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Forbidden Chapter 27

Forbidden Chapter Twenty Seven - The Hour Before Calamity! The King's Real Father

 Nearly a week since the Devilry Combat Tournament Qualifications was completed. On a quiet Saturday afternoon. King Onyxe bathes in a tub of mango pineapple body wash. Ten minutes later King Onyxe exits from the tub. Wrapping his wet caramel body with a mint green towel. Onyxe then exits the bathroom, heading towards his bedroom. His beloved servants offers assistance, but Onyxe firmly rejects it. While normally Onyxe enjoy his male servant's assistance. Having his most dearest servant James on the brain. The very one who has yet returned from the Underworld. Having sent James nearly three weeks ago (Only nearly a week within the Underworld). In order to retrieve a mysterious gem. However knowing the assassin guild The Order still targets James. The King has begun to regret sending James to the Underworld. Once inside of his room, Onyxe throws on a very casual outfit. Wearing a sky blue shirt, denim shorts, blue camouflage briefs, and blue and white sneakers. Now having dressed himself for the day. Onyxe takes a moment to gathers his emotions. Before heading downstairs and greeting his company

Ann Marie: Good Afternoon your majesty

Oriana & Ricky: Good afternoon King Onyxe

Kira: Hey wassup King O

Hisako: Good afternoon Onyxe

Abrafo: Greetings King Onyxe

' Having been greeted by the sages minus Naznim. Along with the rest of his loyal subjects. King Onyxe gives everyone a warm smile as he walks towards his throne. Once seated at his throne chair. Onyxe calls for his subject Lola. A half human half elf tan skinned woman. Possessing the appearance of a beautiful secretary. Lola immediately answers the call of her king

Lola: Finally ready to perform your kingly duties?

Onyxe: Am I not sitting in my throne chair Lola? Anyways what's on the agenda today?

Lola: Well besides dealing with the Children of Ruin. Rescuing as many descendants of the Great Sages as possible. Everything else is pretty much the usual. Keeping a watch on dragons and other terrors that threaten our world

Onyxe: The usual it is then? Anyways that will be all for now Lola. Let me know if anything note worthy happens

Lola: Will do your majesty. By the way have you spoken to Queen Adama recently? We recently heard from King Userkaf, Queen Rosma, Champion Hawkins, Madam Luxury, and King Brice. Yet nothing from Queen Adama

Onyxe: Not this crap again. Seriously why are you so concern about Adama? Perhaps she's just busy taking care of Coram. Lord knows if it weren't for my sub Kings and Queens. I would not have the energy to take care the rest of Mayland. Lola I didn't give Adama her current position due to being Jeremiah's wife. I gave it to her because I trust her. I know it's been two months since we last heard from Adama. However if Coram was in any trouble beyond Adama's capabilities. I believe Adama would had told me. 

Lola: Believe or know your majesty? There is a difference between the two

Onyxe: Lola if it will make you feel better. I will contact Adama later this evening. In the meantime check with my agents. See if any of them require any recent info on the Children of Ruin

Lola: Not a problem your majesty. However there is something I wish to ask you?

Onyxe: Lola, you need not fear asking me a question. Regardless of my less than cheerful mood. A good King always listen to his subjects

Lola: Hopefully you'll remember those words once I ask my question. Anyways King Onyxe are you happy with being King of Mayland?

Onyxe: Well after ruling this country for nearly half a century. I have became quite use to my position as King. However there are days I wish I could travel the vast lands of Asira. Prior to becoming Mayland's current King. I had wished to join a guild once coming of age. Anyways I'm okay with being King if nothing else. Course that may change once the Devilry Combat Tournament begins. Some really impressive warriors are determine to take my crown for themselves

Lola: Yet none of them will stand a chance in hell of defeating you. That goes double for that Nara boy your guaranteed into the tournament.

Onyxe: Exactly why did you such a question?

