Thursday, June 29, 2017



Miss Three Souls In One

Name: Kylee

Age: 10 but appears 18

Hair Color: Mostly Chartreuse but with Seaweed Green tip and ends

Eye Color: Magenta

Height: 5'7

Weight: 133 pounds

Likes: Kylee's likes are a mixture of the three souls the made her. Andrea: Quiet, reading, going for walks, improving her magic, cooking, wine tasting Inferna: Fighting, medium rare steak, victory, naps Emilie: Cute guys and girls, stuffed animals, pancakes, glitter, pictures of angels, practicing magic that is consider "cute"

Dislikes: Kylee's dislikes are a mixture of the three souls the made her. Andrea: Stupidity, trouble makers, people who don't appreciate knowledge, people who drink too much, unnecessary violence Inferna: weaklings, the sound of crying, french fries, salads, overly colorful objects, losing Emilie: Ugly people, mean people, raggedy stuff animals, cheddar cheese, assassins

Fighting Style: Number Based Magic + Demonic Instinct + Cute Magic

BIO: Suddenly appearing on the world Asira. Kylee is the fusion of three souls that once resided in the Spirit Realm. The three souls that make Kylee were Queen Andrea of Thorium, Inferna, Brawler of The Underworld, and Princess Emilie of France. Queen Andrea who had died during a war 2009 years ago. Inferna had died nearly 455 years ago against a powerful demon. Princess Emilie died alongside her father. Battling against an assassin hired to kill them over 1756 years ago. While these three souls arrived to the Spirit Realm at different times. Each of them possessing a great spiritual strength. Along with a strong desire to live once again. Upon these three souls finding one another. They had miraculously merged together. Becoming the beautiful entity known as Kylee 

 Exiting the Spirit Realm to Asira. Kylee with the fused memories of Andrea, Inferna, and Emilie. Adjusted to the life amongst the living relatively easily. After having aided a group of elder sage against a powerful dark sage. Kylee was given a position as an Magical Instructor at their school. While the souls that created Kylee sometimes fight for dominance. Making Kylee behave oddly around her colleagues and students. Overall they operate in unison. Allowing Kylee to function normally. Allowing them a second chance at life

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