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Forbidden Chapter 26

Forbidden Chapter Twenty Six - An Unexpected Rescue


 Hours later after the defeat of Lilith. Angelina had just finished bathing by a nearby river. Stepping out of the river. Angelina creates heating energy from her hands. In order to dry her clothes she previously washed. After completing drying her clothes. Angelina starts getting dressed as Hellin approaches with their food. Dropping a deer onto the ground. Hellin then cuts a chuck of meat from the deer's body. in order to make Angelina a full cooked meal. Leaving what remain of the deer for her own eating. Having gotten to know each better throughout the long night. Both Hellin and Angelina had formed a bond with one another

Angelina: Good morning Princess Hellin. How was the hunt?

Hellin: As you can see. It was very successful hunt but boring. Fragile creatures like deers provide no challenged. At least this deer I killed is rather large. Now if you don't mind Angelina. May you pass me my traveling bag? I know you're still getting dressed

Angelina: Oh it's not a problem at all Hellin. Just give me a sec

 Quickly throwing her gray multi colored stripped sweater. Angelina then goes and grabs Hellin's bag for her. Passing Hellin her traveling bag. Hellin reaches inside and pulls out three green apples, various herbs, and a cup of honey

Hellin: Now I have everything I need to make you Deer Stuffing. I just hope it comes out well

Angelina: Well as long as everything is fully cooked. I don't think I'll be too bother by how well it taste

Hellin: I swear you remind me a lot like Anna. The two of you are very easy to please. Okubi better be taking care of my friend. I cannot wait to be reunited with her again

Angelina: I can't wait to see everyone again. I truly hope Lisa is doing alright

Hellin: I know that potty mouthed angel is going to be pissed off at me. Oh fucking well

Angelina: Perhaps when we first found her. However once I tell her how you rescued me from Lilith. Not only would Lisa has no reason to be mad. The rest of our companions would be happy as well. Also if I hadn't said it enough already. From the very bottom of my lonely heart. Thank you Hellin from freeing my mind and soul from Lilith's darkness. I couldn't bare another moment being stuck with that monster inside of me

Hellin: You are welcome for the tenth time Angelina. I'm just happy I didn't have to kill you. I know we haven't know each other from very long. However even after finding out that you and Lilith were one of the same. I couldn't bring myself to kill you outright. Not only did I not see the fairness of killing you. Out of all of Okubi's comrades. You were the only one who didn't outright hate me

Angelina: That's only because I knew you weren't the bitch you present yourself as. It's just a shame you don't let your mother see this side of you

Hellin: What are you talking about?

Angelina: Hellin please don't mistake me for an idiot. I maybe young, but not only have I lived longer than you. The few advantages of sharing a mind with a demon like Lilith. Has grant me centuries of knowledge beyond my own existence. When I first met you Hellin and seen how you "behaved". I knew immediately that was not the person you truly were. Don't get me wrong Princess. I know that mean streak of yours is legit. However I know you're not a cruel hearted person you pretend to be. The way you carry yourself is only due to have your mother raised you

Hellin: Angelina, you're crossing a very fine line. Don't make me regret not taking your life!

Angelina: There you go again with that false anger. Hellin, I can sense a person's true feelings. What I sensed just now wasn't anger, but sadness. Hellin, I'm not trying to make you feel bad about yourself. I just want you to be comfortable being your true self. Not the person you think you should be

