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Forbidden Chapter 66

Forbidden Chapter Sixty Six


Shortly after Lisa flew off into the forest. Okubi and his teammates encounter his mother Ophelia. After Ophelia tells Okubi and his teammates the reason behind Lisa's sudden departure. Along with the angel Ozriel and his ill intentions for Lisa. Lead by his mother, Okubi and his team purses their troubled comrade. While focus on finding Lisa before she reaches Ozriel. Okubi decides to take the opportunity to converse with his mother. Knowing that his time with her is limited

Okubi: So mother how long have you been in this dimension?

Ophelia: Would you believe me if I told you. I only been here for half an hour? Course I'm a regular in Pruflas's Dimension. In this place I'm allowed to exist as I was alive. However once your friends and you successfully assassinate Pruflas and his Royal Servants. This dimension will be no more. Forcing me back into The Underworld in order to exist

James: So if we kill Pruflas. This dimension will die along with him?

Angelina: A dimension can only exist only if the creator is alive. If the creator of the dimension is killed. The dimension dies along with them. It happened when we killed Goddess Razel. The same will happen once Pruflas is dead

Ophelia: Which would mean I return to The Underworld. Since I'm only able to physically exist in this dimension. Even as a Demon Spirit. I'm unable to remain in Asira for too long

Okubi: This is truly an unfortunate situation. Sadly I cannot spare Prufla's life. Even if it means eliminating the one dimension you're able to exist. I wish there was some other way mother. Sadly there is no other option. Pruflas must die as will all the members of The Children Of Ruin

James: That goes for that fucking bastard Ulric and the rest of Pruflas's cronies

Futanari: Hopefully I'm able to subdue Yamakagashi instead of killing him. I much rather bring him to justice. So that he may answer for all of his crimes. Course that has to wait now. Until we rescue Lisa from this Ozriel character

Tobirama: Lisa being lured by that corrupted Angel really put a delay on our mission

Okubi: Rescuing Lisa is the only thing that matters at the moment. Thankfully between her scent and my mother leading us to Ozriel's location. Once we take out Ozriel and secure Lisa. We'll return to the Fortress and proceed with our mission to kill Pruflas

Apollyn: If anything bad happens to Lisa buddy. Apollyn is going to be very very very angry

Angelina: Let us remain positive folks. We will rescue Lisa in time

Ophelia: The conviction each and every one of you have is absolutely astounding. I only wish I could be more of help to all of you. The Children Of Ruin are a terrible group of demons that must be eliminated

Tobirama: Lady Ophelia if it's not too much trouble. I have a question I would like to ask you?

Ophelia: Takeda considering you and I are pretty good friends. Along with you being my son's sensei and protector at times. I see no reason why I wouldn't allow you to ask me a question. So please feel free to tell me what's on your mind

Tobirama: Considering your relationship with Pruflas. Even though he is one of the founding members of The Children Of Ruin. Along with being one of the most treacherous demons from The Underworld. Pruflas has always been fairly good to you. Even allowing you to posses a physical form within his dimension. Thus I wonder why you're so hellbent to see him dead?

Ophelia: That is a very good question Takeda. One I expect to hear from a man of your wisdom. Besides the fact Pruflas is an evil man, working with Janiel to release Mastema from Forbidden. Pruflas has always held a soft spot for me. Even when I was happily married to Okubi's father. However despite how I care for Pruflas. The man is an evil demon who must be killed. So many innocent lives were taken by that demon. No amount of love I have for him. Will make me ever excuse the terrible things he's done. Pruflas is a menace that needs to be eliminated. Thankfully Okubi possesses the power needed to kill him. Hopefully that answers your question Takeda?

Tobirama: A satisfying answer indeed Princess Aello. Anyways it seems we are almost to Lisa's location

Angelina: Indeed! I can smell our foul mouthed angel just a few feet away

Okubi: Then let's increase our speed everyone. The faster we rescue Lisa and deal with Ozriel. The quicker I kill that bastard Pruflas

Ophelia: Language Okubi! You know I don't like you using swear words. I wish your father never cursed around you when he was still alive. Also just so you are all aware. While Ozriel doesn't posses the power to escape Pruflas's dimension. Do not dare underestimate his fighting capabilities. Despite how powerful all you are here. Ozriel is an angel going against a bunch of demons and a mortal girl. Fighting against him will not be a cake walk

