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Forbidden Chapter 63

Forbidden Chapter Sixty Three

Time For Battle 

 Shortly after the combatants witness the death of Stanford. Along with the appearance of the tenth fighter Sinclair. Xiaoyu, Nara, and the others stand very cautiously. Waiting for Karen to tell them what happens next. Quickly wiping off Stanford's blood over her face. Karen prepares to give her combatants their instructions

Karen: Finally my dark ambitions will finally become a reality <3 However before we can get this tournament underway. I need to first clean that loser's blood of my precious precious precious body. Thus the tournament will be put on hold until my bath is completed. In the meantime please feel free to make yourselves comfortable as possible. Just outside of the auditorium on the left end of the hall. There is a room full of food and beverages. The bathroom is on the right side of the hall. Which I'm quite certain you all had already notice

Nara: Yeah I do remember seeing a bathroom on my way here. Speaking of which I gotta take a piss

Karen: Well don't let me stop you sport. I'm sure your girlfriend will relay you my message

Nara: You better not do anything to her while I'm gone bitch. Otherwise I'll make you fucking regret it!

Karen: Oh why would I want to harm Xiaoyu so soon? Now cease your useless threats and go make pee pee

Nara: Xiaoyu, I will return shortly. Love you babe

Xiaoyu: Love you too

Romio: I also need to go take a piss. May I leave with Nara?

Karen: Romio this isn't a school silly silly goose. The only time I would forbid usage of the battle is during combat or executions. Otherwise you are all free to pee pee or doo doo anytime you like

Romio: Okay thanks I guess

 Nara leans over and gives Xiaoyu a kiss on the cheek. Both Romio and he then exits the auditorium to use the bathroom. The others remain as Karen continues to speak

Karen: Now that the bathroom business is out the way. Let's get back to the important stuff shall we? Now after I take my shower the tournament will begin. Each of you will combat against one another. Switching from different opponents each day. The first fighter to obtain three consecutive victories. Shall be allowed to combat the final boss of the tournament. FYI the final boss isn't me. Anyways if the fighter manages to defeat the final boss of the Underground Fighting Tournament. Only that fighter along with a fellow combatant of their choosing. Shall be allowed to return to Neo Aigosthena. Course after I erase their memories of participating in the tournament. Those of you who fail to win the tournament. Shall have the honor of becoming my precious precious precious test subjects! Now Sinclair if you would be a dear. Please give each of the fighters before us their Rumble Card. Make sure to give Xiaoyu both Nara and her cards. Also give Mr. Braddox both his and Romio's Rumble Cards. Everyone else only receive their Rumble Card

 Sinclair does as he was instructed. Makes his way towards his fellow combatants. Sinclair first hands Xiaoyu over both Nara and her Rumble Cards. The creature then fly over to Braddox. Giving both Romio and his Rumble Cards. Sinclair then hands the remaining combatants their Rumble Cards. Once everyone had received their cards. Sinclair makes his way back over to Karen's side

Karen: Now to quickly explain the Rumble Cards. The cards shows a photo I.D. of you. Along with a miniature bio of yourselves. A display of your amounts of wins and losses, and a map guiding you to your battle location. Please be careful to not lose these cards. It's not like I can't make new ones but it's so so so fucking frustrating. Plus all of you here should be mature enough not to lose a simple card. I can't tell you how many times in previous tournaments. My combatants ended up losing their cards. Therefore anyone who loses their card more than once shall be executed! Next thing you all should know about your Rumble Card. They are only good for leading you to the location of your battle. Do not try to use the card for anything else. There is no secret code that will lead you to the location of the elevator. Just in case any of you have any bright ideas. Another thing do not show up late to your match. Everyone is expected to arrive to their battles within ten minutes of less. Arriving to your battle late will be a strike against. After three strikes you are in jeopardy of being executed. 

Xiaoyu: Just finding reasons to knock us off aren't you?

Karen: Well in order to make sure everyone follows the rules detective. I gotta make you all aware of the consequences of disobeying them. Otherwise everyone would just do as they please. Which is certainly no way to run a tournament. Now before I was rudely interrupted. Those are the remaining rules of the tournament. Anyways it's time for me to wash this demon blood of of my precious precious precious body!

Braddox: You really love repeating certain words a lot. Talk about a fucking nutjob

Karen: I'm a real nutty nutty nutty girl Mr. Morse. Perhaps if you do well in this tournament. I'll be willing to give you a good nutjob

Braddox: I don't anything but my freedom from you bitch!

