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Profile Pelham


Pelham, The Angelic Voiced Killer

Name: Pelham Mahlep

Age: 39

Hair Color: Cobalt Blue

Eye Color: Teal

Gender: Female

Height: 5'10

Weight: 133 pounds

Likes: Traveling, killing, bluegrass music

Dislikes: Losing, the sound of laughter

Magic Name: Cottonmouth

Abilities: Pelham can manipulate poison in various ways. Pelham also is immune from being poisoned. Along with her poisonous magic. Pelham is very skilled in hand to hand combat

BIO: Born into the wealthy Mahlep Family.  Pelham is the youngest of ten children. While everyone in her family was normal. Pelham was diagnose with having Reduced affect display. Making life very difficult for Pelham and burden to her family.  Once Pelham was old enough to venture on her own. Pelham left her family without saying a single word. Shortly after learning the Magical Arts called Cottonmouth. Pelham had joined a group of misfit sages called White Lash. Pelham remained a member of the guild. Until one day she messed up during a mission. Despite this was Pelham first mistake since joining White Lash. Due to the fact Pelham's incompetence. Caused two of her teammates to be captured by the authorities. The remaining members of White Lash had decided. Pelham could no longer be apart of their group. Threatening to kill her if they ever crossed paths again. While Pelham didn't care about being kicked out the group. Pelham did wish she was able to kill them. However Pelham knew she couldn't kill White Lash on her own. Therefore Pelham decided to become a killer for hire. 

 Nearly a year and a half later since going solo. One day after completing an assignment in Neo Aigosthena. Pelham encountered a male demon dressed in a suit. Knowing the demon had ill intentions for her. Pelham attempted to combat the demon. However unaware of the demon's capabilities. Pelham was quickly put to sleep by the demon's attack. Upon waking up hours later. Pelham found herself along with eight other fighters. Forced to compete in a Underground Fighting Tournament. In order to return to her normal life. Pelham is forced to fight for her freedom


1. The name of Pelham's magic is based on an actual snake

2. Unlike the other combatants in the tournament. It took me several attempts to create a desired design for Pelham

3. Noted in the first chapter Pelham debuted. While Pelham posses a buxom type body. Pelham is a very plain looking woman

4. Pelham is a very orthodox taste in fashion

5. Pelham's family name is her first name spelled backwards

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Blog Clean Up

Hello loyal viewers and bored strangers. I just wanted to quickly say thank you for supporting my blog. I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate the views. Rather if they are small or big. Anyways prior to this blog mainly focusing on Forbidden. This blog was originally created for my personal enjoyment. I use to post pictures and GIFS related to naked men. Now that Google had ceased allowing pornographic imagery. I began shying away from that kind of stuff. I even delated majority of such things off my blog earlier. Course there are still some of those stuff still present on my blog. Thankfully that's stuff can only be found in post from 2013-2015. Anything from later 2015 to present day should be rather tamed. Also if you look just right underneath the blog title. I created yet a new poll for you guys to vote. As I have already stated in the past. The choice to vote is up to you. However I would highly appreciate it. Anyways that's all I wanted to say for now. Please continuing enjoying the blog. Have a wonderful night and a great weekend

Profile Celia Reigns


Name: Celia Reigns

Alias: Celia Rain, Psychotic Silver

Age: 105 years old

D.O.B.: June 32

Height: 5'7

Weight: 128 pounds

Likes: Killing, Pumpkin Stracciatella Gelato 

Dislikes: Yura, spiders

Magic Name: Negation + other miscellaneous magical abilities 

Abilities: Celia can manipulate negative energy. Celia can also neutralize various attacks from enemies. Also due to being a Beyonder. Celia possesses nearly God like strength and durability. Making her nearly immortal in a sense. Celia can also summon a dragon and is a skilled fighter

BIO: Prior to becoming one of the most dangerous women throughout Asira. Celia Reigns was once a normal girl. Raised solely by her mother Sophia. Celia lived a relatively peaceful life in Arundel. Sadly Celia's peaceful life was drawing to an end. After having finished school for the day. Celia went to meet her mom at the Arundel Bank. Unaware that the bank and everyone inside it. Were being attacked by a group of dark sages. Upon arriving to the bank's location. Celia saw several police cars and ambulance trucks parked outside. Knowing that her mother was inside the bank. Celia immediately began to worry about her mother's safety. Once the evil sages were taken down. People began exiting from the bank. Celia watched as the EMT's brought out several dead civilians. One of them being her mother. Shortly after grieving her mother's lost. Celia was placed in an orphanage.

