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Forbidden Chapter 52

Forbidden Chapter Fifty Two

Terror At The Elestial Market Part Four

 Moments after having defeated the assassin Olga. Holding the deceased assassin's head in his hand. Okubi and Eligos had sensed an overwhelming aura. Coming a few miles away from their current location. Despite the sinister aura being much stronger in nature. Okubi couldn't help to feel something familiar about it. However Eligos on the other hand was simply terrified. Never before had Eligos ever sensed such a powerful and sinister aura. Even centuries when he possessed a body of his own. Concerned it maybe one of the assassins of The Order. Eligos turns to his Master and begins speaking to him. 

Eligos: Master Okubi never have I felt such an aura in my entire existence. Including when I still possessed a body of my own. I fear we may be sensing an elite member of The Order 

Okubi: Honestly Eligos you could be right. However while this aura is very different from anything I ever sensed. I can also feel something familiar about it. Besides even if it was coming from the enemy. That wouldn't deter me from killing him or her. Now that Olga has been eliminated. Let's us go and find the source of that aura

Eligos: I was afraid you were going to say that

Okubi: Well if that D.D.T. I received meant anything. I should be more than powerful enough to combat the demon. Now cease your complaining and let's move

Eligos: Whatever you say sir

 Okubi carrying Olga's head in his left hand. Quickly moves towards the location of the aura. Eligos reluctantly follows behind his Master. The members of  K.I.L.L.E.R. having witnessed Hellin's demonic transformation. Standing before the demon assassins. A succubus with golden hair, purple skin, one open neon red eye with the other appearing stitched closed. Along with a blood colored diamond on her neck, a visible upside yellow face shaped organ functioning as it's heart, and a tail with a sphere on the end. Possessing the number 666 written on the sphere. Staring at the assassins with a sinister smile on her face. The demon's killer intent is palpable to the members of K.I.L.L.E.R. Never having faced such a powerful menace. The demon assassins fear Hellin's newly transformation may prove too powerful for them to kill. Nevertheless not only would the members of K.I.L.L.E.R. not dear defy Lord Ulric's orders. After having watched Lynx be brutally murdered by Hellin prior to her transformation. The assassins feel it's their duty to eliminate the newly formed demon before them. Course whenever a demon transforms. The newly form demon doesn't always answer to the name of it's previous form. Thus Kenji, leader of K.I.L.L.E.R. Orders the succubus to speak her name. 

Kenji: State your name demon unless you too answer to the name Hellin. My comrades and I have been ordered to kill Hellin, but since she's had transformed into you. Now it is you who has become our target. However we believe in knowing the name of our target. Thus my comrades and I cannot resume in killing you. Unless you state your name first

Eigra: Or don't! Either way we are going to kill you. Especially after what your previous form did to our comrade Lynx

Vixen: HA! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Do you fucking worms really think you can kill me? How dare the preys threaten the predator! Anyways the name's Vixen. It's nothing special, but I prefer being called that over Hellin. Now that's out of the way. Let's say we get this massacre started!

Shortly after Ekoda stabbed a whole into Anna's chest. Following by throwing her onto the ground. Anna lays helplessly as her body starts bleeding out faster than she can heal. Ekoda along with Neil and Duran turning their attention onto Team Rose. Seeing what the demon assassins had done to Anna. Neither Lava Rose or his comrades Zira and Tre' have any intentions of showing them mercy. Now with Anna out of there way. Ekoda, Neil, and Duran are ready to show the mortal sages their fearsome powers. Ekoda summons a seal around Neil, Duran, and himself and shouts out DARK BEAST RITUAL! Instantaneously Ekoda, Neil, and Duran transform into demonic looking beast. Ekoda turns into a demonic Dhole, Neil a demonic Spinosaurus, and Duran a demonic lion. All three demons standing between eight feet to eight feet and four inches tall. Terror swiftly enters the minds of Lava Rose and Tre', but Zira remains unfazed by the ferocious looking demons. However knowing neither Lava Rose or Tre' can combat the demons while afraid. Zira uses the technique Dark Calm. Relaxing the minds of her comrades while increasing their fighting spirit. Realizing not only wasn't Zira frighten by their transformation. Along with how easily she calmed her comrades. Ekoda begins speaking to her

Ekoda: That was an interesting technique you performed just now young lady. I also noticed that your weren't frighten by our transformation. Not everyday do I encounter such a young sage like yourself with such magical skills and bravery

Zira: If you weren't a piece of shit. I would had appreciate your complement. However to tell you the truth. I'm not nearly as young as I appear. In spite of my youthful appearance. I'm nearly ninety years of age. Do you really think I would had lasted this long. If such grotesque beings like you could frighten me? Not only have I seen my share of scary demons. I killed the majority I encountered.

Duran: Hmm! I should had figured their way more to you than meets the eye. I must remember not all mortal sages are mere pray. Some of them prove to be extraordinary pray! HA HA HA HA HA!

Neil: Even with your level of skills woman. It won't be enough to say you and your friends from our fury!

Lava Rose: I wouldn't be so sure about that buddy. Despite being shaken by your monstrous appearances. Thanks to my good friend Z. I'm more than ready to beat the living shit out of you demons

Tre': That's goes double for me. Time to show you demons what this Artificial Angel can do

Ekoda: Enough of this meaningless chatter. It's time my friends and I tear you cur limb from limb

Zira: I honestly couldn't agree more. The faster we kill you bastards. The quicker we can aid Anna... PURPLE PULSE!

