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Forbidden Chapter 50

Forbidden Chapter Fifty

Terror At The Elestial Market Part Two

 The Underworld demon assassin guild known as The Order! Successfully infiltrated the Elestial Market and immediately unleashed their fury onto the public. Normally The Order does not perform such brutal ambushes. Being a guild of demon assassins. The Order heavily believes in the art of stealth. However due to their main target James Del Soto. Along with his friends aiding the former assassin. Ulric and the rest of his subordinates. Grown tired of James eluding the death he so rightfully deserves. Including the betrayal and interference of Queen Othello and Princess Hellin. The Order had decided to find James and kill him off. Even if that means innocent people will be slain in the process. Tonight James Del Soto will die and anyone else who stands in The Order's way. 

 Okubi along with Eligos and James. The trio search through the crowds of screaming people. In order to locate their remaining comrades. Moments before Okubi, Eligos, and James picks up the aura of Xiaoyu and those who accompanied her. The trio are confronted by two assassins from The Order


Nolan: Enough running around Del Soto! Surrender yourself peacefully or you won't be the only one who dies tonight!

Paraben: Considering the mood Lord Ulric is in. I highly doubt the sole death of the traitor will satisfy him. Due to the poor actions of Del Soto, Queen Othello, and Princess Hellin. I expect the death toll to be in the hundreds. Before Lord Ulric is satisfied

Okubi: Will that death toll include the two of you twits?

Paraben: Well isn't it the boy who murdered his mother in cold blood. It's truly a pleasure to meet a fellow killer. Sadly you too shall die for aiding that vermin Del Soto

Eligos: Neither of you two lames stand a chance against my Master

Nolan: Ugh! Demon Spirits are so annoying. Why don't you fuckers just go to the Afterlife. What's the point of existing without a physical body?

Okubi: Hopefully you'll stick to your views about the dead. After I end your worthless existence. Wouldn't want to have cur like you floating around. Once I destroy your physical form. James I will deal with the assassins. Go on ahead and find Xiaoyu and the others

James: Are you sure about that Okubi?

Okubi: The day I need your help. Is the day I surrender my fortune. Now please go do as I ask

Eligos: Am staying with you Master. Please don't send me away

Okubi: Fine but stay out of my way Eligos. I don't want you getting hurt. 

Paraben: You're not going anywhere Del Soto! ROSE BEAM!

Paraben releases a pink beam from his hand towards James. Moving at a speed faster than lightning and a blink of an eye combined. Okubi position himself in front of James. Creating a shield made of fire. Both Paraben and Nolan distracted by Okubi's skills. James makes his escape from the assassins. Now with James away from the assassins. Okubi can give Paraben and Nolan the fight of there lives

 Meanwhile not too far away from Okubi's location. Xiaoyu, Apollyn, Nara, Lisa, Brutality, and Futanari. Attempt to try to calm down the terrified civilians, but with all the chaos surrounding them. The heroes efforts to calm the situation proves futile. Instead the heroes shift their focus. In order to find the ones responsible for this terror. Brutality, Apollyn, Nara, and Lisa swiftly sense several demons within the area. Xiaoyu and Futanari sensing the evil auras as well. Xiaoyu leads her comrades to the location of the auras. Seconds later Xiaoyu and the others encounter three demons. Unleashing havoc throughout the Elestial Market. Upon laying her eyes on the demons attacking the place. Brutality knew they were assassins from The Order. The very group of demon assassins who wanted to kill James. Realizing that they must had tracked James to this location. In order to kill James and anyone who aided him. Brutality immediately alerts the rest of her comrades

Brutality: Xiaoyu! Everyone! These demons standing before us are members of the assassination guild The Order!

Nara: So these are the fuckers James was talking about?

Apollyn: These evil demons are here to harm Apollyn's buddies. Well Apollyn won't allow them to hurt her buddies. Apollyn will eat each and every last one of them

Nickel: Oh so you people are friends of the traitor Del Soto. I'm the assassin known as Nickel. Along with my comrades Malachite and Ruby Mage. The three of us will annihilate anyone who aids the traitor

Futanari: You evil demon jack offs aren't killing anyone

Lisa: We are taking you fuckers down here and now!

