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Art By Song Gum-Jin

Profile: Anna

The Loyal Servant of the Snake Princess

Name: Annabelle "Anna" Del Soto

Age: 299

Gender: Female

Likes: Hellin, the color green and all it's variants, cleaning, cooking, running errands, her gothic lolita doll collection, green tea, mahjong, her tarot summongs

Dislikes:  Her father, an upset Hellin, Queen Othello "only tolerates her due to being Hellin's mother and her secondary Master", flan, the colors black and white "too plain and lifeless in her opinion", punishment, people with no opinions, the word "faggot", bees

Magic Name: None

Powers: Anna is able to summon various creatures from the Tarot World, uses various potions and fragrances with various effects. Anna also posses high self healing abilities due to her crotaphytidae bloodline. Not only can Anna self regenerate faster than most demons. Anna's blood can speed the healing process of anyone who drinks her blood. Naturally demonic base abilities such as super sight, strength, hearing, sensing, agility, stamina

BIO: Annabelle Del Soto better known as Anna. The daughter of former assassins James and Cassandra Del Soto. Years before her birth. Both of her parents were assassins to an organization called The Order. After her parents had left the organization. Betraying the The Order and earning their wrath. Cassandra shortly after gave birth to Anna. For the next seven years, Anna lived a happy life with her parents. Unfortunately The Order had eventually the whereabouts of the traitors. The minute The Order had re enter into the lives of the Del Soto's. Anna's childhood as she knew it was about to end. Once the assassins had enter their home. Cassandra battle the assassins single handedly while James took off with their daughter. Anna immediately began to cry upon being taken away from her mother. Knowing that her mommy was going to be killed. Now only her father and she remaining. They remain on the run until James's found an abandon motel. Moments later Anna had began to become hungry. Not wanting the risk traveling with his daughter. James left Anna at the motel while he went for food. During her father's departure. The Order had found Anna at the motel. Anna had expected The Order was going to kill her. Instead The Order had taken her with them. Leaving behind a few assassins to deal with James. 

 Shortly after being taken away from her family. The Order had told Anna the truth about her parents. Now knowing the truth about her dearly beloved parents. Anna began to cry tears of anguish. Regretting the day she was ever born into this world. For the next two hundred and fifty nine years of her life. Anna served as the servant to the assassins of The Order. During her many years as a servant. While Anna never received any cruel treatment from any of the assassins. Nearly everyone had despised her due to her parents were. However an assassin by the name Sel. Decided to take pity on Anna. When Sel returned from her missions. The assassin would teach Anna how to make potions and fragrances with various effects. Course made certain not to teach Anna anything that be used against The Order. Returning to the hideout after a day in Asira. Sel had given Anna a box containing magical cards. One she could not open until she was release from The Order's captivity. Sel had died two weeks later. Presumed to had been killed by James. Anna continued to serve The Order until they became tired of her. Due to her unquestionable loyalty to The Order. They decided not to kill Anna off. Instead Anna was sold to Queen Othello of Babylon. 

 Purchased in order to serve Othello's youngest daughter Hellin. While in the first time since captivity. Anna had endured many levels of cruelty from Othello. Fortunately Anna was able to become friends with Hellin. Despite having to constantly deal with Hellin threatening to kill. Not only did Anna find a friend within Hellin. Having been freed of The Order. Anna was now able to go inside of her box. Opening the box once given to her by Sel. Anna had discovered the box contained creatures from the Tarot World Now with her beloved tarot creatures by her side. Anna had the necessary tools to protect both Hellin and herself. Over the years serving the Babylon Empire. Anna had learned of the underhanded things Othello did to stay in power. One day Othello had ordered Hellin and her to assassinate Lord Koga Yukimaru. While Anna did not wish to do such a terrible things. Anna feared to even dare challenge the Queen's decision. Along with the fact this would be Hellin's first A rank assassination mission. Arriving to Jazan a few hours later. While both Hellin and she had infiltrated Koga's Castle successfully. They soon were discovered by Koga and his guards. While Anna managed to escape while Hellin was captured. Not only would Anna face punishment by Othello. The fear of losing Hellin terrified Anna. After the completion of her punishment. Anna was sent by Othello to meet a certain man. That man would aid Anna in rescuing her captured friend Hellin

Forbidden Chapter 18

Forbidden Chapter Eighteen - Battle At Yukimaru Castle Conclusion. Hellin's Revenge!

 Arriving to the laboratory on the thirteenth floor. Hellin and Anna are face to face with Koga. Having successfully found their target. Anna then notices Okubi bounded to the laboratory wall. While Okubi has suffered no physical harm, Due to having endured Koga's Torture Soul. Okubi's body is extremely exhausted. While Hellin and Koga stare maliciously at one another. Anna grabs Hellin's arm to alert her to the detained Okubi

Anna: Lady Hellin! That's my friend Okubi bound to that wall

Hellin: Do I look like a retard to you Anna? I know your friend is bounded to the laboratory wall. After all I did do a mind scan on the castle. That's how we quickly located Koga in the first place

Anna: Okubi can you hear me?

Okubi: I'm only tired Anna not unconscious. Anyways if you take a look to your left. There is a large jar in the corner that contains Eligos. Please make sure to quickly free him

Koga: Do not make any moves girl or else

Hellin: Or else what motherfucker! Anna only answer to me or my mother. Besides if you make any attempt on my servant's life. I will rip your spine out before you have the chance. Now Anna do as Okubi had commanded and go free this Eligos

 Following both Hellin and Okubi's order. Anna goes to the left of the laboratory. Immediately spotting a large jar in the corner. Anna sees a sleeping Eligos within the jar. Deciding not to open the lid. Anna kicks the jar over and breaks it, Allowing the once captured Eligos to be free. Now freed of the Spirit Captured Jar. Eligos rapidly gains conscious as he sees Anna

Eligos: Oh thank goodness it's you Anna. Have you seen Master Okubi? During our battle with one of his Generals. That sneaky bastard Koga snuck behind us and knocked us out. Well knocked out Master Okubi and managed to get me into a Spirit Captured Jar. Like seriously who owns those silly antics anymore? Anyways Anna you have to help me find Master Okubi. Before something horrible befalls him if not already

Okubi: Eligos you buffoon! I'm right here in this room

Hearing the voice of his Master/ Eligos turns to see Okubi bonded to the laboratory wall. Instantly seeing his Master in such a vulnerable position. Eligos swiftly flies over to his Master's aid, Once face to face with the exhausted Okubi. Eligos begins to speak to Okubi. Completely oblivious to everything else going on

Eligos: Master Okubi! What happened to you? Are you going to be alright? Please speak to me Master Okubi!

Okubi: I swear if my hands were free right now. I would had already delivered you a nice knuckle sandwich. Eligos take a good look around you. We're inside of Koga's laboratory. The place he brought us to after he ambushed us. Thankfully Anna and the Princess had arrived

Eligos: Anna and the Princess?

 While busy worrying about his Master. Eligos was unaware of the other demons in the room. Turning his focus away from Okubi. Eligos sees not only Anna and Koga, but a woman who strangely resembles Queen Othello and King Onyxe. Eligos then realizes that the woman must be Princess Hellin

Eligos: So that's the Princess? While I expected her to resemble that mother of hers. Is it me or does Hellin somewhat look like a female clone of Onyxe?

Hellin: That's because I'm Onyxe's half clone stupid spirit!

Anna: Please excuse Hellin's comment Eligos. Hellin just really hate acknowledging her clone nature

Okubi: Oh I wonder why. Anyways if you were waiting for an invitation. Please free me from this dread wall already

Hellin: How about you free yourself! I only came here to kill Koga

Okubi: Had I shared your same attitude Hellin. You would still be trapped inside a dungeon. So please recognize that if it weren't for my friends and I. Koga would had you executed by the beginning of tomorrow.. So do me a favor and lose the attitude! Now either Anna or you release me from this damn wall

Hellin: HOW DARE YOU! How dare you speak to me like I'm some commoner?

Eligos: Please forgive my Master's forceful tone Princess Hellin

Anna: Please forgive my Master's harshness Okubi. However now isn't the time to be arguing

Eligos: Anna is right! It's not like Koga isn't in this room with us. He's the one we need to focus our anger on

Koga: Isn't life just grand? Two hot headed Master with level headed beings as their servants? Well now that my plans to turn Okubi to my servant has failed. I guess it's time I finish you all off once and for all. However if you think I will fight any of you in my laboratory. Then you got another thing coming. Princess Hellin if you truly desire revenge against me. You will meet me on the roof of my castle. Furthermore do not use my elevator to get there. Should you ignore my warning and used my laboratory elevator. I shall kill each and everyone of you in the most ruthless way imaginable. Now I bid you all farewell for now. I shall await your arrival Princess. Hopefully you'll be more of a challenge then our first encounter

Hellin: Hopefully you won't sneak attack me like a bitch!

Koga: That wasn't a sneak attack my dear. Being you were quite aware of my presence within my castle! I simply bested you and nothing else. Now once again I shall be awaiting your arrival. As for you Mr. Okubi. Once I kill Hellin and the others intruders. I fully intend to make you my servant. So please enjoy these few moments of freedom you have left

Okubi: Don't count on it! I would sooner die than to serve you!

Koga: If you say so

Anna: Never in my life have a meet such a despicable individual

Okubi: Have you forgotten about your father already?

Anna: Well besides him! Koga is the most horrible individual I have encounter in a while. I cannot wait for Lady Hellin to do away with him

Koga: Me a despicable individual? A comment like that coming from a sneaky cur like you! How insulting! Besides I know for certain Othello is much worst in her treatment of others than me

Okubi: Even I can't argue with that, but you're certainly no better

 Koga shakes his head in disappointment. Koga then begins walking towards the laboratory elevator. Standing in front of the elevator door. Koga presses the button and walks inside. As the elevator door closes with him inside. Koga gives Hellin and Anna a sinister smile. While Anna is a bit startled by Koga's dark expression. Hellin's desire to annihilate him is greatly intensified. Once Koga begins his ride to the castle's roof. Lisa Alice, Carabia, and Isamu arrive to the laboratory

Isamu: Okay Koga where are you? I hope for your sakes Okubi and Eligos are still alive

Lisa Alice: Isamu was the dramatic entrance really necessary?

Carabia: Everything your fia-- Isamu does is unnecessary. Thankfully by the looks of things Okubi and it are alive

Lisa Alice: Speaking of which. Okubi you look absolutely hilarious bounded to that wall

Okubi: Oh zip it you annoying vampire! Will somebody please get me down from here!

Anna: Okay just a second Okubi. Estrild I summon you to release Okubi

Isamu: Estrild? I thought Koga had killed her?

