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Forbidden Chapter 65

Forbidden Chapter Sixty Five

Round One! Nara VS Damien

 After defeating Pruflas's assassins inside the forest. Okubi and company continue heading towards Pruflas's Fortress. Believing they had eliminated the threats within the forest. Okubi and the others quickly discovered they were wrong. Encountering several other threats inside the forest. Ranging from demonic wolves, evil fairies, golems, manticores, and even a Blue Skinned Centaur. Although the heroes battled against the creatures. It was Okubi who defeated the majority. Even taking on and defeating the Blue Skinned Centaur on his own. While many of Okubi's comrades were impressed by his performance. Realizing how powerful Okubi had become. Since having survived the Dark Dream Trial. Eligos and Angelina couldn't help but feel concern. While Angelina's worries came from knowing a demon young as Okubi. Shouldn't be able to posses such a immense level of power. Eligos on the other hand remembered his Master's curse. Knowing the more he used his powers. The greater the despair grew inside him. After tossing the Blue Skinned Centaur's head on the ground. Okubi turns his attentions towards his comrades. Ordering them to follow him deeper into the forest. Eligos immediately flies over to his Master's side. Okubi begins moving forward as the others follow.

 Meanwhile inside The Underground Fighting Tournament. Nara is about to face off against Damien. The Tae Kwon Do using Go Go Dancer. When the two men had first encounter one another. Nara didn't particularly care for Damien. Nor did he have anything against him. However after the incident earlier in the auditorium. Where Nara was arguing with Bradox. Nearly coming to blows with the Frenchman. Damien was one of the individuals who sided with Bradox. Even gave both Xiaoyu and him crap about their presence and purpose in Karen's tournament. While Nara ultimately wanted to fight Bradox. Facing off against Damien will do just fine.

Nara: I was hoping to fight your leader. Looks like I gotta settle for you candy boy

Damien: Oh sexy! Don't allow yourself to be fooled by my appearance. I'm stronger than you can imagine. My kicks will bring about your demise

Nara: If you're kicks are anything like your fashion sense. This is going to be the easiest fight I had in years. Also since you're a mortal without any magic. I'll try not using too much magic against you. Probably could knock your ass out with a simple punch

Damien: I wonder if your dick is as big as your ego? If you really think I'm to lose to a sucka like you. Then you got another fucking thing coming. Here's a preview of what I can do pretty boy

 Damien performs severals fast kicks before Nara. In order to display his fighting capabilities. After having performed several kicks while on the ground. Damien leaps into the air and perform a 360 spin kick. Creating a circle of fire in the air. Damien then lands gracefully back onto the ground. Now having witnessed Damien's blazing fast kicks. Nara couldn't help but to be impress by what he saw. While Nara now considers Damien a worthy opponent. The Darken is still 100% certain about his chances of winning.

Nara: Those are some really nice kicks you got there afro. You're even able to create fire from your attacks. Really impressive shit man

Damien: Thanks for the compliment sexy. That's was only a demonstration of my abilities. I got much more heat waiting for your cocky ass. So get ready to feel the burn

Nara: Seriously enough with calling me "sexy". I don't swing that way or even think about another man in that matter. Now as far as your attacks. While my perception of you as a fighter has changed. I'm still 110% confident about beating your ass. Now let's get this fight started. The sooner I win the sooner I can reunite with my girl

Damien: Yeah you'll reunite with alright. After I'm done kicking YOUR ARROGANT ASS!

 Beyond fed up with Nara's arrogance. Damien charges towards him ready to attack. Surrounding his right foot in a fiery KI energy. Damien then leaps into the air. Flying towards Nara with a fiery kick. Watching Damien moving towards. Nara quickly changes his eyes colors from brown to icy blue. Allowing him usage of his snow magic attacks. Nara then watches as Damien gets closer to striking him. Waiting for the right time to dodge his attack

Damien: Get ready for the pain Nara... DRAGON KISS!

 Damien comes at Nara with a fiery kick. Quickly Nara flips into the air. Dodging Damien's attack and lands behind him. It's now Nara's turn to strike

Nara: Nice try Damien but now it's my turn! COLD DREAM BLIZZARD!

 Nara unleashes from his hands. A purple blue colored blizzard at Damien. Unable to dodge Nara's attack. The blizzard hits Damien with full force. Knocking him down to the ground. 

Nara: I bet that cool you down

Damien: Cute attack but it's not enough. I got plenty of fight left in me

Nara: Well get up then chump. I'll gladly knock your ass down again

 Damien rising back to his feet. Suddenly feels a surge of sleepiness. Confused to why he's feeling tired. Damien immediately turns his attention to Nara

Damien: Yo what's the deal with me feeling sleepy all of the sudden?