Ruby Mage: Well that's something you don't see everyday. A fouled mouthed angel which soon to be dead

Xiaoyu: Despite there is more of us than them. Considering they are not only demons, but assassins from the Underworld. Fighting them is definitely going to be a challenge. However knowing that The Order has invaded the Elestial Market. Am very worried about Okubi, Hellin, Anna, and the others

Malachite: Don't you worry my pretty mortal. Our fellow assassins are currently dealing with them

Nickel: Your only concern should be how fast we kill you all

Nara: As if you fuckers were capable of such a feat! Babe! If you want to go find Okubi and the others. Please feel free to do so. The girls and I can fight these losers

Brutality: What he said

Xiaoyu: Thank you everyone. Promise me you'll take these assholes down

Lisa: Count on it beautiful. Now go and find our comrades. Leave these third rate demons to us

Xiaoyu kisses Nara on the cheek and bids her friends farewell. Leaving them to fight the demon assassins. While she goes to find Okubi and the others. Meanwhile in another area the Elestial Market. After witnessing several civilians being killed. Hellin is confronted by six demon assassins. Unlike the other assassins of The Order. These six demons were ordered by Ulric to specifically find and eliminate Hellin. Unable to use her telepathic abilities to combat them. Due to a spell the demons placed upon themselves. Hellin will have not choice, but to use brute force. Which of course is never a problem for her

Hellin: So do you shit bags have a name? I like to know the names of the beings I killed! Not that I'll remember them in the years to come. Still as the Princess of Babylon. I order you fuckers to tell me your names

Kenji: We are a special assassination squad known as K.I.L.L.E.R. Master Ulric had order the six of us to find and eliminate you. My fellow assassins please tell the soon to be former Princess of Babylon your names

Ina: Ina, Lady of Hellfire

Lou: Lou of the Freeze

Lynx: Lynx of the Swift

Eigra: Eigra of the Shadows

Roberto: Roberto, Lord of Magnetism

Kenji: Along with my mastery of Earth magic. The six of us form the deadly K.I.L.L.E.R. unit. Now prepare for you execution Princess!

Hellin: Even with you bitches blocking off my telepathic powers. I'm going to annihilate each and everyone of you fuckers... EBONY BLAZE!

 Forming black colored flames from her mouth. Hellin unleashes her fiery attack towards the K.I.L.L.E.R. unit. Dodging Hellin's attack with no difficulty. The assassins begin preparing an attack of their own. Lynx using his magical speed abilities. Rushes towards Hellin with high velocity. Hellin attempts to counter the assassin, but Lynx moves faster than Hellin can see. While Lynx is keeping Hellin distracted. The other members of K.I.L.L.E.R. start combining their powers together. In order to unleash a deadly elemental attack against Hellin. Struggling to defend against Lynx's insanely fast strikes. Once Lynx has sensed his comrades are ready to strike. Using the technique Demonic Acceleration! Lynx increases his speed to such an unimaginable point. Not only does he disappears from Hellin's line of vision. Even his very aura becomes invisible to her. Now with Hellin perfectly positioned for annihilation. The members of K.I.L.L.E.R. are ready to finish her. Lynx then appears before Hellin like a flash of lightning. The assassin strikes Hellin with a powerful uppercut. Sending her flying high into the sky. Once Hellin is high enough in the air. The remaining members of K.I.L.L.E.R. unleashed their combined attack ELEMENTAL RUINATION! Successfully striking Hellin with a powerful blast of energy. Combined with fire, ice, earth, magnetic, and shadow energy. 

 Hellin is sent crashing down to the ground. Causing the ground to shake angrily upon impact. Smoke covering the area of where Hellin had fallen. The members of K.I.L.L.E.R. check to see if Hellin is dead. Sensing no sign of life. The assassins are certain Hellin has been killed. However once the smoke had cleared from where Hellin crashed. The K.I.L.L.E.R.'s were horrified to see. Hellin was no longer on the ground, but a dummy body in her place. Before the K.I.L.L.E.R.'s could make their next move. A battered Hellin appears from behind them. No longer in her humane form. Hellin's appearance has become that of a demon. Glowing red eyes, darken skin, and enlarged fangs. Quickly wrapping her mouth around Lynx's neck. Hellin uses her brute strength to rip the demon's head off. Realizing that Hellin is behind them. The remaining members of K.I.L.L.E.R.'s move away from her. Having witnessed the death of Lynx. The members of K.I.L.L.E.R. are filled with an unimaginable rage towards Hellin. 

Kenji: YOU FUCKING BITCH!!! Why couldn't you just DIE!

Ina: That fucking monster killed Lynx! I'LL MAKE YOU FUCKING PAY YOU WHORE!

Hellin: What's the matter motherfuckers! Upset I didn't kill one of you fuckers first? Well then stick around loves. I have plenty of more death to spread around!

