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Hellin's Cool Fighters Wear


A new outfit made for the Princess of Babylon. I plan on doing more of these for my other characters. Both the heroes and various other characters of Forbidden

Avenger Okubi

The Dark Avenger Of Okubi's Broken Heart

Some of A. Okubi's attacks

One of the many demonic forms Okubi can transform to due to the effects of the Dark Dream Trial. During the battle between Okubi and his friends against Pruflas and his servants. Okubi will lose an ally very close to him. Causing him to transform into his Avenger form 

Karen Caramel

Some of Karen's magic attacks

Karen the host of The Underground Fighting Tournament and one of Pruflas's Royal Servants. Find out more about Karen here

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Profile Karen Caramel


Broken Hearted Psycho

Name: Karen Loretta Caramel

Age: 27 years old

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Lavender with gray tips

Eye Color: Blue

Likes: Hosting The Underground Fighting Tournament, Repeating certain words to sound "cute", speaking in third person, her red glove, candies, practicing various magic, butter cream frosting, stuffed animals, violence, experimenting on captured fighters

Dislikes: Demons, weak people, ugly people, rap music, spinach, her kinder self

Magic Name: Karen has mastery over 30 different types of magic

Magic Powers: Control over the elements, portal summoning, uses various desserts as weapons, psychometric abilities, mind controlling magic, power augmentation, superhuman strength, memory manipulation, fortune telling, limited healing abilities, power reading, existing as two different beings

BIO: Prior to becoming the sadistic host of The Underground Fighting Tournament and one of Pruflas's Royal Servants, Karen was once a pure young woman. The only child of Jerome and Elsie Caramel, Karen was a special child. Due to being born a Mageus Soprano, a rare individual who can learn and master multiple magical abilities. Karen's parents were extremely happy happy when they first discovered their daughter was one. While enjoying a relatively normal childhood. Karen's life was drastically changed the day a demon named Pruflas entered her home

 Unaware of her parent's involvement in the crime world in Neo Aigosthena. Pruflas along with his gang of demon servants attacked Jerome and Elsie and slain the criminal couple. Witnessing her parents brutal deaths before her eyes. Karen screamed in terror knowing she would be next. However Pruflas had more sinister plans in stored for Karen. The demon had ordered his servants to violate the young Karen, taking away both her parents and innocence. It was this very moment Karen's hate for demons and dark side had awaken. After surviving her violation at the hands of Pruflas's servants. Aware of Karen's vast magical potential, Pruflas forced her to become one of his servants. While his other servant's doubtful of Karen's worth of serving their leader. The corrupted girl quickly showed her wicked ways, proving her capabilities to her demon comrades. Despite her apparent loyalty towards Pruflas. Karen had been plotting her revenge against her Master and his demons

 Now a fully grown woman and ready to set her revenge in motion. Karen began hosting a fighting tournament in Aigosthena, a state buried underneath the current Neo Aigosthena over five thousand years ago. In order to find a fighter strong enough to either aid her or defeat Pruflas for her. Working alongside Karen was her kinder self, due to Karen's mind and body separating into two versions of herself. The two Karen's worked together hosting the tournament. However unlike the good Karen who just enjoyed seeing fierce competitions amongst skilled sages, the evil Karen was pissed that none of the fighters possessed the power to defeat Pruflas. After the first two Underground Fighting Tournament not going as planned. The evil Karen decided to switch things up for the worst. Tricking her other self to help her build various traps to use against future fighters. Karen then added rules to her tournament, putting the lives of future competitors in danger. Karen's good half unhappy and fearful of her darker self. Decided to use the trap doors the two had build and went into hiding. While angered by the disappearance of her other self. Karen decided finding a fighter to kill Pruflas was a more pressing matter, but plans to find her other half and kill her someday

 Now in full control of how The Underground Fighting Tournament is ran. Karen along with the help of her comrade, the demon Stanford. Karen began kidnapping fighters who she felt had potential to defeat Pruflas. However after having host several tournaments. None of the competitors possessed the power required to kill Pruflas. Karen would allow only two of the fighters to leave her tournament, only after having erased their memories. The fighters that didn't perform well would become Karen's prisoners and used for her experiments. Years later during her nightly stroll in Neo Aigosthena. Karen encountered a man name Lorenzo and engaged him in battle. After she defeated Lorenzo and brainwashed him. Karen discovered that the detective had a very powerful friend named Jia Xiaoyu. Believing she may had finally found someone capable of killing Pruflas. Karen knew she needed to confront Jia Xiaoyu. After their encounter during the Elestial Market Massacre. Karen told Xiaoyu in order to rescue her friend that she needed to enter her tournament. A day later Xiaoyu, her boyfriend and partner Nara, and several other fighters arrived to Karen's tournament. After the demon Stanford had kidnapped them. Ready to see the fighters in action especially Xiaoyu. The latest Underground Fighting Tournament now begins 


1. Karen was eleven when Pruflas invaded her home and killed her parents. Along with having his demon violate her

2. Karen's clothing style is based on a clown

3. Karen is a Mageus Soprano a type of sage capable of learning various types of magic

4. Karen is the only human servant of Pruflas

5. Karen's hatred for demons stems from what Pruflas and his servants done to her as a child

6. Karen is a huge fan of Danganronpa and 999/The Nonary Game

GRAND FINAL: Infiltration (Juri) vs Gachikun (Rashid) - Manila Cup 2017 ...

