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Blue Berry


Born and raised in the capital of Arundel, Cedic City. Micah "Blue" Berry grew up in a house full of sages. The six child of seven children Blue Berry was taught by his father and aunt in the magical arts of NEON! A magic derived from the magical art Xihe. Blue was taught how the use neon colored lights for both offensive and defensive usage. After high school Blue joined a group of traveling sages who performed magic shows all around Mayland.  Enjoying the life as a performer while not busy entertaining hundreds. Blue enters local fighting tournaments to test his magic 

Blue Berry's Attacks

Morgan Fey


A beautiful sorceress from the country of Argon. Trained by her teacher Merlin in the magical arts of Empusa. Morgan Fey is a skilled sage over a hundred years of age and love for traveling. Morgan also has an older brother named Arthur and two younger twin sister Milla and Morgause

Morgan's Spells

Lisa & Brutality's Cool Battle Wear


The Potty Mouthed Angel's C.B.W. inspired by Weiss Schnee from RWBY. Even her quote in the picture is based on Weiss's quote from her reveal trailer in Blazblue Cross Tag Battle


When designing Brutality's C.B.W. outfit. I thought of Rachel from Ninja Gaiden/Dead or Alive and something I would had liked to see her wear. Seeing that part of Brutality's character was inspired by Rachel

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Profile Ophelia


The Mother Of Woe

Name: Ophelia Marie Aello 

Age: 4,356 years old Died at the age of 3,999

Hair Color: Ash Blonde

Eye Color: Ruby 

Height: 5'7

Weight: 133 pounds

Magic Name: Ophelia studies under no particular law of magic but is skilled in multiple magical spells. Specializing in poison, defensive, and support base magic

Abilities: Demonic super strength, speed, agility, reflexes, durability, hearing, vision, awareness. Ophelia also posses high resistance to telepaths but isn't immune to mind control

Likes: Her son, her decease husband, butterfly, reading, butterkaka, children

Dislikes: The death of her first husband, becoming possessed by a powerful demon, her son forced to kill her, injustice, being married to Pruflas

BIO: The mother of Okubi Vice and wife of the decease heroic sage Boris. Prior to marrying a mortal and birthing a half demon, Ophelia was once the proud heiress of the Aello Family. The youngest of ten children and the only girl amongst her siblings. Ophelia and her nine brothers lived a strict but luxurious life. Everyday she and her brothers were given lessons in etiquettes, politics, mathematics, literature, combat, and other things demons of nobility are taught. After her college years Ophelia decided to leave home and joined the army in Tartarus. While her parents didn't like the idea of their daughter working alongside lower level demons and other Underworld creatures, Ophelia promised her parents she will keep up her noble duties and serve at the same time

Many centuries have gone by and Ophelia has survived a lot of trials and tribulations; balancing both army life and her family affairs were no easy task, but through persistence she managed to overcome. All this accomplished, however not without earning the attention and scorn of Babylon's Queen, Othello Strongs. While the rivalry with Othello wasn't something she desired, Ophelia still manage to lead a fairly decent life. One day Ophelia along with her comrades were assigned to take down a rogue group of demons in Asira, the world outside of The Underworld. During her mission taking down the rogue demons, Ophelia met a sage by the name Boris and the two instantly fell in love. In the telling her family about her relationship with a mortal, Ophelia was forced to choose between her lover or her family. Unlike her previous lover Pruflas, Ophelia was fully in love with Boris and would sacrifice everything to be with him. She was disowned by her family but her reputation in The Underworld remained mostly intact. Ophelia decided to leave her world and began her new life with Boris. The two had gotten married shortly afterwards and Ophelia gave birth to their child Okubi decades later

Ophelia lived a wonderful life with her husband and son but everything suddenly changed for the worst. One day a gigantic black dragon had appeared in the town Ophelia and her family had lived, destroying and killing everything in it's path. Boris along with a group of skilled sages went to fight the dragon while Ophelia stayed home with a baby Okubi. The dragon was finally slain but Boris had died fighting against the winged beast. Losing the love of her life left Ophelia heartbroken and her faith shattered, but with a young half demon to raise and protect. Ophelia would fight her inner despair as long as possible. No longer wanting to live in the same world her husband had died, she decided to take Okubi and herself back to The Underworld. A few months after returning to The Underworld, Ophelia was reunited with her former lover Pruflas. Keeping the relationship a secret from Okubi the two of them later married. Shortly after Ophelia was introduced by her husband to a nefarious group of demons. One he was apart of along with another demon she knew very well. Ophelia was then made to join them but swore not to aid them in their sinister schemes. Still now as a member of this evil group of demons, Ophelia was painfully aware of their daily activities. Still she did her best to provide a good life for Okubi and herself. Sadly the longing for her decease husband would soon force her to make a critical mistake, changing both Okubi's and her life for the worse

Despite her life with Okubi and dealing with being married to Pruflas, Ophelia could no longer bare the lost of her first husband Boris and wanted him back in her life. While Ophelia knew many necromancers in The Underworld, none of them would bring her husband back without either a sacrifice, resurrecting him as a demon, or something worse. Ophelia also didn't possess the level of power needed to bring someone back to life without any mishaps. However Ophelia then remembered what Pruflas had told her about a book called Forbidden! A powerful book that contained a powerful demon within it. Sealed away by a group of powerful sages many centuries ago, Pruflas and the others wanted to release The Demon from the book, so that they can conquer both The Underworld and Asira together. Knowing this Ophelia decided she will steal the book and tap into the powers of the demon trapped within it. In order to gain the necessary powers needed to bring Boris back to life all while Okubi was still in school, Ophelia began tapping into the trapped demon's power but a few minutes later, she began to lose control of her mind. The Demon trapped inside Forbidden had managed to overwhelm Ophelia and taken over her mind and body. Now under The Demon's influence Ophelia had ventured out of The Underworld and to Asira. Landing in the middle of a village in China the possessed Ophelia began wrecking havoc and killing innocent people. Her son Okubi who had managed to track his mother down unaware of her possession began to plead to his mother to put an end to her madness. The Demon possessing her wanted to kill Okubi but the little control Ophelia had left of herself prevented that from happening. Her son no longer able to watch his mother continue killing innocent, tapped into his inner darkness and unleashed a deadly attack that instantly killed her. The Demon that possessed her disappeared back into Forbidden, but Ophelia herself was dead. Despite the emotionally trauma it caused her son. She was happy someone had stopped her.