 Zira swiftly releases a burst of purple energy from her right hand towards Ekoda, Neil, and Duran. The demon assassins easily dodge her attack. Not allowing the demon assassins to counter. Lava Rose summons a giant size gummy worm into the battle. 

Lava Rose: Say hello to my anaconda sized gummy worm friend Squiggly!

Squiggly: Am so happy you summoned me Master Lava Rose

Duran: Damn that thing has such a squeaky baby voice. No matter I'll just get rid of it!

Zira: Lava Rose what's the strategy here?

Lava Rose: Zira I want you to combat Neil. Tre' you go after Ekoda. Squiggly and I will deal with Duran. Let's hurry and take these demons out. So that we can tend to Anna. Ever second we waste on these losers. Anna's life force is that much closer to death

Tre': Whatever fucking attack Ekoda used on her. Heavily slowed down Anna's regenerating abilities

Ekoda: Courtesy of my Viper's Sting technique. An attack that I created specifically against demons with high regenerating abilities. Since Anna is also part crotaphytidae. Allowing her to heal faster than most demons. Once I provoked Anna to wildly attack me. I knew I could hit her with my special technique without fail. Thus resulting in her current predicament

Tre': Well don't get too thrill with yourself motherfucker! Cause once am done kicking your ass. I'm going to use my powers to heal Anna of all ailments

Neil: Sweet ambitions for soon to be dead men. Had you mortals ran when we first encountered your sorry existence. Perhaps you may had survived this night. Unfortunately like typical mortal fools. The three of you decided to combat us. Now your deaths are guaranteed

Duran: Time to incinerate you fucking maggots! SATANIC BREEZE!

 Inhaling the surrounding air into his nose. Duran then opens his mouth wide. Releasing a extremely hot giant blow of wind towards Team Rose. Tre' quickly maneuvers himself in front of Lava Rose and Squiggly. Creating a barrier out of holy energy to protect them. Zira instinctively opens a dark portal before her. Allowing her to easily escape Duran's deadly attack. Along with allowing her a possible surprise attack against the enemy. Once Tre' is certain they are no longer in danger of Duran's attack. Tre' immediately drops the barrier around Lava Rose, Squiggly, and himself

Lava Rose: Nice try asshole! Unfortunately for you losers. My friends and I know how to counter deadly demon based attacks. Now it's our turn to strike! Squiggly hit them with STICKY SPRAY!

 Doing as order by his Master. Squiggly opens his mouth wide and releases a sticky substance from his mouth towards the demons. Neil quickly uses the technique MIRROR CYCLONE! Summoning a mirror shaped whirlpool of water in front of him. Protecting Duran, Ekoda, and himself from the giant Gummy Worm's attack. Meanwhile Zira reappear from behind the demons. Blowing purple colored smoke onto them. 

Lava Rose: Nice work Zira! 

Zira: My Purple Smoke technique will only keep them busy for a few seconds. Let's make our moves guys.

Tre': How come the demons didn't sense Zira's presence before she attacked?

Lava Rose: Unlike you and me my friend. Zira has a longer history of combating demons. The woman knows to lower her aura. Which allowed her to sneak by the demons without alerting them. Course Zira only managed to distract them. Any attempts to physically harm them would had been a failure. Anyways let's take these guys down already

Tre': Don't need to tell me twice... three time actually. I'm about to be Ekoda like stink on shit

Lava Rose: Squiggly you ready to end this battle?

Squiggly: You betcha Master! Let's finish off those naughty demons

Neil: Stupid girl I'll make you fucking pay for your treachery

Zira: Give me all you got demon

Neil: Oh I'll most certainly will you arrogant little bitch! THUNDER PARADE!

 Neil's eyes changes from crimson red to bright yellow. The demon then points a finger with his left hand at Zira. While raising his right hand to the air. The sky above them becomes dark as cloud begin to form together. Once several dark clouds are well placed over Zira's position. Neil screams out as strikes of lighting start coming towards Zira. Moving herself as fast as possible. Zira cautiously starts dodging the flurry of lighting strikes. Meanwhile Tre' is currently engaged in battle against Ekoda. Finding it difficult to land an attack against him. While dodging the demon's multiple blast of fire. Lava Rose and Squiggly going up against Duran. Lava Rose begins making plans in his head. In order to take Duran down. Having came up with eight different ways to defeat him. Lava Rose decides to use the most impractical of them all. In hopes of catching Duran off guard.

Lava Rose: Okay Squiggly charge straight ahead towards Duran.

Squiggly: Okay!

 Duran watches menacingly as Squiggly charges towards him like a speeding train. Duran surrounds his body in an aura of fire. Preparing to unleash a devastating attack to eliminate the giant gummy worm. 

Duran: I'm about to roast your fucking overgrown worm. Think of it as a preview of your inevitable death!

Lava Rose: Ha! That only things that's inevitable is your defeat

Duran: Oh yeah! Let's fucking see about that! HATEFUL STREAM!

Lava Rose: Squiggly use Sacrificial Split!

 Duran releases an enormous stream of fire from his hands towards Squiggly. Immediately following the command given to him by his Master. Squiggly splits his candy body into three. Creating three slimmer versions of himself. While Duran's Hateful Stream successfully takes out the middle Squiggly. Both the Squiggly on the left and right side remain unharmed. Just as Lava Rose had planned. After seeing how easily Lava Rose and Squiggly countered his deadly attack. Duran stands shocked by disbelief. Never having expected Lava Rose to respond to his attack in such a clever manner. Now with two Squigglys on the battlefield. Lava Rose is ready to wrap up this fight. 