Cool Nine: Something about you is truly broken Ms. Caramel

Karen: Oh you have no idea Miss Secret Agent. Now that I explained the majority of the rules of the tournament. Along with how the Rumble Cards operate. I think that about covers everything. All of you already know of the food, beverages, and the bathroom. Feel free to explore around the place. Just don't forget about the doors. While some doors are actually safe to open. Might even find something cool behind some of them. If any of you are really really REALLY lucky. You may possibly even find the door leading to the elevator. Allowing one or all of you to escape this hellhole. However the majority of them are rigged with various traps. I just wouldn't hate if something bad to happened to any of you. Especially so early in the tournament. Well I'm off to take my well deserved bubble bath. I'll see you all very soon. Bah bye!

 Karen waves goodbye to the combatants. Then uses her magic to open a portal. Karen enters her portal along with Sinclair. A few seconds after Karen and Sinclair exited the auditorium. Both Nara and Romio returns from the bathroom. Xiaoyu walks over to Nara and passes him his Rumble Card. Braddox calls out to Romio. Holding up the fellow combatant's Rumble Card. Romio walks over to Braddox to retrieve his Rumble Card. Xiaoyu begins to explain to Nara what happened while he was gone

Xiaoyu: Nara that right there is your Rumble Card. It's a electronic that will guide you to your bouts. It also displays the amount of times you won and lost. Hopefully you won't receive any consecutive loses. Otherwise you'll may end up getting executed. Not that I will allow that bitch to kill you. Anyways Karen went to take a quick bath. Once her bath is over the tournament begins

Nara: Sounds like I didn't miss anything important... just kidding. Anyways there's no need to worry babe. While our goal is to find your friend Lorenzo and get out of this place. I have absolutely no intentions of losing to anyone here... well except to you

Xiaoyu: Nara! If the two of us end up fighting one another. I don't want you to hold back. I Karen sees you taking it easy on me. I don't want her to hit us with a penalty.

Nara: I understand your concern but I cannot bring myself to fight you for real Xiaoyu. Not only are you the woman I love. I can't risk unleashing my Darken side against you

Damien: Say what?

Nara: Oh it's nothing. Just one of my many cool magical abilities... "sike"

Syh: Well since we can do as we please until that bitch is finish cleaning her friends blood off of her. I don't see any reason to remain in this auditorium

Xiaoyu: Syh where are you going to go?

Syh: Don't know but I can't stay in this auditorium with all of you. While I don't harbor any ill will towards any of you. This is a tournament and we are all must fight one another. Therefore I cannot allow myself to be close to any of you. In order to escape this place. I must show no shred of mercy. I'm sorry it has to be that way

 Walking pass Damien, Pelham, and Cool Nine. Syh heads straight towards the auditorium doors. Not giving a single glance to anyone in the room. While the others are unbothered by Syh's exit. Xiaoyu couldn't help but feel betrayed.

Pelham: I too shall be taking my exit. Even though we are all victims of Karen's demented game. None of you here mean a damn to me. I look forward to crushing each and every single one of you. May the Gods have mercy on the souls who are made to fight me

 Pelham gives everyone in the room the evil eye. Before making her way out of the auditorium. Nara calls Pelham a "bitch" as she exits the room. Syh and Pelham having exited the auditorium. Xiaoyu wonders who is next to take their leave. Just then Cool Nine begins to speak

Cool Nine: Well there's no point in me being in this auditorium either. Now don't get me wrong. It's has nothing to do with you guys. I'm just not really big on the whole "group" thing. Besides I much rather work alone. Best of luck to you guys in the tournament. I look forward to finding out which one of you I will face later today. Ciao

 Cool Nine bids the combatants farewell before exiting the auditorium. Now with only Xiaoyu, Nara, Braddox, Damien, Romio, and Danielle remain in the auditorium. Xiaoyu in a very annoyed tone. Addresses everyone who is still in the auditorium

Xiaoyu: So anyone else wants to make a dramatic exits? I know we are all force to fight one another. That doesn't mean we should behave like fucking assholes. Instead we should all be working towards getting out of this place. Karen is the only enemy here

Braddox: It's easy to talk about us working together. Unfortunately it's a every man for themselves type of situation. Besides don't act like you're so fucking noble little China girl

Nara: Yo watch your fucking mouth

Braddox: How about you watch yours fucking mouth little boy

Nara: Little boy? Dude I will f--

Xiaoyu: Nara! This is not the time and place. Besides I know kindergardeners with better insults

Romio: All you two care about is rescuing your Lorenzo friend. The rest of us are no concern of yours

Nara: Dude are you fucking serious? My girlfriend and I aren't some heartless assholes. We want to help everyone get out of this place alive. Which is why we should all work together. Instead of in each other's fucking throats. Don't you guys realize we're playing into Karen's hands

Damien: Yeah whatever cutie. I don't know about you guys but I'm doing everything in my power to escape this bitch. Plus if I managed to get three consecutive wins. Along with defeating whoever the fuck is the final boss. I'm either going to take either Braddox or Romio out of her with me. Everyone else here can kick fucking rocks. No matter who or what I gotta fight. I'm going to be reunited with my Stepfather.

