Sunday, March 26, 2017

Okubi Vice Appearances

Okubi Vice w/ Eligos

Main Appearances


Okubi's first appearance in the story of Forbidden. Prior to learning about The Children of Ruin. Okubi was nothing more than a cold hearted Treasure Hunter. Thankfully after befriending Xiaoyu and Apollyn. Okubi has become a much nicer person. Course the old Okubi is far from gone


This was Okubi's second outfit which he wore during the Underworld Arc. This was Okubi's main outfit until later on in the series

This is Okubi's third and current main outfit in the story. While Okubi's earlier outfits were much on the feminine side. I decided to give him something slightly more masculine. While keeping true to his feminine appearance

Other Costumes

Note: These costumes were simply made for fun. Never worn in the main story

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