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Forbidden Chapter 33

Forbidden Chapter 33

Untapped Potential

 Witnessing both Xiaoyu and Anna disappearing right before their eyes. Minutes after losing their friends to Razel's minions. Okubi and the remaining heroes within Midor Forest. Stand around with truly defeated looks on their faces. However Apollyn immediately breaks into tears moments after losing Xiaoyu and Anna. 

Apollyn: XIAOYU! ANNA! Why couldn't Apollyn and buddies save her friends? I want Xiaoyu and Anna back!

Okubi: Apollyn for the love-

Onyxe: Okubi now is not that time! Apollyn has every right to be upset

Okubi: Are you really crying too Onyxe?

Onyxe: Well yes I'm Okubi! How the fuck am I going to explain to James that I lost his daughter? Anna entered a portal to a place I can't bring her back from. Not only did we lose Anna unnecessarily, but we couldn't stop Xiaoyu from being taken by Razel's minions. Dammit! Only I guess sooner she would posses Brutality

Angelina: None of this is your fault King Onyxe. Fortune was simply not on our side. The last thing anyone of us expected was a Fallen God to be involved in the sage kidnappings. Bad enough we still have to defeat what remains of The Children of Ruin. Now we have a mad goddess and her homunculus to eliminate as well. What a fine time to be a hero

Eligos: So many evils we have encountered and the month of June isn't even over yet.

Okubi: Anymore meaningless comments folks? If so we need to discuss some sought of plan to rescue Xiaoyu and Anna. Make it fast so Apollyn can stop crying!

Onyxe: Exactly what plan are you expecting us to hatch up? That portal both Xiaoyu and Anna had entered was created by Razel. A portal none of us are capable of opening. Unless Razel suddenly decides to open another portal for us to enter. Xiaoyu, Anna, and the other sages are lost forever

Apollyn: Apollyn will never get to see Xiao and Annie buddy again.... *Cries even louder*

Okubi: Unacceptable! I... I can't lose them. Especially not Xiaoyu and Hellin will literally erupt if we fail to rescue Anna. Dammit if only I had the ability to open portals other than my own. Tobirama sensei once I had potential to posses such an ability. Unfortunately he said when I'm probably seven hundred years of age. Xiaoyu and Anna can't wait that damn long. I need to find some way to open Razel's portal

Angelina: That is impossible since you are not a God. Let alone not Goddess Razel

Eligos: I... I wouldn't so sure of that Angelina. I'm almost... no very certain Master Okubi can open Razel's portal into her pocket world

Onyxe: Eligos I admire your confidence in your Master, but even Okubi has hit limits

Eligos: Everyone has limits your Majesty. Even all mighty God and Satan themselves. However I know for a fact Master Okubi's previous limits no longer burden him

Okubi: Exactly why is that my loyal servant?

Eligos: Last night while you deep in slumber. I had requested Knox to come meet me in your room

Onyxe: My father meeting you behind my back? Why didn't he tell me about this?

Okubi: Obviously it was none of your business Onyxe. Now explain to me Eligos why was Lord Knox inside of my room? God help you if you utter a single lie out of your mouth

Eligos: I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me Master. I never meant to cause--


Eligos: After our less than favorable encounter with Janiel back in Coram. I feared you may not have enough power to defeat him when the time arrived. Also I did not want Hellin to become stronger than you and Knox agreed with me

Okubi: I truly underestimated the Reaper Lord's hatred for that jezebel Othello. Anyways exactly what did you allow Knox to do to me while I slept?

Apollyn: Apollyn hopes it was nothing naughty. Apollyn will never forgive Eligos and Onyxe's father if Okubi was violated

Eligos: I can assure you that was not what happened Apollyn

Okubi: Oh I was indeed violated Lynn. Just not in the way you imagined. Now back to your story Eligos

Eligos: Once Lord Knox had arrived to your room. I had him put you under a very dangerous test. One that could had very well ended your life had you failed.

Okubi: The name of that very test?

Eligos: The Demonic Dream Trial!

