Saturday, July 1, 2017

Profile Romio Mitarai


The Magical Photographer

Name: Romio Mitarai

Age: 21

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Peach

Gender: Male

Height: 5'9

Weight: 133 Pounds

Likes: His parents, elder sister Fabiola, traveling, taking picture, candy corn, mushroom soap, slime pants, the picture he took of a woman wearing midnight purple shades

Dislikes: Getting lost, overly worried parents, Fabiola's magical superiority, people who ignore him, crowds

Magic Name: Bizarre 

Abilities: Romio can create pink energy forcefields, hypnotic stare, summon marshmallow creatures

BIO: Romio Mitarai is the son of a Japanese father and a French mother. Born and raised in Paris, France alongside his elder sister Fabiola. Due to being born into a wealthy family. Romio lived a relatively happy life. Taught by his mother the magical arts of Bizarre. Romio learned how to create pink colored forcefields. Along with possessing a hypnotic stare and summoning minions made of marshmallow. During his early teenage years. Romio discovered his passion in life. Which was to become a world renowned photographer. In spite of his parents wanting him to become a skilled sorcerer like his sister. Romio's parents respected his wishes to be a photographer. Course they worried about Romio traveling outside of France, but since Romio was well versed in magic. They felt Romio can handle himself in a crisis. If only he made sure to not to allow himself to be tricked

 Once old enough to venture on his own. Romio would travel to various countries and islands. Taking pictures of various people, places, and objects that attracted his eye. A month after returning home to his family. Romio decided he wanted to travel to Mayland. Days after arriving to the vast country. Romio had gotten himself lost. Ending up in the State Neo Aigosthena. While in search of help around the unknown place. Romio met a man dressed in a suit. Believing the man had good intentions for him. Romio followed the man in hopes of finding his way out of Neo Aigosthena. However upon ending up in an alley. Romio realized the man had ill plans for him. Unfortunately before Romio could defend himsef. The man in the suit had covered him in a fog. Putting him fast asleep.

 Romio wakes up hours later in a cell. Forced to play a game in order to escape. After joining several other strangers in an auditorium. Romio discovers he must participate in a tournament. If he wishes to ever see his family again

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