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Forbidden Chapter 68

Forbidden Chapter Sixty Eight

Bad Blood Part One

 Inside of Iron Zabel's Throne Room. Celia battled against Hellin and Anna. In order to keep them from harming Iron Zabel before completing his ritual. However upon Yura's sudden arrival inside the Throne Room. Celia immediately became consumed with rage. Seeing the face of her former partner and arch nemesis. Shortly after conversing with Hellin and Anna. Yura turned her attention over to Celia. Offering her former partner and nemeis one of two choices. Either continue fighting for Iron Zabel or get her revenge. Knowing Celia's history with Yura. Along with her short temper. Iron Zabel feared Celia would leave his side. Therefore he resorted to threatening her life. In hopes of keeping her cooperative. Unfortunately his threat didn't phase Celia. Instead not only did Celia curse out her former Master. Even revealing her true motives for serving him. Celia then turned her attention back to Yura. Confirming to her that she wants revenge. Yura having accomplished phase one of her plan. Getting Celia to turn on Zabel. Yura quickly bid Hellin and Anna farewell. Before running out of the Throne Room with Celia chasing after her. Now without Celia to keep the demons at bay. Iron Zabel had no choice but to fight.

 While Hellin and Anna were dealing with Iron Zabel. Team Rose fought against the deadly sages Levin and Lycra. In spite of their best efforts. Lava Rose, Zira, and Tre' were unable to defeat them. Shamefully laying on the ground defeated. Lava Rose and his teammates were about to be killed by the enemy. Fortunately just right before Levin and Lycra could kill them. Team Rose were rescued by Hisako, Oriana, and her summoning Ricky. After quickly introducing themselves to Team Rose. The two women turned their attention over to Levin and Lycra. Disgusted by the sight of more enemies. Levin and Lycra intends to kill each and every one of them. Hisako unmoved by the evil sages sinister words. Grips her sword, Kagamori and ready herself for battle

Hisako: Annoying little shits like you two are a dime a dozen. Kagemori let's teach these loser sages a lesson they won't soon forget

Levin: Foolish Onna Bugeisha! Lycra and I will break both you and your sword

Lycra: We will break all of you! 

Tre': Those two still talking reckless... although they can back it up. Anyways we gotta takes these clowns down

Zira: Hopefully with the Magical Samurai and Oriana aiding us. Defeating Levin and Lycra should be possible

Lava Rose: It's definitely going to be possible. We only lost because we underestimated the enemy. Now that we have a second chance. Let's give it our all

Levin: Annoying curs... TERROR SHOT!

Lycra: Die a painful death... DESPAIR SHOT!

Hisako: Oh no you don't!

 Levin and Lycra simultaneously unleash black colored sphere shaped projectiles from the palms. The only difference being one is covered in red smoke and the other blue. Hisako with Kagemori in her hand. Leaps into the air and viciously swings her blade. Releasing a crescent shaped energy blast. Colliding with both Levin and Lycra's attacks. Canceling them out upon contact

Oriana: Nice work Hisako. Now Ricky it's our turn. Charge towards Levin and Lycra and once in range. Use ULALA RAY!

 Following the orders of Oriana. Ricky heads towards Levin and Lycra. Once in attacking range. Ricky opens his mouth and releases a tri color energy wave. Striking both Levin and Lycra. The others having witness Ricky's attack against Levin and Lycra. Wear confused looks on their faces. Seeing that neither sage seemed harmed by the attack. However despite not having received no physical damage. Both Levin and Lycra's body feel as they had been spun around too many times. Leading to them asking Oriana what had her summoning done to them?

Levin: My body? While I feel no pain. Something about it doesn't feel right

Lycra: Mines feels the same way. What did your creature do to use Summoner?

Oriana: Ricky's ULALA RAY! It doesn't cause any physical harm but it has other effects. It weakens the enemy's magical abilities and lowers their physical defense. Which is the reason your bodies feel strange. Now with your magic and defense weaken. Defeating the two of you will be much easier

Levin: If you think that alone will secure your victory over us

Lycra: Then you maggots are even more pitiful than we imagined

Levin: Lycra! It's time we put an end to this maggots

Lava Rose: The only thing that's about to end are you two. Zira! Tre'! Let's show these jokers the true power of Team Rose!

Oriana: Ricky it's time for us to kick some serious ass

Hisako: Kagemori and I have slain many powerful foes. The two of you will be no different

 Shortly after Yura had ran out the Throne Room with Celia chasing after her. Now with no one to keep Hellin and Anna busy. Iron Zabel would have no choice but to fight the two demons. After a quick exchange of threats and insults. Hellin and Anna get ready to take down Iron Zabel. Igniting both of her hands in red and black flames. Hellin charges straight towards Iron Zabel with killer intent. In order to aid Hellin against Iron Zabel. Anna quickly reaches inside of her bag of potions. Pulls out a bottle filled with blue liquid. The label on the bottle reading Arctic Potion. Anna removes the cork off the bottle and drinks it. Anna's eyes then quickly turn icy blue. Before reverting back to her normal dual eye colors. Hellin now in striking range of Iron Zabel. Prepare to unleash one of her many deadly attacks against him


 Hellin performs a fury of speedy fiery punches at Iron Zabel. Only for him to dodge each and every of her strikes. Iron Zabel then swiftly strikes Hellin with his left hand. Sending her crashing to the nearest wall. Anna watches as Hellin crashes into the wall. Turns to Iron Zabel with malice in her eyes. Anna then starts running towards him but remembers to keep her distance. Once Anna gets close enough to Zabel. Anna leaps into the air and prepares her attack