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Forbidden Chapter 71

Forbidden Chapter Seventy One

We Can't Survive Like This

 The final battle of the Underground Fighting tournament between Xiaoyu and Pelham had begun. Despite going up against the poisonous assassin. Xiaoyu attempted to talk to Pelham, only for Pelham to strike her with one of her attacks. Xiaoyu now poisoned and despite her healing capabilities found herself in a dire situation. Pelham now ready to finish her off. Between the natural fear of death and the thought of never seeing her friends again. Xiaoyu activates a great power hidden deep within her, the ability to use pure black light energy. Xiaoyu subconsciously uses her power to create a barrier around herself. Preventing Pelham from killing her and removes the poison from her body. Pelham upset by Xiaoyu's miraculous powers saving her from defeat and death. Karen while watching the battle between Xiaoyu and Pelham becomes very amused. After witnessing Xiaoyu's hidden powers used against Pelham. After being knocked down to the ground by Xiaoyu's barrier. Pelham gets up off the ground now angrier than before. Turns her attention back to Xiaoyu as she prepares her next attack

Pelham: Annoying little cur! How dare you use such a trick against me? Now I'll will make sure your death is long and agonizing one!

 Pelham covers both her hands with a poisonous energy then charges after Xiaoyu with killer intentions. No longer surrounded by her barrier. Xiaoyu while unsure how activated the barrier in order to save herself. Prepares herself for Pelham's incoming attack covers her hands with her light powers


 Pelham now in attacking range of Xiaoyu starts unleashing rapid hand strike at her opponent. Using both her martial art skills and light powers. Xiaoyu easily defends against Pelham's poisonous strikes. Xiaoyu then charges her right hand with a high amount of light energy, before performing a technique made famous by Bruce Lee. Xiaoyu strikes Pelham directly in her chest with a move called Six Inch Punch! Sending her opponent flying before crashing to the ground. Xiaoyu still in her battle stance. Looks down at Pelham as she lays on the ground unconscious. Karen after watching Xiaoyu knock out Pelham. Counts up to a full minute in her head. Before deeming Xiaoyu the winner and Pelham the loser

Karen: And the winner of the final bout of today is JIA XIAOYU! This match went almost as I had expected. The only difference being that Pelham lasted longer than I predicted. However seeing that black light power of yours was nothing short of amazing, amazing, AH-MAY-ZING!

Xiaoyu: Yeah I gotta figure out how I activated that power as well. Anyways now that I won my battle. I would like to get back to my boyfriend

Karen: Of course deary. Nara along with the other fighters should already be in the auditorium

Xiaoyu: I love how you call us "fighters" as if we are willingly competing in your tournament. Why I can't just kick your ass and get Lorenzo along with everyone else out of this place

Karen: Oh you just got finish fighting and you're already looking for another one? Silly detective that's not how any of this works. Unless you wish to risk breaking my rules? Trust me you most most most definitely don't want to do that

Xiaoyu: I wasn't afraid of you when we fought last night and I'm sure as hell aren't afraid now. I'm only cooperating with you until the right opportunity presents itself. Then I'm going to take your ass down. Now open a portal so I can get back to Nara and the others. I'm also taking Pelham with me

Karen: Oh Xiaoyu you sad little girl. Only you would worry about an individual who tried to kill you minutes ago

Xiaoyu: It's not that I care about that assassin but like Nara, myself, and everyone else that isn't you or Sinclair. Pelham is also a victim here. I rather she returns to the auditorium with me then me leaving her with you. Now stand back so I can hit Pelham with a healing ray of light. Pelhan returns to consciousness after being healed by Xiaoyu. Stands on her feet and turns her attention towards the women before her

Pelham: Hmph! So it seems like I was defeated

Karen: You are definitely the final loser of today assassin. Xiaoyu hit your ass with the Bruce Lee

Xiaoyu: I'm sorry it had to be this way Pelham. If so much wasn't at stake and you weren't trying to kill me. I wouldn't cared if I won or not

Pelham: Such annoying prattle! I don't need your reason nor your apology. You did what you had to do and that's al there is to it. Besides now that I'm fully recovered. I'm going to do what I should had done from the start

 Covering her right hand with a purplish green color energy. Pelham shoots a glare at Xiaoyu before setting her sights onto Karen. Pelham then raises her right hand near her face and charges at Karen


 Karen with an unimpressed look on her face watches as Pelham charges at her. Xiaoyu watches as Pelham goes to kill Karen. Finds herself paralyzed by shock caused by the assassin's reckless actions. Seconds before Pelham's right hand makes contact with her body. Karen opens a portal and twirls at the same time. Pelham misses her target as she falls into the portal. Now with Pelham inside of her portal. Karen snaps her fingers to close the portal before it vanishes. No longer in a state of shock but anger. Surrounding her body with an intense light energy. Xiaoyu proceeds to confront Karen about Pelham's whereabouts

Xiaoyu: What have you done to Pelham? Bring her back now or else!

Karen: Oh else what detective? This is MY tournament therefore I'm in control here. Pelham broke one of my most sacred rules... attempting to kill me. I sent her to a dark place until I'm ready to execute her. Now while I can do the same to you should you dare attack me. However instead of executing you alongside Pelham. Not only would I add another lost to Nara. I'll kill Lorenzo right before your very eyes. After all he's the very reason Nara and you are in my tournament. So Miss goody goody good sage. Do you really want to test me?