Lola: For as long as I had served as your secretary. I knew how you truly felt about being king. Yet in spite of your unhappiness. Not only did you manage to prove your naysayers wrong. Onyxe you have become one of Mayland's most shinning rulers

Onyxe: As mucha s I appreciate your kind words and criticism. I wouldn't be were I am today without James. I was only as child when I first became King. Had James not been by my side. I would had been overthrown or worst... a corrupt ruler

Lola: Yes speaking of Mister Del Soto. The very man who benefits the most from your rulership. Had you not become King of Mayland. Nothing would had prevent The Order sending assassins after James

Onyxe: Are you implying James is using me? Lola regardless how mostly right your assertions are. Not only are you wrong about James. I will not tolerate no one speaking ill of my dearest friend. It's already bad enough you don't trust Adama

Lola: It's even worst that you do. Your majesty I know we rarely see eye to eye. However I know a bad seed when I see it. Adama mean neither you or Coram any good

Onyxe: Lola I just had about--- ARGH!

 During mid sentence of King Onyxe scolding Loa. Onyxe drops to the ground and holding his head. Lola immediately rushes to Onyxe's side. Yelling out for help to the other servants. Onyxe eyes turn pitched black. The young king begins screaming out in panic "STAY AWAY FROM ME!" As Yura and the other comes to his aid. Onyxe finally ceases screaming and faints. Waking up from his bed an hour later. Onyxe finds himself resting peacefully on Yura's lap. Smiling down on her awaken king and friend. Yura softly begins to speak to the awaken king

Yura: Good afternoon once again Onyxe. Everyone was worried sick about you. Especially Lola out of all people. The lass really thought she caused you to faint

Onyxe: Please tell me no harm has befallen Lola

Yura: As much as I wish to gut her from time. I made sure no one lay a finger on our elf secretary. Course Lady Hisako was hellbent on knocking Lola out

Onyxe: Sounds like a very Hisako thing to do. Well I'm glad Lola is alright

Yura: Anyways enough about Lola. Tell me how are you feeling?

Onyxe: Honestly Yura, I don't feel too well. These past fews days I been worried sick about James. Wondering if it was a mistake sending him to the Underworld. I know he's the best person for that job, but I should had consider The Order still wants him dead. Along with the fact I had a truly terrifying vision

Yura: Did your vision had anything to do with James? I mean never has a vision caused you to faint. A it disoriented from time, but nothing that would have you screaming in terror

Onyxe: Trust me if was a experience like no other. In my vision I found myself face to face with death himself

Yura: A Grim Reaper? My goodness talk about terrible. Onyxe do you think a Grim Reaper has anything to do with The Children of Ruin?

Onyxe: I honestly don't know Yura. I expected The Children of Ruin to have powerful demons in their ranks. However I never once imagined a Grim Reaper. While my demonic abilities rival that of a Demon Lord. I don't think I stand much of a chance against a Grim Reaper

Yura: I can swiftly round up a team in search for Okubi and the others. Perhaps with our combine powers. We'll be able to take down the Grim Reaper

Onyxe: Even if you were able to find Okubi and the others. A battle against a Grim Reaper would be no less difficult. I can only hope the demon is solely after me

Yura: Like hell I would allow a demon or anything else to harm you

Onyxe: Strong as you are my Leading Lady. Even you are mere vermin in the presence of a Reaper. Times like this makes me wish my visions weren't so accurate

Yura: Hopefully there's more to your vision than you seen

Onyxe: Dear Asira I hope so

Yura: In the meantime let's hurry back downstair. Showing the others that you're physically alright at least

Onyxe: Yura please don't mention my vision to anyone. If anyone should ask what happened. I'll just make something up on the fly. Only Naznim and Lola will know I'm lying

Yura: Whatever you say your majesty

Onyxe: "Please let James return back to me safely Lord Asira"

 Heading downstairs to meet with his other subjects. In order to let everyone know their king is alright. Once Onyxe and Yura arrive to the Throne Room. A portal opens right before Onyxe and the others. Fallen out of the portal is no other than James. Instantly Onyxe is filled with unimaginable joy. Running over to James faster than the speed of light. Onyxe grabs his dear friend from the ground. Hugging him firmly in his arms. However before Onyxe can fully enjoy his reunion with James. Another familiar being stepped out the portal behind James. Standing before Onyxe and his subjects was the Queen of Babylon, Othello

Onyxe: Othello? Why are you doing here?

Othello: Well hello to you too your majesty. As for what I'm dong here. Need you just ask your boyfriend


Onyxe: James what's going on? Is everything alright?

