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Miss Three Souls In One

Name: Kylee

Age: 10 but appears 18

Hair Color: Mostly Chartreuse but with Seaweed Green tip and ends

Eye Color: Magenta

Height: 5'7

Weight: 133 pounds

Likes: Kylee's likes are a mixture of the three souls the made her. Andrea: Quiet, reading, going for walks, improving her magic, cooking, wine tasting Inferna: Fighting, medium rare steak, victory, naps Emilie: Cute guys and girls, stuffed animals, pancakes, glitter, pictures of angels, practicing magic that is consider "cute"

Dislikes: Kylee's dislikes are a mixture of the three souls the made her. Andrea: Stupidity, trouble makers, people who don't appreciate knowledge, people who drink too much, unnecessary violence Inferna: weaklings, the sound of crying, french fries, salads, overly colorful objects, losing Emilie: Ugly people, mean people, raggedy stuff animals, cheddar cheese, assassins

Fighting Style: Number Based Magic + Demonic Instinct + Cute Magic

BIO: Suddenly appearing on the world Asira. Kylee is the fusion of three souls that once resided in the Spirit Realm. The three souls that make Kylee were Queen Andrea of Thorium, Inferna, Brawler of The Underworld, and Princess Emilie of France. Queen Andrea who had died during a war 2009 years ago. Inferna had died nearly 455 years ago against a powerful demon. Princess Emilie died alongside her father. Battling against an assassin hired to kill them over 1756 years ago. While these three souls arrived to the Spirit Realm at different times. Each of them possessing a great spiritual strength. Along with a strong desire to live once again. Upon these three souls finding one another. They had miraculously merged together. Becoming the beautiful entity known as Kylee 

 Exiting the Spirit Realm to Asira. Kylee with the fused memories of Andrea, Inferna, and Emilie. Adjusted to the life amongst the living relatively easily. After having aided a group of elder sage against a powerful dark sage. Kylee was given a position as an Magical Instructor at their school. While the souls that created Kylee sometimes fight for dominance. Making Kylee behave oddly around her colleagues and students. Overall they operate in unison. Allowing Kylee to function normally. Allowing them a second chance at life

Matsu Metalico


Girl On The Run

Name: Matsu Metalico

Age: 17

Hair Color: Mostly Dark Green with Spring Green colored ends

Eye Color: Neon Blue

Height: 5'5

Weight: 124 pounds

Likes: Running, traveling to new places, quesadillas, her Midnight Purple sunglasses, revealing clothing

Dislikes: Her creators, the fear of being captured, men that are too short, applesauce

Fighting Style: Shirojutsu. A bastardize version of Savate programmed into her by her creators

BIO: Prior to living life on the run. Matsu Metalico was a created in a lab secretly located in Melos. Brought to life by the flesh of dead girls and dark magic. Matsu along with several other women were created by mad scientists. In order to be used as weapons and other personal usage. After Matsu was finished being made. Matsu along with the other creations. Were placed in a cryo chamber for fifteen years. During those years while asleep. Unlike the other creations in the cryo chamber. Matsu began forming a conscious. One that make unable to be controlled by her creators. Once the fifteen years were up and Matsu was awaken. Matsu attacked her creators and made her escape

After successfully escaping the laboratory and living the country of Melos. Matsu began to live life on the run. In order to avoid being captured by her creators. Matsu had traveled throughout many places and islands around Asira. Course that didn't stop her from encountering trouble from time. Thankfully her combat skills and limited magic would aid her through danger. Matsu would then steal the money from enemies she defeated. Allowing her to continue traveling and buy food. While continuing to run from her creators. Matsu is currently located at Suriname

