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Forbidden Chapter 35

Forbidden Chapter Thirty Five

A Battle Between Tarot and Nox Part One

Shortly after encountering Brutality in an unknown room. Anna quickly discovers Brutality is still under the control of Goddess Razel. After exchanging harsh words with one another. Brutality threatens to end Anna's life. Knowing in order to rescue her friends. Anna must first survive her battle against Brutality. Quickly summoning her beloved tarot creature Estrild, Empress of the Amazons into battle. Brutality does the same and summons her Nox creature Nox Edimmu as well. This is the first of many battles. Taking place within the Razel's Dimension

Anna: Okay let's show them what you can do Estrild. Charge straight at Nox Edimmu with Empress Fist!

 Estrild's left fist glows with a mighty golden glow. The Empress then charges straight towards Nox Edimmu. Brutality unfazed by Estrild's deadly approach. Prepares Nox Edimmu to perform a counter attack

Brutality: Nox Edimmu use duplicate!

 Nox Edimmu makes multiple copies of itself. Stopping Estrild in her tracks, causing both Anna and her confusion

Anna: Holy moly! I didn't know Nox Edimmu could do that. Dammit I have to figure out which one is the real Nox Edimmu?

Brutality: Absolutely pathetic! Honestly did you really think this battle would be so simple? Only a fool would enter a battle without the needed skills to win. Now it's time I show you how a true summoner user fights. Now Edimmu use Distortion Wave… on both Estrild and Anna!

The duplicates of Nox Edimmu disappears. Leaving the original standing before Anna and Estrild. Nox Edimmu then unleashes a wave of winter mint energy towards Anna and Estrild. Causing both women a heavy case of vertigo. Kneeling on the ground under the effect of Nox Edimmu's attack. In spite of her situation. Anna quickly manages to think of a counter attack


Using all her might to resist the effects of Nox Ediimu. Estrild strikes the ground beneath her, causing the ground beneath Nox Edimmu to open from under it. Two enormous hands made of dirt and rocks rise from the ground. Brutality watches in shock as the two hands clasp Nox Edimmu between them.

Anna: How you like them apples bitch! Now crush em Estrild!

Rising from the ground as her master had done. Estrild claps her hands together causing the giant hands to crush Nox Edimmu. Anna and Estrild had successfully sent Nox Edimmu back to the Nox Verse

Anna: Okay Brutality you can surrender anytime now? Also while I have gotten rid of your pesky Nox Edimmu. It's time for me use one of my potions to shake off this slight dizziness I'm feeling

Anna reaches in her purse and pulls out a vile filled with light pink liquid

Anna: I called this potion Strawberry Banana. A quick drink of this will not only rid me of my dizziness, but also very delicious

Brutality: Enjoy your little drink little girl. This was just a warm up. The real battle starts now

Anna: Well then I got some really bad news for you. Because this battle is about to be over! Estrild please hurry and take Brutality out! Empress Fist!

Now targeting Brutality, Estrild left fist glows bright once more. Standing her ground unafraid of the incoming attack. Brutality prepares unleashed a surprise attack against Estrild. Placing both her index and middle finger before her lips. Brutality creates a ball of fire between her lips and fingers.

Brutality: LUCIFER'S LOVE!

 Releasing the ball of fire from her lips. The tiny fire quickly grows massive as it heads towards Brutality. Anna realizes Brutality is a much deadlier opponent then she predicted. However before Anna could return Estrild to the Tarot World. The Amazonian Empress was engulfed by Brutality's flames. Now with Estrild returning to the Tarot World to heal. Anna is once again alone against Brutality

Anna: Estrild?

Brutality: You do realize I'm a demon right? Meaning I don't need my summonings to fight my battles? The fuck I look like letting your creature attack me without defending myself? Now Anna do you want to continue the summoning wars or are you going to fight me woman to woman?

Anna: Estrild is one of my dearest friends and best warriors. However she is far from my only warrior. I now summon to the battlefield Anpiel, The Shinning Star!

The very summoning Anna first used back in Gore Stadium. The white slender and muscular alien like creatures appears once again before his master.

Brutality: Quite a cute creature, but I will crush him none the less. I now summon to the battlefield Nox Victoria!

