nara, but in order for my plan to work. I need all three current members of Team Rose with Hellin, Anna, and myself. The three of them would be needed to take down any minions. Which would allow Anna, Hellin, and myself to focus on killing Zabel. Plus unlike Nara, I know for a fact Lava Rose, Zira, and Tre' are experience in stealth tactics. Furthermore I personally feel more comfortable with Nara and you working together. Not only are you two very much in love with each other. Willing to protect one another at all cost. Nara is the darkness to your light. The two are you work better with each than anyone else

Xiaoyu: I don't know what to say to that... other than "thank you" I never would had imagine to hear such words come out of your mouth Othello. They are truly encouraging to hear

Othello: You're welcome I suppose. Anyways Okubi before we wake up everyone else. Let's do a quick run down of the teams

Okubi: Group O will consist of Eligos, Futanari, Angelina, Lisa, Apollyn, Tobirama, Brutality, James, and myself. Our mission is to take down Pruflas and his servants. Group H will consist of Hellin, Anna, Team Rose, and yourself. The six of year are to find and eliminate Iron Zabel. However unlike Hellin and the others. Killing Zabel will also allow Othello to avenge her deceased friend. Lastly Xiaoyu you will lead Team X. Which consists of only Nara and yourself. The two of you are to enter Karen's tournament. Defeat her and rescue Lorenzo and any of the other fighters. Now if there aren't any objections. Let's hurry and awake the others. We have to make preparations for the inevitable battle against Pruflas and our other enemies within this place. The tragic events at the Elestial Market still runs through my head. I may appear calm but deep inside I'm raging! I cannot wait to confront Pruflas and make him pay!

Othello: Well to Pruflas's defense. Ulric and his deceased assassins are responsible for last night's horrible events. James have better fucking make sure Ulric suffers for his misdeeds. That is of course if Pruflas didn't kill him already. However considering that he was rescued by Natan and Lita. I'm certain Pruflas has kept him alive.

Eligos: Perhaps it's to give him better protection against us

Xiaoyu: I have a feeling you are very right Eligos. Now if the five of us are done discussing things amongst ourselves. Time to get the rest of our comrades involved

Othello: Hellin use your telepathy to awake everyone from their sleep. I hope they had a good night sleep. Because it will be the last time any of us sleeps until our enemies are all dead

 After Hellin used her telepathy to awake everyone who were still asleep. Everyone in the room greeted each with morning pleasantries. Minus Okubi, Othello, and Eligos for obvious reason. Everyone else in the room grabbed their towels and necessary bathroom items. In order to get themselves ready for their mission. Xiaoyu and Apollyn decides to shower together. Using the bathroom inside the room. Hellin along with Lisa, Anna, Futanari, Brutality, Angelina, and Zira. Decide to use the showers on the second floor of the Gold Hotel. Making their way down to the fourth floor. Nara, James, Lava Rose, Tre', and Tobirama. Used the shower room on that floor.

 Once everyone had finished showering and dressed. Everyone makes their way back to the room to meet up with Okubi, Eligos, Xiaoyu, Apollyn, and Othello. Five minutes after everyone is inside of their room. James's cellphone starts ringing. Reaching inside of his right pants pocket. Seeing the name of the person who was calling him. James's face has a sickly look to it. Nearly everyone has figured out who was calling James. Anna being one of the few who didn't know. Immediately asks her father what's wrong

Anna: Dad is everything alright?

James: I honestly don't know baby

Okubi: James just pick up the phone. I know it's Onyxe

Othello: Considering the mess that went down last night. I'm surprised we didn't hear from him sooner. Now answer your fucking cellphone Del Soto

 While annoyed by Okubi and Othello's commanding tones. James realizes they are both right. It was only a matter of time before Onyxe called him. Especially after the massacre that happened last night at the Elestial Market street fair. Swiping his phone with his finger. James puts Onyxe on speaker as his call comes through.

Onyxe: Morning James. Are you and the others alright?

James: Morning to you too your Majesty. Yeah everyone is alive and well. I have you on speaker by the way

Okubi: Onyxe how are things on your end?

Onyxe: Everything is fine on my end. I just left Neo Aigosthena not too long ago. I had to do an emergency press conference about the massacre that took place at yesterday's street fair.

Eligos: Poor Onyxe. Hearing you in such a depressed state is so unpleasant. However considering the current circumstances. It's very understandable

Onyxe: Sorry I'm not my usual cherry self Eligos. It very hard to be happy. Knowing that three hundred and eighty one people were killed last night.


Xiaoyu: Oh my God!

Futanari: No! That can't be right... it just can't

 Hearing the number of people who died at the Elestial Market. Revives the despair in the hearts of The Heroes. Many of them nearly seconds away from breaking into tears. Okubi casts his emotions aside. In order to properly continue a conversation with Onyxe

Onyxe: Sorry I had to bare such bad news to you all so early in the morning. If only you guys were watching the news earlier. So many grieving and angry friends and family members. However the worst part about all of this isn't sole the deaths. The ones responsible for the massacre last night were no other than---

Okubi: Demons!

Onyxe: Yeah... how did you know?

Hellin: Because we were fucking there last night! All of us fighting for our lives and to save as many civilians as possible! Unfortunately their were too many enemies to handle. There was no way we could save everyone without risking ourselves dying in the process

Apollyn: Apollyn and buddies honestly tried their best Onyxe buddy. Apollyn sorry we couldn't save everyone

 Tears running Apollyn's eyes as she apologizes to Onyxe. Apollyn unable to keep herself from breaking down. Falls to the falls and starts to cry. Xiaoyu and Brutality rushes over to Apollyn's side. Working on calming their tearful friend down. Nearly everyone in the room is focused on Apollyn. The exceptions being Okubi, Eligos, James, Hellin, Othello, and Zira. Onyxe continues to speak to the heroes.

Onyxe: I should had known you guys were there. It would had been hoping for too much if none of you weren't. So I guess Pruflas was responsible for last night's tragic events?

Hellin: If only that were true.

Othello: Truth of the matter is O. Pruflas's men only attack us once we were exposed. However it was Ulric and his assassins who are responsible for last night's massacre! The good news we killed each and every single assassin there. The bad news is Ulric managed to escapes. Thanks to the help of Pruflas's men. Course that does nothing to change the fact three hundred and eighty one innocent people are dead

Onyxe: So Pruflas was coming after James?  I fucking knew I should had made you come back to the Royal Lands immediately after the Eater was slain. All those people are dead because of my negligence! FUCK!

James: Onyxe please don't fucking blame yourself. I'm the one who is at fault. I knew if I was away from you for too long. The tracker Ulric had placed on me would activate. Giving away my current location in Neo Aigosthena. Having survived yet another assassin attempt earlier last night thanks to Hellin. I should had never went to the Elestial Market that night. All because I wanted to protect my daughter. All those people ended being killed by my former brothers and sisters of The Order. GOD DAMMIT!

Hellin: At least it's nice to hear you blame yourself for this bullshit. If only you had fucking went back to Onyxe. The morning after Okubi and I had killed the Eater. However you just had to fucking beg Onyxe to stay with us. Knowing good and well your fucking help wasn't needed. Now thanks for your selfish actions. Three hundred and eighty one people are dead! Despite the fact neither my mother or I cared for Ulric and his assassins. We even planned on assassinated Ulric in the near future. However all because you couldn't be apart from Anna. Keeping your ass exactly where it belong. Back with Onyxe, Yura, and the others back in the Royal Lands. I hope you're satisfied Del Soto!

Okubi: Hellin how dare you place all the blame on James?

Hellin: How dare I? Who fucking else do I blame then Okubi?

Okubi: All of us! Once we knew Ulric had placed a hit on James and pretty much the rest of us. We should had sent James back to Onyxe. However we instead kept him amongst our company. Othello could had returned to Babylon and probably talk things out with Ulric. Even if Ulric wouldn't had called off his hit. The massacre at the Elestial Market may had been avoided. If James was nowhere in sight. Unfortunately none of us thought to do such

Hellin: FUCK YOU! I'll be damn if I'm carrying such guilt. All of this would had been avoided. If James just went back with Onyxe and Mariah the night we fought The Eater

Anna: Hellin what you are failing to realize. My father did all of this. Just so he could be with me. If you're going to blame my father. Than you have to blame me as well

Hellin: Anna but...

Othello: Oh trust me I do Anna. I blame both Del Soto's for last night's tragedy

Xiaoyu: Now you wait a minute bitch! Neither James or Anna knew Ulric would go through such extremes. Just to see to it James was finally dead

James: Actually I did Xiaoyu. I knew if I had stayed in Neo Aigosthena too long. Ulric would find me and stop at nothing to see me dead. Onyxe and Othello both warned me. However I selfishly put everyone's lives at stake. Just so I can spend time with my daughter. In order that I can regain the love I lost many centuries ago. No matter how badly Ulric wanted me dead. Knowing that Anna hated me for what happened in the past. I just bare the thought of never reconnecting with my only child. I wanted Anna to know I was so sorry for everything that happened. From the death of her mother, her aunt, and even worst of all. The awful life she had to endure from both Ulric and Othello's. If only I hadn't thought of myself. The awful life you were force to endure could had been avoided. I'm from the very bottom of my heart. I'm sorry about everything I put you through Anna. I just couldn't bare knowing my princess hated me. Even worst believed I was the one who killed her aunt. You're all the family I have left Anna. I love you so much sweetheart

Anna: I love you too dad... oh don't cry daddy

 Similar to Apollyn before him. James drops down to the ground as tears roll down his eyes. Anna goes to her father and wraps her arms around him. Kissing the top of his forehead while holding him in her arms. Tears also begins falling down Anna's eyes

Anna: Daddy it's alright. I was too busy only thinking about my pain. I never once thought how you been feeling throughout the centuries. To tell you the truth father I never really hated you. I just felt so hurt. The day you left me back at that motel. I felt like you were giving up on me. Abandoning me in order to save yourself. When Ulric and his men found me. I thought I was going to end up like mommy. However having to endure all the emotional abuse from Ulric and The Order. I would had rather died than suffered all of that. Even the physical and emotional abuse from Queen Othello pales in comparison to what Ulric and his assassins put me through. If it hadn't been for Aunt Sel. Being my only saving grace. I probably would had already committed suicide. Even when I felt that you abandon me. In the deepest most broken part of my heart. I had always loved you

James: I love you too sweetheart

Othello: Awe how insufferably touching. Now if we can put a pause to the soap opera before us. Onyxe may you please continue. Unless of course you're too busy crying as well

Onyxe: I'm fine Othello. I cried earlier morning in front of the family of the victims. Although hearing James and Anna speak about their past. Has gotten me a bit more emotional then already. Anyways lets get back to the matter at hand. So now with all of Ulric's assassins dead. That means you all are going after Pruflas and his men next?

