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Forbidden Chapter 59

Forbidden Chapter Fifty Nine

The Forest Of Deception

 Once Okubi and his team realized they couldn't cross the bridge. Forcing them to enter the forest behind them. The Heroes are lead by Okubi with Eligos right beside him. Seconds after entering the forest. The Heroes are surrounded by wenge colored trees. Covered with vibrant green leaves. Various colored apples hanging from every other tree. Along with a beautiful sugary aroma in the air. In spite of their current situation. Okubi and the others cannot help but feel relaxed. Which can prove detrimental to the Heroes chances of survival. 

Futanari: Is it just me or does anyone else find being in this forest rather relaxing?

James: Yeah and I don't think that's a good thing

Okubi: It's not at all James. Especially considering this domain is created by Pruflas. Therefore the atmosphere within this forest. Is nothing more than a means to weaken us

Lisa: That fucker is trying to make us feel comfortable. In order to make us vulnerable for attack. Well I got news for him. We don't trick so easily

Angelina: Thankfully all of us here are experienced warriors. Otherwise we wouldn't even be aware of such a trick

Apollyn: This forest smells absolutely delicious! Apollyn wonders if the trees taste like caramel?

Eligos: Apollyn don't be fooled by the smell of the forest. This place is nothing more than a beautiful lie. Created by Pruflas in order to deceive us

Brutality: My sentiments exactly Eligos. There's a reason Pruflas didn't allow us to cross the bridge. Which would had lead us straight to his castle. This forest isn't here for our amusement. Danger certainly awaits us within this forest. It only a matter of time before we encounter it

Tobirama: Thankfully with all of us together. Whatever threat comes towards us. I'm certainly we can handle it. I'm certain Okubi can at least

Okubi: I hope you're right Sensei. Just because I posses such a great power. Doesn't mean I'm capable of handling every threat. Anyways lets---

 Before Okubi was able to complete his sentence. A sudden aroma of various desserts enters the forest air. Swiftly entering the nostrils of the Heroes. Turning each of their eyes from their original colors. Changing them into a pinkish almond color. Eligos being the only one unaffected by the mysterious sweet aroma. Seeing Okubi and the others standing in a trance like state. Eligos instinctively calls out to Okubi. In hopes of breaking him out of his trance.

Eligos: Master Okubi snap out of it!

 Hearing Eligos shout to him. Eyes changed from pinkish almond back to red. Okubi is freed from his trance. Witnesses the rest of his comrades stuck in a trance. No longing smelling the scent of desserts. Okubi turns to Eligos to find out what happened to the others

Okubi: Eligos what happened to the others?

Eligos: The same thing that happened to you Master. I can't smell but something must had entered into the air. Causing you and the others to fall into some sought of trance. Surprisingly enough after I called your name. You instantly broke out of yours. I wonder if the same can work for the others?

Okubi: Apollyn, James, Angelina, Brutality, Lisa, Futanari, Sensei!

 Calling out the names of his comrades. Okubi looks with a confused expression on his face. Seeing not a single of his comrades reacting to their name.  Okubi immediately turns his attention back to Eligos

Okubi: Eligos why didn't that work? Didn't you just have to call my name. In order to break me from my trance?

Eligos: Indeed I did Master but whatever caused your trance. Didn't have a strong enough effect on you like the others. Perhaps it has something to do with your current powers

Okubi: That sounds logical but we gotta find a way to free the others

Eligos: Indeed and quickly before they get away

 Okubi Quickly turns his head towards his comwards. Wearing a shock expression on his face. Okubi along with Eligos witnesses Apollyn, Angelina, James, and the others. Slowly walking deeper into the forest. Knowing he cannot allow his comrades to escape. Especially in their current condition. Okubi immediately summons multiple Dark Portals. In order to keep his comrades from escaping. Okubi manages to trap Angelina, James, Lisa, Brutality, and his Sensei Tobirama inside of his Dark Portal. However right before he could catch Apollyn and Futanari. Both girls suddenly make a run for it. Avoiding being captured by Okubi's portals. Okubi and Eligos watches in shock as Apollyn and Futanari disappears. Knowing he needs to hurry up and retrieve them. Okubi first decides to take care of his captured comrades. Upon releasing them out of his Dark Portal. Okubi summons a ball of water into his hands. Splashing the faces of Angelina, James, Lisa, Brutality, and Tobirama. Successfully breaking them out of their trances. Angelina and the others eye's revert back to their normal color. Immediately feeling the wetness on their faces. Angelina and the others turns towards Okubi and Eligos

Angelina: What had just happened? Why is my face so wet?

Lisa: Did someone just fucking splash me with water? Where is the asshole so I can kick his or her ass?

Okubi: That asshole you are referring to is me Lisa! The five of you fell into some sought of trance. I did as well but broke out of it. After Eligos cried out my name

Tobirama: It must had been caused by that delicious aroma we had smelled. It was so sudden and enter our nostrils into our minds

James: God I fucking hate mind altering spells

Brutality: Considering how many times my mind has been manipulated. This was a much more favorable experience. Anyways where is Apollyn and Futanari?