 Since her last appearance back in Autumn Forest. The scantly clad Lilin reappears

Anna: Anpiel please STAR BEAM!

Brutality: Nox Victoria counter with Seduction Beam!

Both summoning unleashing their individual attack. Anpiel's radiant beam of light clashes with Nox Victoria's mesmerizing lavender energy beam. The power of both attacks canceling each other out. The impact causes the battlefield to be surrounded by smoke. Thankfully due to their demonic powers. Both Anna and Brutality can see through the fog just fine until it dissipates

Brutality: I guess I may have slightly underestimated you little Anna. Well to be more precise your summonings

Anna: The hell is that suppose to mean?

Brutality: It means without your precious summonings to protect you. Alone you are less than worthless

Anna: THAT ISN'T TRUE AT ALL! I can fight you just fine, but I won't allow myself to fight you on your terms. After all I still have my friends to rescue. Meaning I have to do whatever it takes to win

Brutality: Your fucking friends? Bitch the ritual for Xiaoyu and the other sages is nearly completed. Soon Goddess Razel will sacrifice the elemental sages and gain absolute power. As for Okubi and those other worthless fucks. I'm quite certain they are dead already… as shall you be shortly

Anna: Fuck you bitch! I was going to fight fair but FUCK THAT! I also summon to the battlefield Nia, The Cheerleader of Temperance. Please come out baby girl and join Anpiel and I in battle

Summoned to the battlefield is a cerulean blue haired caramel skinned cheerleader. Holding in one hand  a pom pom of fire and the other of ice. Both Anpiel and Nia stand ready for battle against Brutality and Nox Victoria

Anna: Sorry the odds are in my favor, but I can't fight you fairly when the stakes are this high

Brutality: Ha… HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Anna: Hey why are you laughing so menacingly?

Brutality: Anna you are just some stupid it's almost painful to watch. Fool you did exactly what I wanted you to do! I could had easily summon another Nox to even to playing field, but I instead can use Nox Victoria's special ability Evil Seduces. Furthermore don't even try think about returning your monsters back to their home world

Anna: Why the heaven not?

Brutality: Because once I targeted my enemy's summoning with Nox Victoria's special ability. Neither one of them can retreat until after Victoria's curse is completed. However once my girl does her thing. I highly doubt you'll be prepare for what happens next

Anna: Based on Nox Victoria's special ability. I already know your coming after Anpiel since he's a male creature

Brutality: Think again you little stupid bitch! Unlike myself who is strictly dickly. Nox Victoria swings both ways. Furthermore Victoria has a thing of taking strong summonings. While I'm certain you love all your summonings equally. Even you must know the power difference of Anpiel and your precious Nia

Petrified by the harsh realization of the evil that's about to befall Nia. Anna tries to pull herself together but it's too late

Brutality: Nox Victoria posses Nia's soul with the sin of lust!

 Nox Victoria's sinister purple eyes glow bright. Causing a purple miasma to surround Nia's body. Anna and Anpiel watch helplessly as Nia's screams in agony. A few seconds later after the miasma disappears. Nia, the once happy go lucky cheerleader of temperance. Transformed into a dominatrix carrying a dual elemental whip. Along with her breast completely exposed.

Anna: OMG NIA! You turned my friend into a evil whore!

Brutality: Not my kind of thing, but I guess it's an improvement from the silly cheerleader get up. Anyways now with Nia temporary under my control. I can use her however I please. Starting with getting rid of your precious Anpiel.

Anna: Oh no you don't! Both Estrild and Nia have fallen pray to your evil, but Anpiel's light will be the bringer of your demise. Now Anpiel attack with STAR SHOWER!

Anpiel unleashes a flurry of star shaped energy blast towards Brutality, Nox Victoria, and Corrupt Nia

Brutality: Corrupt Nia use your whip to deflect Anpiel's attack

Swinging her elemental whip in a circular motion. Corrupt Nia successfully deflects Anpiel's Star Shower.

Anna: NO WAY!

Brutality: Yes way! Now finished Anpiel off with DAZZLING CHAOS!