Okubi: That is correct Onyxe. During my battle against the servant called Poisonous One. After Poisonous One had unknowingly taken my Shadow Clone to Pruflas's location. Once my clone had made contact with Pruflas. My clone had bitten him. Which allowed me to obtain his location. Unfortunately any verbal information Pruflas made had revealed. Wasn't transferred from my clone to me. My mother had told me to be careful when I finally meet. I had hope to learn more about him. Before confronting him in battle. Anyways Onyxe if you're done speaking to us. We will like to make our final preparations. Before completing the task you had assigned us

Onyxe: It's a good thing we had this conversation. I now know what fully went down last night. This information will definitely prove useful in my conversations with the mayor and senators of Neo Aigosthena at dinner tonight. Which of course is taking place in my castle. I just pray they don't demand a ban demons from Neo Aigosthena. So many good demons live and work there.

Angelina: Or even worst blame you for not preventing it

Onyxe: Unfortunately Angelina that is inevitable. Sadly by now I'm use to be responsible for every public misdeed a demon does in Mayland. I can only hope not all demon citizens of Mayland are punished for the actions of the bad ones.

Othello: Hmph! That's why demons are better off staying in the Underworld. Sadly many demons think they are too good to remain in their home realm. However I don't have time to get into that conversation. I hope your meeting with the Mayor and the Senators goes well tonight

Onyxe: Thank you Othello. I really appreciate it. Now before I hang up this phone. I wish each and every one of you the very best of luck. Make sure you take down our enemies without mercy. The sooner Pruflas and his men are eliminated. The sooner we can move onto finding the next founding member of The Children of Ruin. James I hope you find Ulric and give that sonabitch the ass kicking he long deserves. Anyways heroes I wish you all the best of luck. Please if you need any help from me or the others in the castle. DO NOT hesitate to get ahold of me. Well until the next time we meet. I wish each and everyone of you sitting in that room the very best of luck

Hellin: We're going to need more than luck. If we plan on defeating our enemies

Onyxe: Speaking about your enemies. Hellin are you also going to help Okubi fight Pruflas?

Hellin: My voice must had gave it away that Pruflas isn't our only target. A man by the name Iron Zabel another menace within Neo Aigosthena. Okubi and his team are going after Pruflas and my team are gunning for Zabel.

Onyxe: Okay one more question before I hang up. Did any of you encounter a woman by the name Celia?

Angelina: Okubi, Eligos, Nara, and myself did last night. The bitch wasn't no ordinary chick either. Celia had referred to herself being a Beyonder! Despite her supernatural fighting abilities. Thanks with the help of my Dragon. I managed to take her out

Onyxe: Not impossible but very unlikely. Beyonders don't die easily Angelina. Especially if Celia is as crafty as Yura has told me. I wouldn't count Celia being dead if I were you. Well I think we chatted enough for the morning. I'll talk to you guys...

James: ONYXE WAIT A SEC! Speaking about Yura how is she doing?

Onyxe: Yura is currently fine thanks for asking. Yura like myself does miss having you around. However the two of us will have to wait. Until you finish your business in Neo Aigosthena first. I seriously must end our conversation now. I pray this isn't the last time I speak to any of you. I love each and every last one of you. May faith be on your side. Goodbye everyone

Okubi: Goodbye Onyxe. We will meet again once this is all over. In the meantime do what you have to do to maintain Mayland's order.

 Onyxe hangs up his phone. James having calmed himself down. Grabs his phone from off the table. Placing it back into his right pants pocket. The Heroes then discuss amongst themselves. The teams and various strategies against the enemy. The others realizing that Xiaoyu will only have Nara and herself to rely on. Majority of the group worries about what may happen to them. Once they arrive to Karen's tournament. Sadly with the greater danger being Pruflas and Iron Zabel. Plus Karen's "No Demon" rule doesn't help either. While Xiaoyu appreciated the concerns of her comrades. The Detective felt confident in both Nara and her abilities. Ensuring their friends the two of them alone can handle Karen and rescue Lorenzo. The time drawing near for Xiaoyu and Nara to meet with Karen. After saying their final goodbyes for now. Xiaoyu and Nara first exit out of the room. The two make their way downstair. Exiting out of the Gold Hotel. Once the remaining Heroes no longer sense Xiaoyu and Nara's presence. Othello turns to the others and starts speaking

Othello: Now with Xiaoyu and Nara on their way to deal with Karen. I think it's time I take my team and skedaddle. Since it's too early to start making our way to Bosman. Hellin, Anna, Team Rose and I will good sight seeing and various other activities around Neo Aigosthena.

Hellin: If that is your plan for the morning mother. I rather stay here and train until you return

Anna: I too would like to do some training before we go to Bosman

Othello: Suit yourselves girls. Team Rose are you three going to be buzzkillers too?

Lava Rose: I believe in fighting evil, but I also support having some fun

Tre': Some pleasure before the gloom sounds ideal to me

Zira: As long as you're paying. I don't mind having some fun before tonight's mission

Okubi: Well my team and I are going to head out. Futanari wants to pick up some things. Before we begin our journey into Pruflas's Dimension. Especially after our previous dealings with entering the dimension of our enemy. I want to make sure we are prepare for whatever dangers awaits us. Even with Lisa around to heal us. I agree with Futanari's suggestion in grabbing some potions. Anyways Hellin, Anna, Othello, and Team Rose. I wish the six of you the very best of luck. Iron Zabel is definitely going to be a battle to remember

James: Anna I promise you I will make sure to avenge your mother and aunt. Not just for you but myself as well

Anna: I believe in you dad. Make sure you kill that fucker good

Othello: If you managed to bring Ulric's head to me James. I promise to give you a blow job when you return

Hellin: MOTHER!

Othello: Hey I'm a grown ass woman Hellin. I can suck whoever's dick I like. Course that if James wants such a treat?

James: I'll.. I'll think about it

Hellin: "Bring Ulric's head back and I'll have yours"

Othello: "Harm James for bringing Ulric's head back honey and I'll give you a grand punishment. Don't think I don't know when you're using your telepathy"

Hellin: "DAMMIT!"

Brutality: I will never understand women who speak so freely about sex. Some women really are more sexually expressive than others

Othello: The way majority of you girls are dressed. Y'all have some damn nerves talking to judge me

Okubi: Women dressing in revealing clothes doesn't equate promiscuous. Just because you enjoy talking about sucking dick, anal, and gang bangs. Doesn't mean every women is going to share that mindset. Course I never been the type of guy to care how a women conducts herself. As long as she isn't physically harming anyone. I honestly could care less if a women dresses conservatively or revealing. Now if we don't have anymore needless conversations to discuss. It's time my team and I depart

 Anna gives James a hug and a kiss. Before saying goodbye to him and the rest of his team. Othello kisses Hellin on her forehead. Leaving Hellin and Anna behind to train. While she along with Team Rose go out to enjoy themselves. Meanwhile nearly an hour later. Xiaoyu and Nara arrives to the location given to them by Karen. Standing in an alley around Baxter Street. Which was several blocks away from where the Elestial Market street fair had taken place. The gruesome sight of maimed bodies and puddles of blood were still fresh in Xiaoyu and Nara's mind. Guarded as they waited for Karen to arrived. Growing more suspicious of Karen's intentions. Right before Xiaoyu could suggest a new plan to her boyfriend. A portal opens in front of them. Stepping out of the portal. Appear a beige skin brown haired man. Dressed in a fancy black suit. Knowing that a demon had appeared before them. Nara quickly placed himself in front of Xiaoyu. Staring at Xiaoyu and Nara with his red eyes. The man began to introduce himself

Stanford: My name is Stanford Marshal and I came here at Lady Karen's request to pick up the final two fighters for the tournament. I'm guessing you two are Jia Xiaoyu and Nara Chabla. Karen knew that you two would show up

Xiaoyu: I thought Karen said "No Demons Allowed"

Stanford: That is correct Miss Xiaoyu, but have no fear. I'm not fighting in the tournament. My job is simply aid Karen. One of my duties being is to bring the participants to her. Now that I had answer your question. Time I bring the two of you with me

Nara: Oh how nice of you. However if you fucking think my girlfriend and I are just going to leave with you. Then you got another fucking thing coming

Stanford: Big talk Mr. Chabla, but I do not intimidate so easily. Plus if you're serious about rescuing Mr. Lorenzo. I suggest the two of you not give me a hard time

Xiaoyu: Nara we can't afford to piss Stanford off. Despite the fact neither of us trust him. I cannot risk losing an opportunity to save my friend. Therefore we have no choice but to cooperate

Nara: Grrr

Stanford: Logical as always Ms. Xiaoyu. There is no need to fear me bringing any harm to either of you. If I were to do such a thing. I would be receive a punishment from my Master, Lord Pruflas. Not to mention whatever Karen would do to me by hurting her fighters before the tournament begins. However I cannot simply bring the two of you into my portal. Instead I will have to put the two of you to sleep first

Xiaoyu: What?

Nara: Son of a---


 Releasing a thick fog from out his mouth towards. Stanford's Fog Of Slumber quickly engulfs Nara and Xiaoyu. Trapped within the sleep inducing fog. Xiaoyu and Nara simultaneously falls to the ground sound asleep. Stanford then walks over to the sleeping Heroes. Placing each of them on one of his shoulders. Having successfully retrieved Xiaoyu and Nara. Carrying them on his shoulders. Stanford slowly walks back into his portal. Now with all the fighters having been collected. Neo Aigosthena's Underground Fighting Tournament begins anew


Bonus Story

Yura's Resolve

 Having finished his business in Neo Aigosthena. King Onyxe was on his way back to the Royal Lands. Mariah who had once again been summoned by Onyxe. In order to ride him to and from Neo Aigosthena. Since five in the morning. Onyxe has been dealing with the crisis in Neo Aigosthena. Currently traveling through the forest. Sitting beside Onyxe was no other than his Leading Lady Yura. Stressed by his ordeals in Neo Aigosthena. The news about the death toll of three hundred and eighty one people. Immediately sent Onyxe into a depressed state of mind. However to make matters even worst. The ones responsible for the massacre in Neo Aigosthena. Were a group of demons much like himself. Knowing the unfavorable history Mayland and the rest of Asira has with demons. Every time a demon(s) perform a public misdeed. The Media along those in political powers. Uses these events to discredit Onyxe as Mayland's current King. Stating things such as "All demons are evil and want to kill us", "Demons belong in the Underworld. Not amongst us mortal beings", and the worst of them all "This is why having a demon rule over us is a huge mistake". These awful thoughts kept spiraling within Onyxe's head. Onyxe then decided to call James. Knowing that James would most likely put him on speaker. Onyxe first ordered Yura not to make her presence known. Yura nodded in agreement before Onyxe made the call to James. 