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Forbidden Chapter 67

Forbidden Chapter Sixty Seven

Angelic Rage

 Minutes after being in hot pursuit of their friend Lisa. Thanks to the help of Ophelia. Okubi and his friends arrive to Lisa's location. Which is also the location of the angel Ozriel. The one responsible from luring Lisa away. While hidden behind the trees in the forest. Okubi and his friends watch as Ozriel places Lisa under a trance. Since Okubi and most of his team were demons. Okubi and his team knew Ozriel had already sensed their presence. Even Futanari the only human on his team. Wouldn't be able to hide her presence from him. Therefore a surprise attack against Ozriel would prove useless. Okubi along with his friends and mother. Stepping out from behind the trees. Okubi along with his mother and friends. Confronts the angel Ozriel directly. While Lisa still under his control. Ozriel turns over to confront Okubi and company. Dressed in an extravagant silver colored silk robe with golden trims. Exposing both his chest and abdomen. Ozriel gently pats his blazing ivory hair. Staring at Okubi and company with his fiery colored eyes. Ozriel spots Ophelia amongst them. Sets his sights on her and starts to speak

Ozriel: Ophelia, I didn't know you had such an entourage? Did you bring them to witness my emancipation of this place? Or is this some sought of ambush against me?

Ophelia: Ozriel this place is your prison for failing to defeat Pruflas many centuries ago. Sad as your situation is Ozriel. I cannot allow you to force Lisa to suffer in your place. Nor would my son and his friends allow you to do such a thing

Ozriel: How dare you speak to me all high and mighty you jezebel!

Okubi: Watch how you address my mother you swine. Unfortunately enough you decided to kidnap my friend. Now you dare call my mother a whore? I will have your head angel

Ozriel: Well isn't it the golden boy himself. I been looking forward to meeting you Okubi. Especially since Poisonous One had failed to kidnap you

Angelina Wait! How do you know about that?

Eligos: I knew there was something unpleasant about this angel

James: Even more so than Lisa and that's saying a lot

Brutality: Lisa is one fouled mouthed angel. However even she's morally leagues away from this bastard

Futanari: Aren't angels suppose to be agents of good? Why is this one acting like such a villain?

Apollyn: Apollyn doesn't know Futanari buddy. However if Mr. Hothead doesn't give Lisa buddy back. Apollyn is going to turn him into a chocolate bar and eat him!

Tobirama: Exactly how do you know about Okubi's kidnapping? I thought you were merely Pruflas's prisoner. Also if you don't mind explaining how that happen. I would most love to hear it

Ozriel: While I'm a prisoner in this hellhole. I'm not restricted from moving around this dimension. I'm just not allowed access into his Fortress. Unlike a certain woman dressed in Cerulean. However that doesn't mean I don't eavesdrop from time. Especially when Ophelia doesn't feel like sharing her lover's activities with me. I knew about Okubi long before his failed kidnap. Watching Poisonous One carrying an obvious clone was hilarious. I also it interesting that his partner Celia wasn't with him. I assume she died in battle. Although something tells me that's not the case. Women like Celia don't die easily.

Angelina: Sadly something tells me that you're right. Even though I witnessed Celia falling to her death. I never truly believe Celia died after our battle. Hopefully if that bitch is still alive. My friends Hellin and Anna find her and finish her off for good. However Celia isn't the problem right now. Nor do you have to be if you give us Lisa

James: Otherwise we will gladly kick your ass and take our friend back

Okubi: All of us fighting Ozriel would be most unnecessary James. If that fool doesn't hand over Lisa. I'll gladly kill him myself!

Ozriel: Typical demons. Always resorting to violence to solve their problems. I pity you fallen angels

Futanari: Don't you speak about my friends like that asshole! Okubi nor the rest of my demon friends are anything like your typical demons. They have more heart and honor than most people I have ever meet. They even are more manner than Lisa. Who's like you is an angel. The only difference being Lisa isn't a jerk like you

Ozriel: Never would I had ever imagine. Seeing a human fighting alongside demons. Especially one as young as yourself. I remember many centuries ago. My God...former God. Sent my fellow angels and I down from Heaven. In order to protect mortals like you from demons. Shortly after you mortals discovered magic. No longer in need of our protection. The very creaturess that once terrorized your kind. Now have become your friends and even lovers. Giving birth to those abominations called half demon. Bad enough mortals who remain alive in The Underworld too long. End up turning into either a demon or a Darken. If only you mortals had any idea. What we angels had risked. In order to keep your kind from going extinct by those monsters. Never would you had foolishly co exist with them as you do today. Knowing such unity exist between mortals and demons. Along with other various life forms. Disgusts me to no end

Eligos: How dare you speak such buffoonery? My master will end your life!