Lisa Alice: Oh my dear Isamu. Estrild isn't a living being like us. Similar to Eligos and Carabia, Estrild is a spirit being from the Tarot World. Meaning even if she's destroyed in battle. Estrild will just be sent back to the Tarot World. After given some time to rest. Anna can easily summon her back into our world

Anna: Thanks for explaining that for me Lisa Alice. Now Estrild my friend. Break those metals bar bounding Okubi to the wall

 Doing as order by her Master. Estrild walks over to the wall were Okubi is bounded. Using her brute amazonian strength. Estrild rips off the metal bars bounding Okubi's arms and legs. After freeing Okubi from the wall. Estrild carries the weaken warrior in her arms

Lisa Alice: Now that's taken care of. Exactly where is that bastard Koga?

Hellin: That bastard is currently on his way up to the roof. He wants us all to meet him there, but only I will be fighting him. Any of you fuckers dare interfere. I will not hesitate to kill each and every one of you! Now all of you go take the stairs at right end of the hallway

Anna: Um Lady Hellin? Are you coming along with us?

Hellin: Anna you should know me better than that. I'm going to take Koga's precious elevator to the roof. Should he make any attempted on my life. The rest of you will be safe. Now go before I become even more pissed

Carabia: I don't know who's attitude is worst? Okubi's or the Princess

Okubi: Oh do believe Carabia that mines is much worst. I'm just vert drained at the moment. Anyways everyone it's best we do as Hellin had rudely asked of us. Should Hellin die on her way up to Koga's castle. Those of us that remain will need to defeat Koga

Hellin: As if you're in any position to fight Okubi

Okubi: Not at the moment darling, but Anna can easily whip up a potion to heal me

Hellin: Well don't you worry about me. I'm more than ready to fight Koga. Have been ever since that bastards and his goons had tortured me. Now it's time I get my revenge

Lisa Alice: Okay whatever. Anyways let's get moving everyone

Anna: You be careful Lady Hellin. We'll be waiting for you. Love you

Hellin: Yeah love you too. Now get going!

 Everyone immediately evacuates making their way to the stairs. Taking a moment to regain focus. Hellin then heads towards the laboratory elevator. Several minutes later Okubi and the others arrive to the castle rooftop. As expected Koga is standing on the roof. However Koga is now dressed as a Japanese Feudal Emperor. Unlike the more casual kimono he worn earlier. Koga stares at Okubi and the others with a menacing look. Noticing that Hellin is not along with them. The Demon Lord becomes greatly angered. Turning his attention sole to Okubi. In order to ask the location of Hellin

Koga: Okubi! Exactly where is Hellin?

Okubi: Do you honestly believe I care? Why don't you wait just a few more seconds. I'm painfully certain Hellin will show up

Koga: That wrench! Hellin has taken my elevator after I specifically told her not too! Like mother like daughter

Lisa Alice: Exactly why would she cared what you told her to do? The Princess intends to kill you. There is no need for her to respect your wishes

Isamu: It's high time you get what's coming to you. While I wish I had the strength to do it myself. I'm happy my father's murder is going to be killed!

Koga: Do you all truly believe Hellin is strong enough to kill me?

Anna: Not only do we believe it, we're sure of it! No one stays in power forever Koga. Now you will pay for ever making an enemy out of Othello and the Babylon Empire

Koga: I made an enemy with the Babylon Empire? Lying little bitch! It was Othello who had tried to eliminate me first. By sending her daughter and you here to kill me! Othello has all of you fooled! Do any of you even know the truth? The truth of the nature Othello sent Hellin and Anna to Jazan? The reason I had captured Hellin in the first place? It was because--

Okubi, Eligos, Lisa Alice, Isamu, and Carabia: NO ONE CARES!

Koga: Ill manner children is what you are. If that's the way you want to behave? Then allow me to stoop down to your level and DESTROY YOU ALL!

 Changing from his fully humane state to a more demonic appearance. Horns sprout from Koga's forehead along with his eye teeth growing in sizes. Koga's skin color changing from a light peach tone to red. The Demon Lord begins to radiate a sizzling violet aura. Eyes filled with pure malice. Koga begins to foam a ball of energy in his left hand. Okubi and the others aware of Koga's intentions. They remain still, but guarded in hopes of Hellin's arrival. Luckily Hellin arrived to the castle roof. Sensing Hellin's aura the moment she exits the elevator. Koga swiftly turns his attention towards her

Hellin: Oh wow already demon up. I certainly hope you weren't planning to fight anyone other than me?

Koga: Welcome Princess Hellin. I'm glad you finally made it! Had you arrived a few seconds later. I might had killed the others.

Hellin: Well other than Anna you would had done me a favor. Course now that I'm here. It would be in your best interest to focus sole on ME!

 Like Koga had done already.Hellin's appearance too changes from humane to  more demonic. Gaining a more savage appearance. Hellin also begins to emit a vicious ochre colored aura. Now standing in the middle of the roof. Two demon filled with bloodlust and ready to battle. All that's left to do is keep out any unwanted surprise. Meaning Okubi and his friends assisting Hellin in any way. Having that thought in mind. Koga has prepared a technique to block any interference during his fight with Hellin.

Koga: Now that you're ready. Before we begin our battle. There's something I must do first

 Shortly after speaking to Hellin. Koga strikes the ground with both hands and shouts out " SACRED DUAL BARRIER!" Immediately creating a light silver barrier around Hellin and he. Blocking out Okubi and the others from interfering. When creating his barrier, Koga had hoped it would bothered Hellin. Instead it made Hellin even happier. Now Hellin knows for certain that Anna can't intervene. While greatly annoyed by Hellin's behavior. The Demon Lord is still certain of victory. Rising from the ground Koga is ready to do battle

Koga: Any last words before you die?

Hellin: Fuck you! 

 Wasting no time at all. Hellin immediately begins running towards Koga. As Hellin comes towards him. Koga prepares to unleash an attack


 Pushing his palms out before him. Koga creates three serpent like dragons. One made of fire, one of water, and one of lighting. Seeing the dragons coming towards her. Hellin's hands begin to glow in a red energy. Watching from outside the barrier. Anna begins cheering her Master on

Anna: Alright Hellin! Going to start things off with DOMINANCE!

Isamu: Is that what she's calls that technique?

Okubi: I never took Hellin for the type to have a name for her attacks

Anna: Well to be honest. Hellin doesn't actually name her attacks minus a few exceptions. That's why I taken the liberty to give names to her common attacks

Lisa Alice: Talk about being dedicated to your job. Never have I meet a servant as zealous as you. I'm going to need demons like you in the future

 Nearly seconds away from clashing with the dragons. Hellin raises her fists and leaps up towards the dragons. Hitting the lightning dragon with a right hook. The impact of Hellin's attack make the dragon burst into nothingness. Using the same technique on the fire and water dragon. They too disappear upon being struck by Hellin. Having gotten rid of Koga's dragons. Hellin continues her way to her main target, Koga! Continuing to watch the fight outside the barrier. Anna begins to speak again. Commenting on Hellin's next move

Anna: Now that's those pesky dragons are dealt with. I bet Hellin is about to unleash REIGN OF TERROR upon Koga

Isamu: Talk about a cool named technique. I wonder what demonic magic Hellin is about to use?

Anna: Well it's not really all that magical. Hellin just gets up close and unleashes multiple hits on her enemy

Isamu: Okay talk about lame

Anna: Lame? Being hit by Hellin is like being hit by a boulder, Plus including the velocity of her strikes. Reign Of Terror is a move no enemy wants to get hit by. Unfortunately Koga is about to feel Hellin's fury in the next few seconds

Okubi: I wouldn't count on it being that easy. Koga is a man with many trick up his sleeves. The Tri Elemental Dragon were just one of many. Hellin best be careful

 Standing inches away from Koga. Hellin is ready to used the technique Anna calls "Reign Of Terror". However as Hellin is about to strike. Koga create a giant orb of wind around him. Instead of attack Koga with high brutality. Hellin's left fist is cut by the shape winds. As blood spills from her fist. Hellin quickly creates space between Koga and herself. Looking on now with great concern. Anna begins to worry about Hellin's chances of winning

Anna: Oh no Hellin!

Carabia: While I want the bastard dead. I must admit that was nicely played! Koga used RAZOR ORB to stop Hellin in her tracks.

Okubi: Anna while the answer to this question is obvious. Does Hellin specialize in close range combat?

Anna: Indeed she does Okubi. It's the way Hellin always preferred to right. Up close and personal. While it works perfectly on lesser demons. A demon of Koga's power can easily deal with such a style of combat. Time like this makes me wish Hellin learned more long ranged technique. None the less I wouldn't count Hellin out yet

Okubi: Well for her sakes. Hellin better not lose to Koga. In the mean time let's just hope for the best

 As the battle continues inside of the barrier. Hellin quickly unleashes the attack FIVE DEVILS NOIR! Throwing five big balls of black colored fire towards Koga. Using the extended power from the Razor Orb. Koga cuts away at the approaching flames. Having expected Koga to do just that. Hellin quickly prepares her next attack. Striking the ground with all her might. Hellin causes a powerful tremble on top of the roof. Causing damage to the roof along with knocking Koga down. While everyone outside the barrier is not effected. Lisa Alice begins to wear a worried look on her face

Okubi: Lisa Alice are you alright?

Lisa Alice: Oh just peachy Okubi. I just was worrying if Hellin would bring the roof down

Anna: Well luckily for Koga. He has a pretty sturdy roof. Although after Hellin's DEVASTATION! The roof is definitely going to need some repairs

Lisa Alice: Yeah tell me about

Okubi: "Lisa Alice your behavior is becoming more suspicious by the minute"

Lisa Alice: "Dammit! I see that look Okubi has. I think Okubi is becoming aware of my true intentions. None the less I need to stay focus on this match. Devil! Why did that fucker Koga have to create a barrier? I just needed more time to complete my  weakening spell. I just hope the little I manage the do will increase Hellin's chances of winning"

 Rising from the ground after Hellin's last attack. Koga's appearances has changed once again. Now standing before Hellin is a being that resemble a Tsuchigumo. Immediately upon seeing Koga's supreme demonic form. Both Anna and Isamu freak out. While the others just look on with terror in their eyes


Isamu: AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! What the fuck is that?

Carabia: Obviously Koga's supreme demon form you idiot!

Lisa Alice: While I'll have to admit. When I go into full vampire mode. I can be quite the terrifying sight. That being said. Never in my thousand plus years of living. Have I seen anything as horrifying as Koga's supreme form

Eligos: Okubi! How you feeling about now? I personally am very afraid

Okubi: Well I wouldn't say afraid, but I'm starting to genuinely worry about Hellin

Koga: Looks like your friends are starting to understand my power. This is what happens when I'm truly PISSED OFF! Now that I decided to go all out. Time for me to put an end to this wasteful battle! Now prepare yourself Princess of Babylon. This next move will be the beginning of your end. Now I use the technique Voodoo Doll!

