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Forbidden Chapter 69

Forbidden Chapter Sixty Nine

Bad Blood Part Two

After Hellin rescued Anna from Iron Zabel, Hellin realized between her earlier battle against Zabel and with him nearly killing Anna, that killing Zabel would not be an easy task. That fact alone brought Hellin great pleasure, as there was nothing to gain from slaying the weak. Now with Anna safely by her side again, Hellin and Anna resumed their battle against Zabel. 

Hellin: You're no fucking God. And we will never allow you to ever become one...even if I have to kill you a thousand fucking times over

Zabel: Boast all you like, demon. Both you and your friend will die soon enough. Then I can complete my ritual to Godhood. Now prepare to die, demon harlots!

Anna: Harlots? I'm going to enjoy killing this asshole

Hellin: Anna, before you do anything stupid, allow me to fight Zabel for a bit

Anna: But, Hellin, I--

Hellin: No fucking buts, Anna! Just do as I tell you. While I fight this son-of-a-bitch, keep an eye out for any openings. Also, summon another of your Tarot case Zabel attempts to kill you again. It's time I show this motherfucker what I can really do

After giving Anna her orders, Hellin charged toward Zabel. Covering both her hands with fire, Hellin prepared to unleash a deadly attack. Meanwhile, Anna did as Hellin ordered her to do and summoned her Tarot Monster, Estrild: The Amazon Empress, into the Throne Room. Anna then watched as Hellin challenged Zabel, waiting for an opportunity to help her friend against the powerful cult leader.

Hellin held out both hands in front of her and unleashed a ferocious stream of fire towards Zabel. Unfazed, Zabel created a blue and lavender aura around his body to shield himself from Hellin's oncoming attack. The flames struck Zabel's chest, but his aura shield prevented Hellin's attack from inflicting any damage upon him. Hellin, though annoyed by how effortlessly Zabel defended himself, her determination to kill Zabel did not waiver. Having successfully warded off Hellin's attack, Zabel prepared an attack of his own.

Zabel: Pathetic! Did you really think such a feeble attack could possibly harm me? Now, demon, let me give you a demonstration of a real attack! HAVOC FORCE!

Zabel transformed his aura shield into a fearsome energy blast and launched the deadly assault toward Hellin. Hellin saw Zabel's onslaught charging at her. Hellin tried to think of a way to dodge Zabel's attack while also giving herself an opening to counterattack. Anna, still possessing ice powers from the potion she drank earlier, decided to use whatever power she had left to help Hellin. Anna knew Hellin would be pissed with her, yet she used her supernatural speed and swiftly positioned herself in front of Hellin. Anna quickly explained herself to Hellin, her friend and Master.

Anna: Hellin, I'm going to use the remainder of my ice powers to neutralize Zabel's attack. I'll be alright. Estrild is keeping a careful eye on me. This is the opening you need, Hellin. Make your move

Hellin nodded her agreement before leaving Anna's side. Anna took a quick, deep breath and gathered all the ice power within her body. Seconds before Zabel's Havoc Force struck her, Anna opened her mouth and unleashed a gigantic blizzard. The two attacks collided and exploded upon impact. Anna, closer to the explosion, was sent flying, but Estrild caught her just in time.

The impact created a chilly fog within Zabel's Throne Room, making it difficult for him to see. He used his ability to sense presence, and located Hellin within the fog. The moment Zabel pinpointed Hellin's location, Hellin struck him in the face with a Thunder Kick. (A move she stole from her sister, Mihoshi). The powerful kick electrocuted Zabel and sent him crashing into his throne. Anna, still being carried by Estrild, smiled when she saw Hellin use her sister's kick. Hellin stood strong and proud of the injuries she inflicted upon Zabel. Taking a few seconds to savor the moment, Hellin then walked over to Zabel and continued her assault.

Meanwhile in the hallway of Zabel's hideout, the battle between Team Rose, with Hisako and Oriana, against Levin and Lycra continued. Oriana turned her skin into chocolate diamond, which allowed her to engage in direct combat. Lava Rose used his candy magic to create two bubblegum minions. Hisako with her sword, Kagemori, firmly in hand, ordered her comrades to attack Levin and Lycra, as she charged at them with Lava Rose's minions and Oriana as backup. Zira shot out energy balls made of dark energy. Tre' used his signature technique Odd World Shaking! Lava Rose shot a blob of acid goo from his mouth. Ricky spat out multiple bullet-shaped fire blasts. As the barrage of attacks moved toward them, Levin and Lycra quickly summoned a barrier to protect themselves. Although the barrier kept the projectiles from harming the dark sages, it was becoming weak from so many attacks.