 Upon hearing what Eligos had allowed to happened to Okubi. Not only did Okubi become speechless. Onyxe, Angelina, and Apollyn were shocked as well. Minutes after learning what Eligos ordered Lord Knox to do to Okubi. An enraged Angelina lashes out at the demon spirit

Angelina: ELIGOS YOU ASSHOLE! Do you have any idea what you done?

Eligos: No need for such harsh language Lilith! Also exactly what I done was give my Master more power

Angelina: Yet you risked his life without his consent! What kind of traitorous servant are you?

Eligos: One that doesn't want his Master to die at the hands of the enemy! It's not like I attempted to have him killed out of anger. I only asked Lord Knox to give my Master the strength to combat foes beyond his power level. Besides as you all can see for yourselves. Master Okubi survived the Demonic Dream Trial. While I understand why you all are a bit upset. Thanks to my less than favorable actions. Master Okubi now posses the strength to combat Gods

Okubi: Lower level Gods Eligos and exactly what made you believe I needed more power? As much as I despised being vulnerable to any enemy. I do not wish to gain my strength by black magic. Especially risking my very life for a power increase. I don't my strength handed to me. I desire to grow stronger sole by my own means. After being my servant for all these years Eligos. How could you think I would want to grow stronger any other way? Even if I were to forgive your betrayal because Heaven knows I always haven't been good to you. It hurts to know what you think of my powers

Eligos: Master Okubi please don't say such things. I think very highly of both your magic, natural demonic strength, and you as a person. However I also felt at your current level of power. I fear you would not be strong enough to defeat Janiel. At least not without the help of Hellin

Okubi: Well the point of having Hellin with us is for to help us defeating Janiel

Eligos: Dammit! That's not how I want this madness to end. I didn't even want that woman in our group in the first place. The last thing I want is that unruly princess to take your glory. Do you not remember why Hellin stayed behind in the first place? In order for her whore of a mother to train her. Making sure Hellin becomes stronger than you! I refuse to see the Princess of Babylon steal the glory that's rightfully yours

Okubi: Oh sweet Ophelia! Eligos do you really think I give a single damn about glory? Prior to learning about The Children of Ruin, I had was on a journey of my own. Thanks to those heinous demons, I had to put everything I had planned on hold. I don't really give a rat's buttocks who defeats Janiel let alone stops The Children of Ruin. I just want to return to my old life. Should Hellin be the one that defeats Janiel. Then more power to both her and her mother's kingdom. The only person I'm in a competition with is myself! It will serve you well in the future to remember that. Besides should Janiel prove too powerful for Hellin, our comrades, and myself. I still have a mighty Demon God I can summon. One that will hopefully kill Janiel instead of me should I choose to summon him

Eligos: I understand Master Okubi and I'm terribly sorry for betraying you. May you please find it in your heart to forgive me? I do wish to continue to serve by your side and I promise to never again betray you

Okubi: Apology accepted Eligos, but you ever again place me in the pawn's position in chest. I promise I will end your existence demon spirit!

Angelina: Well as glad as I am to see you forgiven Eligos without much hostility. Okubi you must know what that trial has done to your soul. Ever since this morning I had sense an unusual darkness within you. However I didn't say anything sense I didn't know the reason why I sensed such a change of aura within you. Now that I know the truth of your current situation. I must make you aware of the potential danger that's fallen upon you

Okubi: That very danger being Angelina?

Angelina: The corruption of your very soul. A demon that gains too much power at a young age is very susceptible to succumbing into their inner darkness. The risk is even greater for a half demon. Honestly I'm utterly shocked you managed to survive that trial. I know stories of demons stronger than you that fallen victim at the hands of a Demonic Dream Trial

Okubi: Obviously I'm much stronger than those demons Angelina

Onyxe: Perhaps, but are you strong enough to not fall into your own darkness?

Okubi: Do you want me to answer that honestly your majesty? Or are you hoping I tell you what you want to hear?

Onyxe: I want to know what you truly think Okubi. As Angelina had already mentioned. I too felt an unusual change about you this morning. Now that I know the reasons why. My anxieties have only increased.

