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Forbidden Chapter 42

Forbidden Chapter Forty Two

Absolute Darkness! The Demon of Tremaine Bridge

 Shortly after the heroes had finished their dinner. King Onyxe had called for his maids Edi and Ivela. The homunculus maids had appeared from behind the kitchen doors. Swiftly and gracefully moving towards the dinning table. Grabbing the emptied plates from the fed heroes. Now with dinner having been completed. It was time to get the heroes to Neo Aigosthena. Unfortunately the train going to Neo Aigosthena was temporarily down. Due to necessary track repairs. The heroes would had to travel an alternate route. In order to reach Neo Aigosthena before tomorrow. A route Onyxe knew to be very dangerous at night. Now with the table cleared of the empty plates. Xiaoyu and the others had turned their attention over to Onyxe. 

Xiaoyu: Since we are all now done eating. I guess it's time you tell us how we're going to get to Neo Aigosthena? Especially since the train going there is temporarily down

Onyxe: Well since the train going to Neo Aigosthena is currently unavailable. The only alternative route to get to Neo Aigosthena. It would require you guys…

 In mid sentence Onyxe stops speaking. Finding himself unable to utter the location of the alternate route. While majority of his friends watch the King worriedly. Hellin is immediately irritated by Onyxe's sudden delay of information. Hellin decides to use her telepathy. In order to engage in a  private conversation with King Onyxe. Both Hellin and Onyxe's eyes glows in a luminous light. Alerting the others of their telepathic conversation

Hellin: "Okay it's just me and you wussy King! What information are you so damn afraid to tell us?"

Onyxe: "Watch your damn tone with me Hellin! If it were just you and perhaps Angelina and Brutality. I wouldn't have a problem revealing the alternate route. However knowing the evil that lives within the bridge. I'm very reluctant in revealing the location. Unfortunately I also realize that getting to Neo Aigosthena is a priority."

Hellin: "Just get to the fucking point!"

Onyxe: "Are you always this damn irksome? Anyways the location is just past Hazelwood"

Hellin: "Goodness fucking sakes Onyxe! Exactly what is so terrifying about Hazelwood? That place is no more better or worst than most of the places within Mayland. I swear you are so fucking irritating!"

Onyxe: "It's NOT Hazelwood I'm concern about you dumb bitch! It's what's past Hazelwood that terrifies me. The bridge known as Tremaine Bridge! The infamous bridge that is known to be the home of a powerful demon. Centuries before either you or I were born. The people of Mayland did not dear travel Tremaine Bridge after dusk. Not because the bridge was unable or simply a burdensome travel. The fact of the matter is. A terrifying demon appeared during the night. hidden somewhere around the bridge. Preying on anyone foolish enough to risk crossing the bridge at night. Despite the warning signs and disappearances. Sages, warriors, and even demons. Attempted to enter Tremaine Bridge at night. Desiring to prove themselves and reveal of cowardice of their people. Only to be devoured by the evil hidden within the bridge. Even after dawn when traveling Tremaine Bridge was safe. Search parties would scout the area. Never once finding a single bone, body, or even clothing of the victims. Even after years have passed. The evil within Tremaine Bridge still remains. It was only a few months back. James was returning home from a mission. It was only a half an hour away from dusk. James was near Tremaine Bridge. Traveling the bridge in order to catch a Rider in Hazelwood. Nearly having crossed the bridge. James had encountered a mysteriously sheer white skinned woman. Grayish white hair, scarlet colored eyes, and wearing a silk pale turquoise dress. In spite of the woman's innocent appearance. James immediately sensed the woman's bloodlust. Not only was the woman a demon. The woman was demon known as a Eater! A type of demon that devoured other demons. Fortunately for James it was still evening. The woman attempted to distract James with mindless chit chat. In order to dusk to come. Allowing her to transform and kill him. Ever since I forbid all of my servants for ever crossing Tremaine Bridge at night. Now do you understand my hesitation of telling the others?"

Hellin: "No dumbass! In order for us to get to Neo Aigosthena by nightfall. Crossing the Tremaine Bridge isn't an option, but our only means of accomplishing a fraction of our goal. Furthermore I thought the Underworld had eliminated all Eater centuries ago. I guess the woman Mr. Del Soto had encountered is the last of her kind. Eaters were created centuries ago in the Underworld. Meant to be used as weapons against sages in Asira. The Eater had quickly turned on their creators. Killing them and any other demon they encounter. Once the rest of the Underworld became aware of these faulty demons. The Demon Lords of that generation ordered their extermination. Shortly after locating the nest of the Eaters. Demons of all types banded together. Slaying each and every living Eater in sight. Sadly it seems like one managed to escape into Asira and has been here since. After all these centuries and not one soul able to slay her. Eaters are truly the vicious demons my mother told me about. They were after all created by my mother's descendants. Regardless of the matters. We cannot allow a Eater to stop us from reaching Neo Aigosthena tonight. Now grow some fucking balls and tell the others already. Unless you prefer if I do it?"

 The two demon telepaths end their telepathic conversation. Onyxe immediately turns his attention back to the heroes. While the thought of telling the others about Tremaine Bridge bothered him. Onyxe had decided they needed to know the risk of said route.

Onyxe: Anyways as I was discussing with Hellin. About the alternate route that will get you to Neo Aigosthena tonight. First we'll travel through Hazelwood. Continue on until we draw on a few feet before Tremaine Bridge. The very thought of such journey troubles me. Sadly it's the only way of getting you all to Neo Aigosthena by tonight.

Speaking about the bridge in a serious tone. Majority of the heroes stared at Onyxe's in confusion. Not quite understanding his concern about the bridge. Except Angelina, Brutality, and Lisa. Familiar with the evil that lives around Tremaine Bridge. The three women immediately began speaking out

Angelina: If I weren't a demon. My heart may had stopped beating. Onyxe you must know about the demon living around that bridge?

Brutality: There is a demon that will eat anything that dares attempts to cross Tremaine Bridge at night. Whether it be a sage, beast person, warrior, or even another demon

Lisa: While a lot of my memories from Heaven have become hazy. Ever since I snuck out to aid you guys against the Children of Ruin. Lord Asira had always warned me about that bridge around dark. Telling my fellow angels and me. Evil things happened in that bridge at night. An evil that a special group of heroes will someday defeat. In the meantime Asira would blind us angels. Keeping us from ever seeing the evil that took place there. All we would hear is the screams of the victims down there. The screams would only last a few seconds. Then it was death silence that followed

Angelina: I personally encountered the demon that lived on that bridge. Luckily back then I was still under Lilith's possession. I vaguely remember the demon and Lilith being associates. It was the only reason the demon didn't eat me that night. Course Lilith never cross Tremaine Bridge at night ever again

Brutality: That would make you the second survivor to cross Tremaine Bridge at night

Onyxe: Dela, you traveled Tremaine Bridge at night and lived?

Brutality: Oh not me Onyxe. Not even at 100% Would I be able to defeat the Eater. Only Lord Jan-- I mean Janiel had crossed Tremaine Bridge at night and lived

Onyxe: Janiel encountered the Eater and wasn't killed? Either the Eater and Janiel are in cohorts or Janiel lied about the travel

Xiaoyu: Or the Eater is one of the secret Children of Ruin members

James: Good guess, but I strongly doubt that. If the Eater was working alongside the Children of Ruin. I highly doubt Janiel would allow her to stay in one place. A Eater with her skills could had been used to captured one of the Four Divas

Onyxe: I strongly agree with James with that statement. I don't mean to offend Naznim, Kira, Oriana, and Ann Marie. However neither of them alone or even together. Would be able to survive an attack from an Eater. The blood of a Diva is worth one thousand regular descendants of the Great Sages. Janiel would had been a fool. Not to send the Eater after either or all of them. Janiel must had used something else to avoid the Eater's wrath

Yura: Either Janiel is stronger than we can even imagine

Hisako: Or the bastard simply had something the Eater wanted more

Nara: Well Pruflas or the other secret Children of Ruin members never went Descendant Hunting. Seems only the lackeys were tasked with hunting down descendants

Brutality: That is indeed the truth Nara. Pruflas nor the other leaders of the Children of Ruin. Were't tasked to find and sacrifice descendants of the Great Sages. Only lackeys like myself and the other decease Children of Ruin members

Nara: Sorry we had to kill your buddies Dela. Unfortunately they decided to be Mastema dick riders. Pretty much dooming themselves to an inevitable demise by us heroes

Brutality: Those demons were no friends of mines Nara. It's ashamed that I too didn't share their fates. Everyone here knows I deserve it. After all the innocent blood I shed in the name of Mastema

Xiaoyu: While I will always mourn the lost of my dear friend Wei. I personally no longer hold you responsible for his death. My anger for Wei's death is strictly towards Janiel, Pruflas, and whatever remains of the Children of Ruin

Anna: While you did some very terrible things under Janiel's control. None of us here still sees you as a Children of Ruin's hitwoman

Hellin: At least everyone except for me! I still have my reservations about you Dela. None the less I don't feel like upsetting anyone. I'll just continue to keep an eye on you

Dela: Exactly what reservations do you have towards me Hellin?

Hellin: I already stated I don't feel like discussing them. Our main focus should be getting to Neo Aigosthena. Along with the fact will have to combat an Eater. In order to get to our destination. Anything else can wait until later

Onyxe: We have a few minutes Hellin. Besides holding your tongue is so unlike you. Please feel free to tell us. Why does Dela's presence amongst us troubles you?

Hellin: Onyxe, you insufferable little shit! Since you are all so fucking curious. The reason I don't trust Dela is simple. I personally believe she is Janiel's Sleeper Agent! No one else questions the fact our of all of Janiel's lackeys. Dela A.K.A. Brutality. The only one that managed to survive? Long enough to find us and join our ranks? Are we suppose to believe Janiel didn't plan all of this?

Dela: I was Janiel's victim Hellin. The man took control of my mind. Used me to serve his agenda. Once I served my purpose for Janiel's ambitions. I was discarded and left to my own fate. The only reason I'm alive. Isn't due to some master plan created by that bastard! I'm alive thanks to my sister Marisa. Had she not used her summoning's location spell to find me. I would had been dead like the other lackeys. My sister is the one who rescued me from certain death. Janiel had zero to do with that! Only once I fully recovered in her home. I decided to come and seek you all out.

Nara: Even if that meant we would had killed you on site?