Angelina: You speak as if all humans share such kindness towards demons. Even in a much more evolved society.  Many demons are still discriminated against. Due to the actions of their ancestors

Brutality: Self important assholes like you really piss me off!

Okubi: Eligos, Angelina, and Brutality. Do not allow Ozriel's words upset you. Also your ignorant remark about half demons like myself. Doesn't bother me the slightest. I heard worst while growing up and I overcame it. I don't need anyone especially you to tell me my worth

Ophelia: It may not bother you Okubi but it bothers me. My son is not an abomination. Evil isn't only reserved for demons. The same way not all mortals, angels, and other life forms are good. Not all demons are evil. You're existence is proof of that Ozriel

Ozriel: Perhaps but unlike you Ophelia. I didn't choose my fate! My God abandon me when I needed him the most

Okubi: Seems like you hold some type of grudge against Asira. My Sensei did ask you to explain how you ended up in this place. Perhaps that why you decided to target our friend Lisa? In order to get some type of revenge against Lord Asira?

James: Whatever his fucking reason for hating Asira. Gives you no fucking right to get Lisa involved

Tobirama: Trust me Mr. Del Soto all us here agreed with you. However I'm very curious to learn how Mr. Ozpiel ended up becoming imprisoned by Pruflas

Ozpiel: If you demons can contain your blood rage long enough. I'll be delighted to tell you the story about how my God forsaken me

Apollyn: Oh this oughta be good

Okubi: Whoa! Did I just hear you make a sarcastic remark Apollyn?

Apollyn: What is a sarcastic remark?

Okubi: Never mind

Ozriel: Many centuries ago prior to my imprisonment in this dimension. I was one of Lord Asira's strongest angels and highly in his favor. Every time my Former Lord sent my brethren and I to the mortal world. In order to protect the beings of that world from the ravenous demons. Using my Holy powers to combat and slay the demons. It brought me immense joy. Delivering justice in the name of My God. Even long after mortals began studying and using magic. In order to defend themselves against the demons. I still continued protecting weaker mortals from demons. At least until my deeds began going unnoticed. Once Asira felt mortals were now capable of combating the demons on their own. Asira forbid any angel from going to mortal world without his consent. Taking away the very thing that brought me joy. I was very angry but I obeyed my Lord's wishes. At least until that demon Pruflas arrived to Neo Aigosthena. Day after day I watched Pruflas inflict suffering upon so many innocent lives. At first I hoped an individual would emerge. One with the power to bring an end to Pruflas. However after years of watching to many promising souls fall before him. I knew I would had to be the one to stop him. However remembering the rules Lord Asira had set. I couldn't just fly down and confront him. Therefore I pleaded with Lord Asira to grant me permission to kill Pruflas. Instead of him granting me my wish. Not only did Asira told me no. That moronic God had the nerve to tell me. I wasn't strong enough to defeat Pruflas

Angelina: It appears Asira was right

Ozriel: Interrupt me again demoness and you'll be the first to die

Okubi: I would love to see you try with me present. Now finish your story before I kill you where you stand

Ozriel: Angered by Asira's words. I knew it wasn't wise to ignore a God's warning. I couldn't bring myself to accept his omen about me battling Pruflas. Therefore I left Heaven without his consent. In order to prove to him that I could defeat Pruflas. Shortly after I arrived to Neo Aigosthena. I sought out Pruflas and engaged him in battle. The battle was long and intense and despite my best efforts. I was overpowered and badly beaten by him. Due to how exhausted I had become. My Holy Powers could no longer heal me properly. Certain I was second away from being killed. I called to Asira to rescue me. However no matter how much I begged him to save me. My cries fell on death ear. Pruflas immediately began to laugh at me. Before unzipping his pants and urinating on me. Abandon by my God I faithfully served. Only because I disobeyed him one time. I was sure Pruflas was going to kill me. Instead to took me to his dimension and placed a curse one me. That curse being the very reason I kidnapped your friend Lisa. While I'm unable to ever escape his dimension. If I found an angel to suffer in my place. I would be allow to escape this realm. That is why I cannot allow you cur to take Lisa away from me