This allowed Hisako and Oriana the opening they needed. Hisako swung her blade as Oriana delivered a merciless punch to Levin and Lycra's barrier. The blade and punch broke open the barrier upon impact and left both dark sages vulnerable to follow-up attacks. Seeing that their defense was now destroyed, Lava Rose ordered his bubblegum minions to latch themselves onto Levin and Lycra.

Hisako: Great teamwork everyone. Now that Levin and Lycra are trapped, it's time Kagemori and I finish them off

Oriana: Are you going to kill them?

Zira: I most certainly hope so
Hisako: I know killing isn't your thing Oriana but if I don't finish off Levin and Lycra now and they get out of those gummy traps, I guarantee you they won't be merciful. Now everyone stand by as I prepare my finishing move

Levin: Damn gum all over my body. Do you imbeciles think this is going to stop us?

Lycra: My comrade and I have ways of getting rid of such traps
Levin: Lycra, let's show these fools that our powers have no limits. Once we melt this gum around our bodies, Lycra and I will take you maggots down for good

Hisako: You fuckers better stop talking then and get to melting, otherwise you'll soon find yourselves chopped in half

Closing her eyes, Hisako surrounded herself and Kagemori in white and green energy and prepared to release her finishing move against the trapped dark sages. Levin and Lycra busied themselves with heat magic to melt off the gum encapsulating their bodies. By the time they burned all the gum off, Hisako was ready to strike.


Surrounded in magical colorful leaves and moving faster than sound, Hisako slashed the abdomens of Levin and Lycra, killing both dark sages instantly. Levin and Lycra took one final look at each other before the top halves of their bodies dropped to the ground; their lower halves dropping only seconds later. Oriana, not a fan of bloodshed, closed her eyes with Ricky at her side to console her. Having eliminated the deadly duo of Levin and Lycra, Hisako thanked Kagemori before placing him back inside his sheath.

Lava Rose: Wow, that was really fucking impressive. I knew Samurais were cool, but not THIS cool! Hisako, you gotta join Team Rose

Hisako: I appreciate the compliment and while I appreciate the offer, I don't think I would make a good fit. Besides, I have much unfinished business of my own...'course that will have to wait until after The Children of Ruin are all dead. Well, now that those two are dead, let's relax a bit before aiding Hellin and Anna against Zabel

Oriana: That reminds me, do you think Yura took care of a certain distraction for Hellin and Anna?

Hisako: If you're talking about Celia, I'm very certain Yura is dealing with her. I just hope Yura is strong enough to defeat her

After hurling hateful words at each other, Yura transformed herself in front of Celia. It was not a demonic transformation, but Yura let loose her inner killer. Yura stared at Celia with dead eyes then charged at her with murderous intent. Celia covered her left hand with red energy then charged at Yura with equal deadly intention. The two women clashed and began striking each other's vital organs. Each defended herself against the other's attack. Unlike Yura; however, who showed no signs of struggling, Celia languished against a murderous Yura. Continuing her relentless assault against Celia, Yura struck Celia directly in her chest and sent her crashing to the ground. Yura now had Celia right where she wanted her. Yura covered her right hand with negative energy and created an energy dagger around her hand then, running toward Celia, she propelled herself in the air. Now high in the air and holding her right hand above her head, Yura readied herself to kill Celia.

Lying on the ground, Celia looked up and saw Yura coming toward her. Normally, this would be a terrifying situation for Celia. Little does Yura know, Celia planned for Yura to attack her this way. While under Yura, Celia only knew the Magical Arts of Negation. Yet, over many years of being separated from her teacher and former ally, Celia picked up skills that Yura has never seen. Celia prepared to go in for the kill.

Yura was only seconds away from striking her when Celia raised her hands to her face and performed a technique called TRAUMA SHOCK! Celia released a grayish black shockwave from her hands, which struck Yura who hovered inches above her. The shockwave knocked Yura out the air. Yura crashed to the ground, holding her head with her body shaking erratically. Celia, wearing a sadistic smile, rose from the ground and walked toward Yura. A surge of bad thoughts and painful memories ran through Yura's mind. Unable to understand what Celia did to her, Yura began panicking.