Xiaoyu: I almost did just that. Back when I first seen her in Begonia. I was so angry with you for killing my partner. Never once even considered hearing your side of the story. Furthermore the fact you killed Wei against you will

Dela: While it scared the living shit out of me. I understood why you wanted me dead back then Xiaoyu. It was one of the reasons why I sought you all out. While my sister and I was first thinking about leaving Mayland for good. Not only did I no longer wanted to run away from my past. I also hoped had I been spared. That I may join the rest of you. Taking down Janiel and the rest of the Children of Ruin. Besides to leave a place like Mayland behind is just silly

Xiaoyu: Well I'm glad I didn't end up killing you Dela. I'm also happy to have you on our team

Dela: The pleasure is mine Xiaoyu. Anyways I hope my story sheds some light on your concerns Hellin? I mean if you wish to keep an eye on me. I sincerely would appreciate it. However if you're worried I'll turn on everyone here. Then prepared to be very disappointed

Onyxe: Besides I already perform a complete mental reading on Dela's brain. Whatever traces of Janiel's influences within her mind. I had completely erased them. Now that everyone else knows Dela's truth. May we return to the topic at hand?

Lisa: I just have one more question for you Dela

Dela: Ask away Lisa

Lisa: When you first caught your sister in bed with your deceased husband. Why didn't Marisa know she was indeed screwing your husband? Weren't you two close?

Dela: While I had a fairly decent childhood. Marisa and I weren't the closes of sisters. While we loved our parents dearly. The two of us really didn't care for one another. I did my own thing. Going to school to become a summoner. Marisa was too busy becoming a model. After my sister and I became adults. No longer forced to live under the same roof. Marisa began her work as a model. Traveling all throughout Asira. While I became a nurse. Neither Marisa or I kept in contact with one another. Even on my wedding day. I only invited my mother and father and few of my cousins. Marisa I believe was somewhere in Sudan. Trying to find herself a multi millionaire. Anyways Marisa and I didn't see each other again. Until the day I caught my then husband. Fucking her in our bed. Even when I was filled with unspeakable rage. I knew my sister was innocent. Hell even if she wasn't. I could not had brought myself to kill her. That's why I summoned Nox Gagana to fly her away from the house. Allowing me to unleash my fury upon Jonathan. However ever since that faithful day. Marisa began to study the art of summoning. Hoping to someday locate me. Telling me exactly what happened that day. It took my sister years to perform her first summoning. Once she learned the nature of her summoning's powers. Marisa immediately began using it's locating spell. Luckily she learned it in perfect timing. Otherwise I would had been long dead

Angelina: Now that explains why Marisa didn't know you were married nor that Jonathan was your husband

Nara: My mother always said. "Don't blame the person for sleeping with your spouse. Blame your spouse for being a cheater. The other person didn't take vows of loyalty to you"

Xiaoyu: Now I'm even more excited to meet your mom babe. Anyways now that Dela has shared her life story with us. We need to get back to more serious subjects

Hellin: We would had been already gone, but everyone wanted to know why I distrust Brutality

Anna: Hey at least we learned that Dela isn't a Sleeper Agent

Onyxe: Now for us to get ready to journey to Tremaine Bridge. Mariah while you were enjoying your dinner my dear. I have a few of my servants. Use their magic to upgrade your carriage. Course your carriage can be changed back. Once you return to my castle.

Mariah: Oh my that's sounds wonderful your Majesty

Onyxe: I just didn't want to upset you. However your carriage in it's current state. Would had not been big enough to carried the necessary passengers. That's why I decided to have it upgraded

Yura: So who exactly is going to fight the Eater?

Onyxe: The main team going to Neo Aigosthena will consist of Xiaoyu, Apollyn, Nara, Angelina, Lisa, Hellin, Anna, and Brutality. However just to get over to Hazelwood and back. I will also be accompany the heroes. Making sure Mariah isn't harmed during the nightly travel.

Yura: I will like to come as well. I doubt you'll let me aid in the fight against The Eater. None the less extra protection for my King and the Rider wouldn't hurt

James: That goes double for me boss

Onyxe: That's about all the passengers Mariah's upgraded carriage can take

Hisako: I would had love to battle against the Eater

Yura: That Luxury Gem on your crotch says otherwise. If The Eater were to spot your gem Lady Hisako. The demon will tear it off you. Reducing you back to dust

Onyxe: I know you're a very skilled combatant Hisako, but that's a risk I will not take. Besides I need you to keep my castle safe until I return

Hisako: Whatever!

Yura: On second thought I will stay with Lady Hisako and the others

Onyxe: That's even better. I appreciate that very much Yura. So it will be the heroes along with James and myself

Hisako: Oh you don't have too Yura. Honestly go protect your King

Onyxe: That won't be necessary Hisako. James accompany me is enough and I'm far from helpless. Besides it's Mariah who needs the most protection. The rest of us can handle ourselves. At least until we reach Tremaine Bridge.

Yura: Besides I will like to catch up on some of my soap operas

 James leans in an whispers to Anna

James: Once we get to the end of Hazelwood. I'm going to run out of the wagon as fast as I can. Help you and your friends battle The Eater. I'm not letting you fight that demon alone sweetheart

Anna did not respond to her father. Instead gives him a "whatever" kind of look. Heading towards the castle entrance. Two of Onyxe's servant open the door. Letting Onyxe and the others out of the castle. Awaiting them was Mariah's modified carriage and her horse strapped to it. The Rider was so happy to see her modified carriage. Mariah turned to Onyxe and planted a juicy hug on his cheeks. The King was very glad to see Mariah loved the changes. Everyone walks up to the carriage. James opened one side of the door. While Nara did the other. The ladies were all seated in first. James and Nara then enter the carriage. The carriage now practically full. Mariah along with Onyxe get onto the horse. Everyone now seated and ready for the journey ahead. Mariah gently pets her horse's head. Letting him know it was time to move. Mariah shouts out "heading to the end of Hazelwood". The horse starts to head towards the road. Pulling the heroes along with him. Nearly three hours since their journey had began. The heroes had finally reached Hazelwood. Everything was going well except for one thing. Xiaoyu was fast asleep in the carriage. While everyone else was wide awake. Xiaoyu being asleep wasn't a problem in itself. Onyxe and Apollyn worried the long day Xiaoyu had. Helping with an investigation in the Royal Lands. Exhausted the young detective more than they realized. Nara who knew about the fight that awaited them at Tremaine Bridge. Nara worried that his resting girlfriend. Wouldn't have the focus to fight the Eater. The others shared Nara's concerned. Everyone except Angelina and Hellin. Continue the journey through Hazelwood. Onyxe, Apollyn, Hellin, Anna, James, Nara, Lisa, and Angelina sense a sinister presence not too far from them. The heroes realize they are drawing near Tremaine Bridge. Mariah along with her horse are starting to become frighten.

Onyxe: Mariah you can drop the heroes off right here

Mariah: I think I can get y'all a bit closer

Hellin: Do as the man says Rider! We don't want you getting caught by the Eater

Angelina: You have served your purpose ma'am. The only job you have left to do is get Onyxe and James back to the Royal Lands.

Xiaoyu: Besides we still have to get to Neo Aigosthena

Nara: Babe you're awake? I was just about to tell Onyxe--

Xiaoyu: Tell Onyxe what? Take me back with him? Nara did you really think I wasn't going to help fight the Eater?

Apollyn: Aren't you feeling a bit sluggish Xiao buddy?

Xiaoyu: Not at all Lynn. I was merely resting myself for the fight to come

Angelina: Xiaoyu was sleeping everyone, but not in the normal sense of sleep. Xiaoyu used a Light Technique called LUNAR REST! A technique used by a sage. Preparing themselves for a long night travel or in Xiaoyu's case. A fearsome battle. Xiaoyu was simply making sure she was 100%

Anna: Geez what didn't any of us think of that?

Hellin: I just thought because she was a mortal. Anyways enough talk! Let's get to our prey already

Lisa: Let's hope the Eater is the prey and not us

James: Onyxe!

Onyxe: Yes James?

Anna: Oh for fucks sakes Dad. There is enough of us here to fight the Eater. Just go back with Onyxe to the castle

James: NO! I'm not letting my daughter fight against such a demon. Not without me fighting by her side anyways

Hellin: Del Soto go fuck off somewhere! I will make certain Anna doesn't fall prey to the Eater. Now just go with--

James: SHUT THE HELL UP HELLIN! I'm not going anywhere but to help my daughter and the rest of you. I know I wasn't the best father to you Anna. I never meant for you to fall into The Order's hand. Especially knowing you would ended up being a servant to that fucking whore--

Hellin: Finish that sentence and I will rip out your esophagus! Try me if you fucking want too James

Xiaoyu: Enough arguing! We are going to fight the Eater, not each other. Onyxe can James join us in battle against the Eater or does he leave with you and Mariah?

 Taking a few seconds to think. The King looks directly into James's eyes. James stares right back at Onyxe. The level of the King's concern for James was palpable. Already worried about the other heroes chances of survival. Onyxe did not want to add James to the potential list of loses. However Onyxe knew James would not allow Anna to fight the Eater without him. Anna was James's daughter after all. No loving father would ever send his daughter to face danger alone. Even if said daughter had a group of friends fighting alongside her. James wanted to be there to protect his child as well. While Onyxe had the authority to make James return with him. The King knew better than to make sure a demand. If anything were to happened to Anna. Onyxe would forever lose James's friendship with him. A risk the King was not willing to risk. Ignoring his true feelings to protect James. Onyxe decides to grant James's wish to aid his daughter in battle.

Onyxe: I have made my decision. James you may aid Hellin and the others against the Eater. I just pray all of you emerge victorious. Anyways James if you are fortunate to survive. Go to the nearest hotel in Hazelwood and make yourself comfortable. Call me in the morning and I will send someone to pick you up. I love you James and I wish you all the best of luck. Okay Mariah it's time we get going

James: Wait up a sec O

 James runs up to Onyxe, wrapping his arms around him. Holding his King against his bare muscular chest. James bends his head down. Kissing the top of Onyxe's forehead. James then says to Onyxe "Thank you". James kisses Onyxe's head once more. Before releasing him and rejoining the heroes. Onyxe smiles as he fights away the tears. The King waves goodbye as he gets ready to leave with Mariah. The heroes watch Onyxe and Mariah ride back towards the Royal Lands. Until they can no longer visible. The heroes must now enter the bridge

Hellin: Okay ladies, Nara, and cur. Once we enter Tremaine Bridge. Everyone have better be on their fucking P's and Q's. I cannot be burden in babysitting anyone here. The Eater has years of experience under her belt. That's more than anyone of us here combine

Apollyn: Even with our ages all added together?

Hellin: Yes Apollyn! Anymore retarded ass question?