 Once Onyxe had ended his conversation with James and the other heroes. Onyxe's worst suspicions had been confirmed. James and the others were at the Elestial Market last night. Along with the fact they were partially responsible for the massacre that had taken place there. Onyxe did not have such knowledge until now. Thankfully neither did The rest of the public. Remembering back when the reporters had arrived on the scene. Having interviewed a brunette hair woman in blue and a black male wearing a red jumpsuit. Onyxe couldn't help but think they were both withholding information. Yet decided not to invade either of their minds. Realizing they must had assisted Okubi and the others against The Order. Allowing them to escape while they dealt with the EMTs, police officers, and the Media. The names of the two people were Natsumi Morgan and Miracle Chapelle. Finally having calmed himself a bit. Onyxe decided to ask Yura her plans concerning Celia Rains

Onyxe: So Yura about that Celia woman. Do you intend to go to Neo Aigosthena and hunt her down?

Yura: I feel it is my responsibility to bring her down. After all I know Celia better than anyone else. The two of us share of past covered in blood. I still remember the day I meet her. Never did I imagine meeting a soul as twisted as mines. The many unforgivable acts of evil with committed. However unlike Celia I began to regret my evil ways. I wish I had just went through my first solution

Onyxe: That one being where you killed both Celia and yourself

Yura: Yeah. Unfortunately I grown too emotionally weak by then. Once I had revealed to Celia I didn't want to kill for the sake of killing anymore. Celia broke into a rage and tried to kill me. Fortunately I was the better fighter. I had beaten Celia to an inch of her life. I just couldn't bring myself to finish her off. Now that Celia has re emerged in Neo Aigosthena. I'm can finally do what needs to be done. Kill Celia Rains! However I do not wish to venture into Neo Aigosthena alone. Even with our friends already in Neo Aigosthena. I wish to bring Lady Hisako and Oriana to assist me. Just in case their are obstacles preventing me getting to Celia. If that is okay with you Onyxe?

Onyxe: Yura if you know how badly Hisako wants to get some action. I know for a fact Hisako would love to come with you to Neo Aigosthena. Now as far as Oriana is concern. Despite the fact she is a descendant of the Great Sages. Along with being one of the Four Divas of this generation. Considering the amount of training Oriana and her summoning Ricky have been doing as of late. Perhaps this would be a perfect opportunity to put her training into use. Also while I know your goal is to find and eliminate Celia. However I'm also suspicious of that Zabel character Hellin mentioned before. Call it "male's" intuition, but I feel Celia and him are somehow connected. Therefore I'm granting your request to take Hisako, Oriana, and Ricky with you to Neo Aigosthena tonight. Just promise me you won't let the guilt from your pass sins. Stop you from taking down Celia

Yura: While a monster like myself will never obtain true redemption. It is my duty to bring down monsters who only desire to spill more blood. I loved Celia like a sister, but I will destroy her without mercy! Celia is that remains of my wicked past. I plan on finally putting an end to it!

Friday, November 4, 2016

Lorenzo Germanotta

The Blaze Of Italy

A sage born a raised in Italy. Lorenzo currently serves as a top detective in China. Working as a detective in the Daoji Agency. Lorenzo is close friends with fellow detective Jia Xiaoyu. During his trip to the country Mayland. Lorenzo was walking the streets of Neo Aigosthena. Where he was approached by a young female sage. Sensing the sage's bad intentions. Lorenzo attempted to defend himself. Unfortunately the girl sage proved too much for him to handle. Lorenzo was defeated then kidnapped. Eventually brainwashed by the girl sage. In order the she may use him for her evil deeds. 

Lorenzo specializes in fire magic and creating doubles of himself. A good soul currently being used for evil. Hopefully Lorenzo can be saved by Xiaoyu before he falls too deep

Forbidden: Consequences

Forbidden: Consequences

NOTE: The stories in Forbidden: Consequences act as a bridge from Forbidden Chapter 54. Leading up to future chapters in the Neo Aigosthena Arc.


1. Survival's Guilt

2. Dopplerganger

3. Mihoshi

4. Iron Zabel

5. Ariana

1. Survival's Guilt

 Returning to the Gold Hotel after their gruesome ordeal at the Elestial Market. Once Othello sees everyone inside of their hotel room. Othello immediately closes her portal. Hoping she closed it before the police arrived to confront Natsumi and Miracle. Tobirama carrying the still unconscious Okubi in his arms. Along with Eligos and Angelina. Tobirama rushes Okubi towards the maroon colored couch. After taking a few minutes to calm herself. Xiaoyu starts going around the room. Healing anyone who shown to have injuries or physical fatigue. Lisa, Brutality, Futanari, Lava Rose, Tre', and Zira sitting together on the larger maroon couch. All wearing defeated looks on their faces. Anna approaches her father James sitting on a wicker chair. Sits on his lap and lays her head on his chest. Seeing the tears forming around his daughter's eyes. James wraps his arms around his daughter's upper body. In order to muffle the sounds of her inevitable tears. Nara and Apollyn sitting on the king size bed. Tears also rolling down their eyes. Hellin entirely disgusted by the current atmosphere. Along with dealing with her own personal anger. Decides to steps outside into the balcony. Surprise by how depressed everyone is behaving. Othello begins to speak hoping to cheer her comrades up

Othello: Everyone, everyone! What's with the long faces? We were the ones victorious in tonight's hellish events. Yes that sonabitch Ulric gotten away and Pruflas's men are going to come after us. Along with the fact we still need to deal with Iron Zabel. However we successfully decimated majority of the assassins of The Order. James technically no longer has a hit placed out on him. Since after tonight Ulric will be the only surviving member of The Order. Because once I'm done dealing with you sobbing bitches. Both Hellin and I are going to the Underworld. Alerting my fellow Demon Lords and the Underworld Council about Ulric's betrayal. Which will lead to the execution of all remaining members of The Order. So let's turn those frowns upside down. Let us instead celebrate tonights victory

Lisa: Are you fucking kidding me? Exactly what the fuck do we have to celebrate?

Zira: Lisa is absolutely fucking right! Yes we managed to best our enemies, but so many... so many innocent lives were lost tonight. All because the fact James and us were at the Elestial Market. Had we just stayed home or began hunting down Pruflas. The chances such events occurring would had been slim. 

Futanari: All those people who died for absolutely no reason. I never witness such a massacre in my entire life

Brutality: I done some really fucked up things in my past. However never in my life. Could I had imagined witnessing the evil that taken place tonight. I would rather had died than to see the corpse of innocents surrounding me. At least I would had deserved it! None of those good people attending the Elestial Market deserved what the assassins of The Order did to them

Tre': Everything about tonight was beyond fucked up! I cannot find it in me right now to celebrate anything. Yes we are alive, but at what fucking cost?

Lava Rose: I dealt with my share of madmen and discovered some awful shit. However I never imagine I just never thought I would witness such evil. So many dead bodies of good people. The pool of blood the surrounded the Elestial Market was absolutely horrifying. Makes me question if I chosen the right path in life

Zira: Despite the horrors we faced tonight. I still very much want to continue growing our Guild

Tre': I absolutely agree with Zira. I know tonight was a nightmare, but I still very much wish to stay with Zira and you boss

Lava Rose: Yeah I do too Tre'

Othello: OMG! What a bunch of pussies. People die everyday in this bitch! Casualties is just a part of life. Can't breakdown every time an innocent person or people lives are claimed. Whenever a group of evil bastards unleash their fury. Otherwise you will fucking cry yourself to a grave

Lisa: That must be really easy for you to say. Considering the evil shit you do back in your home realm. Despite the fact I have a mouth of a sailor. Being literally an angel from Heaven. Every time I witness an innocent person losing their life. It hurts me in ways no one could ever imagine. People aren't just canon fodder for evil. Good souls should never have to witness such despair inducing deaths. Those people attending the Elestial Market had plans for tomorrow. Friends and family who will forever mourn their untimely passing. I only wished I was strong enough to prevent such a tragedy

Othello: Well maybe you can your God to bring them back to life? Such a feat shouldn't be too hard for a man possessing such divine power. Unless of course Asira enjoys watching the mortal being on the planet he created die for his amusement


 Lisa leaps off of the bed and starts to approach Othello! Xiaoyu immediately possessions herself in front of Othello. Stopping Lisa from putting hands on her. Lisa further anger by Xiaoyu standing in her way. Lisa demands Xiaoyu to move out of her fucking way. Othello watches in an amusement as Xiaoyu remains in front of Lisa

Lisa: Xiaoyu please tell me you're under Othello's telepathic control. Otherwise I will punch your fucking lights out!

Xiaoyu: Obviously I'm not under Othello's telepathic control Lisa. I just don't want you to do something foolish

Lisa: I'm an angel for fuck sakes Xiaoyu. I can handle that heartless ass jezebel

Xiaoyu: NO! I'm not going to allow us to fight one another

Lisa: Since when did that slut become your friend?

Xiaoyu: Othello is no fucking friend of mine, but she is our comrade rather you like it or not. Therefore I will not allow you to fight her. Save your anger for our real enemies. Now please go and have a seat back on the bed

 Lisa shoots Xiaoyu and Othello dirty looks. Before turning away walking back to the bed

Nara: Well thank goodness you defused that situation baby

Othello: Indeed! Despite the bubbly attitude I'm displaying. I'm very much in a violent mood. 

Angelina: Can all of you put your to the fucking side? Our leader is laying on the bed still unconscious from his encounter with Poisonous One

Othello: Oh my I almost forgot about little Okubi. I'm surprised he hasn't recovered from whatever condition Poisonous One placed on him

Eligos: Master Okubi has fully recovered from the toxins in the bite of Poisonous One's zombie. It something else that preventing Master Okubi from awakening at this moment and I'm honestly terrified

Tobirama: Perhaps it is the trauma from being around the chaos within the Elestial Market. I believe such a nightmarish event had more an effect on Okubi's psyche than he realized

Eligos: Oh no! It's definitely the trauma from the Elestial Market that affecting Master Okubi. Even though Master Okubi kept on a very brave face. The moment everything went to hell within the street fair. I felt a surge of terror run through Okubi's body. I bet it's the same terror Okubi had felt over two hundred and fifty years ago. The very day his mother became possessed an went on a rampage in China. 

Zira: So that must mean Okubi's mental trauma is what's keeping him from awakening?

Othello: Well if that's the case. Perhaps I can be a "saint" and look into Okubi's mind. Seeing if what you jackassess are saying holds any merit

 Othello walks over to the small maroon couch where Okubi lays. Placing both her hands around Okubi's head. Othello activates her telepathic powers and enters inside of Okubi's mind. Inside of Okubi's mind, Othello finds herself in a place that mimics the Elestial Market. The sky is a blackish red color, destroyed buildings, dead bodies, and blood completely covering the ground. However among the dead bodies Othello sees corpses resembling all of the heroes including herself. Turning her head away from the unsightly view. Othello then spots Okubi sitting on the ground with his hands between his legs. Staring at the corpses of his friends. Realizing what Poisonous One has done to Okubi's psyche. Othello lets out a tiny condescending laugh. Then walks her way over to the petrified Okubi. Standing over Okubi, Othello places a hand on top of his head. Feeling Othello's hand on top of his head. Okubi looks up and sees Othello looking down at him

Othello: See Okubi none of this is real? Poisonous One just used a trick to trap you in your greatest fear. A massacre did take place at the Elestial Market tonight, but all of your friends are alive. Including Hellin and myself. Now shake this shit off and get back to reality

Okubi: My friends are alive?

