Friday, October 17, 2014

Okubi's New Costume & A New Hero Emerges

Okubi's New Costume

This is Okubi's official new costume. From Chapter Eleven and onward


One of Apollyn's many older siblings. Accompany by the demon spirit, Carabia. Lisa Alice is a tactless and equivocal woman. Her cruel nature often gets her in scuffles with her fellow demons. Along with causing great annoyance among her mother and siblings. Due to her shady behavior, Lisa Alice was kicked out her family home. Course her mother made sure that Lisa Alice had a of her own. Despite the actions of her behavior. Lisa Alice remains the same. Two hundred and seventy seven years ago. Lisa Alice had meet the spirit of the demon Carabia. Finding the other insufferable at first. Upon realizing they share the same personality. Lisa Alice and Carabia became "allies" of sought. From that point on, the two became inseparable. Base on her rather perfect villainess personality. Lisa Alice will prove to be a great ally to Okubi during his Underworld Journey. 

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