Hellin: Angelina, I know you mean no harm. However I'm the person I need to be for my mother. Since I was old enough to stand on my two feet. My mother raised me in the way of a ruthless warrior. Teaching me things like "being nice" or "empathy" will get me killed in the Underworld. Being chosen to someday rule my mother's throne. I cannot allowed myself to ever be viewed as weak to anyone. My mother didn't even want me to have friends. It's the very reason she hates Anna so much. My mother blames Anna for my softer... other side of me. Anna was suppose to be my servant and nothing more. Yet I have treated Anna more like a friend. No, more like the older sister I never had. My actual older sister Mihoshi, hates my very existence. Even before she found out I was to become Babylon's next Queen. All my life I was raised to be heartless. In order to show our allies and enemies alike. That the empire of Babylon was never to be trifled with. Nearly a week ago, I was nearly executed. After failing to assassinate former Demon Lord, Yukimaru Koga. I was enslaved and tortured within his castle for days. Only after Okubi and company had rescued me. I was able to complete my task and kill Koga. Upon returning home to my mother. Unknown to everyone else around me. My mother had entered inside of my mind. Giving me a very harsh scolding. Threatening to disown me if I ever failed her again. That's why when I discovered Lilith's soul was inside of you. I struggled with the thought of killing you. Bad enough Okubi and the others didn't trust me. I truly feared the thought of disappointing my mother again. Luckily with your aid Angelina. The two of us managed to rid of Lilith for good. Anyways that is why I'm this way. Not because I like being a bitch. I was taught from birth kindness is a sign of weakness. That is why I don't like being nice. Even now I struggle with being nice to you. Yet it feels good not threatening to kill someone every second. I truly don't want to be a woman who hated by everyone. At the same time I can't allow myself to be seen as weak. Not only for my sakes, but for my mother's and her Kingdom. It's just the way it has to be. I'm just very fortunate to have someone like Anna by my side. Otherwise I truly would have no one. Angelina are you crying?

Angelina: *Teary Eyed* I'm sorry Hellin. I just couldn't fight the tears. Hearing your story reminded me of my life back in Japan. Anyways I really would like to eat right about now

Hellin: Oh my dearest apologies. I should have your food cook in less than ten minutes

Angelina: After that you need to bathe in the river while I wash and dry your clothes

Hellin: Bathe in the river?

Angelina: I know our hygiene is the least of our worries. However I'll be damned if I'm traveling with you smelling like a carcass.

Hellin: I honestly feel like punching your head right off your shoulders. Be thankful I actually like you Angelina

Angelina: Ha ha ha! Let the both of us be thankful


 Awakening from her power nap. Apollyn realizes that today has arrived. Successfully having protect the other during the night. Apollyn enters inside of the tent to awake the others

Apollyn: Xiao buddy, Nara buddy, Zar buddy, Ivory buddy, Linda buddy, Goldilocks buddy, Mimi buddy. It's time to wake up!

Xiaoyu: Good morning to you too Lynn. Boy I still feel like I can use some more rest

Nara: Well you know we don't have the luxury babe

Zar: Especially knowing what we're up against. Anyways it's a good thing Apollyn woke us up. Susan would be pissed if she caught us all still asleep

Xiaoyu: Susan is coming to bring us breakfast?

Ivory: Susan is our main source for food. Ever since Zar and I had went outlawed. Only due to the aid of Susan, Mimi, Goldilocks, and Linda. The two of us survived as long as we did. However in order to truly save Coram from Christof. We cannot remain in hiding. Christof must be stopped by any means necessary. After having my life turned upside down by that monster. I'm not ready to exact my revenge against Christof

Nara: Now that's what I'm talking about. Now once Susan gets here with our food. We can go and kick some evil demon ass

Xiaoyu: Thanks for that last sentence babe. Glad you aren't a demon hating loser

Nara: Not a problem babe. I learned from the very best

Apollyn: Oh Apollyn smells food. Sweat and delicious food. Oh and Susan buddy too

 Running swiftly into the rebel's hideouts. Appears a cat woman with a basket of food. Surprised by the   sight of the cat woman. Both Xiaoyu and Nara enter their battle stances. Only to be given an odd look by everyone around them.

Nara: What's with the baffled look guys?

Xiaoyu: Nara, I think I know why they are looking at us like that

Ivory: Imbecile! That woman is not our enemy

Apollyn: That's Susan buddy

Nara: For real?

Xiaoyu: It is indeed Susan. Just with a more feline look

Susan: Yeah it's me you dumbasses

Mimi: Nice to see you love

Susan: Likewise Mimi. Anyways we need to hustle people. On my way here, I spotted Christof's demons. So hurry up and grab something to eat from the basket. Afterwards it's time to put our plan into action

Zar: I couldn't agree with you more Susan. Alright folks grab something to eat and make it quick. Time is against us and we need to get out of here asap

Goldilocks: Don't have to tell me twice. I'm starved

Apollyn: Um Susan buddy? Is their any desserts in that basket?