Now having become a Demon Spirit, Ophelia was bound to go to The Spirit Realm. A place the souls of the dead were sent to after their body had died, but for some reason The Spirit Realm rejected her. Forcing her to wander within The Underworld for an unknown amount of time. Ophelia felt this was punishment for stealing Forbidden and forcing her son to live with the guilt of killing her. Wandering through The Underworld for many years until she was found by her nemesis Othello and her eldest daughter Mihoshi. Ophelia was then use to create a demon called "Cordelia", using the bodies of multiple lesser demons and placing her spirit inside of it. One that would be use in a future battle at the Gore Stadium, an arena in The Underworld where two demons fight to the death. A few months later now as Cordelia, Ophelia would be forced to battle against her now adult son Okubi. During the battle between mother and son, Ophelia was able to gain control over her false body. Allowing her son victory over her and to escape along with his friends, she then performed a suicide attack against Othello destroying her artificial body and escaping her. Wandering through The Underworld once again she was then found by her current husband Pruflas. While Ophelia was not thrill to see her husband again. Pruflas had immediately brought Ophelia to his dimension and created a physical body for her within it. During the time spent in her husband's dimension, Ophelia gained the ability to travel in Asira, but only as a demon spirit. Allowing her to find her son and warn him about the dangers he is sure to face also knowing the mistake she had made in the past, Ophelia was determine to rectify those wrongs. However she fears the day Okubi learns about her ties to a certain group of demons. That he will fall into despair the way she did


1. Ophelia dislikes to hear swear words especially from her son Okubi

2. Despite being a demon Ophelia posses an angelic beauty

3. Ophelia's title "Mother of Woe" is inspired by Soul Calibur's character Pyrrha's title "Bringer of Woe"

4. Back in earlier chapters of Forbidden. Ophelia asked Othello to teach Okubi the Seduction Poses/Stance

5. During her army days Ophelia served as a Medic but was more than proficient in direct combat

6. (More to come)

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Anna Del Soto (Cool Battle Wear)


Inspired by Nina Williams player 2 costume in Tekken 2. Anna wears a metallic green body suit with brown leather gloves and booths 

Apollyn (Halloween 2017)


Dressed in a dessert theme costume. Apollyn's head is a strawberry ice cream with chocolate sprinkles, gummy worms, and gumdrops. Wearing a candy corn themed dress, and boots made of chocolate. While I was happy with the overall look considering my lack of drawing skills. I did wish I made her hair look more like strawberry 

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Forbidden Chapter 73

Forbidden Chapter Seventy Three

Futanari VS Yamakagashi

 After Pruflas tells the heroes of Satomi Yamakagashi's location within his fortress, alone Futanari makes her way towards the basement. In order to confront the very man she chased all the way from Japan to Neo Aigosthena and knowing that failure isn't an option, Futanari hopes to defeat Yamakagashi without killing him. She to bring the notorious mobster to justice. Heading closer to the basement of the fortress, Futanari thinks back to her first encounter with Yamakagashi over a month ago. It was back in a nightclub located in Hakone, Japan where Futanari first meet Satomi Yamakagash. Wanted for his multiple crimes, Futanari was assigned to find and take Yamakagashi in. Unfortunately for the young Shogun upon entering the nightclub, Yamakagashi had recognized her due to having arrested his associates of Japan's criminal underworld and immediately ordered his grunts to kill her. While forced to battle against the wave of grunts, Futanari was unable to stop Yamakagashi from escaping. Having failed her assignment Futanari feared that may end up losing her job, returning to headquarters without Yamakagashi, Futanari was certain her superiors would fire her, but the young sage's surprise she was given an promotion.

Despite having failed her assignment not only was this was her very first failed mission, not only has Futanari proven herself as one of their best Shoguns, they also felt she was the only one worthy of bringing Yamakagashi to justice. Now able to travel all over the world for high ranking criminals, a week later Futanari's superiors had learned that Yamakagashi was currently in Neo Aigosthena, a state in the country of Mayland. Immediately they sent Futanari over to find and capture him. Shortly after arriving to Neo Aigosthena, Futanari had encountered Yamakagashi for the second time in a nightclub. Similar to their last encounter, Yamakagashi had hired protection to stop Futanari from capturing him. While fighting for her life against a pair of assassin sisters, Futanari was aided by the demons Okubi and Angelina; despite the added assistance, Satomi Yamakagashi with the usage of his newly obtain blood base magic managed to escaped being captured once again. Feeling discouraged about losing her target, Okubi had ensured Futanari that they will find him. The Shogun decided to stay with Okubi and his friends until she found Yamakagashi. Following the events of the Elestial Market Massacre, battling against the demon assassins of The Order, and discovering Yamakagashi had allied himself with the kingpin of Neo Aigosthena, the demon Pruflas. Since Okubi and his friends had came to Neo Aigosthena to kill Pruflas, Futanari knew it was only a matter of time before she encountered Yamakagashi once again.

Having arrived to Pruflas's Dimension a few hours prior thanks to Okubi, Futanari knew that when she finally found Yamakagashi within the dimension. Ensured herself that he will not escape from her, seconds away from reaching the door to the basement, Futanari had started gathering energy in her left hand. She strikes the door down upon stepping in front of it, cautiously running inside of the basement Futanari sees Yamakagashi standing in the middle of the empty basement. Dressed in a fancy silver suit with a cigar in his mouth and pulling the cigar from out of his mouth, Yamakagashi makes a disgusted sound with his mouth as he turns towards Futanari. Staring at the Shogun with a mix look of joy and disgust, Yamakagashi throws his cigar to the ground and steps on it. Futanari quickly goes into her battle stance

Futanar: At last our paths have crossed once again but unlike our last two encounters. I promise you I shall not allow you to escape. This time I will make sure you are brought to justice. Now fight me if you dare or choose to surrender

Yamakagashi: Ha ha ha ha.... Futanari you foolish little bitch! Do you think I would had waited for you if I intended to surrender? Let alone allow you to take me back to Japan. Thanks to the blood magic bestowed upon me by Lord Pruflas. I no longer fear a confrontation with you Shogun

Futanari: You say that now but when I first found you in Neo Aigosthena. Instead of you using your magic to fight me one on you. You acted like a coward and sent your assassins to fight me while you plotted your escaped

Yamakagashi: And you would had been dead if those demons didn't show up to save you. Speaking of those fucking bastards. Why didn't any one of them come to help you fight me? Do those arrogant fuckers really think a mere mortal like me isn't worth their time? I swear after I'm done tearing you limb from limb Shogun. If Pruflas and his Royal Servants didn't finish all of your friends off. I'm going to personally kill one of them myself. Just to show them I'm not to be underestimated

Futanari: You're a real funny character Yamakagashi. Even on any of my friend's worst day you wouldn't stand a chance. My friends did offer to aid me in taking you down but I demanded that I fight you alone. Therefore when I kick your sorry ass you can't blame the demons for your defeat. Now the time for talk is over! If you're as confident in your magic as you say. Let's see if you're capable of defeating me? Otherwise get ready to take your sorry ass back to Japan

Yamakagashi: Arrogant little bitch! I'm going to make your death quick and painful... CARMINE ASCENSION!

 Yamakagashi raises his right hand into the air as red energy surrounds the hand. Two seconds later the red energy disappears and blood surrounds the hand. Yamakagashi then uses his left hand to rip off the sleeve around his right arm, revealing his biceps and blood bright veins. Yamakagashi prepares an attacks Futanari

Yamakagashi: BLOOD WHIP!

