Sunday, October 5, 2014


Neville Teal, Tar Shooter

Info: Hailing from Loo Town. Neville Teal is a user of the magic Anura! Like many users of Anura, Neville's skin had changed color. Losing his natural brown skin as it changed light purple. Once Neville had master the magic arts of Anura. Neville gained various abilities such as inhuman reflexes, producing protective slim, regeneration, and the ability to breath in water. Due to being a descendant of one of the Great Sages. Neville gained two rare abilities. One to shoot tar from his mouth. The other ability being able to transform into a Frilled Shark. Like many of the young descendants. Neville is currently being hunted by the Children of Ruin. Neville will make his appearance in Chapter Ten of Forbidden

Honey Apple, Lucky Girl

Info: Despite her unusual yet pretty name. Honey Apple is a native of Japan. Although only her mother is Japanese. While possessing great magical potential. Honey lives her life like any other non magical being of Asira. Doing normal things like going to school, hanging out with friends, helping her parents around the house, and playing with her Brussels Griffon, Ren. While Honey has never studied under any magical arts. Being a descendant of the Great Sages, Honey has the natural powers of luck. The magical luck has protected Honey since her conception. While being targeted by the demon Sabnock. King's Onyxe agent, Sasha Iblis was watching Honey in secrecy. Before Sabnock could make any attempt on Honey's life. Sasha had slain the demon. Considering Honey inability to protect herself against such forces. Sasha had contemplated in bringing Honey to her boss, King Onyxe. However realizing such a situation would do Honey more harm than good. Given permission by the King himself. Sasha decided to stay near Honey until the Children of Ruin were all defeated. Not only is Honey well protected. The young woman can continue living her normal life. Unknown to either descendant. Honey and Nara are fourth cousins. 

Harley Vance, Shocker Assassin

Info: An assassin for an unknown organization. Harley Devon Vance user of the magic art, Voltage! Using his magic, Harley can move at very fast speed, create balls of explosive energy, cause brownouts, and see electrical currents. During one of his missions, Harley was attacked by a demon name Finja. Despite his inexperience against demons. Harley managed to defeat and kill Finja. Making Harley one of the few descendants defeating a Children Of Ruin member solo. The other two being Abrafo and Naznim. Luckily after his battle with Finja, Harley's essence lost all it's remaining purity. By default he is no longer a desired sacrifice. His natural ability is currently unknown

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