Braddox: I had my full being around these losers. Romio! Damien! Let's get out of here.

 Braddox along with Romio and Damien start heading towards the auditorium doors. Braddox who walks pass Nara says to him "I hope for both you and your girlfriend's sakes. Neither of you end up being my first opponents in this tournament. While I may show a shred of mercy against you China girl. If I end up fighting that loudmouth boyfriend of yours. I will make it my business to end his fucking life!" Nara and Xiaoyu stares angrily at Braddox. Watching as Braddox, Romio, and Damien exits the auditorium. Two minutes after Xiaoyu and Nara collect themselves. The two of them begin hearing the sound of someone sobbing. Turning their heads in the direction of the sobs. Xiaoyu and Nara realize they had forgotten about Danielle being the auditorium. Seeing Danielle in the corner crying in her hands. Xiaoyu and Nara quickly goes over to comfort her.

Xiaoyu: Danielle please stop crying sweetheart

Nara: I hope anything my girlfriend said earlier didn't offend you

Xiaoyu: Nara! Exactly what could I said that would had offended her? Danielle is clearly very upset about our current situation. While none of us want to compete in the Underground Fighting Tournament. The majority of us here are well versed in combat. However that's not the case for Danielle. Meaning she's the most vulnerable to receiving three consecutive loses. It's understandable why she's crying right now

Danielle: That is very true Miss Xiao--

Xiaoyu: No need for "Miss" Danielle. Just call me Xiaoyu

Danielle: Thanks but why are you two being so friendly towards me? What if I end up becoming one of your opponents later today? My family was right all along. I should had kept my ass in Mexico. Now I'm forced to participate in some crazy's woman's fighting tournament to the death. Perhaps I should just end my life now. In order to spare myself being executed later down the line.

Nara: No way are we allowing you to end your life. Nor are you going to be executed. Don't sell yourself short Dannie

Danielle: I appreciate the encouragement Nara but words alone aren't enough to save me. Outside of my training with my brothers. I never been in an actual battle. Even if you two were to take pity on me.  Everyone else here won't be so kind. Imagine if I ended up paired against Braddox, Syh, or Pelham. I would be dead in seconds. If only if I taken learning magic more seriously. Now I'm force to make due with the limited skills I posses. Oh God why did this happened to me?

Xiaoyu: I understand your fears very much Danielle. However if you're already give up on yourself. Then there's no way you're going to survive. Besides even with the lack of battle experience Danielle. I can tell you are a very smart young woman

Nara: Do you know it's not always the stronger sage that wins? Even if you face an enemy with great power. If you are able to outsmart your opponent. It won't matter if you are less experience

Xiaoyu: Furthermore we have some time before the tournament begins. I was planning on searching around the place. Course that was before learning about your predicament. Now I feel getting you tournament ready is more important. Nara can I count on you helping me get Danielle ready?

Nara: What kind of question is that babe? I'm definitely down to help with Danielle's training

Danielle: I don't know what I done to deserve such kindness. However do you think it's wise to help me? Considering I could easily end up fighting one of you later on? I just don't want either of you to have any regrets helping me

Xiaoyu: Instead of worrying what could happen. Let's just focus on the now

Nara: Besides despite the possibility of us combating one another. I have a funny feeling that the three of us won't ever have to battle one another. Now let's get something to eat around this joint. Then it's time we get you ready for action Danielle

Danielle: Thank you so very much Xiaoyu and Nara. Even though I'm still afraid. I feel a lot better about our current situation. Now let's go get something to eat. Then it's time for my training

 Xiaoyu and Nara successfully able to calm Danielle down. Along with giving her a much needed confidence boost. The three of them leave the auditorium to grab something to eat. After they had finished eating. Xiaoyu and Nara began to train Danielle for her inevitable battle. An hour and ten minutes had gone pass since Karen's bath. While Xiaoyu and Nara were in the middle of helping Danielle improve her technique. They are suddenly interrupted by Karen. Who begins speaking to them through the intercom

Karen: Hey combatants your favorite girl is back! I hope you all enjoyed your downtime because it's time to get this tournament started. Now pretty pretty pretty please pull out your Rumble Cards. On your cards it will show you the location of your battle. It's very easy to follow in order to prevent lateness. Now get your asses moving because it's FIGHTING TIME!!!

