Friday, February 10, 2017

Profile Danielle



Name: Danielle Ann Amarillo 

Age: 16

Hair Color: Jet Black

Eye Color: Dandelion 

Gender: Female

Height: 5'5

Weight: 126 pounds

Likes: Family, knowledge, math, trivia, traveling, Sopapilla Cheesecake, the color yellow

Dislikes: Spicy foods, rude people, magic lessons from her brothers

Magic Name: Order Of Tonatiuh + various magics spells she's managed to learn

Abilities: Mainly fire manipulation. Danielle can also use a sleep spell, create a jam trap, and create fogs

BIO: Born and raised in Mexico. The youngest of five children. Danielle is the only daughter of David and Mona Amarillo. Along with her four older brothers Jesus, Marco, Fernando, and Rodrigo. Danielle lived a relatively normal life amongst her family. Growing up Danielle had an extreme fascination with knowledge. Even more so than most children around her. Having such a strong passion for knowledge. At the age of four. Danielle was already reading books on a sixth grade level. Shortly after Danielle began attending Elementary School. Less than years later Danielle had already graduated. Due to having skipped two grades. Danielle later then graduated Junior High School at thirteen. Following High School by the age of sixteen. Now with school out of the way. Danielle wanted to do some traveling. In order to decide where she would attend College. However due to her family's protective nature over her. Everyone objected to Danielle's desires to leave Mexico. After some back and forth between Danielle and her family. They reluctantly gave into their daughter/sister's wishes. Yet in order for Danielle to travel outside of Mexico. The Amarillo's demanded their daughter learned magic. While Danielle was never too fond of magic. In order to be able to travel outside of Mexico. Danielle began studying under her brothers Fernando and Rodrigo. 

 Two months later after learning various fire spells. Along with unrelated spells through various books she had read. Although neither Fernando and Rodrigo were fully satisfied by Danielle's magical abilities. They decided she knew enough for combat lower level sages. Having learned enough magic to defend herself. Danielle left Mexico and traveled to the country called Mayland. Shortly after arriving to Mayland. A few days later Danielle made her way to Neo Aigosthena. Invited to a party by a few friendly strangers. After having one too many shots. Danielle decided to return to her hotel room. In order to keep herself from becoming fully intoxicated. Unaware of the danger that awaited her outside. Danielle bid the locals farewell and left the bar. Walking her way back to the hotel. Danielle had encountered a man in a suit. Immediately sensing the man's bad intentions. Danielle had tried to run away. Sadly the man had easily put her to sleep. Danielle had woken up hours later. Finding herself inside of a nursery room. Rescued by a man name Nara Chabla. Danielle would eventually discovered that she had been kidnapped. Forced to compete in a sadistic fighting tournament by a woman name Karen Caramel. In hopes of returning home to her family. Danielle must fight to survive


1. Danielle's color theme is the color yellow

2. Danielle's surname "Amarillo" means "yellow" in Spanish

3, Danielle's is inspired by my favorite King of Fighters character Zarina

4. Danielle's is also partially inspired by the character Clover Field from the 999 series

5. Danielle was originally going to be a more sexual character. However with Cool Nine already presence. I decided to make Danielle more on the pure side

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