Unhappy with her new life. Celia tried her best to adjust living in the orphanage. However countless nightmares and daily panic attacks. Along with murderous thoughts running through her head. Celia eventually decided she needed to run away. While living life on the run. Celia encounter a woman name Yura. Celia's life was about to be changed once again. Unlike in the past where tragedy changed her life. Instead Celia would become the tragedy. A week later after her encounter with Yura. Celia had become a bloodthirsty killer like her mentor. Celia was then tasked with killing everyone in her former orphanage. Successfully carrying out her murderous mission. Celia and Yura decided to become professional killers. Killing people for both profit and pleasure. Celia enjoyed her new life alongside Yura. Not only did she enjoy killing. No longer did Celia feel alone. Living in such a pitiful world.

Celia continued her life of killing alongside Yura. Inflicting pain and suffering wherever they went. One night Celia and Yura had targeted a random sage to be their next victim. While Celia and Yura managed to kill the Sage. However before the Sage had died. The Sage had placed a Depression Curse upon Yura. Ever since that very night. Things would never be the same between Celia and her Mentor. Weeks passed as Celia began noticing a changed within Yura's behavior. No longer was Yura the bloodthirsty killer she loved. Realizing this Celia decided she was going to kill her. Engaging her Mentor in combat. Despite Celia's best efforts to kill Yura. Celia failed to defeat and kill her. Laying on the ground with a bloody nose and several broken bones. Certain Yura was going to kill her. Celia was angrily shocked. Upon realizing Yura had no intentions of killing her. Instead Yura simply told her to never seek her out. Yura then walked away from her.

Years later since being abandoned by her Mentor. Celia continued living life as a hired killer. Eventually she would then meet a man by the name Iron Zabel. Who had managed to escape from jail. After being placed their by his former allies. Now currently leading his own cult called Sons of Balam. Celia learned of Iron Zabel's ambitions of becoming a God. Celia decided to join Iron Zabel in his ambitions. In order to eventually betray him and become a Goddess. Iron Zabel then had killed Celia. In order to resurrect her as a Beyonder like himself. Now under the employment of Iron Zabel. Celia follows her Master's Orders. Until the time comes to kill him


1. Celia first meet Yura when she was fourteen

2. Celia wasn't initially a planned character. Until I began working on Yura's backstory

3. Celia's character was inspired by Christie from Dead or Alive series

4. Besides English, Celia speaks fluent Italian

5. While Celia's official surname is "Reigns". In the past I had used "Rain" as her last name instead. Both are acceptable surnames for the character

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Profile Yura

The Redeem Kunochi

Name: Yura Mikan

Age: 119

Gender: Female

Likes: Her deceased mother, Onyxe, James, Lady Hisako, traveling, wine tasting, horning her ninja skills and magic, bathing

Dislikes: Her deceased father, injustice, enemies of Onyxe, her past

Magic Name: Negation

Magic Powers: Yura can manipulate negative energy Yura can also disrupt and cancel out certain forms of energy. Besides the use of her magic. Yura is a skilled kunoichi

BIO: Serving as the Leading Lady to the current King of Mayland. Yura was once a merciless assassin. Born in the small village of Raimu outside of Japan. Yura was raised by her loving mother Takiko. Unaware of her mother's dark past. The peaceful life Yura was accustomed to was coming to an end. One night after returning home from her village's festival. A group of ninjas had surrounded Yura and her mother. The leader was a man name Heihachi. Takiko's former lover and Yura's estranged father. Furious that Takiko had left his side few years ago. Heihachi decided tonight Takiko would pay with her life. Quickly hiding Yura behind her. Takiko swiftly pulled out two kunais from her breast area. In order to combat her former comrades and protect her daughter. While Takiko proved more skilled than the opposing shinobis. Takiko failed to keep an eye out for Heihachi. Takiko was stabbed in the back by her former lover. Crashing to the ground as she began to bleed to death. Watching her mother die before her eyes. Yura ran over and laid on top of her mother's dying body. Pleading to her to stay alive. Knowing she wasn't going to survive. Takiko gave Yura one last kiss before passing away

