Monday, September 7, 2015

Dream Of Darkness


Once both King Onyxe and Hellin had exited the castle. While everyone else was enjoying themselves. Doing whatever their heart desired within the castle. Okubi did not share the enthusiasm of the others. Instead Okubi had decided to go to bed. Without telling a single soul goodnight. Okubi along with his servant Eligos, headed upstair to his assigned room. Entering his room minutes later. Okubi undresses himself and throws on his silk lavender night gown. Laying in bed looking very down crest. Okubi remains silent as Eligos looks on with concern

Eligos: Is everything alright Master Okubi?

Okubi: Is everything ever alright Eligos? Considering everything we have been through until now. I can be feeling much worse. Also before you even ask me why I didn't wish Xiaoyu and the others goodnight. I simply wasn't in the mood. Besides it's not like anyone would notice anyways. Too busy stuffing their faces, playing video games, or making out. I have no time for such foolishness. They know I care and that's good enough

Eligos: Something you wish to talk about Master?

Okubi: Not at all Eligos. I just want to get some sleep. Who knows what will awaits us tomorrow

Eligos: Still bothered by the encounter with Janiel from earlier?

Okubi: It's been on my mind, but I survived worst. Janiel is just another obstacles that I must crush. The Children of Ruin will not release Mastema from Forbidden. I'll make damn sure of it. Now unless you have anymore needless question to ask me Eligos. I wish to close my eyes and rest

Eligos: If that is what you wish Master

Okubi: It surely is my dear friend

 Bothering his Master no further. Eligos plants a kiss on Okubi's cheek and disappears. Finally closing eyes for bed. Okubi falls asleep in a matter of seconds. Deep within his dream, Okubi finds standing in a graveyard, completely naked. Feeling very nervous about his gloomy surrounding. Okubi decides to navigate the graveyards. Hoping to understand why is he here in the first place. Passing by the first few tombstones. The names on them are those of fallen heroes who existed eons ago. However as Okubi continues walking through the graveyard. Okubi begins recognizing names of people he currently knows. Naznim Sherwat, James Del Soto, Yura Mikan, Hisako Miki, Onyxe Blade. Horrified by the very though of them being dead. Fearing what else he would encounter in the graveyard. Okubi knew he had to keep moving forward. Nearly having navigated the entire graveyard. Okubi encounters the very thing he dreaded most. The names of his beloved friends and teammates Xiaoyu, Apollyn, Lisa, Nara, Angelina, Hellin, Anna, and surprising Eligos. However the most shocking with a tombstone that read "Okubi Vice, death at the hands of Mastema". 

Stunned by such a horrifying revelations. Okubi immediately falls to his knees before his grave. While crying heavily in his hands. Okubi fails to notice his fallen comrades rising from their graves. Finally having stopped crying, Okubi turns around in horror. Finding himself surrounded by his undead allies. Okubi attempts to use his magic powers, but to no avail. Realizing he cannot fight back, Okubi quickly rises to his feet and starts running. While running away from his undead friends. The other bodies of the deceases rises from their graves. Running without anywhere to go, Okubi begins fearing for the worst. Having done his very best to avoid the undead. Okubi has finally found himself corner. Unable to run or defend himself. Knowing their was no way out. Okubi's soul filled with unimaginable despair. The half demon dropped to his knees. Accepting the dark fate that awaited him. Successfully trapping Okubi in a corner. The undead cease their movement towards him. Instead they spread apart from each other. Allowing a yet known entity to makes it way towards Okubi. Staring up at the mysterious figure approaching him. Okubi begins to wonder should he try to fight back. However before Okubi could make any sudden moves. Standing before him is no other than Janiel. Looking down at the naked demon with a demented smile. Janiel then grabs Okubi by his throat. Lifting the petite half demon off his feet. Griping Janiel's right arm with both his hands. Okubi tries to prevent the demon from chocking him

Janiel: Well well well isn't it Asira's chosen hero? Just look at you... absolutely pathetic! While you were able to fool the others with your pretentious behavior. I see you for the pathetic little boy you really are Okubi. Now rot into nothingness worthless half demon