Appearing from thin air. A small doll resembling Hellin appears in Koga's left hand. Seeing the Hellin doll in Koga's hand. Everyone including Hellin looks on in terror

Okubi: Oh no! A voodoo doll of Hellin in Koga's hand. This isn't going to end well for her

Lisa Alice: "Looks like I can kiss Jazan goodbye. There's no way Hellin is going to survive whatever Koga has in store for her"

Carabia: This is all because Koga was able to get some of Hellin's blood. A spell like "Voodoo Doll" can only work if you posses your enemy's blood. Thanks to Koga's Razor Orb from earlier. Koga now has Hellin at his utter mercy

Anna: My dear friend Hellin. I can't believe it's going to end like this for you

Koga: Thanks to the nice cut I gave you earlier. I now posses a voodoo of you! As you should already know. Whatever horror I inflicted upon this doll. Ten times worst shall happen to YOU! Now Hellin say goodbye to your friends. Taste the wrath of DIVINE BURNING!

 Igniting the Hellin doll on fire. The real Hellin is immediately covered in flames. The others watch in terror as Hellin screams out in divine pain. The flames burning Hellin's body is so heavy and rapid. The young Princess's healing abilities are render useless. Tears begins to flow from Anna's eyes as Hellin continues to be burnt. A few seconds later Hellin crashes to the ground. Koga continues to burn Hellin a bit longer. Making certain that Hellin has burned to death. Once Hellin's body had been burnt to crisp. Koga's lets out a sigh of relief. Reverting back to his humane form. While keeping his barrier up. Koga starts walking towards Hellin's corpse. Standing over the deceased Hellin. Koga gives Hellin a nice stomp on her back. Certain that Hellin is no longer living. Koga now ready to eliminate the remaining heroes. However having believe he had successfully killed Hellin. Koga is unaware of the unique ability the Strong women posses. Like a snake in the wild. Hellin begins to shed her burnt skin off her body. Naked but completely head. Hellin swiftly move to bite Koga. Sensing something approaching from behind him. Koga turns around and sees Hellin lunging for his neck. Unable to react with any sort of counter attack. Hellin successfully bite her fangs into Koga's neck. Having been bitten by Hellin. Koga is now poisoned and paralyzed. Falling to his knees due the venom. It is now Koga who is at Hellin's mercy

Koga: Standing their naked like some whore. You truly are your mother's child

Hellin: Oh shut the fuck up! If I could grow clothing I would had already done it. Anyways now that I have you were I want you... Okubi can do the rest

Okubi: What?

Koga" What?

Hellin: Oh don't look too disappointed. After having a legitimate battle against you. I just don't have the desire to kill you anymore. It not that I pity your or anything. It's just... you are so pathetic!

Koga: Fuck you! You are nothing but an arrogant bitch! 

Okubi: So exactly where did that "classy" and "respectful" personality went?

Anna: Oh who fucking cares. I'm just so happy Hellin is okay. Now with Koga unable to do anything. His barrier is seconds away from fading. I'm going to embrace my naked friend once it disappears. Yes I said "naked"

Okubi: Hellin don't be ridiculous! Just decapitate him already. Besides I don't have the energy to do anything fatal. Estrild is still carrying me for goodness sakes

Hellin: Oh what a pity Okubi. Just another thing I;m doing that you were suppose to do

Okubi: Oh shove it you insufferable wrench. KILL HIM ALREADY!

Koga: Hey wait a second! What if I give the Jazan Empire over to your mother instead? It not at least become one of her slaves. Just please don't kill me

Isamu: OMG! Is this the dude that really killed my father? I mean talk about pitiful.

Anna: Even I'm appalled by Koga's behavior. I thought he was suppose to be this honorable demon

Lisa Alice: Well the man has already lost everything. I see no reason he needs his pride anymore. That had been said. I'll be damned if hands over Jazan to Othello

Okubi: I knew it!

Carabia: Crap! L.A. you let the cat out the bag

Eligos: No we kinda knew before then. Your girlfriend just confirmed it

Isamu: His girlfriend? Lisa Alice is my fiancee

Okubi: The hits just keep on coming. I knew their was something between you two. Ever since we had arrived to Jazan. Your behavior has been very calculating. Even more so then usual. Well now that I know your reasons for coming to Jazan. I must personally say I'm very proud. While you're still lacking in the power department. Between your wits and general knowledge of the Underworld. I can most definitely see you fulfilling your new role as Demon Lord successfully. However I have a feeling Hellin nor Othello when she tells her. Will be too please with this news

Hellin: Your damn right we won't. So that's why vampire girl cam all this way. To take Koga's spot once he was eliminated. I really don't like sneaky bitches like you!

Lisa Alice: Well sneaky bitch of not. I'm taking over Jazan here and now. So finish off Koga so I can begin my reign already

Anna: Besides since Lisa Alice is our... well my friend. Perhaps Babylon and Jazan can form some sought of alliance?

Hellin: Anna please! You know as much as I do my mother hates working with other women. Anyways back to the topic at hand. Time I eliminated this fucker once and for all

Koga: But what about my offer?

Hellin: As much as my mother would love another male slave. Not only is my mother extremely not fond of you. I was sent here to execute you! Now prepare yourself a trip to the after life

 Having decided to kill Koga herself. As Hellin is about to slice Koga's head off. Out of nowhere a flurry a petals come running towards Koga. Both Hellin and Anna quickly move out the way. Allowing the flower to devour Koga's body. Upon seeing the mutilated Koga laying on the ground. Okubi instantly remember his opponent Momochi from earlier. Like Hellin, Momochi had taken the elevator to the now former Yukimaru's Castle rooftop. 

Momochi: I finally got back at that bastard! After all those years I served by his side. Yet that bastard wanted Okubi to be his personal play thing? To fucking hell with him!

Lisa Alice: Looks like someone didn't kill their General. Anyways I can definitely use him for my empire. So I'm glad you failed at your task Okubi

Okubi: Jump off a bridge Lisa Alice. I cannot wait to be reunited with your less annoying sister

Lisa Alice: HEY TAKE THAT BACK! Apollyn is so much more annoying than I am

Okubi: Well if you say so darling. Now that Koga's has been killed. It's time we start heading back to Babylon. First I need to get back to the laboratory and grab my suits. Wearing this raggedy rag and loincloth is beneath me. Estrild you may put me down now. I have fully recovered

 Doing as Okubi had ask. Estrild puts Okubi down so he can stand on his own. 

Hellin: Now that we accomplished our task Anna. It's time we get back to Babylon. I had my absolute full of this place

Anna: By the way Lisa Alice. Don't forget to alert the Demon Council four days from today. In order to be a recognized Demon Lord in the Underworld. You must let the--

Carabia: Okay thanks a mill Anna, but we already know this. Both L.A. and I are older than you after all. No need to state the obvious

Okubi: Also just letting you know right here and now Hellin. While Lisa Alice and I are not the best of friends. Should your mother attempt on Lisa Alice what she did to Koga. Believe me when I say Lisa Alice won't be her only problem

Hellin: As if you posses even a quarter of the strength to fight my mother? Let alone stand up against the Babylon Empire?

Okubi: When there's a will there's a way. That being said. Good luck to you Lisa Alice. Both in your marriage and in your empire. I'm certain you will fair better than those before you. Especially with Carabia, Isamu, and I guess Momochi by your side

Momochi: So vampire girl is taking over? I can dig it

Isamu: Well although I still find you a bit uppity for my taste. I'm glad I have gotten to meet and fight beside you

Okubi: Like wise Isamu. Make sure you treat Lisa Alice well. I can't promise she'll do the same for you

Isamu: As long as Lisa Alice always loves me. She can treat me anyway she likes. Course I don't tolerate cheating, but I'm not worried about that

Carabia: So I guess we can check "harem" off our list then?

Lisa Alice: We most certainly can. One good man will suffice

Eligos: Well then Carabia... it was a utter displeasure as always "Not entirely anyways. I did enjoy having you around a little bit. Well more than a little to be honest"

Carabia: I couldn't agree more. The worst part of this journey was traveling with you. Finally I can be rid of you "Take care of yourself Eligos. Hopefully we'll meet again soon. Next time try not to be such a loser. Goodbye now old friend"

Hellin: Okay is everyone done saying their goodbyes? I want to get back to Babylon already. I'm fucking naked for goodness sakes!

Anna: Goodbye Lisa Alice, Carabia, Isamu, and Momochi. I promise I'll come back and visit soon

Lisa Alice: I'll hold you to that Anna. By the way Okubi. Now that you have successfully retrieved Hellin. Make certain that demon is never release onto Mayland. I didn't work this hard to become Demon Lord. Just for that monster to be released! I'm counting on you Okubi. Also tell my sister I love and miss her. Farewell everyone

Okubi: I will make certain that Lisa Alice. Best of luck on running your new Kingdom. Carabia, Isamu, and Momochi! I'm counting on you guys. Take care and be safe

Carabia: Make take good care of Eligos, Prince Okubi

Isamu: Good luck on the remainder of your journeys guys.

Momochi: The next time you come to Jazan Okubi. I promise to treat you to a marvelous tea ceremony. It's the least I can do after our earlier scuffle

Okubi: I will hold you to that Momochi

Hellin: Today folks!

Okubi: We're leaving now. Hold your damn horses Princess

Hellin: By the way Okubi. Exactly what was the demon Miss Vampire was referring too?

Okubi: I'll explain on the way back to your Mother's. Now let's get going


 After the successful retrieval of Princess Hellin and the defeat of Lord Koga Yukimaru. Okubi, Eligos, Hellin, and Anna return to Babylon. Once the heroes step foot into Babylon. They are immediately greeted by Queen Othello and her guards. Seeing her naked daughter exiting the boat. Othello orders one of her servants to grab Hellin some clothes. Entering inside of Queen Othello's castle. While Hellin is getting freshen up. Othello has a chat with Okubi and the others

Othello: Well first and foremost. Thank you for retrieving my daughter and killing off Koga. I just wished I had thought to read your vampire friend's mind. Had I knew she only went to Jazan to take Koga's spot. I would dealt with her long ago

Okubi: Luckily that wasn't the case. Unless you would had wanted Hellin to rot in Koga's dungeon. Lisa Alice is now the ruler of Jazan. It have damn well better stay like that. Anyways it's Anna you should be thanking. My friends and I just made it easy for her to rescue Hellin

Othello: Me thank Anna? HA!  It's her fucking fault my daughter was captured in the first place. Incompetent little bitch should be glad I didn't kill her

Okubi: Good Boris! Never have I loathe someone as much as you. Anna risked her life to save your daughter. Yet this is how you thank her?

Eligos: You can say that again Master Okubi. Never have a meet such a nasty individual

Anna: It's okay guys. I'm quite use to Othello's behavior by now. I'm just happy we were able to save Hellin. Let's just please move onto the matter at hand

Othello: Thank you Anna. There are more important things to discuss than your feelings

Eligos: Bitch!

Okubi: While that's exactly what she is Eligos. Please refrain from anymore outburst like that

Othello: Please do listen to your Master shitty demon spirit. Unless you want to be obliterated!

Okubi: Do not threaten my servant you wrench!

Othello: Exactly what are you going to do about it? Faggot!