Satisfied with the death of his former lover. Heihachi orders his remaining ninjas to pry Yura off her dead mother. Having lost the only person she ever loved. Yura's once bright future was now grim. Thanks to the action of her father. Forced to live under her father's tyranny. Heihachi had raised Yura to become a merciless assassin. Everyday Heihachi reminded Yura if she ever tried to run away. That her death would be ten times worst than her mother's. Every night before heading for bed. Yura would read stories about her favorite hero. An Onna Bugeisha by the name Hisako Miki, The Magical Samurai. After a few months had passed. Yura received her first mission from her father. That mission was to kill every villager within Raimu Village. Knowing she couldn't refuse an order from her father. Unless she wanted to suffer the same fate as her mother. Yura eagerly accepted her father's sinister request. Upon killing her former friends and the rest of the villagers in Raimu. Yura's innocents had died along with them. Upon seeing the limbs and dead bodies of the villagers. Yura shockingly felt no remorse for her actions. Instead found an unexplainable pleasure in the act of killing. Yura had become the perfect killer.

Many years had passed since that faithful day. Yura had killed over thousands of people. Whether they deserved matter not to her. Eventually becoming her father's greatest shinobi. Yura even surpassed her own father. Aware of how powerful his daughter had become. Heihachi began seeing Yura as a threat that needed to be eliminated. Aware of her father's ill feelings towards her. Yura had been plotting to kill her father. Along with her band of ninjas. Yura decided she would make the first move against her father. Yura and her group of ninja ambush her father and his ninjas. After a long and gruesome battle. Yura and her remaining ninjas emerged victorious. Heihachi the only surviving ninja of his group. Along with being badly injured. Trembled as he was at the mercy of his daughter. Remembering the all the terrible things Heihachi had done to her. Along with him being responsible for killing the only person she ever loved. Yura was going to kill her father but in the worst way imaginable. Yura ordered her men to take her father to the pit. The location of a tentacle monster Yura had captured a few years back. Heihachi pleaded mercilessly for Yura to spare his life. Yura had no such mercy in her heart. Especially for a man like Heihachi.

Once Yura and her ninjas had brought Heihachi to the pit. Heihachi was stripped naked as Yura prepared her father's gruesome death. Grabbing her father by his neck. Yura threw him inside of the pit. Placing him at the mercy of the tentacle monster. Yura and her ninjas watched the tentacle monster. Savagely violate and tear her father apart. Once the tentacle monster had it sadistic fun with her now deceased father. Yura turned on her fellow ninjas. Knocking them inside of the pit as well. Yura then watched as her former allies. Shared the same horrifying fate as her father.  Now with everyone in her father's syndicate dead. Yura was free to live life as she pleased. Yura decided she wanted to continue killing. Yura would soon become an hired killer for various mobsters and underworld syndicates. Five years later during one of her missions. Yura meet a young woman name Celia Reigns. Upon learning about Celia's tragic past. Yura decided she would make Celia a killer like herself. Teaching her everything her father taught her. Along with some skills she picked up over the years. Shortly after making Celia just as bloodthirsty as her. The two women would go on killing sprees. Even targeting many of Yura's former clientele. Enjoying many years of killing. One night after Yura and Celia had targeted a random Sage. Before Yura delivered the finishing blow. The Sage had cursed Yura with depression.

Once the curse had began taking it's effect on Yura. No longer did Yura desire to kill but instead wished to die. Celia realizing Yura's blood lust beginning to dwindle. Decided her mentor was no longer worthy of living. Upon learning that Celia wanted to kill her. While Yura's desire to die was active. Yura didn't want Celia to be the one to kill her. After a fearsome battle against her protege. Yura emerged victorious against Celia. However instead of killing Celia like she deserved. Yura spared Celia's life and abandoned her. Unable to bring herself to commit suicide. Yura decided she needed to find someone strong enough to kill her. After a few months had passed. Yura finally found someone worthy of killing her. That person was no other than Mayland current ruler, King Onyxe. A demon who possessed power unlike any she had ever faced. Yura entered the Devilry Combat Tournament. Knowing if she made it far enough in the tournament. That she would eventually battle against Onyxe. However as time went on. Yura's passion to die began driving her mad. During the night before the semi finals of the tournament. Yura had broke into King Onyxe's castle.