Susan: Knowing you are a dessert demon Apollyn. I made an ice cream ball filled with chocolate syrup, crushed waffle cones, and strawberry just for you dear

Susan pulls out the ice cream ball she made specially for Apollyn. Once everyone has received their food. They begin to eat carefully but hasty. In order to avoid an unwanted encounter with Christof's demon. Unfortunately nearly as everyone is finished eating breakfast. Apollyn begins the sniff the surrounding air vigorous.

Xiaoyu: Lynn what is approaching us?

Apollyn: Apollyn can smell demons coming our way

Nara: I can sense those fuckers as well

Mimi: You can sense demons too? Aren't you a mortal like us?

Nara: I'm part Darken as well Mimi

Ivory: I expected as much. Okay Zar it's time we get this show started

Zar: Susan! Take Mimi, Linda, Goldie, Ivory...

Ivory: Ivory isn't going anywhere! I  need to be here when Zero Black arrives

Xiaoyu: Who is Zero Black?

Ivory: My stepfather's general. The strongest of his minions and the most deadliest. Susan, just take Mimi, Linda, Goldie, and yourself out of here

Nara: Xiaoyu, I want you go with Susan and the other girls

Xiaoyu: Nara you asshole! I'm not afraid of a few demons

Apollyn: Xiao buddy, I think Nara buddy is right. Go with the ladies and find Okubi buddy. Nara and Apollyn will fight alongside Ivory and Zar

Susan: I can use to assist Xiaoyu if you don't mind

Xiaoyu: Fine! Just promise me neither one of you two will die. That goes for Ivory and Zar as well

Susan: Okay then ladies sans Ivory and Apollyn. It's time to bounce. Zar you better be fucking careful

Xiaoyu: Love you Nara and Apollyn. I promise to find Okubi and the others. Just stay strong until then

 Xiaoyu gives Nara a kiss on his lip and Apollyn on her cheek. Bidding her boyfriend and friend farewell. Xiaoyu runs off with Susan and the others. Once Susan's team leaves from the hideout. Standing before the remaining rebels are Christof's demons

Cynthia: Princess Ivory! How nice to see you after all this time. It must had been hard living like an urchin for these past few weeks. I see you have your boyfriend is here as well. How charming!

Ivory: How very unfortunate to see you again Cynthia. Also Zar is not my boyfriend

Cynthia: Just the fool who rescued you from your demise. Poor Grimhilde was executed because of his interference! I'll make sure he burns for that

Nara: Hey assholes! Neither me or my friend are invisible here

Ethan: No one gives a fuck about you or your friend. We came here to grab Ivory and bring her to master. The rest of your fuckers are just sheep to the slaughter

Nara: let's just see how many fucks you give. When I'm showing my foot up your ass!

Zero Black: Ivory! How long do you plan on delaying the inevitable? There is nothing you can do to stop Master Christof's plans for Coram. Surrender now and I'll plead with the Master to spare your friends. However refuse to cooperate and I'll personally kill each and every last of your allies

Ivory: LIKE HELL I WILL! I'm not letting you savages sacrifice the lives of my Kingdom's citizens. Now surrender yourself to me or I will kill you!

Ethan: Looks like we're going to do this the hard way. Going to enjoy breaking these bitches apart

Nara: Apollym, you aid Ivory. Leave this mouthy motherfucker to me

Cynthia: General Zero Black. Allow me to deal with the wolf hunter

Zero Black: As you wish Witch Cynthia

Ivory: Apollyn that leaves us with Zero Black. Make sure you are on your guard

Apollyn: Apollyn is not worry. It's Blackey Zero that needs to be scared

Zero Black: You will regret this day Ivory. I'll make sure of it!

Cynthia: Now feel the burn of the Underworld's fury! iNFERNO DEVASTATION!

Cynthia unleashes a deadly blast of fire towards the rebels. Apollyn counters Cynthia's flame by using her MILKSHAKE BLASTER technique. Putting out the flames just as fast as they came. Extending out his werewolf hand. Zar moves like a hungry wolf towards Cynthia. Ivory then pulls a dagger from each of her thigh. Charging towards Zero Black with Apollyn right behind her. Nara stares menacingly at Ethan. Changing his eye color from brown to icy blue. Nara summons a dazzling blizzard to attack Ethan. Using his demonic powers over wood. Ethan creates a barrier with nearby tree branches. Blocking off Nara's deadly blizzard

Nara: So you're a wood user eh?

