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The mother of Hellin and Queen of Babylon. Despite her youthful and promiscuous appearance. Othello is 4,807 years old and one of the Underworld's most devious rulers. A few days ago, Othello had sent both Hellin and Anna to assassinate Demon Lord Koga Yukimaru in Jazan. During said mission, her daughter was kidnapped by Koga and his demon guards. Unlike other mother's, Othello worries not of Hellin's survival. Upon learning of Hellin's captured. Othello had contacted a friend of hers from the above world, Asira. Having successfully contacted her friend. Othello awaits the arrival of the one name Okubi. Othello plans to have both Okubi and Anna to rescue Hellin from Koga. However before sending Okubi to rescue her daughter. Othello has her own vendetta to settle with Okubi

Cunning Servant

 The young servant of Queen Othello. Annabelle "Anna" Del Soto is the daughter of Cassandra Santos and James Del Soto. Due to her parents not being full demon. Cassandra being half human and James being half crotaphytidae. Thus making Anna 50% demon, 25% human, and 25% crotaphytidae. Anna has been serving by Othello''s side for the last seventy years. Ever since Othello has purchased her from The Order. After returning from Jazan with news of Hellin being captured by the enemy. Anna feared her master will punished her harshly. While Anna was punished. Having to work as a maid in a nearby brothel for two days. Othello had already made plan in case Hellin was taken by the enemy. After Othello had her contact from Asira bring a man by the name Okubi to the Underworld. Anna has been tasked with meeting Okubi at the Viola Forest. Fearing of losing Othello's favor. Anna ensures herself she cannot fail this mission.

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