Apollyn: Apollyn has no more retarded ass question Hellin buddy

Xiaoyu: I'm ready for the fight ahead of us. I'm just worried how quickly the Eater will sense our presence? Is their anything we can do to mask our presence?

Hellin: I'm capable of such a feat. I know Anna and Angelina are capable of hiding their demonic auras as well.

Brutality: I too can hide my aura

James: Obviously I can hide mines as well. I didn't live this long without learning that trick

Nara: Welp! My Darken ass doesn't posses such a feat as of now

Xiaoyu: Apollyn knows how to mask her aura. I guess only Nara, Lisa, and I are sitting ducks

Lisa: Hey don't you be underestimate this fucking angel. I can hide my holy presence… just not from a demon

Hellin: Unfortunately demons and angels cannot really hide from one another. Demons can smell the purity of an angel miles away. The same way an angel can smell the sin of a demon. Against a lesser demon. I would send the three of you as bait. However fearing that the Eater would make quick work of you three. That would be too risky of a move

Nara: You can fucking say that again

Hellin: It's not that I care if any of you get killed. I just know there's power in numbers. While I would like to believe I could defeat the Eater alone. I know I haven't yet reached such a power level. Not all of us can be as fortunate as Okubi

Xiaoyu: Okubi's power upgrade has also cursed his existence. I don't see anything fortunate about that

Hellin: Whatever! Anyways we all know what's at stake. Time to cross the bridge

 Forming into groups as the travel towards the bridge. Hellin, Anna, and James are right in front. Angelina, Lisa, and Brutality in the middle. Lastly Nara holding both Xiaoyu and Apollyn's hand. Walks behind the rest of the group. Walking on the long and wide Tremaine Bridge. The heroes are immediately immerse in darkness. While the others can rely on their unearthly nature. Being able to see within the heavy darkness. Xiaoyu feels completely blind walking on the bridge. Even with Nara holding her hand. The detective feels very nervous. Desiring to use her light powers to brighten her view. Hellin who has been using her telepathy. Senses Xiaoyu's desire to use her powers. Hellin decides to send Xiaoyu a telepathic message

Hellin: "Do not use you powers on this damn bridge Jia!!!"

Xiaoyu: "I can't see a fucking thing on here. I can see shit on here"

Hellin: "Nara and Apollyn are by your fucking side. That's all you need to worry about. Now stop your fucking bitching so I can concentrate on our surrounding"

 Extremely annoyed with Hellin's disrespect. Xiaoyu desires to blast her with a light beam. However Xiaoyu also knows Hellin is right. The detective decides to continue allowing Apollyn and Nara to guild her

Angelina: Still no sign of the Eater anywhere. Nor do I smell any blood around here

James: Neither do I. Perhaps someone managed to kill the Eater

Hellin: I highly fucking doubt that Del Soto. If someone had managed to kill the Eater by now. That person would become an instant celebrity in Mayland. Probably all throughout Asira. Sadly that is not the fucking case. Now please stop reminding me that you're fucking here

Anna: Yeah dad please remain quit

Lisa: AWWW!

 The heroes hear a scream from Lisa. Immediately causing everyone to be on high alert

Hellin: What's wrong Lisa?

Lisa: Brutality! She's no longer here on the bridge

Xiaoyu: What do you mean she no longer on the bridge? I mean where the fuck did she go?

Hellin: That fucking traitor! Anna are you… ANNA?

Nara: First Brutality now Anna's missing? I didn't even sense any--

Xiaoyu: Nara? Babe?

Hellin: FUCK! The Eater has made her move. Xiaoyu and Lisa, light this fucking bridge up like a Christmas Tree

Xiaoyu: Get ready Lisa… Lisa?

Hellin: FUCK NOT HER TOO! Anyone who hasn't gotten caught yet. Bring your ass next to me immediately. Del Soto that mean you too

Xiaoyu: James?

Hellin: Apollyn, Angelina? Xiaoyu LIGHT THE BRIGE UP NOW!

 Xiaoyu immediately uses her light power. Brightening up the ominous bridge. Upon making the bridge visible. Standing in front of Xiaoyu is no other than the Eater. However instead of seeing a hideous demon standing before her. Xiaoyu spots a beautiful sheer white skinned woman. Wearing a beautiful silk pale turquoise dress. Xiaoyu stares into the demon's scarlet colored eyes. Immediately becomes paralyzed by fear. Hellin quickly grabs Xiaoyu's arm. Pulling her away from the demon. Keeping Xiaoyu close to her. Hellin stares at the Eater with venom in her eye. The Eater on the other hand. Stares at the remaining women in amusement. Absolutely delighted to have yet another group of fools. Dared to cross the Tremaine Bridge at night. Now with her prey in sight. The Eater is ready for her feast

Asasah: Greetings wondering fools. It's been centuries since I had such a feast before me. I knew today will be a fortunate night, but even I didn't expect so many treats. My name is Asasah Oui and I'm going to devour you!


Friday, March 18, 2016

Showdown At The Castle


The next day had finally arrived. The sunlight beaming on Okubi's caramel face. The half demon awakens and see Eligos floating above him. Feeling groggy but not tired enough to fall back to sleep. Looking down at his Master anxiously. Okubi is well aware of what Eligos wishes to ask of him. However Okubi is not ready to talk about last night. Okubi quickly grabs Eligos and tosses him away. A few seconds of tumbling in the air. Eligos regains his composure and turns to Okubi. Showing a look of both shock and hurt in his face

Eligos: Master Okubi? What was that for? I didn't tell a single soul about last night

Okubi: Good for you Eligos. What have I told you about being in my face? You're not exactly the first thing I want to see when waking up. Now let me hurry up and go get dressed. Today is the day we go and find Pruflas

Eligos: Are you sure you're ready for that encounter? I mean considering what you dealt with last night?

Okubi: My mother told me everything I need to know about Pruflas. At least what matters anyways. Now if you will excuse me. I need to grab my papaya and vanilla body wash and go take a quick shower. Today is the day we will be going to Neo Aigosthena. In order to take down Pruflas and his organization. Hopefully leading us one step closer to find and eliminate Janiel

 After Okubi had finished speaking to Eligos. The door to his room opens. Both Okubi and Eligos turn to see who was at the door. It was Hellin wrapped up in a light red towel. The Princess of Babylon then begins to speak

Hellin: Morning Okubi and servant of Okubi. I came to inform you that we will not be heading to Neo Aigosthena as of yet. Onyxe needs a few of us to run some minor errands for him. You're one of the heroes Onyxe requires for said task. Now please hurry and get dress and meet us downstair in an hour

Okubi: Next time knock

Hellin: Next time be already dressed

 Hellin exits from Okubi's room and shuts his door. Okubi then exits from his bed. Grabbing his cerulean battle suit and his showering material. Okubi then heads to the bathroom with Eligos following behind him. Arriving downstair fifteen to an hour. Okubi joins his friends and allies for breakfast. 

Xiaoyu: Good morning Okubi and Eligos

Apollyn: Great morning Okubi and Eligos buddies

Okubi: Good morning Xiaoyu, Apollyn, Nara, Lisa, Angelina, Anna, Hellin, Brutality, and everyone else for that matter

 Taking his seat between Xiaoyu and Apollyn. Ivela and Edi brings Okubi his plate of food. Watching the heroes enjoying their breakfast. King Onyxe begins to speak

Onyxe: Now that everyone here is present. Well everyone I need to speak too anyways. I have some news I need to tell you all. First due to some news I have received earlier this morning. I decided to push your mission to Neo Aigoesthena until tonight.

Okubi: Hellin had came to me about that very matter. So exactly happened that delaying our trip to eliminate Pruflas?

Onyxe: Earlier today I learned that their was an incident in Rogue Village located in Alfreda. Also the police station in The Royal Lands are a little low on man power. I already volunteered Xiaoyu and Apollyn to aid them. Meanwhile I want you Okubi along with Eligos. Travel to Alfreda and speak to the locals. I don't expect you to do much Okubi. Just gather enough information and report back to either my or one of my servants. 

Nara: So what about the rest of us?

Onyxe: Well Hellin wants to go and train in the Autumn Forest. Something I personally am glad to hear. A lot of vicious creatures live within that forest. Creatures that can be fatal encounter for many travelers. I suggested to take Anna with her, but Hellin demanded to be left alone

Onyxe: Someone still trying to prove themselves to their mother?

Hellin: Funny considering you're the Poster Child of mommy issues

Onyxe: I pray the monsters within the Autumn Forest devours you Princess

Hellin: Once I step into the Autumn Forest. The only predator in there will be me. Course I would much rather have you as prey than whatever I will encounter in the forest

Eligos: Keep dreaming wench

Hellin: Keep being Okubi's bitch

Eligos: Why you little insufferable…

Onyxe: ANYWAYS! Now that you three know what I need you to do. Please enjoy but hurry up with your meals. I want the four of you to complete your morning assignments. Getting back here in time to eat dinner and head out to Neo Aigosthena. Meanwhile James, Yura, and I are going to head out to the Royal Courts. I'm going to meet up with the Sub Kings and Queens of Mayland. I still haven't found a suitable ruler to govern Coram in Queen Adama's place

Anna: Speaking about Coram. How has reconstruction been going?

Onyxe: Better than I expected, but it's still a mess. While only a few innocent lives were lost. The destruction caused by Christof, Adama, and their demon subordinates. Really did a number on Coram. Ivory and Zero Black are still M.I.A. Susan disappeared once again, and while Zar is amongst the group helping rebuild Coram. However many are still skeptical in making Zar the next ruler of Coram

Angelina: I hate to say that I agree with the naysayers

Nara: Angie you can't be fucking serious! Zar put his life on the line to save Coram from Christof and Adama's sinister schemes. Yes it was all of our hard work that kept Coram's inhabitants from being sacrificed. However if anyone deserves to rule Coram. Zar is the man for the job

Angelina: Zar maybe the best ruler personality and loyalty wise. However Zar doesn't have the necessary skills to be a Sub King. Even if you're not the King of all of Mayland. A Sub King or Queen has to posses a certain level of powers. Most sages throughout Asira don't posses or would a slim chance of defeating them. Zar is just a highly skilled monster hunter. The man doesn't posses the powers to defend an entire Kingdom. The job as Coram's next Sub King or Queen's right hand man, but not as Coram's next ruler

Onyxe: That's is indeed correct Angelina. While majority of my fellow King and Queens like Zar as a person. None trust in his abilities to be the leader Coram desperately needs. However I plan on asking in todays meeting. Should I not find a suitable leader before Coram is completely restored. That they will allow Zar to temporarily rule. Until I can find a qualify leader

Nara: That is utter bullshit to me. Obviously if you can't find a leader for Coram before it's restored. Zar should just become it's new permanent ruler until he's ready to pass the torch.