Ethan: Yep! 'm going to kill you with your very surrounding. Now feel my wrath you miserable scum! WEB OF WOOD!

Gathering up an enormous amount of energy. Ethan uses the branches on the surrounding trees. Creating a web of wood to capture Nara. Standing with a scared look on his face. Nara stares as he watches the many branches surround him. Ethan smiles sinisterly knowing he has won. However little does Ethan know. Nara is only pretending to be afraid

Ethan: This was way too easy

Nara: A bit too easy don't you think?

Ethan: What?

 Wearing a "shit eating grin" on his face. Nara's changes his eye color from icy blue to cerulean. Just right before the branches can wrap around Nara's body. Nara transforms into a being made of liquid. Meanwhile Zar dodges balls of fire. Struggling to find an opening on Cynthia. The witch surrounding her body in flames. Not allowing Zar to harm her in any way

Cynthia: Now do you regret having challenged me hunter? Those pathetic skills you posse on works against wolves and other lowly creatures. However when faced against a demon of my caliber. You simply don't stand a chance! Now accept your fate and burn already

Zar: I'll sooner join a circus than lose to you demon

Zero Black: Ivory you do realize I'm holding back on you. Even after having defied my Master. I still try to show you mercy. However my patients is not limitless

Ivory: Fuck you and your patients Zero Black! I once trusted you! Now I hate you even more than my stepfather. Apollyn! Make yourself useful and blast Cynthia

Apollyn: At your command Princess Ivory. STRAWBERRY BLASTER!

Like her Chocolate Blaster from earlier. Apollyn unleashes a giant blast of strawberry milk from her mouth


 Unfortunately in spite of Zero Black's warning. While distracted by Zar, Cynthia is hit hard by Apollyn's attack. Watching Cynthia being knocked to the ground. Zero Black then notices Ethan trapped within Nara's liquid body. Catching Zero Black with his guard down. Ivory viciously tackles Zero Black down to the ground. Sitting on top of the tall demon. Ivory raises both her hand while holding her daggers. Preparing to perform her fatality upon Zero Black

Ivory: This is for betraying my trust.... and my love you monster!

Zero Black: I never stopped loving you, but I will not die here. BLACK SCREAM!

 Right before Ivory could finish him off. Zero Black unleashes a powerful wave of dark energy. Not only does the wave of energy knocks Ivory off him. Zero Black's attack also strikes Apollyn, Zar, and effects Nara;s liquid form. Releasing Ethan and reverting back to normal. Nara runs over to Apollyn. 

Nara: Lynn are you alright? That fuckers powers just did something crazy to my liquid body

Apollyn: Apollyn is fine Nara buddy. Sadly I don't think Zar and Princess Ivory are doing too well

Zar: I will be fine. It's Ivory who needs help. After taking a direct hit from Zero Black's Black Scream. I don't know how well Ivory is doing

Zero Black: My attack only knocked Ivory unconscious. Along with effecting the surrounding matter within the area. Anyways with Ivory out of the way. I do not need to hold back any longer. Now Cynthia, Ethan rise up!

Cynthia: I'm so going to BURN that milkshake spitting bitch!

Ethan: If I can't kill that elemental. I'll gladly settle on taking out the hunter

Zero Black: Then that leaves me with the darken

Zar: This did not turn out the way we planned

Apollyn: I wish Xiao buddy was here now

Nara: We really can use some back up

???: Did you say back up?

Hearing a familiar voice right behind them. Apollyn, Nara, and Zar turn around and see two women.

Nara: OMG! Angelina! Hellin!

Hellin: (Sarcastic Tone) Nice to see you too. Where in the hell is Xiaoyu? 

Nara: Where the hell is Lisa?

Hellin: It's a very long story. One we do not have time to explain. Hopefully she has ran into Okubi or Anna. Now about Xiaoyu?

Apollyn: Xiaoyu left out to find Okubi buddy not too long ago Hellin

Angelina: Well that's a relief. Now someone please explain why there's an unconscious woman on the ground?

Zar: That's Princess Ivory of Coram. The demon Zero Black just knocked her out a few minutes ago

Hellin: You're Zar Arkwright? I seen your wanted poster when we first arrived here.