Yura: CELIA! WH-WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME? That move isn't from the Magical Arts of Negation

Celia: Oh Yura, my dear pitiful girl. The move I hit you with isn't something I learned from you. After all, if I only relied on the moves you taught me I would be dead already.
The technique I performed on you is called Trauma Shock. When used on a target, it places the individual's mind in their own personal hell; forcing them to relive every bad memory or deed they ever committed. Since you have both a tragic past along with many years of murdering under your belt, I was certain this was the perfect attack to use against you.
Now that you are paralyzed by your many sins, it would be no problem for me to kill you here and now...but that wouldn't be much fun at all. Instead, I'm going to watch you become so disgusted with yourself that you'll fall into despair and commit suicide. I can't think of a better way to see you die, Yura. I waited so long for this day and it was SO worth it! I'm going to enjoy watching you go insane, bitch! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Yura, who was only seconds away from killing Celia, now found herself forced to relive her darkest memories and past sins. Before she could have any hope of defeating Celia, Yura must first survive against herself.

Back inside Zabel's Throne Room, Hellin continued her assault against the cult leader, striking him with vicious blows to the face and stomach. His face bruised and bloody, Zabel stared up at Hellin with a mixture of malice and shock in his eyes. Hellin then lifted Zabel by his neck and belittled the cult leader for challenging her.

Hellin: Did you truly believe you were going to win? While your tricks did throw me off at first, you motherfucker, all you truly managed to do was delay the inevitable

Zabel: If it wasn't for the aid of your annoying servant, I would've killed you already. I absolutely detest you damned demons. The way you abominations fight is beyond cowardly...using whatever means necessary to achieve your goals. I swear once I become a God, I will make it my business to eradicate your kind from existence...along with everything else I find displeasing 

Anna: You got some fucking nerve, you asshole! Aren't you the same bastard who wanted to sacrifice thousands of innocent lives just so you could become a God? The only abomination here is you, Zabel! Even without my assistance, Hellin would've found a way to defeat you

Zabel: I'm going to savor the moment when I get my hands on you... you pumpkin-haired BITCH!

Hellin, angered by Zabel's remarks to Anna, struck him again in the face, drawing more blood. Hellin's face and voice then changed from human into her demonic appearance.

Hellin: Watch your damn tone when speaking to my friend. And if you think you're going to lay a finger on her then you're more foolish than you look, you cocksucker! I've been holding back my strength, so I wouldn't kill your ass too quickly. Now I think you've lived long enough. It's just unfortunate that my mother couldn't witness your demise...considering she wanted you dead the most

Zabel: Isn't your mother's name Othello?

Hellin: What's it to you? 

Zabel: It matters not to me, but you should be very cautious of her. Othello knows more than she lets on

Hellin: If this is another one of your fucking mind games...I swear I will eat you alive! Feast on your feet up to your abdomen. Just so you can feel yourself dying the most agonizing death imaginable

Zabel: I'm not lying to you, demon. Fortunately for you and your pathetic friend, I'll have slain both of you before you can witness your mother's true nature

Hellin: Get ready to die, motherfu--

Before Hellin could finish, the doors to the Throne Room opened. Team Rose, along with Hisako, Oriana, and Ricky entered the roon. Anna, overjoyed to see her friends alive and well, requested Estrild to let her down. Anna then thanked Estrild before sending her back to the Tarot World. After giving each of her friends a hug and kiss, Anna began speaking to Hisako.

Anna: I'm so, so, so happy each of you is alright. Some cuts here and there but overall, you guys are alright. Wait...where's Yura?

Hisako: Probably still busy battling Celia. I originally intended to have us split up after rescuing Team Rose from Levin and Lycra; however, Yura made it clear she wanted to deal with Celia alone. I promised her we'll give her the opportunity...until Iron Zabel is dealt with. If we didn't hear from her by then, we'll go after her. It appears Hellin and you have already dealt with Zabel

Oriana: Oh my goodness gracious, Hellin is holding Zabel by his neck... and her face is so demonic

Anna: Well, she's a demon after all. Hellin only changes her appearance like this when she's really angry. She'll change back to human once she's done with Zabel

Oriana: Speaking of Zabel, I'm surprise Hellin hasn't killed him already

Zira: I don't know Hellin too well, but she strikes me as the type to torture her prey. Make them suffer before ending their lives

Lava Rose: I swear, you assassin types can be very creepy at times. Anyway, once Hellin finishes off Zabel, all that's left to do is retrieve Yura and leave this place. Hopefully by then, Okubi and the others will be finished dealing with Pruflas...along with Xiaoyu and Nara returning her detective friend, Lorenzo

Tre': I just can't wait for everyone to be reunited. It just sucks we all have to split into groups to take down our enemies

Zabel: Ha... HA HA HA HA HA! Hearing you fools' hope-filled prattle both annoys and amuses me. Did any of you really think it would be THIS easy? Now that I have you maggots right where I want you, it's time I play my trump card

Hellin: What in the fuck are you talking about?