Immediately Yura was attacked by several of Onyxe's bodyguards. One by one Yura had defeated Onyxe's bodyguard and spared everyone of them. Once confronted by King Onyxe himself along with his best friend and Right Hand Man. A demon name James Del Soto. Yura could had easily escaped from Onyxe's castle. However she didn't come to kill him but to make him kill her. Yura charged towards Onyxe but James quickly intervene in Onyxe's defense. Yura had tried to fight off James but she was no match for him. Meanwhile Onyxe used his telepathy to see into Yura's mind. Knew everything that happened in Yura's life. Onyxe felt angered but mostly pity for her. Right before James could cause fatal harm against Yura. Onyxe had ordered James to release her. Reluctantly releasing Yura from his grip. James watched as Yura ran to attack Onyxe. Right before Yura could land a single hit against Onyxe. The King had used his telepathic abilities to stop Yura in her tracks. While this would had been a worrying situation for most assassins. Yura was thrilled Onyxe had easily stopped her. Yura knew she made the right choice in choosing Onyxe to kill her. However Yura would soon realize that would not be the case

Once Onyxe had walked over to her. Yura prepared herself to the death she longed desired. Instead Yura felt Onyxe's wrapping his arms around her. Holding onto Yura like a friend he hadn't seen in years. Realizing that Onyxe had no intentions of killing her. Yura began screaming angrily. Cursing out Onyxe and hurling insults. Hoping to anger him enough to kill her. Yura continued cursing and insulting him until exhaustion. Failing to anger Onyxe into killing her. Tears now running down her eyes. Yura decides to beg Onyxe to end her life. "Why won't you kill me? I deserve to die" Yura says to Onyxe. Shaking his head in disagreement. Onyxe says to Yura "I know why you grown to despise your existence. In spite of all the evil you have done. I also know you didn't choose that life but were forced into it. If I wasn't for the man over there. I too could had ended up like you. Therefore I shall not end your life. Nor can I let your misdeeds go unpunished. However you will not be executed or sent to prison. Instead I will put you on a long path of redemption. Only if you choose to surrender yourself to me?". Once Onyxe had allowed her control over her body. Yura drops to the ground and pleads with Onyxe to help her. After Yura had surrender herself to Onyxe. Yura was taken out of the tournament. Beginning her life as the castle Janitor. Working her way up to Onyxe's field agents and bodyguard. Years after proving her worth to Onyxe. Becoming his closest ally only second to James. Yura was promoted to becoming Onyxe's Leading Lady. Which was the female equivalent of James's current position. In spite of her dark past. Yura has finally proven herself worthy of being a hero. Working hard day and night. Serving Onyxe and protecting the citizens of Mayland.


1. Yura was created by the result of my scrapped ideal for Hisako

2. I originally had intended Yura to redeem herself after killing her father and his ninjas. However I changed my mind and decided Yura would be evil a bit longer

3. In the original profile story for Yura. The tentacle monster was a creature she summoned. Not something she caught prior to using it to kill her father

4. Yura's ahoge was inspired from the protagonist of the Danganronpa series Mako Naegi

5. Prior to aiding with her resurrection. Yura was a huge admire of the legendary Magical Samurai, Hisako Miki

6. Yura can speak six different languages. English, Japanese, Mandarin, French, Italian, and Spanish. However unlike the other five. Yura was taught Spanish by her friend James 

Forbidden Chapter 64

Forbidden Chapter Sixty Four

The Inevitable

Previous Chapter:

Iron Zabel accused Hellin of being a member of the Children of Ruin. Hellin quickly denounced the cult leader's claim, knowing she would never ally herself with Janiel and his fellow demons. Still, Hellin couldn't help but wonder, "Why would Iron Zabel make such a statement?" The possibility of Iron Zabel just messing with her wasn't unlikely, yet Hellin knew a man like Iron Zabel wouldn't casually make such wild accusations...unless there was some truth to his words.