Lava Rose: Squiggly A hit Duran with Sticky Shot and you Squiggly B wrap yourself around him. 

 Hearing the orders Lava Rose had given to his giant gummy worms. Duran attempts to make a move but is hit by Squiggly A's Sticky Shot. Covered in a huge blob of liquid candy. Duran immediately loses mobility in his body. Squiggly B swiftly wraps himself around Duran's body. Increasing the demon's inability to move. Duran tries to set his body ablaze. In order to melt the creature off him. Only to find himself unable to get hot

Lava Rose: I wouldn't waste my time if I were you. Once Sticky Shot covers an individual's body. The magic within the blob neutralizes it's victim's powers. Only those not within the blood can releases you. Unfortunately your comrades are busy battling my friends. Sadly for you Duran this is your end! Now Squiggly A form with Squiggly B and swallow Duran whole

 Squiggly A moves towards Squiggly B who is currently binding Duran. Once the two Squiggly form together. They create a bigger Squiggly nearly the same size as before. Duran unable to free himself. Watches in horror as Squiggly opens it's mouth. Dripping acid from it's mouth. Squiggly positions it's head over Duran's body. Moving his head downwards towards Duran. Tears of regret form around Duran's face. Seconds before Squiggly swallows him whole. While Squiggly is digesting Duran, Lava Rose goes to aid Tre' against Ekoda. Zira continuously dodging multiple lighting strikes from Neil. Despite her best efforts to avoid the deadly attacks. Not even a sage of Zira's skills can dodge lightning forever. Having become exhausted due to constantly moving. Zira finally makes a bad move. One bad move is all Neil needed. The demon then watches in delight as Zira is struck by the lighting. Laying on the ground writhing in pain. Zira struggles to get back to her feet. However less than five seconds later. Zira sees Neil standing over her. Placing his right foot on top of her chest. Neil then applies pressure beneath his foot. Inflicting more pain onto Zira causing her to scream

Neil: Such a pitiful yet precious scream you mortal posses. It's even more satisfying seeing an arrogant bitch like you in such a predicament. Once I finished you off. I'll make sure that your buddies follow behind you. Wouldn't want you to be lonely on your trip to the afterlife

Zira: How kind of you but I have no intentions of dying here. 

Neil: Is that so? Do you realize I can crush your ribcage right beneath my feet?

Zira: Only one of us here is being stupid. Spoiler alert it isn't me

Neil: You're at my mercy and this is how you talk? Arrogant little bitch! I'm going to---


 Quicker than the eye can blink or the brain can think. Six ghostly purple hands spring from around Zira's body. Grabbing onto Neil and holding him in place. The demon assassin looks down at Zira. Eyes filled with absolute shock and horror. Zira looks up at Neil with a sinister satisfaction

Zira: So about killing me?

Neil: Ha-- ha hah HOW?

Zira: What do you mean how? It's my secret technique you imbecile. I just needed to find an opportunity to catch you with it. Getting hit by that lighting bolt wasn't part of my plan. Well at least it worked in my favor. Now tell me who the real arrogant bitch here? Anyways the time of your demise has arrived. ASURA'S JUDGMENT!

 Unable to move his body due to being caught in Asura's Embrace. The purple hands holding Neil begin to glow very brightly. Eventually Neil begins to feel his body being burned. Despite his best efforts to maintain his composure. Neil eventually gives in and cries out in pain. The flames continue to burn the demon. Until his entire body is ignited in purple flames. Less than five seconds later. Neil has been completely burnt to a crisp. Thrilled to having defeated yet another powerful opponent. Zira lays down on the ground. Awaiting her inevitable healing from her friend and teammate Tre'

 Despite Tre's best efforts to combat Ekoda. The demon assassin proved too much for the Artificial Angel to combat. Struck by a powerful punch from Ekoda to his gut. Tre' drops to the ground puking up a mixture of puke and blood. Holding himself up on his hands and knees. "Dammit why did it have to be fucking me?" Tre' angrily thinks to himself. Now currently at the mercy of Ekoda

Ekoda: Talk about fucking pathetic! Out of all your worthless friends. I expected you the angel to be an actual challenged. Seems the fake isn't nearly as powerful as the real deal. Fortunately for you I knew you were the weak link of your shitty trio. Which is why I didn't hit your ass with all my might just now. However don't think I'm taking pity on you. Seeing such a fine specimen as yourself. I decided I'll keep you alive just a little bit longer. Once I go and eliminate your fucking friends. I'm going to use you as a nice "stress reliever". Afterwards I'll just eat you alive. 

Tre': Nasty motherfucker! I swing both ways but I refuse to let a fucker like you. Put any part of you in my body

Ekoda: I'll have no problem forcing myself into you false angel. Now if you know what's good for you. I suggest you stay down while I go and murder your friends

 Removing his attention off from Tre'. Ekoda senses an incoming attack. Turning to see a blob like substances moving towards him. Ekoda easily moves himself out of harm's way. Tre' is ecstatic to see Lava Rose coming to his rescue. 