James: I successfully retrieved the Daeva Stone. However not before I encounter those fuckers from The Order. Shortly afterwards I encountered my fucking backstabber slut of an ex. Onyxe I'm so sorry it took me so long to find it. I know you was worried sick

Onyxe: None of that matters now James. I'm just so fucking happy to have you back

Othello: Sweet Lucifer this shit is so homo. Anyways now that your reunited with your bestie. Now it's time to tell you why I'm really here

Yura: I already know it isn't good. Whenever you show your face here Snake Queen. It's only to bring news of tragedy

Othello: Never expect any less from me serial killer

Ann Marie: Serial killer? I already don't like this woman. Calling Yura chan a serial killer

Othello: Well don't like me then hippy bitch

Onyxe: Do not insult my friends again Othello. Now hurry up and state your reason for being in my castle

Othello: Anyways I came here to tell you Coram is in grave danger my dear demon King

Onyxe: Exactly how do you know this?

Othello: You do know I have seers who serve me in the Underworld? They have seen visions of Coram's destruction at the hands of Queen Adama

Onyxe: NO! No that can't be true. Adama... Coram was the very country she sworn to protect. How could she do such a thing?

Lola: Easily, she doesn't give a damn about Coram anymore. After years of resenting the citizens of Coram for her husband's death. Queen Adama's eventually turned on her country. Wanting nothing more than the extermination of Coram and everything within it

Onuxe: Which would mean you were right about Adama all along

Lola: Hate to say I told you so your Majesty

James: Nice to see you're still a uppity bitch Lola

Onyxe: James be nice

James: My apologies Onyxe. I just can't stand Lola's "know-it-all" attitude

Onyxe: Anyways you may continue Othello

Othello: Well not only is Coram in a uproar. Only a few days ago. I sent my daughter and the heroes to Coram. I sent them to captured the renegade demon by the name Christof. I did not participate them having to deal with Adama as well. Also did i mentioned Okubi is currently about to be executed by Adama?

Onyxe: OH NO OKUBI! Hey just wait a damn minute. Okubi is more than capable of dealing with Adama. How exactly did he even get captured?

Othello: Is anything of that really fucking important now Onyxe? Don't be such a fucking child. Besides as much as i detest the bitch. Adama does posses the smarts dealing with certain demons. Adama probably placed a spell upon little Okubi. Cutting him off from his use of magic. Now as to how he was captured. I have a feeling that's due to him encountering Christof

Yura: I'm guessing this Christof and Adama are working together then

Othello: Well the rumor in the Underworld is Adama and Christof are husband and wife. Thus making Christof the new King of Coram.

Onyxe: Since when did Adama remarried? That's information I should been immediately had known

Yura: Adama has been doing a lot of shady shit behind your back Onyxe. If only we weren't too busy dealing with The Children of Ruin

Lola: Now you see why it's important to check behind you designated rulers your majesty

 Beyond annoyed with Lola's condescending demeanor toward King Onyxe. Hisako raises Kagemori to Lola's throat

Hisako: Another slick ass comment and I will decapitate your ass. Onyxe may tolerate your attitude but I fucking won't

Lola: My sincerest apologies

Yura: Thank you Lady Hisako

James: That goes double for me

Onyxe: Okay now that I know Adama is a good for nothing bitch. I need to hurry up and rescue Okubi and the others

Othello: Well before you create yourself a portal to Coram my naive little king. I have a special friend who's been dying to meet you. Knoximillion, come on out and say hello to your son

Yura: His son?

 Wearing a bitchy smirk on her face. Othello snaps her fingers as a sinister black mist forms within the castle. Upon feeling the intense dark powers forming inside of the castle. Everyone minus Hisako begin to becomes very afraid. Witnessing one of the Underworld's most fearsome demons appearing before their very eyes. Majority of Onyxe's servants falls to their knees in tears. Both James and Yura standing nervously beside Onyxe. Struggling not to fall to the ground due to pure terror. Now with the enormous Grim Reaper standing before King Onyxe and the others. King Onyxe says a quick silent prayer to himself. Before having to confront the great robber of souls. Having realized his demonic self is scaring the king and the others. The Grim Reaper Knox starts to transform into his humane form.Changing from a horrifying reaper. Now into a t seven foot tall man with platinum blonde hair. Wearing an opened black cloth hoodie. Exposing both his chiseled chest and muscular arms. Along with matching black pants and sneakers. Staring down at his son with his blazing red eyes. Knox then begins to walk towards Onyxe. Still frighten by the fearsome demons. Onyxe immediately shouts out...

