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Forbidden Chapter 61

Forbidden Chapter Sixty One

Stepping out of Hellin's portal. The heroes find themselves standing in Bosman. The location of their target Iron Zabel. However Hellin and the other quickly notice. Othello did not accompany them to Bosman. Immediately Tre' questions Hellin about Othello's whereabouts

Tre': So where is your mother Hellin?

Lava Rose: Perhaps she had to use the bathroom. It's not like Othello can't open her own portal here. I just wished she said something first

Zira: If that was the case. Othello would already be here

Anna: Well the Queen is known for her dramatic entrance. However something tells me this isn't one of those moments

Hellin: It certainly isn't Anna. I don't know what the hell is my mother thinking. Not accompany us inside of the portal. Nonetheless we can eliminate Iron Zabel without her

Tre': Do you honestly think that's a good idea?

Zira: The five of us are pretty capable but Zabel isn't exactly your run of the mill adversary. The man is a deadly powerful sage. Having Othello fighting alongside us can certainly increase our chances. Plus doesn't she want revenge on him for killing her friend?

Hellin: The is true but I'm not interested in waiting for her to arrive either. I'm more than capable of taking down Iron Zabel. The rest of your are just the help. Besides my mother will show up when she's good and ready. Now enough meaningless chit chat and let's get moving. I can sense multiple presence up ahead. Everyone be on your guard. We don't what danger lie ahead of us. Nor the amount of enemies we'll have to face. Considering Iron Zabel is a cult leader. It's only a matter of time before we encounter his servants. Hopefully taking them out will be easy

Anna: Most servants are an easy defeat. Not saying that means I'm easy

Tre': Oh everyone here definitely know you're no weakling Anna. I just hope those servant will be. They already have us beat in the numbers game

Lava Rose: Thankfully I posses the type of magic to combat multiple enemies

Zira: You're counting on the fact our foes will be that easy to take down

Hellin: In case Lava Rose's candy base magic isn't enough. I'm sure my telepathy will do the trick. Course burning our enemies to a crisp. Wouldn't cause me any less satisfaction. Now if we're done with the chit chat. Let's move and take down Iron Zabel and his cult. I want to have this fucker finished before Okubi takes down Pruflas

Zira: You view that man as your rival?

Hellin: Yes and one I intend to surpass. Now zip your traps and follow me. The faster we reach Zabel's secret base. The faster I can kill that sonabitch!

 Meanwhile inside of his Secret Base. Iron Zabel relaxes in his throne chair. Holding a glass of wine in his right hand. Standing before him are his servants. Along with his chosen assassin Celia. Staring directly into Zabel's eyes. Celia senses something exciting is about to happen. After placing his drink on the arm of his chair. Zabel rises out of his chair. In order to address the servants and Celia before him.

Zabel: The final hours are upon us. Soon my ascension to Godhood shall commence. However before the ritual can take place. We must first eliminate the approaching enemies. Until all who oppose me are dead. I cannot make my... our dreams into a reality. Now by the command of your God. Seek out the enemy and destroy them!

Immediately after hearing the orders of their God. The servants of Zabel rush out of the secret base. In order to find and eliminate the incoming intruders. Celia remains inside of the room. In order to discuss private matters with Zabel

Celia: So now with the pawns off to find the enemy. Let's say we get this ritual started?

Zabel: Everything has a time and place Celia. I cannot begin the ritual before the hour of ascension. Otherwise all this preparation will had been for naught

Celia: Isn't the hour of ascension less than four hours away? Why not get things started now? Who knows how long your pathetic servants will keep the "heroes" at bay? I don't want all my hard work in aiding you to go to waste

Zabel: I share your sentiments Celia but I cannot rush such a delicate process. In order for me to become a true God. I must make sure to follow the ritual exactly as ordered. Otherwise I will risk something unfortunate to fall upon me. Thanks to the seals I had you place all throughout Neo Aigosthena. Once the time for the ritual to begin. All of the citizens of Neo Aigosthena shall be sacrificed. Using their blood and souls to transform myself into a God. However until that time comes. I will depend on your protection. Not that I'm incapable of defending myself. I just prefer to be one hundred percent health. Upon the arrival of the hour of ascension. Therefore it is your duty to eliminate anyone who threatens my well being. If everything goes according to plan. I will become a God of unimaginable power. Even Asira himself will tremble before me. Also as a reward for your servitude Celia. I'll shall be certain to award you immensely. Not that having a place in my new world isn't already enough

Celia: My ambitions are your ambitions Lord Zabel. I will protect you from all forms of harm. This pathetic world is need of a God. Especially one that didn't name the planet he created after himself. I look forward into seeing your ambitions realized my Lord. "Soon I will finally achieve my own greatness. Once the hour of ascension arrives. I will eliminate Iron Zabel and it will be me who becomes a God!"

