Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Introducing Coco


Coco Woodsman is a powerful woman who manipulates the elements. While Coco is capable of using various water and fire spells. Coco's main powers are controlling plant life and dirt. However Coco is not a sage. Instead Coco gained her powers by darker means. Having lost her parents at the age of four. Coco was taken in to a orphanage where she spent her childhood. At the age of thirteen Coco decided to run away. Shortly after Coco meet and join a group of thieves called Roses Of Jericho. Coco along with her brethren would target various individuals. Attacking them and robbing them of whatever goods they possessed. Coco enjoyed life as a thief. Caring nothing about the individuals that she and her brethren attacked and robbed. The Roses Of Jericho continued their miniature reign of terror throughout Mayland. Until one day the group of thieves encounter a dark sage by the name Ty Keith. Attempting to rob the sage unaware of his powers and malice. Coco along with her brethren were easily defeated by Ty Keith. While accepting defeat was hard for Coco and the others. The worst they expected from the sage is he would take their goods. Unfortunately for Coco and company. Ty Keith had something much more sinister in mind

Ty Keith brutally murdered each of Coco's brethren right before her eyes. After Ty Keith had murdered majority of the members of Roses of Jericho. Ty Keith went straight after Coco. Breaking several bones inside Coco's body. Ty Keith carried Coco to a nearby forest. Ty Keith used his magic to dig a hole into the ground. Ty Keith then threw Coco into the hole and buried her alive. Unable to save herself from suffocating below ground. Coco began hoping for a miracle to befall her. While Coco did eventually die to suffocating. Unbeknownst to both Coco and Ty Keith. The forest she was buried alive in wasn't any ordinary forest. The next day it began raining inside of the forest. Every dead plant within the forest was brought back to life. Coco was not exception to the resurrection. After escaping her graves with the use of her newfound powers. Coco promised to never again harm the innocent. Instead Coco vowed to use her gift to save innocents

  • Coco was a normal human prior to her resurrection
  • Coco is 36 years of age. Born September 22
  • Sometime after her resurrection. Coco had reformed the Roses of Jericho. However instead of being a groups of thieves. The Roses of Jericho operate as a guild protecting the innocent
  • While Coco has turned over a new leaf. Coco still holds a grudge against Ty Keith. Stating she will kill him if they ever cross paths again
  • Coco's favorite food is Garlic Bread

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