 While Hellin's battle against the members of K.I.L.L.E.R. heats up. Another battle is currently taking place within the Elestial Market. Shortly after infiltrating and causing chaos within the Elestial Market. Anna along with her friends Lava Rose, Zira, and Tre'. Found themselves faced against a trio of demon assassins. Recognizing these three demons from her childhood. A frantic Anna immediately calls out their names

Anna: Duran, Neil, and Ekoda!

Duran: Well look who grew up fellas

Neil: It's been a longer time since we last seen you Anna. I appreciate the fact you remember us. Especially after the years that passed. Once Lord Ulric sold you to be Queen Othello's slave

Ekoda: Sadly this is no friendly reunion. Am sure you are aware why we come here?

Anna: The three of you are here to kill my father?

Neil: Yes, but it's not only your father we came here to kill

Zira: Anna who are these creepy ass demons?

Tre': I can definitely sense these monster's killer intent... no offense to you Anna

Lava Rose: Well gang looks like we got a fight on our hands

Anna: Duran, Neil, and Ekoda. Please let's no engage in combat. Especially in such a crowded place around innocent people

Duran: Even after all these years. You're still a fucking whiny little bitch! Do you honestly fucking think we care about these fucking pathetic mortals? If you want to blame anyone for the unfortunate events taking place. Look no further then your traitorous ass father!

Ekoda: Had James just accepted his death like a man. All of this would had been avoided. Sadly now not only James will die tonight. I wish I could say am sorry it's come to this, but in all honesty. I fantasize about inflicting harm on you for centuries. Finally Lord Ulric has given me permission to fulfill my desires to lay harm on you

Anna: I knew you didn't like me Ekoda, but I never imagine you harbor such animosity towards me.

Ekoda: Oh no it's not that I hate you. I just always imagine you would had such wonderful screams. 

Zira: That's one sick sonabitch!

Duran: Ekoda you can have your play with Anna. Leave the pitiful human sages to Neil and I

Lava Rose: Am going to give you demons to sweetest ass kicking you will ever know

 Continuing his battle against the pair Nolan and Paraben. Using his newly obtained weapon Neurotic Pegasus. Okubi proves himself to be more than the duo can handled. Realizing that Okubi is out of their league. Both Nolan and Paraben begins discussing amongst themselves. Their chances of either defeating or surviving Okubi. Eligos watching the fight from a safe distant within the chaos. The demon spirit is pleased to see his Master. Showing off his superior combat abilities. Knowing his opponents don't stand a chance of killing him. Okubi attempts to reason with Nolan and Paraben

Okubi: Boys? Do either of you realize how powerful I am? I could had ended this battle five minutes ago. Not only have I not used any magic. Ever since James managed to escape. Neither of you have gotten a single hit on me. Despite the fact am battling the two of you. Using a weapon I only purchased minutes before your arrival. Perhaps it would be wise if you two were to retreat. I promise not to pursue either of you. Just leave this place so I can aid my friends? Refuse and I guarantee the both of you will die

Nolan: Even with you possessing skills that may rival our Lord. Neither Paraben or I would dare run away from a battle

Paraben: Anyone who aids the traitor must die! Regardless how powerful he or she may be. Our Lord order us to kill anyone who allied themselves with the traitor

Okubi: Well am not exactly thrilled about protecting James either. However I consider his daughter Anna a very dear friend of mine. Therefore I will protect James and kill anyone who threatens his life. Now before my mercy runs out. Leave this place now or perish!

Nolan: Do your worst murderer!

Paraben: We do not run in the face of death!

Okubi: It's easy to talk about facing death, but once you see your life flashing before you eyes. Only then you realize the value of your life. SEDUCTION POSE! JEALOUSY!

 Quickly positioning himself on the ground. Placing his sword Neurotic Pegasus to his side. Holding his leg with each hand. Okubi raises his legs high into the air. Okubi then spreads his legs apart. Releasing a powerful pheromone from his body. Affected by the pheromones caused by Okubi's spell. Both Nolan and Paraben fall into a rage like trance. The two demons begin fighting each other to the death. Knowing for certain Nolan and Paraben will kill each other within minutes. Okubi rises back on his feet and calls for Eligos. Once Eligos appears by his Master's side. The two of them leave the assassins to their demise. In order to go find the rest of their comrades. The chaos within the Elestial Market continues to spread. Due to the villainous actions of The Order. While the rest of Ulric's assassins are battling against James's friends. Ulric along with his bodyguards Asir and Carling. Currently find themselves confronting the Queen of Babylon herself, Othello. Staring back at the leader of The Order in a seductive manners. Othello begins to talk to Ulric

Othello: Well what a pleasant surprise to see you here Lord Ulric. Coming all this way just to see me. Oh how much I appreciate a man with takes initiative

Ulric: Cease your harlot mannerism Othello! If neither you or your daughter aided the traitor. I wouldn't been forced to enter this pitiful world! I absolutely detest being here in Asira. Unfortunately I must punished those who dare betray me

Othello: Looks like someone is highly upset. Perhaps a good hand job would do the trick?

