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Forbidden Chapter 60

Forbidden Chapter Sixty

 Xiaoyu and Syh having survive their earlier ordeal inside their cell. The duo had managed to reached the auditorium. Meeting the other sages kidnapped by Karen and Stanford. Seeing that her boyfriend and comrade Nara wasn't amongst the sages in the auditorium. Xiaoyu worried that Nara may had failed to beat Karen's death game. Luckily after seeing Nara and a woman name Danielle enter the auditorium. Xiaoyu embraced Nara as he stepped on the staged. Once the fighters had all introduced themselves to Xiaoyu. Before Xiaoyu, Nara, or the others can further discuss plans of escaping. Karen along with Stanford appears on the stage. Immediately Xiaoyu and the others were ready to assault their kidnappers. The only exception being Danielle. However before any of the sages could make a move. Karen turns her attention over to Xiaoyu. 

Karen: So we meet again Ms. Xiaoyu and friends. I truly truly truly didn't expect all of you to survive my little game. Course I did make it super easy. Considering I didn't want any of my precious fighters dying prematurely. I didn't want my precious buddy buddy Stanford's hard work go to waste

Xiaoyu: Listen you little psycho bitch! Give me Lorenzo now and I promise not to beat your demon and you into another lifetime

Syh: The lady speaks for herself. I plan on killing the both of you

Pelham: I'm in complete agreement with the elf. The price for kidnapping me is death!

Romio: I want out this place now! I'll go through the both of you if I must

Damien: My stepfather must be worried sick about me. All because you two assholes decided to kidnap a cutie like me. I'm going to enjoy kicking your asses

Braddox: I can crush these two fuckers by myself! The rest of you just make sure they don't pull any funny shit!

Nara: After the bullshit they put my friends and I through? I'm not leaving this bitch until I get more than a couple of licks on their sorry asses

Cool Nine: I don't care who kills them. Just do it already. I have better places to be

Danielle: I just want to go home

Karen: Awe. It's just so so so adorable how each and everyone of you are threatening Stanford and me. Well considering it's just Stanford and little o'l me. I'm certain the eight or nine of you can beat us. However before any of you make such a foolish decision. Just know if something happens to me before the tournament is completed. Not only will you never get to see Lorenzo again Xiaoyu. None of you will be allow to leave this place alive

Romio: If you're dead how can you stop us from leaving?

Karen: Real simple naive little half Frenchman. Just like any truly truly truly exceptional Mastermind. I created a back up plan. In case any of your jackasses were successful in killing me before the tournament's completion. I created a special spell within this place. One that will imprison all of you down here forever. Causing each and every one of you to go insane. Therefore killing me wouldn't be a very wise decision. Especially for you Miss Detective

Xiaoyu: So I guess we have no choice but to participate in your tournament?

Karen: Well duh unless you prefer the latter

Braddox: Listen here you bubble gum lolita bitch! I will not be forced to compete in your stupid tournament. Now let us out at once or else!

Karen: Never can I have a tournament where there isn't an annoying brute amongst the group. Did you not hear anything I just said full Frenchman? If any any ANY of you loons inflict a fatal wound upon this delicious body of mine. The spell I had set in this place will activate. Trapping you all here for eternity. Now unless anyone else needs me to repeat myself. Let's move onto other important matters. Starting with the rules of this year's Underground Fighting Tournament. First Danielle may you pretty pretty please join the other combatants. I need for every single last one of you to hear the rules of the tournament

 Danielle reluctantly moves herself next to Cool Nine. Still wearing a fearful expression on her face. Xiaoyu along with the other fighters. Stare at Karen and the surprisingly silent Stanford with anger. Knowing they have no choice but to participate in her demented tournament

Karen: Now that I have everyone's attention. Here are the rules of the tournament. Rule #1 Everyone participating in the Underground Fighting Tournament will be require to compete. Forfeiting or going easy on your opponent is not allowed. If I feel a fighter is not competing at their best. I will make sure that fighter is punished! However should something happen to any of you before reaching your battle destinations. There is a possibility you won't be able to compete at your best. Therefore I won't hold it against you for not fighting at your best. Course that doesn't mean you're exempt from the consequences of losing. Which brings me to Rule #2. In order to successfully complete the tournament. One of you must win three consecutive fights. Whoever accomplishes this first will be deemed the winner of this year's Underground Fighting Tournament. Also keep in mind of the word consecutive. If you manage to win your first two bouts, lose on your third but win your fourth. That does not count as three consecutive wins. Meaning you have to win three bouts in a roll. In order to be deemed a winner of the tournament. The fighter that accomplishes this first not only wins the tournament. That fighter along with someone else of there choosing. Will be allowed to leave and return to Neo Aigosthena. Course in order to prevent the losers of the tournament chances of escaping. I will my magic on both the winner of the U.F.T. and the fighter they chose to leave with them. Making them both forget they were ever apart of my tournament. Thus prevent anyone from above to rescue the losers of this tournament

Romio: So you mean to tell me only one person can win and are only allow to take one person with them? Also what the hell do you mean returning to Neo Aigosthena? Aren't we currently residing in Neo Aigosthena?