Zar: It's not a legit wanted poster

Hellin: Course it isn't fool. We are already aware of what's going on here

Zero Black: So Master Christof was speaking the truth. It was only a matter of time before an assassin from the Underworld came here

Cynthia: Hellin!

Hellin: Hello to you too Cynthia. I see you're still upset about your brother's death

Cynthia: Daroc's murderer! 

Hellin: Bitch please! It's was a battle at the Gore Stadium. It's suppose to be to the death. Now do you wish to join him?

Cynthia: I'll burn you to a crisp first!

Nara: Damn Hellin, how many demons did you piss off?

Hellin: Not enough apparently. Anyways now that I'm here. I want the rest of you to go with Angelina. Xiaoyu can't go looking for Okubi on her own. Especially with Christof's remaining demons still out there. Also I'm very worried about Anna's safety. I want you assholes to go and find her. Along with Lisa and Eligos

Nara: Say please

Hellin: How about I spare your worthless life instead?

Angelina: Hellin1! What did we talk about earlier?

Hellin: Ugh! Please go and find the others

Nara: See was that so hard?

Hellin: Piss off!

Zero Black: Hellin, daughter of Queen Othello. Do you truly intend to stand in our way?

Hellin: I have no intentions of merely standing in your way. I plan to remove you

Angelina: Hellin do you think you can take these guys by yourself?

Hellin: Zero Black will prove minor difficulties. I can easily dispose of Ethan and Cynthia

Ethan: Arrogant royalty bitch!

Apollyn: Apollyn will stay with Hellin buddy and fight the villains

Hellin: Thanks but no thanks Apollyn. I want you and the others to find our remaining allies. I can handle this on my own

Zar: I'm not going nowhere without Ivory

Hellin: By all means take her with you. She will only be in my way

Cynthia: Make any moves towards Ivory and I will roast her to a crisp!

Zero Black: The Princess isn't going anywhere. That goes for all of you as well. All threats to Lord Christof shall be eliminated this instant

Angelina: Do you fools truly think you can stop any of us?

Nara: Angelina bout to go Lilith on their asses

Angelina: Lilith is gone Nara! I'm about to go full on Angelina on their asses!

Hellin: After hearing that badass response. I most definitely want Angelina to stay with me. The two of us girls will enjoy annihilating these worthless pieces of shits

Ethan: The only pieces of shit here are you shits! I'm so fucking over talking Zero Black. I'M READY TO KILL THESE MOTHERFUCKERS!

Zar: Well if Angelina is staying then I'm too. I got my own score to settle with these fiends

Hellin: Works for me. Apollyn and Nara, get your asses out of here. We will take care of these bitches here. Go find Anna, Okubi, and the others

Nara: Makes sure you kill those fuckers good. Especially wood boy over there. C'mon Apollyn

Apollyn: Be careful Zar buddy and ladies. Apollyn will see you soon

Angelina: You guys be careful as well

Zero Black: Arrogant fools! I said no one is go--

 Stopping Zero Black mid sentence, Helliin uses her telepathy to take over the demon's mind. Both Cynthia and Ethan distracted by Hellin taking over Zero Black's mind. Apollyn and Nara manages to escape. However shortly after Apollyn and Nara had left. Hellin screams out in agonizing pain

Hellin: FUCK!

Zero Black: Psychosis Witch! You dare try to temper with my mind? I have fought and killed many telepaths in my lifetime. I will not be so easily beaten by such trickery!

Angelina: Hellin how did he break free from you mind contra?

Hellin: Will power Angelina. I guess my telepathy isn't stronger than his mental will

Angelina: Then I guess will do this the hard way

Cynthia: Dammit! The hunter managed to get Ivory off from the ground

Zar: During the temporary moment where Hellin controlled Zero Black. I quickly managed to remove Ivory from harms way

Hellin: You're very fast Zar. Not faster than my eye can see, but fast none the less

Zar: I have my wolf like abilities to thank for that!

Ethan: Let's see those powers of your save you from my WOOD BARRAGE!

Using the branches from the surrounding trees. Ethan sharpens the  tip of the branches and sends them towards Hellin, Angelina, Zar, and Ivory.

Hellin: Angelina, protect Zar, Ivory and yourself. I'm going to execute wood boy first!

Angelina: You don't have to tell me twice... MAGENTA BARRIER!