Tobirama: So instead of accepting your fate for disobeying your God. You rather have your fellow angel suffer in your place. You're a pitiful man Ozriel

Ozriel: Silence you dirty tongue Darken. Besides just because Lisa and I are both angels. Doesn't mean we share camaraderie for one another. I was trapped in this dimension centuries before Lisa became an angel. It is time I get from out of this hellhole. Even if it means I have to kill each and every last one of you

Ophelia: Ozriel if you just listen to me. There would be no need for you to do this. My son and his friends---

Ozriel: DO YOU TRULY BELIEVE THAT I WOULD PLACE MY FATE IN YOUR CHILD AND HIS PATHETIC FRIENDS!!! If I couldn't defeat Pruflas. The hell makes you think your son and his friends stand a chance? Pruflas will crush each and every last one of them. Death by my hands would be a luxury compare to what Pruflas will do to them. I swear if your son only knew the truth about you Ophelia. It would shatter his faith in you. The very same way Asira shattered mines

Okubi: Just because you couldn't defeat Pruflas. Doesn't mean my friends and I will share your pitiful fate. Also you had disrespected my mother in my presence one too many times. Therefore even if I felt empathetic towards your suffering. I have no intentions of sparing your life. Now everyone get ready to tear this bastard apart. Mother and Eligos keep your distance

Ozriel: I knew it would come to this. Therefore I already planned how to take you monsters out.... RINGS OF JUDGMENT!

 Leaping up into the air. Ozriel summons multiple giant halo shaped energy rings. In order to trap Okubi and his friends. While both Okubi and James managed to avoid being hit. Apollyn, Futanari, Angelina, Brutality, and Tobirama are struck by the halos. Immediately becoming bind around their upper body. The five of them drop to their knees. Falling into a trance like state. Upon seeing their friends fall victim to Ozriel's attack. Causes both Okubi and James to respond angrily.

Okubi: SENSEI! ANGELINA! Damn you Ozriel

James: The bastard hit our friends with those fucking rings of his. Binding them and placing them in a trance like state

Ozriel: Rings Of Judgment is an attack best used against multiple enemies. It binds the individual upon contact. Placing their mind in a trance like state. Making it impossible to break free. Unless someone breaks the ring binding them or knocks me out. Otherwise they will remain in my mercy

James: You have attacks like these but couldn't defeat Pruflas. What a fucking joke

Ozriel: Yet if you curs cannot defeat me. What chance do any of you stand against Pruflas? This is exactly why I didn't place my faith in them Ophelia

Ophelia: Ozriel you are a fool. My son is stronger than you could ever imagine

Ozriel: Like a typical mother. You think too highly of your child. Even in his current state. He's more a threat to himself than anyone else. That power he received from the Dark Dream Trial. Makes him more of a monstrosity than he already is. Once I put an end to these demons. I will complete to ritual to place my curse onto Lisa. Allowing me to escape this dimension and start a new life

Okubi: I swear on my name. I will see you dead before that happens. Now feel the wrath of my power

 Holding out his right hand. Okubi summons his sword Neurotic Pegasus into his hand. Okubi then lunges towards Ozriel ready to strike. Quickly summoning a golden color sword and shield into his hand. Ozriel charges towards Okubi and engages him in battle. James watches as Okubi and Ozriel exchanges blows. Neither one of them gaining the upper hand. Waiting for the right time to strike. James begins building up energy for a devastating attack. Once James is ready to make his move. James calls out to Okubi

James: Okubi! I'm ready to fry that sonabitch! I just need you to create some distance between you and him

Okubi: Understood

 Immediately after hearing James's request. Okubi activates his ice magic. Infusing the magic into his sword. Okubi then prepares to strike Ozriel with a powerful ice attack