 Successfully having enter inside of Iron Zabel's Secret Base. Hellin and Anna immediately catches the scent of multiple enemies approaching. Realizing how close the enemies are from them. Hellin telepathically communicates with Anna and the members of Team Rose. In order to form a plan to take down Zabel's servants

Hellin: "Those fuckers are going to be here in a few seconds. While I could simply attack their pitiful fucking minds. I would much rather attack them in a more creative manner"

Anna: "So what do you have in mind Hellin?"

Hellin: "First I want Lava Rose to begin creating a big blob of candy between his palms"

Lava Rose: "Got it! I'm making it now"

Hellin: "Once the enemies are in close range. I want Tre' to creating a powerful light. Blinding our enemies so Lava Rose can trap them inside of his candy. Allowing us to strike them with everything we got"

Zira: "Sounds like a good plan to me"

Tre': "Just give me the word and it's lights on!"

Hellin: "So now that everyone knows the plan. Let's put that bitch in action!"

 Zabel's servants only inches away from Hellin and her team. Tre' create a burst of harsh light in his right hand. The servants blinded by the light. Lava Rose quickly sprays a massive amount of liquid candy from his hands. Striking the multiple servants and traps them. Immediately Hellin, Anna, and Zira began mercilessly attacking the bounded servants. Lava Rose and Tre' swiftly join their women allies in the assault. After maiming and killing Zabel's servants. Hellin and the others continued moving towards the location of Zabel. A sudden flurry of fireballs began moving towards them. Realizing more of Zabel's servants had come to stop them. Zira quickly creates a wall of dark energy. Neutralizing the fireballs upon impact. Successfully protects her comrades and herself. Once the onslaught of fireballs cease. Zira opens a hole big enough in her wall of darkness. Allowing Hellin and the others to see the opposing forces. While majority of servants standing across from them now. Appear no different than the servants they previously defeated. Hellin, Anna, and the members of Team Rose notices two male sages. Both dressed in unique cloaks. Compare to the rest of their comrades. Instinctively Hellin and the others knows these two sages will be trouble.

Hellin: So not all of Zabel's little pieces of shits look the same huh

Anna: Exactly who are these two uniquely dressed sages before us

Lava Rose: Trouble but nothing we shouldn't be able to handle

Tre': I wonder if those two are twins?

Zira: I highly doubt it but it matters not

 The two uniquely dressed sages stepping out from the middle of their comrades. Both of them possessing shiny and spiky silver hair. One sage wearing a blue and water chestnut colored cloak. The other sage wore a dark red and titanium colored cloak. Staring menacingly towards Hellin and the others with their hazel eyes. The two sages begin to address Hellin and her team

Levin: I'm Levin, The Magician of Chaos

Lycra: I'm Lycra, The Magician of Despair

Both: Together we are Lord Zabel's weapons of destruction! Together we shall annihilate the five of you!

Tre': So you're not twins?

Levin: We are most certainly not twins

Lycra: We just happen to share a similar style and appearance. Which is the root of our strong bond

Hellin: I don't give a shit! I'll kill both of you fuckers. Along with the rest of you garbage disciples of Zabel! So make your deaths easy and surrender now. Otherwise things are about to get really gory. Trust me I fucking prefer gory

Levin: You don't frighten us disgusting demon!

Lycra: My comrade and I have slain your kind many times before. Tonight will be no different

Levin: You and your friends will die by our hands

Lava Rose: Cocky like a motherfucker. It's villains like you guys who asses I enjoy kicking the most. Team Rose are you ready to deal with these clowns?

Anna: Hey what about Hellin and me?

Zira: Considering the level of magic Zabel's disciples posses. The three of us should be enough to combat them. Allowing both Hellin and you to find Zabel

Hellin: Do you really think that's a good idea? The three of you combat Levin, Lycra, and these other losers without Anna and me?