 While his hand is still raised to the air, Yamakagashi uses his magic to create a whip made of blood. Ferociously swings his Blood Whip towards Futanari. Quickly using her superhuman agility to dodge Yamakagashi's attack, Futanari immediately starts running towards her opponent. Irritated by how easily his attack was dodged Yamakagashi starts firing balls of blood at her. Dodging each of the balls of blood and drawing closer to her target. Futanari raises her left hand above her face and prepares to strike Yamakagashi. Failing to strike Futanari with any of his blood balls Yamakagashi starts to panic. Now in attacking range of her target Futanari prepares to delivers a powerful punch. However just before she can strike Yamakagashi. Desperate to protect himself the mobster accidentally creates a shield of blood. Futanari strikes the shield and shatters it to pieces. The impact of the shattered shield sends Yamakagashi crashing to the ground. Shifting back to her battle stance after breaking the blood shield. Futanari stares down at the grounded mobster with a look of annoyance

Futanari: Your magic is impressive but you lack real battle experience. I have fought and defeated dark sages who have fully mastered their powers. All you are is a common thug possessing powers you barely understand. The likes of you cannot possibly hope to defeat me. Do yourself a favor and surrender. Otherwise I will break you down mobster

 Angered by the Shogun's threatening and condescending tone. Dusting himself off before rising from the ground. Yamakagashi stares at Futanari with malice in his eyes. Immediately ripping off the left sleeve on his arm the mobster's skin starts to glow a bright blood red. His once brown eyes also turns red as his anger towards her increases. The blood around his right hand starts heating up. Then in a berserker like manner Yamakagashi tears open his shirt, revealing his glowing chisel chest. Having fully transform in front of Futanari the enraged mobster is ready to resume the battle

Yamakagashi: Now look what you done you arrogant little bitch! If you think I'm incapable of using my magic properly then allow me to prove you wrong! I came too fucking far to allow a shithead like you to lock me up. Now Miss Shogun let's see how you deal with my blood magic at it's deadliest!

Futanari: Seems I slightly underestimated your magical capabilities but it matters not. I'm just going to have to kick your ass. Then I'll use the anti magic cuffs in my pocket on you. Now let's put an end to this chit chat and fight

Yamakagashi: If it's a fight you want then a fight you shall get. However it will be your very last. Now get ready to die!


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Lady Ophelia

The Beautiful Mother Of Secrets

The mother of Okubi and the former wife of the sage Boris. Possessed by an evil spirit many years ago. Ophelia went into a berserk and left The Underworld and began causing havoc in China. Slain by her son after he was unable to reason with her. Now as a demon spirit, Ophelia spent many years wandering in The Underworld. Eventually she was found by her former rival Othello and along with several other demons. Ophelia was turned into a being called Cordelia and was made to fight her son in the Gore Stadium. Fortunately Ophelia gain control of her body and aided Okubi to defeat her in battle. Once again wandering The Underworld as a mere spirit. Ophelia was found by her former lover and second husband Pruflas. While unable to find a body strong enough to contain Ophelia's spirit. Within his dimension Ophelia was able to physically exist once again. However instead of appreciating her husband's kindness. Ophelia plans to use this "body" of hers to aid her son and friends in killing her husband

Ophelia's Skills

Ophelia's full profile will come before the end of October

Xiaoyu's Halloween Costume 2017


Xiaoyu's Halloween costume for this year. If I'm able to do more character before the 31st I definitely will, but chances are Xiaoyu may be the only character to receive a Halloween costume

Okubi's Cool Fighter Wear


SFV ▰ Zeku Character Reveal Trailer

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Forbidden Chapter 72

Forbidden Chapter Seventy Two

Fated Confrontation

 Inside of his Fortress looking outside of his window, Pruflas holds a glass of blood infused wine in his hand. Gracefully sipping his drink Pruflas looks outside of his fortress window. Standing a few feet behind him are his Royal Servants Poisonous One, Lita, Natan, Satomi Yamakagashi, along with the recently captured and brainwashed Ulric, the former leader of the Underworld assassin guild The Order. Knowing that a battle is heading his way, Pruflas turns to speak to his loyal subjects

Pruflas: Good afternoon my loyal servants. I hope you all had a wonderful morning. I gathered you all here to let you know our enemies are near. Last night after I was bitten by my stepson's clone. Due to his newfound powers he gained the ability to access my dimension. Allowing him and his friends to come here in order to kill me. However despite my stepson and his allies successfully defeating my minions and dealing with Ozriel. Neither he or his friends shall succeed in killing me

Natan: We are going to make damn sure of that boss. I can't wait to get my hands on those shitheads. My baby Lita and I are going to make those heroes pay dearly for coming here

Lita: I personally hope to get my hands on that deco orange haired angel. That little bitch pisses me off

Yamakagashi: I just can't wait to use my newfound magic on that damn Shogun Futanari. I'm going to kill that bitch in the worst way possible

Poisonous One: I just wish to redeem myself for Lord Pruflas. I'm going to punish that Darken Tobirama for tricking me. However my Lord there is something I wish to ask of you?

Pruflas: What would you like to ask Mohammad?

Poisonous One: Since Okubi and his comrades are near perhaps we shoudl summon Karen and Stanford to aid us?

Pruflas: Don't be an even bigger fool Mohammad. Stanford is more than likely dead and killed by Karen nonetheless. Besides that foolish girl is too busy with her waste of a tournament. That little cunt really believe she'll find someone strong enough to kill me. I bet the mortal shit doesn't even realize I know of her traitorous ways

Natan: After we take care of Okubi and his pathetic friends. I think we should do to Karen what we did to her parents many years ago

Pruflas: Splendid idea Natan but us now prepare for the arrival of my stepson, my wife, and the rest of his pathetic allies. They worked very hard to get to his point, but they will soon discover that their efforts were in vain. Now my Royal Servants get yourself in position for the enemies. Also make sure to prepare Ulric for his upcoming bout. It's unfortunate he didn't willingly give himself to my power, but even in his current state. I have use for him

 Traveling through the forest drawing closer to Pruflas's Fortress. Okubi with his mother, Ophelia and Eligos walking by his side. While the rest of his comrades only inches behind them. Thinking about the danger they are about to face. Okubi suddenly stops walking in order to converse with his friends and fellow heroes

Okubi: Sorry to suddenly stop when we are so close to the enemy's base. However be we proceed to fight Pruflas and his minions. There is something I like to say to each of you here

Angelina: Is something wrong Okubi?

Ophelia: Sweetie is what I revealed to your friends and you earlier still bothering you?

Okubi: No mother while it still on my mind it doesn't really bother me. It changes nothing how I feel about Pruflas. I'm still fully committed to killing him. However it's the rest of you that has me feeling rather worried

Tobirama: In what way Okubi?