Okubi: Says the man who wants to take Onyxe's spot as Mayland's next King. Yet doesn't comprehend the fact Zar isn't suitable to rule as a Sub King for Coram.

Nara: Oh I comprehend alright Okubi! Just because Zar doesn't posses any fancy demonic powers or God like abilities. The man isn't deemed good enough to rule for his home country. I swear once I become Mayland's next King. Such silly politics are getting thrown out the fucking window.

Angelina: Nara this isn't about being a Demon or possessing a high level of magic. It's about Coram having a ruler that can protect the state from powerful threats. Zar's powers are ordinary at best compare to Coram's previous ruler Adama. Imagine had Onyxe himself not defeated Adama and Zar ended up fighting her instead?

Nara: Zar would had found some way to take the evil bitch out!

Hellin: Adama would had annihilated Zar the way a Night Lynx devours a rabbit. What part don't you fucking understand that Zar doesn't have the strength of a high ranking sage or a demon for that matter?

Nara: All of this shit here is nonsense

Xiaoyu: Babe please get a hold of yourself. I can feel you raging from over here

Nara: Xiaoyu do you agree with any of this nonsense?

Xiaoyu: Only if I knew you were such a noble man when I first meet you. I would had dated you much sooner. Unfortunately babe I agree with everything Okubi, Onyxe, Hellin, and Angelina are saying about Zar. Having a good heart doesn't equate a good and protective leader. I just pray whoever becomes Coram's next Sub Ruler. Posses the same amount of heart as Zar

Nara: I didn't mean to be a douche to any of your guys. It just shit like that angers me. Zar has all the qualifications to be a great Sub King. The man can always train to become a better protector

Hellin: The level of naiveté in your logic is adorably pathetic Nara. Zar isn't the type of man who can just study any magic law. Furthermore the years it will take Zar to master a powerful magic. Onyxe could easily find Adama's replacement ten times over.

Nara: Note I'm only apologizing to Okubi, Angelina, and you Onyxe. Hellin can kick rocks for all I care

Hellin: I rather be kicking you. Anyways I'm off to the Autumn Forest and pretend I'm killing some of you losers. Anna should you need me for any legitimate reason. Just think about me and I will come to your aid. Good luck on your journey Onyxe. Same for you Xiaoyu and Apollyn

Xiaoyu: Thanks Hellin

Apollyn: Apollyn appreciates your thanks Hellin buddy

Onyxe: Thank you Hellin, but both James and Yura are all the luck I need

Eligos: I guess we are not worthy of Hellin's blessing Master Okubi

Okubi: A blessing from Satan himself would be more welcome. Anyways it's time we get going as well. I want to get back here by nightfall

Xiaoyu: Apollyn are you ready to get going?

Apollyn: Apollyn has finished all of her dessert Xiayou buddy

Onyxe: Well let me go see if James and Yura are ready to go. I'm leaving Hisako in charge until I return from my meeting. Don't give Hisako a hard time when am gone. Unless you want to have a personal experience dealing with Kagemori. Anyways enjoy the castle and it's many festivities. Later amigos

Xiaoyu: See you later lover. Don't do anything ridiculous. You'll need your strength for tonights journey to Neo Aigosthena.

Nara: Just going to be doing some serious training. Real serious training babe

 Xiaoyu plants a kiss on Nara's lips. Xiaoyu then grabs Apollyn's hand and heads out towards the castle door. Okubi, Eligos, and Hellin follow shortly after. Fifteen minutes after Onyxe, James, and Yura left for their meetings with the Sub Kings and Queens. Everyone went to do their own thing within the castle. Only Nara and Anna remain at the dinning table

Anna: So Nara about your training? Mind if I train with you?

Nara: As cool as that sounds Anna. I got a fight date already planned with Neville. The little punk really thinks he can kick my ass. I'm going to show him which one of us is the stronger of the Great Descendants. Perhaps another time friend my apologies

Anna: No need to be sorry Nara. It's perfectly understandable

Nara: Yet I can't help but feel I let you down

Anna: I always look gloom. Don't mind me Nara honestly. Good luck with your match against Neville

Nara: Thanks Anna I really appreciate it!

 Nara leans in towards Anna and hugs her. Nara then rushes off to find Neville. Ten minutes after leaving the Dinning Room. Nara encounters Neville near the backyard exit of the Castle. Along with Neville is the fellow Great Descendant and one of the Four Divas Ann Marie. Unsure why Ann Marie is with Neville. Nara begins to ask Neville what's going on

Nara: Hey Neville… why is Ann with you?

Ann Marie: Hello again Mr. Chabla. How was your morning?

Nara: Alright I suppose. Anyways Neville?

Neville: Ann overheard our Fight Date for today and wants in. However I already planned to fight you, but Ann suggested a great idea. Originally it was just going to be you and I doing battle. However I decided to make it a tag match. All you need to do now is find a partner

Nara: But I didn't even fucking know our Fight Date is now a Tag Fight Date

Neville: Hey it's either that or forfeit

Nara: Son of a bitch!

Anna: Nara I'll fight alongside you

 Haven't not even noticed Anna a few seconds ago. Nara turns around and sees Anna wearing unusual fighting gear. Never has Nara seen so much of Anna's skin. Attempting to ignore the dirty thoughts in his head. Nara turns his head away from Anna

Nara: Anna when and how did you get here?

Anna: I changed into my Training Gear Okubi bought me after you turned down training with me. However I also decided I wanted to watch your fight with Neville. Instead I'm now going to be your tag partner. Talk about being lucky

Nara: Totally unexpected but you won't hear me complaining

Ann Marie: Alright it's time for tag team action!

Hisako: Did I hear something a tag team match taking place?

Nara: Wow! What's with this sneaking up shit?

Hisako: Don't underestimate the skills of a skilled samurai. Now the four of you takes your sexy selves to the backyard. I'll go and gather the others. Finally some real entertainment in this place. Now the four of you get your asses outside. I'll gather the others and get this showdown started.

 Shortly after Hisako gathers most of the castle's residents in the backyard. Along with the aid of Angelina and Oriana. Hisako creates a special barrier called Miracle Fort! A spell that creates an invisible barrier. Surrounding the sages placed within. Along with protecting the on lookers from the sages attacks. Nara and Anna faces towards Neville and Ann Marie. Now with everything in place. The tag team battle between the heroes is ready to begin.

Ann Marie: Nara Chabla! Annabelle Del Soto! Are you two ready to feel the watery fury of the Aqua Diva Ann Marie Cyrus?

Anna: Here I thought only Apollyn referred to herself in third person?

Nara: Oh we're ready alright! It's you two who are going to feel the pain

Neville: Talk is cheap Nara. Let our powers speak for us!

Nara: Anna on your mark…

Anna: Get set…

Nara: GO!

 Nara and Anna immediately starts charging towards Neville and Ann Marie. Reaching inside of her nap sack. Anna pulls out a vile with baby pink colored liquid. Quickly removing the cork off the vile. Anna drinks the baby pink colored liquid in one swallow. Surprised that Anna opted to use a potion instead of summoning one of her tarots. Nara turns to Anna to ask her a quick question.

Nara: So no Estrild or Anpiel?

Anna: As much as I love using my friends in combat. Not only is this match not against enemies, but friends. This is the perfect opportunity to test my fighting skills outside of the use of my tarots. The Bubblegum Potion provides me an edge when engaging in physical combat

Nara: I trust your judgment Anna. Let's go kick some ass

 Watching their opponents moving towards them. Neville and Ann Marie prepare to make a move of their own

Neville: Nothing sadder than seeing veterans behaving like amateurs. Let's see you dodge this! RAPID FIRE - TAR!

 Neville unleashes several blast of tar from his mouth. Shooting the hot tar towards both Nara and Anna. Seeing Neville's multiple blast of tar coming towards them. Nara and Anna dodges Neville's attack with little difficulty. Neville quickly fires another run of tar blast. Keeping Nara and Anna busy. Allowing Ann Marie to prepare an attack of her own. Using her water base magic. Ann Marie creates a ball of water between the palm of her hand. Shaping her ball of water into an attack. 


 Turning her ball of water into a zigzag shaped stream. Ann Marie targets Nara and Anna with her watery attack. Distracted by the multiple tar blasts. Now with the incoming attack from Ann Marie. Nara and Anna try to dodge the zigzag water stream. Anna manages to dodge Ann Marie's Zigzag stream, but Nara was not as lucky. Struck in the chest by Ann Marie's attack. Nara is sent crashing to the ground. Concerned about Nara's well being. Anna knows she cannot stop to aid her partner. Anna instead moves closer to Neville and Ann Marie. Once close enough to her targets. Anna strikes Neville with a powerful kick to the chest. Temporarily taking Neville out of the fight. Anna attempts to deliver a powerful kick to Ann Marie. Only for her attack to be stopped by Ann Marie's Water Shield. Neville rises off from the ground. Ready to get pay back on Anna. Fortunately Nara too has gotten back on his feet. The fighter's eye color having changed from brown to icy blue. Nara then unleashes a small but powerful blizzard against Neville. Defending himself against' Nara's attack. Neville swiftly spits into his hands. Creating a wall of tar to protect himself. Anna who's kick was quickly blocked by Ann Marie. Attempts to remove her leg, but for some reason. Cannot free herself from Ann Marie's water

Anna: WHA-What's going on? I can't remove my leg

Ann Marie: That's what happens when you underestimate the powers of a water user sage. I can change my water's properties at will. Using my water to shield me from attacks. Changing it into a sticky substances. Now prepare yourself to be trapped inside a Water Bubble

Anna: Nice trick Ann, but I still have a few of my own

 Using her left hand. Anna reaches inside of her nap sack. Pulling out one of her Tarot Cards. The card Anna draws out. The Tarot Monster Jin The Handsome Hermit. Summoning Jin onto the battlefield. Jin takes on the appearance of a very handsome and muscular Chinese man. Short spiky jet black hair, shirtless, and wearing silver denim skinny jeans. Blown away by Jin's natural charm. Ann Marie loses her concentration against Anna. Removing her leg out of Ann Marie's sticky water. Anna quickly orders Jin to attack Ann Marie with Crane Beak Strike. However ignoring his summoner's commands. Jin is instead holding Ann Marie in his arms. Gazing into her eyes as he attempts to seduce her. 

Anna: Oh my fucking gosh Jin! Now I remember why I rarely summon you into battle. All you do is flirt with my opponents. Well my women opponents anyways. I knew I should had just summon Estrild

Ann Marie: Well thanks for summoning this sexy summoning Anna. Even in the heat of battle. A little eye candy never hurt anyone. Sadly I came here to fight. Not entertain your sexy summoning. 