Anna: Okay that's enough out of you Othello! *Gasp*

 Hearing realized what she had done. Anna's body immediately begins to shake. Knowing she had greatly anger her Queen. As the rage builds up inside if Othello. Turning her head around like an owl to face Anna. Othello stares at Anna with a murderous intent

Othello: BITCH! Did you just give ME an order? 

Anna: Um... well I... I didn't mean it that way. It was just.... I just didn't like the fact you used "that" word on Okubi. I'm humbly sorry if I offended you my Queen. I meant nothing by it I swear

Othello: How fucking dare you tell me what to fucking say or don't? Stupid worthless piece of shit! I'm going to make you pay for your incompetence!

 Watching Othello make her way to harm Anna. Okubi quickly reacts by throwing a ball of fire at Othello. The ball of fire strikes Othello and knocks her too the ground. While suffering barely even a scratch. The furious Demon Lord now turns her attention onto Okubi

Othello: FOOL! Do you really think you can defeat me?

Okubi: Think or will? I'm sick and tired of your attitude! Even more so of your behavior towards Anna! Had you just discuss the matters at hand without being a witch about it! Things would had not gotten to this point. Now we fight to the death you cur!

 However before Othello and Okubi can engage in battle. Hellin appears standing before her mother still lying on the ground. Fully clothed and wearing a murderous face like her mother. Hellin immediately lunges for Okubi with the intention to kill. While Okubi normally would had moved out of Hellin's path. The negative feelings he hold for Othello. Had made Okubi give into his demonic nature. Causing him to lunge at Hellin like a savage lion. The two demons immediately clash with one another. Crashing down to the ground. Okubi and Hellin begin viciously wrestling one another. Rising to her feet. Othello watches gleefully as her daughter and Okubi try to kill one another. Meanwhile both Eligos and Anna watches on in terror

Eligos: This is absolute madness! Master Okubi! Get a hold of yourself! This savage behavior isn't like you

Anna: Hellin please stop fighting Okubi! Hellin please stop I'm begging you!

Othello: Demons behaving like demons. Make momma proud baby and bite his head off!

 While tussling on the ground. Hellin manages to get on top of Okubi. Bearing her demon fangs. Hellin attempts to bite at Okubi's neck. Becoming more and more savage by the second. A unexplainable surge of strength enters through Okubi's body. Increasing the mass of all of his body muscles. Using his newfound demonic strength. Okubi pins down Hellin and immediately digs his teeth down into Hellin's neck. Hearing Hellin scream out in pain. Othello uses a spell to stop Okubi from killing Hellin


 Blowing a light green mist from her mouth. The mist swarms over both Okubi and Hellin. Causing their demon state of rage to diminish. Now having been calmed down. Okubi quickly removes his fangs out of Hellin's neck. Now both demons standing on their feet. Hellin then delivers a punch to Okubi's face. Knowing Okubi to the ground once again. However before Okubi could get up to retaliate. Both Eligos and Anna steps in between their Masters

Okubi: Out of my way Eligos!

Hellin: Move or be killed Anna!

Eligos: Forgive me Okubi but the answers NO!

Anna: The two of you need to calm down! If anything this whole situation is...

Okubi: Othello's fault!

Othello: It most certainly is. I did everything to make certain you and my daughter clashed. Sensing the dark feeling you two had for one another. I desired to see you two battle against one another. Course I didn't expect it to be so savage. Nor did I expect Okubi to be the victor. Once again the Arkwright bloodline proves it's divinity. Even in a half demon like Okubi. Well now that over with. Time to get down to business. Okubi having successfully brought my daughter home to me. For you reward my daughter is to serve by your side

Hellin: What? Mother you must be joking? Is it because I lost this fight just now?

Eligos: Not that I really give a damn, but I hardly doubt that's the reason

Othello: The shitty spirit is absolutely right my dear. Although I'm very disappointed by your performance. I expect much better from the future ruler of Babylon. Anyways back to what I was saying. Hellin you will aid Okubi and his friends in finding a group of demons called The Children Of Ruin. Meaning you shall be leaving with Okubi to Mayland

Hellin: Mayland? Children Of Ruin? Exactly what is this madness you speak of Mother?

Okubi: This madness she's speak of is what I was trying to tell you earlier. Course your attitude made me decide against it

Anna: The Children Of Ruin are the group of demons who are trying to release the Demon Tyrant Mastema from the book Forbidden? 

Okubi: Exactly! They are also killing innocent sages and causing havoc throughout Asira

Hellin: Oh is that it? What the fuck this has to do with the Underworld or me?

Othello: Honey do you realize if those demons successfully release Mastema from Forbidden. The destruction that bastard will cause will be unimaginable

Hellin: On Mayland. The very world he almost destroyed millenniums ago? Exactly why would I give a shit about that fucking world? I never even been to Asira nor do I want to

Okubi: Listen here you cur! My friends and I are fighting to keep that monster from being released into our world. I risked my life multiple times in order to come and rescue you. I damn sure expect you to do that same

Hellin: FUCK YOU! I don't give two shits what happens to your world, your friends, and especially to you! Now leave Babylon at once before I kill you!

Okubi: I'm not going anywhere without you!

Othello: Hellin my love. I'm ordering you to leave with Okubi

Hellin: Mother if this is because of me being captured by Koga. Please allow me to make it up to you in another way. Anything but aiding that sonabitch in any shape, form or fashion. I absolutely detest Okubi! Please don't make me go with him mother

Othello: Hellin if Mastema is unleashed upon the citizens of Asira. Should he succeed in destroying all life on Asira. Mastema will then return to the Underworld. Enslaving all of the Underworld. As strong as the Demon Lords are. Not even we have the power to defeat such a demon. That's why it's vital you leave with Okubi to Asira

Hellin: That's what I don't understand. If you nor the other Demon Lords can defeat this Mastema. What makes you think I can?

Othello: To be honest with you... I don't! However King Onyxe does. Onyxe believe should Mastema be freed from Forbidden. Okubi and you have the power to defeat him once and for all

Hellin: So he's responsible for this! How do I know this isn't a set up to get rid of me?

Othello: As I would allow such a thing to happen. Besides Onyxe doesn't hold such feelings against you

Okubi: Screw this! Eligos get ready to leave. Anna you're welcome to come if you want too. I don't need Hellin's help to save my world. Matter of fact I refuse it!

Othello: You dare go against King Onyxe's orders

Okubi: Don't act as if you give a damn! Besides Onyxe already told me if I think I can handle Mastema on my own. Not to even bother coming to the Underworld to find Hellin. If only I had believed in myself back then. I would be right beside my friends. Instead I'm down here arguing with you losers. In order to help me do something I'm capable of doing myself! Anna while I know you care about Hellin. Not only doesn't she deserve a friend/servant like you. The treatment you receive at the hand's of Othello is beyond cruel. Not even The Order treated you this poorly. The very organization your parents had betrayed treated you more civil than these wrenches. However in order to get you alway from Othello. I must first buy your freedom. So Othello how much do you want for Anna? Do try to at least give me a reasonable offer

Othello: FINALLY! Been wanting to get rid of this bitch forever. I absolutely regret purchasing her from The Order. That lying bastard Ulric told me she would be a good servant. Instead she's a fucking annoying bitch who's way too opinionated for her own good. The price for Anna is.... five dollars

Eligos: Five dollars?

Anna: Five dollars?

Okubi: Anna is much more worth than that Othello. Why don't I just give you ten million for her?

Hellin: Why don't you just fuck off instead? Not only is Anna priceless. Anna is my friend first and foremost. Being my servant is only her job asshole!

Okubi: Funny that you call her a friend. Yet you threaten her life every chance you get

Hellin: Yet how often do I ever make good on my word? At least when it comes to Anna, While she knows how to work on my every nerve. My life wouldn't be the same without her. Although I'm a demon to the core. Due to being made from Onyxe. A man who posses a human conscious. I'm able to care about others. Even if I don't display in the best of ways. Regardless Anna isn't going anywhere

Anna: I appreciate your offer very much Okubi. However I could never leave Hellin. No matter how cruel Othello treats me. I love Hellin like a baby sister. I want to be with her as long as possible. Even to abandoning my vengeance upon my father. As long as I have Hellin in my life. Nothing else matters

Okubi: If being a masochist is what you desire Anna. Then I will be going now. Eligos you ready to leave this dump?

Eligos: Ready? Master I'm ecstatic to get out of the Underworld. Especially out of Babylon. Easily one of the worst places within the Underworld. I just got something to say to Othello before we leave

Othello: What the fuck you got to say to me shitty spirit?

Eligos: First I just want you to know I absolutely dislike you. Easily one of the most vulgar demons I ever had the displeasure of meeting. Even worst than Carabia and he's terrible. The only nice thing I can say about you. The appearance you have chosen to take reminds me of a young Vanessa Williams. Now back to the things I don't like about you. First and foremost you dress like a prostitute. A very expensive prostitute but a prostitute none the less. Your hair color is the most bizarre thing I had ever laid eyes on. One minute is sunshine yellow changing to goldenrod then to chartreuse. Just about every shade of yellow one can imagine. The very sight of it makes me feel dizzy. I pity any artist who would attempt to draw your ever changing hair color. Moving onto your attitude. The very worst quality you posses. It stinks worst than a ocean made of shit. Well I can continue to list the things I dislike about you. Instead I will end it with saying you're a nasty and miserable bitch! Pray to the highest of devils that karma never bites you in that big butt of yours. Goodbye and good day! Let's going back to Asira Master Okubi. Hopefully it won't be too hard to find Xiaoyu and the others

Othello: Was that some attempt to read me? Well I guess you don't need Hellin's help then Okubi?

Okubi: Drop dead the both of you

 Turning his back towards Hellin, Anna, and Othello. Okubi opens a portal that will take Eligos and him back to Asira. While Othello watches on unbothered by Okubi and Eligos exiting the Underworld. Anna grabs Hellin's hand and pulls her towards the portal, Watching Anna pull Hellin towards Okubi's portal. Othello begins to prepare an attack against Anna. Sensing her mother's incoming attack. Hellin turns to her mother and says to her "I changed my mind mother. I'm going to Asira after all. I just didn't want you forcing me to leave Anna behind. I will make sure The Children Of Ruin do not release Mastema. Farewell Mother"

 Sensing the truth in her daughters words. Othello decides to stand idly while Okubi, Eligos, Hellin, and Anna enters the portal to Asira


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Forbidden Chapter 17

Forbidden Chapter Seventeen - Battle At Yukimaru Castle. The Capture Of Okubi & Eligos

Having entered through the orange door requested by Lisa Alice. Possessing the modified body of the once decease Oni Guard. Carabia arrives to the end of his path. Standing in front of a sunset orange colored door. Carabia can already sense the power of the enemy that awaits him. None the less with his acquired body. Carabia is certain he can handle his target. Not only does he posses the knowledge to fight a general. During his time prior to his death. Carabia himself served as general to Lord Paimon. After taking a moment to mentally prepare himself. Carabia enters through the door. Once inside the room of his opponent. Carabia finds himself in a room resembling a medieval castle. From the other side of the room. Carabia spots his target. The woman across the woman posses the appearance of a middle aged woman. Snow white colored curly hair. aero blue eyes, creamy vanilla skin, and dressed in an elegant outfit, showing off her cleavage. Upon spotting her enemy, the woman stares a Carabia with raging contempt. Sensing the woman's desire to annihilate him. Carabia positions himself for battle. Before the two enemies begin their fight to the death. The woman first decides to introduce herself

Cameron: Greetings my good sir. Before we begin with your massacre. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Cameron Farah Cinderburg. The royal general of Lord Koga Yukimaru. As punishment for entering my Master's Castle uninvited. I have been order to kill you. However there's just one problem. YOU ARE NOT ISAMU KITA! I was expecting to kill him! Who in the hell are you?