Okubi: Before I tell you all what's troubling me. Please understand this is not me questioning your fighting capabilities. However unlike the previous enemies we have fought together against. I feel Pruflas is a threat beyond anything we have faced. Even more dangerous than Goddess Razel, Queen Adama, Christof, and the dragons we encounter on our journey. Along with his Royal Servants which are nearly as strong as my Stepfather. I can't help but have this bad feeling one or more of you might die. I just been through so much with you guys and the thought of losing any of you scares me

Eligos: Master...

Angelina: Oh Okubi it hurts my heart to know you're so worried about us but do understand. None of us here are exactly weak and has defeated powerful foes. Yes sometimes the enemy gets the better of us but we always manage to emerge victorious

Lisa: If you're worried about Pruflas and his bitches giving us too much trouble. While our encounter with Ozriel wasn't exactly stellar. Trust when I say we are prepare to take down your Stepfather and his fucking cronies

Brutality: I agree with Lisa and I'm not afraid of putting my life on the line. I didn't come here not to aid with killing Pruflas and his servants. I will not rest until all remaining members and associates of The Children of Ruin are dead!

James: Not only I ain't afraid of risking my life. I didn't come all this fucking way not to get my revenge on that motherfucker Ulric! After that bastard killed my wife, sister in law, and emotionally tortured my daughter for centuries. I will see to it that son-of-a-bitch pays with his miserable fucking life! So take whatever thought you have in your head about me not helping take this fuckers down

Futanari: That goes for me as well Okubi... minus the profanity of course. I came all the way from Japan to Neo Aigosthena in order to complete my task. That is to find Satomi Yamakagashi and bring him to justice. I will not stop until I completed my mission. So please allow me to aid you in this battle against your Stepfather

Tobirama: I don't have any real reason to fight other than protecting you Okubi. Therefore I cannot allow you to fear for my safety. I shall fight alongside you rather you like it or not

Apollyn: Apollyn won't allow Okubi buddy to fight alone. Besides if Xiaoyu buddy found out Apollyn didn't help Okubi and other buddies. Xiaoyu buddy won't allow me to eat delicious snacks for a very very long time. Apollyn doesn't want that to happen so Apollyn will fight beside you

Ophelia: It seems to me son you have some very loyal friends. While I understand your concern for their safety. They too have their reasons to fight

Eligos: Besides with all of us working together. It's Pruflas and his lackeys that need to worry about their survival

Okubi: While none of your words soothes any of my concerns. I cannot help but respect each and everyone of your convictions. Therefore I will not convince or force any of you not to fight alongside me. Just promise me whatever happens we all will survive

 Okubi having spoken his peace sticks out his right hand before his friends. Ophelia immediately places her left over her son's. Angelina, Apollyn, Brutality, Futanari, James, and Tobirama walks over to Okubi and Ophelia, placing each of their hands over theirs until everyone's hands is stacked over each other. Now with everyone standing together Okubi opens a portal beneath everyone's feet

Okubi: If you all are as ready as you say you are. There is no reason we should continue to travel on foot. I shall take us directly inside of my Stepfather's Fortress. Be prepare to fight the moment we arrive inside the fortress. I know that bastard is just as ready for us

 The portal immediately engulf everyone standing beneath it and vanishes just as quickly. Seconds later the portal reopens inside of Pruflas's Fortress. Okubi, Ophelia, Eligos, and the rest of the heroes found themselves standing before Pruflas. Staring at the tall suited demon with malice in their eyes. Okubi steps in front of his mother and friends with Eligos at his side. Standing face to face with his Stepfather for the very first time. Okubi immediately begins to speak

Okubi: At last we finally meet father

Pruflas: It would had been sooner my son but your clone had that honor instead

Okubi: Some honor that must had been. Considering I can't sense my clone in this place at all

Pruflas: Your clone bit me and I killed it but that doesn't mean I want the same for you. Unless you decide you're going to be problematic

Okubi: Don't think for a damn minute just because you're my Stepfather. I won't show you any mercy. I don't care how loving you are to my mother. The fact you're one of the members of The Children of Ruin along with the other evil acts you committed. I have no intentions of doing anything less than killing you... father!

Pruflas: Just like your father there is no reasoning with you Okubi and just like that bastard! I will make certain you end up just like him

Ophelia: Don't you dare speak about Boris like that Pruflas! My husband was a hero unlike you

Pruflas: Oh Ophelia my darling wife my love... how many times must you break my heart? After all I have done for you. Even after you chose that mortal over me. I did nothing but loved you. Waiting for centuries until you finally decided to marry me. Course it only happened because after you lost your one true love. It's like no matter what I do for you Ophelia it's just never enough! I even allow your corpse to physically exist in my dimension. However instead of loving and respecting me as your husband. You accompany your son and his friends to kill me. I always knew my greatest weakness was the love I have for you Ophelia, but I will not allow myself to be a fool for you anymore. This is the last time you break my heart Ophelia. Now it's my turn to break yours. Starting with the death of your son

Ophelia: Pruflas if you---

Okubi: Mother please do not worry about me. I just feel sorry you're going to be a widow for the second time, but before I kill you Stepfather. Do tell me where are you hiding your servants? I know you're not alone in this fortress

Pruflas: If nothing else Okubi you are a very perceptive. My servants are all scattered around within my fortress. Waiting for my to send your friends for them to kill

James: So Ulric is in this motherfucker! I was worried you may had killed that motherfucker before I had the chance

Pruflas: Oh no Mr. Del Soto, I made certain to keep your former Master alive just for you. However he isn't exactly the same Ulric that you remember

James: The fuck do you mean by that?

Pruflas: You shall see soon enough. Now Okubi and friends if you're all ready to die. Let me you were each of my servants are located. On the third level of my fortress. My servants Lita and Natan shall be waiting for whoever decides tot die by their hands

Lisa: Fantastic! I been itching to fight that bitch and her fuckboi. Brutality care to join me?

Brutality: It will be my pleasure

Pruflas: On the six level of my fortress Ulric can be found

Okubi: James that's your cue. Angelina go with James to provide him protection in case Ulric is more than he can handle

James: Fine by me but Angelina keep your distance. I want to beat that motherfucker on my own as much as possible. Just watch my back if things get dicey

Angelina: Not a problem Del Soto

Futanari: What about Yamakagashi?