Zabel: Did you really think I would allow you to bloody me up this bad if it didn't favor me? Unlike like you disgusting, insignificant bitch, I'm well versed in Blood Magic and many of its hidden attributes. Now that I have bled enough, I can activate a level of my powers that only pales in comparison to that of a God. Now prepare yourselves for a divine punishment

Hellin: Not if I kill you--

Before Hellin could finish speaking, Zabel summoned enormous strength. He grabbed Hellin's arm and broke it. Hellin screamed in agony. Zabel then effortlessly tossed Hellin toward her friends. Lava Rose sprinted over and caught Hellin in his arms. Anna ran up behind him with teary eyes to check on Hellin and the arm that was just snapped. Zabel, whose face was covered in blood and bruises just seconds earlier, used his Blood Magic abilities to heal himself. He then began transforming before the heroes' eyes.

Hisako: Dammit! Just to think this motherfucker was seconds from death. The bastard played us all

Oriana: He just wanted us in the same place, so he could take us out in one shot

Tre': Well, we aren't going to give him the satisfaction... right?

Zira: That depends on how strong this form of his is

Anna: Hellin, are you okay?

Hellin: My arm is almost healed, Anna. I'm a fucking demon after all. I just wish I anticipated such a tactic from him

Lava Rose: No point in blaming yourself. Now we just gotta hurry up and kill the son-of-a-bitch

Zabel: Your time is over heroes. NOW PREPARE YOURSELVES FOR JUDGMENT!

Zabel transformed from a muscular but human-looking man into a berserker-like being with rocky colored skin and long white hair. Standing at nine feet with bulging muscles, he stared at his enemies with ruby red eyes. Witnessing such a menacing presence filled Anna, Tre', and Oriana with heavy fear. While Hellin, Lava Rose, Zira, and Hisako are worried, they still hope to defeat the transformed Zabel.

Zabel (False Godform): Now let me introduce you maggots to my False Godform! While I possess great power in this state, it's not enough for me to be satisfied. However, it is more than enough to kill each and every last one of you! Now speak your peace because you're all about to die!

Hisako: Oh go fuck yourself! You self-absorbed bastard! Just because your outer appearance now matches the ugliness of your soul, doesn't mean Kagemori and I can't cut you down

Hellin: It's going to take more than breaking my arm to stop me

Lava Rose: Okay everyone, let's hit this False God with everything we got

Zira: I swear on Asura's name, I will not die tonight!

Zabel: Fools! Do you think I would even allow you maggots a fighting chance? DIVINE ERUPTION!

Before the heroes could make their move, Zabel unleashed a devastating shockwave that struck the heroes with critical force. The room filled with agonizing screams. Hellin, Anna, Hisako, Oriana, Ricky, Lava Rose, Zira, and Tre' all dropped to the ground. Each of them laid lifelessly. Zabel smiled at the sight of the fallen heroes. The ritual time drew near. With the heroes out the way, Zabel could continue his ritual without interruption...or so he thought. Although she suffered quite the hit from Zabel's attack, unlike the others who remained unconscious, Hellin managed to muster enough strength to get to her feet. Zabel, sensing Hellin's activity, became enraged.

Zabel: YOU! Why won't you just stay FUCKING DOWN!

Hellin: If you think killing me is going to be that easy, you're sadly fucking mistaken. Even though you managed to pull a fast one on me earlier, I promised myself that I would kill you. I didn't come this fucking far just to die. I have to keep getting stronger...and the only way to achieve that is by killing you! Now, you may have badly injured me, but it's gonna take much more than that to kill me. Prepare to die, motherfucker!

Zabel: So you want to be Ms. Badass? Well, BITCH, I'm going to give you the fight you desire. It's going to be the most grueling, soul-shattering fight you will ever have. I'm going to beat you in ways you wouldn't imagine in your worst nightmare. I'm going to make you regret not only your own existence, but the existence of those who created you. I'm GOING TO MAKE YOU FUCKING SUFFER, YOU MISERABLE BITCH! I WILL NOT BE DENIED MY ASCENSION TO GODHOOD! Even if I have to kill you a thousand times, I WILL BECOME A GOD!

Hellin: Still on that God bullshit? Even if it kills me, I'm going to see to it that your dream of becoming a God is only that. Now, Zabel, let's play

Hellin transformed herself once again into her demonic form. She readied herself for an all-out showdown against Zabel's False Godform.

TO BE CONTINUED - After The Conclusion of Both Team Okubi and Team Xiaoyu's Adventures 

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