Wednesday, March 22, 2017

NEW CHARACTER! Introducing Onetha Blindheart


Info: Onetha Blindheart is a user of the magic called Soul Force Onetha is also a Treasure Hunter and the former rival of Okubi turned friend. Onetha had first meet Okubi and his servant Eligos five years ago in Dubai. Both hunters in search of the Daggers of Manat. Failing to retrieve the daggers before Okubi. The angry Onetha attempted to kill Okubi and take the daggers from him. Onetha soon realized she was no match for someone of Okubi's caliber. Failing to defeat a fellow Treasure Hunter in battle. Onetha was certain Okubi was going to kill her. Fortunately Okubi's servant Eligos had intervene on her behalf. Convincing his Master to spare her lifeEven though Onetha still harbor negative feelings towards Okubi. The two of them managed to become decent friends. However ever since that faithful day. Onetha had dedicated herself to become a stronger sage and Treasure Hunter

  • Onetha is forty years of age. Born August 24
  • Onetha's alias is Solar Bee
  • Onetha enjoys sexual humor
  • Onetha's hair color is abendrot
  • The necklace Onetha's wears is a gift from her mother

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