Pruflas: I was just about to tell you his location Shogun. Located in the basement level of my fortress is where you will find your mobster

Okubi: Okay Apollyn you will go with---

Futanar: NO! I don't mean to cut your off Okubi and please forgive my harsh tone, but I wish to fight Yamakagashi alone

Okubi: Futanari that is foolish and unnecessary. It would be better if you allow Apollyn to battle alongside you

Futanari: Perhaps but it wouldn't be the way I want to fight him. Unlike the rest of you here who is fighting to kill. I simply wish to defeat Yamakagashi in order to bring him to justice. If Apollyn battles alongside me. I cannot guarantee Satomi Yamakagashi will survive. Therefore I beg of you to allow me to combat him alone. I know you're scared of me dying but I ask you to trust me

Okubi: I'm seriously angered by your demand Futanari but I respect your desire to combat Yamakagashi alone. Therefore only you will head to the basement. Apollyn you will go with James and Angelina to deal with Ulric

Apollyn: Okey dokey

Pruflas: So now that your friends know where their targets are at. I think it's best if they get moving

Okubi: You guys heard my Stepfather. Go find those bastards and make them regret their very existence! Futanari I wish you the very best of luck against Yamakagashi

 James, Apollyn, Angelina, Lisa, Brutality, and Futanari leaves Okubi, Ophelia, Eligos, and Tobirama in order to seek out their assigned targets. Shortly after most of Okubi's friends have disappeared within the fortress. Okubi and those who remain continues to confront Pruflas

Okubi: So now that my friends are off to take down your minions. Where do you want to die?

Pruflas: Ha ha ha you arrogant piece of shit! If you wish to fight me. You'll have to reach the final level of my fortress. That's if you manage to survive my little surprise for you

Tobirama: Surprise?

Eligos: What is he talking about?

Okubi: Everyone get behind me

 Suddenly Pruflas's body starts glowing in a pale lavender light, becoming brighter by the second. Okubi having sensed something was off about Pruflas upon meeting him now realizes this is his clone. Meaning the real Pruflas is waiting for them at the final level of the fortress. Immediately spreading his hands apart Okubi summons a forcefield made of water and fire. The Pruflas clone glows until it starts violently vibrating before exploding. Despite the impact the explosion creates within the entrance of the fortress. Okubi's forcefield successfully protects Tobirama, Eligos, his mother, and himself from harm. A few seconds after the smoke had cleared Okubi drops his forcefield

Okubi: I should had known sooner but it matters not. I knew that bastard wouldn't reveal himself so easily. Now before the four of us goes to the final level. I want the three of you to promise me something. No matter what happens up there do not get yourselves involved. I don't know the full extend of Pruflas's powers and I don't want any of you to get hurt. Even though this curse of mines grants me great power. I don't want to become overly too reliant on it. I just want the three of you to keep an eye on each other. Leave defeating and killing Pruflas to me... understood?

Tobirama: I will do my best to appease your wishes Okubi but if I feel you're in grave danger. I will not hesitate to get involved in the battle

Ophelia: I have faith in you my son but if Pruflas manages to get the better of you. I will not just stand by and watch you die

Eligos: While I'm merely just a demon spirit. I will do whatever I can to aid you if needed

Okubi: I appreciate each and every one of you more than words can say. I just hope It doesn't get to that point. Now let's get moving I have a demon to kill


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Hellin's Cool Fighters Wear


A new outfit made for the Princess of Babylon. I plan on doing more of these for my other characters. Both the heroes and various other characters of Forbidden

Avenger Okubi

The Dark Avenger Of Okubi's Broken Heart

Some of A. Okubi's attacks

One of the many demonic forms Okubi can transform to due to the effects of the Dark Dream Trial. During the battle between Okubi and his friends against Pruflas and his servants. Okubi will lose an ally very close to him. Causing him to transform into his Avenger form 

Karen Caramel

Some of Karen's magic attacks

Karen the host of The Underground Fighting Tournament and one of Pruflas's Royal Servants. Find out more about Karen here

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Profile Karen Caramel


Broken Hearted Psycho

Name: Karen Loretta Caramel

Age: 27 years old

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Lavender with gray tips

Eye Color: Blue

Likes: Hosting The Underground Fighting Tournament, Repeating certain words to sound "cute", speaking in third person, her red glove, candies, practicing various magic, butter cream frosting, stuffed animals, violence, experimenting on captured fighters

Dislikes: Demons, weak people, ugly people, rap music, spinach, her kinder self

Magic Name: Karen has mastery over 30 different types of magic

Magic Powers: Control over the elements, portal summoning, uses various desserts as weapons, psychometric abilities, mind controlling magic, power augmentation, superhuman strength, memory manipulation, fortune telling, limited healing abilities, power reading, existing as two different beings

BIO: Prior to becoming the sadistic host of The Underground Fighting Tournament and one of Pruflas's Royal Servants, Karen was once a pure young woman. The only child of Jerome and Elsie Caramel, Karen was a special child. Due to being born a Mageus Soprano, a rare individual who can learn and master multiple magical abilities. Karen's parents were extremely happy happy when they first discovered their daughter was one. While enjoying a relatively normal childhood. Karen's life was drastically changed the day a demon named Pruflas entered her home

 Unaware of her parent's involvement in the crime world in Neo Aigosthena. Pruflas along with his gang of demon servants attacked Jerome and Elsie and slain the criminal couple. Witnessing her parents brutal deaths before her eyes. Karen screamed in terror knowing she would be next. However Pruflas had more sinister plans in stored for Karen. The demon had ordered his servants to violate the young Karen, taking away both her parents and innocence. It was this very moment Karen's hate for demons and dark side had awaken. After surviving her violation at the hands of Pruflas's servants. Aware of Karen's vast magical potential, Pruflas forced her to become one of his servants. While his other servant's doubtful of Karen's worth of serving their leader. The corrupted girl quickly showed her wicked ways, proving her capabilities to her demon comrades. Despite her apparent loyalty towards Pruflas. Karen had been plotting her revenge against her Master and his demons

 Now a fully grown woman and ready to set her revenge in motion. Karen began hosting a fighting tournament in Aigosthena, a state buried underneath the current Neo Aigosthena over five thousand years ago. In order to find a fighter strong enough to either aid her or defeat Pruflas for her. Working alongside Karen was her kinder self, due to Karen's mind and body separating into two versions of herself. The two Karen's worked together hosting the tournament. However unlike the good Karen who just enjoyed seeing fierce competitions amongst skilled sages, the evil Karen was pissed that none of the fighters possessed the power to defeat Pruflas. After the first two Underground Fighting Tournament not going as planned. The evil Karen decided to switch things up for the worst. Tricking her other self to help her build various traps to use against future fighters. Karen then added rules to her tournament, putting the lives of future competitors in danger. Karen's good half unhappy and fearful of her darker self. Decided to use the trap doors the two had build and went into hiding. While angered by the disappearance of her other self. Karen decided finding a fighter to kill Pruflas was a more pressing matter, but plans to find her other half and kill her someday