Nara: Oh looks like my attack's side effect kicked in. Whenever I hit someone with Cold Dream Blizzard. There's a forty percent chance my opponent may begin to feel sleepy. If you feel to tired to battle Damien. Perhaps you should forfeit and take a nap. Otherwise I gotta keep on kicking your ass dude

Damien: The hell with you cocky sonabitch! I'm going to show you I'm not some light weight

 Resisting the effects of Nara's Cold Dream Blizzard. Damien rushes towards Nara. Coming at him with multiple kicks. Dodging each of Damien's powerful kicks. Nara attempts to counter with a strike of his own. Only for his attack with be blocked by Damien. Annoyed by how well Damien is keeping up with him. Despite Nara being much stronger than the magic-less fighter. Nara feels his Darken self beginning to creep up on him. However knowing he doesn't want to lose control. Especially with Xiaoyu not around to calm his down. Thus resisting the urge to go Darken. Instead Nara grabs Damien and tosses him in the air. Allowing him to take Damien out for good. Forming a snowball between his palms. Nara plans on using his Arctic Blaster attack. An attack that will definitely knock Damien out. However while focusing on his next attack. Nara didn't realize Damien had gain his composure. While high up in the air. Damien sets both his feet on fire. Coming down towards Nara like a meteor. Nara nearly completing his spell. Notices Damien coming towards him at a high velocity. Forcing Nara to shoot out an incomplete Arctic Blaster at him. Easily burning through the stream of snow. Damien strikes Nara in his chest. Sending him crashing to the ground. 

Damien: Hey asshole! Didn't expect me to knock your ass didya? Now to finish you off Mr. Overconfident

Nara: Everyone gets a lucky shot asshole. Anyways I'm done playing with you. Time I end this fight

Damien: I knew it! I'm going to make you regret going soft on me boy... DRAGON'S KISS!

 Setting his right foot ablaze. Damien leaps into the air and charges towards Nara. Covering his right hand with snow. Nara gets ready to take Damien down. Damien's blazing foot is about to connect with Nara's face. Nara quickly maneuvers himself out the way. Grabbing Damien by his leg and slamming him on the ground. Despite the pain of being slammed. Damien tries to get up off the ground. Only to notice his body slowly being covered in snow. Immediately causing him to panic

Damien: Y---YO! What are you doing to me?

Nara: Oh this is my FROST TOUCH. It's a spell that covers anything I touch with snow. My plan is to cover you up to your neck with snow. Leaving you unable to battle and giving me the win. Unless you want to just surrender now?


Nara: Well then enjoy being covered in snow

 Watching his body rapidly being covered in snow. Damien fears he's about to lose to Nara. Desperate to find a way to get Nara off of him. Just before the snow reaches his torso. Damien figures out a way to get Nara off him. Lifting up his upper body off the ground. Damien puts his hand's on Nara's face. Unable to react in time. Nara receives an unexpected french kiss from Damien. Shocked and disgusted being kissed by Damien. Nara unintentionally removed his hand from Damien's leg. Ending the effects of his Frost Touch. Nara quickly creates distance Damien and himself. Immediately Nara spits on the ground. Trying to get the taste of Damien out of his mouth. Damien nearly at his limit. Knows his next attack my take Nara down. Otherwise he will without a doubt lose this match. Nara momentarily busy in his disgust. Damien prepares his ultimate attack

Damien: Did my kiss really gross you out? If you hated the taste of my lips. Then prepares yourself for the taste of defeat! 

 Focusing all of his energy into his right foot. Damien prepares to unleash his ultimate attack. 

Damien: Now get ready for... DESTRUCTIVE ZEPHYR!

 Quickly leaping into the air. Damien performs a backflip while airborne. Unleashing a crescent shaped energy towards Nara. Finally getting the taste of Damien out of his mouth. Nara sees a crescent shaped blast coming towards him. Unable to dodge in time. Nara attempts to create a powerful wall of snow. However before Nara could create his wall. Damien's attack connects with Nara. Sending him crashing to the ground. Five seconds later Nara becomes unconscious. A minute later Nara open's his eyes. Due his Darken powers running through his veins. Nara had managed to recover from Damien's ultimate attack. Immediately Nara tries to get off the ground. In order to continue his battle against Damien. However as Nara tries to move his body. Sitting on top of him is Karen Caramel. Confused and irritated by Karen's presence. Nara begins speaking rudely to Karen

