Friday, April 21, 2017

Profile Pelham


Pelham, The Angelic Voiced Killer

Name: Pelham Mahlep

Age: 39

Hair Color: Cobalt Blue

Eye Color: Teal

Gender: Female

Height: 5'10

Weight: 133 pounds

Likes: Traveling, killing, bluegrass music

Dislikes: Losing, the sound of laughter

Magic Name: Cottonmouth

Abilities: Pelham can manipulate poison in various ways. Pelham also is immune from being poisoned. Along with her poisonous magic. Pelham is very skilled in hand to hand combat

BIO: Born into the wealthy Mahlep Family.  Pelham is the youngest of ten children. While everyone in her family was normal. Pelham was diagnose with having Reduced affect display. Making life very difficult for Pelham and burden to her family.  Once Pelham was old enough to venture on her own. Pelham left her family without saying a single word. Shortly after learning the Magical Arts called Cottonmouth. Pelham had joined a group of misfit sages called White Lash. Pelham remained a member of the guild. Until one day she messed up during a mission. Despite this was Pelham first mistake since joining White Lash. Due to the fact Pelham's incompetence. Caused two of her teammates to be captured by the authorities. The remaining members of White Lash had decided. Pelham could no longer be apart of their group. Threatening to kill her if they ever crossed paths again. While Pelham didn't care about being kicked out the group. Pelham did wish she was able to kill them. However Pelham knew she couldn't kill White Lash on her own. Therefore Pelham decided to become a killer for hire. 

 Nearly a year and a half later since going solo. One day after completing an assignment in Neo Aigosthena. Pelham encountered a male demon dressed in a suit. Knowing the demon had ill intentions for her. Pelham attempted to combat the demon. However unaware of the demon's capabilities. Pelham was quickly put to sleep by the demon's attack. Upon waking up hours later. Pelham found herself along with eight other fighters. Forced to compete in a Underground Fighting Tournament. In order to return to her normal life. Pelham is forced to fight for her freedom


1. The name of Pelham's magic is based on an actual snake

2. Unlike the other combatants in the tournament. It took me several attempts to create a desired design for Pelham

3. Noted in the first chapter Pelham debuted. While Pelham posses a buxom type body. Pelham is a very plain looking woman

4. Pelham is a very orthodox taste in fashion

5. Pelham's family name is her first name spelled backwards

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