That could only mean one of two things: Hellin was unknowingly manipulated, (most likely by Janiel or one of his cohorts), or another demon has been using her appearance as their own. The first being impossible because Hellin has never been mind-controlled. Not only was Hellin a powerful telepath like her mother, but Hellin also possessed a superior force of mental will, which made someone like her impervious to mind control. The possibility of a doppelganger was also unlikely since Hellin knew for certain she was the only clone of King Onyxe. Hellin knew; however, that some demons were capable of altering their appearance through magic or shapeshifting. She was certain that had to be the case. She wondered who would dare use her in such a manner.

At the moment, Hellin needed to put that thought aside and focus on the task at hand: Terminating Iron Zabel. Hellin had to stop him from completing his ritual of sacrificing the citizens of Neo Aigosthena. Hellin knew she and her trusted friend and loyal servant, Anna, would first have to fend off The Beyonder Celia Reigns, Iron Zabel's bodyguard and assassin, before they could take out Iron Zabel.

Celia: So ladies? Which one of you wishes to die first? Unless the two of you wish to take me on at the same time? Allowing me to kill the both of you!

Hellin: Arrogant bitch! Do you have any idea what you're up against?

Anna: Just because you managed to survive against Angelina and Nara. Don't think for a second you'll be lucky twice assassin. My Tarot cards along with my potions will be your undoing

Celia: Then cease your talking bitches and come at me

Hellin: I'm going to enjoy tearing you apart Beyonder!

 Covering her left fist in black colored flames. Hellin charges towards Celia with a killer intent. Reaching inside of her bag. Anna pulls out one of her Tarot Cards. Anna immediately summons the Tarot Spirit Jin The Hermit into battle. Hellin attempts to strike Celia with her blazing fist. Celia quickly uses her supernatural agility. Dodging Hellin's attack with ease. Angered by how easily Celia dodged her attack. Hellin Begins creating a ball of fire between her hands. Watching Hellin preparing a devastating attack against Celia. Anna decides she needs to keep Celia occupied. Reaching inside of her bag once again. Anna pulls out a bottle with neon yellow liquid. Removing the cork from the bottle. Anna drinks nearly half the liquid inside. Now able to use her Lemon Style Kung-Fu. Anna puts the bottle back inside her bag. Anna along with Jin goes to fight Celia. In order to buy Hellin enough time to complete her attack.

 Shortly after Hellin and Anna left to fight Iron Zabel. Lava Rose along with Zira and Tre'. Prepare to combat Levin, Lycra, and the rest of Iron Zabel's disciples. Angered that Hellin and Anna had gotten away. The two sages plan on making Lava Rose and his comrades suffer. Levin orders the other disciples to lend Lycra and him their powers. In order for both sages to gain more power against the enemy. The Disciples raises their hands above their heads. Transmitting their energy over to Levin and Lycra. Once The Disciples finish giving Levin and Lycra their energy. The Disciples immediately collapses to the ground. Now fueled by the energy of their fellow disciples. Levin and Lycra start transforming in front of Lava Rose and his teammates.

 Removing the upper part of their robes from their bodies. Levin and Lycra reveal their chisel upper body. Their skin changes from it normal complexion to black. Along with satanic markings all over their skin. Levin's markings being red and Lycra's blue. Levin and Lycra now completely transformed. The two sages stare menacingly at Lava Rose, Zira, and Tre'. Staring back at their newly transform enemies. Lava Rose along with his teammates. Begin to worry if they are capable of defeating the newly powered Levin and Lycra. However between their belief to never surrender before evil. Along with the fact Lava Rose, Zira, and Tre' trust in one another. Team Rose stands confidently against the two transformed sages

Levin: Now that Lycra and I have transformed into our Destruction Form. The three of you are destined for death!

Lycra: I bet the three of you are wishing your demon friends were still here. Perhaps the five of you together would had stood a chance. Unfortunately the three of you don't posses the power to defeat us

Levin: So any last words before Lycra and I end your worthless lives?