Ulric: Perhaps surrendering Del Soto and your daughter. May lessen your chances of suffering my wrath. I known you for centuries Othello and even helped you gain your current position in the Underworld. After all I had fucking done for you. This is have you thank me? Having your fucking experiment of a daughter attack my assassins. In order to protect your former lover? Dear Satan you are a fucking jezebel of the highest order. Just like a snake you would turn on me. I should had left you right where I found you. Did you really think I'll let you get away with betraying me?

Othello: Well considering James has done so for centuries. I didn't think one minor betrayal would be such an issue. Besides your men should had retreated. The very moment my daughter first intervene. Attacking the future ruler of Babylon is a major no no. Such a crime is punishable by death! So Ulric do you really want to make an enemy out of me? I can guarantee such a choice will not be in your favor. So let's bygones be bygones and you can continue your meaningless revenge upon James some other time?

Ulric: FUCK YOU HARLOT! I will exact my revenge upon Del Soto and his allies. Even if I have to killed every last single being in this world. Soon you will learn that those who betray me. Pay the price with their very lives.

Othello: I tried my best, but some people can't be reasoned. I'll make sure to give you a death so painful. Your fucking ancestor are going to feel it!

Ulric: Is that so you fucking slut! Not only do I posses the combat skills of a Demon Lord. Unlike you I have help alongside me. Had you just surrendered yourself. I would had least let you lived as my sex slave. Now instead of keeping you for my pleasure. My assassins and I will tear you apart limb from limb! Tonight is the night the Queen of Babylon dies!

???: Is that truly so? The Queen's death isn't the one I foreseen

???: Did you bastards really think it would be so easy?

 Hearing an unrecognizable hidden speaking to him. Surprised neither he or his guards sense their presence until now. Ulric immediately calls for those hiding within the shadows to show themselves. Appearing on each of Othello's side. The first being a black male short mohawk. Wearing a red jumpsuit. Showing off a bit of his chiseled upper body. The other being a very beautiful woman with caramel colored hair. Wearing a blue dress made for combat. Despite the two mortals coming to Othello's aid. Ulric along with his bodyguards. Senses that both mortals are very powerful sages. Ulric's plans to kill Othello before help could arrive had been spoiled. Course the Leader of The Order never expected the Queen's help to come from two strangers

Miracle: Allow me to introduce myself. The name's Miracle Chapelle, the Golden Boy from Gamboge

Natsumi: I'm Natsumi Morgan, the daughter of Rodger and Natsuki Morgan. My daddy spent good money making sure I got to Neo Aigosthena on time for the Elestial Market. Which was ruined by you vile demons. 

Miracle: Along with the fact you fallen angels caused the death of several of my friends. I can't just leave this bitch without getting some revenge

Natsumi: What was suppose to be a beautiful night. Ruined by a bunch of trashy demons. Now I must find a way to relieve my frustration. What better way than killer the bastards responsible

Ulric: Foolish sages! Interfering with affairs that do not concern you. My guards will see to it that you both suffer a gruesome death! Which means I alone will be the one to kill Othello

Othello: If you think you're going to kill me. Then I got some really bad news for you hun. Before these two no names appeared by my side. Between you and your goons. The chances of killing me was pretty decent. Sadly now that it's no longer a handicap match. Ulric I guarantee you that I will fucking murder you! Course before I begin with your massacre. Did you inflict any harm against my daughter Mihoshi or the citizens of Babylon?

Ulric: Despite your very presence infuriates me. I suppose I can at least answer that one question. After all you're going to be dead very shortly. Besides only your daughter and you interfered with James's assassination. I see no reason to start a war with Babylon. Besides once I kill James, Hellin, and you. Something tells me that Mihoshi can be reasoned. Rumor has it that she wants to be Babylon's next ruler anyways. Learning that both her mother and her chosen heiress had been killed. Nothing will stand in Mihoshi's way of becoming Queen. I'll just make sure she doesn't retaliate against The Order. Otherwise I'll eliminate her as well.

Othello: That's quite an interesting answer. I'll be sure to tell my daughter to slaughter your remaining assassins. After I finish devouring your corpse!

Ulric: The time for talk is over! It's time I rid you from existence Jezebel!


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