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Forbidden Side Story: Onetha Blindheart

Forbidden Side Story: Onetha Blindheart

A Fortunate Tragedy

 Onetha Blindheart, a veteran Treasure Hunter from Raspberry City. Onetha who usually travels the globe. In search of rare treasure and artifacts for her various clients. Onetha had decided to take a break from work. In order to do some personal adventuring. After reading several old books in her home. Onetha decided she was going to travel to the Moshulu Island. In order to explore a cave called The Nebula Shrine. After having packed her bags and spoken to her parents in Jordy Blue. Onetha left home and began her five day journey.

After nearly five days of traveling Onetha had arrived to Aceland. The state that was known for it's many ferrymen. Once Onetha found an available ferryman and paid him. Onetha order the ferryman to take her to Moshulu Island. The Ferryman while concerned about Onetha's desired destination. Knew from the look in her eye. The woman was prepared for whatever awaited her on the island. Began paddling Onetha to Moshulu Island. While feeling nervous and excited on the inside. Onetha managed to keep her cool demeanor. Drawing closer to her destination, Onetha looked forward to whatever awaited her on the island. Once the boat reached the shore of Moshulu Island. Onetha thanked the ferryman before exiting his boat. The ferryman bid Onetha farewell before heading back to Aceland. A few minutes after watching the ferryman ride off in the sea. Onetha began her adventure on the island.

Walking aimlessly on the island. Onetha spotted a small mountain behind many trees. Interested by what she may find around the mountains. Onetha decided to venture into the forest. Traveling inside of the forest, Onetha encounter several minor threats. Ranging from Ninja Spider Monkeys, Rock Fairies, Crunching Flowers, Three Turquoise Harpies, and a Hell Pig. Using the magical art of her Soul Force. Onetha mercilessly defeated each of her foes. Shortly after Onetha had defeated and killed the Hell Pig. Onetha felt a powerful presence coming from the mountain. Seeing that she wasn't too far from the mountain. Onetha stepped over the dead Hell Pig and hurried towards the mountain. Now standing in front of the mountain. Onetha spots a path leading to the top of the mountain. The powerful presence Onetha felt from before grows even stronger

Continuing walking up the path, Onetha couldn't help but feel both excited and afraid. Not knowing the powerful presence she felt could be something good or bad. Despite potentially putting herself in a bad situation. Onetha's curious nature wouldn't deter her from finding out. Having only walked up half of the mountain. Onetha spots a cave in the middle of the mountain. It's also seems to be the source of the powerful presence she's been feeling. Onetha immediately summons two Solar Orbs at her side. In case something within the cave attempts to harm her. Now with her Solar Orbs at play. Onetha heads in the direction of the cave. Once Onetha stepped inside of the cave. Not only did the inside remind her of outer space. Inside of the cave were several corpses. While the sight of the corpses did startle her. Onetha sensed no danger within the cave. Along with noticing the corpses were centuries old. Onetha felt sure she had nothing to fear but kept her orbs active.

Certain that she wasn't in any danger. Onetha could now focus on finding the source of the powerful presence she felt. Exploring deeper into the cave. Onetha spotted a multi color glow on the left side of the cave. Immediately moving towards the light. Onetha had finally found the source of the powerful presence. Located inside of room full of unique color rocks and corpses. In the middle of the room. There was a glowing sphere placed on top of a cylinder shaped rock. Instantly Onetha felt compelled to touch the glowing sphere. While Onetha worried what touching the sphere might do to her. Since she didn't wish to share the fate of those before her. However Onetha knew there was no turning back. Placing both her hands around the sphere. Onetha was hit with a soul shattering vision of various events from the past and future. Still holding onto the sphere, Onetha feels her body starting to burn up. Fortunately before her skin starts to melt away. Onetha's Soul Force magic creates a protective force around her body. Preventing her from suffering the fate of those before her

Once the barrage of visions had ended. The sphere ceases to glow and becomes a dull gray color. Onetha releases the sphere and faints from exhaustion. Hours later Onetha finds herself naked in her bed. Unsure how she miraculously appeared back home. Onetha then saw a very tall man in a black cloak standing by her bedroom door. While having never seen this man before. Onetha knew for certain that he was a demon. Onetha also noticed in the demon's right hand. The very sphere that had knocked her out hours ago. Considering the demon had plenty of opportunities to harm her. Onetha knew the demon meant her no harmed but worried nonetheless. Sensing that Onetha was cautious of his presence. The demon began to speak

Grim Reaper: Who I am or how I found you is not important. All you need to know is that you are a survivor. What you experience inside of that cave. Has caused the death of many before you woman. If it weren't for your unique magic. The same thing would had happened to you. The things that you witnessed through this sphere in my hand. Isn't something the mortal mind is suppose to see. Which is why one dies after seeing the visions. However none before you possessed the ability to counter the spheres's curse. You are the very first to witness events from the past so intimately. Along with having foreseen many possible futures

Onetha: Possible future? So those terrible things I seen may not come to be?

Grim Reaper: Possible future that can be prevented. Depending on the events that take place before it. It is possible those horrible things you saw will never come to be. Course in order to stop those bad things from happening. One must first eliminate the cause of it. Otherwise a gloom future awaits the citizens of Asira. Along with the demons of The Underworld and possibly the Heavens. However the decision to prevent those things are up to you. Yet that doesn't mean you alone can prevent these events from happening

Onetha: So are you saying I shouldn't do anything?

Grim Reaper: That choice is up to you Ms. Blindheart. Just be aware that every action has a consequence. Anyways before I take my leave. I shall leave the Doom Sphere with you

Onetha: I want nothing to do with that monstrosity

Grim Reaper: Typical mortal. The Doom Sphere is no longer a threat to you or anyone else. Now that you had survived it's curse. The sphere is no longer dangerous. Nor is it of use to anyone. The demon who created the sphere. Simply wanted to see if there was an individual with enough power. Capable of surviving the dark truth within the sphere. Since that task has finally been done. The Doom Sphere has lost it's worth. Also just to make this clear. The only reason you're naked is because your dress had gotten dirty earlier. I didn't violate you in any way. Course I was surprise you weren't wearing any underwear when I found you

Onetha: I enjoy the feeling the air around my vagina. Anyways I do appreciate the clarification. Not that I thought you did anything to me. Besides Okubi, I never meet a demon this kind

Grim Reaper: I'm far from kind woman. I just have no reason to harm you. I'm just glad a mortal was foolish enough to touch the Doom Sphere. Along with being fortunate enough to survive. Now if there's isn't anymore prattle from you. I shall take my leave

Onetha: Then leave but before you go. What is your name?

Grim Reaper: It's better you don't know my name. Just know I'm an ally of Mayland's current ruler. Anyways do consider carefully what we had discussed here tonight. It is not your job to try to change your world's fate. However once you begin such a journey. Turning back will be nearly impossible. Farewell Ms. Blindheart. I'm certain our paths will cross again

 The Grim Reaper skillfully tosses the sphere onto Onetha's bed. Then opens a portal in her room and steps inside. Onetha watches as the Grim Reaper disappears from her bedroom. Sitting alone in her bed with the sphere in hand. While tears run down her eyes. Onetha thinks about the fate of Asira


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