Lava Rose: My friends and I are going to kick your fake demon asses. ZIRA! TRE'! Let's show these fuckers what we can do!

 Lava Rose, Zira, and Tre' get ready to attack. Lava Rose begins creating candy like goo between his palms. Zira's body becomes surrounded in a dark aura. Tre' forms two holy energy balls in each of his hands. Levin and Lycra remain still as Team Rose prepares to strike




 Lava Rose releases a blast of caramel from his hands. Zira creates a giant claw made of dark matter. Tre' throws four holy powered bombs. All three of their attacks heading towards Levin and Lycra. Quickly placing both their hands in front of them. Levin and Lycra create a powerful barrier. Neutralizing all three of Team Rose's attacks upon contact. Lava Rose and his teammates were shocked. Seeing how easily Levin and Lycra defended against their attacks. Quickly snapping out their state of shock. Team Rose attempts to attack Levin and Lycra once again. However before Team Rose had the chance to attack. Levin and Lycra unleashes an attack of their own. 

Levin and Lycra: DARK DIVINITY!

 Each Sage holds out their right hand. Levin and Lycra releases a powerful shockwave made of negative energy. Sending Team Rose crashing to the ground upon impact. Despite the damage Team Rose received from Levin and Lycra's attack. They attempt to get up from the ground. Only to find themselves unable to move their bodies

Tre': Okay what the hell is going on? I can seem to move my body

Zira: It's the same for me as well. My legs aren't working at all... fuck!

Lava Rose: Dammit! It seems like their attack had a paralyzing effect

Levin: Dark Divinity certainly does have a paralyzing effect. However it  isn't guaranteed to paralyze the enemy. It seems like luck wasn't on your side

Lycra: Now it's time Levin and I end your worthless lives

Lava Rose: Shit! Tre' hurry up and use you holy powers to break your paralysis. At least if you're be able to save yourself

Tre': I'm not going to save myself and allow Zira and you to die. Either I save all three of us or all of us perish

Levin: None of you shall be spared. Now Lycra let's hurry and finish them off

 Placing their right hands out before them. Levin and Lycra forms powerful energy balls within their palms. Levin's being red and Lycra's blue. Tre' manages to recover from his paralysis. Thanks to the aid of his angelic powers. However before Tre' could help Lava Rose and Zira. Levin and Lycra unleashes a red and blue laser like energy blast at Team Rose. Upon their devastating attack making contact. Wearing sinister grins on their faces. Levin and Lycra watches the smoke clears. Caused by their fatal attack against Team Rose. Certain they had eliminated the three heroic sages. Once the smoke had cleared. Levin and Lycra were shocked by what they saw. Instead of seeing the decimated bodies of Team Rose. 

 Not only were Team Rose were still alive. Standing In front of them was an Onna Bugeisha. Holding in her hand a sword which defended against their attack. Standing bebind the Onna Bugeisha was another female sage. Dressed in a luxurious purple attire with a red color creature floating beside her. Tre' who had manage to successfully heal Lava Rose and Zira from their paralysis. Recognizes the female sage in purple. Immediately calling out her name in excitement

Tre': OMG! It's supermodel and actress Oriana Violet! What is somebody like you doing in such a place?

Oriana: Well hello to you too sir. While I'm grateful you know of me. Now isn't the time to be starstruck. Anyways my lady samurai friend and I are here to help. My summoning Ricky is also here to assist us

Lava Rose: And what's your name Miss Samurai?

Hisako: My name is Hisako Miki. It's thanks to trusty sword Kagemori. That the three of you are still alive

Zira: No way! Are you really the Legendary Magical Samurai Hisako Miki? I thought you had died one hundred and seventy five years ago. How are you even alive?

Hisako: It's true I died many nearly two centuries ago. Thanks to King Onyxe's Leading Lady Yura. I have been brought back from the dead. Exactly how that's possible is a story for later. Right now we need to take down those two assholes

Oriana: Also speaking about Yura. She's the one the brought us here. After Yura was certain the three of you were helping Hellin and Anna. Hisako, Ricky, and I were order to aid you three in battle. Meanwhile Yura went to go help Hellin and Anna

Lava Rose: While your arrival was unexpected. My friends and I are beyond grateful that you're here to help

Levin: Insufferable little shits! How dare you stand against the Disciples of Lord Zabel!