Nara: What the fuck are you doing Karen? Get off of me so I can finish my match against Damien

Karen: HA! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Oh Nara Nary Nar you're so funny. The match between Damien and you has already ended

Nara: The fuck are you talking about? Unless you did something to Damien while I was temporarily knocked out. Our match is far from over. I'm going to show Mr. Go Go Dancer everything I got

Karen: Oh it's nothing I did to Damien but what he did to you. Remember back in the auditorium. I told you all about my hidden rules? During a bout in The Underground Fighting Tournament. If one of the challengers are unconscious for a minute or more. I give the victory to the fighter still standing. Thus meaning Damien is the winner of the first match in The Underground Fighting Tournament

Nara: WHAT! Are you fucking kidding me?

Karen: I consider myself quite the comedian but there's no joking here Nara. This is what happens when you hold back against your opponent. Had you went all out against Damien in the beginning.  Considering you're much stronger than him. It would had been your first victory in the tournament. Instead of your first lost. Maybe the next time you fight. You won't make the mistake of going easy on your opponent. Unless of course you want me to execute you. Then by all means keep on losing and receive three consecutive loses. Oh man when Xiaoyu finds out you lost. She is going to be SO disappointed. Especially when she learns who defeated you

Nara: Dammit!

Karen: Now that I'm done making you feel small. Time for me to send you back to the auditorium. After all I still got four more bouts to go. Also just to let you know Nara. Danielle's match is up next. Xiaoyu's being the final match of today. Now I'm going to open a portal for you loser. Once you enter my portal. It will take you back to the auditorium. Giving you time to fully recover. Along with time to dwell on your defeat. Course I get off of you first ha ha ha. Also if you see Damien. Don't you dare mess with him. If you try taking revenge against him. I will not punish you but target Xiaoyu and Danielle instead. Now get ready to leave my marvelous presence loser

 Karen gets off of Nara's body. Opening a portal for him to return to auditorium. After Nara had enter her portal. Karen gets ready for the next battle. Meanwhile back in Pruflas's Dimension. Okubi and his team have nearly reached the Fortress. Suddenly from out of nowhere. Lisa begins hearing a voice inside the forest. Eyes start to glow in a luminous white color. Lisa's angel wings also sprout from behind her back. Okubi and the others stare at Lisa with confusion and concern. Unsure what had triggered Lisa to behave in such a manner. Angelina and Futanari attempts to question Lisa. In order to understand what's going on with her. However before either women can speak to her. Lisa swiftly takes off into the forest. Greatly concern about their comrade's strange behavior. Okubi and the others get ready to chase after her. Suddenly appearing from behind them. A woman wearing a Cerulean Cloak. While the other heroes are immediately alarmed by the unknown woman. Both Okubi and Eligos couldn't help but feel. They had encounter the cloaked woman before in another place. 

 Ordering his comrades to stand down. Okubi along with Eligos goes to confront the Mysterious woman. Upon seeing the Mysterious Woman's face. Okubi and Eligos found themselves speechless. Removing the hood over her head. The Mysterious Woman reveals her beautiful snow white face. Causing the other heroes to react the same as Okubi and Eligos. Standing before the Heroes is the physical form of Okubi's decease mother Ophelia. Surprise to see his mother in the enemy's dimension. Immediately Okubi begins questioning his mother

Okubi: Mother! How is it even possible? I thought you were no more than a mere Demon Spirit. Not even capable of maintaing a presence in Asira for too long. Only able to exist in my dreams and The Underworld. What are you doing in Prufla's Dimension?

Ophelia: I'll gladly explain everything to your friends and you son. However right now Lisa is in grave danger. If we don't find her soon he will

James: Lady Ophelia! What exactly cause Lisa to just dip out on us like that?

Ophelia: James Del Soto. Son of the Dreaded Demon Pirate Rico Del Soto. Lisa didn't intentionally abandon you guys. Inside of the forest is an angel name Ozriel. An angel Pruflas had captured and cursed many years ago. In order for Ozriel to ever escape this dimension. Another angel has to be imprison in his place. That's why if we don't hurry up and find your friend. Ozriel will make Lisa suffer in his place

Okubi: I'll be damn if I let that happen to Lisa! Mother can you lead us to Ozriel?

Ophelia: It's the reason am here son. Now all of you follow me. We don't have much time to spare. I'll explain everything else on the way

 Shortly after being reunited with his dead mother for the third time. Okubi along with the others follow Ophelia. In order to rescue Lisa from the captured angel Ozriel


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