Carabia: Ha ha ha... HA HA HA HA! Who am I should really be no importance to you. Unless you sole wish to know the name of your killer. If so my name is Carabia Bavent. Along with my friends Lisa Alice and other lesser individuals. We have came here to retrieve Princess Hellin. Unfortunately you fools decided to make things difficult. Now we have no choice, but to kill you all!. Despite me personally not caring for chivalry let alone much for women. Even I must admit killing a woman of your beauty. It would be a quite a shameful lost to the Underworld. So I'll give you a choice. Either abandon your Master and move on with you life. Or--

 Before Carabia could finish giving Cameron and ultimatum. Cameron springs an attack against Carabia. Sensing Cameron's attacks moments ahead. Carabia easily deflects her attack with his sword. While unharmed the demon spirit is indeed very pissed!

Carabia: Consider my previous offer null and void! No matter how attractive one's appearance maybe. Stupidity has the power to make even the most beautiful very hideous! I only offer mercy once and you have chosen death! Now I will show you what becomes of those who challenge Carabia

Cameron: If you think for a second I will be the one who dies here. Then you having another thing coming you insufferable cur! No one who has ever challenged me. Has ever survived against my Silks & Swords magic. Prepare yourself to total annihilation!

 As Carabia begins his battle against Cameron. Both Lisa Alice and Isamu prepare to go up against Eisei. Mindful of Okubi's previous warning. Lisa Alice devise a strategy to deal with the fearsome demon samurai. Luckily with Isamu by her side. Lisa Alice formulates a perfect plan to deal with Eisei

Lisa Alice: Alright Isamu now that we're here. We need to figure out the best way to fight against Eisei. While Okubi can be a pain in the ass. When Okubi considers someone dangerous. I would be a fool not to heed his warning. So before we go rushing off to our possible demise. I need to figure out a proper strategy to handle such a dangerous opponent

Isamu: Why do we need to a strategy? Planning out things are for loser... well except for you of course Ms. Martinique. Everything you do is simply genius.

Lisa Alice: Oh wow that's very kind of you Isamu. A lot of demons view my thoughts as foolish. However since you feel differently. I have a plan that involves you greatly. What if you enter the room first. Fight Eisei and test out his ability. Using my powers I will keep track of your aura and vitality. Should I sense you are in any danger of dying. I will enter and aid you in taking down Eisei. By then I would have figured out any and all of Eisei's weaknesses. Course that's is if you think you can handle him alone?

Isamu: Well that really depends on you Ms. Martinique. Do you believe I can accomplished such a task?

Lisa Alice: Isamu out of all the demons I ever meet in my life. I can say without a doubt you're the very best of them. My faith in you is bigger than anything I can imagine. So as long as you believe in yourself. I too will believe in you. So if you're ready to fight Eisie. There's just one thing I need to tell you first

 Grabbing Isamu by his head. Lisa Alice brings Isamu to her chest area. As the nervous demon lays his head on her breast. Lisa Alice begins to speak to Isamu in a rare language. Only spoken by very few demons. As Isamu listens to the words of the woman he admires. Lisa Alice reveals her true intentions to the young impressionable demon. Not only does Isamu learn the truth about "Miss Martinique". Isamu also discovers her true intentions. Once Lisa Alice had finished sharing her deepest desires with Isamu. Lisa Alice then kisses Isamu for a few seconds, After a satisfying kiss with Isamu. Lisa Alice pulls herself away from Isamu. Having learned the truth about his precious "Miss Martinique". Isamu immediately feel a surge of anger towards her. Not only has Isamu believed in a lie for years. The very woman Isamu had confide in about his brother's death. In fact was the same demon who had murdered him. However knowing the reason why Lisa Alice killed his brother Otto. Isamu knew he had no right to be angry with her. Not only were Lisa Alice actions justified. Isamu was madly in love with Lisa Alice. Ever since he was a young demon growing up in Herodias. While learning the truth about Lisa Alice and her past. Isamu had also discovered Lisa Alice's love for him. Along with her true reasons for coming with Okubi to Jazan, After the love in his heart had diminished his anger. Isamu was now focus on making Lisa Alice's desires a reality.

 Seeing Isamu react the way she had hoped. Lisa Alice was happy she had told her now fiancee the truth. Taking a moment to collect himself. Isamu then bids his fiancee farewell and enters through the green door. Arriving to the other side of the door. Isamu finds himself placed in a dungeon like setting. Surrounded by multiple corpse of fallen demons. Isamu begins sensing the pressure of an approaching demon. Gripping his sword and entering into his battle stance. Nearly seconds later Isamu is faced against his opponent. Standing before Isamu is a 7'5 foot tall demon. Eisie posses long and spiky grayish white hair, pistachio colored skin, and menacing scarlet red eyes. Covered in a traditional samurai armor. Wielding a odachi blade nearly as big as him. Now with his target standing before him. Eisei stares menacingly down at his opponent. In order to sense his enemy's resolve. Isamu staring back at Isamu with equal malice. Eisei easily determines the level of bravery Isamu posses. Having inspected his opponent to the fullest. The giant demon samurai is nearly ready for battle. However like his fellow generals. Eisei first decides to introduce himself

Eisei: The name's Eisei better known as Eisei The Despair Maker! Throughout my life I have travels the many depths and realms of the Underworld. In search of powerful enemies to fight. Never in my twelve thousand five hundred thirteen years of living. Have I ever meet a demon with such conviction. Especially one as young as you. So tell young warrior. What are your reasons for invading Lord Koga's Castle?

Isamu: Before I answer your question Eisei The Despair Maker. I have a question of my own. Why does a demon of your powers serves and individual like Koga? While I'm certainly young. Even I can sense the difference of power between Koga and you. A demon of your capabilities has no need for a man like Koga. So before we engage in battle. Tell me why do you serve him?

Eisie: To answer your question young warrior. I don't serve Koga because he is stronger than me. I serve him because of his values. Since the beginning of my existence. The Underworld was a battlefield. However it was a battlefield of demons who value honor and tradition. As multiple centuries have passed. Demons began to venture out of the Underworld. Along with non demons entering to our world. Overtime the Underworld began to change. While forever remaining a blood soaked battlefield for power. However both value and tradition has longed vanished. Even when one demon fought to destroy another in a quest for power. They did it in a fashion that showed their honor. Over the last centuries. Demons have abandon such values. Now destroying one another with this "any means necessary" mentality. Absolutely lacking the proper etiquette of warfare. Not only have many natural born demons lost their way. The rise of half demons and darkens have also aided the disgraced of the Underworld. Back to Koga Yukimaru. A man who not only remember the days of old. Koga is a man who still values those traditions. Unlike his fellow Demon Lords, Koga desires to bring back the Underworld of old. Unfortunately as long as demons like Othello, Hellin, and Okubi exist. The Underworld will continue it's fall to ruin. This is why I proudly serve Lord Yukimaru. In order that we together can save the Underworld from it's path of destruction. Anyone who stands in Koga's way. Shall fall victim to my blade. Now tell me your purpose before we commence with your funeral

Isamu: My funeral? Talk about a joke! As for sharing my reasons for being here. I came here to bring of end Koga's life! Old farts like Koga and you have no place in this Underworld. It isn't the Underworld hasn't changed for the worst. The two of you just couldn't accept what the Underworld has become. The Underworld isn't going to ruin as you two like to believe. Instead the Underworld has become even greater with time. Not only are pure demons becoming bolder. The Underworld now posses other unique life forms such as half demons & darkens. Too busy being stuck in an era that has long ended. Neither you nor Koga can see what greatness the Underworld has become. Since you have decided to defend Koga. I shall be force to eliminate you first! Course this should be a blessing for you. A demon who has long out lived his worth. Time to be taken out of your misery! Once I'm through with you. I'm going straight for Koga. It's time Jazan gains a new ruler!

Eisei: So your intentions are to take Koga's throne? How typical and even more so pathetic! Furthermore you dare talk to me like I'm some insolent child! I will show you why they call me Eisei, The Despair Maker! Course I do not wish to kill so easily. Were I to use one of my demonic arts against you. Speaking to you would had been even more pointless. Thus I have a proposition for you. Seeing that you too wield a sword. I challenge you to a traditional sword fight. No demonic transformations, no magic, or anything that doesn't involve our swords. Let's see if you have the guts to accept such a challenge!

Isamu: Do I have the guts? You bet your sickly green looking ass I do. If theirs one thing I like more than turning into a triceratops. It's hacking and slashing fools with my cool ass sword. Now that's settle. Time we get to some good o' sword fighting!

 Raising theirs swords. Isamu and Eisei prepare for battle. Meanwhile in the purple room. During his battle against Koga's general Momochi. Okubi has fallen victim to Momochi's Cherry Blossom Illusion. Okubi left completely defenseless due to Momochi's illusion. Eligos watches in horror as his Master stands motionless like a mannequin. Meanwhile Momochi watches on with glee. Patiently waiting for Okubi to be consumed by his nightmare


Momochi: Cease your yelling you obnoxious spirit. As I already told you. Your Master Okubi is under the spell of my SAKURA SAKKAKU! No amount of yelling you attempt to do shall free him of his fate. Once any being falls under my spell, death is certain! So if I were you my dear little pest. I would take one final look of your beloved Master then leave! There's nothing you can do for him now. Should you take my suggestion. The memories of Okubi shall remain with you until you perish as well. HA HA HA HA HA!

As the feeling of hopelessness begins to consume Eligos. Tears forming around the blue demon spirit's eyes. However before Eligos actually begins to cry. A light goes off in his head. Something that may just help him rescue Okubi. Wiping the few tears away from his eyes. Eligos turns his attention over to Momochi

Eligos: OKUBI WILL NOT DIE! Not is I can do anything about it!

Momochi: Oh my goodness you're so damn hard headed. Exactly how do you plan to rescue your Master from his nightmare?

Eligos: Easily by doing this!