 Ann Marie pushes Jin off of her. Ann Marie creates distance and prepares an attack. Neville who had successfully defended against Nara's Blizzard. The sage then starts to charge towards Nara. Coming at him like a hungry shark. Anna along with her summoning Jin battling against Ann Marie. The Water Sage uses the attack AQUA SPIRAL! Releasing a giant spiral shaped water blast from her hand. The spiraling water moving swiftly towards Anna and Jin. The Handsome Hermit jumps in front of his summoner. Moments before Ann Marie's attack hits Jin and Anna. Jin uses the technique WIND PALM! Thrusting out his right hand fiercely. Unleashing a force from his hand so powerful. Reflecting Ann Marie's water base attack right back towards her

Anna: Alright! That's what I'm talking about

Jin: Sorry beautiful Water Sage. However it is my duty to protect my Summoner from anyone. Including hotties like yourself. I hope getting hit by your own attack. Doesn't ruin too much of your beauty

 Unable to do anything to counter her own attack. Nor did Ann Marie attempted too. Struck perfectly by the Aqua Spiral. Both Anna and Jin was sure Ann Marie was defeated. Anna knew out of all the Four Divas. Ann Marie was the least combat experience and thus the weakest. However as the water dropped to the ground. Ann Marie stood completely soaked. While her soft and succulent skin was now exposed through her dress. Ann Marie stood completely unharmed by the attack. Anna and Jin stared in utter confusion

Anna: B--b-BUT HOW?

Jin: My technique didn't work? That has never happened before

Ann Marie: Oh my goodness! My nipples are showing through this ivory dress. Anyways to explain why my own attack didn't hurt me. I posses a unique ability called Aqua Blessing! A marvelous power that makes me immune to all water based attacks. Unless my opponent uses Curse Water! A power so rare and so evil. Only dark sages and demon would posses such a powers. Luckily for Neville and I. Neither Nara or you uses Curse Water. Now let me show you what I really can do

 While Anna had just discovered Ann Marie's near immunity to water based attacks. Nara and Neville continue their battle. Trading and blocking blows from one another

Neville: You proved to be a greater challenged than I even anticipated

Nara: Same here but that's all about to change now

Neville: You going to go all "Darken" on me?

Nara: No need to use such powers. Against a chump like you.

 Nara's eyes suddenly changes from icy blue to silver. Allowing Nara to summon his personal guardian LIONHEART! The mystical knights instantly appears on the battlefield. Ready to aid Nara in combat

Neville: Hey no fucking fair man. I didn't know you could summon monsters as well

Nara: Hey man that's what happens in a fight amongst sages. Besides it's not like am cheating. Lionheart is a legit part of my magical abilities. Don't be mad you can't summon a badass knight.

Neville: Tch! Even with your puny knight. Ann Marie and I are still going to win

Nara: I trust Anna to take out the mermaid. Lionheart and I will deal with you. Now Lionheart attack with SUPERIOR SLASH!

 Raising his blade above his head. Lionheart moves towards Neville. Bringing down his sword to strike the young Sage down. Neville dodges the deadly attack by the skin of his teeth. Nearly taken a fatal blow. Neville's mood has become more fearsome

Neville: ASSHOLE! Are you seriously trying to kill me?

Nara: Not at all amigo. Just trying to win is all. You should try it

Neville: Now I'm really mad! It's time to get dirty!

 After revealing her near immunity to water based attacks. Ann Marie summons water particles to surround both Anna and Jin. Knowing Ann is preparing an attack. Anna attempts to have Jin attack Ann Marie. Unfortunately for Anna and her summoning. Ann Marie's attack happens faster than expected. Using the the water particles surrounding Anna and Jin. Ann Marie transforms the small water particles. Into a gigantic ring of water. The ring of water wraps around both Anna and Jin. Binding them together, leaving them completely immobilized. Nara notices that Anna is in trouble. Distracting him from Neville's next move. Neville leaps high into the air. Unleashing a huge spray of tar towards Nara and Lionheart. Instinctively Lionheart jumps in front of his master. Lifting his shield to  protect Nara and himself from the tar. However Neville's tar proves too much for Lionheart's shield to handle. Lionheart becomes trapped beneath the blob of tar. Knowing Lionheart can no longer aid him in battle. Nara attempts to change his eye color. In order to remove Lionheart off the battlefield. Only to discover that his "magic" doesn't work. Not understanding why he can't change his eyes from silver to a color of his choosing. Nara goes into a panic

Nara: The fuck is wrong with my powers? I can't change my eyes from silver. The hell is going on?

Neville: HA! Ha ha ha ha ha! I guess I might as well tell ya. The tar I sprayed all over your knight. Isn't just some ordinary sticky tars. It's what I like to call Magic Binding Tar! A specific tar based magic spell. Best used against an enemy. Wielding more than one type of magic. Since you're knight is apart of your magical repertoire. Binding Lionhearts stops you from using another type of magic. 

Nara: Shit!

Anna: Dammit this bad

 Watching from outside of the barrier. Both Lisa and Angelina talk amongst themselves. Discussing their friends potential defeat drawing near. Brutality listen to their conversation. Waiting for her moment to comment. 

Lisa: Holy shit! Neville has blocked Nara off from using his snow magic or changing into his liquid form. Anna and her sexy summoning also got caught by Mermaid's girls Water Ring. I was almost certain that Nara and Anna had this fight in the bag.

Angelina: Despite the great odds our friends are facing. I wouldn't count Nara and Anna out just yet. Nara can still enter his Darken State. Turning the fight into their favor. Course without Xiaoyu here to calm him down. Nara may not feel confident to use his darker powers in this battle. Especially since it's only a sparring match amongst friends. Nara wouldn't want to do something he'll later regret

Brutality: Nara may not want to intentionally fatally harm either Neville or Ann Marie. However no one wants to be a loser. Especially those with egos like Nara. While his mortal self may want a fair victory. A true Darken will do whatever it takes to win. Nara is no exception to that rule. It's only a matter of time. Before he gives into his darker desires

Lisa: I pray to Asira it won't come to that.

 Discovering that his magic is blocked. Thanks to Neville's magic binding tar. Between Nara not knowing what to do next. Along with Anna completely at Ann Marie's mercy. Refusing to use his Darken powers. Nara instead charges towards Neville. Hoping to take him out with a powerful punch Sadly Nara's recklessness plays right into Neville's hand. The Sage uses his shark like speed. Neville takes down Nara. Pinning Nara down to the ground. Neville mounts Nara as he prepares his next move

Nara: Dude what the fuck? Get off of me!

Neville: Don't make this situation anymore gay. Than what it is already. After all I'm just trying to win.

Nara: Neville this isn't fucking funny man. I'm a straight man with a girlfriend. While I'm far from homophobic. The thought of a man's ass position on my crouch. Doesn't make me feel very comfortable. Now get off of me!

Neville: Well that's the plan Nara. Just after I cover your face in jizz… I mean tar lmao

 Neville begins creating a blob of tar in his mouth. Nara watches in horror, knowing Neville's intention with his tar. Throughout the battle, Nara had managed to suppress his Darken state. Believing defeating Neville wouldn't require such powers. However with Anna unable to aid him. The fear of being defeated starts to sink in. Nara then decides it's time to cut lose. Sensing Nara is about to give into his Darken self. Even in her current situation. Anna knows the dangers of allowing Nara to go Darken. Immediately Anna screams out to Nara

Anna: NARA DON'T DO IT! Even if we end up losing. It's not worth using that power. Not when we're only fighting Neville and Ann Marie. I know you don't want to lose, but this isn't a do or die situation. Even if we lose to them today. We can rematch Neville and Ann Marie some other time

 Nara realizes the truth behind Anna's words. However knowing his dreams of becoming Mayland's future King. Nara cannot allows himself to lose to Neville. Feeling a sudden surge of power. Running through his body. Nara screams out in anguish. Unleashing a powerful burst of energy. Neville forced off of Nara, sent crashing to the ground. Nara then rises from the ground. Surrounded by a tense aura of icy blue, cerulean, and silver energy. Anna, Jin, and Ann Marie turned their attention towards Nara. Immediately notching a change within him. The outside audience also watches in amazement

Anna: Oh my goodness! Nara's eyes are both different colors

Ann Marie: One icy blue and the other one silver

Brutality: Seems to me Nara unlocked a new power

Lisa: What kind of power is Nara displaying?

Angelina: Based on what I know about the Cosmo Magic. Nara has unlocked the ability known as "Cosmo Heterochromia" A power that allows Nara to use two of his Cosmo magic abilities at once. Now the fight is about to get real interesting

Kira: Talk about a lucky power up

 Neville rises back onto his feet. Shaking off the shock of Nara's surprise attack. Neville starts to speak once again

Neville: Looks like your new power up semi counter my tar's effect. Even with you regaining access to your snow powers. Lionheart still remains imprisoned by my tar

Nara: Idiot! If you think I can't break Lionheart out of your tar. Prepare yourself for a rude awakening. Now Lionheart use WILL OF THE KNIGHT!

 Lionheart's body begins to glow in a magnificent light. Lionheart unleashes a power so great. The Knight melts away the tar that once imprisoned him. Lionheart is once again able to aid Nara in battle. Ann Marie more worried than ever. Ann Marie decides to take Anna and Jin completely out the fight. In order to aid Neville in defeating Nara. Ann Marie turns her attention back to Anna and Jin. Ready to perform another water based attack

Ann Marie: I wasted enough time with you Annabelle. Time to wash out both your summoning and you from this fight

Anna along with Jin still bind by the Water Ring. Neither Anna or Jin able to break free. Ann Marie summons a portal of water above them. Ready to unleash a powerful attack.

Ann Marie: It's curtains for you Annabelle. Now feel the wrath of my GRAND WATERFALL!

 The portal of water above Anna and Jin opens. Releasing a powerful and heavy stream of water onto them. The pressure of Ann Marie's Waterfall. Causes both Anna and Jin tremendous amount of pain. The pain is so great. Jin is immediately forced back into the Tarot World. Leaving his Summoner to suffer alone. Watching Anna being brutalized by Ann Marie. Causes both his anger and powers to grow. Released from the Water Ring. After forced to endure the mighty waterfall. Anna falls to the ground. While not completely knocked out by Ann Marie's attack. Anna is unable to continue battling. Leaving Nara to fight both Neville and Ann Marie on his own. 