Othello: Yes you pitiful faggot and how dare you imagine my daughter and I dead?

Okubi: So I didn't kill you guys?

Othello: What? Exactly do you mean by that?

 Okubi doesn't say a word to Othello. Instead he points towards the direction of corpses. Standing over the corpses appears a much sinister Okubi. Covered in the blood of his friends. The evil Okubi stares in the direction of regular Okubi and Othello. Staring into the eyes of the evil Okubi. Othello feels a terror through her body she's never imagine. Turning her attention back tot he regular Okubi. Othello says to him "the effects of the Dark Dream Trial is starting to take an effect on you". Regular Okubi simply nods his head. Othello then lowers herself down to the ground next to Okubi. Othello then forcefully brings Okubi's head to her bosom. While Okubi's head rests upon her breast. Othello says to him "Do not fucking allow your fears to slow you down. Regardless of your fate Okubi. Now isn't the time to doubt yourself or fear what you may become. Despite the fact I don't fucking like you. I understand your importance to saving both our worlds. So please put aside any doubts that hinders you. Continue to fight until the darkness within you devours you. In the meantime fight to keep hope alive within yourself. If you truly are the man I think you to be. The darkness that threatens your soul will not overtake you. Now I shall exit myself out of your mind. Allowing you to rest your psyche". Othello then releases Okubi from her grasp. Getting off of the ground and back to her feet. Before Othello exits Okubi's mind. Okubi stops Othello in order to thank her. Along with a question he needs to ask her

Okubi: Othello before you go. I first would like to say thank you. Despite the fact we do not like one another. I appreciate you helping me through my mental trauma. 

Othello: I didn't do it for you asshole! I did it to make sure you won't become a liability in taking down The Children of Ruin

Okubi: Well before you go. I have a question I need to ask you

Othello: Hurry up please! I don't want to stay in this hellhole you call your mind any longer

Okubi: Have you ever heard of being known as Beyonders?

 Immediately upon hearing Okubi's question. Othello's face draws the expression of utter shock. Fighting to gain her composure. Enough to at least give Okubi a response. Othello stares directly in his eyes and says to him "I do indeed, but the fact you actually encounter one is truly troubling. Both you and I have a lot to discuss. However I must go take care of business within the Underworld. Once I have done just that. I will return back to Neo Aigosthena and you and I will have a serious talk. That includes my dealings with Ariana. Now I will leave you to deal with your inner demons"

 Othello with her arms folded. Fades out from Okubi's sight as her conscious leaves his mind. Once Othello's mind returns to her body. Opening her eyes and removing her hands from Okubi's head. Othello sees everyone minus Hellin looking at her. Wanting to know what she saw in Okubi's mind

Eligos: So what's happening inside of my Master's head?

Xiaoyu: Is Okubi going to be okay?

Othello: Okubi is fucking fine. Whatever Poisonous One did to Okubi. Not only physically harmed him, but psychologically as well. Thankfully I was able to resolve the psychological damage done to him. Okubi just needs to rest up a bit. He'll be awake real soon

Lisa: Funny you're saying he's fine. Considering while your mind was connected with his. The expressions on your face were riddled with terror. 

Othello: Okubi is fine you annoying glorified fairy cunt! The man's mind isn't exactly a homely place. Your precious leader will be alright. Just let him rest up for fuck sakes.

James: I'm pretty sure Okubi is very exhausted. Out of all of us here. Okubi did combat most of the Elite members of The Order by himself. Even with his high power level. Okubi isn't immune to exhaustion. Combined with whatever dirty trick Poisonous One did on him. Okubi just needs some time to relax

Angelina: I'm relieved to know that's all he requires. I feared something else was the cause of Okubi's current state, but exhaustion sounds very plausible

Othello: Well now if you fuckers excuse me. I'm going to get my daughter and prepare for our trip back to the Underworld

James: Do you want Anna and I to accompany you two?

Othello: Much appreciate Del Soto, but knowing what Hellin and I are about to do. I rather your daughter and you not be in the way

Brutality: Well since there's nothing that needs to be discussed. I don't know about you guys but I could use something to eat

Lava Rose: I built up quite and appetite while fighting for my survival. I'm pretty certain my comrades feel the same way

Tre': Yeah I'm staved!

Angelina: So let's go downstair and go get something to eat everyone. We'll let Okubi rest while the rest of us grabs something to eat. One of the many things we weren't able to do at the Elestial Market street fair

Nara: Yeah I can go for some food. Well after I'm done talking to Xiaoyu inside of the bathroom

Apollyn: What does Xiaoyu and Nara buddy want to talk about in the bathroom? Apollyn wants to know

Brutality: Certain conversations are rather private Lynn. Especially when it's not exactly talking they plan on doing. Now let's head downstair everyone and give the lovers their space and Okubi some rest. Tobirma that includes you. Okubi isn't going to wake up faster with you by his side. It's just unfortunate with Okubi unconscious. Eligos isn't able to come with us

Eligos: That won't be necessary anyways. Even without being able to leave Okubi's side. I can just disappear until Okubi calls for me

Futanari: Well I guess all that's left to do is go and eat. Afterwards I think we should all get some sleep. Tomorrow we need to find Pruflas and his minions and take them down!

 Everyone excepts Nara and Xiaoyu exits the room. Eligos disappears from view as Nara and Xiaoyu enter the bathroom. Okubi rests on the small maroon couch. Moving his fingers and toes in his sleep. Othello outsides of the balcony with Hellin. Prepares for their trip back to the Underworld

2. Doppelganger

 Poisonous One carrying Okubi in his arms. Exits through his portal, entering inside of his Master's domain. Despite the sudden darkness that blinded him. Shortly after one of his zombies had bitten Okubi. Fortunately after the intense darkness had faded. Okubi was still appeared under the hallucination of his zombie's bite. Celia who was still battling against Angelina and Nara. Poisonous One had no intentions of aiding her. Now with Okubi in his possession. Poisonous One did not care if Celia would survive or not. Neither did his Master, Lord Pruflas for that matter. Unknown to Celia when Pruflas recruited her. Unlike the rest of his loyal minions. Pruflas did not care if Celia survived her encounter with the heroes or not. Celia was simply an assassins who possessed magical and combat skills Pruflas could used to his advantage. Course Poisonous One and the other members of Pruflas's Elite Servants. All of them were order to pretend to view Celia as one of there own. However not that Celia has served her purpose. Poisonous One gladly left Celia to her fate.

 Returning to his Master's secret domain.  Poisonous One is greeted by his comrades Natan, Lita, Stanford, Karen, and Satomi. Poisonous One also notices a handcuffed Ulric amongst their company. Asleep on the ground between Lita and Natan. Seconds before Poisonous One could even ask the question. Pruflas makes his presence known to his servants. Exiting out of his room with two gorgeous succubus on each side. Concealing his lower body with a blue silver towel. Pruflas greets his Elite Servants in the Great Hall. Immediately noticing all of his servants minus Celia. Which brings great joy to Pruflas. Spotting Okubi in the arms of Poisonous One. Pruflas walks over to him. Taking Okubi out of Poisonous One's arm into his. Holding his step son for the very first time. Pruflas stares down at the unconscious Okubi with a cocky smile. Thrilled to finally have Okubi in his possession after so many years. Pruflas then turns his attention back to his servants. Addressing each one of them for a job well done

Pruflas: Congratulations for accomplishing your task my servants. I'm beyond thrilled that you all returned here alive and unharmed. Along with having successfully captured both Okubi and Ulric

Lita: If I can be honest with you Master. I don't believe any of us were as successful as you had hoped. While Natan and I did successfully captured Ulric. Had Natan and I stayed to combat the heroes. I feared neither of us would had been so lucky. Which is why I ordered Natan to retreat along with me. Once we had Ulric in our possession.

Natan: If you're mad boss that neither Lita or I managed to kill any of the heroes. Please feel free to take your frustrations out on me

Pruflas: Nonsense Natan! Both Lita and you did exactly what I wanted. Yes killing any of the heroes would had been a great joy, but that was simply a bonus to your main task. Capturing Lord Ulric, the leader of The Order. Killing any of the heroes would had been an icing on the cake. That goes for all of you as well

Satomi: So is Futanari still alive?

Karen: Yes yes indeed! I only used Lorenzo to keep her and the others busy. While I played with the detective. Testing her skills in order to prove herself worthy of entering my tournament

Stanford: Speaking about your underground tournament Karen. The last few days I traveled to various within Mayland. Capturing talented sages that may proved to be worthy fighters for your tournament. Just let me know when you're ready for me to send them down to you

Karen: Well thank you Stanford. I very very much appreciate it! Lord Pruflas originally wanted me to capture as many of the heroes as possible. Forcing them to combat each in my tournament. However the two of us then realized that would be rather stupid. They would just fight against me. Therefore Stanford using the sages you kidnapped. Would prove to work much better for my tournament. Along with Xiaoyu fighting in hopes of freeing Lorenzo from my control. This tournament may prove to be my best best tournament yet! Course I'm short a participant or two, but something tells me I need not to worry. Anyways I know you can't wait for your inevitable battle against the Shogun. HA HA HA HA HA!

Satomi: I been practicing how to use my blood magic more effectively. I cannot wait to use my magic to bring horror to Akuma's soul. Once I deal with her. I can return to Japan and continue my dominance over Japan's underworld society

Pruflas: Well that is the idea. Course I will continue to have you under my services. Don't forget you are now my property

Satomi: I have not forgotten Lord Pruflas

Natan: So Mohammad whatever happened to that bitch Rains?

Poisonous One: While I was battling against Okubi. Celia had summoned her dragon to deal with Okubi's friends. Unfortunately one of Okubi's friends. The demoness by the name Angelina. The same one Satomi had encountered last night. Also posses the ability to summon a dragon. The two women then took to the skies. Battling one another in a classic dragon versus dragon battle. Once I had managed to defeat Okubi in combat. I opened a portal to Lord Pruflas's domain. Carrying Okubi in my arms leaving Celia to her fate

Natan: HA HA HA HA HA! I hope that Angelina chick's dragon fried Celia's worthless ass!