Moving at a high pace speed. Eligos makes his way over to Okubi. Momochi unleashes and attack against Eligos, but his attack fails as Eligos phases through it

Eligos: Silly nancy boy! Only Spirit Touchers like Lisa Alice and my Master can harm me. Something you are clearly not!

Momochi: Oh whatever! It's not like you pose a threat to me either

Eligos: Oh don't be so naïve. I'm a spirit after all. While not nearly as strong as when I was a living demon. Even as a demon spirit. I have many tricks up my sleeve. Luckily I quickly remember a certain trick. One that may save my Master from your illusion

Momochi: So you're planning to posses him? What a foolish move on your part. Once you posses your Master. Whatever becomes of him. Worst will happen to you! Meaning once Okubi is consumed by his nightmare. Not only will Okubi's soul abandon his body. Unable to ever return. You will permanently be erased from existence. So by all means posses your pathetic Master's body. I love nothing better then killing two birds with one stone

Eligos: For your sakes Momochi. Let's hope you're right. Otherwise I'll see to it that you'll regret not killing Okubi when you had the chance!

Ending his brief conversation with Momochi. Eligos moves over to Okubi in enters Okubi's body. Once inside of his Master's body. Eligos finds himself in an unknown dimension. A place that kinds of reminds him of Medieval times. Floating through a strange town. Eligos notices a group of people walking towards North. Searching for Okubi in this strange place. Eligos moves himself closer to the crowd of people. Hoping to learn of any info that may help him find his beloved Master. Once Eligos is in hearing distance. Eligos remains quite in order that he can hear the people speak

Male Merchant #1: Move faster ye. I don't want to miss watching the witch burn

Male Merchant #2: Don't ye rush me. I'm still tired from thy trip from earlier. We're moving at a fine pace. I too want to see the witch burn so stop your nagging kay

Male Merchant #1: Fine kay sorry. I just never seen a male witch get executed! I wonder if there screams are as heartbreaking as a female witch?

Male Merchant #2: I bet his screams will be even better than thy women. Now stop ye talking and keep movin

Eligos: "A male witch? Can these men be talking about Master Okubi? I just have to follow these people and be patient. I sincerely it isn't the Master who's being executed. He barely survived his last near execution"

 Continuing to follow the town folk to a nearby church. Once the people had arrived to the execution area. Everyone had gathered around orderly. Awaiting to watch the next Witch Trial. Keeping himself not too far behind from the crowd. Eligos had watched worriedly as a female executioner approached the podium. Eligos was greatly annoyed that the executioner looked exactly like Othello, but with black hair and red eyes instead of multi colored blonde hair and silver eyes. Standing on the podium was a unknown figure with a white sheet over his head. Along with both hands and feet tied with rope. Judging by the unknown figure's skin color and height. Eligos painfully knew the man under the sheet was indeed his Master Okubi. Once the executioner approached the covered man and removed the sheet. Revealing Okubi's face to the audience. Eligos knew had he been still a living demon. He would had vomited ten times over. Not only was his Master in a horrifying predicament. The Okubi he saw before him was not the Okubi he knew. Not only did this Okubi worn a defeated look on his face. His Master's skin had a very dead look to them. Wearing nothing but a raggedy brown dressed filled with holes. Okubi stood void of emotions as he awaited to be executed. Now with all the towns people present. The Executioner was nearly ready to burn Okubi alive. However much like Queen Othello. The Executioner had a few words to say before burning Okubi alive

Executioner: Here stands before you the witch Okubi. Found guilty of numerous crimes against humanity. Okubi has been brought here today to be burned! Evil such a Okubi cannot be allowed to exist on our world. That's we have all gather here today to watch the witch burn!

 The towns people yelled and cheered in agreement. Wearing a sadistic smirk on her face. The executioner lights a fire around the twigs and branches surrounding Okubi's feet. The fire slowly but surely began to blaze. Witnessing his Master about to be executed before him. Knowing that Okubi cannot save himself. Fighting through his own terror. Eligos swiftly moves himself towards the crowd. Approaching Okubi on the fiery podium. Having realized that no one including the executioner sees or hears him. Eligos position himself in front of the face of his Master. As the fire grows higher around Okubi. Eligos immediately begins to scream out his Master's name


 Despite his forceful, but heartfelt pleading. Eligos's cries falls on death ears. Only a matter of seconds before the flames begins to burn Okubi alive. Eligos makes one final plead for his Master's life

Eligos: Master Okubi I'm sorry I could not save you. I have failed you as your loyal servant. All those years you fought to survive and this is how it ends for you? Here I thought you would live forever. Silly stupid foolish me! I should had known destiny was never on your side. The odds were always against you! Yet you managed to best each and everyone of them... until now. I just wish we could had spent more time together Master. The best days of my life were living beside you. Even when you were too hurt to treat me kindly. However you had changed from that damaged individual. Even before you received your Mother's forgiveness. I'm just so angry that you weren't strong enough to break Momochi's illusion. Angrier I wasn't strong enough o save you. Well before your soul abandons your body and I perish from existence. I just want you to know I enjoyed the time we spent together. Never did I even once regret saving you on that very day. The very day you had wanted to end your own life. I just wished you were stronger... that we were stronger! Well I guess this is farewell my dear Master & friend. May the devil at least allow you a better life as a spirit then mines.

 Eligos then kisses Okubi on top of his forehead. Just before the flames are about to burn Okubi alive. Something awaken deep from within Okubi. Immediately the sky above releases a tidal wave of water from the skies. Not only putting out the flames that threaten Okubi's soul. The wave washes away all of his onlookers and the executioner. Only thing now remaining is Eligos and Okubi. Free of his bondages and his body reverting back to it's normal appearance. Now standing before his demon spirit servant. Okubi wears a smile as bright as the sun in the skies

Eligos: Master Okubi?

Okubi: Thank you for saving me Eligos. I appreciate it so very much my friend. Had you not come to rescue me. I would had lost my soul in this nightmare. Now please my dear servant. Exit my body so I can go and finish dealing with Momochi. I'm going to make him pay for his arrogance!

Eligos: As I knew you would. Make him pay dearly Master Okubi

Okubi: I will make certain of that Eligos *smiles*

Back at the purple room. Momochi awaits to see Okubi's spirit leaves his body. Exiting out of Okubi's body nearly seconds later. Eligos stares at Momochi angrily, but in reality is very happy. Eligos does this in order to throw Momochi off. Giving Okubi the element of surprise

Momochi: So I take it you weren't able to save Okubi? Good thing you left when you did. His spirit should be about ready to exit his body. Not that I appreciate you still existing of course

Eligos: I wasn't able to save him you say? I wouldn't be so sure of that

Momochi: What? Oh hell with this. I'll just strike him down---


Summoning a waterfall out of thin air. As Okubi's attack nearly lands on his target. Momochi is able to dodge Okubi's attack without much trouble. Having successfully risen to his feet. Okubi is ready to take down Momochi

Okubi: So you manage to dodge my attack? Good! I was only trying to create some space between us

Momochi: Yippy for you! Not that create space will do you much good. My glorious petals can covered this entire room if I desired it. Course I won't need to use such power to take you out. I already seen what an easy mark you are

Okubi: An easy mark eh? Don't think because I was caught in your illusion. That you have what it takes to beat me. It just took me a bit longer to adapt to you then most of my other prey. Now I shall show you what I'm really capable of

Momochi: As if I would actually give you a fighting chance? Now feel the wrath of my DARK AZALEAS

A swift movement with his fan. Momochi summons a flurry of Azalea petals towards Okubi. Having already predicted the type of move Momochi would use. Okubi swiftly summons three clones of himself. Using the first clone as a sacrifice. Okubi along with his two other clones avoid the Azaleas. Momochi realizing that Okubi is capable of creating clones of himself. The General begins to regret not killing him when he had the chance

Momochi: So you can summon clones? Had I known you posses such a cowardly trick. I would had finished you off earlier

Okubi: Oh don't say that. Had you killed me when you had the chance. I wouldn't be able to show you my other tricks. Now prepare yourself Momochi. Because what I'm about to do next. Isn't going to be very nice. While this fight was amusing say the least. I can't waste anymore time dealing with you. Not only do I still next to rescue Hellin. I need to reserve enough power to fight Koga

Momochi: Stupid cur! Do you really think you're leaving this room alive? Even if you "somehow" managed to defeat me. Koga is WAY out of your league. It would be much less painful if I killed you instead

Okubi: While what you say about Koga may indeed be true. I know for a fact that you won't be killing me. Now enough with this tedious chit chat. It's time I put an end to you

Momochi: Not if I put you down first! PETAL MIXTURE!

 Holding his fan in his right hand. Momochi summons a multitude of petals of different colors. The colorful petals spin all around Momochi. The General's face changes from a human look into a demonic appearance. Momochi stares sinisterly at Okubi, preparing his deadly attack. While Eligos watches in great terror. Okubi and his clones remain calm

Eligos: Master Okubi what are you going to do? Momochi has summoned so many petals. Even with you clones. It's going to be impossible to avoid all of those petals

Okubi: Eligos! I'm literally surprised you haven't figured out what I'm going to do next. Then again I rarely use this technique. Takes a good amount of power to do it. However considering my opponent. It may just be the move to defeat Momochi. As for Momochi's petals. I just need to time my Shadow Portal right. Once this arrogant imbecile unleashes his attack. I will open a portal quick enough so my clones and I avoid damaged. Now cease your worrying so I can concentrate on my fight

 Heeding his Master's words. Eligos becomes quite as Okubi prepares to finish of Momochi. Having summoned enough petals for his ultimate attack. Momochi is now ready to strike

Momochi: Say your prayers lily boy! Now feel the rage of my MILLION PETAL ANNIHILATION!

 A swift swing of his fan. Momochi uses the surrounding petals and creates a tornado with them. The petals rapidly move towards the direction of Okubi and his clones. Standing their ground as Okubi waits for the right moment to open a portal. Okubi then creates a wall of water. In order to hide his next move from Momochi. Seeing the wall of water created by Okubi. Momochi is not only unimpressed. The demon begins to laugh mercilessly at Okubi's attempt to defend against his attack

 Momochi: Foolish cur! Nothing you can summon can stop my petals from annihilating you. Whether it be a wall of water, fire, or even steel. These demonic infused petals can cut through anything! Just accept your defeat and die!

 Ignoring Momochi's cruel words. Okubi then summons three more clones of himself. Everything having gone the way Okubi planned. Okubi then opens a portal and grabs two of his five clones. Leaving the other three as sacrifices. Momochi's Million Petal Annihilation cuts through Okubi's wall of water. Striking the three clones Okubi had summoned seconds ago. Once the petals have cut Okubi's clones to shreds. Momochi's face reverts back to it's humane form. The first two of Okubi's clones immediately poof away once fallen tot he ground. Leaving the remaining clone to play the part of the dead Okubi. Helping his Master succeed in his trick. Eligos moves to the fallen clone on the ground.