Lava Rose: Never fear my friend for Lava Rose is here

Ekoda: Looks like you're up first for an execution. It's just unfortunate that loser Duran couldn't finish you off! No matter because I honestly wanted the pleasure of killing you

Lava Rose: So did Duran but looked how that turned out

Ekoda: Just because him and I are both demons. Don't think we both are equally pitiful

Lava Rose: I wouldn't be too sure about that. Because the same way I took down your buddy. Is pretty much the same way you're going down. The only difference is you won't become a meal for Squiggly

Ekoda: The fuck do you mean by that?

Lava Rose: Oh you'll see... TRICKY BLOB do your thing

 The small blob that Ekoda had dodged seconds before. Not knowing that Lava Rose wanted him to dodge his attack. The blob immediately springs itself from the ground. Latching itself onto Ekoda's body.


Lava Rose: Impossible no but very unfortunate... well for you anyways. Despite you guys being demons. Known for your abilities to sensed incoming attacks. I swear both Duran and you were easily fooled by my candy based magic. 

Tre': Nice work Lava Rose. Now finished that motherfucker off!

Lava Rose: Yeah about that Tre'. Ekoda was your opponent so therefore you gotta finish him off!

Tre': I swear you can be a real asshole sometimes

Lava Rose: And you love it but seriously kill this demon already

Tre': Alright alright alright! Thankfully I was healing myself while you kept Ekoda busy. I know just the perfect technique to finish off this bastard too

Rising back to his feet. Fully recovered from his earlier injury caused by Ekoda. Tre' now position himself to finish the demon off. Taking up a dramatic pose. Tre extends out his left hand. Creating a ball of energy within the center of his palm. Once the ball of energy begins to grow. Tre' begins his special speech of divine justice. 

Tre': Foul demon of the Underworld. I Tre' Crimson will now unleash the powers of Heaven against thy. Prepare yourself for a divine punishment... ODD WORLD SHAKING!

 After completing his divine speech. Tre' releases a giant yellowish pink colored sphere towards the immobilized Ekoda. Unable to do anything to defend himself. The demon watches in terror as Tre's attack rushes towards him. Upon being struck by Tre's attack. Ekoda let's out an agonizing scream as his body dissipates. Now with all three demons having been killed. Team Rose can now focus on aiding Anna. 

Lava Rose: Nice work Tre' but now you need to hurry up and heal Anna. I'll go and check on Zira. 

 Tre' immediately makes his way towards the injured Anna. Watching his friend slowly bleeding out to death. Tre' activates his healing powers and places both hands on Anna's chest. A white light covers Anna's body as she begins to heal. Lava Rose on his way to aid Zira. While knowing Zira had already slain Neil. Lava Rose is also aware Zira was struck by one of Neil's lighting bolts. Fortunately Zira was already standing on her feet. Which gave Lava Rose much needed relief. Knowing his friend wasn't nearly hurt as he feared

Lava Rose: Zira am glad to see you're okay. I was worried when you got hit by that lighting bolt earlier

Zira: You and me both. Now is Tre' currently healing Anna?

Lava Rose: Indeed! I just hope we weren't too late. Those demons were more of a challenged than we thought

Zira: Hah! This was nothing compare to the enemies we'll encounter in the future. Now let's go check and see Tre's progress with Anna

 Making their way to Tre' and Anna. Despite the amount of blood Anna had lost. Tre's holy powers were able to cure Anna. Getting herself off the ground with Tre's help. Anna was relied to not had bleed to death. Seeing Lava Rose and Zira running towards them. Anna is rejoice to see they are alright. 

Anna: LAVA ROSE! ZIRA! I'm so so happy to see you both are alive and well

Zira: Ha that's funny coming from the woman who nearly bleed to death. We are happy to see Tre' was able to save you

Anna: It was difficult keeping myself alive. Thanks to whatever shitty technique Ekoda used one me. However if I had died. Hellin would had been furious. I couldn't leave my best friend in such a messed up state

Lava Rose: Well am glad you were able to pull through pumpkin head. Now speaking about Hellin. I suggest we go and find her. Along with the rest of your friends

 Not too long ago. After sensing her friend Anna was on the verge of death. Hellin had transformed into a demon by the name Vixen! Once Kenji, the leader of the demon assassin squad K.I.L.L.E.R. order Vixen to introduce herself. The succubus is now ready to annihilate the enemies before her

Vixen: So which one of you faggots wants to die first?

Roberto: Even with this new transformation of yours. The level of arrogance remains the same. I will gladly take you on first succubus!

Lou: That won't be necessary brother Roberto. I, Lou of the Freeze. Shall freeze this demon's body and soul with my deadly ice abilities. Now succubus let's see you survive this... EVIL FREEZE!

 Making motions with his hands. Lou's body glows in an intense icy aura. While standing before the members of K.I.L.L.E.R. Vixen notices a icy mist surrounding her body. Seconds later Vixen's body starts to become covered in ice. Yet Vixen stands unfazed by Lou's attack

Ina: HA HA HA HA HA! Arrogant little bitch thought a pitiful transformation was going to save her. Now once Lou turns you into a popsicle. I'm going to personally enjoy smashing your body into many pieces

Eigra: I'll will most certainly be joining you in that fun

Kenji: It's admirable you are remaining calm in the face of death demon. Despite that fact you are our target and murdered our comrade Lynx. I must say Princess Hellin now currently Vixen. It's such a disappointment to see a demon with your potential. Ending up becoming yet another of the thousand lives we have claimed. However I promise to always remember you

Vixen: The very fact you fuckers think am about to die is laughable. Now watch as I easily turn the tables against your friend

 Nearly seconds from being frozen solid. Vixen opens up her stitched up eye. Revealing to the members of K.I.L.L.E.R. the death symbol. Using her demon powers to target Lou. Vixen's body starts to defrost. While Lou's body rapidly starts becoming covered in ice. Less than five seconds later. Lou's body is frozen solid. Then with a snap of her fingers. Vixen shatters Lou's frozen body into many pieces. Kenji, Ina, Eigra, and Roberto faces are covered in terror. Not only witnessing the death of another comrade by Hellin/Vixen's hand. Seeing how effortlessly Vixen had killed Lou. Raises the level of fear the K.I.L.L.E.R. already felt towards her. Successfully having killed the assassin Lou. Vixen let's out a bored yawn

Vixen: Well that was sadly very easy. My technique Instant Karma worked like a charm. Two down and four to go. Now for who should I kill next?

