Thursday, June 29, 2017

Matsu Metalico


Girl On The Run

Name: Matsu Metalico

Age: 17

Hair Color: Mostly Dark Green with Spring Green colored ends

Eye Color: Neon Blue

Height: 5'5

Weight: 124 pounds

Likes: Running, traveling to new places, quesadillas, her Midnight Purple sunglasses, revealing clothing

Dislikes: Her creators, the fear of being captured, men that are too short, applesauce

Fighting Style: Shirojutsu. A bastardize version of Savate programmed into her by her creators

BIO: Prior to living life on the run. Matsu Metalico was a created in a lab secretly located in Melos. Brought to life by the flesh of dead girls and dark magic. Matsu along with several other women were created by mad scientists. In order to be used as weapons and other personal usage. After Matsu was finished being made. Matsu along with the other creations. Were placed in a cryo chamber for fifteen years. During those years while asleep. Unlike the other creations in the cryo chamber. Matsu began forming a conscious. One that make unable to be controlled by her creators. Once the fifteen years were up and Matsu was awaken. Matsu attacked her creators and made her escape

After successfully escaping the laboratory and living the country of Melos. Matsu began to live life on the run. In order to avoid being captured by her creators. Matsu had traveled throughout many places and islands around Asira. Course that didn't stop her from encountering trouble from time. Thankfully her combat skills and limited magic would aid her through danger. Matsu would then steal the money from enemies she defeated. Allowing her to continue traveling and buy food. While continuing to run from her creators. Matsu is currently located at Suriname

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