Lycra: Do you fools think you can defeat us? All you're doing is making us angrier thus more powerful

Levin: Now prepares yourselves maggots to feel the full extent of our power

Hisako: Annoying little shits like you two are a dime a dozen. Kagemori let's teach these loser sages a lesson they won't soon forget

 Shortly after Hellin had failed to kill Celia. Anna along with her summoning Jin engaged Celia in combat. Allowing Hellin preparation for her fatal fiery attack. Despite of their best efforts to harm Celia. Neither Anna or Jin were a match against the experienced assassin. Instead Anna and Jin were on the receiving end of Celia's powerful strikes. Jin receiving the worst of Celia's fury. Fortunately in spite of not harming Celia. Anna and Jin had managed to buy Hellin enough time. In order for her to unleash her deadly attack. Sensing that Hellin is ready to roast Celia. Anna swiftly returns Jin back to the Tarot World. Allowing Jin to receive a much needed rest

Hellin: ANNA MOVE OUT THE WAY! I'm going to kill this fucking bitch!

 Without saying a single word. Anna quickly moves herself out of Hellin's way. Allowing Hellin a clear view of Celia


 Hellin unleashes a giant stream of black color fire towards Celia. Unable to avoid Hellin's attack in time. In order to keep herself from being burned to death. Celia resorts to the only tactic she knows can possibly save her. Placing her right hand in front of her. Celia's hand started glowing in a luminous red light. Just as Hellin's flames make contact with Celia. A powerful force field forms around Celia's right hand. Neutralizing the deadly black flames. Recognizing the technique Celia is using to defend herself. Hellin and Anna watches as Celia manages to survive Hellin's attack. However Celia caused herself great exhaustion. Due to having use a lot of her energy to neutralize Hellin's attack

Hellin: Persistent little bitch! Didn't think you possessed any kind of magic capabilities. Let alone being a user of Negation Magic. Guess our friend back in the Royal Lands. Isn't the only user of Negation. Anyways now that you're exhausted from fending off my flames. My next attack is certain to put an end to you

Celia: Don't think just because am a little exhausted. Means I'm going to be easy pickings for your fucking demon bitches! Now come at me with everything you bitches got

 However before either Hellin or Anna could make a move. Everyone inside of Iron Zabel's Throne Room. Sensed a presence coming towards them. While Iron Zabel was unfamiliar with the yet identify being. Hellin, Anna, and Celia immediately recognized the individual's presence. While Hellin and Anna were simply surprised. Knowing the incoming presence was that of an ally. Which neither had expected to be within Iron Zabel's hideout. Celia on the other hand. Began to feel an intense rage building inside of her. Knocking down Iron Zabel's door with a powerful kick. Standing before them was a beautiful Japanese woman dressed in a skin tight brown bodysuit. Anna immediately calls out the woman's name

Anna: YURA! Oh am I so happy to see you. What are you doing here? I thought Onyxe was going to let us deal with Iron Zabel?

Yura: I'm happy to see you as well Anna and Hellin. Yes while initially Onyxe was going to let you guys deal with Iron Zabel. However after what happened last night and today's events. Onyxe decided to send you guys some backup. Which consists of Oriana, Hisako, and myself. Oriana and Hisako are currently helping your friends battle against Iron Zabel's remaining Disciples. Allowing me to settle a score while you two deal with eliminating Zabel. It's been a very long time... CELIA!

Celia: YURA! I had been praying for this day to come. Ever since that day you abandoned me. I been waiting for the day that I can finally get my hands on you! The hate that I been holding onto for years. Finally the day has come to quench my hatred towards you. How could you just fucking abandon ME! All those years we spend together. Killing both the innocent and the guilty. Protecting one another like blood born sisters. Did all of that mean fucking nothing to you? How could just fucking turn your back on me Yura? Tell me what did I do to deserve such treatment from you?