Okubi: I'm quite aware the danger of fighting an angel. Holy based attacks against demons can prove fatal if not careful. However I also know an angel is only as strong. Depending on the amount of purity they posses. Something tells me Ozriel is definitely lacking in that department

James: I'm can't wait to make that sonabitch pay for targeting Lisa

 Only a few feet away from Ozriel's location. Okubi and company increase their speed in hopes of rescuing Lisa in time. Meanwhile back at the Underground Fighting Tournament taking place in Aigosthena. After the first four bouts were completed. The first battle between Nara vs Damien. Second match between Danielle and Romio. The third being Braddox vs Syh. The fourth between Cool Nine and Sinclair. The winners of each match were Damien, Danielle, Braddox, and Cool Nine. Karen very disappointed with Sinclair's lost to Cool Nine. Karen decided that her creation needed to be punished. However Sinclair's punishment would have to wait. Now it was time for the final match to begin. A match Karen been looking forward to seeing. Ever since the tournament had begun. Xiaoyu while sitting in the Waiting Room. Reading the books she had found. The across from her begins to slide open. Immediately putting the book down on the table. Xiaoyu removes herself from the chair and heads towards the door.  Once the door had opened enough for Xiaoyu to pass through. Standing on the other side of the room. Xiaoyu had found herself standing inside of an arena. Waiting in the middle of the arena was Karen. The host of the Underground Fighting Tournament and the one who had Xiaoyu and Nara kidnapped. Along with the rest of the fighters within the tournament. Enraged by the very sight of Karen. Xiaoyu started walking towards her. Covering both of her hands with intense light energy. Once Xiaoyu gets close enough to Karen. Xiaoyu starts to speak with venom in her tone.

Xiaoyu: I wasn't expecting to be fighting you so soon Karen. I thought you would be some type of "final boss". Allowing me the privilege of kicking your ass. Just before Nara, the others, and myself escape this place. However if you want to fight me now. That would also work for me. Just make sure you tell me where you're hiding Lorenzo. Along with the door leading to the elevator out of this place

Staring back at Xiaoyu with a devious grin on her face. Karen giggles to herself before answering Xiaoyu

Karen: Oh Xiaolly, Xiao, Xiaoyu! Do you really think you'll be fighting me dear? Such is a privilege you have yet to earn. I'm just here to witness the outcome of the your match. I just hope for you sakes. That you don't share the same fate as your precious boyfriend

Xiaoyu: NARA! What the hell have you done to him?

Karen: Oh nothing darling. What I meant is that Nara lost his match today. A match he should had won. Sadly he got a bit too cocky for his own good. Allowing his opponent to outsmart him and win. Anyways he's currently in the auditorium tending to his bruised ego. Thankfully Danielle is with him keeping him company. Hopefully Nara remains a good boy while you're fighting for you life

Xiaoyu: You insufferable bitch! So if you're not my opponent then who is?

Karen: Oh I'm glad you ask... PELHAM!

 On the other side of the area appears a door. Xiaoyu watches as the door slides open. Standing behind is no other than the blue haired assassin. Pelham staring towards Xiaoyu and Karen with malice in her eyes. Starts walking towards the center of the arena. Xiaoyu shifts her attention to Pelham while remaining cautious of Karen. Pelham now standing in the center of arena before Xiaoyu. Karen then opens a portal behind her. In order to remove herself from the middle of the arena. Now standing next to the door Xiaoyu had entered. Karen watches as Xiaoyu and Pelham prepare for battle

Xiaoyu: Pelham despite the fact you're an assassin. I take no pleasure in combating you here today. However I must wi--


 Right before Xiaoyu could finish speaking. Pelham sprays a lavender color mist into her face. Causing Xiaoyu to stumble and lose her focus. Staring at Xiaoyu with a killer intent in her eyes. Pelham begins to berate Xiaoyu for not being on her guard

Pelham: Foolish girl this is a battlefield! Trying to explain yourself to me will only get you killed. People like you make me absolutely sick to my stomach. Time for me to put you out of your misery

Karen: Hooray! This is going to be the most exciting battle of today. I wonder will Xiaoyu's Light magic prevail over Pelham's Poison magic. Or will the so call Detective of Justice fall to the Poison herself? We'll just have to wait until the next chapter... HA HA HA HA HA HA!


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