 Okubi swings his sword without mercy. Releases a powerful large crescent shaped ice blast. Striking Ozriel and sends him crashing to the ground. Immediately James prepares to finish the corrupt angel off. Unleashing a powerful stream of fire from his mouth towards Ozriel. Seconds before the flames struck his body. Ozriel performs Angelic Shift! Teleporting himself off the ground just before the flames hit him. Ozriel reappears right behind Ophelia and Eligos. Okubi and James attempt to go after Ozriel. Only to stop the moment Ozriel places his sword around Ophelia's neck. Immediately seeing his mother in danger. Sends Okubi into a fit of rage


Ozriel: You damn demons are trying to kill me! In order to ensure my escape from this dimension. I will resort to any method. If I can't have Lisa. I'll gladly slay your mother. Along with the rest of your friends trapped in my Rings Of Judgment. So tell me Okubi? What are you willing to sacrifice? The angel or your mother and the rest of your demon friends?

Ophelia: Okubi don't worry about me. As long as I remain in this dimension. I can keep recreating myself over and over. So Ozriel can "kill" me all he likes. I learned to stop fearing death many centuries ago

Ozriel: Perhaps death doesn't scare you. Considering you already died at the hands of your son many centuries ago. However I'm pretty certain Okubi's friends wouldn't want to die. Sacrificing five lives just to save one. Seems beyond unreasonable to me. Even if it is an angel

James: Unreasonable or not! We're not letting you fucking switch places with Lisa. Nor are you going to kill any of our other friends

Ozriel: Do you really think you can stop me? The only reason they aren't already dead because I haven't judged them. All I have to do is go to each one of your friends. Deeming each one of them unworthy of living. Demons are naturally the vermin of all life. Humans who fight beside them are not better. So tell me Okubi? Which is it going to be? Stopping me for completing my ritual on Lisa. Allowing me to kill you trapped friends? Or allow me to have Lisa and take your friends to fight Pruflas? Make your choice but choose wisely and fast

Ophelia: Okubi honey I'm so so sorry. If I knew Ozriel was capable of such treachery. I would had killed him a long time ago

Ozriel: If only your fucking lover just freed me from this place. I wouldn't had to resort to such sinister tactics. Do not blame me for wanting freedom. Blame Pruflas for trapping me here in the first place

Okubi: I blame the both of you for ever existing! Eligos any bright suggestion? I could really use your tactical knowledge right about now

Eligos: Considering the situation we're in Master Okubi. I don't know what you can possibly do? If you continue to battle Ozriel. While we are sure to save Lisa. Apollyn, Angelina, Brutality, Futanari, and your Sensei will die. However if we abandon Lisa. We can save the others and battle Pruflas. Hopefully figure out a way to rescue her afterwards

Okubi: Neither of those options are acceptable to me Eligos. Think of something else!

Eligos: All that is left is perhaps to challenge Ozriel in a One on One battle! Winner takes all. However I feel such a challenge would prove distasteful to the angel

Ozriel: Actually I like the sound of that Demon Spirit. Course that's if James and you decides not to combat me together. Allowing me the option to only having to defeat one of you

James: Only if you don't pull a slick fucking move should you lose

Ozriel: If I'm defeated in battle. I promise to not only to release Lisa. I will remove each of my rings from your friends. However if I emerge victorious. Not only do I swap places with Lisa. I will kill my opponent. Along with the rest of your friends. Does that sound reasonable enough?

Okubi: That's fine by me angel. I know for a fact I can defeat you

Ozriel: Indeed which is why you won't be the one I choose to fight

Okubi: Bastard! So you would rather battle James than me? I thought you angels weren't afraid to combat demons

Ozriel: I'm not afraid of demons. However I'm not fool either. Okubi, I know you posses powers beyond the average demon. Powers I not be able to handle. Which is why I choose to combat James instead. Since the two of us are nearly equal in power. My chances of defeating James are much greater than defeating you. So James do you accept my challenge?

James: Do I really have a fucking choice? Just don't be upset when I burn a hole through your skull

Ozriel: If you really think you will defeat me. Then you are in for a rude awakening. Now since James has accepted my offer. Okubi may you please go and join your mother and servant on the sidelines. Also just to warn you. If you even attempt to interfere in the match. I will consider it a forfeit! So don't get any bright ideas. That goes for you as well Ophelia

Eligos: Hey what about me?

