Sunday, March 26, 2017

Profile Damien Benzo



Name: Damien Maurice Benzo

Age: 22

Hair Color: Carnation Pink

Eye Color: Turquoise

Gender: Male

Height: 5'9

Weight: 127 pounds

Likes: His stepfather, dancing, sour candies, training, techno music

Dislikes: Closed minded people, boredom, when his step father gets upset, losing his mother

Magic Name: None

Abilities: Damien posses the ability to use his inner energy known as "Ki" Along with his skills in Tae Kwon Do. Damien uses his martial arts and ki energy to create fiery kicks

BIO: Working as a Go Go Dancer in a nightclub in Neo Aigosthena. Damien Benzo is also a skilled user in Tae Kwon Do. During the daytime Damien spends time with his stepfather George. The man who raised him after the death of his mother. Damien never knew his biological father. Due to the fact he left his mother before he was born. Shortly after Damien and his stepfather discovered his ability to control his Ki. George enrolled Damien in a Tae Kwon Do School. Allowing Damien to combine his Ki abilities with powerful kicking techniques. Damien had obtained his black belt in Tae Kwon Do years later. Despite losing his mother at a young age. Thanks to his very loving step father. Damien managed to have a pretty normal life. Unfortunately Damien would soon find himself in a terrible situation. While on his way home from work. Damien was confronted by a demon in a suit. Unable to react to the mysterious man in time. The demon had put Damien asleep and carried him away. Damien had awoken hours later inside of a jail cell. After escaping his jail cell and arriving to the auditorium. Damien learned that he and everyone else inside the auditorium. Had been kidnapped by a woman name Karen Caramel and his partner Stanford. In order to participate in the latest edition of the Underground Fighting Tournament. While Damien doesn't wish to combat the other kidnapped participants. Damien also wants to escape and see his stepfather again


1. Outside of Braddox who's powers are from the who possesses him. Damien is the only other participant in the latest Underground Fighting Tournament who doesn't use magic

2. Damien is a very sexual person

3. Damien is a fan of the supermodel, actress, and sage Oriana Violet 

4. Damien's birthday is April 5

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