Iron Zabel: Celia get ahold of yourself! This is not the time to behave like a scorn lover. Now hurry up and eliminate them. The time of Ascension is nearly upon us

Celia: SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU WANNABE GOD! I care not for your ambitions to become a God. After all I was going to fucking kill you. Just right before you can become something you never deserved. Allowing me to rightfully become a God in your place. However now that my former sister in arms turned arch nemesis has arrived. All I care about is exacting my revenge against her

Hellin: I knew you two had bad blood but damn. Kinda reminds me of the bad blood between my older sister and I. Only ours is much worst

Yura: Oh Celia still psychotic as ever. Didn't I tell why I decided to abandon you? I was done being a murderer. While I cannot undo my sinful past. Thankfully I manage to find salvation serving under Mayland's current King. It's just unfortunate you couldn't do the same

Celia: HOW FUCKING DARE YOU! Just because you're now behaving like some servant of justice. Doesn't make you any better than me. After all I wouldn't be the woman I'm today. If it wasn't for you!

Yura: That is true but you had so much promise back then. Now you're just a mistake I should had erased a long time ago. Thankfully I can rectify this past wrong tonight!. However I have one condition for you Celia

Celia: Exactly what would that be Yura?

Yura: In order to properly exact your revenge. The two of us need to fight one on one. Course that requires you to abandon Zabel. Allowing Hellin and Anna to fight him without interference

Celia: What's the other option bitch!

Yura: Remain loyal to that wannabe God and be slain by Hellin. Because both you and I know you can't beat her. Otherwise both Hellin and Anna would already be dead. So what's it gonna be Celia?

Iron Zabel: Celia! I can forgive your traitorous words. However if you dare leave to fight your former friend. Upon my ascension to Godhood. I shall make you suffer a thousand deaths

Yura: Well with that being said Celia. You know where to find me. Hellin! Anna! I wish the both of you ladies luck taking down Zabel

 Yura waves goodbye to Hellin and Anna. Before making her way out of Iron Zabel's Throne Room. Celia takes only a few seconds to make her decision. Quickly giving Iron Zabel the middle finger. Celia then runs after Yura in a murderous rage. Angered by the fact Celia had betrayed him. Iron Zabel has no one to defend him against Hellin and Anna. Wearing a shit eating grin smile on her face. Knowing there is nothing standing between her and her target

Hellin: Talk about unfortunate Zabel. However you can't tell me you didn't know Celia was going to betray you? Not that I give two fucks about it

Iron Zabel: I knew that fucking ingrate would betray me. I was just waiting for the perfect time to kill her. However thanks to your fucking interference! Celia's demise will have to wait until after I become a God

Anna: Are you fucking dense? Neither Hellin or I are going to allow you to sacrifice the citizens of Neo Aigosthena. Therefore you're not becoming a God!

Iron Zabel: If you two bitches think you're going to stop me. Then you both have another thing coming. Do you really think I'm that weak? Compare to the inevitable deaths of the citizens of Neo Aigosthena. The fucking pain I'm going to inflict upon the both of you. Is going to make their deaths a joyride compare to yours

Hellin: HA! You really think you got us shook? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! I'M GOING TO SO ENJOY FUCKING KILLING YOU! It's just unfortunate my mother won't be here to witness your demise false God!


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

New Character! Jaw-Long


Name: Jaw-Long

Age: 22

Nationality: Chinese

Blood Type: 0

Height: 5'9

Weight: 145 pounds

Likes: Fighting, traveling, family, naps, tangyuan

Dislikes: Weak opponents, missed opportunities, boredom

Magic Name: No Name as of now. Jaw-Long uses a self taught magic using his KI energy for various effects

Fighting Style: Choy Li Fut

Mini Bio: A young and handsome fighter hailing from China. Jaw-Long travels the world in search of great opponents. In order to perfect his magic he created using his KI energy. Along with his Choy Li Fut taught by his parents. Jaw-Long is a fearsome opponent for anyone who dares challenge him

Below Are Some of Jaw-Long's attacks

Xiaoyu's Rumble Costume


A special outfit I drew just for Xiaoyu. I'm thinking about doing more for the participants of the Underground Fighting Tournament and probably some others non participants