Neville: Nice work Ann Marie. Now let's take out Mr. Dual Eyes here

Nara: Even with Anna taken out of the fight. I still got Lionheart by my side

Ann Marie: It's almost feels like four against two. However since Lionheart and Jin are apart of you guys magic. Neither Neville or I can cry foul play. Regardless of the matter. The odds remain in our favor

Nara: Oh is that so? Then let me show you the error of your ways. Lionheart it's about time we end this fight! Lionheart charge at Ann Marie and take her down. I'm going to kick Neville's ass myself

Neville: That's what you think buddy boy! Don't think you're the only one who can use a power up!

 Neville surrounds his body in a turquoise colored aura. Neville's body begins to transform into a less human appearance. Less than seven seconds later. Neville transforms in front of Nara and the audience. Appearing before them as a Frilled Shark humanoid

Neville: So Nara what do you think now?

Nara: MAAAANNNNNNN! You one ugly motherfucker

Lisa: You can say that shit again! Sweet Asira have some damn mercy

Brutality: Regardless of Neville's grotesque Frilled Shark like appearance. Nara needs to concern himself with whatever ability Neville gained from his transformation.

Neville: Ay! Fuck you haters! Frilled Sharks are awesome and I'm more than happy that I can transform into one. While my Frilled Shark form works much better in water. It's just as deadly on dry land. Now let's wrap this shit up already!

 Neville charges towards Nara at high speed. Nara quickly creates a heavy blizzard. Blocking off Neville's attempts to attack. Meanwhile Lionheart makes his way towards Ann Marie. Fearing the Knight's fearsome capabilities. Ann Marie relentless unleashes blasts of water at him. Only for her attacks to be reflected by Lionheart's shield. Lionheart only seconds away from reaching her. Ann Marie starts to panic. Seeing his opportunity to take Ann Marie out. Lionheart strikes the beautiful Water Sage with SHINNING JUSTICE! Finishing Ann Marie off with a luminous strike from his sword. Ann Marie is sent crashing to the ground. Partially covering her breast, placing her left hand over her crouch area. Ann Marie lays on the ground defeated. 

 Neville who is still blinded and immobilized by Nara's blizzard. Unable to fight back or to witness Nara's next move. Now with Ann Marie taken out of the fight. Lionheart disappears from the battlefield. Allowing Nara to change his silver eye to cerulean. Nara's body now transformed into a liquid substance. Nara manipulates the blizzard to completely surround Neville. Trapping Neville completely in the blizzard. Nara is now ready to finish him off! Moving his liquid body towards the blizzard. Nara expands himself, wrapping himself around the snow. Fusing his body with the heavy snow. Nara creates a powerful tornado. Rapidly spinning Neville around within himself. The audiences watches on in utter amazement. Nara continues to spin Neville around for a few minutes. Feeling certain that Neville has been defeated. Nara releases the defeated Sage from his tornado. Nara reverts back to his mortal form. Nara quickly runs over to check on Anna

Nara: Anna how are you feeling? I'm sorry I couldn't help you earlier

Anna: I'm fine now Nara, but I appreciate your concern. I'm a demon after all. Well not a full blooded demon, but good enough. May you please go check on Ann Marie

Nara: Yeah… but I can see her left tit

Anna: It's just breast Nara. Xiaoyu has them as well

Nara: I love my girlfriend's breast, but let's not act like Ann don't got the big o' tities

Anna: Just go check in on her. Also I want to thank you Nara.

Nara: For winning?

Anna: Not just for winning you dope. I'm thanking you for not using your Darken powers. Despite feeling the desire to do so

Nara: Well it's only thanks to you, I didn't go Darken. Had you not reminded me that Neville and Ann Marie are our friends. Despite being our opponents at the moment. I would had definitely used my Darken powers. Course I would had also risked killing them. However I think I did use it a little bit. Enough to awaken this new dual magic power of mine. I definitely gotta ask Angie about this power. Once the barrier has been taken down. Anyways I'm off to check on Ann Marie now. I promise not to squeeze on of her breast

Anna: You better not you pervert

Nara: Ha ha ha ha

Anna: Ha ha ha ha.. I'm not kidding. I will tell Xiaoyu

Nara: Gee thanks buzz kill lol

 Hours after the tag battle between Nara and Anna vs Neville and Ann Marie ended. Ending with Nara and Anna emerging victorious. Course had it not been for Nara's new power. The fight could had ended in Neville and Ann Marie's favor. The heroes wait outside of the castle. Spotting King Onyxe along with Xiaoyu, Apollyn, James, and Yura. A few feet away from the castle. Hellin also makes her return from the Autumn Forest. Once Xiaoyu was close enough to the castle. Nara runs towards his girlfriend. Wrapping his hands around her and embracing her. Xiaoyu bends her head down and kisses Nara on the lips. Nara continues to hold Xiaoyu in his arm. Happy to be reunited with his lover

Nara: Hey babe how was your day?

Xiaoyu: Tiresome but it's nice to do actual cop related work once in a while. I can't remember the last time I been in an actual police station. Anyways I'm happy to see your handsome face again

Nara: Same here but tens time more. Also Anna and I were in a tag battle against Neville and Ann Marie earlier

Onyxe: Oh my how cool

James: Is the castle still intact?

Onyxe: James who cares about the castle. I want details on this tag battle

Apollyn: Apollyn also wants details on Nara and Anna buddies battle against Purple Boy and Annie buddy

Nara: Well Neville and Ann Marie definitely brought their A game. Neville used an array of tar based attacks. Ann Marie ended up trapping Anna in her Water Ring. Following up with a powerful waterfall that took Anna out of the fight. Leaving me and my summoning Lionheart to defeat them both. Course Anna is the only reason I didn't go Darken. Thankfully I unlocked a new power during the fight

Xiaoyu: What new power did you managed to unlock babe?

Nara: Angelina said it was called "Cosmo Heterochromia" It allows me to use two of my magic powers at once. Now with that new ability unlocked. I gotta start practicing other forms of magic. Especially since my current magic abilities. Not counting my Darken powers. Seem rather limited. Perhaps I should learn how to manipulate electricity next

Xiaoyu: Or stop thinking so little of your current abilities. Nothing wrong on improving on the magic you already posses

Nara: Or a girlfriend of mines can teach me some Light based magic

Xiaoyu: Don't bite on more than you can chew mister

Onyxe: Sounds like a very interesting battle took place while I was alway. The good stuff always happens when I'm away. The burdens of being a King ha ha

Xiaoyu: By the way babe. Did Okubi and Eligos return from Alfreda?

Nara: Now that ya mention it. We haven't seen or heard from Okubi and his geezer servant in hours

Xiaoyu: Asira, I hope nothing happened to him or Eligos

Onyxe: Okubi should had been back at least an hour ago. Alfreda is that far from the Royal Lands. Nor is Rogue Town a big part of Alfreda. I hope Okubi and Eligos didn't run into any actual trouble going over there. If something were to happened to Okubi or Eligos. I wouldn't be able to live with myself

James: Oh don't be so dramatic Onyxe. Besides consider how strong Okubi has become. I highly doubt   anything fatal has befallen Okubi. Unless he had a run in with Janiel himself. Course that's very unlikely...

Yura: But not impossible! Hopefully the half demon just made a simple detour. He'll probably be back here shortly

Xiaoyu: I sincerely hope the two of you are right

 Minutes after Onyxe, Xiaoyu, Apollyn, James, Yura, and Nara reaches the castle door. The heroes spot a rider approaching them. The heroes are immediately relieved. Believing Okubi and Eligos to be within the Rider's carriage However they will shortly discover how wrong they are. The Rider drawing closer to the heroes. Xiaoyu, Apollyn, and Nara instantly recognizes the Rider approaching

Xiaoyu: MARIAH! Mariah it's me Xiaoyu. Do you remember me?

 Mariah quickly waves to Xiaoyu wearing a heartfelt smile on her face. Xiaoyu is certain the Rider remembers her

Nara: Still dress like a princess I see

Apollyn: Mariah buddy is so adorable

 The Princess dressed Rider now in front of the heroes. Mariah gracefully leaping off her house. The Rider approaches Xiaoyu with a letter. Holding the letter in her hand. The confused detective asks Mariah about Okubi and Eligos's whereabouts

Xiaoyu: Mariah isn't Okubi and Eligos with you?

Mariah: Most certainly not Ms. Xiaoyu. That is why Okubi told me to bring you this letter

Nara: Exactly how did you get here? I mean did you travel through the Autumn Forest?

Mariah: Not at all Mr. Nara. There is more than one way to reach the Royal Lands my dear. Traveling through the Autumn Forest is just faster and course more dangerous

Hellin: Not as dangerous as I had hoped

Mariah: May you please open the letter Ms. Xiaoyu. Inside contains Okubi's reasons for not being present.

 Xiaoyu quickly rips open the envelope. Containing inside a letter hand written by Okubi. Xiaoyu always had admired Okubi's handwriting. Never in her life had Xiaoyu imagine anyone capable of writing so neatly.

Onyxe: Unless it's really personal Xiaoyu. Do you mind reading Okubi's letter out loud?