Ozriel: You're no threat to me Demon Spirit. All you are is an annoyance

Eligos: Asshole!

Ozriel: Second thought keep your voice at a low. The less I hear of you the better. Otherwise I will also consider that a form of interference. Now if there's nothing else to need to be discuss. James are you prepare to die?

James: Only if you are bitch!

 Ozriel removes his sword from around Ophelia's neck. Ozriel then teleports himself before James and Okubi. Standing only a few inches away from them. Okubi gives James a mix look of concern and anger. Knowing that he can't do anything to help. Unless he dares risk the safety of his friends. Okubi wishes James the best of luck. Then goes to join his mother and Eligos on the sideline. Now standing face to face with Ozriel. Knowing what's at stake. James prepares himself for a fierce battle against a powerful opponent. While James wasn't prepared for any major battle. At least until he finally stood face to face with Ulric. His former benefactor and the man responsible for his wife's death. James felt if he couldn't defeat Ozriel. Then he stood no chance against Ulric. Going into his battle stance. James says a few words before beginning the battle

James: Now that I think about it. Fighting you would make good practice for my main target. If I can't beat some arrogant pissy angel. I won't have what it takes to avenge my wife. So Ozriel thank you for choosing me over Okubi. Now I can really cut loose. Prepare yourself for I'm about to bring the heat!

 Back in the Underground Fighting Tournament. The battle between Xiaoyu and Pelham continues. Xiaoyu while trying to explain herself to Pelham. Suffers an surprise attack at the hands of Pelham. Dropping to her hands and knees. Xiaoyu now in a state of severe confusion. Struggling to gain her composure and to heal herself. In order to defeat Pelham and gain her first win. Approaching Xiaoyu with a killer intent. Pelham surrounds her in venomous energy. In order to deliver the killing blow to Xiaoyu

Pelham: What a waste! If only I could had allowed you to struggle a bit long. Sadly a sage with your powers is dangerous. Sadly your lack of common sense is more fatal. Did you really think trying to converse with me during a match was smart? Well now you'll just have to pay for your mistake in the afterlife. Now Xiaoyu it's time to say goodbye

 Now standing over a barely conscious Xiaoyu. Pelham raises her hand in the air. Ready to finish off Xiaoyu. Sensing Pelham is about to kill her. Xiaoyu feels a rainbow of emotions running through her head. Ranging from the anger she feels towards Pelham and Karen. Upset and worried about Nara's lost to Damien. The guilt she felt for Lorenzo being captured and under Karen's control. Along with the fear of dying and missing Okubi, Apollyn, and her other friends. All these feelings triggers a power hidden deep within Xiaoyu


Just as Pelham goes in for the kill. Xiaoyu's body suddenly becomes surrounded in a black colored forcefield. Not only protecting Xiaoyu from Pelham's lethal attack. The forcefield knock Pelham away. Sending the assassin crashing to the ground. After protecting and healing her. The forefield disappears from around Xiaoyu. Unsure how she managed to create such a powerful forcefield. Along with it being made of black colored energy instead of white. Xiaoyu now back to her feet. Feels a surge of great energy running through her body. Ready to combat and defeat Pelham. Witnessing such a display of power from Xiaoyu. Causes Karen to rejoice with laughter and excitement

Karen: Oh wow wow wow! It looks like Xiaoyu has discovered some new power. Saving her just in the nick of time from certain death. Now this battle could really get started

 Pelham gets off of the ground. Turns her attention back onto Xiaoyu. Pelham stares at her with malice in her eyes. Surrounding both her hands in venom. Pelham starts speaking at Xiaoyu

Pelham: Annoying little cur! How dare you use such a trick against me? Now I'll will make sure your death is long and agonizing one!


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Forbidden Chapter 66

Forbidden Chapter Sixty Six


Shortly after Lisa flew off into the forest. Okubi and his teammates encounter his mother Ophelia. After Ophelia tells Okubi and his teammates the reason behind Lisa's sudden departure. Along with the angel Ozriel and his ill intentions for Lisa. Lead by his mother, Okubi and his team purses their troubled comrade. While focus on finding Lisa before she reaches Ozriel. Okubi decides to take the opportunity to converse with his mother. Knowing that his time with her is limited

Okubi: So mother how long have you been in this dimension?