 Angelina quickly creates a magenta colored barrier. Protecting Zar, Ivory, and herself from Ethan's attacks. Meanwhile moving swiftly pass Ethan's Wood Barrage. Hellin makes her way towards Ethan. Knowing Hellin intends to kill Ethan. Both Zero Black and Cynthia prepare to attack Hellin. Increasing her demonic speed, Hellin dodges both Zero Black and Cynthia's attack. Taking Ethan down to the ground. Hellin viciously digs her hand into Ethan's chest. Pulling out the demon's heart and eats it before his eyes. Hellin then finishes Ethan off by ripping off his head. Witnessing the death of her dear ally. Cynthia screams out in great horror

Cynthia: ETHAN!

Black Zero: Cynthia please calm yourself

Cynthia: No that bitch killed Ethan... just like she killed my brother! I WILL MAKE HER PAY!


 Standing before Queen Adama of Coram. Okubi finds himself about to engage in battled with the possessed Queen. Cut off from his magical powers. Okubi will be force to rely sole on his demonic abilities. Usually never one to shy away from a challenge. Okubi prepares himself for battle. Changing from his humane appearance to that of a demon

Adana: Doesn't it feel nice to be your true self

Okubi: I'm always my true self your majesty. It's you that has changed

Adama: Ignorance is truly bliss

Okubi: There's nothing ignorant about me Adama! I know what Christof has done to you. I know you are not the true evil of Coram. Once I defeat you here. I will see to it your curse is removed

Adama: Ha ha ha... HA HA HA HA HA! I feel sorry for you. Christof is not the one you should be worried about. Especially since I plan to kill you here and now

Okubi: I will not lose to you. I promise my friends I would not die

Adama: Promises are made to be broken. FALLEN STARS!

 Adama raises her right hand into the air. Creating a space colored portal above Okubi. Using his demonic born speed. Okubi dodges the multiple raining energy stars coming towards him. Okubi then begins to charge towards Adama. Only for Adama to prepare her next attack


 Creating a small blue energy ball in her palm. Adama releases the blue ball as it rapidly grows in sizes. Watching the massive energy ball moving towards him. Okubi manages to increase his speed, right before the orb strikes him. However in spite of him dodging Adama's attacks. Being on the defense greatly frustrates Okubi

Adama: Had enough yet little boy? Surrender now and I'll reward you a swift death

Okubi: Arrogant cur! Do you think I will yield so easily? I have a mission to complete and I won't be stopped here

Adama: Worthless piece of half breed trash! How dare you defy the Queen of Coram! Now I shall truly make you suffer for your insolence

Okubi: Do your worst witch!

Adama: Ask and you shall receive! TRI ORBS OF DOOM

 Summoning three big orbs out of thin air. Adama sends the orbs to strike Okubi. Watching the orbs moving towards him. Okubi plans on dodging the orbs, making his way towards Adama. Dodging the first two energy orbs. Okubi is struck by the third orb on his right side. Sent crashing and rolling on the ground. While hardly hurt by the attack. Okubi realizes he cannot defeat Adama without his magic

Adama: Absolutely pathetic! Did you really believe you stood a chance against me? Even if you had access to your precious magic. The end result would still be the same. Now it's time I end your worthless existence

Okubi: Despite what you may think. I'm far from being defeated Adama

Adama: Is that so? Exactly what can you possible do to defeat me? No matter how agile or fast you can heal. There is nothing you can do to defeat me half demon

Okubi: I still have one trick left up my sleeve. A Blood Summoning!


Okubi: Due to this collar around my neck. I cannot use my magic to combat yours. My natural demon powers proved inadequate to the task. Therefore I'm forced to use this technique

Adama: Have you ever performed a Blood Summoning?

Okubi: Never until this very moment. However I'm aware of the consequences of such a powerful summoning 

Adama: Summoning a Demon God is no laughing matter. Even if your summoning is successful. The Demon God you summon may not come to aid you. Instead come to destroy you. Wouldn't death from my hand be much better?

Okubi: I prefer no death at all. However I would sooner gamble with my life than surrender it to you.

 Moving his left thumb towards his teeth. Okubi uses his fang to cut his dumb. Blood immediately spills out from his finger. Okubi then prepares to perform the summoning. However before Okubi can even begin the Blood Summoning. The door to Adama's throne room opens. Surprising both Okubi and Adama. Standing before the door is the Queen of Babylon, Othello

Othello: Did you miss me Okubi?