Xiaoyu: I would fight you until my very last breathe. Before I allow you to kill Lorenzo or endanger Nara. Karen this tournament is unjustified and puts the combatants in grave danger. If the tournament didn't have such tremendous stakes for the losers. Pelham would had never had attempted to kill you. I cannot allow your madness to continue

Karen: Oh Xiao, Xiaolly, Xiaoyu! Baby I can see right through you. It's not the tournament or how I run it that concerns you so much. It's the time you need to escape this place. Unlike the rest of the fighters in my tournament. Both your boyfriend and you allowed yourselves to be found and captured by Stanford. In order to rescue your fellow Detective Lorenzo and to take me down. While Okubi and the others go and defeat my Master Pruflas. Course once and if Okubi succeeds in defeating Pruflas and the rest of his disgusting demon cohorts. I'm pretty certain he expects Nara and you to either be completed with your mission. Therefore you don't have days to spend competing in my tournament

Xiaoyu: I should had known you were wiser than your appearance

Karen: Silly China girl thought she could hide her motives from Karen? Very funny but I'll tell you what Miss Detective. Since you're in a hurry to rescue your friend and escape from my tournament. Let us two girls make a deal?

Xiaoyu: I'm listening Caramel but it better not involve endangering the others more than you have already

Karen: Well since you're not interested in competing in my tournament. Perhaps you like to help me in another way? It's a very long story and one I don't care to explain to you. However after the death of my parents at the hands of Pruflas. Something happened to my body and I became two separate beings. One standing in front of you and another me hidden down here within the tournament

Xiaoyu: Are you trying to bullshit me Karen?

Karen: Do you really think I'm lying Detective? Perhaps we shouldn't make a deal after all then

Xiaoyu: Not so fast Karen! While I'm very suspicious of your story. It doesn't mean it's not true. Now please continue explaining to me about your other half

Karen: Well after the traumatizing events which made me the fabulous, cutesy, sexy bitch I am today. While apart of me became a total super villain. The purer side of me had split from my body. Wanting nothing to do with Pruflas and his fellow demons. Shortly after I pledged my loyalty to that son-of-a-bitch, becoming his only non demon servant. I along with my other half created The Underground Fighting Tournament. The tournaments original purpose was for myself and I to find a warrior strong enough to defeat Pruflas. Sadly after the first two tournaments. I realized no one would be capable of such a task. Which you could only imagine really pissed me off! Therefore I decided to take more drastic measures. My other half not willing to aid me in achieving our goal. Ran away from me, hiding herself within one of the many doors in this place

Xiaoyu: The very same doors you said were dangerous earlier

Karen: Not all of the doors are traps Xiaoyu. Otherwise they wouldn't be of use to either her or me. Remember one of those doors provide your means to escaping this place. Unless Okubi plans on teleporting Nara, Lorenzo, and you out of here?

Xiaoyu: So exactly what happens if I decide to help you find your other half?

Karen: If you decide to help locate my other half. Instead of having to fight in the tournament. You'll be playing game I call Six Hours! The game is pretty simple Detective. I will allow you six hours to locate my other half. If six hours past and my other half isn't located. You will forfeit your life to me! However in order for Six Hours to take the place of the tournament. The others must make the same deal with me. It wouldn't be fair to the others if I allow you to speak for them. Nara probably wouldn't mind since you're his girl but the others may feel otherwise. Men like Braddox and Damien would fair better in the tournament than playing the Six Hour game. So just be prepared detective that things might not go your way

Xiaoyu: I'll take my chances with the others. Just allow me the opportunity to explain the situation to them. If I can't convince them all to play Six Hours. Then I'll have no choice but to do things the long way

Karen: That's fine by me deary. I'll open a portal for you back to the auditorium. Then I'll go and prepare that bitch Pelham's Execution

Xiaoyu: WHAT? Is Pelham not going to be allow to play Six Hours?

Karen: Oh you silly naive little girl. THAT BITCH TRIED TO KILL ME! The fuck I look like giving that homely cunt a chance to escape this place. That privilege is only for you and the other combatants minus Sinclair who serves under me. Pelham broke one of my golden rules. I'm going to kill that bitch whether you like it or not. Now get ready to be reunited with your fellow combatants. Hopefully the time I finish getting Pelham's execution ready. Hopefully you convince everyone to play Six Hours. May the odds ever be in your favor Jia Xiaoyu

 Karen immediately opens a portal and Xiaoyu reluctantly enters threw. Now with Xiaoyu out of her way. Karen begins setting things up for Pelham's Execution. The portal opens in the auditorium and Xiaoyu steps from out of it. Nara ecstatic to see his girlfriend again since the tournament began. Runs up to her and firmly wraps his arms around her. Xiaoyu places her hands around Nara's face and starts kissing him. Seconds after the couple makes out in front of their fellow combatants. Xiaoyu request Nara to releases her then follows up with a pluck to his forehead

Nara: BABE? What was that pluck for?

Xiaoyu: I can't believe you allow yourself to lose to Damien

Damien: HEY! Just because I'm flamboyant that doesn't mean I can't hold my own in a fight

Xiaoyu: Considering that my boyfriend is a Darken. There was almost no way he should had lost that fight. I bet you totally underestimated Damien and he outsmarted you. Probably kissed you during the match and threw you off. Allowing him to get the win over you?