Ophelia: Would you believe me if I told you. I only been here for half an hour? Course I'm a regular in Pruflas's Dimension. In this place I'm allowed to exist as I was alive. However once your friends and you successfully assassinate Pruflas and his Royal Servants. This dimension will be no more. Forcing me back into The Underworld in order to exist

James: So if we kill Pruflas. This dimension will die along with him?

Angelina: A dimension can only exist only if the creator is alive. If the creator of the dimension is killed. The dimension dies along with them. It happened when we killed Goddess Razel. The same will happen once Pruflas is dead

Ophelia: Which would mean I return to The Underworld. Since I'm only able to physically exist in this dimension. Even as a Demon Spirit. I'm unable to remain in Asira for too long

Okubi: This is truly an unfortunate situation. Sadly I cannot spare Prufla's life. Even if it means eliminating the one dimension you're able to exist. I wish there was some other way mother. Sadly there is no other option. Pruflas must die as will all the members of The Children Of Ruin

James: That goes for that fucking bastard Ulric and the rest of Pruflas's cronies

Futanari: Hopefully I'm able to subdue Yamakagashi instead of killing him. I much rather bring him to justice. So that he may answer for all of his crimes. Course that has to wait now. Until we rescue Lisa from this Ozriel character

Tobirama: Lisa being lured by that corrupted Angel really put a delay on our mission

Okubi: Rescuing Lisa is the only thing that matters at the moment. Thankfully between her scent and my mother leading us to Ozriel's location. Once we take out Ozriel and secure Lisa. We'll return to the Fortress and proceed with our mission to kill Pruflas

Apollyn: If anything bad happens to Lisa buddy. Apollyn is going to be very very very angry

Angelina: Let us remain positive folks. We will rescue Lisa in time

Ophelia: The conviction each and every one of you have is absolutely astounding. I only wish I could be more of help to all of you. The Children Of Ruin are a terrible group of demons that must be eliminated

Tobirama: Lady Ophelia if it's not too much trouble. I have a question I would like to ask you?

Ophelia: Takeda considering you and I are pretty good friends. Along with you being my son's sensei and protector at times. I see no reason why I wouldn't allow you to ask me a question. So please feel free to tell me what's on your mind

Tobirama: Considering your relationship with Pruflas. Even though he is one of the founding members of The Children Of Ruin. Along with being one of the most treacherous demons from The Underworld. Pruflas has always been fairly good to you. Even allowing you to posses a physical form within his dimension. Thus I wonder why you're so hellbent to see him dead?

Ophelia: That is a very good question Takeda. One I expect to hear from a man of your wisdom. Besides the fact Pruflas is an evil man, working with Janiel to release Mastema from Forbidden. Pruflas has always held a soft spot for me. Even when I was happily married to Okubi's father. However despite how I care for Pruflas. The man is an evil demon who must be killed. So many innocent lives were taken by that demon. No amount of love I have for him. Will make me ever excuse the terrible things he's done. Pruflas is a menace that needs to be eliminated. Thankfully Okubi possesses the power needed to kill him. Hopefully that answers your question Takeda?

Tobirama: A satisfying answer indeed Princess Aello. Anyways it seems we are almost to Lisa's location

Angelina: Indeed! I can smell our foul mouthed angel just a few feet away

Okubi: Then let's increase our speed everyone. The faster we rescue Lisa and deal with Ozriel. The quicker I kill that bastard Pruflas

Ophelia: Language Okubi! You know I don't like you using swear words. I wish your father never cursed around you when he was still alive. Also just so you are all aware. While Ozriel doesn't posses the power to escape Pruflas's dimension. Do not dare underestimate his fighting capabilities. Despite how powerful all you are here. Ozriel is an angel going against a bunch of demons and a mortal girl. Fighting against him will not be a cake walk

Okubi: I'm quite aware the danger of fighting an angel. Holy based attacks against demons can prove fatal if not careful. However I also know an angel is only as strong. Depending on the amount of purity they posses. Something tells me Ozriel is definitely lacking in that department

