Tuesday, June 23, 2015

About Forbidden Chapter Twenty Six

Hello my faithful blog views. I'm sorry to inform you about my accident concerning Forbidden's latest chapter. I accidentally left out a few details towards the end of the chapter. The biggest mistake was me forgetting the character Eligos. Fortunately for you and me both. The overall story itself remains unaltered. Only once King Onyxe and company arrive to Coram. That's where the changes and character interactions come in. Now that I have fixed my mistake. I will try to be more mindful in future chapters about details. I'm sorry if I have inconvenience any of you in any way. Now if you wished to reread Forbidden Chapter Twenty Six. The chapter has been fully corrected and this will be the final version. I'm currently working on the bio on the Four Forbidden Warlords and mentally preparing the next chapter to my story. Anyways I apologize for my mistake once again. I hope for those who wish to reread Chapter twenty six enjoy themselves the second go around. I would also like to apology for the time period of each story. While I do own me a neat tablet. I do not own a laptop. The time I can work on my stories is either at my friend's house or at a cyber cafe'/ Anyways thanks for reading and giving my blog views. Even if only one or two people care about what I post here. I appreciate the support nevertheless. Peace and take care. 

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