 Staring at Kenji, Ina, Eigra, and Roberto with a murderous intent. Vixen is ready to make her move. Moving faster than the speed of lighting. In a blink of an eye. Vixen is standing before what remains of the members of K.I.L.L.E.R. Vixen delivers two powerful kicks. One to Kenji and the other to Ina. Sending the two demons flying. Vixen turning her attention onto Eigra and Roberto. Before either demon could attempt to attack her. Vixen transforms her hands into sharp metal claws. Resembling the claws Freddy Krueger wears in Nightmare of Elm Street. Vixen uses her claw like hands and digs them into Eigra and Roberto's chest. Ripping out their hearts and following their intestines. Feasting on their organs. Vixen watches as the two demons die before her eyes. Laying down on the ground. Shortly after being attack by Vixen. Kenji and Vixen catch a fresh scent of blood in the air. They also sense that both Eigra and Roberto are dead. The dark reality had set in for the two remaining assassins. Knowing no matter what try to do. None of them have a chance in hell of defeating Vixen. Not wanting to lose anymore of his beloved comrades. Kenji turns over and looks Ina in the eye

Kenji: Ina... my dear friend. What once was an ensured victory for us. Has turned into our demise. However despite how unbeatable Vixen appears to us. I think I have a technique that will finish her off for good. Course just in case I should fail. I want you to abandon me and run back to Lord Ulric. Tell him that the Princess transformed into a demon beyond our capabilities to defeat.

Ina: B-but Kenji I don't want to lose you too. Why don't we just plead with Vixen. Telling her we don't want to fight anymore. Perhaps convince her that going to save Anna is more important than killing us

Kenji: There is no talking to that woman Ina. Vixen was formed by Hellin's hate. The very hate that our actions have caused. I knew unleashing a full on assault against James and his allies wasn't a wise decision. However only a fool would defy the orders of Lord Ulric. Now Ina my dear please get going. I intrust you to keep the K.I.L.L.E.R. legacy alive

 Kenji gives Ina a kiss on her head. Before rising back up onto his feet. Ina does the very same but as order by Kenji. Begins running away from the battlefield. Unfortunately before Ina could run too far. Vixen uses her telepathy to stop Ina from moving.

Vixen: Did you really think I'll let you escape after the way you threaten me?

Ina: Kenji I can't move any part of my body but my eyes and mouth. Why isn't our anti telepathy spell working on her?

Kenji: Dammit! It must had either faded or when she transformed. Either way this is very bad. VIXEN! I offer my life in exchange for Ina's. I beg you to release her!

Vixen: Really? Do I like the kind of woman who bargains with the enemy? Were any of you fuckers going to show me any mercy? Did those fuckers who harmed my friend showed her any mercy? I think fucking NOT! I intend on killing each and every last one of you motherfuckers. That mouthy little bitch is no exception


Kenji: Vixen please! Neither Ina or I wanted to come here in the first place

Vixen: Bullshit! Only you were hesitant coming to Neo Aigosthena. The rest of your friends relished in the idea of killing innocent people and those affiliated with James. Therefore I feel it's only right if I returned the favor

Kenji: I won't allow you to kill Ina! ULTIMATE EARTH TECHNIQUE! DEADLY SINKHOLE!

 Swiftly striking the ground with his palms. Kenji begins turning the surrounding ground around Vixen into a sinkhole. Unable to use her Instant Karma technique. Due to the abilities timed usage. Vixen decides to resort to another dirty tactic. Using her telepathy on the already manipulated Ina. Vixen forces Ina to start running towards her. Ina unable to resist Vixen's control. Starts moving hastily towards her. Kenji who only desired to eliminate Vixen now risk taking down Ina with her

Kenji: Why are you doing this? I'm begging you to leave Ina alone

Vixen: You do realize I could just simply jump away from this sinkhole. Even create a portal to save myself from being pulled down into the ground? However seeing that you decided to further piss me off! I decided not to stop your pitiful attack. Instead to force your girlfriend to sink into the ground with me. Course unlike her I know I'll return to the surface with ease. Now continue weakening the soil beneath me until both her and I are underground. 

 Tears running down Ina's eyes as she steps onto the sinking ground. Unable to stop ground beneath Vixen and Ina from sinking. Kenji begins brainstorming ways to save Ina from being swallowed into the ground. Knowing that he won't be able to defeat Vixen at this point, but has conceived a potential idea in rescuing Ina. Thus Kenji is ready to make his possibly reckless move.