Using his powers against the defenseless Okubi. Janiel begins to rot away Okubi's flesh. Feeling himself slowly dying within Janiel's grasp. While his heart is heavily consumed by despair. A greater part of Okubi desires to live. That very desire for life unleashes a power from within. Merely seconds later a burning royal purple and black aura surrounds. The power within Okubi's unusual aura causes Janiel to release him. Now standing on his feet once more. Okubi stares down at Janiel and his undead army. Filled with a rage he has never felt in his entire life. Even more than the day he had killed his mother. His rage growing stronger by the second, Okubi felt himself changing into something sinister. However right before Okubi completely changes form. Janiel and his undead army vanishes before his very eyes. Everything around him slowly going black. Okubi feels his mind drifting away as well

The scenery quickly changes back to Okubi's room. Showing the half demon still asleep in bed, but still surrounded within his sinister aura. Floating above Okubi are both Eligos and the Grim Reaper Knox. While Okubi had fallen asleep. Eligos had arranged for his Master to undergo a deadly trial. One that would either make him stronger or destroy him completely. While Eligos deeply regretted betraying his Master's trust. The demon spirit also knew Okubi needed to become even stronger. Using his power to temporary mute Okubi's hearing. Knox begins to converse with Eligos

Knox: Believe me when I tell you this Eligos. I did not expect for Okubi to survive this trial. Not even most full born demons can handle a Demonic Dream Trial! Never did I imagine a half demon doing so well. While usually a bad dream or nightmare never kills anyone. A Demonic Dream Trial tests a demon's will to live. Surviving a Demonic Dream Trial can vastly increase a demon's power, but the price of failing is death

Eligos: I just couldn't believe I actually asked you to do this to Master Okubi. However I knew how worried he was about Janiel. My greatest fear would be losing Okubi to that monster

Knox: A demon of Janiel's powers and capabilities is very fearsome. Even worst the bastard has Forbidden in his possession. At least now Okubi's chances to defeat Janiel have greatly increased. Course it may take more than a Demon Dream Trial to help Okubi and the others

Eligos: That is indeed very true Knox, but now with Master Okubi's power increased. I'm nearly certain he will able to handle any future threats

Knox: I just hope the demon Okubi eventually transforms into doesn't become a greater threat than Janiel. Even when a demon survives a D.D.T. The chances of controlling their new found powers is rather low. Especially a demon as young as Okubi. Anyways now that my task is down here. I must return to the Underworld at once

Eligos: Thank you for everything you have done here Knox. May you have a safe return to the Underworld

Knox: I appreciate your words Eligos, but I would worry more about yourself friend. I pray to Satan, Okubi never learns of your betrayal. Otherwise the consequences can be very dire for you

Eligos: It's a risk I shall have to take. Not only do I need Master Okubi prepared for his inevitable encounter with Janiel. I need to make sure he has the strength to protect the others. Besides it's not like you will tell him what happened here

Knox: I most certainly will not. Unlike Thalia, Okubi seems to respect me. I wouldn't want to lose the son of Ophelia's favor. Nor do I wish to anger my own son. I could only imagine how Onyxe would react. If he knew what I done to Okubi. Anyways I bid you farewell Eligos. I look forward to our next encounter dear friend

Eligos: Like wise Knox

Knox: Oh I almost forgot to ask you Eligos. Are you not banking on the idea Hellin may possibly defeat Janiel instead?

Eligos: If I wanted to place my fate in the Queen of Babylon's daughter. I wouldn't dare risk my Master's life in the first place.

Knox: Fair enough. Also know once I take my leave. My mute spell over Okubi will relinquish. Now I leave for real this time

 Opening a portal in front of him. Knox enters the portal and returns to the Underworld. After Knox exits from Okubi's bedroom. Eligos goes over to his Master's face and kisses his head once more. Only three hours away from dawn. Eligos vanishes from his Master's side until he is summoned

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