Onyxe: STAY AWAY FROM ME! Othello get this man out of my castle now!

Othello: Onyxe, onyxe, onyxe!  Is that how you speak to your father?

Onyxe: My father is dead! This monster is no father of mine

Othello: Onyxe do you remember the conversation we had when I first meet you? Remember the story about how Hellin came to be?

Onyxe: I remember that story very well Othello. That you had me kidnapped as a new born infant. Having demons experiment on me and taking a portion of my life force. Which thus lead to the birth of my half clone Hellin. Which also came with the death of my birth mother Vanessa.  However my only father was Sam Charise. This demon claiming to be my father is an impostor! A charlatan a fraud!

Othello: Yes read that motherfucker your majesty. Sadly that man is indeed your birth father. The great grim reaper Knoximillion Blade

Yura: Is Onyxe truly the son of a Grim Reaper?

James: Especially one this fucking powerful?

Naznim: Well it would explain why Onyxe is so damn strong. Even for a demon his strength is rather bizarre

Onyxe: Are you truly my father demon?

Knox: That I am King Onyxe

 Filled with unimaginable rage. Onyxe forms a ball of fire in his left palm. Immediately unleashing the blast of fire towards Knox. Struck by the ball of fire. Knox crashes down o the ground. Watching his very angry son moving towards him. Grabbing his father by the neck. Onyxe position his father onto his knees. Staring down at him with hate in his eyes

Onyxe: After nearly sixty years of abandonment. Now you fucking decide to show your face?

Knox: My dear son I never meant to hurt you. This isn't the life I had wanted for you. I'm sorry for what Othello, Golda, and many others had put you through

Onyxe: What they had put me through? You really got something fucking nerves/ LET'S TALK ABOUT WHAT YOU PUT ME THROUGH! I was a newborn baby when my world was turned upside down. My birth mother died because you abandon her.... ABANDON ME! I know it was you who drop me off at the Charise family door. Only you could managed to give me a family . One that I would lose by the tender age of nine. After learning the truth about my past from Othello. I always dreaded the day YOU would show up. I want nothing to do with you. If it weren't for James or my friends. I wouldn't even be alive today

Othello: That's where you're wrong my dear. If it wasn't for that man right there. I would had gotten rid of you long ago

Knox: And I would had fucking murdered your entire family whore


James: I called you whore a bunch of times and you never reacted like that

Yura: Othello usually embraces her sluttyness but the reaper gets under her skin?

Knox: Onyxe my dear beautiful son. I always regretted how things went between your mother and I. Never once did I ever think that bitch would do what she did to you

Othello: Well you know I always craved power Knox. Since I couldn't see myself sleeping with a Grim Reaper. I decided to kidnap one instead. Course I did not care to have an heir. Especially one I did not give birth too. Therefore I hired of group of idiots demons to extract a potion of your life force. Which in return lead to the birth of my lovely Hellin

Knox: That fucking abomination!

Othello: Up yours assholes

Knox: Watch your whore mouth before I cut if off!

Onyxe: ENOUGH! The both of you are working on my nerves. At this point I'm over all of this. I just want to hurry up and save Okubi and the others

Othello: Oh goodness speaking about Coram. I need to return home real quick and change my outfit. Finally I have a legitimate reason to kill that bitch Adama. Course I will rescue that bitch Okubi as well. Anyways it's time I take my leave. Well meet again really soon King Onyxe... drop dead Knox

 Opening a portal into the Underworld. Othello sticks the middle finger to Knox and takes her leaves. Now with Othello no longer inside the castle. Onyxe can now focus his attention onto Knox. Pulling his father up onto his feet. Onyxe starts walking back towards James and the others.