Nara: That would be correct babe. I promise I'll do better next time

Cool Nine: I knew you were come out the victor with your fight against Pelham but speaking of the assassin. Why didn't Pelham return to the auditorium with you? Did you kill her?

Danielle: Oh my goodness! Is that the reason Pelham isn't here with the rest of us?

Syh: Even if Xiaoyu did kill Pelham during her fight with her. Least we not forget that Pelham is a hired killer?

Romio: That is very true

Braddox: Well good riddance if that is the case. Pelham is a killer and deserves whatever is coming to her

Cool Nine: Says the man possessed by a demon who murdered a group of sages back in his homeland

Braddox: It was self defense you snobby bitch! Also how the hell you know about my past? I didn't tell you anything about my past

Cool Nine: After I defeated Karen's experiment Sinclair earlier. I requested that Karen give me information on one of my fellow competitors. While I originally wanted more info on Xiaoyu. I decided to pick you instead Mr. Morse

Braddox: Well for your sakes Egyptian Beauty. Let's hope you're not my opponent in the second round of the tournament

Cool Nine: I most certainly hope so as well... for your sakes

Xiaoyu: COOL NINE! BRADDOX! Can the two of you please collect yourselves. First I didn't kill Pelham but sadly she is going to die

Nara: And why is that babe?

Xiaoyu: Sadly after I managed to defeat Pelham. Being the foolish goody two shoes. I healed Pelham from her injuries but instead of Pelham being grateful of being healed. Pelham made a failed attempt on Karen's life. Now she's going to be executed for her actions. That is why Pelham didn't return to the auditorium with me. However during my conversation with Karen, I learned about a possible way for us to escape this place, but it's a risk we all must be willing to take. Otherwise we would be force to compete against one another. Which would mean only two of the nine remaining fighters will have a chance of escaping

Syh: So what is this other way of escape?

Xiaoyu: Karen said if we decide to play Six Hours instead of competing in her tournament. If we find Karen's other half. All of us will be allowed to leave this place. I'm not sure if she'll just tell us where the elevator is at or not, but it's probably our only hope for the rest of us to leave this place

Romio: Karen's other half? Six Hours?

Damien: Sounds like a whole lot of nonsense to me

Danielle: Considering the craziness we experience in this only in a few hours. I wouldn't be surprise there's more than one Karen down here. However about this Six Hours thing. Why is it called that Xiaoyu?

Xiaoyu: It's called Six Hours because that how long Karen will give us to find her other half. Should we fail to find her other half within that time span. All of us here must forfeit our lives to her

Nara: ARE YOU SERIOUS! Baby! Don't we have a better chance of just fighting our way out of here?

Xiaoyu: Nara knowing the conniving ways of Karen. I don't think fighting our way out of here is the best way to go about things. Let's save that for our last resort if nothing else works out. In the meantime I think finding Karen's other half is more sufficient than us fighting each other

Cool Nine: While your intentions are just Xiaoyu. Let's not pretend you're not doing this just so you can rescue your friend Lorenzo. I know you made a deal with Karen while you two were alone

Nara: I swear Cool Nine why must you be so fucking problematic?

Cool Nine: I'm just stating facts Nara. Don't be mad at me for seeing through your girlfriend's schemes

Xiaoyu: Yes Cool Nine, I do want to rescue my friend but I also want everyone else to escape this place. Unless we all want to share the same fate as Pelham. So please stop trying to make me look like a selfish bitch. I care about the safety of everyone here. I couldn't save Pelham but I'll be damn if the rest of us die here

Braddox: So you want us to risk a guaranteed way of escaping this place by competing in Karen's tournament. Instead search for something or someone that may not exist? I don't feel comfortable in making such a reckless choice girl. I don't trust Karen as it is, but you want me to believe there's another her hidden within this place? I call bullshit

Xiaoyu: Braddox I understand your doubt but my experience as a detective. I know when a person's lying and telling the truth. Karen had said many fictitious things to us but I felt the truth in her words. The moment she began telling me about her other half. Not only do I believe Karen's story about her other self. I also believe her other self is our key to escaping this place. Because the Karen we been dealing with is the evil Karen. The good Karen is the one that's hiding. If we manage to find her within six hours. I'm certain we will escape this place, but in order us to have that chance. We all must agree to play Six Hours. Otherwise the majority of us will share the fate of the fighters before us. So what do you guys say?

Nara: Baby you already know I'm siding with you

Danielle: I'm afraid things may not work our in our favor, but I don't like my chances in the tournament either. I got lucky in my fight against Romio today. Sadly luck isn't something I can rely on. I'm the least experience fighter in this place. A girl like me will not get three consecutive wins. Even if I did manage to achieve such a thing. I have no idea who this "boss" Karen plans for us to fight. I rather take my chances aiding Nara and you finding Karen's better half. So it's safe to say I want to play Six Hours instead of fighting

Syh: My pride is bruised after my defeat to Braddox earlier today. I think playing Six Hours instead would be a more wiser decision for me. While I'm a very capable fighter my smarts are much more superior

Xiaoyu: I can testified to that claim of yours. I was surprise how well you help us escape the prison trap hours ago

Damien: Fighting is fun but if there's a better way of escaping. I guess I'm down for that even though the six hour limit fucking sucks

Cool Nine: Especially since we will have to forfeit our lives. Should we fail not to find Karen's other half by then. Yet I feel this is the best case scenario for all of us. So my answer is yes to playing Six Hours. Providing we get to explore the doors in this place

Xiaoyu: We pretty much have too in order to find Karen's other self

Romio: The same doors that have death traps?