Vixen: Less than one minute before Ina and I are swallowed into the ground. I wonder how far she'll fall into Asira's core? I don't think there's a demon in history who ever suffered such a death. Ina will have the honor of being the first. Unless you done this technique on your previous victims, but by reading your mind I know that's not the case

Kenji: Then you also must know that I'm no longer interested in living myself

 Kenji removes his hands off of the ground. Using the last bit of his strength. Kenji rushes towards Ina, moving into his own Sinkhole. Once the ground opens from beneath them. Vixen hurls her body into the air. In order to avoid being sucked into the ground. While suspended in the air. Vixen watched as Kenji with Ina in his arms. Rapidly sink into the ground. Vixen then sets both of her hands ablaze. Releasing a deadly stream of fire into the sinkhole. Rather the fire reaches Kenji and Ina doesn't concern her. All that matters to Vixen is they are out the way. Especially now that she senses Anna is alive and well. Vixen plans to change back into Hellin and find her friend. Landing herself on safe grounds. After taking a moment to relish her victory against the K.I.L.L.E.R.'s. Vixen then begins reverting back into Hellin. 

Hellin: Fucking pains in the asses. I'm just relieved Anna is no longer dying. I wonder did Lisa found her first and healed her? Either way I need to hurry up and get to her. Before someone else tries to kill my friend. SHIT! I just realized I'm completely naked without any clothes. I'll just have to use my telepathy to disguise my nudity. Hopefully I can find some spare clothes real quick

 Okubi and Eligos who have been following a powerful demonic aura. Ever sense they first felt after Okubi's battle against Olga. Suddenly are no longer able to sense it. While Okubi is mildly annoyed by this, but Eligos is absolutely relieved. Despite no longer sensing the powerful aura within the chaos. Okubi still suspect a certain demon is behind said aura. Continuing making their way through the ruined Elestial Market. Okubi encounters everyone minus Hellin, Othello, Lisa, Futanari, and Angelina

Xiaoyu: OKUBI! ELIGOS! Well am I glad to see you two are alright

Okubi: The same could be said about you Xiaoyu along with everyone currently present. By the way James here's Olga's head as you requested

James: You actually brought me Olga's head? Dude I was---

 Okubi gives James a nasty look. Not wanting to say anything to piss him off. James opens his hands to catch Olga's head. Okubi casually tosses the demon's head to him. 

Nara: Nice sword you got there O

Anna: I absolutely love it's design, but it looks pretty heavy

Okubi: Well I'm a half demon Anna so the sword's weight is no problem for me. Also thanks for your compliment Nara. The weapon's name is Neurotic Pegasus. I bought moments before everything went to hell. Now where the hell is Hellin, Othello, Futanari, and Lisa?

Hellin: I'm right here you asshole

 Upon hearing Hellin's voice. Okubi and the others turn their heads in her direction. Immediately the look of absolute shock covers the faces of Hellin's allies. Tre' in particular is getting hard by Hellin's nude appearance. Everyone remains silent unsure how to address the naked princess. Anna who has seen Hellin without clothes many times before. Opens her mouth and says to her friend...


Hellin: Well excuse fucking me for getting my clothes damaged in battle. That fucker Ulric sent six powerful ass demons to kill me. I thought I was a goner for a second too, but then I felt you dying Anna and I snapped! That's when I transformed and killed them... well most of them anyways. Two of them might had survived, but it really doesn't matter. 

Okubi: So that powerful demonic aura Eligos and I felt from earlier was you. I knew there was something familiar about it

Eligos: I guess there was nothing to worry about then. I was scared at first because I thought that aura from coming from an enemy. If only I knew from the start it was you Hellin

James: Transforming at such a very young age. Well alright then Hellin

Hellin: Geez James you sound like the proud father I never had or wanted. Anna please tell me you're carrying a spare change of clothing?

Anna: It's not much. Just a a green summer dress I have in the bag

Hellin: I'll take it! Better than walking around here naked. Also where is Lisa? Isn't she the one that healed you?

Anna: No not at all Hellin. Tre' is the one responsible for healing me. That bastard Ekoda hit me with a technique earlier. One that severely slowed down my regenerating abilities. Thankfully Lava Rose, Zira, and Tre' defeated Ekoda, Duran, and Neil

James: God I could never stand those motherfuckers but mainly Ekoda. I only wished I could had killed that fucker. Especially after knowing he nearly killed my baby. Thank you so much Tre'. I definitely owe you one

Tre': It was my pleasure sir

Zira: Probably not nearly as pleasurable as seeing Hellin naked

Hellin: OH FOR FUCK SAKES! This guy has a raging hard on! Anna please hurry up and toss me the summer dress

 Minutes after Hellin throws on the green summer dress. Okubi starts to speak once again. Discussing battle plans and the whereabouts of their remaining comrades

Okubi: So now that we are all gathered here. All that is left is to eliminate any remaining assassins of The Order. Rescue whoever is still alive within the Elestial Market. Find Ulric and kill him once and for all. Along with gathering the rest of our friends. 

James: It's just a hunch, but I'm quite certain Othello is probably engaged in battle against Ulric. Normally I wouldn't worry about a demon as powerful as Othello. However not only is Ulric a fucking coward at heart. The type of guy to fight dirty as well. Ulric always keeps his two special bodyguards Asir and Carling around him. So unless Othello managed to find some help. Othello is battling all three of those fuckers by herself. 

Hellin: Now you decide to fucking mention that?

Okubi: Sorry that James and rest of us were busy dealing with our own enemies. I'm sure your precious mother is still alive

Hellin: And unless I want her to end up like yours. I need to find her immediately. 