 Once Karen had finished her announcement. Xiaoyu, Nara, and Danielle had pulled out their Rumble Cards. The three of them held their cards next to each other. In order to see if two of the three of them would have to fight one another. Danielle was immediately relieved to see neither Xiaoyu or Nara would be her opponent for today. Unfortunately based on the map's direction. The possibility that Xiaoyu and Nara would have to fight was pretty high. Seeing the look of disappointment on the couple's face's. Danielle decided it was best to not say anything. Knowing that it wouldn't change their unfortunate situation. Instead Danielle gave them both a hug. Before making her way to her battle location. Despite knowing the fact they may end up fighting each other. Xiaoyu and Nara had hoped it would never actually happen. Nara doing his best not to transform into his Darken form. Nara suddenly feels Xiaoyu's right hand holding his left hand. Xiaoyu then turns to Nara and begins to speak

Xiaoyu: Nara baby I love so much. No matter what happens today. My love for you will never change. I appreciate you coming to help me rescue Lorenzo. Just promise me you won't go too hard on me. Even though I can kick some serious ass. I genuinely believe you are the better fighter. Now instead of feeling sorry for ourselves. Let's prove to Karen that our love is stronger than her twisted game. Anyways we don't have much time to waste. Let's hurry and get to our battle location

 Xiaoyu quickly gives Nara a kiss on the cheek. Then starts making her way out of the auditorium. Nara takes a few seconds to collect himself. Despite the possibility of having to fight his girlfriend. Nara couldn't help but smile. Knowing how much Xiaoyu loved him as he loved her. Nara then proceeds to make his way to his battle. Seconds after catching up with Xiaoyu. The two of them heading towards their destination. Five minutes before passing through two big doors in the hallway. Nara suddenly hears a beep on his Rumble Card. Pulling his Rumble Card from his pocket. Nara notices that the direction for his battle location had changed. Beyond relieved to know he's not going to be fighting Xiaoyu. Nara immediately shows Xiaoyu his Rumble Card

Nara: Hey babe check this out! The direction of my Rumble Card had changed. Looks like I'll be making a left at the end of the hall. Instead of entering through the double doors with you

Xiaoyu: Well that's a huge relief. Now that I know I won't be fighting you. I feel much better about my upcoming battle. Anyways I'll see you later babe. Please make sure to do your best. Love you

Nara: I love you too beautiful. Now go and kick some fucking ass

 Nara then watches as Xiaoyu rushes through the double doors. Once he could no longer hear Xiaoyu's footsteps. Nara hurries to his battle location in time. Xiaoyu finally arriving to her battle location. Finds herself standing before a metal door. The door slides open allowing Xiaoyu to enter. Now standing on the other side of the metal door. Xiaoyu finds herself in a small room. Inside the room is a small bed, a lava lamp, and a few books. Xiaoyu also notices an intercom in the top right corner. Before Xiaoyu could check to see anything else inside the room. The intercom comes on as Karen begins to speak

Karen: Welcome Miss Xiaoyu! I'm glad you could make it to your battle location in time. Wouldn't want me to give you a penalty. Anyways your match will be the last on of today. So feel free to make yourself comfortable. Try not to fall asleep Miss Detective. I'll be seeing you soon enough. Now it's time I get the first match started

 Once Karen had finished speaking. The intercom turns off in the room. Xiaoyu quickly wishes Nara, Danielle, and Syh. The best of luck in their bouts. Xiaoyu then begins walking towards the books. In order to kill some time before her own battle. Nara now standing inside of an arena. Waiting for the arrival of his opponent. The metal door from the opposite end of Nara slides opens. Immediately revealing his opponent for today. Standing on the opposite of the arena was the Go Go Dancer Damien Benzo. Nara was surprised and somewhat disappointed. Nara had hoped he would be fighting Braddox. In order to show that asshole a thing or two. Nara was also thankful he wasn't fighting either Xiaoyu or Danielle. Therefore Nara didn't have to hold himself back

Damien: Well hey there sexy. I didn't think yours would be the first ass I had to kick

Nara: Aren't you the guy who has zero magical powers? Don't think for a second you're going to be kicking my ass dancer. Perhaps if you don't annoy too much in this bout. I'll try not to use any of my deadlier magic attacks

Damien: Underestimating me already sexy?

Nara: Stop calling me "sexy" It's creeps me out whenever a dude says it to me

Damien: Oh whatever you say... sexy!

Nara: Grrr... Alright asshole that's it! Forget showing any mercy to you. I'm going all out in this match

Damien: I wouldn't want it any other way sexy. Now get ready as I put these legs to work. While I don't possess any cool magic tricks. Thanks to the years I dedicated to Tae Kwon Doo. My kicks are strong enough to compete against a sage's magic. Now if you're ready to lose. Let's get this fight started!

 Watching Damien going into his battle stance. Nara gets himself mentally and physically ready for battle. The first bout in the Underground Fighting Tournament is about to begin


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