Okubi: Othello?

Adama: What are you doing here? Where are those fools Victor and Paul?

Othello: What I'm doing here is to stop Okubi from committing suicide. To answer you other question. Both your lackey demons are dead. The details aren't really important

Okubi: How did you know I was here?

Othello: Didn't my daughter tell you about her conversation with Moses? I sent you all here to assassinate Christof. However my personal seer had alerted to some unfortunate news within Coram. News about a Queen who was determine to desecrate her own kingdom

Okubi: Well your seer's vision must be broken Othello! Queen Adama is under the influence of the Loathe Spell. Adama is not acting like her usual self

Othello: Your absolute right Okubi. Adama is behaving like her true self. The woman who has loathe her country. Ever since the passing of her dear and sexy husband Jeremiah. Adama wanted nothing but the destruction of Coram. Still upset over having to take her husband's place after his death. It's just too bad Onyxe didn't see Adama for the woman she truly is. A truly dishonorable woman not fit to be Queen

Adama: As if you know anything about honor jezebel

Othello: I have more honor in my pussy than you posses in your entire body bitch! Don't let the many men I slept with... including you deceased husband. Make you believe I'm a woman without honor. I take absolute pride ruling my Kingdom. Had Jeremiah knew this what would become of Coram. Not only would he never trusted you with his family's Kingdom. Jeremiah would had never married you, knowing how truly fucking pathetic you are!

Adama: That's enough garbage spewing from your mouth whore! After that night my husband was killed. My whole life was turned upside down. I mean all the damn guards my husband had at his disposal. None of them noticed an assassin entering the castle. My poor husband was killed while bathing himself

Othello: All nice and wet. Washing that fine body of his and his nice big.... Oh goodness I forgotten where I was at. Anyways that is the unfortunate life of a King/Queen. Never knowing when an assassin may come to kill you. However you trying to annihilate all of Coram is absolutely despicable! Not only do you betray Onyxe. You also dishonor the legacy of the Snow Family. Do you believe that Jeremiah would approve of your actions?

Adama: I DON'T CARE WHAT JEREMIAH APPROVES! He's long dead and I no longer give a damn! I want to see Coram perish!

Okubi: Now I'm starting to see what Othello speaks about. The Loathe Spell didn't hinder your true emotions. Instead the spell has revealed them. Adama you truly are not worthy of your title. Jeremiah must be rolling in his grave. Now I can why you turned on Ivory the way you did. Unlike your sorry excuse for a Queen. Ivory shares her father's values and beliefs in protecting Coram. That is why you wish to eliminate her as well. My friends and I came into this country. Believing Christof was the true villain of this land. Now I see that was very untrue. The true evil of Coram is standing before me

Adama: Yes Okubi, I am the true villainous of Coram. Years after Jeremiah's death and me marrying Christof. Once I learned of Christof's intentions of sacrificing the citizens of Coram. I could had killed him and his lackeys. Instead I allowed my husband to placed the Loathe Spell on me. In order to make sure I'm not influence by my daughter's words. I even went as far as to have my daughter assassinated. Unfortunately my daughter's wolf hunter friend managed to save her.

Okubi: That's is also why you didn't make neither Ivory's or Zar's bounty global. For you knew if everyone knew your daughter was a "criminal". Onyxe would had investigated the matter immediately. Realizing that something was awfully rotten about Coram's current ruler.

Adama: That naive little demon doesn't frighten me

Othello: Well that's good to know because Onyxe is here in Coram

Okubi: Onyxe is here in Coram as well? He must of had a vision about Coram's situation

Othello: Actually that isn't the case at all Okubi. Onyxe didn't know about the situation in Coram. Until after I and his birth father had meet with him

Okubi: Onyxe's birth father?

Othello: Did you really believe Sam Cerise was Onyxe's father?

Okubi: No, but i presume Onyxe's real father was decease

Othello: Well the King's real father is most certainly alive. Anyways I didn't come here to discuss Onyxe's paternity.  I came here to rescue you from Adama. Also stopping you from committing the ultimate suicide. Did you really believe you can perform a successful Blood Summoning? Don't even bother to answer my question. Now get up off your ass half demon. I'm going to remove that damn anti magic collar from around your neck

Adama: Don't you dare remove that collar!

