Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Profile: Xiaoyu

Name: Xiaoyu

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Occupation: Detective

Likes: Her family, job, tea, reading, improving her magic

Dislikes: Injustice, her worrying mother, unsolved crimes, red meat

Magic Name: Xihe

Magic Powers: Xiaoyu can manipulate light energy and healing abilities

A young and headstrong detective from Beijing, China. Inspired by her late father Xiao Cheng. Xiaoyu decided she wanted to become a detective. Raised by her mother and grandmother. Xiaoyu was taught the magic arts of Xihe. In order to prepare herself for her dangerous future. Joining the Daoji Agency at the age sixteen. Xiaoyu solved her first major case at seventeen. Having proved herself a capable detective. Gaining the attention of veteran detective Dong Fa. Xiaoyu was recruited into Dong Fa's elite detective unit. Xiaoyu immediately befriended former rookie cop Wei Chan. After years of solving cases. Xiaoyu was due for a vacation. The day before her vacation. Xiaoyu along with her fellow detectives. Were made to witness a tragic event. Through the use of Wei's magic the Sight. Xiaoyu and the others watched both Wei and an unknown sage being murdered. Having watched her best friend die. Xiaoyu immediately reacted in rage. Demanding that Dong Fa sent her to find Wei's killer. While Dong Fa didn't give into Xiaoyu's request at first. Xiaoyu angrily left the agency and returned home. Hours later Xiaoyu heard a knock on the door. Upon opening the door. Xiaoyu was greeted by her boss. Along with him was a sky blue haired demon. After talking things over with Dong Fa. Xiaoyu received her request to track down Wei's killer. Course Xiaoyu had to take the demon with her. Once accepting her Boss's demand. Xiaoyu along with the demon Apollyn. Caught the first plane going to Mayland.


1. The name of Xiaoyu's magic XIHE. Is based on the Chinese Goddess of the same name. Known as the Solar Deity. Which was the inspiration of Xiaoyu's light powers

2. Xiaoyu can speak in multiple languages. Those languages are Chinese, English, Japanese, Spanish, German, and Cantonese

3. While Xiaoyu is a very competent detective. Xiaoyu's biggest flaw is following her emotions. Instead of being more logical. Thankfully experience has lessen this bad habit of hers

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