Knox: Anyways son, I came here to ultimately seek your forgiveness. I know I haven't been the father you deserved. However I plan to start doing more for you in the future

Onyxe: Don't bother father. I made throughout these few years without you. I will certainly makes centuries more without you in my life. There is no need for me to hate you. I don't even know you to really care. Nor do I ever want too. Now do me a favor and get the hell out of here. I have a country and friends to rescue

Knox: Onyxe wait a second. Even if you don't want me in your life. At least let me help you and your friends getting to Coram.

Onyxe: I'm capable of creating a portal to Coram on my own father

Knox: Onyxe I'm not asking for much. Just please allow me to take you and few of your comrades to Coram

Onyxe: A few of my comrades?

Lola: Your Majesty do I have permission to talk?

Onyxe: Permission granted. Lady Hisako please remove Kagemori from Lola's neck

 Hisako does as Onyxe request. Removing her sword from Lola's neck

Lola: Onyxe I very much agree with Knox's suggestion. Bringing everyone to Coram is not only unnecessary but dangerous. The Children of Ruin are still out there. No need to risk all the descendants at once. Just take who you need and leave the rest here to protect the castle

Hisako: I will take charge of protecting the castle in your place Onyxe

Onyxe: Thank you so kindly Hisako. Okay then I'm taking with me Abrafo, Naznim, Ann Marie, my Leading Lady, and my Right Hand Man

Naznim: Finally I can see some real action

Onyxe: Okay father when you're ready

Knox: I wish I didn't have other important matters to attend to. I would had loved to fight by your side my son

Onyxe: Oh how sweet of you father... just transport my team to Coram and get lost!

 While upset by his son's harsh words. Knox keep his fatherly promise and transports Onyxe, James, Yura, Naznim, Abrafo, and Ann Marie to Coram. Once Onyxe and his team arrives to Coram. While they are busy taking in the chaos within Coram. Knox kisses Onyxe on top of his head before taking his leave. Only seconds after Onyxe is meet by Xiaoyu, Apollyn, Nara, and the other heroes

Xiaoyu: King Onyxe when did you get here?

Eligos: Goodness gracious! The King has come to aid us

Nara: He must had another vision guys

Onyxe: If only that were the case Nara. I learned about the situation taking place merely minutes ago. I hope Othello managed to rescue Okubi in time

Eligos: Not that woman!

Onyxe: Don't worry Eligos. Othello knows not to bring any harm upon Okubi. I know it's Othello of all people I'm asking you to trust. However believe when I say she's not going to hurt Okubi. At least not when she has another target in mind. Besides I'll just kill Hellin if she does

Xiaoyu: If that bitch lays a finger upon Okubi or I'll kill her myself

Lisa: Now this is the kind of fucking back up am talking about

Yura: An angel in a place like this? Here I thought miracles have long left this world

Naznim: An angel on Asira is rather odd

Anna: Father?

James: Holy shit Anna! Um... well hello my dear daughter. How are you--

Anna: Piss off you fucking asshole! I would fucking kill you if King Onyxe wasn't here

Tobirama: Now isn't the time to be threaten to kill your father Anna. Even if he is a total fucking douche bag

James: Hey fuck you dude!

Onyxe: Unknown hermit man is right. We can handle our personal issues later. Right now I need to hurry up and evacuate all of Coram's none combatants to safety

Susan: That won't be as easy as it sounds your majesty. Especially with Four Warlords, a portion of their armies, and a dragon attacking the city

Onyxe: Did you just say a dragon?

Linda: Yes a dragon has also come to plague us as well. Whoever wished this destruction on Coram must be rejoicing about now

Eligos: Only a monster would rejoice in such madness

Susan: We can still save Coram from this destruction. Don't lose your faith so easily

Nara: Yeah considering all the fucking faith we're going to need to survive this madness

 Truly realizing the chaos taking place within Coram. Onyxe drops to his knees as tears start rolling down his eyes

Eligos: Your majesty?

Onyxe: OH MY DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN! I truly have failed the people of Coram. Lola was right all along. I was a fool to trust Adama the way I did. My naiveté is the cause of all this. I should had checked in on Adama more. I should had been more vigilant. Now the citizens of Coram are at the mercy of a vicious demon and a madwoman. I have truly failed you all

Xiaoyu: Onyxe? Don't be so hard on yourself. None of this is your fault

Apollyn: Seeing King Onyxe buddy cry makes Apollyn really sad

Naznim: Ugh!