Xiaoyu: That comment was not only unnecessary. It was absolutely the most meanest thing I ever heard come out of your mouth

Hellin: If you think that's bad detective. You should hear the shit I don't say. Now if you fuckers will excuse me. I'm going to find my mother before Ulric and his ass kissers kill her

Brutality: I will come with you Hellin

Anna: I'm going with Hellin as well, but before I go. There something I need to tell you dad

James: What's on your mind baby?

 Anna moving towards her father. Wraps her arms around him and places her head on his chest. Anna then begins to say to James "Daddy I'm so so sorry for being so cruel to you. I should had known you wouldn't do such a thing". Everyone including James rather confused by Anna's apology. While holding his daughter in his arms. James says to her "Baby what are you talking about? Also if anyone should be apologizing. It's definitely should be me. Had I not left you alone in that hotel many centuries ago. Majority of the suffering you were made to endure would had been avoided. I'm truly sorry I couldn't save your mother. Nor keep you from living at Ulric's mercy and eventually sold to Othello. I had so many sleepless nights. Thinking about the miserable life you were force to endure. All because your mother and I decided to abandon The Order. I truly hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me". Anna still holding onto her father. Raises her head off of his chest and looks him directly in the eye. "Daddy that's not what I meant by being so cruel to you. Despite what mom's and yours action cost me. I always knew someday my life would get better. However the very thing that made me hate you the most. Until about a half hour ago. I believed you were responsible for killing my Teacher Sel". Thankfully doing my encounter with Ekoda, Duran, and Neil. I learnt the truth about what really happened to her. That is what I'm apologizing to you about. Everything else doesn't matter to me. Because had I not ended up being captured by The Order. I would had never gotten the luxury of being Hellin's friend"

Hellin: Dammit Anna! You're making me feel emotions that's not beneficial to me right about now

Anna: But it's the truth Hellin. Anyways Daddy I hope you can forgive me

James: Sweetie... why would you think I would kill your aunt?

Hellin: AUNT!

Anna: Wait... What?

Zira: And thus the plot thickens

James: Anna sweetie Sel never told you she was your mother's half elder sister?

Anna: Oh my God it all makes sense now. 

Hellin: Anna we don't have time for family revelations right now. I have a fucking mother to save. Let's get a move on ladies

Anna: My sincerest apologies Hellin. I'll catch up with you later dad. Going to go save the Queen

Brutality: See you guy in a little bit. Keep a sharp eye out for any trouble. Something tells me things are about to get a whole lot worst

Okubi: Despite not wanting to hear that out loud. I have a nasty feeling you are right. Anyways the three of you be careful

 Hellin along with Anna and Brutality run off to find Othello. Once the three women demons are out of sight. Okubi returns his attention back to his remaining comrades

Okubi: Now that Hellin, Anna, and Brutality are searching for Othello. The rest of us need to take out any remaining demon assassins from The Order. Then hurry up and go ghost before Pruflas or his henchmen find us

Xiaoyu: If they haven't already. I'm quite certain that what Brutality's warning was about

Okubi: There's been no signs of enemies beyond The Order thus far. Let's hope this awful night will end soon. Anyways where is Futanari and Lisa?

Nara: Shortly after our fight against the higher level demons of The Order. Lisa fainted from exhaustion and possibly losing her angelic powers

Xiaoyu: Dammit! Lisa warned us about that when we first meet her. Saying something about Angels cannot be on our world but for so long. Otherwise they risk turning into a mortal or dying

Apollyn: After Lisa buddy had fainted. Futanari buddy volunteer to watch over her.

Nara: They are currently hiding somewhere safe within the Elestial Market. However with all this chaos. I worry how safe they can really be? Anyways where's Angie?

Okubi: I left Angelina earlier to deal with crowd control. While I went to find the rest of you

Xiaoyu: I don't think it was smart to leave Angelina on her own O

Okubi: Worried about her Lilith persona?

Xiaoyu: I don't know how the surrounding chaos will effect Angelina's mind. While I'm certain Lilith has been buried deep enough within the recessives of her brain. I worry the wrong thing might trigger Lilith taking over Angelina's mind. Even with knowing both Onyxe and Hellin used their telepathy to brake Lilith's hold over Angelina. A demon of Lilith's power never goes away so easily. Especially since Angelina's powers are in actuality Lilith's

Eligos: Especially considering they are in fact the same person. Thanks to the wonderful powers of the Zyra Blade. Now am starting to think the danger Brutality was warning about could end up being Lilith

Okubi: Despite our concerns. I trust Angelina to be stronger than to allow herself to fall back into Lilith's control. Otherwise I will be force to finish her off for good. Course now that Angelina actually means something to me. I truly do not wish to kill her

Xiaoyu: None of us do, but it's a problem with must always worry about with her.

Okubi: Well in the meantime I'm going to go and find Angelina. Eligos you will be coming with me 

Nara: May I come with you as well?

Xiaoyu: Please take Nara with you Okubi. Even with your current powers. It never hurts to have someone watching your back. The rest of us will locate Futanari and Lisa. Hoping to Lord Asira himself that he didn't allow Lisa to die or become a mortal. Okay Apollyn, James, and Team Rose. Lets get a move on. Baby make sure you take good care of Okubi. 

Nara: Count on it baby!

Okubi: Xiaoyu you be careful as well. That goes for all of you. Thank you once again Lava Rose, Zira, and Tre' for aiding us. I also apologize for dragging the three of you into our mess. The Order invaded the Elestial Market looking for us. The three of you could had died tonight because of us

Lava Rose: Don't sweat it Okubi. My teammates and I live to combat evil. Besides isn't James the real reason The Order came here and unleashed havoc within the Elestial Market?