Cool Nine: Sorry to burst your bubble Romio. Sadly you are wrong in both cases. First and foremost there can only be one winner in any traditional tournament of combat. Second we are all currently in Aigosthena. The state that existed centuries prior before Mayland's landscape had drastically changed it's form. Causing the original Aigosthena to be buried over 105 feet underground. Replacing it with a new mass of land that we today call Neo Aigosthena

Nara: W-ait WHAT? So you knew the place we were in wasn't Neo Aigosthena but the preexisting Aigosthena?

Xiaoyu: I knew I felt something off about this place. I just didn't know exactly what is was until now

Damien: So you mean to tell me we're 105 feet below ground from Neo Aigosthena? No fucking way this is happening

Syh: So now that we know we're not in Neo Aigosthena but Aigosthena. Along with the fact only the winner and a fighter of his or her choosing can escape. Tell us Karen what becomes of the losers?

Karen: What I was about to get to before Romio open his stupid mouth. Rule #3 applies to the losers and the consequences of losing a bout. Since this tournament allows only one winner. Those who fail to obtain three consecutive wins. Shall becomes my prisoner and used in my various experiments ha ha ha ha ha! However that's only a treat for those who manages not to receive three consecutive loses. Anyone that loses three fights in a row will be executed! A wonderful, cute, and sexy sage like myself has no need for weaklings. Therefore if any of you loses three bouts back to back. I will deliver you a death that would make Junko Enoshima from Danganronpa blush. Now that the three major rules have been explained. Let's move onto the remaining ones. Rule #4 Attacking me the Mastermind during any point of the tournament. Is considered a heinous offense and will result in you being executed. All of you should already know what happens if I die before the tournament is completed. Rule #5 everyone will have a battle per day. Allowing both winners and losers time to recuperate before their next fight. However only the winners will be rewarded for proving themselves. Those rewards will be known to the winners post battles. Rule #5 while I do not condone such an action. I also have no rules against it. If any of you choose to search for a way back to Neo Aigosthena. Should any of you prove successful in finding the special door. One that posses an elevator that will any of you back to Neo Aigosthena. Course do keep in mind my sweets. Majority of the doors within the fortress are not exits. While most of the doors here are safe to open. Please keep in mind of my lovely trick doors. Entering one of those in hopes of finding an exit. May not only hinder you in a fight but prove to be your demise. Therefore I recommend all of you to win the tournament through normal means

Cool Nine: Karen sorry to interrupt you but I have a question? Should any of us or even all of us find the door leading to the elevator. Will you hinder our escape out of spite or let us leave in peace?

Karen: Oh my mysterious Egyptian beauty. I maybe a sore loser at times but I wouldn't stop any of you from escaping. Should one or all of you manage to find the door leading out of this place. It's not because I'm so generous but the chances of finding that door is slim to none

Xiaoyu: If it fucking exist in the first place! How can any of us actually believe what you're saying? A bitch like you creating an exit from this demented tournament?  Don't make me laugh

Karen: I'm not trying to make you laugh silly Chinese girl. Otherwise I would had told a "Knock Knock Joke" Also I'm not lying about the door leading to the elevator. After all I can't always rely on Stanford to port me out from here. Therefore I created an elevator within this fortress. Allowing me to get back and forth from Neo Aigosthena to the Aigosthena of old. The only differently between me and you jackasses. I can locate the door leading to the elevator without risking my life.  Now if any of you were lucky enough to find the door leading to the elevator. I ensure you that I wouldn't do anything to impede your escape from the tournament. The only consequence that would happen to any of you. Is the lost of your memories of ever being here. In order to make sure... well you should all know by now.

Danielle: In order to ensure none of us can get outside help

Karen: BINGO! You really are a smart smart smart girl Danielle. Now another thing about the elevator. It's a one time thing folks. Meaning should any one of you successfully find the elevator out of here. Do know you will most likely be escaping by yourself. Meaning don't try going around the fortress and gathering up everyone. In hopes of escaping together. Otherwise you will lose your chance of getting out

Syh: Exactly why is that the case?

Karen: Simple! The elevator will only stay open for five seconds. After that it's closed for fifty five hours. Meaning you can't reopen it until fifty five hours has passed

Braddox: Fifty five hours? Are you fucking serious?

Karen: Super duper uber serious! Therefore if you're lucky enough to locate the door to the elevator. I suggest you look out for yourself and get a move on. Especially if you already received two lost back to back. Now one last thing until I move onto the final main rule of the tournament. Xiaoyu should you find the door. Just know there is a special choice granted to only you

Xiaoyu: Exactly what would that choice be?