Abrafo: Now is not the time for self pity your majesty. We came to save lives not to grieve our short comings

Lisa: Yeah besides no one is perfect

Tobirama: That's what I use to tell Okubi all the time

Onyxe: Sir do you know Okubi?

Tobirama: Yeah I'm his sensei from the Underworld many years ago. Takeda Tobirama at your service your majesty

  Tobirama extends a hand to Onyxe, helping the King off the ground

Onyxe: Thank you Mr. Tobirama. It is a pleasure to have you at my service.

Yura: Now that your back on your feet Onyxe. What is your plan with dealing with these multiple enemies at once?

Onyxe: There's enough of us here Yura to form battle group. Team A will consist of Xiaoyu, Nara, and Apollyn Team B will be Naznim, Abrafo and Ann Marie Team C Lisa, Tobirama, and Linda Team D Susan, Mimi, and Goldilocks and finally Team E with Yura & the Del Soto's working together as one

James: Anna promise not to kill daddy until after we take out the bad guys

Anna: Hmph!

Eligos: What about me your majesty?

Onyxe: Eligos my dear good man. Your a good spirit, but a spirit none the less. I'm pretty certain Okubi would tell you to hide in a crisis like this. Now that everyone has their assign targets. I shall defend the rest of Coram from that dragon

Nara: Excuse me for a second Onyxe. If you wouldn't mind me asking. Can I be allowed to take on the dragon instead?

Xiaoyu: NARA ARE YOU FUCKING INSANE! The last time we encounter a dragon. Both you and I were nearly killed. That winged bastard is easily stronger than the dragon we encountered before

Nara: Well so is Onyxe. Remember I still do desire to become Mayland's future king. If I cannot defeat a dragon alone. What fucking chance do I have against Onyxe?

Onyxe: Then you want me to fight besides you and Apollyn instead?

Xiaoyu: No instead I want you to go and check in on Okubi for me. Besides Apollyn and I can handle a Forbidden Warlord on our own

Anna: Also please take Eligos with you Onyxe. Eligos I'm releasing you in Onyxe's care. Once the two of you find Okubi. Onyxe will return you to your rightful owner

Onyxe: That's fine by me.  Eligos you will my temporary traveling companion

Eligos: I fell so very horned. Thank you Anna so very much

Yura: Besides if anyone should finish off that traitorous bitch Adama. It most certainly should be you King Onyxe

James: Co motherfucking signed!

Onyxe: Okay then but before I go. Xiaoyu and Apollyn. The two of you will take on the Warlord Goliath of Astaroth. Abrafo you and the descendants will go against Lord Hauzer of Makuria. Tobirama your group will fight Lord Sidney Jamerson of Rot and Yura's group will go up against Lady Seethe of Falyia . Susan I'm leaving your group in charge of rescuing as many civilians as possible. Okay I'm off to find Okubi and confront Adama. I wish you the very best of luck. Especially you Nara my dear. Let's get going Eligos

 Bidding his fellow friends and allies farewell. King Onyxe and Eligos starts making his way towards Adama's Castle

James: By the way Xiaoyu I would like to make a switch. Let Yura, my daughter, and I fight Goliath. Leaving Apollyn and you to fight Lady Seethe instead

Xiaoyu: What's wrong Mr. Del Soto? Lady Seethe is too much of a badass for you?

James: Well history tells she was the strongest of the Four Forbidden Warlords. Personally Lady Seethe is too fine for me to have to roast

Anna&Yura: ASSHOLE!

Xiaoyu: That's fine by me. Apollyn and I could use a good girl fight

Nara: Okay babe give your man a kiss for good luck

Xiaoyu: Your ass have better not die on me. I swear I will hunt your fucking ghost if you do

 Xiaoyu then grabs Nara's face and gives him a french kiss. Exhilarated by his girlfriend's passionate kiss. Nara bravely runs off to fight against the black dragon. Meanwhile back at the Luger Forest. Hellin, Angelina, and Zar re still in combat against Zero Black and Cynthia. Having sensed Onyxe presence within Coram. Hellin is determine to end this fight once and for all


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