Othello: Mortal cur don't you dare give me orders. I'm not the fucking one bitch! Even if you attempt to attack me. I not only posses enough speed to remove Okubi's collar. I can dodge your attack without even trying. Besides I'm only removing his collar so he can aid the others. I intend on killing you myself bitch!

 Okubi rises up from the ground. Making his way over to Othello. Turning his back to the Queen of Babylon. Othello then infuses her hands in a powerful aura. Removing the collar that once bounded Okubi's magic. Now Okubi is able to combat in full proficiency

Okubi: Are you seriously going to kill her?

Othello: Were you not listening to a fucking thing she said? Adama is hellbent in destroying Coram and everyone in it! Onyxe has already given me to order to execute her

Adama: I highly doubt that, but it matters to me not! Even if you fools succeed in stopping Christof and his worthless demons. I had made certain preparations in order to guarantee Coram's destruction. Not only do I have the Four Forsaken Warlords at my disposal. I also have obtain another great evil for my using. Okubi my dear pathetic boy. While journeying to the soon to be deceased country of Coram. Do you remember seeing a horrifying dragon along the way?

Okubi: OH OPHELIA NO! Something told me seeing the dragon flying towards here was no coincidence

Adama: I had summoned that dragon from far away. Planning to unleash him from my Space Portal when the time was right. Now that Onyxe and the rest of you are aware of my ambitions. I must do everything in my powers to make sure Coram burns! I will see to it nothing remains of this country

Okubi: Dear Ophelia! This woman is absolutely insane. Summoning the Four Forsaken Warlords. Othello we have to stop here now!

Othello: What you need to do is get the fuck out of here! It's hard enough being nice to your ass. Now leave before I decide to kill the both of you!

Adama: Besides there is nothing you can do to stop me. I already perform the rituals to summon the Forsaken Warlords. Like the dragon I captured. The Warlords are also placed in my Space Portals. Once I unleashed these horrors onto Coram. Nothing but death and destruction will consume Coram. Finally I shall exact vengeance upon this worthless land and it's inhabitants. Now hurry Okubi and go join the other sheep to the slaughter!

Othello: Now you know why you have to get out of here

Okubi: Adama, you are truly a sorry excuse for a queen. Along with being a utter waste of life! Much as I truly despise Othello. I hope the Gods of the Underworld Othello tears you apart. Make sure you kill this witch good

Othello: Well that's the plan Okubi. Now get on out of here son of Ophelia

 Knowing the evil about to be unleash onto Coram. Okubi quickly exits out of Adama's Throne Room. Leaving Othello to deal with Coram's corrupt Queen. Meanwhile right in the middle of Coram. Most of the heroes have managed to reunite with one another. Along with new allies to aid them. King Onyxe makes his timely arrival. Appearing alongside the King were his trusted servants and friends James and Yura. Along with the descendants of the Great Sages, Naznim, Ann Marie, and Abrafo. After having caught up with Xiaoyu and the others. The heroes create a guild size team consisting of Xiaoyu, Nara, Apollynm Lisa, Anna w/Eligos, Tobirama, Susan, Mimi, Goldilocks,Linda, James, Yura, Naznim, Ann Marie, Abrafo, and himself. Now having form a team of some of Asira's greatest heroes. Onyxe and the others ready themselves to fight against the evil that plagues Coram. Meanwhile back inside of Adama's castle. Right before Othello prepares to battle against the corrupt Queen. Adama quickly performs her spell. Opening her Space Portal in the middle of Coram, unleashing the Four Forbidden Warlords and the ravenous black dragon. Now with her sinister plans in motion. Adama now prepares herself to fight against Othello

Othello: Adama am not sure if you know, but I'm a telepath. If I simply wished it. I can just taken over your mind. Stopping you from unleashing your portals throughout Coram. However what would be the fun in that? I couldn't care less about Coram or it's people. Long as my baby and her friends get rid of Christof. That alone will make this hot mama very happy. I only came here because I get the chance to kill you!

Adama: Do not think for a second you're walking out of this alive. Ever since the death of my beloved husband. I have trained myself to combat various adversaries. However I specifically trained myself in how to destroy you Othello. Now prepare yourself for total annihilation!


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