Xiaoyu: If it was personal Onyxe. Okubi would had written it on the envelope. Based on what I skimmed alone. The letter Okubi written is meant for all of us to read

 Okubi's Letter

 Okubi: Dear Friends & Allies

 Shortly after arriving to Rogue Town in Alfreda alongside Eligos. I quickly discovered from the towns people. A group of children from a nearby shelter. Had suddenly vanish in the middle of the night. I only came here to report to you what had happened. However since becoming something of a "hero". Eligos and I decided to do some investigating on our own. Starting our search in the Illusion Forest. Only a few miles away from the shelter. Despite it's questionable name. Illusion Forest is known to be one of the safest forests in Mayland. Yet that doesn't mean bad things can never happen there. While searching through the forest. Eligos and I quickly sense something sinister within the forest. Not surprising since it was a sent of a demon. Continuing our journey through Illusion Forest. Eligos and I had eventually encounter a cave. After I smelled the air for fresh blood. Making certain that the children weren't killed. Eligos and I had then made our move to the cave. Once inside of the mysterious cave. Eligos and I had found the missing children. Along with the children was a Fluter! A type of demon that resemble the Pied Piper from fairytales. Realizing I had arrived just moments before the demon began it's ritual. The furious Fluter immediately summon four Boar Demons to kill me. Sadly the Fluter nor his summonings knew. The vast amount of power I possed

Easily defeating and killed the five demons. After I expected the kidnapped children. Making sure there was no sign of infection within them. Infection meaning "they did not become Darkens". I returned them back to the village safe and sound. My business in Alfreda now completed. I had intended to return Eligos and I to the castle. Yet I couldn't bring myself to come back. Not after encountering my mother's spirit in my dream last night. After what she told me about my dark powers. Along with details about Pruflas I do not wish to share at this time. I decided to take Eligos and travel to Neo Aigosthena. Not because I didn't want to travel with you guys. I pray that none of you are upset with me. Well minus Hellin since she's always pissed off at me. However I felt like I needed to explore Neo Aigosthena alone first. At least have enough time here. Before the rest of you show up. Course I couldn't leave without sending out some type of message. I could had simply used my cellphone, but I also didn't feel like talking at the time. That's when I decided to call Mariah. Asking her to travel here to Alfreda. Shortly after Mariah's arrival and allowing her some time to "torture" Eligos. I paid Mariah not only for her trip to Alfreda, but for a trip to the Royal Lands as well. Basically I just wanted you all to know. That Eligos and I are alright. I'm truly sorry for not returning back to the castle. I hope you aren't furious with me Xiaoyu. I just need some time alone. Enough to process all of the madness surrounding me. Anyways once you guys arrived to Neo Aigosthena. Call me on my cellphone immediately. Anyways I love all of you guys. Eligos and I look forward to your arrival. Please be careful when traveling to Neo Aigosthena. This place is truly a cesspool for criminal activities

P.S.: The train going to Neo Aigosthena is out of service til tomorrow. Eligos and I took the last train going towards Neo Aigosthena. I'm certain Onyxe knows another means of getting here. Good luck

 Xiaoyu had finished reading Okubi's letter. While the detective was very upset by Okubi's decision. Going to Neo Aigosthena without them. Xiaoyu also understood her friend's reason for doing what he did. Nearly everyone shared Xiaoyu's feelings. The exception being Yura, Naznim, Hisako, and Hellin. Unlike the other three women. Hellin may her dislike for Okubi's decision known

Hellin: That selfish little mother obsessed bitch! How dare Okubi abandon us for such mundane reasons

Lisa: Hey hold your fucking horses Hellin! Okubi didn't abandon any of us. The man took the time to send us a not. Definitely paid this Rider good money to deliver it. I'm more pissed off about the train to Neo Aigosthena being down until tomorrow. I mean I could fly to Neo Aigosthena, but that would totally blow my cover on this planet

Naznim: That would require for people to actually believe you're an angel. In case you are spotted. Just start talking like you always do. They wouldn't think twice about considering you an actual angel from Heaven

Lisa: Ha ha very fucking funny Naznim

Hellin: Little it to that entitled little prick to pull a stunt like this. Okubi knows that we are all working together to eliminate The Children of Ruin. Had anyone else did what Okubi did. Onyxe would had place a bounty on their fucking head

Onyxe: Perhaps you should read my mind next time Hellin. While I'm not thrilled by Okubi heading off to Neo Aigosthena. Without the rest of you being with him and Eligos. Between the darkness growing inside of Okubi. Along with the fact he was visited by his mother, Lady Ophelia's spirit. The man has a lot on his mind. Some time alone will do him justice. Besides while we are all working towards the same goal. Seeing to the retrieval of Forbidden and the elimination of The Children of Ruin. Only Nara and you are bounded to serve me. Nara wanting to compete in the Devilry Combat Tournament. In order to get a chance to fight for my throne. As for you Hellin, you are aware of your mother's orders. Aiding me in killing off Janiel and his demons. Okubi and the others are merely being heroes. Wishing to protect their home world. Anyways as Lisa had mentioned. The train going to Neo Aigosthena is down for repairs. I forgotten to mentioned that earlier. Probably would had remembered if Nara didn't wake up in a argumentative mood

Nara: My bad your majesty

Anna: So how do we get to Neo Aigosthena now?

Onyxe: As Okubi had also stated in his letter. I definitely know another way. Unfortunately it's not as safe as the train would had been. Luckily we have a Rider in our company. Course if Miss Mariah has nowhere else to be at?

Mariah: Not at all your majesty. It will my pleasure to assist in anyway I possibly can

Onyxe: Oh do I love a person with manners. It's such a rarity nowadays. Anyways I will discuss the alternate path towards Neo Aigosthena over tonights dinner. Which is about the start shortly. Since nightfall is upon us. I want you guys at Neo Aigosthena tonight. Now let's all of us get in the castle.

Xiaoyu: The sooner we finish eating. The sooner we can get to Okubi

Angelina: Then way are we waiting for? Let's enter the castle already

 James swiftly opens the castle door. Allowing the King and the others inside. Everyone heads over to the Dinning Room. The chefs who have already started on the appetizers. Sends out Edi and Ivela to serve the heroes. Friends and allies enjoy yet another wonderful dinner. Preparing for the dangers that awaits them towards and in Neo Aigosthena. 


Sunday, March 6, 2016

Dream Of Dread


Shortly after eavesdropping on King Onyxe conversation with both Othello and Xiaoyu. Okubi along with Eligos decide to go to bed. Despite hearing the concern about Okubi's new found powers from his friends. Okubi quickly removes his night gown. Laying his naked caramel colored body on his satin lavender bed. Floating two inches about his Master's head. Eligos looks down on Okubi with concern and regret in his eyes. The Demon Spirit never meant to betray his Master. Cursing him with a power so great. It may slowly transform him into a evil being with unstoppable powers. Eligos along with Knox intentions were to make Okubi so power. That even if Mastema was released from Forbidden. Okubi would posses enough power to take down the Demon Lord. Instead there actions have endangered both Okubi and his allies. Sensing his servant concern for him. Okubi reluctantly opens his eyes and faces Eligos

Okubi: There is nothing you can do now Eligos. Neither you or I can go back and time. Making sure I never underwent the Dark Dream Trial. I already forgiven your betrayal and I would like to continue having you by my side. I promise I won't succumb to the negative effects of my new found powers. Now please go to sleep

Eligos: But Master Okubi how can you be so sure? Why haven't you yet to punished me?

Okubi: First I won't allow myself to become a victim to despair. Second I often abused you for just floating the wrong way. Prior to these last few months. I was a horrible Master to you Eligos. Most Demon Spirits would had rather drifted aimlessly in the Underworld. Than having served an individual like myself. Furthermore your reasons you had betrayed me. Weren't out of malicious intentions.  It's just unfortunate you didn't believe in my enough. Instead you went behind my back and had Onyxe's father Knox. Place me under the Demonic Dream Trial. Now I posses premature for a demon of my age. Powers that can potentially turn me into an unstable being overtime. However despite the danger your actions have placed me in. The love I have for you is stronger than any hardship one can imagine. Furthermore I see this more as a blessing than a curse. Should I manage not to fall into despair. I now posses a power that rivals most Demon Lords. Along with Xiaoyu, Apollyn, and the others. I'm now certain of our chances of defeating Janiel and what remains of The Children of Ruin. I just hope it doesn't end with me being Asira's newest threat. Anyways there is no need for you to keep feeling guilty. The past cannot be changed. Let's just hope for a better future. Now I command you Eligos. Please go to sleep

Eligos: Well despite the fact I still feel like shit. It pleases me to know you genuinely love me Master

Okubi: Indeed I do my loyal servant. Now to bed with you

Eligos: Master Okubi just one more thing?

Okubi: What now Eligos?

Eligos: May I please sleep within your body tonight?

Okubi: Fine but do not disturb my dream or else. Now please for goodness sakes. Let me go to sleep

 Watching anxiously as Okubi closes his eyes. Eligos swiftly enters his Master's body. Minutes after entering Okubi's mind and body. Eligos found himself inside of a temple. Whenever Eligos had enter inside of Okubi's dreams. The Demon Spirit was use to seeing Okubi dreaming about either his past battles or the death of his mother. Course it's been months since the last time Eligos had slept within his Master's body. Roaming through the mysterious temple. Eligos spots a mysterious figure wearing a cerulean cloak. Eligos first believed it was just Okubi venturing through his dream. Considering his master's current wardrobe is also cerulean.

 However Eligos then remembers something very important. Regardless what Okubi would wear in the living world. Every time Eligos had entered inside of his Master's dreams. Okubi's clothing were always either black or hot pink. Never once did Okubi appeared in cerulean clothing in his dreams. While not wanting to interfere in his Master's dream. Eligos felt compelled to pursue to mysterious cloak figure. Following the cloak figure throughout the temple. Only for the cloak figure to suddenly vanish from his sights. Moments after having lost sight of the cloak figure. Eligos encounters Okubi standing in the center of the temple. Dressed in black Okubi stands before five sinisterly looking coffins. Noticing Eligos floating inches behind him. An annoyed Okubi turns to confrot his servant

Okubi: ELIGOS! What are you doing following me? I told you not to interfere in my dream

Eligos: Master Okubi I wasn't following you. Stumbling upon you was sheer luck. I was actually chasing after a figure wearing a cerulean cloak

Okubi: Eligos! The person wearing the cerulean cloak is obviously apart of my dream. Now exit my body so. In order to spare myself anymore spoilers.

Eligos: And what of those sinisterly looking coffins in front of you?

Okubi: I'll learn about them in due time. Now leave my body Eligos before I get really pissed off!

???: No Eligos stay exactly where you are

 Hearing the voice of a yet known figure. Stepping from behind the temple walls. Standing before Okubi and Eligos appeared a mysterious figure. Wearing a majestic cerulean colored cloak. Eligos hurries towards Okubi. Sticking out his right hand. Okubi grabs Eligos and places him next to him. Now focusing their attentions on the mysterious figure. Okubi with anger in his voice begins to speak.

Okubi: Who are you and what do you want?

Cerulean Cloak: I have came to slain the one who have brought upon your damnation. That being your pitiful servant of a demon spirit

Eligos: Is that Cerulean Cloak figured your subconscious Master Okubi? I knew you were still mad at me. Not to say that I blame you

Okubi: FOOL! I'm very pissed off with you, but it has zero to do with the Demonic Dream Trial. That Cloak Figure does not speak for me

Cerulean Cloak: No Young Lord Okubi, I do not speak for you. However I cannot ignore your servant's betrayal. Eligos's actions has put both your friends and most certainly your life in jeopardy. Now I must eliminate your traitor of a servant

Eligos: Master Okubi please protect me

Okubi: Don't be a jackass Eligos. Unlike the Demonic Dream Trial. Neither of us can be harmed. This is just a normal dream after all. Well normal-ish

Cerulean Cloak: If you believe this a simple dream. A dream where you control the outcome. Let me tell you now that your sadly mistaken Lord Okubi

 The Cerulean Cloak figure holds out it's left hand. Okubi looks down at Eligos. Only for his servant to vanish from his hands. Appearing less than a second later into the Cloak Figure's left hand

Okubi: ELIGOS!

