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Profile Lisa Alice


Lisa Alice

Name: Lisa Alice. Known alias include Miss Martinique, Avril Jinx, and Lady Luna

Age: 2,314 years old

Gender: Female obviously

Likes: Plotting, Carabia, her family, traveling, blood

Dislikes: Naive individuals, her bossy mother, idiotic siblings, pies, shadier demons than her

Magic Name: None. Lisa Alice is a full fledge demon

Magic Powers: Lisa Alice posses natural demonic abilities + Mastery of various demonic spells. Lisa Alice is also a Spirit Toucher. A rare ability that allows an individual to touch spirits.

BIO: The seventh of thirteen children. Lisa Alice is the product of the Demon Breeder Carol and Demon King Mammon. Growing up in the Underworld. Lisa Alice inspired to become a demon ruling her own empire. However being the daughter of a Demon Breeder. In order to make her dreams a reality. Lisa Alice would have to live a dangerous life. After an argument with her mother. Lisa Alice left home and started her journey. Traveling through various places in the Underworld. Encountering demons with evil intentions. Lisa Alice quickly learned the ways of deception. Along with her powerful magic and fighting instincts. Lisa Alice posses the necessary tools. In order to survive the evils within her world. During her journey in Tophet, the village of eternal fire. Lisa Alice meet the stray demon spirit Carabia. While their initial encounter wasn't exactly pleasant. Upon witnessing Lisa Alice defeat a blazing Cerberus. Seeing a lot of himself within the demon. Carabia realized Lisa Alice's potential and wished to join her. Now with a friend by her side. Lisa Alice's ambitions for greatness vastly increased.

 Years later during her adventures in Herodias. Under the alias Miss Martinique. Lisa Alice and Carabia meet a handsome a powerful demon by the name Otto Kita. First Otto seem like the perfect match for her. Extremely powerful and also wished to obtain an empire of his own. However after meeting Otto's younger brother Isamu. Lisa Alice had an unexplained change of heart. Once Lisa Alice told Otto she no longer was interested in him. Otto reacted angrily and attempted to rape her. Having severely underestimated Lisa Alice's powers. Otto was easily overpowered and the angry Lisa Alice murdered him. Realizing what she had done. Lisa Alice told Isamu about his brother's death, but not it was her who killed him. Negative emotions clouding her mind. Lisa Alice decided to return home. In order to regain her focus. Carabia agreed that such a decision would be wised.

 Returning home to her mother and siblings. Lisa Alice began her training. Preparing herself both physically and mentally. Along with Carabia by her side. Lisa Alice knew the next time she journeyed from him. That her ambitions would finally become a reality.


1. Lisa Alice appearance is based on a vampire

2. Sharing the name "Lisa" with one the main characters. However unlike the angel Lisa who's last name is Brown. Lisa Alice is her full first name

3. One of Lisa Alice's pet peeves is being called either "Lisa" or "Alice". Not stating her full first name or at least calling her "L.A." pisses the demon off rather quickly

4. Out of all her siblings. Lisa Alice was the rebel of her family

5. Being the daughter of a Demon Breeder. A type of demon who fornicates with powerful demons. In order to continue the birth of powerful demons. Lisa Alice is the third child her mother Carol had with the demon Mammon. Carol's previous children with Mammon are Baziel and Salyon

6. Despite not sharing the same father. Lisa Alice is closest to her youngest sister Apollyn. In spite how often she likes picking on her.

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