Pruflas: I knew you wouldn't let me down Mohammad. Now it time we focus our attention for our ultimate prize. Okubi it's been a long time coming. Years since I had married your mother. I had waited for this very day. Where both you and I will meet each other face to face. However the conditions for the reasons we finally meet could had not been less favorable. The very thought of you and your friends coming to Neo Aigosthena. In order to kill me isn't pleasant either. Sadly with me being one of the founding members of The Children of Ruin. I understand why your friends and you want me dead. Unfortunately now that I have you in my possession. I we see to it that your ambition of killing me is never realized. Instead I will corrupt you and make you my second in command. Now all that's left to do is awaken you

 Pruflas preparing to wake Okubi out of his sleep. Okubi eyes open before Pruflas. Staring at his step father with a poisonous stare. Before Pruflas and the other servants could react to Okubi. The half demon had managed to sink his teeth into Prufla's chest. Instinctively Pruflas throws Okubi off of him. Unfortunately now with Okubi having tasted Pruflas's blood. No matter where Pruflas's creates his domain. Okubi will be able to tract him down. Natan, Poisonous One, and Lita starts moving towards Pruflas but he orders them to stay still. Looking down at Okubi with raged filled eyes. Pruflas places a hand around Okubi's neck. Lifting him into the air before him. Having expected Okubi to show some sought of reaction. Instead Okubi simply stares at him with a blank expression on his face. It was that very moment Pruflas realized something was off

Karen: Master Pruflas... are you you okay?

Pruflas: My injury has already healed Karen, but this is not Okubi!

Lita: Whatever do you mean Master?

Natan: What the fuck? That seriously isn't Okubi?

Stanford: This is certainly no illusion taking place before us. So exactly what's going here?

Poisonous One: Oh no!

Pruflas: This is not Okubi but a Shadow Clone of his. Mohammad how did this happen?

Poisonous One: This is what I get for ignoring that shit earlier. During my battle against Okubi. After one of my zombies managed to bite him. Okubi had fallen into a hallucination like state. Seconds before I went to retrieve him. A sudden burst of darkness had blinded me. Once the darkness had faded. Okubi still remained in his state of helplessness. Therefore I considered the sudden darkness merely a minor inconvenience. I knew for certain it couldn't had been caused by Okubi. Lord Pruflas I'm truly sorry for failing you

Pruflas: I'm highly pissed off Mohammad. Never did I expect failure from you. Did you not think to investigate the sudden burst of darkness? Someone must had witnessed your fight against Okubi. Waiting for the very moment you let your guard down. Used their magic to rescue Okubi before you could capture him... the real Okubi anyways.

Lita: Obviously that is the case, but even so Master. Whoever managed to rescue Okubi. How did they make Okubi summon a Shadow Clone of himself. Considering Okubi was in a state of hallucination?

Pruflas: The answer to that question is quite simple Lita. Whoever did rescue Okubi possessed the same magic as him. There is only one individual other than Okubi who knows the Magic Arts of Machosias. That man being no other than Okubi's sensei Takeda Tobirama!

Poisonous One: Sonabitch! I didn't even sense his presence while battling against Okubi

Pruflas: That's because Tobirama used Okubi's aura to hide his own. Since you were order not to inflict any fatal injuries against Okubi. Tobirama was able to hide his aura within Okubi's. Keeping himself from being found by either of you. Once Tobirama saw an opportunity to rescue Okubi. Tobirama used his magic to create the blinding darkness. Giving himself enough time to get to Okubi. Forced him to create a Shadow Clone of himself. Then hide Okubi and himself away. While you took off with his doppelganger.

Natan: Well ain't that some shit! Exactly when did that fucker arrived to Neo Aigosthena? Why wasn't he with the other heroes?

Pruflas: Though I'm the Don of Neo Aigosthena. Keeping tabs on everything that takes place in this here. Even I cannot keep up with everyone and everything that happens. I do not blame any of you for Takeda Tobirama's presence here. That man is a true wonderer. Not even a psychic could predict his next move. However now that he's with Okubi and company. I'll finally have the opportunity to kill that son of a bitch! Especially now the real Okubi knows of our location. I'm certain Okubi along with Tobirama and the others. Shall be coming here real soon to kill me. Now to dispose of this clone

Still holding Okubi's Shadow Clone into the air. Pruflas uses his demonic powers to set the clone on fire. Watching it burn to ashes before his very eyes. Now with Okubi's clone destroyed. Pruflas moves onto his next orders on the agenda

Pruflas: Now with the clone eliminated! It's time I take care of Ulric. Knowing that his assassins and him were destined for defeat. I couldn't allow such a powerful demon to fall victim to the heroes. Which is why I tasked Lita and Natan to capture him. Once Now wake up Ulric from his sleep. It's time I begin with his corruption under my control. It won't be long before Okubi and his friends come for us. Let us use the time we have to ready ourselves. Meanwhile Karen with Stanford to assist her. Will begin the preparations for Thirteenth Underground Tournament. Make sure Xiaoyu knows the meaning of suffering. The time you get through with her

Karen: Oh I sure will bossy boss! "I'll also make sure you get what's coming to you too. My plans for Xiaoyu and the fighters will be what brings about your demise you bastard!"

 Back at the Gold Hotel Okubi had awoken from his sleep. Thanks to the work of his Shadow Clone. Okubi now knew the location of Pruflas. However since it was still too early to awaken the others. Remembering his conversation with Othello earlier. Okubi simply decided to with Eligos next to him. Using the time he had to rest. Tomorrow Okubi would begin tracking down Pruflas

3. Mihoshi

 Othello who had just finished helping Okubi's troubled mind. Othello order the others in the room to allow Okubi to rest. Now it was time to go take care of business in the Underworld. Making her way towards her daughter Hellin on the balcony. Once standing before her daughter. Before Othello could say a single word. Hellin had walk over to her mother and hugged her. Placing a kiss on her mother's cheek. Othello instinctively hugged Hellin back and kissed her on the forehead. After a touching moment between mother and daughter. Othello and Hellin breaks free from one another. Othello then begins speaking to Hellin

Othello: Awe baby mommy loves you so much. I also know when you kiss and hug me like this. That means you're ten seconds away from exploding on someone. I hope you aren't going to place any harm on Lisa

Hellin: I'm not worried about that foul mouthed deco orange haired angel. I scanned everyone's minds minus Nara and Okubi's. I knew Xiaoyu was going to intervene before Lisa did anything reckless. 

Othello: I wanted to punch Anna for not stepping in to protect her Queen, but the little bitch was too busy crying in her father's arm. Before you say anything I won't punish her for it. Even I can understand the woman isn't exactly herself. Learning the truth about Sel and why she was killed can't be easy on her. None the less both you and I have business to attend. First we are going to the Underworld Council. Telling them that Ulric and his guild made an attempt on our lives. Therefore having what's left of his guide exterminated. Then we need to go speak with your sister back at Babylon. In order to make sure nothing has happened to her or my Kingdom

Hellin: Mom that fucking bitch is responsible for this! I can feel in my fucking soul that FUCKING BITCH BETRAYED US!

Othello: Hellin lower your damn voice down! I don't want the others in our business. James always has a good hint on what I plan on doing. I don't need the rest of them getting any ideas. Times like these makes me glad Okubi is still unconscious. Anyways until I'm certain that your sister knew about Ulric's attack on us. Don't you fucking dare do any harm to her. Otherwise I will disown your ass! Do I make myself clear Hellina!

 Hearing her mother state her actual full first name. Hellin decided to take a few seconds before responding. Once Hellin had gather her thoughts. Hellin figure the proper response for her mother. One that would not further her mother's anger towards her

Hellin: Okay I promise I will not do anything irrational once we see Mihoshi. However mother if Mihoshi did know about Ulric's attack against us. I only pray you will give her a proper punishment

Othello: Hellin my sweet daughter and future ruler of Babylon. IF MIhoshi has betrayed us. I will personally allow you to deal with her as I see fit. Until I have stated otherwise. Mihoshi had nothing to do with Ulric's attempt to have us killed.  Now open a portal back to the Underworld. Try to have us as close to Carcass Island as possible. The less traveling with have to do the better. I hope my fellow Demon Lords are not too far away are already within the area

Hellin: The current Demon Lords are Lix Tetrax, Sid Sorrow, Moloch, Alvister, Beleth, yourself, and Apollyn's elder half sister Lisa Alice

Othello: That fucking scheming bitch! Stoled Jazan immediately after Yukimaru's death. Ruining my chance for making Jazan apart of Babylon. I was even thinking about giving that country to Mihoshi. Anyways let's save the chit chatting once we are back in our home realm

 Hellin opens a portal on the balcony. Before both women step inside of the portal. Hellin and Othello turn to their comrades. Waving goodbye until they meet again. Everyone waves back except Lisa and Okubi. Now inside of the portal. Hellin and Othello's soul and body are being transported to the Underworld. Currently within the Underworld Hellin and Othello find themselves in a familiar place. Sensing the peculiar miasma around the place. Othello bounces up and down like a giddy school girl

Othello: This place is definitely the City of Anarcy! Which means we're only two hours away from Carcass Island. Very good job Hellin. I knew you wouldn't let me down. Now before we find someone to sail us to Carcass Island. I first need to get in contact with the other Demon Lords. I believe there's a pretty popular radio station around here. 

Hellin: You're talking about BLAZING 135? The guy Manny Da Mighty along with his co host DJ Allocen and Angelyse 

Othello: Wow you actually known them by name?

Hellin: Anna enjoys his morning show. Especially his segment where he makes fun of various high profile demons in the Underworld. Mainly demon celebrities like Agramon, Badgirl BeeBee, and current "it" rapper Acid Reign

Othello: Had any of them said anything negative about me?

Hellin: Not really considering the fact they don't want to die. Only a fool like a radio host would dare speak ill about someone in your position of power. Course DJ Allocen does have a crush on you. Please do not entertain his crush. Once I take you over to the location of the radio station

Othello: Awe why you gotta cock block your mom Hellin? Anyways lead me to the location of the radio station. The faster we get there. The quicker I can alert the others to meet us at Carcass Island

Hellin: Understood! Right this way mom

 Forty five minutes later Hellin and Othello arrive at the Radio Station. After Othello sends out a message to her fellow Demon Lords. Along with getting DJ Allocen's number despite Hellin's asking her not too. Othello and Hellin exit the radio station. In order to find someone to take them to Carcass Island. Othello and Hellin had ran into a sailor a few minutes later. Arriving to the Carcass Island two hours later. Othello now wearing a luxurious black dress with boob window. Hellin along with her mother made their way to the Red House. One of the many meeting places in the Underworld for high ranking demons. Shortly after Hellin and Othello arrived to the Red House. The first demon to join them was Sid Sorrow. Accompanied by his many bodyguards. Followed by Demon Lords Moloch, Alvister, Beleth, Lix Tetrax, and lastly Lisa Alice. All of them accompanied by their respective bodyguards except for Lisa Alice. Who's only company was the Demon Spirit Carabia. Also joining the Demon Lords were other demons in various political positions. Bringing alone with them their own bodyguards. Finally there were enough demons present for her liking. Othello began explaining her situation to her fellow Demon Lords and politicians. Upon learning of Ulric's and his guild's actions. The majority of the attending demons agreed that The Order needs to be eliminated. Course Lix Tetrax had a few moles he wished to have safely removed. Course if they were still amongst the remaining assassins in Vyostik. Beleth taking upon himself to lead an army to exterminate whatever remain of The Order. Along with assistants from Lix Tetrax and Lisa Alice. The Demon Lords considered the meeting adjourned. Everyone began making their way back to their designated Kingdoms and homes. Now with The Order situation out of the way. It was time for Othello and Hellin to return to Babylon

 Arriving to Babylon about three and a half hours later. Thanks to a demonic dragon Alvister had summoned to ride Hellin and Othello. Once the two women had reached their destination. Alvister's dragon began it's journey back to his master. Immediately spotting the Queen and the Princess at the stairs leading to the castle door. The visible servants bow before the presence of their current and potential future leader. Othello greets her servants with a warm smile. The servant Moses particularly is thrilled to see Hellin back in Babylon. Two of the servants opens the doors for Othello and Hellin. Once inside of her castle. The other servants bow to their Queen and Princess as well. Othello waves and blows kisses as she makes her way towards her Throne Room. The very exact place Mihoshi should be located. Meanwhile sitting on her mother's throne in the Throne Room. Sensing the presence of both her mother and Hellin. Mihoshi quickly thinks to herself a proper lie. Despite her immunity to Hellin and her mother's telepathy. Never has Mihoshi been able to tell her mother a lie without her seeing through it. Hoping and praying she can hide her involvement with Ulric and his assassination plans against her mother and sister. Mihoshi calms herself as she prepares to confront her mother. Othello arriving to the Throne Room minutes later but without Hellin beside her. Mihoshi is relied she doesn't have to see her sister's face anytime soon. Now if only she can avoid explaining herself to her mother. Unfortunately Mihoshi isn't so lucky. Immediately switching places with her mother. Othello now back on her throne while Mihoshi stands before her. Othello begins to speak to her eldest daughter.