 Now in full control of how The Underground Fighting Tournament is ran. Karen along with the help of her comrade, the demon Stanford. Karen began kidnapping fighters who she felt had potential to defeat Pruflas. However after having host several tournaments. None of the competitors possessed the power required to kill Pruflas. Karen would allow only two of the fighters to leave her tournament, only after having erased their memories. The fighters that didn't perform well would become Karen's prisoners and used for her experiments. Years later during her nightly stroll in Neo Aigosthena. Karen encountered a man name Lorenzo and engaged him in battle. After she defeated Lorenzo and brainwashed him. Karen discovered that the detective had a very powerful friend named Jia Xiaoyu. Believing she may had finally found someone capable of killing Pruflas. Karen knew she needed to confront Jia Xiaoyu. After their encounter during the Elestial Market Massacre. Karen told Xiaoyu in order to rescue her friend that she needed to enter her tournament. A day later Xiaoyu, her boyfriend and partner Nara, and several other fighters arrived to Karen's tournament. After the demon Stanford had kidnapped them. Ready to see the fighters in action especially Xiaoyu. The latest Underground Fighting Tournament now begins 


1. Karen was eleven when Pruflas invaded her home and killed her parents. Along with having his demon violate her

2. Karen's clothing style is based on a clown

3. Karen is a Mageus Soprano a type of sage capable of learning various types of magic

4. Karen is the only human servant of Pruflas

5. Karen's hatred for demons stems from what Pruflas and his servants done to her as a child

6. Karen is a huge fan of Danganronpa and 999/The Nonary Game

GRAND FINAL: Infiltration (Juri) vs Gachikun (Rashid) - Manila Cup 2017 ...

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Forbidden Chapter 71

Forbidden Chapter Seventy One

We Can't Survive Like This

 The final battle of the Underground Fighting tournament between Xiaoyu and Pelham had begun. Despite going up against the poisonous assassin. Xiaoyu attempted to talk to Pelham, only for Pelham to strike her with one of her attacks. Xiaoyu now poisoned and despite her healing capabilities found herself in a dire situation. Pelham now ready to finish her off. Between the natural fear of death and the thought of never seeing her friends again. Xiaoyu activates a great power hidden deep within her, the ability to use pure black light energy. Xiaoyu subconsciously uses her power to create a barrier around herself. Preventing Pelham from killing her and removes the poison from her body. Pelham upset by Xiaoyu's miraculous powers saving her from defeat and death. Karen while watching the battle between Xiaoyu and Pelham becomes very amused. After witnessing Xiaoyu's hidden powers used against Pelham. After being knocked down to the ground by Xiaoyu's barrier. Pelham gets up off the ground now angrier than before. Turns her attention back to Xiaoyu as she prepares her next attack

Pelham: Annoying little cur! How dare you use such a trick against me? Now I'll will make sure your death is long and agonizing one!

 Pelham covers both her hands with a poisonous energy then charges after Xiaoyu with killer intentions. No longer surrounded by her barrier. Xiaoyu while unsure how activated the barrier in order to save herself. Prepares herself for Pelham's incoming attack covers her hands with her light powers


 Pelham now in attacking range of Xiaoyu starts unleashing rapid hand strike at her opponent. Using both her martial art skills and light powers. Xiaoyu easily defends against Pelham's poisonous strikes. Xiaoyu then charges her right hand with a high amount of light energy, before performing a technique made famous by Bruce Lee. Xiaoyu strikes Pelham directly in her chest with a move called Six Inch Punch! Sending her opponent flying before crashing to the ground. Xiaoyu still in her battle stance. Looks down at Pelham as she lays on the ground unconscious. Karen after watching Xiaoyu knock out Pelham. Counts up to a full minute in her head. Before deeming Xiaoyu the winner and Pelham the loser

Karen: And the winner of the final bout of today is JIA XIAOYU! This match went almost as I had expected. The only difference being that Pelham lasted longer than I predicted. However seeing that black light power of yours was nothing short of amazing, amazing, AH-MAY-ZING!

Xiaoyu: Yeah I gotta figure out how I activated that power as well. Anyways now that I won my battle. I would like to get back to my boyfriend

Karen: Of course deary. Nara along with the other fighters should already be in the auditorium

Xiaoyu: I love how you call us "fighters" as if we are willingly competing in your tournament. Why I can't just kick your ass and get Lorenzo along with everyone else out of this place

Karen: Oh you just got finish fighting and you're already looking for another one? Silly detective that's not how any of this works. Unless you wish to risk breaking my rules? Trust me you most most most definitely don't want to do that

Xiaoyu: I wasn't afraid of you when we fought last night and I'm sure as hell aren't afraid now. I'm only cooperating with you until the right opportunity presents itself. Then I'm going to take your ass down. Now open a portal so I can get back to Nara and the others. I'm also taking Pelham with me

Karen: Oh Xiaoyu you sad little girl. Only you would worry about an individual who tried to kill you minutes ago

Xiaoyu: It's not that I care about that assassin but like Nara, myself, and everyone else that isn't you or Sinclair. Pelham is also a victim here. I rather she returns to the auditorium with me then me leaving her with you. Now stand back so I can hit Pelham with a healing ray of light. Pelhan returns to consciousness after being healed by Xiaoyu. Stands on her feet and turns her attention towards the women before her

Pelham: Hmph! So it seems like I was defeated

Karen: You are definitely the final loser of today assassin. Xiaoyu hit your ass with the Bruce Lee

Xiaoyu: I'm sorry it had to be this way Pelham. If so much wasn't at stake and you weren't trying to kill me. I wouldn't cared if I won or not

Pelham: Such annoying prattle! I don't need your reason nor your apology. You did what you had to do and that's al there is to it. Besides now that I'm fully recovered. I'm going to do what I should had done from the start

 Covering her right hand with a purplish green color energy. Pelham shoots a glare at Xiaoyu before setting her sights onto Karen. Pelham then raises her right hand near her face and charges at Karen


 Karen with an unimpressed look on her face watches as Pelham charges at her. Xiaoyu watches as Pelham goes to kill Karen. Finds herself paralyzed by shock caused by the assassin's reckless actions. Seconds before Pelham's right hand makes contact with her body. Karen opens a portal and twirls at the same time. Pelham misses her target as she falls into the portal. Now with Pelham inside of her portal. Karen snaps her fingers to close the portal before it vanishes. No longer in a state of shock but anger. Surrounding her body with an intense light energy. Xiaoyu proceeds to confront Karen about Pelham's whereabouts

Xiaoyu: What have you done to Pelham? Bring her back now or else!

Karen: Oh else what detective? This is MY tournament therefore I'm in control here. Pelham broke one of my most sacred rules... attempting to kill me. I sent her to a dark place until I'm ready to execute her. Now while I can do the same to you should you dare attack me. However instead of executing you alongside Pelham. Not only would I add another lost to Nara. I'll kill Lorenzo right before your very eyes. After all he's the very reason Nara and you are in my tournament. So Miss goody goody good sage. Do you really want to test me?