Danielle: Not all the doors are booby traps Romio but your concerns are genuine

Romio: It's a big risk to take but I guess am willing to play Six Hours. I just hope you're right about this Detective. I want to get back home to my family

Braddox: I hate the whole fucking idea of this game. Sounds like some game my sister played before. I think it was a game called 999 created by a man name Kotaro Uchikoshi. If my memories serve me well. I remember that game being pretty gruesome

Cool Nine: I played that game as well and depending on the decision of the protagonist. The story either ended for the better or for the worst. Fortunately we aren't wearing bracelets or condition to only use certain doors by number combinations. Therefore I think we'll fair better than the characters of 999. Unless one of us here is secretly is serial killer. Us working together to find Karen's other half and escaping this place shouldn't be a problem

Danielle: Now that I think about it. Karen's execution concept is taken from a game called Danganronpa

Romio: I played that game during my last trip to Japan. It was scary but fun as hell. I just hope I don't end up like my boy Ishimaru 

Xiaoyu: No one here better not dare attempt to hurt one another. Otherwise that person will see a really dark side of me. So Braddox what is your answer?

Braddox: Fuck it I'll play

Xiaoyu: Okay so now that everyone has agreed on playing Six Hours. We just now gotta wait for Karen to return to the auditorium

Danielle: I'm sure by now she's set everything up for Pelham's Execution. She'll probably going to make us watch Pelham die

Romio: She wouldn't be ripping off Danganronpa if she did otherwise. I really don't want to watch Pelham dying the worst way imaginable though

 Minutes later Karen reappears in the auditorium. In order to hear the decision the combatants. Upon hearing they all decided to play Six Hours. Karen wearing a mix expression of excitement and disappointment. Accepts their decision and ends the tournament. Now Xiaoyu, Nara, and the others will now be tasked with finding her other half within six hours. Knowing if they fail that their lives are hers to claim. Karen then briefly goes over the rules of Six Hours before ordering them to take a seat in the auditorium. Now with everyone in their seats. They turn their attention over to the movie screen. Anticipating themselves for the terror they are about the witness. Xiaoyu and the others see Pelham on the screen. Dread inside of each of their hearts. They are about to witness Pelham's Execution

Pelham's Execution

An Assassin's Karma

 Pelham on her knees and hands tied behind her back finds herself surrounded by a group of mutated looking beings. Each one of them holding riffles all aimed at her. While suppressing her inner terror, Pelham prepares herself for death. The mutated begin firing at her one at a time. Hearing the sound of the first riffle going off. Pelham was sure she was going to die but instead of being hit by a bullet. The assassin's face is covered with feces. Spitting the taste of shit out of her mouth, the mutated individuals fire more blobs of shit at her from their riffles. Each blast of shit representing the number of people she had killed. Pelham now covered all over with feces, covering the tears running down her face. Having humiliated their target to the point of tears. The mutated individuals are now ready to finish her off. One of the mutated shooters walks to the other side of Pelham and now standing behind her. Points the gun to the back of her head and blows her brains out. Pelham crumbles to the ground covered in blood and shit. Everyone in the auditorium who witnessed Pelham's death except for Cool Nine. Wear different expression of horror and anger on their faces. Karen let's out a cute and sadistic laugh, seeing the faces of the remaining fighters

Karen: Now that's out of the way. It's time for the first ever SIX HOURS game to begin!!! I wish you all the very very very best of luck! Your very lives depend on it!


GO1 (Menat) vs Santarou (Ibuki):GO1(メナト)vs 三太郎(いぶき)

Forbidden Update

Greetings fans of my blog series Forbidden. I just wanted to let you know that Karen Caramel's is coming soon. Also I have finished Chapter 71 but only the rough version. I'm waiting for corrections for both 71 and the previous chapter. Course I already posted chapter seventy due to circumstances. Anyways if anyone wants me to post the rough version. Please either comment or 1+ this post. I just need one person to do this for me. Otherwise I'll just wait until the perfect version is ready. So expect the current chapter 70 to receive changes in the future. Thanks for continuing to follow Forbidden in spite of my short comings. Peace and take care everyone

Nelson Character Tutorial * The King of Fighters XIV

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Forbidden Chapter 70

Forbidden Chapter Seventy

Unexpected Resolution

 Ozriel succeeded in forcing a battle between himself and James to not only obtain the usage of Lisa for his ritual to escape Pruflas's Dimension, but also to kill James and all the heroes trapped in his Rings Of Judgment. Okubi along with his mother, Ophelia, and Eligos were forced to stand on the sidelines and watch as James and Ozriel prepared to fight. James knew well the high stakes of his battle against Ozriel; should he lose to the sadistic angel not only would he die, but so would Angelina, Apollyn, Brutality, Futanari, and Tobirama. Not to mention Ozriel being able to switch places with Lisa in Pruflas's Dimension. James surrounded his body in a fiery aura then charged Ozriel head-on


 A blazing James holds out his right hand, prepares a devastating fiery punch. Ozriel unfazed by the incoming attack. Holds out his left palm, preparing an attack of his own


 Ozriel creates a big burst of wind from his palms, blows James away before being struck. James spiraling in the air before heading towards the ground, manages to land on his feet despite taking such a powerful blow. Okubi along with his mother and Eligos are relieved to see James holding his own against Ozriel so far