Othello: Well hello Mihoshi my sweet. Did you have any problems running my Kingdom during my short absence?

Mihoshi: Not at all mother. Honestly it's been pretty lax minus dealing with various politicians. Course I also have my own businesses to handle. Being an entrepreneur and ruling Babylon at the same time is pretty exhausting. Still I couldn't ask for a more rewarding job. Almost makes me sad knowing I'm not next in line in ruling Babylon

Othello: Whatever makes you say that?

Mihoshi: Mother please spare me the mind games. I know you're grooming Hellin to take your position someday. Despite the fact I'm your first born child

Othello: Well that maybe true Mihoshi, but who's to say I won't change my mind? Anyways I gotta get back to Mayland soon so I'll make this quick hun. Now Mihoshi rather you tell me a lie or a truth. I promise you I will not place any harm upon you. I will not disown you, take away your inheritance, or remove my stock from your company. However regardless of what comes out of your mouth. I'm not responsible for anything that happens after our talk. Do I make myself clear young lady?

Mihoshi: Yes mother

Othello: Well okay here is my question. Did Ulric visited you earlier today?

Mihoshi: Yes he most certainly did mother. He was looking for you but I told him your were in Mayland. I could had mentioned Neo Aigosthena, but I felt that was none of his business. Telling him you were in Mayland was more than enough information

Othello: Oh so Ulric did come to Babylon. Why didn't you send one of my servants to alert me?

Mihoshi: I didn't want to bother you with it. I was able to assist him after all. No need for him to bother you. Exactly how did you know I spoken to Ulric? "Perhaps she read the minds of the servants... dammit! While I did what I did to protect Babylon. I was also fucking hoping Ulric would succeed in killing my mother and sister. That worthless piece of shit!. I should had warned my mother as soon as Ulric had left Babylon. That's what I fucking get for putting my fate into the worthless maggot! Now I gotta lie my ass off! Even if what my mother is saying about not punishing me is true. I don't want her to know I plotted to have her killed. I couldn't fucking care less about Hellin, but knowing I betrayed my mother isn't a good look for me. Anyways she doesn't look suspicious of me thus far. Hopefully I can continue to tell her half truths. Leading her to believe I had nothing involved with Ulric's attempts to kill them"

Othello: Well whatever you "assisted" him with didn't seem to be enough. Did you know Ulric ended up seeking Hellin and me out?

Mihoshi: Why would he do such a thing? I told him you were vacationing in Mayland, but I told him not to bother you until you return. That persistent son of a bitch! Exactly what did Ulric do once he found Hellin and you?

Othello: Nothing much other than the fact he tried to fucking kill us! Ulric along with his assassins attacked Okubi, the heroes, Hellin, and myself. After Ulric had learned of our involvement with James. Ulric deemed Hellin and I traitors. Which made him decide to kill all of us. Fortunately Okubi, myself, and the others proved stronger than Ulric and his assassins could handle. Course many innocent mortals died because of Ulric's actions. Then again what does a few fucking humans mean to us? Other than their dicks. I care nothing for mortal men. I despise mortal women even more. However that's really isn't the point. The fact that you knew Ulric wanted to see me but didn't contact me. Due to your poor decision making. Both your sister and my life were in jeopardy. Thank Satan the two of us are stronger than we look. Never would I imagine you Mihoshi to make such a stupid decision. Didn't I always tell you never to keep anything from me? Even if it seems insignificant to you. It better you pester me with small details than keep them from me. What if Ulric decided to attack me while I was alone? Instead of me sitting here on my throne chair speaking to you. I could had been laying dead in a dumpster in Neo Aigosthena. No one there would had recognize me. I would had just been another dead body lying in the streets. Thankfully Ulric was too stupid to do such a thing.

Mihoshi: I'm so so sorry mother. If I had believe Ulric was planning to kill you--

Othello: Kill me and Hellin

Mihoshi: Kill both you and Hellin. I would had sent Moses, Kyona, or someone to Neo Aigosthena to you immediately! Mother please know I had nothing to do with Ulric's attack on you

Othello: I never said you did silly. Until now I just thought you were just stupid

 Realizing she had accidentally outed herself as Ulric's accomplice. Mihoshi thought to herself as she began to panic

Mihoshi: "SHIT! Until now I carefully choose every word that came out of my mouth. However the longer this conversation went. The harder it was to say the right thing. The harder it was to hide my guilt from her. Now all of her suspicions of me betraying Hellin and her. I pretty much just confirmed my dealings with Ulric. Dammit I made a royal fucking mistake. Even though my mother said she wouldn't disown me, take away my inheritance, or remove her stock from my companies. Never once did she say she wouldn't have me killed. Perhaps it's no longer beneficial for me to lie. Then again to outright admit I wanted both Hellin and her dead... I don't think I can bring myself to say that. At least not about my mother. Even if Ulric succeeded in killing Hellin, but my mother had lived. Even that would had been alright for me. Unfortunately with both of their survival. This situation does not bold well for me. I guess all I can really do now is be as honest as possible. I hope she can forgive me for betraying her"

Othello: So I'm going to ask you Mihoshi. Did you work with Ulric and his assassins to have Hellin and I killed?

Mihoshi: First mother I wish to apologize in advance from lying to you. I was just scared you would hate me or worst. If I had told you about the deal I made with Ulric. During the late afternoon Ulric and his two bodyguards had arrived to Babylon. Ulric had told me about Hellin and you thwarted his assassins's attempts to kill James. Ulric told all of us from day one. That regardless of our personal dealings with James. If he ever sent assassins to kill him. Never to interfere with their mission. Otherwise Ulric will view us as enemies as well. Remember Ulric is the reason you even gotten to Babylon and the first place. Marrying my father and eventually gaining his Kingdom...

Othello: Mihoshi now wait a fucking minute? Did you really think Ulric is the reason I'm the fucking Queen of Babylon today? Look here you dizzy bitch! If it wasn't for me fucking over James many centuries ago. I wouldn't be the position I'm in today. Ulric ain't do shit but tell me about Diablo. Everything else I did by my motherfucking self! So don't hit me with that "Ulric is the reason I became Queen of Babylon in the first place. Othello is the reason Othello is the current ruler in this bitch! Never get that shit twisted ever again in your motherfucking life! Now back to explaining to me why you betrayed Hellin and I

Mihoshi: Anyways once Ulric had made me aware of your betrayal. Ulric told me if I allowed him to kill both Hellin and you without the interference of Babylon and myself. That he would spare Babylon from any harm.

Othello: So which means Ulric already knew that I was in Neo Aigosthena. Therefore you lied when you said Ulric was looking for me?

Mihoshi: That's not entirely true mother. Ulric didn't know you were in Neo Aigosthena until after he confronted me. Ulric first expected only Hellin had helped James escape death. However once he realized that you and Hellin were both in Neo Aigosthena. Ulric deduced that you would side with Hellin. Thus making yourself a traitor as well. Which both you and I know was the correct conclusion for him to make. After making a deal with Ulric to leave Babylon alone. That I wouldn't interfere with Hellin and your assassination. Which would of course allow me to become Queen. Assuming Ulric and his assassins would had been successful. However since both you and I are having this conversation. It's obviously I betted on the wrong horse. Mother I'm sorry if my jealousy along with my concerns about The Order. Lead me into making the poor decision of betraying you. While the thought of becoming Queen was too good to pass up. The thought of losing you would had been very hard on me. I know I don't act like it all the time, but the fact of the matter is. I love you very very much mommy

Othello: Oh I love you too honey. Which is why I already promised you when we first began our talk. That I wouldn't punish you in any shape, form, or fashion. All I wanted to hear is your reasons for betraying Hellin and myself. Being quite honest with you sweetie. I'm actually very proud of you. I never expected you would risk betraying Hellin and me. In order to gain the power you had always wanted. If I had been in your position. I would had done the very exact same thing. However I just wouldn't had did it with a fool like Ulric. I bet you went as far as promising to marry him as well? Now if that had actually happened. Even as a lowly demon spirit. I would had haunted your ass for marrying that loser. Greed, scheming, deception, manipulation! These are qualities I like to see in my daughters. Even though your plans didn't fall through my dear. I absolutely admire your hunger to become Queen over you sister. Mihoshi my love I'm so proud of you. However while things between you and I are good. I wish the same could be said about your sister. Never once did you show any guilt about betraying Hellin. Well of course you didn't since you absolutely hate her! Thankfully Hellin's feelings towards you aren't no different. Anyways honey mommy is going to go get freshen up. Oh by the way Mihoshi. I will be punishing you after all, but not in the way you expect. I know good and well your personal bodyguards Devin, Curtis, Myla, and Thylla knew about your dealings with Ulric. I can forgive my daughter for betraying me, but her guards to betray their Queen is absolutely unforgivable. Once I finished with my shower sweetie. I want you to gather up your personal guards. So that I may have each and every single one of them painfully executed

Mihoshi: Is that all mother?