Xiaoyu: I would fight you until my very last breathe. Before I allow you to kill Lorenzo or endanger Nara. Karen this tournament is unjustified and puts the combatants in grave danger. If the tournament didn't have such tremendous stakes for the losers. Pelham would had never had attempted to kill you. I cannot allow your madness to continue

Karen: Oh Xiao, Xiaolly, Xiaoyu! Baby I can see right through you. It's not the tournament or how I run it that concerns you so much. It's the time you need to escape this place. Unlike the rest of the fighters in my tournament. Both your boyfriend and you allowed yourselves to be found and captured by Stanford. In order to rescue your fellow Detective Lorenzo and to take me down. While Okubi and the others go and defeat my Master Pruflas. Course once and if Okubi succeeds in defeating Pruflas and the rest of his disgusting demon cohorts. I'm pretty certain he expects Nara and you to either be completed with your mission. Therefore you don't have days to spend competing in my tournament

Xiaoyu: I should had known you were wiser than your appearance

Karen: Silly China girl thought she could hide her motives from Karen? Very funny but I'll tell you what Miss Detective. Since you're in a hurry to rescue your friend and escape from my tournament. Let us two girls make a deal?

Xiaoyu: I'm listening Caramel but it better not involve endangering the others more than you have already

Karen: Well since you're not interested in competing in my tournament. Perhaps you like to help me in another way? It's a very long story and one I don't care to explain to you. However after the death of my parents at the hands of Pruflas. Something happened to my body and I became two separate beings. One standing in front of you and another me hidden down here within the tournament

Xiaoyu: Are you trying to bullshit me Karen?

Karen: Do you really think I'm lying Detective? Perhaps we shouldn't make a deal after all then

Xiaoyu: Not so fast Karen! While I'm very suspicious of your story. It doesn't mean it's not true. Now please continue explaining to me about your other half

Karen: Well after the traumatizing events which made me the fabulous, cutesy, sexy bitch I am today. While apart of me became a total super villain. The purer side of me had split from my body. Wanting nothing to do with Pruflas and his fellow demons. Shortly after I pledged my loyalty to that son-of-a-bitch, becoming his only non demon servant. I along with my other half created The Underground Fighting Tournament. The tournaments original purpose was for myself and I to find a warrior strong enough to defeat Pruflas. Sadly after the first two tournaments. I realized no one would be capable of such a task. Which you could only imagine really pissed me off! Therefore I decided to take more drastic measures. My other half not willing to aid me in achieving our goal. Ran away from me, hiding herself within one of the many doors in this place

Xiaoyu: The very same doors you said were dangerous earlier

Karen: Not all of the doors are traps Xiaoyu. Otherwise they wouldn't be of use to either her or me. Remember one of those doors provide your means to escaping this place. Unless Okubi plans on teleporting Nara, Lorenzo, and you out of here?

Xiaoyu: So exactly what happens if I decide to help you find your other half?

Karen: If you decide to help locate my other half. Instead of having to fight in the tournament. You'll be playing game I call Six Hours! The game is pretty simple Detective. I will allow you six hours to locate my other half. If six hours past and my other half isn't located. You will forfeit your life to me! However in order for Six Hours to take the place of the tournament. The others must make the same deal with me. It wouldn't be fair to the others if I allow you to speak for them. Nara probably wouldn't mind since you're his girl but the others may feel otherwise. Men like Braddox and Damien would fair better in the tournament than playing the Six Hour game. So just be prepared detective that things might not go your way

Xiaoyu: I'll take my chances with the others. Just allow me the opportunity to explain the situation to them. If I can't convince them all to play Six Hours. Then I'll have no choice but to do things the long way

Karen: That's fine by me deary. I'll open a portal for you back to the auditorium. Then I'll go and prepare that bitch Pelham's Execution

Xiaoyu: WHAT? Is Pelham not going to be allow to play Six Hours?

Karen: Oh you silly naive little girl. THAT BITCH TRIED TO KILL ME! The fuck I look like giving that homely cunt a chance to escape this place. That privilege is only for you and the other combatants minus Sinclair who serves under me. Pelham broke one of my golden rules. I'm going to kill that bitch whether you like it or not. Now get ready to be reunited with your fellow combatants. Hopefully the time I finish getting Pelham's execution ready. Hopefully you convince everyone to play Six Hours. May the odds ever be in your favor Jia Xiaoyu

 Karen immediately opens a portal and Xiaoyu reluctantly enters threw. Now with Xiaoyu out of her way. Karen begins setting things up for Pelham's Execution. The portal opens in the auditorium and Xiaoyu steps from out of it. Nara ecstatic to see his girlfriend again since the tournament began. Runs up to her and firmly wraps his arms around her. Xiaoyu places her hands around Nara's face and starts kissing him. Seconds after the couple makes out in front of their fellow combatants. Xiaoyu request Nara to releases her then follows up with a pluck to his forehead

Nara: BABE? What was that pluck for?

Xiaoyu: I can't believe you allow yourself to lose to Damien

Damien: HEY! Just because I'm flamboyant that doesn't mean I can't hold my own in a fight

Xiaoyu: Considering that my boyfriend is a Darken. There was almost no way he should had lost that fight. I bet you totally underestimated Damien and he outsmarted you. Probably kissed you during the match and threw you off. Allowing him to get the win over you?

Nara: That would be correct babe. I promise I'll do better next time

Cool Nine: I knew you were come out the victor with your fight against Pelham but speaking of the assassin. Why didn't Pelham return to the auditorium with you? Did you kill her?

Danielle: Oh my goodness! Is that the reason Pelham isn't here with the rest of us?

Syh: Even if Xiaoyu did kill Pelham during her fight with her. Least we not forget that Pelham is a hired killer?

Romio: That is very true

Braddox: Well good riddance if that is the case. Pelham is a killer and deserves whatever is coming to her

Cool Nine: Says the man possessed by a demon who murdered a group of sages back in his homeland

Braddox: It was self defense you snobby bitch! Also how the hell you know about my past? I didn't tell you anything about my past

Cool Nine: After I defeated Karen's experiment Sinclair earlier. I requested that Karen give me information on one of my fellow competitors. While I originally wanted more info on Xiaoyu. I decided to pick you instead Mr. Morse

Braddox: Well for your sakes Egyptian Beauty. Let's hope you're not my opponent in the second round of the tournament

Cool Nine: I most certainly hope so as well... for your sakes

Xiaoyu: COOL NINE! BRADDOX! Can the two of you please collect yourselves. First I didn't kill Pelham but sadly she is going to die

Nara: And why is that babe?

Xiaoyu: Sadly after I managed to defeat Pelham. Being the foolish goody two shoes. I healed Pelham from her injuries but instead of Pelham being grateful of being healed. Pelham made a failed attempt on Karen's life. Now she's going to be executed for her actions. That is why Pelham didn't return to the auditorium with me. However during my conversation with Karen, I learned about a possible way for us to escape this place, but it's a risk we all must be willing to take. Otherwise we would be force to compete against one another. Which would mean only two of the nine remaining fighters will have a chance of escaping

Syh: So what is this other way of escape?

Xiaoyu: Karen said if we decide to play Six Hours instead of competing in her tournament. If we find Karen's other half. All of us will be allowed to leave this place. I'm not sure if she'll just tell us where the elevator is at or not, but it's probably our only hope for the rest of us to leave this place

Romio: Karen's other half? Six Hours?