 Anna takes a deep breathe then opens her mouth. Blowing out a burst of freezing wind towards Zabel on the ground. Zabel surrounds his body in a fiery aura. Negating Anna's icy attack upon contact. Landing back on the ground. Anna is shocked by how easily Zabel dealt with her attack. Anna then attempts to think another way of attack. However before Anna could think of her next move. Zabel had instantly translocated himself right in front of Anna. Looking down at her with murderous intentions. Staring up at the intimidating foe before her. Anna suddenly finds herself paralyzed by fear

Zabel: Did you think such a pitiful attack would work against me? Now foolish demon prepare yourself for utter annihilation

 Zabel prepares to kill Anna. Covers his hands with menacing energy. Hellin having recovered from Zabel's earlier attack against her. Spots Zabel about to kill Anna. Knowing she can't reach Anna in time. Hellin uses her telepathy to take over Anna's frighten mind. Having finished gathering enough energy in his hands. Zabel gets ready to annihilate Anna. Hellin having taken control of Anna's mind. Just as Zabel goes to strike Anna dead. Hellin makes Anna jump away from Zabel's attack. Surprised by how Anna managed to dodge his attack. Zabel then realizes what happened. Turns his attention over to Hellin

Zabel: Damn telepath! I had your friend dead to rights

Hellin: If you fucking think I'm going to allow you to kill Anna... you got ANOTHER FUCKING THING COMING!

 Hellin rises from off the ground and rushes over to Anna. After examining her friend's body for any injuries. Hellin releases her control over Anna's mind

Hellin: Anna you idiot! We're up against very powerful opponent. Don't let your fucking guard down not for a second

Anna: Sorry Hellin. I didn't mean to be so... wait a sec? Wasn't Zabel just standing in front of me?

Hellin: Yes your were and you almost got killed. Zabel must had hit you with a spell called Fear Effect! Causing you to become paralyzed with fear. Luckily I was able to use my telepathy on you. Gaining control over your mind. Forcing your body to move before Zabel killed you

Anna: Oh thank you Hellin. I'm sorry a klutz. If your mother was here. She would probably---

Hellin: My mother is not here Anna but we are. No one else is going to kill this sonabitch! Now pull yourself together and let's murder this motherfucker!

Anna: Okay Hellin. I'm ready to help you take this bastard down

Zabel: I hope you two fucking maggots from hell enjoyed your little chat. It will be your last until you reach the Spirit Realm. Now prepare yourselves to feel the wrath of a God

Hellin: You're no fucking God nor shall we allow you to ever become one. Even if I have to kill you a thousand fucking time over

 Unknown to the rest of her comrades. Prior to entering Zabel's Throne Room to aid Hellin and Anna. Yura had discovered a spacious room within Zabel's hideout. Seeing this place as a perfect place for combat. Yura intended to lure Celia to this room. After began to chase after her. Yura made sure to run ahead of Celia without hiding herself. Five minutes later Yura had entered inside of the room. Celia running in seconds behind her. Now with both women inside the room.  Yura triggers the trap she placed earlier. Locking the door behind them. Allowing neither of them an easy escape. Away from her friends and alone with Celia. Yura would reveal a side of her. One she kept suppressed for so many years. Ever Onyxe had saved her from her old life. However against Celia, Yura would need to unleash the ugly side of herself. In order to survive her battle with Celia

Celia: I should had known this was a trap. However it's you who has been caught! I waited so many years for this day to come. Finally I will get the revenge I rightfully deserved. How dare you betray me Yura! After all we been through together. Killing and causing chaos wherever we went. Only to have you turn your back on me? YURA! I FUCKING LIVED FOR YOU! I loved you as you were my sister. Well it wouldn't be the first time I been abandon by my family. I just never in a million years expected it from you

Yura: I wouldn't have to betray you Celia if you weren't such a disappointment!

Celia: BITCH! How fucking dare you call me a disappointment! You're the one who fucking left me for dead! The only disappointment here is YOU! What happened to the murderous bitch I loved? Why did you have to go and change on me Yura? Why didn't you finish me off that night?

Yura: I wanted to give you a second chance in life. The very same chance Onyxe had given me. Celia, I grew tired of being angry at the world. I grew tired of killing without reason. I grew tired being nothing more than a monster. That doesn't mean the monster in me has disappear. It's just been sleeping for all these years. I hoped the day I spared your miserable life. You would see as a sign to change yourself. Unfortunately I come to realize sparing your life was an utter mistake. A mistake I plan on correcting tonight!

Celia: Oh so it looks like someone is ready to kill? Well I got news for you bitch! If anyone is going to die here it's YOU! Now get ready to feel all my years of hatred. Unleashed upon your sorry fucking existence! I'm going so enjoy making you suffer. Just as I done to so many others

Yura: Celia you fail to understand. The moment I felt your presence in Neo Aigosthena. I knew I the two of us were destined for a showdown... a final showdown. I didn't want to come here tonight and kill you. Unfortunately you didn't know how to stay fucking hidden. After I was saved from Onyxe and James. I vowed to never go back to my old ways. Sadly tonight I will break that promise. If I dare show you a shred of mercy. I will not survive this fight. Therefore I'm going to awaken the monster inside of me. Celia! I'm about to unleash an evil upon you. One that would make the common demon shiver with fear. Now that you been warned. It's time for you to die! NEGATION!

 Yura activates her magic powers. Surrounding her body in a malice red color aura. Yura's eyes became red like that of a demon. Staring at Celia with murderous intentions. Yura enters her battle stance. Celia activates her magical powers and enters her battle stance. The fight between the Master and the student is about to begin

Celia: I waited so long for this day to come. Don't you fucking think you're walking out of here alive Yura!

Yura: (In Japanese) I'm the reaper and I have come to claim your soul


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