Momochi: While I didn't think I would need to resort to that technique. All the same Okubi has been slain. Lord Koga is going to be so please with me. Hopefully he might finally let me play with his body

Eligos: Stupid demon! Do you really think my Master would be killed by such a pansy technique? The wall of water he created wasn't to block your deadly petals. If was to allow him to escape without you seeing him

Momochi: Escape to where exactly? Don't you dear try to trick me! I can smell that body on the floor is indeed the real Okubi

Eligos: Oh is that so? Well would a real decease demon body do this?

 Eligos then touches to mutilated Okubi clone's forehead. Causing the clone to poof away upon contact. Seeing the clone vanish with his very eyes. Momochi becomes extremely worried about the real Okubi's whereabouts

Momochi: So if that wasn't the real Okubi I just used my most powerful technique on. Exactly where did the real Okubi go?

Eligos: Well to answer that question my dear boy. Why don't you just turn around?

 Hearing the sound of a portal opening from behind him. Momochi begins to turn his body around very carefully. Once turning his body around completely. Standing before Momochi is Okubi and his two clones. Okubi and his clones each hold a ball of energy in their left palm. Clone A holding a ball of water. Clone B holding a ball of fire. Finally the real Okubi holding a ball of dark energy. Having realized what Okubi had done. Momochi begins to throw a hissy fit

Momochi: I KNEW IT I KNEW IT!!! Yet more cowardly tricks up your sleeves! What's next? A Seduction Pose? Never have I faced an opponent I hated so much! What an absolute annoyance!

Okubi: Well if you find my clones and portals annoying. I certainly don't think you're going to like this next part. Now it's time for my lovely clones and I to defeat you! So any last words before you go bye bye?

Momochi: Dammit lily boy... I WON'T LET YOU KILL ME!

Okubi: Eligos! Please be a dear and call out this wicked technique of mine

Eligos: It will be my pleasure! General Momochi Airi! Get ready to feel the wrath of Master Okubi's Adalia's Wrath!

 Immediately after Eligos calls out his Master's attack. Okubi and his clones begin run towards Momochi at high speed. Seeing how fast Okubi and his clones are moving towards him. Momochi quickly swings his fans. Summon razor shape petals to strike Okubi and his clones. Nearly reaching their mark. The shape petals summon by Momochi attempt to get in their way. Using the energy balls in their left palms. Okubi and his clones destroy the petals before them. Witnessing the incredible power Okubi posses. Momochi's thoughts of winning have completely perished. Now replace with unimaginable fear. Nothing left standing in their way. Okubi and his clone prepare to strike down Momochi

Okubi: Time to die! ADELIA'SWRATH!

 Using the energy balls in each of their palms. Okubi and his clones strike Momochi directly in his chest. Unleashing a gigantic orb made of fire, water, and darkness against the demon. The orb then begins growing greater in size. Having served their purpose. Okubi's cone poof away, leaving the real Okubi to finish Momochi off. After holding the ball of energy against Momochi's chest for a few seconds. Okubi releases the deadly orb sending Momochi flying with it. Moving at a high velocity. The orb sends Momochi crashing to the other side of the purple room. Upon creating a crater shaped hole on the wall. The orb vanishes leaving only a severely injured Momochi. The defeated General sticks to the wall unable to move. Eligos flies over to his Master, congratulating him for his glorious victory

Eligos: YOU DID IT MASTER! I knew you would best that fiend. Course apart of your victory was due to Momochi's arrogance. Had Momochi taken you more seriously. Things made not had ended so well

Okubi: I 100% agree with you Eligos. Having gotten caught in Momochi's illusion early on. I was at his complete mercy. Course thanks to you. I was able to avoid such a grim fate. After you helped freed me from his illusion. Everything else was pretty easy. Now that I have emerged victorious. All that's left to do is to finish him off

Eligos: It's about time we eliminated this pest. Afterwards we can go and help the others. Hopefully they are still alive by then

Okubi: Well I don't much care for him. I'm somewhat concern about how Isamu is fairing against Cameron. As for Lisa Alice and Carabia. Despite how powerful Eisei is. I'm certain Lisa Alice will be able to defeat him. Not so much with strength, but with her wits. If there's one thing I know about Lisa Alice. The woman is a crafty individual. Lisa Alice will use any dirty trick in the book to achieve her goal. Personally between me and you Eligos. I'm starting to feel Lisa Alice is hiding something

Eligos: As you should. Both that woman and Carabia are always plotting and scheming. I'm just grateful they haven't stabbed us in the back... yet! Should things not turn in our favor. I'm certain Lisa Alice and Carabia will turn on us

Okubi: Well let's hope you're wrong for their sakes. Anyways back to the task at hand. Time for me to kill Momochi

 Okubi along with Eligos makes his way towards Momochi. Brutally injured and unable to move. Sensing Okubi's malicious intent feet away. Momochi is certain he is about to be killed

Momochi: "I won't beg no matter how much I really want to. I just never imagined I would be in this predicament. All my life I have fought to stray from such a fate. Now I found myself about to face death. Despite my pure demonic blood. My heals won't heal fast enough before that child kills me. I should had just abandon Koga a long time ago. I thought if I had remain loyal to him and his cause. Perhaps someday he would fall in love and marry me. How foolish could I had been. Thinking a man like Koga could ever fall in love with me? I curse the day I ever meet him. Had no allowed myself to be swayed by his words. I could had been enjoying a wonderful life as an theater actor. Anyways I choose to become one of his Generals. Now I must suffer the consequences for failing in my duties. Now as I lay stuck in this damn wall. I hope to the devil that my death maybe quick. Luckily Okubi doesn't strike me as the torturous type. Course I would rather he spare my life. Regardless I will not beg for my life. There's nothing more ugly than an undignified death"

 Now standing in front of his target. Okubi summons his ice rapier. As Okubi prepares to finish Momochi off. Out of nowhere the purple room becomes pitch black. Using his nautical demonic powers. Okubi begins to look around the darkness. Hoping to find the cause of the black out. Suddenly Okubi sense the aura of a powerful individual behind him. Before Okubi had a chance to strike. The unknown figure unleashes a spell that knocks Okubi out. Walking up moments later. Okubi finds himself in an unknown room. Stripped out of his fancy skin tight body suit. Okubi now wears a raggedy brown t-shirt and an ill fitted loincloth. Attempting to move his limbs. Okubi realizes his arms and legs are bounded to a wall. Not only can't Okubi move anything but his head. The bars that detain Okubi cut him off from his magic. Along with suppressing many of his natural demonic powers. Unable to break free of his bondage. Okubi immediately begins to yell out for Eligos


 Okubi then continues to look around the room. He spots a container nearly the size of his chest. Inside the container is no other than his friend/servant Eligos. Not only has someone managed to captured him. Eligos had also shared his Master's fate. Keeping his eyes glued on his captured servant. Okubi notices the container which holds Eligos is a Spirit Captured Jar. A jar made millions of years before his birth. As the name already states. The container is made to captured spirits. Used to captured ravenous spirits that refused to pass over. Forcing himself to look away from Eligos. Okubi then begins to examine the rest of the room. At a few seconds have passed. Okubi realizes that he's inside of Koga's Laboratory. A room many high ranking demon hold within their castle. In order to conduct experiments to further their agenda. Experiment usually performed by their servants. Fortunately majority of Koga's servant were or are being killed. None the less with Lord Yukimaru still alive. Okubi's life is in grave danger. A few short seconds later the laboratory room door opens. Entering the laboratory is no other than Koga himself. After a quick inspection of the laboratory. Koga turns his attention to the captured Okubi. As Koga slowly began moving towards him. Okubi gives Koga a glare that would had paralyzed a weaker individual. Unfortunately such a look would not faze Koga. Once standing in front of his newly captive. Koga places a hand on Okubi's face. Then from Okubi's face. Koga moves his hand further down Okubi's body. Stopping just below Okubi's belly button. Never since his sensei Takeda Tobirama. Has any man ever touched Okubi in such a strange manner. The feeling of Koga's hand against his bare skin made Okubi very uncomfortable. Upon seeing "that look" in Koga's eyes. Okubi was no longer able to keep his emotions in check

Okubi: Either kill me or get your filthy hands off me! I'm not some tramp you can use for your amusement! If you plan to torture me then do just that. Touching my body in such a manner without consent is tactless!

Koga: Looks like someone doesn't know how nice and soft his skin is. Despite being only a half demon. Like your mother you too posses lovely a lovely body. How could I possibly harm such a marvelous body?

Okubi: Aren't you the same man who threaten to kill me earlier?

Koga: Indeed! However seeing like this now has changed my mind. At least about you anyways. Should my other Generals fail me like Momochi. I will just have to kill your friends myself. As for you my little Okubi. I have something else planned for you. Using my Gamon Tamashi! I will torture you until I force your soul into submission. Once I have ownership of your very soul. I shall make you into my most valued servant. Your existence from that point on will be to please my every desire

Okubi: Vulgar! I would rather die than become your servant

Koga: Well too bad you don't have a choice in the matter. Once I begin using my spell on you. Either you will submit to my or die resisting. Either outcome will be fine with me. Now to begin with you torture!

Meanwhile back in the orange room. Carabia had just slain Cameron who struggle for her survival. Despite being one of the Underworld's most feared assassins. Prior to becoming one of Lord Yukimaru's Generals. Cameron had never fought a demon of Carabia's pedigree. While Carabia was possessing a modified version of a Oni Guard. Using both his knowledge of the dark arts and skill in battle. Carabia managed to not only to defeat and kill Cameron. Carabia had also humiliated her. No matter what technique Cameron tried to use on him. Carabia had countered each and every of her tricks. Within the green as Isamu and Eisei continued their sword battle. While early on in battle. Isamu had managed to keep up with the legendary warrior demon at first. However as the battle went on Isamu had began to struggle. While Isamu had the heart of a champion. The young demon did not posses the required power to defeat a demon of Eisei's level. As Isamu struggles to not receive anymore slashes to his body. Eisei decides to mock Isamu for ever challenging him

Eisei: So tell me boy? Do you now regret ever having challenged me? While you mouth may say "no". I can smell the fear leaking through you like the blood from your wounds

Isamu: Fuck you! What you're smelling is me about to finish you off!

Eisei: Your talk is cheap and meaningless. Had you possessed the power to finished me off. I would already be dead. Course the only reason you're alive is because I was holding back. Despite my words before our battle. I didn't really want to kill you. Hoping I could sway you into becoming one of Lord Koga's servants. However upon realizing how weak and useless you are. I had decided to end your worthless life

Isamu: The only worthless life he is you! As for serving Koga? Even if I was worthy to do such a fucking thing. I would never serve a man who murdered my father!. Now then let's get back to this fight. Unless you want to surrender now and suffer a quicker death?

Eisie: As if I would surrender to a weakling like you! Having seen how weak and pathetic you are. I have decided to go back on our deal from earlier. Attempting a more honorable battle with you was a mistake on my part. Instead I shall end you here using my most deadliest technique. While using such an attack is unnecessary on a weakling like you. The pain this attack will cause is well worth it!