Karen: If you were to find the door leading to the elevator. I would allow you to choose who to take with you. Either your beloved boyfriend Nara or your fellow Detective Lorenzo. However the one you choose to leave behind. Will also be the one that dies! Therefore I think it's in your best interest to compete in my tournament. Because if you manage to be the winner. I will not only allow you to take Nara but Lorenzo as well.

Xiaoyu: I just hope I get to kick your ass before I go

Karen: HA HA HA that's a good one. Sadly I don't think you'll be so lucky. It's not like you handled me so well during our last encounter

Xiaoyu: That fight we had back at the Elestial Market doesn't count

Karen: Oh whatever you say dear

Braddox: So exactly why does Xiaoyu get special treatment? What about the rest of us?

Karen: Do anyone else here have a friend they wish to rescue? NO! Then I guess that's why Xiaoyu and only Xiaoyu gets such a privilege. If Nara were to win the tournament. I would only allow him to rescue Xiaoyu. Perhaps he would choose to rescue Danielle instead

Nara: Exactly why would I choose to save Danielle over my girlfriend?

Karen: I don't know it just seems like she's more your type

Xiaoyu: The fuck is that suppose to mean?

Danielle: Xiaoyu there is nothing between Nara and I. Please don't think any less of your boyfriend. I'm certain he will choose you over any of us here

Xiaoyu: Please don't sound so guilty Danielle. I know there's nothing between Nara and you. It's just Karen playing more mind games

Karen: Aren't they fun though?

Pelham: I had it up to here with all this prattling. Just tell us the final rule of this Godforsaken tournament already. The faster I win this tournament the faster I can return to my normal life

Karen: Geez what's your rush plain jane? Anyways for the last in most interesting rule of the tournament. Rule #6 is something I like to call the "Dark Hour" The "Dark Hour" starts ten minutes before midnight and ends an hour later. During the "Dark Hour" anything goes. Example if you lost to someone earlier in the tournament. Perhaps you wish to take your revenge against them during the Dark Hour. In order to ensure they won't go further in the tournament. Thus increasing your chances of winning. Course you can also be a bore and just stay in your room. Sadly that doesn't mean you're safe until the Dark Hour has ended. Once the Dark Hour has completed. The other rules are back in effect. Also during the Dark Hour. All the doors within the fortress are accessible. Just be sure not to open a Trick Door. Anyways there are other minor rules but we can get to those later. The rules you needed to know have all been stated. The tournament can finally get started. There just one tiny little thing I have to do first

 Karen summons a violent pink aura around her left hand. Seconds before Stanford is able to sense her intentions. Karen mercilessly pierces Stanford's heart with her hand. Shocking everyone including Cool Nine with her traitorous actions. Blood running down Stanford's mouth. The demon stares at Karen with both confusion and disdain. In order to prevent Stanford from self regenerating. Karen unleashes the power in her left hand. Exploding the upper part of Stanford's body thus killing him. Xiaoyu quickly creates a light shield around herself and the others. Preventing Stanford's blood and organs from touching them. Karen covered in her former comrade's blood. Wearing a devious smile on her face. Brings her attention back to Xiaoyu and the others

Karen: Now before any of you start asking me why I killed my friend. Just know I HATE demons and wished those fuckers never existed. Perhaps I'll explain my hatred towards demons another time. Right now for the nine of you standing before me. It's time I introduce you all to the tenth and final participant of the Underground Fighting Tournament. Everyone give a warm welcome to my experiment... SINCLAIR!

 Seconds after Karen calls out it's name. A ghoulish clown like creature suddenly appears on the auditorium stage. Seeing how easily the creature had appeared before them. Xiaoyu remembers what Karen had said to Syh and her earlier in the prison cell. Realizing that the creature before them is the tenth participant. The fact Xiaoyu didn't sense the creature's presence until now. Nor did the other show any sign of sensing him. Prior to Karen calling his name. Xiaoyu quietly wonders to herself. The level of danger Sinclair will present in the tournament. While Nara and the other stares at Sinclair in utter shock. Cool Nine simply shakes her head in a cocky manner

Cool Nine: So you finally decided to make yourself visible creature

Romio: What are you talking about Nine?

Braddox: This "Sinclair" character just appeared before us like a ghost. No way in hell this thing was in the auditorium with us the entire time

Cool Nine: Sadly Braddox you are wrong. Sinclair has been on this stage long before Karen called his name

Karen: That is indeed very true Cool Nine. Sinclair arrived on this stage shortly after you showed up. Now do you see Xiaoyu that I wasn't lying to you earlier. Even a devil like me can be a sweetie sweet sweetheart at times... YAY!

Nara: A monster with some morals is still a monster

Karen: I suppose but at least I'm a cute monster. Anyways now that all of my fighters are finally here. It's about time we get this tournament started. Finally my dark ambitions will finally become a reality <3


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