Othello: Yes sweetie that is all. Well from me anyways. Only Satan knows what Hellin has in stored for you. Back in Neo Aigosthena not only did your sister battle against six of Ulric's deadliest assassins. Anna was nearly killed by one of Ulric's assassins and we both know how deeply Hellin cares about Anna. Even though Anna was able to be saved. Thanks to one of the healers fighting alongside her. The very fact that Anna nearly lost her life. Had made Hellin even angrier than having nearly lost her own. Course Anna's near death experience wasn't for nothing. Fearing that she may lose her dearest friend. Hellin was able to transform herself into a powerful demon. A powerful feat you have yet to learn. Anyways it's time I get ready to take my shower. Have fun with your sister until I return

 Othello removes herself off of her throne chair. Gives Mihoshi a quick kiss on the forehead. Before making her way to the bathroom with two of her male servants following her. Seconds after her mother has disappeared from her line of sight. Mihoshi felt the presence of Hellin coming near her. However Mihoshi couldn't exactly figure out where Hellin would attack her from. Covering both of her hands in electricity. Preparing for a showdown against her sister. Mihoshi continue to keep a sharp eye out for Hellin. Not wanting to be taken by surprise. However just before Mihoshi could pinpoint Hellin's aura. The wall leading to her mother's Throne Room is broken through. Leaping from behind the broken wall. Hellin lunges at Mihoshi with the ferocity of a hungry lion. Knocking Mihoshi down to the ground. Hellin immediately starts striking Mihoshi with powerful punches to her face. After taking several deadly blows to the face. Mihoshi manages to surround her body in electricity. Forcing Hellin off her body with a high voltage zap. Hellin recovers from Mihoshi's electric shock. Hellin rushes towards Mihoshi with the intent the kill. Mihoshi quickly rising off of the ground. Runs towards Hellin with the same killer intent.

 Twenty minutes later Othello exits from the bathroom. Listening to her daughters attempting the kill each other the entire time. Othello orders her servants to wrap her body in her favorite baby pink towel. Othello with her servants following behind her. Goes to put an end to the deadly bout between her daughters. Successfully stopping Hellin and Mihoshi from killing each other. Othello orders her servants to repair the damaged Throne Room. While both Othello, Mihoshi, and Hellin prepare the execution for Mihoshi's personal bodyguards. Finishing her business in Babylon. Othello bids Mihoshi a farewell before Hellin and she returns to Neo Aigosthena. Mourning the deaths of her personal bodyguards. Mihoshi promises never to betray her mother again. Unless of course a better opportunity presents itself. However Mihoshi has plenty of time to wait until the day Hellin becomes Queen. Perhaps then Mihoshi can put her treachery to good use. In the meantime Mihoshi will continue ruling Babylon in her mother's absence. Once Othello and Hellin gets back to the Gold Hotel. Othello expect Okubi to be ready for their private chat

4. Iron Zabel

 Surviving her battle against Angelina, Nara, and Lilith's Pet Dragon. Once Celia had recovered from her great fall from the sky. Celia began making her way back to her real Master. Since the beginning of her involvement with Pruflas and his Elite Servants. Celia knew Pruflas was using her for his own gain. However Celia intentionally made herself available to Pruflas. In order to retrieve information from her real master. The very man responsible for making her the virtually immortal being she is today. The man happens to also be the heroes other main target... Iron Zabel! Arriving to Bosman two hours later. One of the most dangerous areas within Neo Aigosthena and the location of Iron's hideout. Making sure no one is watching her. Celia makes her way to her Master's hideout. Once Celia makes it inside of Iron's hideout. Celia is greeted by Iron's many cult members. Not wanting to be bother by his lackeys. Celia began ordering them to send for their leader. However before Celia could even finish her sentence. Iron was making his way towards her. Relied to see his assassin alive. Iron begins to ask Celia about her experience at the Elestrial Market street fair. Along with details about Pruflas. 

Iron: Greetings Celia. I hope your night wasn't too disastrous. The look on your face is most certainly unpleasant

Celia: Falling ninety feet from the fucking sky. Is the reason I'm fucking pissed off! I'm virtually immortal but my body hurts like a bitch! Damn that Angelina and her fucking dragon! I will never summon Two Headed Terror again after such a failure. The Elestial Market was a bloody mess. Too bad I didn't get to kill anyone tonight

Iron: I was watching the news about thirty minutes ago. They had a gorgeous brunette dressed in blue and and a attractive black male in a red jumper. Talking to the police and EMT workers about the massacre that took place in the Elestial Market. Never before such a tragedy has befallen Neo Aigosthena's yearly famous street fair. So many innocent sheep were slaughtered by those demons. Speaking of demons what did you learn from Pruflas?

Celia: Nothing more than you already know. However I found out that Pruflas has a step son named Okubi. One of the suppose "heroes" hired by King Onyxe to save Mayland from Pruflas and the remaining members of The Children of Ruin. Okubi and his friends have came to Neo Aigosthena. In order to eliminate Pruflas and possibly learn the location of the remaining members of The Children of Ruin. Other than that Pruflas seems to still be unaware of your jailbreak. That's all the major news I have to tell you. Everything else ranges from bullshit to even more bullshit

Iron: Well seeing that you were bested by one of Okubi's friends. I can definitely tell Pruflas has his work cut out for him

Celia: That's if Poisonous One wasn't successful in capturing Okubi. However something tells me that fucker's plans didn't go as expected

Iron: And you are absolutely correct. I foreseen someone coming to Okubi's aid. Poisonous One did not succeed in capturing Okubi. However Okubi now knows how to find Pruflas. Which will prove to be very interesting. Also it will keep both groups busy. Allowing us to put my master plan into action. However did any of heroes discovered your true intentions?

Celia: Far as I know. They believed I was just another of Pruflas's pathetic lackeys. Did you have a vision of something else?

Iron: The same way I foreseen Okubi being rescued. I also seen a threat attempting to put a stop to my dark ambitions. Something tells me we maybe encounter Okubi's friends as well. If only my premonitions were more clear. 

Celia: Your precognition abilities reminds me a lot like that Phoebe chick from Charmed. Giving you the jest of a situation, but not showing you the full detail. I guess it beats not knowing nothing at all. I'm guessing I should be prepare myself then. Honestly I'm happy some poor soul or souls is going to attempt to stop us. I worried tonight would be my last night of action until your ritual was completed. Thankfully I'll get to put my skills to the test much sooner. "I cannot wait until your ritual is completed. Just right before you can become a God. I'm going to kill you and take your place." In the meantime I'm going to get some rest. Can't wait to bullshit my morning away. Knowing that tomorrow will be the last day the citizens of Neo Aigosthena get to live. Because once night falls and the Hour of Ascension begins. The horror that awaits them makes tonight's tragedy

Enjoy these last few days in Neo Aigosthena. Before everything turns to hell. If those fuckers thought what happened in the Elestial Market was bad. The horror that awaits them. Shall make tonight's tragedy seem like a cake walk. I cannot wait to hear the scream of innocents being sacrificed. It's going to be a riot! HA HA HA HA HA HA!

 Celia walks pass Iron and his cult members. Heading towards her room for some rest. Iron taking a few minutes to ponder to himself. Regardless of whoever attempts to thwart his plans for God Hood. Iron is certain of one thing. Celia does not mean him well. However until the time comes to dispose of her. Iron will continue keeping Celia close to him. After all he didn't turn her into a Beyonder like himself for nothing. In order to make sure his ambitions goes as planned. He'll need all the help he can get. Including keeping a self serving murderer like Celia amongst his rank. Just a few more days before his hard work pays off. Then nobody besides possibly God Asira himself. Will be able to stop the Beyonder turned God Iron Zabel

5. Ariana

 A little after five in the morning. Othello and Hellin return from the Underworld back to the Gold Hotel. Entering their bedroom where the others were located. Upon opening the door Othello and Hellin saw everyone asleep except Okubi and Eligos. Turning his head in the direction of Othello and Hellin. Okubi puts down the book Eligos and him were reading to the side. Hellin being the first to enter the room. Taps a spot on the large maroon couch between Futanari and Lisa. Hellin falls asleep shortly after making herself comfortable. Wearing only a purplish silver nightgown. Okubi quietly removes himself off the bed. Not wanting to wake up either Angelina or Tobirama. Eligos follows right behind his Master. Othello sends Okubi a telepathic message where to meet her. Before making her way downstair. Okubi slips on Xiaoyu's bunny slippers before exiting the room with Eligos.

 Arriving to the back of the Gold Hotel seven minutes later. Okubi and Eligos spots Othello drinking a glass of blood infused grape wine. Now with Okubi and reluctantly Eligos in her presence. Othello places her glass on a nearby statue. Othello begins her conversation with the two men

Othello: So before we begin our chat about Iron Zabel, Beyonders, and Ariana. Do either of the two of you care to here about Hellin and mines mini adventures in the Underworld?

Okubi: Did you give Mihoshi her adequate punishment for betraying Hellin and you?

Othello: HEY! How did you know Mihoshi had betrayed us. Despite Hellin's outburst earlier at the hotel. I made sure no one had heard what Hellin said. Plus you were in a deep fucking sleep when Hellin brought up Mihoshi. So how in the fuck did you realize it was Mihoshi who betrayed us to Ulric?

Okubi: Easily. After I had awoken from my sleep. The first thing that came to mind was Hellin and you going to the Underworld. While you had already had a good reason for returning to your home realm. Alerting your fellow Demon Lords and the Underworld Council about Ulric and his assassination clans attack on us. It got me to think who would had benefited the most. If Ulric and his assassins succeeded in killing Hellin and you? The first person that popped into mind was Mihoshi. Ulric had to form some sought of alliance with Mihoshi. In order to attack Hellin and you. Without fear of entering a war with Babylon. Nothing else makes sense. Even Ulric's intense hate for James. Had Mihoshi put up some resistance towards Ulric's plans to attack Hellin, you, and the rest of us. Better yet declared war against Ulric and The Order. Once he confronted her about killing Hellin and you. I highly doubt Ulric would had attacked us the way he did. Either he would had waited for another opportunity to kill James alone. That or attempt to have us killed off one by one. However I did not come here to discuss your traitorous daughter. I want answers about Beyonder along with Iron Zabel and finally Ariana

Othello: Despite how much you make my stomach turn. I must say you're smarter than many give you credit for. If only you felt more comfortable in the Underworld. Perhaps you could easily become a member of the Underworld's Elite Society or become a politician. Sadly half demons like yourself tend to gain such favorable position in the Underworld. Especially ones that kill their mother in spite of the reasons. Anyways let's get to the reason why I brought you here. Earlier you asked me what is a Beyonder! However for me to properly answer that question. I must first explain to you who is Iron Zabel and his origin. 

Okubi: I'm all ears Othello

Eligos: That goes for me too

Othello: Many centuries ago before Iron Zabel became the man he is today. Formally known as the mortal sage Arnold Urbonas hailing from the country Vanadium. Prior to becoming one of Balam's disciples. Shortly after he lost his position of power in the Underworld. Balam left the Underworld and started a new life in Asira. Since Balam and I were good friends with benefit. Even he began creating his cult on Asira. The two of us made sure to stay in contact. About five years after Balam had created his cult. Gathering various disciples all around Asira. Teaching them various magical arts. During those many years on Asira. Balam would experiment on his various disciple. Using his knowledge on magic. In order to make his disciples stronger than the average mortal. Pretty much transforming his disciples into beings he called Beyonders. A process that requires killing the mortal body. Which forcing the individual's soul to exit their lifeless body. However instead of allowing the soul to make it's journey to the Spirit Realms. Balam would force the soul back into it's lifeless body. If the individual possessed a soul strong enough. The individual's spirit would re enter their body. No longer burden by common mortal weaknesses. Successfully becoming what Balam refers to as a Beyonder. However every time Balam attempted this experiment on one of his disciples. None of them ever survived the experience. Despite the many failures Balam continue with the experiments. 