Isamu: Arrogant bastard! I'll fucking show you how weak I am!

 Charging towards Eisei with intense speed. As Isamu prepares to strike Eisei with his sword. Raising his right hand before him. Eisei unleashes a powerful blast of wind against Isamu. Blasted by Eisei's attack. Isamu crashes to the ground writhing in pain

Eisei: Only weakling behave like this when suffering through pain. I think it's time I finish you off now

Isamu: Dammit! No matter how hard I tried. I just could fucking beat you! The worst part about this isn't even dying. Having failed her is most excruciating pain I ever felt

Eisei: Surely you are referring to Princess Hellin. I didn't expect you would have those feelings for her?

Isamu: Are you fucking stupid? I don't even know Hellin to have feeling for her. The woman I speak of is much more wonderful. Had I managed to defeat you. I would one step closer to starting my life with her. Unfortunately I'm too hurt to continue this fight. FUCK!

Eisei: Well now that you have spoken your peace. As meaningless as it was. Time to be exterminated!

 However before Eisei can make any attempt to kill Isamu. Lisa Alice appears from behind Eisei and bites his neck. Having successfully bitten Eisei's neck. Lisa Alice then releases Eisei. Allowing him to fall to the ground. Once having dealt with Eisei. Lisa Alice rushes over to Isamu's side

Lisa Alice: Hey Isamu are you feeling alright? Well then again you are bleeding all over your body. So I take you're not alright

Isamu: I feel much better seeing you beautiful. Exactly when did you enter the room? I thought the plan was for me to defeat Eisei

Lisa Alice: Well obviously that plan wasn't working out. Besides I only wanted you to test Eisei's powers for me. I never actually intended for you to fight him on your own. Just enough for me to get close enough to him. Having successfully used my PARALYZING BITE on the fucker. Not only did my bite temporary cut him off from healing. It will give us just enough time to finish him off!

Eisei: Cowardly bitch! Had I known that you were outside the door. I would had swiftly ended your boyfriend's life. Allowing me to drag you in and deliver you a slow and painful death!

Isamu: Now that this loser mentioned it. Exactly how did you managed to keep your presence hidden for so long?

Lisa Alice: A trick Carabia had taught me. The trick is to remain as still as possible. Allowing your aura to avoid detection from powerful demons like Eisei. After I had successfully managed to stay undetected long enough. My aura had went into a dead state. Allowing me a few moments of movement without detection. Combined with my invisibility spell. I was able to enter the room and bite Eisei without either of you noticing. Thankfully for you my dear fiancée. I arrived just in the nick of time. Now then Isamu my dear. Bite into my arm and suck my blood. My blood will help speed to process of your healing. Afterwards we can take care of him

 Back at the dungeon where Hellin was once held captive. After having fully healed and cleaned up by Anna. Changing into the clothes Anna had brought for her. Hellin notices the outfit is a bit showy for her taste

Hellin: Why do I get the feeling my mother picked this outfit out for me? Anna you know how much I hate these kind of clothing

Anna: My deepest apologies Hellin. However the Queen insisted you wear this. Your mother wouldn't allow me to bring an outfit more to your liking. I guessing she did this so you would attack me

Hellin: My mother only pulls stunts like this when she's pissed off with you! Exactly what did you do to piss my mother off?

Anna: I told Okubi and his friends about you being captured. I also help rescued Okubi from the execution your mother planned on him

Hellin: How dare you side against my mother! I should kill you right here and now

Anna: Please don't that Hellin. I didn't exactly betray your mother. I never once even brought any harm to her. Had the Queen's attempt to kill Okubi were successful. I would had never been able to rescue you

Hellin: Then so fucking be it! Anna you do not go against my mother for nothing and no one. Even if it is to help me. While you my servant. Your loyalty is to Babylon first. Next time you freely oppose my mother for any reason. If she doesn't kill you I WILL! Now brief me on the situation at hand so that I can go and find Koga.

Anna: Well currently Okubi and his friends should be fighting the Generals

Hellin: Then they're already dead! Those punks don't have the power to defeat a General

Anna: Um Lady Hellin? That's actually not true at all

Hellin: Anna are you calling me a liar?

Anna: No Hellin! I would never. Just based on what I have seen. I know Okubi and his friends can handle anything

Hellin: Yet you have to intervene in order to save this Okubi from my mother's schemes.

Anna: Well I didn't really do all that much

Hellin: Will you just shut up! Now before you even pester me about it. Let me quickly use my telepathy to locate my other "rescuers"

Anna: Lady Hellin please be careful when using your telepathy. Don't allow yourself to latch onto anyone's emotions

Hellin: Anna do I look like an amateur to you? I know my telepathy isn't as amazing as my Mother's or the current King of Asira. Besides I'm only using my powers to locate these friends of yours. Now once again shut up so I can concentrate

 Using her telepathy Hellin locates the whereabouts of several individuals. While searching for her rescuers, Hellin accidentally stumbles on the thoughts of Okubi. Who is currently being tortured by Lord Koga. Releasing a ear wrenching scream from her mouth. Anna quickly moves to console her Master

Anna: Hellin are you alright?

Hellin: Did I sound "alright" to you? I hate when you ask me dumb questions. While searching for any remaining individuals within the castle. Not only did I manage to find that bastard Koga. I also felt a feminine looking male being tortured

Anna: Oh no! That's must be Okubi. Exactly what's is happening to him?

Hellin: From what I was able to pick up. Koga is using his GOMON TAMASHI or simply TORTURE SOUL on your friend Okubi

Anna: Hellin we have to hurry up and save him. Okubi can only endure that kind of torture but for so long

Hellin: Rescue him? Wasn't it his job to rescue me? Far as I'm concern Okubi can die! It's not like I need him or anyone else to defeat Koga. Besides this is the very same man my mother wanted dead. Now that I know Koga's location. I'll allow him to finish off Okubi. Then afterwards I will go and kill Koga

Anna: ...

Hellin: What in the hell is your problem now?

Anna: Lady Hellin while I do not wish to anger you. I cannot help but to be upset by your response. Okubi and his friends risked their lives to come save you. If they hadn't allow themselves to be capture. Taking out majority of Koga's army. I would had never been able to come and save you. Hearing what you just said about Okubi is truly disheartening. After everything your mother had put him through. Okubi had still decided to come to Jazan and help me rescue you. Speaking of which hadn't it been for the respect he had for me. Okubi would had never bothered coming to Jazan. Hellin as much as you may not want to hear this. You owe it to Okubi to save him


Anna: Normally you yelling at me would had terrified me. Especially considering I know how dangerous you are. However these past few days I learned something. I learned that doing the right thing isn't always easy. Even if doing the right thing may get you killed! After meeting Okubi and seeing him action. His actions had taught me to stand up for what's right. As much as I care about you Lady Hellin. I care about you as if you were my sister. That being said I don't agree with anything you had said. Wanting to kill Lord Koga is what I expect from you. After what that bastard has done to you. If anyone is going to kill Koga. It had better be you. Just not at the cost of someone else having to die. So please Hellin I beg of you. Please let's go and rescue Okubi. It would be only fair since he would had did it for--

Hellin: Okay Anna please shut up already! Unlike my mother I don't really want Okubi dead. I just don't care for his existence either. However as much as I hate to admit it. Your feelings do matter to me. Therefore like Okubi, I shall go and rescue him only for you!

Anna: Oh thank you thank you Lady Hellin. I knew that you would---

Hellin: Anna stop talking now or I'm going to rip your head off. Just grab your bag and let's get moving. Based on what I had felt. Okubi doesn't have much time left

 As Hellin and Anna make their way to Koga's Laboratory. Carabia had arrived to the green room. Opening the door to where Lisa Alice and Isamu had fought Eisei. Carabia pleasantly finds his comrades feasting on the body of Eisei

Carabia: Looks like you and your fiancée are enjoying a good meal

Lisa Alice: Oh Carabia am I glad to see you. Based on your appearance. I can see that you utterly demolished that Cameron chick. Serves the stupid bitch right

Carabia: You should had seen my L.A. I utterly embarrassed the lass before killing her

Isamu: Yo Carabia! Wanna a bite of Eisei? Never I imagined this motherfucker would taste so good. I just wished I had a bottle of honey barbeque sauce on me. None the less this bastard is delicious

Carabia: Thanks but no thanks. Even if I was still an actually living being. I would allow any part of that fiend inside of my body. Now my dear L.A. Please rid me of this pathetic body. So I can go back to my glorious spirit form

 With a snap of her finger. The modified Oni Guard body becomes a pile of dust. Lisa Alice then goes back to eating Eisei

Carabia: Seeing as we successfully defeated our Generals. I wonder where in the world is Okubi and that loser Eligos?

Lisa Alice: That is a good question. Surely if we could had defeated our Generals. Okubi must had killed his several times over. Now I don't know if I should be concerned or annoyed?

Isamu: Well once we're finished eating this sonabitch. We'll just go to the purple room and check on Okubi

Before Lisa Alice and Isamu could finished feasting upon Eisei. A unknown voice has entered into their heads. Lisa Alice, Carabia, and Isamu listen on to what the unknown voice has to say

Hellin" "There is no need for that! Greetings riends of Okubi. This is Princess Hellin. The woman you all miserably failed to save. Course thanks to Anna I'm alive and well. During his battle with the General Momochi. Okubi and his servant Eligos were captured by Koga. While I'm on my way to save him. Anna had bugged me to let you all know of Okubi's current condition. Now hurry the fuck up and meet us on the thirteenth floor at Koga's Laboratory. That is all"

Upon delaying Okubi's whereabouts to the others heroes. Hellin exits their minds as she and Anna go after Okubi

Lisa Alice: Isn't life wonderful? We had originally came here to rescue this Hellin check. Only to learn that it's Okubi who now needs saving

Carabia: Which by default means Eligos needs to be save. Oh I cannot wait to rub this in his face. Anyways off to the thirteenth floor we go

Isamu: Oh c'mon I'm not all the way finished

Lisa Alice: Isamu unless you're planning to eat Eisei's dick and ass. There's practically nothing left of him to eat. Not get off your greedy ass and let's go rescue Okubi. The sooner we save Okubi and kill Koga. The sooner Jazan becomes my kingdom!

Shortly after alerting the others to Okubi and Koga's location. Hellin and Anna finally arrive to the thirteenth floor. Using their natural tracking abilities. The two woman ran to the laboratory. Hearing the cries of a tortured Okubi. Hellin and Anna knew they were only seconds away from their destination. Standing before the laboratory door. Using her demonic strength, Hellin punches the laboratory door down. Hearing the door being knocked down. Koga immediately stops his torture on Okubi. Turning over to the two female intruders. Seeing both Hellin and Anna standing at the laboratory. Not only is Koga angry to see Hellin fully recovered. Realizing that Okubi and the other heroes were only a distraction. Allowing Hellin's servant to rescue her without much trouble. Koga now must face a very angry Princess who desires revenger!