Thursday, October 1, 2015

Abrafo Mazibuko

The Shaman of Botswana

Name: Abrafo Mazibuko

Age: 29

Eye Color: Amethyst

Height: 6'3

Weight: 209 Pounds

Magical Law Of Study: Obayifo


1. Fire Manipulation- Unlike most fire users in Asira. Abrafo's flames are vermillion colored

2. Plant Manipulation - Abrafo can manipulate various plant life

3. Wood Summoning - Abrafo can summon wood from out of thin air

4. Summoning Rainfall - Abrafo can perform a unique dance that summons moderate to heavy rainfall

5. Blood Manipulation - Abrafo can manipulate his blood and use it as a weapon. Abrafo can also poison his blood to harm others

6. Life Absorbing Abilities - Abrafo can absorb the life force from his enemies by touching them

7. Spirit Communication - Abrafo can communicate with the dead

8. Placing Curses - Abrafo can place a curse on a target individual. However if the individual has enough good karma on their side. Abrafo's curse will be ineffective. Demons are immune to ability

9. Removing Curses-  Similar to his ability to place curses. Abrafo can remove a curse or an illness off a person. However if their karma is very negative. Abrafo's will not be able to remove their curse

10. Soul Inhabiting - Abrafo's soul can leave his body and enter another living being. However Abrafo's body becomes vulnerable until his soul returns

Mini Bio: A young and very attractive Shaman from Botswana. Abrafo is one of the many descendants of the Great Sages. At the very young age of three, Abrafo was able to create his own unique colored flames. Thanks to the loving guidance of his parents, Abrafo grew to be a powerful sage and an impressive Shaman. During The Children of Ruin hunt for young descendants of the Great Sages. Abrafo was attacked by a demon name Theodora. After defeating and killing Theodora in battle. The Spirits of the dead came to Abrafo. Telling him to leave Botswana and go to Mayland. In order to speak with the country's current King. Heeding the advice of the spirits. Abrafo immediately began his long travel to Mayland. Upon meeting King Onyxe or Mayland. Abrafo learned the reason behind his attack. Currently under King Onyxe's supervision. The Shaman looks forward to the day that he can return home

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