James: Thanks for the fucking reminder. How many more fucking times am going to need to say sorry?

Xiaoyu: As many times as fucking needed! Now hush up and follow me. Apollyn sniff out Lisa and Futanari's scent and lead us to them

Apollyn: Apollyn is on it Xiao buddy!

 Using her natural demonic abilities to sniff out Lisa and Futanari's scent. Once Apollyn catches the scent. Apollyn starts running to their location. Xiaoyu and her team follows behind her. Okubi along with Eligos and Nara goes to find Angelina. Looking down at the chaos on top of a rooftop near the Elestial Market. Poisonous One along with allies Natan, Lita, Karen, and Celia. Remain hidden from the heroes until now. The time has finally come to make themselves known to the enemy. 

Poisonous One: Everyone listen up. Lord Pruflas had instructed me to give these exact orders. Until now Ulric simply wanted us to observe Okubi and his comrades. In order that we would know how to combat them. Now that we have seen enough of their capabilities. It is time we make our presence known to them. 

Natan: It's about fucking time! I can't wait to start killing those worthless fucks

Poisonous One: Indeed my friend Natan. I'm sending both Lita and you to retrieve the demon Ulric. Lord Pruflas will have quite a use for him. Anyone else you encounter can be terminated. Only Ulric is needed brought back alive

Lita: That's pretty simple job to do. Hopefully we'll get to kill some of the heroes as well

Natan: Oh trust me beautiful we're definitely going to kill us some goodies

Poisonous One: Karen my dear. Both you and your playmate are going to locate the detective. Make sure she knows exactly who your new friend really is. Then give her the invitation to your tournament

Karen: He he he. I can't wait to see the despair on her face. Once she sees my new playmate. Okay Mr. Pyro it's time to come out and play

 Appearing from behind Karen is a humanoid looking figure covered from head to toe in flames. Unable to speak a word due to Karen's sorcery. The flaming man simply speaks in grunts of anguish. 

Celia: So what about me bug boy?

Poisonous One: As for you Miss Rains. I shall require your assistance in capturing a certain half demon. Ulric isn't the only one Lord Pruflas wants us to capture. Our Master also wants us to capture the half demon Okubi Vice and his servant Eligos. However I'm quite certain Okubi will not be alone. Therefore I will need you to deal with whatever help he has with him. It's been years since I seen the boy. I use to be his teacher back when he lived in the Underworld. I wonder if he still remembers me? Anyways I won't know until I face him again. 




 Shortly after Okubi and James left Angelina to deal with crowd control. While trying to help as many civilians to escape the chaos as possible. Angelina suddenly found herself surrounded by severals demon assassins from The Order. While Angelina knew they weren't high level demons. Angelina also knows there's strength in numbers. Combating the demons using her devastating powers. Angelina had managed to defeat the demon assassins with little effort. However before she could catch her breath. Another wave of demon assassins came after her. Not only was the numbers greater than before. The sounds of scream and the smell of bloodshed. Began to take a mental toll on Angelina's sanity. Struck by an attack from one of the demon assassins. Angelina was sent crashing hard onto the ground. The demon assassins taking no pity on her. Started moving towards her going for the kill. Fortunately before any of the assassins could deliver a killing blow. 

 Angelina is rescued by the sage Signon Bronceado and his green colored lioness. While his lioness keeps the demon assassins at bay. Signon quickly help Angelina off of her feet. Once certain the woman is alright. Signon tells the woman "It's really not the time to be playing hero mommy. This place is crawling with demons and I think it's best you and I get out of here". Despite wanting to do exactly as Signon said. Angelina is bound a code of honor to combat evil. Along with the fact her friends are still here fighting within the chaos. Had Lilith had any strong control of Angelina's mind. Lilith would had immediately taken over and forced Angelina to flee the Elestial Market. Thankfully back at Coram with the help of Hellin. Angelina no longer needs to fear Lilith's influence over her ever again. At least that's what she tells herself. Regardless how much Angelina formally known as Momo Mifune. Began to act like her true self around her friends. The fear of losing control to Lilith has never abandon her

 Looking straight into Signon's eye. Angelina reluctantly shook her head at the sage's request to leave the Elestial Market. Signon then goes to ask Angelina "Why do you want to stay in a place like this? It's not too late to save yourself. What exactly are you fighting for?" Sadly before Angelina could even begin answering Signon's question. The sage is decapitated right before Angelina's very eyes. Instantly a surge of dark energy take over Angelina's mind. Covered in Signon's blood as his green colored lioness vanishes from existence. Angelina begins unleashing her rage against the low ranking demon assassins. Brutally killing each and everyone of them. Angelina's feels herself slowly fading into a familiar darkness. Once Angelina had finished off what remained of the demon assassins. Angelina drops to her knees. Covering her face with her hands as tears roll down her eyes. 

 Slipping into the recessive of her mind. Angelina finds herself in a familiar place. One that she had first encounter during her mission in Coram. This place is no other than the Astral Planes. However unlike last time she was here. Hellin is nowhere in sight. Instead Angelina is faced against the very being she feared most. The demon that has remained lock within her mind until now. Due to the events taken place within the Elestial Market. Lilith has broken free of her prison inside of Angelina's mind. Becoming a danger to her sanity once again


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