James: I'm can't wait to make that sonabitch pay for targeting Lisa

 Only a few feet away from Ozriel's location. Okubi and company increase their speed in hopes of rescuing Lisa in time. Meanwhile back at the Underground Fighting Tournament taking place in Aigosthena. After the first four bouts were completed. The first battle between Nara vs Damien. Second match between Danielle and Romio. The third being Braddox vs Syh. The fourth between Cool Nine and Sinclair. The winners of each match were Damien, Danielle, Braddox, and Cool Nine. Karen very disappointed with Sinclair's lost to Cool Nine. Karen decided that her creation needed to be punished. However Sinclair's punishment would have to wait. Now it was time for the final match to begin. A match Karen been looking forward to seeing. Ever since the tournament had begun. Xiaoyu while sitting in the Waiting Room. Reading the books she had found. The across from her begins to slide open. Immediately putting the book down on the table. Xiaoyu removes herself from the chair and heads towards the door.  Once the door had opened enough for Xiaoyu to pass through. Standing on the other side of the room. Xiaoyu had found herself standing inside of an arena. Waiting in the middle of the arena was Karen. The host of the Underground Fighting Tournament and the one who had Xiaoyu and Nara kidnapped. Along with the rest of the fighters within the tournament. Enraged by the very sight of Karen. Xiaoyu started walking towards her. Covering both of her hands with intense light energy. Once Xiaoyu gets close enough to Karen. Xiaoyu starts to speak with venom in her tone.

Xiaoyu: I wasn't expecting to be fighting you so soon Karen. I thought you would be some type of "final boss". Allowing me the privilege of kicking your ass. Just before Nara, the others, and myself escape this place. However if you want to fight me now. That would also work for me. Just make sure you tell me where you're hiding Lorenzo. Along with the door leading to the elevator out of this place

Staring back at Xiaoyu with a devious grin on her face. Karen giggles to herself before answering Xiaoyu

Karen: Oh Xiaolly, Xiao, Xiaoyu! Do you really think you'll be fighting me dear? Such is a privilege you have yet to earn. I'm just here to witness the outcome of the your match. I just hope for you sakes. That you don't share the same fate as your precious boyfriend

Xiaoyu: NARA! What the hell have you done to him?

Karen: Oh nothing darling. What I meant is that Nara lost his match today. A match he should had won. Sadly he got a bit too cocky for his own good. Allowing his opponent to outsmart him and win. Anyways he's currently in the auditorium tending to his bruised ego. Thankfully Danielle is with him keeping him company. Hopefully Nara remains a good boy while you're fighting for you life

Xiaoyu: You insufferable bitch! So if you're not my opponent then who is?

Karen: Oh I'm glad you ask... PELHAM!

 On the other side of the area appears a door. Xiaoyu watches as the door slides open. Standing behind is no other than the blue haired assassin. Pelham staring towards Xiaoyu and Karen with malice in her eyes. Starts walking towards the center of the arena. Xiaoyu shifts her attention to Pelham while remaining cautious of Karen. Pelham now standing in the center of arena before Xiaoyu. Karen then opens a portal behind her. In order to remove herself from the middle of the arena. Now standing next to the door Xiaoyu had entered. Karen watches as Xiaoyu and Pelham prepare for battle

Xiaoyu: Pelham despite the fact you're an assassin. I take no pleasure in combating you here today. However I must wi--


 Right before Xiaoyu could finish speaking. Pelham sprays a lavender color mist into her face. Causing Xiaoyu to stumble and lose her focus. Staring at Xiaoyu with a killer intent in her eyes. Pelham begins to berate Xiaoyu for not being on her guard

Pelham: Foolish girl this is a battlefield! Trying to explain yourself to me will only get you killed. People like you make me absolutely sick to my stomach. Time for me to put you out of your misery

Karen: Hooray! This is going to be the most exciting battle of today. I wonder will Xiaoyu's Light magic prevail over Pelham's Poison magic. Or will the so call Detective of Justice fall to the Poison herself? We'll just have to wait until the next chapter... HA HA HA HA HA HA!