Damien: Sounds like a whole lot of nonsense to me

Danielle: Considering the craziness we experience in this only in a few hours. I wouldn't be surprise there's more than one Karen down here. However about this Six Hours thing. Why is it called that Xiaoyu?

Xiaoyu: It's called Six Hours because that how long Karen will give us to find her other half. Should we fail to find her other half within that time span. All of us here must forfeit our lives to her

Nara: ARE YOU SERIOUS! Baby! Don't we have a better chance of just fighting our way out of here?

Xiaoyu: Nara knowing the conniving ways of Karen. I don't think fighting our way out of here is the best way to go about things. Let's save that for our last resort if nothing else works out. In the meantime I think finding Karen's other half is more sufficient than us fighting each other

Cool Nine: While your intentions are just Xiaoyu. Let's not pretend you're not doing this just so you can rescue your friend Lorenzo. I know you made a deal with Karen while you two were alone

Nara: I swear Cool Nine why must you be so fucking problematic?

Cool Nine: I'm just stating facts Nara. Don't be mad at me for seeing through your girlfriend's schemes

Xiaoyu: Yes Cool Nine, I do want to rescue my friend but I also want everyone else to escape this place. Unless we all want to share the same fate as Pelham. So please stop trying to make me look like a selfish bitch. I care about the safety of everyone here. I couldn't save Pelham but I'll be damn if the rest of us die here

Braddox: So you want us to risk a guaranteed way of escaping this place by competing in Karen's tournament. Instead search for something or someone that may not exist? I don't feel comfortable in making such a reckless choice girl. I don't trust Karen as it is, but you want me to believe there's another her hidden within this place? I call bullshit

Xiaoyu: Braddox I understand your doubt but my experience as a detective. I know when a person's lying and telling the truth. Karen had said many fictitious things to us but I felt the truth in her words. The moment she began telling me about her other half. Not only do I believe Karen's story about her other self. I also believe her other self is our key to escaping this place. Because the Karen we been dealing with is the evil Karen. The good Karen is the one that's hiding. If we manage to find her within six hours. I'm certain we will escape this place, but in order us to have that chance. We all must agree to play Six Hours. Otherwise the majority of us will share the fate of the fighters before us. So what do you guys say?

Nara: Baby you already know I'm siding with you

Danielle: I'm afraid things may not work our in our favor, but I don't like my chances in the tournament either. I got lucky in my fight against Romio today. Sadly luck isn't something I can rely on. I'm the least experience fighter in this place. A girl like me will not get three consecutive wins. Even if I did manage to achieve such a thing. I have no idea who this "boss" Karen plans for us to fight. I rather take my chances aiding Nara and you finding Karen's better half. So it's safe to say I want to play Six Hours instead of fighting

Syh: My pride is bruised after my defeat to Braddox earlier today. I think playing Six Hours instead would be a more wiser decision for me. While I'm a very capable fighter my smarts are much more superior

Xiaoyu: I can testified to that claim of yours. I was surprise how well you help us escape the prison trap hours ago

Damien: Fighting is fun but if there's a better way of escaping. I guess I'm down for that even though the six hour limit fucking sucks

Cool Nine: Especially since we will have to forfeit our lives. Should we fail not to find Karen's other half by then. Yet I feel this is the best case scenario for all of us. So my answer is yes to playing Six Hours. Providing we get to explore the doors in this place

Xiaoyu: We pretty much have too in order to find Karen's other self

Romio: The same doors that have death traps?

Danielle: Not all the doors are booby traps Romio but your concerns are genuine

Romio: It's a big risk to take but I guess am willing to play Six Hours. I just hope you're right about this Detective. I want to get back home to my family

Braddox: I hate the whole fucking idea of this game. Sounds like some game my sister played before. I think it was a game called 999 created by a man name Kotaro Uchikoshi. If my memories serve me well. I remember that game being pretty gruesome

Cool Nine: I played that game as well and depending on the decision of the protagonist. The story either ended for the better or for the worst. Fortunately we aren't wearing bracelets or condition to only use certain doors by number combinations. Therefore I think we'll fair better than the characters of 999. Unless one of us here is secretly is serial killer. Us working together to find Karen's other half and escaping this place shouldn't be a problem

Danielle: Now that I think about it. Karen's execution concept is taken from a game called Danganronpa

Romio: I played that game during my last trip to Japan. It was scary but fun as hell. I just hope I don't end up like my boy Ishimaru 

Xiaoyu: No one here better not dare attempt to hurt one another. Otherwise that person will see a really dark side of me. So Braddox what is your answer?

Braddox: Fuck it I'll play

Xiaoyu: Okay so now that everyone has agreed on playing Six Hours. We just now gotta wait for Karen to return to the auditorium

Danielle: I'm sure by now she's set everything up for Pelham's Execution. She'll probably going to make us watch Pelham die

Romio: She wouldn't be ripping off Danganronpa if she did otherwise. I really don't want to watch Pelham dying the worst way imaginable though

 Minutes later Karen reappears in the auditorium. In order to hear the decision the combatants. Upon hearing they all decided to play Six Hours. Karen wearing a mix expression of excitement and disappointment. Accepts their decision and ends the tournament. Now Xiaoyu, Nara, and the others will now be tasked with finding her other half within six hours. Knowing if they fail that their lives are hers to claim. Karen then briefly goes over the rules of Six Hours before ordering them to take a seat in the auditorium. Now with everyone in their seats. They turn their attention over to the movie screen. Anticipating themselves for the terror they are about the witness. Xiaoyu and the others see Pelham on the screen. Dread inside of each of their hearts. They are about to witness Pelham's Execution

Pelham's Execution

An Assassin's Karma

 Pelham on her knees and hands tied behind her back finds herself surrounded by a group of mutated looking beings. Each one of them holding riffles all aimed at her. While suppressing her inner terror, Pelham prepares herself for death. The mutated begin firing at her one at a time. Hearing the sound of the first riffle going off. Pelham was sure she was going to die but instead of being hit by a bullet. The assassin's face is covered with feces. Spitting the taste of shit out of her mouth, the mutated individuals fire more blobs of shit at her from their riffles. Each blast of shit representing the number of people she had killed. Pelham now covered all over with feces, covering the tears running down her face. Having humiliated their target to the point of tears. The mutated individuals are now ready to finish her off. One of the mutated shooters walks to the other side of Pelham and now standing behind her. Points the gun to the back of her head and blows her brains out. Pelham crumbles to the ground covered in blood and shit. Everyone in the auditorium who witnessed Pelham's death except for Cool Nine. Wear different expression of horror and anger on their faces. Karen let's out a cute and sadistic laugh, seeing the faces of the remaining fighters

Karen: Now that's out of the way. It's time for the first ever SIX HOURS game to begin!!! I wish you all the very very very best of luck! Your very lives depend on it!