Tre': While I would personally prefer if Anna and you helped us beat these guys. My trust in Lava Rose and Zira is boundless. The three of us together can take down an army

Levin: There is no way Lycra and myself nor the rest of my fellow sages. Shall allow any of you to harm our Lord Zabel

Hellin: As if any of you motherfuckers can stop me! Anna get ready to move

 Hellin unleashes a telepathic shockwave against Levin, Lycra, and the rest of Zabel's disciples. Causing them an instant migraine. Allowing Hellin and Anna the opening they need to escape. Jumping over Levin, Lycra, and the others. Before running off to find and kill Zabel. Both Hellin and Anna turns towards Lava Rose and his teammates

Anna: I believe in you guys. Best of luck with defeating Levin, Lycra, and the others

Hellin: None of you assholes better die to these fuckers. Otherwise I will personally feed your corpses to Cerberus. Do I make myself clear?

Lava Rose: Don't worry ladies. I promise my team and I will prevail. Now go and find Zabel and give him hell

Anna: Bye Lava Rose, Zira, and Tre'. I promise we will meet again soon

Tre': I'm holding you to that promise Anna

 Saying their hopefully temporary farewells to Team Rose. Hellin and Anna make their way towards Zabel. Recovering from their migraines Levin, Lycra, and the disciples turn their attention over to Lava Rose and his team. Extremely angry by the fact Hellin and Anna managed to get away

Levin: You insects!

Lycra: How dare that mind witch use such a dirty tactic against us? No matter Levin and I shall eliminate the three of you. Then we will hunt down those demons and exterminate them

Lava Rose: It maybe an army of you fuckers but don't think for a second. My friends and I can't kick all of your asses. Zira! Tre'! Let's get ready to show these losers the meaning of pain!

 Minutes after leaving Team Rose to combat Levin, Lycra, and the disciples. Hellin and Anna encounter a door made of iron. Sensing two very powerful presence behind the door. Without a moment of hesitation Hellin kicks the door down. Entering the room Hellin and Anna swiftly enter their battle stances. Anna holding two of her tarot cards in hand. Hellin simply grips her fist ready to punch something hard. Across from Hellin and Anna is a tall and muscular pale skin man. Calmly sitting on his throne chair. Removing his designer shades from his face. The man reveals his sinister blue colored eyes. Staring at Hellin and Anna with great disgust. Standing beside him was a fair skin woman dressed in a revealing silver bodysuit. Remembering what they had learned from Okubi, Eligos, Angelina, and Nara. Hellin and Anna recognized the woman as the Beyonder Celia Reign. Therefore the man next to her is no other than their main target Iron Zabel. Wasting no time to introduce herself. Hellin rises from the ground and begins speaking to Iron Zabel

Hellin: The names Hellin, the Princess of Babylon and the my mother's greatest assassins. I have come here to end your tainted existence Iron Zabel

Anna: I have also come here to aid in your demise

Zabel: I had foreseen your arrivals and I must say I'm very disappointed. Especially in you traitor!

Hellin: Traitor? Exactly who are you speaking to false God?

Celia: Certainly not to the insignificant pumpkin hair bitch next to you

Anna: Hellin what is Iron Zabel talking about you being a traitor?

Zabel: Do you not truly remember your roll in the Children of Ruin? It was you who imprisoned me in the first place! Now Janiel has sent you to finish me off? Once I have Celia deal with you and your servant. Upon my ascension into Godhood. I shall personally eliminate the remaining members of the Children of Ruin. Those fools shall pay for siding with that tyrant Mastema over a divine being like myself! Now Celia prepare to annihilate those pathetic bitches!

Celia: It will be my deepest pleasure my Lord

Hellin: What in the hell are you talking about? I wasn't sent here by Janiel to slay you. Nor do I have any affiliation with the Children of Ruin

Anna: Let us first deal with the woman Beyonder. Then we'll deal with this whole nonsense about you being a member of the Children of Ruin. It's very likely Zabel is just messing with you Hellin

Zabel: Either you're playing stupid Princess of Babylon or you have a doppelganger serving under Janiel. Regardless you shall be destroy for threatening a God

 Forced to take a detour due to earlier events. Yura along with Hisako and Oriana w/Ricky. Finally arrive to Bosman, Neo Aigosthena. The location of Yura's long time nemesis and former partner Celia. Along with being the alleged hideout of the powerful sage Iron Zabel

Yura: Ladies thank you for accompany me to Bosman. It was fun getting here but playtime is over. Time for the four of us to take down a dangerous foe or two

Hisako: Kagemori been itching for a foe worthy of cutting down

Oriana: Ricky and I are ready to show off our power as well

Yura: Then three four of us are ready for combat. Let us proceed to the enemy's hideout


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