Okubi: Well not too worry yourself too much Onyxe. After all I been through a lot and managed to survive. I'm certain this will be no difference. At least I now posses the powers to rescue both Xiaoyu and Anna. Now if you all with be quite for a few minutes. I need to concentrate so I can mimic the energy that Razel uses to open her portal. Once I have opened the portal to Razel's world. Apollyn, Angelina, and myself are going to rescue our comrades

Eligos: What about Onyxe and me?

Okubi: Eligos you will be staying behind with Onyxe. Even if I wasn't the slightest pissed off at you. Bringing you along into Razel's world will serve no purpose. Plus I don't want to put you at risk. I don't know if Razel can harm spirits and I don't care to find out. Onyxe I'm going to temporary sever my bond with Eligos, allowing him to become your demon spirit. However should I not return from Razel's world. Eligos will by default become your servant

Onyxe: Not a problem, but I pray the three of you return safe along with Xiaoyu, Anna, and Brutality

Okubi: Brutality? I have zero intentions of rescuing her. Far as I'm concern she should be dead!

Onyxe: Brutality is much of a victim as Xiaoyu and Anna. Razel placed Brutality under her control. Also that is not a request but an order

Okubi: I respect your position Onyxe, but don't you dare give me orders. Anything I have done for you was out of respect. Never confuse me for one of your servants

Onyxe: I could have you executed for speaking to me like that Okubi

Okubi: Perhaps, but who will rescue Anna from Razel? I highly doubt you want to tell your dearest friend James why his daughter is no longer on planet Asira? Anyways I will rescue Brutality as well, but on one condition

Onyxe: That condition being?

Okubi: That Xiaoyu decides whether or not Brutality is executed or is given a second chance? While I myself couldn't care less what becomes of Brutality. After what that woman had put Xiaoyu through and especially killing her dear friend. I'll be damn if Brutality gets an easy break. Only in those conditions will I ask Angelina and Apollyn in helping me rescue Brutality

Onyxe: I accept those terms Okubi, but that also means Brutality is brought back alive

Okubi: Well that's the ideal after all. Course accidents do happen

Onyxe: The very same way an accident can happen to you as well

Both Okubi and Onyxe gives each other a sinister glare, but quickly return to this normal faces

Okubi: Now that's been everything has been settled. Ladies get ready for a trip. I'm opening up the portal to Razel's pocket world

 Standing before his allies, Okubi holds out his hands before him. Combining both his concentration and his immense demonic powers. Slowly but surely Okubi begins opening up a portal unlike his own. Watching the portal expand before their very eyes. Eligos, Apollyn, Angelina, and Onyxe realizes it's the very portal that Razel created to kidnap Xiaoyu

Apollyn: OMG! Apollyn is so amazed by Okubi buddies amazing powers

Angelina: Well that's the positive aspect of surviving a Demonic Dream Trial. Okubi's powers has been greatly increased

Eligos: But as what price?

Angelina: Well it's much too late for regrets. Whatever becomes of Okubi will forever be on your conscious demon spirit

Okubi: The portal is open folks. Now let's go rescue our friends and Brutality

Apollyn: Apollyn is coming to save you Xiaoyu

Onyxe: Hey just wait a seconds folks. Before the three of you enter to parts unknown. Allow me to quickly link my mind with the three of you. While I cannot be of physical assistance once you three enter the portal. I can at least keep a watchful eye over the three of you

Okubi: Also should we fail to rescue our friends from Razel and her homunculus. Onyxe can bare witness our demise

Onyxe: I truly hope that does not come to past. Anyways I have successfully linked my mind with yours

Angelina: Okay Okubi, you can lead the way

Okubi: I would say ladies first, but I'm not exactly the type that cares for chivalry. Anyways stay close and we should all arrive to the same destination. I hope to see you soon Eligos and Onyxe

Eligos: I wish you a safe return Master Okubi. I'm so sorry for betraying you once again

Okubi: I already forgiven you Eligos. I don't want to hear about that again. I will see you both soon

Onyxe: Farewell heroes.

Bidding both Onyxe and Eligos farewell. Okubi, Apollyn, and Angelina enter the portal


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