Spinning her elemental whip over her head in a circular motion. Corrupt Nia begins building up energy with a deadly attack. Creating a powerful spiral energy of fire and ice. Corrupt Nia strikes Anpiel with a circular blast of fierce energy. Instantly sending Anpiel back into the Tarot World


Brutality: Now that Anpiel is out of the way. It's high time I fucking end your life! However to make sure you can't summon anymore Tarot creatures for a certain amount of time. Corrupt Nia use Disabling Whip!

 Corrupt Nia grips her whip and strikes Anna hard. Knocking her former master down to the ground. Laying on ground holding her injured arm. Anna instantly feel her connection to the Tarot World has broken. No longer able to use her tarot cards for an unknown amount of time. Anna begins to worry about her chances of surviving the battle. 

Brutality: Now with those pesky tarots cards of your out of the way. I can now finish you off for good

Anna: Three against one? I guess we know who's the real coward between the two of us

Brutality: Annoying bitch! Do you really think I need their help to kill you? Taking away your only means of defending yourself. I can no take my time of giving you the death you deserve. However I first need to get rid of one remaining problem. Nox Victoria attack Nia with Fist of Animosity!

Surrounding her left hand in dark purple energy. Nox Victoria viciously strikes Nia's back with a powerful punch attack. Nia instantly reverts back to her normal self as she returns to the Tarot World.

Anna: NIA!

Brutality: Now with her out of the way. Nox Victoria I no longer need your services. Return to the Tarot World!

Nox Victoria returns to the Nox Verse. Anna who had just recovered from her previous injury. Begins to rise up only to receive a vicious kick from Brutality to her face. Knocked down to the ground once again. Brutality then steps on Anna's back with great force. Causing Anna to immediately scream in agony. After causing pain to Anna's spine for several seconds. Brutality then grabs Anna by her hair. Lifting up the vulnerable demon before her.

Brutality: Ready to die yet?

Anna: Fuck you

Anna spits in Brutality's face. Causing Brutality to becoming fully enraged. Brutality retaliates by punching Anna severals times in the stomach. Ending her assault with a fiery fist to Anna's face. Sending Anna crashing down to the ground once more.

Brutality: Spit in my fucking face again why don't cha! Now it's time for me to end your life once and for all

Brutality begins creating a ball of flame in her hands. Still laying on the ground in pain. Anna knows her body's natural demonic capabilities won't be enough to save her.  Quickly reaching inside of her purse. Anna realizes most of her potions were destroyed, but the exception of two. Pulling out two bottles of potions. One with a yellow liquid and the other white. The Lemon and Miracle potions. Realizing these two potions were still available to her. Anna knew she can turn things around

Brutality: Time to die BITCH! SATANIC INFERNO!

 Unleashing the ball of fire she created. The fire grows massively in size as it speed increases. Only inches away from hitting her. Anna quickly opens the Lemon potion and swallows it. The potion's special abilities kicks in. Allowing Anna to dodge Brutality's attack by the skin of her teeth

Anna: WOW! That was quite the speed increase! Whoa I feel amazing, but I also still feel pain. Anyways this fight is far from over Brutality

Brutality: How did you manage to dodge my attack? Even with your natural healing abilities as a demon. There is no way you could had dodged my attack with such speed

Anna: Thankfully I had a helpful potion left inside of my bag. Now let's get this fight started for real

Brutality: You don't stand a shadow of a chance against me bitch! Especially since you have yet to fully recover. I'll just have to kill you with my bare hands

Anna: Bring it on bitch!

 Angrier than she has been throughout this entire fight. Brutality charges towards Anna with the intent to kill. Throwing various strikes and kicks at Anna, but only for Anna to dodge every strike. Brutality quickly realizes something off about Anna

Brutality: How can you be so injured yet posses the movement of a unharmed demon?

Anna: It's all thanks to the effects of my Lemon Potion. While I'm far from the best fighter in hand to hand combat. The Lemon Potion gives me the fighting skills of Shun Di from Virtua Fighters. Now it's time for to show you what I can do. LEMON STYLE! RENKAN CHOUGEKI!

 Anna strikes Brutality with three rapid punches and a spin kick to knock her down. Finally inflicting damage upon Brutality. Anna begins to become confident in herself. However Anna knows the effects of the Lemon Potion are temporarily. While Anna will continue to fight as long as possible. The young demon ultimately hopes to regain connection to the Tarot World


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