Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Heroes

The Treasure Hunter


Half human half demon. After killing his mother two hundred centuries ago. Okubi had completely left the Underworld and began life on Earth as a treasure hunter. Usually accompanied by the demon spirit Eligos. Okubi lives a very secluded life.While in search of the rare Zephaniah Blade. Okubi encounters a woman who will lead him down an unexpected path leading to lost truth

Defender Of Justice


A young sorceress and one of Beijing's top detectives. after witnessing her friend's death through his eyes. Xiaoyu swore vengeance as she began hunting down her decease friend's killers. Little does Xiaoyu realize. Her journey will lead her down the ultimate struggle between good and evil

The Dessert Demon


A ditsy, but strong demon. Apollyn was hired by Beijing's detective agency to accompany Xiaoyu on her mission. While Apollyn isn't much for brains. Her powers will come quite handy throughout Xiaoyu's journey.

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