James: Nice trick bitch! Sadly it's going to take more than that to take me down

Ozriel: I'm just toying with you demon! Once I become bored of you. I will deliver your final judgment. Now let's see how well you handle my next attack

 Ozriel summons a golden bow into his left hand, aims his weapon at James. Magically a bunch of holy arrows appears in between Ozriel's bow. Ozriel then performs his HOLY ARROW RAID attack. Firing off multiple holy energy arrows towards James. Watching as the many arrow moving towards him. James takes a quick look at Okubi and the others before making his move. First James infuses his right hand with a fiery aura, hits the ground beneath him. Afterwards James covers his body in flames once again. However unlike James's Heat Seeker where he covered his body in yellowish orange flames. The color of the flames surrounding James were lava red. James running towards Ozriel as the arrow come after him. Manages to dodge each and everyone of Ozriel's holy arrows. James is nearly in attacking range of Ozriel. Disappointed that none of his arrow managed to hit James. Ozriel wasn't worried about being hit by James. Right as James was about to crash into him, Ozriel uses his Angelic Shift to teleport out of harm's way. Causing James to crash wildly on the ground. While Okubi and Eligos watch in concern. Ophelia notices Lisa who was placed under a trance by Ozriel. Starting to show signs of consciousness. Ozriel teleports himself where James had landed, body suddenly becomes engulf in fire. Surprising not only himself but Okubi, Ophelia, and Eligos as well. James while still on the ground turns his over to the burning Ozriel, with a sadistic smirk on his face. Okubi confused by how Ozriel just started burning. Asks James what had happened

Okubi: James? Not that I'm complaining but how did Ozriel suddenly become engulf in flames?

James: Well before I started charging at Ozriel. I used a technique I call Hot Spot. I place a small portion of my fiery energy into the ground beneath me. And if my opponent lands on the spot I place my fiery energy in. They will immediately become set on fire. I didn't even think that cocky angel would land on the spot. Talk about getting lucky

Eligos: I never imagine you being so resourceful Mr. Del Soto. I guess I underestimated the Right Hand Man of Mayland's current ruler. Now please go finish that arrogant angel off

 Now off of the ground, James covers both his hands in flames. Walking over to the still burning Ozriel, James prepares to finish him off. Okubi along with Ophelia and Eligos watching James walking towards Ozriel. Senses that something isn't quite right with Ozriel despite currently being burnt alive. James only seconds away from him, Ozriel makes his move. Using his holy powers, Ozriel instantly puts out the flames burning him. Along with healing his entire body from the burns. James along with Ophelia and Eligos surprised by Ozriel's healing. Okubi knowing that Ozriel had something planned. Thought to himself if only he could had fought the angel instead. The fight would had long ended. Now filled with an unimaginable anger. Ozriel is ready to make James suffer

Ozriel: HOW DARE YOU DEMON! If I knew you were capable of such trickery. I would had killed you sooner. Now prepare yourself for divine judgment! KARMA SHOT!

 Ozriel lifts up his right hand, holds his middle and index finger like a gun. Shoots a beam of light through James's shoulder blade. Causing James to collapse to the ground, holding his shoulder in agonizing pains as blood starts running down. Okubi, Ophelia, and Eligos watches as James is at Ozriel's mercy. A surge of anger hits Okubi, knowing he cannot do anything to prevent Ozriel from harming James. Suddenly feels a terrifying surge of pain in his head. Forcing him to drop to the ground. Seeing his Master laying on the ground, writhing in pain. Eligos starts to panic

Eligos: MASTER OKUBI! What is going on? What's causing you such pain?

Ophelia: It's his curse from the Dark Dream Trial! Seeing James in danger must had trigger something in him. This is all your fault Eliogs! Now step aside so I can try to help my son

James: Okubi?

Ozriel: You're worried about the wrong demon James. Now it's time I finish you off before you can regenerate from your injury

James: Even if you managed to kill me motherfucker. Along with the others trapped in your rings. Just know that Okubi won't fucking allow you to take Lisa

Ozriel: I know that half demon won't keep his word. Which is why once I'm finishing killing you and your friends trapped in my rings. I plan on teleporting Lisa and myself away from here. Allowing me to perform my ritual before Okubi and his mother can stop me. Now any final words before you die?

James: Suck my dick!

Ozriel: I absolutely loathe you demons. Killing you and your friends is going to be an absolute pleasure

 Ozriel summons a long sword covered in golden colored flames, prepares to decapitate the injured James. However before Ozriel could even swing his sword towards James's neck. Lisa who had broke out of her trance, flies over to Ozriel and punches him in the face. Sending him crashing down to the ground. Lisa then turns around and see James bleeding from his shoulder blades. Bends down to help her injured comrades

Lisa: James what the fuck happened to your shoulder? Did that asshole I just punched did this to you?

James: No Lisa it was the tooth fairy

Lisa: Don't get fucking smart with me jackass! No move you fucking hand from your shoulder so I can heal you

James: I swear it's absolutely comical that a fouled mouthed bitch like you is an angel. Now hurry up and heal me before that bastard gets up

 Lisa uses her holy powers to heal James's shoulder blade, Ozriel rises up from off the ground. Carrying his sword in hand and filled with rage. Ozriel stares at both James and Lisa with bad intentions

Ozriel: I took too long to kill that damn demon. It allowed you the opportunity to break free from my trance but no matter. Once I eliminate each and everyone here in this forest. I will recapture you and escape from this dimension

Lisa: Who the fuck are you and what's your problem?