Eligos: That bastard! Balam treated his disciple like nothing more than tools for his disposal.

Okubi: Isn't that the typical behavior of Cult Leaders? Putting their needs and desires above those who foolishly follow them. It isn't surprising to me that Balam treated all his disciple like they were expendable 

Othello: Can a bitch finish her story before you two motherfuckers put in your two cents

Okubi: Geez sorry you are so dammit long winded. Proceed your majesty

Othello: Bitch! Anyways none of Balam selected disciples survived the process of becoming a Beyonder. However that all changed when Balam decided to use his earliest disciple Arnold. Unlike the others who Balam attempted to make Beyonders. Arnold possessed a soul strong enough. It was able to return to his dead body. Forcing himself to resurrect from the dead. Becoming Balam first and only successful Beyonder. After having been broken free from his mortal weaknesses. Arnold had changed his name to Zabel. Shortly after Zabel had became a Beyonder. Balam started to notice a change in his behavior. I had some concerns when I first learned about this. I feared Arnold... I mean Zabel may attempt to overthrow Balam. However I knew... well believed. Balam would not be de-throned from power twice. Especially not by one of his own disciples. However during my last conversation with Balam. I knew something terrible was about to happen to him. Which is why I sent one of my servants to Balam's location without telling him. Unfortunately upon my servant arriving to Balam's last known location. What she came across was absolutely horrifying. Everyone in Balam's secret base including Balam had been brutally murdered. My servant had gathered all the heads of the dead. Including Balam and brought them back to me. After I look at each and every head presented to me. I knew that none of them were that of Balam's disciple Zabel. Which meant that Zabel was the one that killed Balam and the other disciples. How he did it I didn't know, but Zabel was certainly their killer. Grieving the loss of one of my dearest friends. I had thought about having my assassins hunt down Zabel. However at the end I decided against it. I didn't think a man like him would get very far in life. Obviously I was wrong. Now not only do we have to take down Pruflas. Iron Zabel needs to be eliminated as well. I can't help but feel Iron Zabel's existence is my fault. If only I had voice my concern to Balam. Perhaps all of this could had been avoided

Okubi: I know how you feel Othello, but you cannot blame yourself for Iron Zabel. 

Eligos: It wasn't your fault that Balam couldn't predict the behavior of his disciple. Let alone ending up being killed by him. That's the risk one takes when you give someone power. That very power you give to them can be turned against you. Mihoshi is a good example of such actions

Othello: Oh shut the fuck up Eligos! I do not need to be reminded of Mihoshi's betrayal

Okubi: Anyways do not blame yourself for Iron Zabel. 

Othello: That's easier said than done Okubi. If only I had said something to Balam. Even if he had laughed at my concerns. At least it would had made him slightly more cautious around Zabel. Now here we are centuries later. Dealing with a threat that could had possibly been eliminated centuries ago. 

Okubi: Othello before we move onto Ariana. Do you really want to help us with taking down Pruflas or Iron Zabel? After all you did come here to take a break from your duties as Queen. Not to aid Hellin, myself, and the others against the threats within Neo Aigosthena.

Othello: As much as I want to enjoy my vacation. While I was back in Babylon. I thought to myself what would be my next move? Either ignore the troubles happening in Neo Aigosthena and leave the fighting to you guys. Or sacrifice my free time in order to avenge a dear friend. Honestly I wouldn't sacrifice my vacation to help in taking down Pruflas. However Iron Zabel is a whole different story. Balam has been dead for centuries, but he's one of the few demons I really considered a friend. I will never forgive Iron Zabel for killing him. Therefore I decided I want to help out with taking him down. 

Okubi: I can't say I wouldn't feel differently if I were in your position. Both Hellin, Anna, and you going after Zabel sounds like a good idea

Othello: Do we really need to bring Anna along with us?

Okubi: I think the three of you working together would be best. Course nothing is set in stone until we discuss our plans with everyone later today. Now may you please discuss your history with Ariana?

Othello: Wow I gotta go that far down memory lane. Somethings I wish I didn't remember, but a promise is a promise. Unlike Balam who I knew after becoming Queen. My encounter with Ariana was back when I was a prostitute. Still under the employment of the dike Madam Winters. I was sent to Monaco to pleasure a group of mobsters. Using the name "Gisela" I left the Underworld to do my job in Monaco. While entertaining the Moroccan mobsters at their party. Everything was going great, I was truly enjoying myself. Something I normally don't do when entertaining non demons. Anyways I had to run to the bathroom real quick. I thought nothing could go wrong, but BITCH was I motherfucking WRONG! The moment I stepped out of the bathroom. I saw a young green hair girl wearing a ivory nightgown cover in blood. Okubi when I tell you I have never been so scared. Since I witnessed my father raped before my very eyes. That girl look like something that popped out a japanese horror. Not yet possessing my telepathic powers back then. I didn't know what was going on. However before I could even attempt to hide or run. The girl began killing everyone attending the party. Witnessing the mobsters and mortal prostitutes being violently murdered before my eyes. I feared it would only be seconds before I was next. However when I was the only living soul left. The girl simply just stared at me. Before I could even plead for my life. The girl began speaking to me. First stating her name to be Ariana Cosme. The sole daughter of a Piano Maker. Both her parents made beautiful pianos for sell. While they sold many unique pianos. The family kept a special piano that was passed down from generation. Unfortunately one day a group of Moroccan mobster had approached Ariana's parents. The very same mobsters she killed minutes ago. Ariana's parents didn't mind selling them their pianos. However the piano the mobsters wanted wasn't for sell. That of course made them very angry. Thus they threaten to kill Ariana's parents that very same day. Which of course was hours before their little party. That's when I realize those fuckers were celebrating having killed her parents. However when I ask Ariana what had happened to her. Ariana had told me she hid while the mobster murdered her parents. After the mobster had done their dirty deed. Ariana came out of hiding and saw her parent's lifeless bloodied bodies. This caused Ariana to immediately die from a broken heart. However instead of staying dead like her folks. Ariana had became what is known as a Revenant! A vengeful spirit that wanted to kill the ones who murdered her beloved parents. Which lead to the bloody event at the party. After my conversations with Ariana. The girl simply vanished from sight. Once I was able to regain my composure. I quickly opened a portal back to the Underworld. That was one of the scariest things I ever lived to experience. Now learning that Ariana is back in Neo Aigosthena. The very reason we even know about Iron Zabel being here. Sorry if I reacted badly to your question earlier Okubi. It's just that I wasn't ready to relive such memories

Okubi: I can't say I blame you Othello. I wonder with so much messed up shit happened to you. I wonder if that's the reason you act the way you do

Othello: Oh honey I would be a rude, manipulative, scandalous, condescending bitch! Even if I never experience a single bad thing in my life. That's just who the fuck I am. The horrible things I experience in life just strengthens those qualities

Eligos: That story makes me think of that Beyonce' song "Six Inch Heels" Especially the verse "She murdered everybody and I was her witness"

Othello: I suppose so. Anyways now that's out of the way. I would love to at least get two hours of sleep. Before preparing for our fight against Pruflas and Iron Zabel later today

Okubi: Yeah I could use a light nap before getting ready for war. Anyways thanks for having this talk with me Othello. I know you may not care, but I appreciate the way you been behaving towards me and everyone else. Even if it doesn't last forever. Please know it's very appreciated

Othello: Oh don't be fooled Okubi. I'm only being nice because I rather save my rage for those more deserving. This doesn't change the fact I still don't like you or your mother. However constantly being a bitch to you proves nothing. Just because we don't like one another. Doesn't mean we shouldn't be civil. Especially since we are fighting for the same thing

Okubi: I agree and I thank you for it. Now let's go get some rest


 After falling prey to his own technique. Both Kenji and Ina are sinked into the ground. Before Vixen/Hellin leaves the demon to their demise. Vixen released a stream of fire from her hands. Sending the stream of fire into the sinkhole behind Kenji and Ina. Having dealt with all the members of K.I.L.L.E.R. Vixen/Hellin went to go rescue the dying Anna. Once underground and sensing the incoming fire. Kenji managed to used the soil above Ina and himself. Strengthening it so the incoming fire wouldn't burn them. Kenji having successfully protected both Ina and himself. Once they felt Vixen's aura was no longer around them. Kenji began getting Ina and himself from underneath the ground. Less than five minutes later. Both Kenji and Ina were back on the surface. Being the only two surviving members of K.I.L.L.E.R. Kenji and Ina mourn the loss of their comrades. After having cried enough tears. Ina begins to speak to Kenji about their next move

Ina: So Kenji... exactly what do we do now? Do we go and look for Lord Ulric? There's a good chance he is still alive

Kenji: After the hell that man has put us through. In order to serve his foolish desire to kill James. Ulric is the last person I want to see. I rather Hellin returned to kill us before I see that sonabitch!

Ina: Kenji don't say such things. I don't want to deal with that demon again anytime soon

Kenji: My apologies Ina. It's just... I fucking knew this wouldn't end well for us. Now Lynx, Lou, Ekoda, and Roberto are dead! 

Ina: But that was Hellin/Vixen's doing

Kenji: But it was Ulric who sent us to fight in the first place! Ina just because we promised our lives to him. That doesn't mean we have to go back to Ulric. It's not like he knows we survived the fight against Hellin. Therefore Ulric will just presume all six of us had died. 

Ina: Are you crazy? That kind of thinking is what put James in his current situation

Kenji: The difference between us and James. We didn't abandon Ulric with him knowing we are alive. Unlike James who directly betrayed Ulric. We served Ulric to the very end. It's not like he'll ever discover we didn't die with the others. Especially after we get rid of our former comrade's body. Once we start our new lives no longer under Ulric's control. We will begin a rigorous training. Preparing for a rematch against Hellin in the future. I also wish to find new recruits for Team K.I.L.L.E.R. Course since no we're no longer going to live in the Underworld. The future members of K.I.L.L.E.R. will most likely be sages. Course we will recruit only the best of the best. Perhaps we can recruit at least one demon as well. However none of that matters unless I have your full support Ina

 Taking a moment to respond to Kenji. Ina thinks about the huge risk they are taking. However thinking about all the times Ulric had endangered their lives. Including this mission which lead to the death of their dear friends. Ina had made up her mind

Ina: If you are welling to do this Kenji then I'm with you

 Happy to hear Ina is on board with his ambitions. Kenji walks over to Ina and they hug each other. After a few seconds of hugging. The two demons hold hands and exits the Elestial Market.