Cerulean Cloak: Now do you realize this is more than a mere dream? Anyways it's time I do away with you traitor

Eligos: Master Okubi! I can't break free from this creature's grip. It must be a Spirit Toucher like yourself

Cerulean Cloak: A servant that betrays it's master is unworthy of any form of life. I will poof you from existence immediately


 Fearing losing his dearest friend and servant Eligos. Okubi's body becomes surrounded in a sinister red, blue, and black miasma. Okubi's face and body begins to change. Taking on a more demonic appearance. Staring towards the Cloak Figure with venom in his eyes. Okubi unleashes a powerful scream from his mouth. A scream so powerful it paralyzes the Cloak Figure. Okubi still in his demonic state. Summons his beloved ice rapier into his right hand. However before Okubi can prepare for an attack. The Cloak Figure begins to speak once again

Cerulean Cloak: OKUBI THAT'S ENOUGH!

 Hearing the voice of the Cloak Figure. Not only is it a voice of a woman. It's the voice of Okubi's deceased mother Ophelia. While Okubi remains on his guard. Slowly reverting back to his humane state. Eligos now freed of "Ophelia". The Demon Spirit hurries back to his Master's side. The effects of Okubi's vicious scream having worn off. Ophelia removed the hood off her head. Revealing her snow white face.

Okubi: Mother… but how? Even when I use to dream about you. Dreaming about what I done to you. Never once did you feel as real as you do now before me.

Ophelia: Back at Gore Stadium where you battled my clone Cordelia. After Cordelia was first destroyed in battle. I had inhabited my clone's body. Turning her against Othello and Mihsohi. Allowing your friends and you to escape. After I destroyed my artificial body. I immediately went into hiding.  Allowing my Spiritual Form enough time to recover. Afterwards I return to Asira in order to find you. Once I found you along with your friends. I followed you while keeping myself hidden. In order not to disturb you on your mission to Coram. Once your friends and you finished business in Coram. While you in a deep sleep. I watched Eligos betray you. before my very eyes. Eligos had summoned Knox, the father of King Onyxe int your room. I helplessly watched Knox place your body and soul under the Dark Dream Trial. While you had managed to survive the deadly trial. The consequences of your survival wasn't exactly good. While you were rewarded with great powers. The powers you currently possess is also a curse. Not only are your powers beyond your years as a demon. The powers you have put your body and mind at risk. It's a deadly side effect known as Despair. Which you are currently under. Watching Knox put you through such a dangerous trial. I wanted to attack both Eligos and Knox. However even if I was fully alive. I wouldn't stand a chance against Knox. Unfortunately as a Demon Spirit. I'm not able to harm either of them in the physical plane. However inside of your body. The very place Eligos often enters when you sleep. I'm able to access my physical form. One that would allow me to kill Eligos for his misdeed. I would had been succeeded in killing him too. However I failed to consider how much you loved your servant.

Okubi: Mother I appreciate your intentions. However I'm Eligos's Master and no one else. Once you seen that I had forgiven Eligos for his misdeed. Why did you feel the need to enter my mind. In order to kill my beloved servant?

Ophelia: My son you have not fully grasp what the Demonic Dream Trial has done to you

Okubi: No mother I know what it has done. It's gave me something I on my own may have never achieved. I also know this new powers of mines put both my friends and I in grave danger. Course that's only if I fail to get them under control. I have no intention of failing

Ophelia: That's the same thing your father said. Right before he was killed by the dragon. Sacrificing himself to save the people of Asira.

Okubi: Things were different back then mother. Father made a selfless choice. Ensuring the safety of Asira by sacrificing himself. The very same thing I will do. Should my powers attempt to drag me into despair.

Ophelia: You are already under the effects of despair. It's just hasn't fully taken over your mind

Okubi: Nor will I allow it to do so mother

Ophelia: ENOUGH! It's seem my words alone aren't enough to make you realize. The danger that lies ahead of you. First I want that traitorous servant of yours to leave your body this instant! I will like to you alone Okubi

Eligos: Master Okubi?

Okubi: You heard my mother Eligos... LEAVE! Also do not wake up a single soul within the castle. Disobey my orders and the consequences will be dire. Do I make myself clear?

Eligos: Loud and clear Master Okubi

 Eligos exits out of Okubi's body. Leaving only Ophelia and himself. Now alone with Okubi. Ophelia continues her conversation with her son

Ophelia: Okubi may you turn your attentions back to the coffins. Those five coffins are called Dread Coffins. In each coffins represents a demonic transformation. Caused by whatever dark emotion you are feeling. Each transformation being worst than the last

 Immediately following his mother's orders. Okubi turns around and sees five sinisterly design coffins before him. Each coffin having a different symbol placed on top of them. Ophelia begins explaining what each coffin represents

Ophelia: The coffins have a very sinister but unique design to them. They also have a symbol on top of them. Each symbol representing the demon you will become. The first coffin to the left represents the Avenger! The first of many forms you're doomed to become. The Avenger represents unbound rage within you. The second coffin is the Incubus! Representing your most darkest desires. The remaining three coffins are Sorrowful, Loveless, and finally Despair! While the first four forms are inevitable. There is a chance you can avoid transforming into your Despair Form. Unfortunately the chances of that happening are very slim

Okubi: What happens if I end up turning into my Despair Form?

Ophelia: That means you soul has turned completely black. Transforming you into a demon without a sense of right and wrong. The only thing you will know is destruction. Meaning you will not only be a threat to your enemies. Both your friends and the rest of Asira will also be at your mercy. That is why I wished Eligos never allowed Knox to put you under the Dark Dream Trial. Sadly it's already too late. Unless you are able to overcome your curse. The very world you fight to protect. Shall become the very world you fight to destroy

Okubi: Mother while what you're saying about my curse troubles me. I cannot allow it to stop me from saving Asira. Nor will I allow it to transform me into some heartless monster. There is too much at stake for me to fail. I cannot allow Janiel to fulfill his dark ambitions. Instead of allowing my curse powers to consume me. I will use them to bring an end to The Children of Ruin

Ophelia: Speaking about The Children of Ruin. There something I need to tell you about Pruflas

Okubi: I already know he's the Don of Neo Aigosthena. Along with him being a very powerful demon. I'm well aware of what I'm up against mother

Ophelia: That's true Okubi and I believe you are capable of defeating Pruflas. Especially now that you have your curse powers. However there's more to Pruflas than you realize. Not only is he one of the founding members of The Children of Ruin. Pruflas and I were once very close

Okubi: Close in what way mother?

Ophelia: Prior to meeting and marrying your father. Pruflas and I were once lovers. However despite his very charming ways. Pruflas was a typical demon. Desiring power and harming those who stood in his way. The only exception to his fury being me. After I married your father and gave birth to you. I planned on severing ties with Pruflas. Unfortunately things weren't as simple as I hoped. In spite of no longer having a sexual relationship with me.  Pruflas threaten to harm both your father and you. If I had abandon him altogether. While I was confident in your father's abilities to defeat him. I couldn't risk putting you in danger Okubi. Therefore I remained in contact with Pruflas. Shortly after your father's death. Along with our return to the Underworld. I became extremely depress and felt alone. Once Pruflas learned about your father's demise. Pruflas took advantage of my emotions. Eventually causing me to restart our affair. I'm so sorry Okubi I wasn't strong enough to resist his advances

Okubi: It's okay mother. It's not like you cheated on dad. I knew you were depressed but I never imagined it was that bad. I thought the two of us being together was enough. Obviously I was wrong. Sorry I didn't notice how lonely you were mother. I wish I could had done more for you. Especially considering how things ended between us.

Ophelia: Okubi please do not blame yourself for my poor decisions. Even if I was at a very emotional state. I knew dealing with Pruflas wouldn't end well for me.  Nor should you still be feeling guilty for kill me. I know if wasn't easy son but you did the right thing. I couldn't be any prouder of you for being such a hero. Nevertheless I wish the encounter between Pruflas and you could be avoided. Sadly you along with your friends. Have been tasked with eliminating the members of The Children of Ruin. A group of demons I was very familiar with prior to my death. If only I had decided to stop them sooner. Perhaps so many innocent sages would still be alive

Okubi: I should had known you knew about The Children of Ruin long before they took action. Anyways Mother would you mind telling me what caused you to go insane that day?

Ophelia: Sadly I'm not ready to tell you. What was the cause of my insanity. However I promise you will find out soon enough. I just fear the day that happens. It doesn't send you off the edge. Especially considering I played a role in my downfall. Anyways my beloved son. I have to return to the Underworld. However before I exit from your body. Allow me to place your trouble mind. Inside of a beautiful dream

Okubi: Mother before you go. Will you be accompanying my friends and I to Neo Aigosthena? I know you spiritual connection to this world isn't nearly as strong as Eligos. However even just for a short time. Having you by my side would make a world of difference to me

Ophelia: Much as I would love to travel alongside you Okubi. In order for you to grow strong on your own. I cannot allow you to become use to my presence. Even if I'm just a Demon Spirit. However I will be checking in on you from time. It's the very least I can do. Now--

Okubi: Mother before you go. There is something I want to tell you. I promise you and I will be together again. Also from the very bottom of my heart. I want to tell you thank you. Even though your death still hurts. It's thanks to you that I was able to grow. It took me years to get over your lost. The day I was forced to kill you. A huge part of me died alongside you. Even after Eligos stopped me from killing myself. Due to the anger and sadness inside of my heart. I treated everyone with disgust and rage. Poor Eligos who stood by my side for more than two centuries. I treated him the worst of all. Now that I thank about it. I didn't deserve someone as loyal to me as Eligos. The abuse he endured because of me. Just because he understood I was hurting on the inside. I wouldn't be alive today if it wasn't for him. Which is why even after he allowed Knox to curse me. I cannot help but feel no anger towards him. Instead I'm thankfully Eligos had such faith in me. I will my newfound curse powers and take down The Children of Ruin. Between the power within myself. Along with the support of my friends. I will not succumb to my curse. Anyways It's time for us to say goodbye for now. Until we meet again mother. I love you

Ophelia: I love you too Okubi. Yet in spite of my fears. I trust that you will not only defeat The Children of Ruin. I have faith you will overcome the curse that's been placed upon you. Now my precious son. May you have a wonderful night of sleep. Until we meet again my prince

 Ophelia walks over to Okubi. Wrapping her arms around him and kisses his head. Okubi hugs his mother back as she begins to fade away. Once Ophelia exited from his body. Returning to the Underworld. Okubi's mind slips into a beautiful dream