Ozriel: I'm like you an angel but unlike you. I don't deserve to suffer in this dimension. Which is why I'm to make you switch places with me

Lisa: Choke on a dick assface

Ozriel: I can't believe Lord Asira allows such a trashy angel like you to exist in his Kingdom. It's just further proof what a pitiful God Asira has become

James: Oh by the way I been meaning to ask this question. Why did the God Asira name the planet he created after himself? I mean isn't it kinda confusing? Why not call it Earth or something else besides his name?

Lisa: James please shut the hell up

Ozriel: Why don't you both shut up! Now James get ready to die and don't worry about me killing you Lisa. I need you alive in order to perform my ritual. Course that doesn't mean you can't afford a few injuries to that body of yours

 Ozriel raises his sword in the air as he ready to strike James and Lisa. However before Ozriel could harm either of them. Ozriel feels a agonizing sensation piercing through his back to his stomach. Standing behind him was an enraged Okubi having stabbed his sword Neurotic Pegasus into the angel. Ozriel shocked by Okubi managed to sneak up on him starts to speak

Ozriel: H--How? How did you manage to hide your demonic presence from me?

Okubi: Curse power allows me to do a lot. Plus it was easy since you were distracted by James and Lisa. Which works for me since it not only prevents you from harming them. In your current state you can't activate you Rings Of Judgment to kill my other friends

Ozriel: Dammit! I knew the numbers game would eventually beat me. I was a fool to think I truly had a chance

Okubi: A fool indeed. Now get ready to die Ozriel

 Hearing Okubi say Ozriel's name immediately made Lisa remember, a mission that her Lord had given her many years ago. Lisa rose up from the ground and ordered Okubi not to kill Ozriel. Confused by Lisa's demand Okubi keeps his sword inside of Ozriel. Okubi turns his attention over to Lisa and starts questioning her

Okubi: Lisa what the hell do you mean "don't kill him"? Do you have any idea what this cur has put of through? I have no intention of sparing this degenerate's life

Lisa: Okubi please just listen to me. I know Ozriel has caused us a lot of trouble. However Asira had tasked me many years ago. Telling me the day I meet an angel name Ozriel. To make sure he is finally liberated from his prison

Okubi: So Asira foreseen your encounter with Ozriel?

Lisa: He's a God after all and Asira is known for his foresight. Please Okubi I know you're pissed but Asira had ordered me to make sure Ozriel returns alive. What happens to him after I liberate him is not my problem. However in order for me to perform my task. I cannot allow you to kill Ozriel. Which means you need to pull your sword from out of him

Okubi: ... FINE! However I'm going to keep real close to him. In case he attempts to do anything foolish. I also want him to release our friends in his Rings Of Judgment

Lisa: Trust me once I do what I need to do to Ozriel. Those rings around Angie, Lynn, Dela, Futanari, and your sensei won't pose any threat. Now please remove your sword out of Ozriel's body

 Okubi does as Lisa requested and removes his sword from out of Ozriel. After Ozriel heals himself once again. The angel stands before Lisa and prepares himself for whatever Lisa has planned for him

Lisa: It took me a minute but upon hearing your name. I remembered everything Asira had told me about you. Self confidence can be a very dangerous thing. Like losing a fight to a powerful demon and being forced to live in his dimension. Fortunately for you all that ends now

Ozriel: Are you going to kill me?

Lisa: The fuck? If I asked Okubi not to kill you. What makes you fucking think I plan on doing the same? However what I'm about to do to you will be a form of death. Now shut up and let me do my thing

 Lisa places her right hand on Ozriel's pec and starts to glow. James and Okubi watch as Lisa begins draining the holy energy out from Ozriel's body, placing the energy inside of her. While Ozriel feels no type of pain, he feels himself becoming less angelic by the second. Scared by what's happening to him, Ozriel attempts to move away from Lisa, but finds himself unable to move. Five minutes later Lisa removes her hand off of Ozriel's pec. James and Okubi unsure of what they have just witness. Asks Lisa what she had done to Ozriel

James: Lisa? What exactly did you do to Ozriel?

Okubi: Something seems very off about him. Almost as if you strip the angel from out of him

Lisa: That's exactly what I did boys. In order to free Ozriel from Pruflas's Dimension required one of two things. Either for him to switch places with another angel or for him to become a human. Since I sure as fuck wasn't going to switch places with him. I needed to remove the holy powers from out of him. Turning him back into a human. Which was requested by Lord Asira

Okubi: So you're telling me that Asira wanted you to save Ozriel by turning him into a human?

Lisa: Yes since Ozriel has longed lost Asira's favor. He would have no place in Heaven. At the same time Lord Asira felt bad about the centuries Ozriel was forced to live inside of Pruflas's Dimension. Thankfully he can finally leave this place. Since Pruflas's curse only affected him when he was an angel. Now as a human the curse has been neutralized

Ozriel: So I can finally leave this place but I'm no longer an angel. I must live my life as a mortal

James: Well being a mortal is better than being dead motherfucker! We should still kill you for trying to kill us earlier but fortunately for you. We're not going to kill you in your current state

Okubi: Agreed! Killing you would be pointless since you're no longer an angel. Now allow me to open one of my portals for you back to Neo Aigosthena. Now that you been rid of your curse. There is no reason for you to remain in this dimension

Ozriel: How will I make a life from myself as a mortal? I have no money, no home, or any powers? I'm completely useless in my current state

Lisa: Sounds a whole lot like "Not my problem". All I had to do was turn you from an angel into a human. Now that my job is done. Whatever happens to you next is none of my concern

Okubi: There is a place in Jordy Blue called Falleria. Search for a man name Ivan Meeks and tell him Okubi sent you. That old man owes me a favor. Also here is five hundred dollars for yourself. I can't believe I'm being so charitable to a man. Who tried to kill my friends not too long ago. Being around a bunch of do gooders has really soften me. Now once I open my portal for you. Get inside and start a new life. If I ever catch you doing something evil. I will bring upon you the most agonizing death you can ever imagine. Do I make myself clear?

 Ozriel nods his head at Okubi showing that he understood. Okubi then opens a portal for Ozriel and watches as he enter. Once Ozriel is inside of the portal. Okubi closes the portal behind him. Seconds after Ozriel had left Pruflas's Dimension. Eligos and Ophelia along with Angelina, Apollyn, Brutality, Futanari, and Tobirama all come running towards Okubi, James, and Lisa. After everyone finishes conversing about the battle with the former angel Ozriel. Okubi and his friends decides to rest up a bit, before making their way back to Pruflas's Fortress. Now that their weren't anymore distraction to stand in their way. Okubi and his friends can finally resume their purpose for coming to Pruflas's Dimension. Which is to kill Pruflas and his servants

Okubi: Now that we all rested up. It's time we start heading back to Pruflas's Fortress. Hopefully we won't encounter any problems on the way there

Futanari: I can't wait to see Yamakagashi. I'm going to kick his ass and then once you guys are finish with Pruflas and his demons. I'm going to bring that man back to Japan so that he answer for his crimes

James: I just can't wait to avenge my wife and my sister in law by killing that bastard Ulric. Along with the way The Order treated my daughter prior to selling her to Othello. I can't wait to make that son-of-a-bitch pay!

Angelina: The faster we defeat Pruflas and his servants. The quicker we can get back to Xiaoyu and Nara. Then we can go and help Hellin, Anna, and Team Rose if they haven't already defeated Iron Zabel

Brutality: I just hope our friends live long enough for us to be able to help them

Tobirama: I'm fairly confident the others will be fine until we return

Okubi: Okay now that everything is settle. Let's get a---

Ophelia: Okubi just wait a minute!

 Okubi cut off mid sentence by his mother. He along with his teammates turns to his mother. In order to find out what Ophelia needs to tell them

Ophelia: Okubi before you go and confront Pruflas. There is something very important I need to tell you. As you already know I been keeping secrets from you. Not because I don't love you but because I was ashamed of my actions. However I feel if I don't tell you and your friends this now. It will impact your battle against Pruflas. So can you all just give me a few minutes to explain. I promise I won't take too long

Eligos: Take all the time you need Lady Ophelia

Okubi: Eligos quite! Mother please proceed

 Ophelia holds her head down for a few seconds. Giving herself enough time to compose herself. Raising her head towards Okubi and his friends. Ophelia begins telling them the truth about Pruflas and her relationship with him



 Residing in his castle within the center of The Royal Lands. King Onyxe lay restlessly in his bed. Having traveled to Neo Aigosthena hours ago. In order to address the massacre that had taken place the night before at Neo Aigosthena's yearly event, the Elestial Market. The King had also meet with Neo Aigosthena's Mayor and senators. Hearing their anguish about the tragic event and that demons were responsible for the massacre. Knowing that many do not like King Onyxe due to him being a demon himself. Learning that the massacre was caused by demons didn't help matters. Fortunately unknown to Neo Aigosthena's Mayor and Senators. Had it not been for Okubi and his friends attending the Elestial Festival. The situation would had been much worst. Course the reason the massacre had happened in the first place, was because Okubi and his friends were present at the Elestial Market. All of them targeted by a demon assassination group called The Order and by Pruflas's servants. While Okubi and his friends succeed in taking down The Order assassins and fighting off Pruflas's servants. Many innocent sages and bystanders were killed because of it. Knowing all of this had really taken it's toll on the King's mind. Still laying in his bed Onyxe thinks about Okubi, his best friend and Right Hand man James, and the others. Knowing that they are currently in the process of taking down Pruflas and his gang and Iron Zabel. 

 Having also sent Yura along with Oriana with her summoning Ricky and Hisako to Neo Aigosthena. In order to aid Hellin and her team against Iron Zabel. Onyxe couldn't help but wonder would they be enough to take down the nefarious cult leader? Onyxe unable to allow himself to fall asleep due to having so much on his mind. Decided that he would also travel back to Neo Aigosthena. In order to find and help Hellin and her team against Iron Zabel. However all the people Onyxe had trusted to watch over his Kingdom during his absence weren't present. Yet that would not stop him from going to help Hellin and the others. Knowing that there was one individual who would watch over his Kingdom during his absence. That person being his father, the Grim Reaper Knox. Onyxe had taken a quick shower and put on his special espionage suit. Before writing a quick letter to his father and used his telepathic powers to send a mental message to his father. Without saying a word to any of his servants within his castle. Onyxe had disappeared from the Royal Lands, making his way towards Neo Aigosthena

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