Lisa: Oh my Asira! I just noticed those two are missing

Okubi: The two of them ran into the forest before I was able to capture them with my portals. All of you were walking at zombie speed first. Then all of the sudden both Apollyn and Futanari just ran off. I didn't anticipate it thus failed to capture them

Lisa: FUCK! Something must had definitely lured them away from us

Angelina: Which is why we need to hurry up and find them before something bad happens to them

Brutality: I knew it would only be a matter of time

Okubi: Then what are we waiting for? Let's move! We should still be able to track them down by their scent

James: I can definitely still smell them. Although this sugary aroma isn't making shit easy

 Okubi, Eligos, and the others head towards the direction that Apollyn and Futanari had disappeared. Minutes running into the forest. Okubi senses a disturbing presence in the air. Wondering if his comrades sense it as well. Okubi turns to Lisa and James

Okubi: Lisa do either James or you sense an odd presence around us?

Lisa: No... nothing at all

James: Nothing for me as well Okubi

Brutality: I don't sense anything either

Angelina: Neither do I but the fact Okubi does should keep us alarmed

Tobirama: I agree with Angelina. Let's stay on our guard

 Continuing their search for Apollyn and Futanari. While Angelina, Lisa, James, and Tobirama move ahead. Okubi with Eligos next to him. Kept a careful watch over his friends. Due to feeling something bad was going to happen. Less than five seconds later. Okubi's suspicions had proven true. Suddenly falling down from the sky towards the Heroes. A barrage of kunai covered in flames. While surprised by the incoming attack. Lisa had managed to create a Holy Barrier. Protecting both Brutality and herself. Quickly placing himself in front of Angelina, James, and Tobirama. Okubi created a wall of ice to defend against the fiery kunais. Tobirama used his magic to further power up Okubi's ice wall. The Heroes having successfully defended against the blazing kunais. Watching with caution as their enemies appear before them. Standing before the heroes are three demons. Each dressed like ninja rockstars. Two of them being men and one female. Making his back to Okubi's side. Once Eligos was assured Okubi was unharmed. Eligos then turned his attention onto the mysterious demons. Staring at them with great anger. Eligos began hurling insults at them

Eligos: You insufferable fucking curs... HOW DARE YOU ATTACK MY MASTER AND HIS FRIENDS! Do you fools have any idea what you're up against?

Okubi: Eligos do calm yourself. It's not like your hollering will deter them from their foolishness

Enemy Demon: Yes do as your Master says Demon Spirit. Otherwise you'll be the first one I destroy

Lisa: Threatening to destroy that annoying geezer? I guess Okubi isn't the only Spirit Toucher in this forest. So I guess you're the one who summoned those fiery kunais? 

Naija: I'm Naija The Blazing Force! The demons behind are Ore and Niente. Lord Pruflas has ordered us to exterminate all of you

James: Well I'm not losing or dying to anyone. Until I get my fucking hands on that bastard Ulric

Brutality: Your skills maybe impressive assassins. However as Eligos had previously stated. The three of you have no idea what you're up against

Ore: Just because we're outnumbered. Doesn't mean you jokers got the better of us

Niente: Bossman told us all about you suckers. So don't you fuckers think this is going to be easy

Okubi: This is so irritating! I knew something like this would happened. I just wish it wasn't happening now. We still need to go find Apollyn and Futanari

Angelina: Which is why all of us don't need to be here

James: I couldn't agree with you more Angie. That's why Brutality, Tobirama, and myself will stay and fight these motherfuckers. Allowing Okubi, Eligos, Lisa, and yourself to find Apollyn and Futanari 

Naija: Do you fools really think we'll allow any of you to escape?

Okubi: If you peasants think you can stop me? James! Brutality! Sensei! Keep these fools busy while I get Eligos, Lisa, Angelina, and myself out of here

Tobirama: It will be our pleasure my beautiful student

 Tobirama along with James and Brutality. Enter their battle stance prepared to combat  Naija, Ore, and Niente. Allowing Okubi to open a Dark Portal without interference. Meanwhile deeper into the forest. While still under their trance. Both Apollyn and Futanari are walking towards a rainbow colored swamp. Slowly moving closer to the swamp. Futanari's body suddenly glows in a solar colored aura. Instantly Futanari snaps out of her trance. Now back to her normal self. Futanari immediately looks around the forest. Surprise to see no trace of Okubi or the others. Futanari then realizes that Apollyn is also with her. Relieved to not be alone in the forest. Futanari begins speaking to Apollyn. Unaware that Apollyn is still under the trance

Futanari: Apollyn! Am I glad to see you. Do you know what happened to everyone else? Apollyn are you listening to me? APOLLYN! What the hell is wrong with you? Don't you demons have good hearing?

 Frustrated that Apollyn isn't responding to her. Futanari decides to position herself in front of Apollyn. Upon looking directly into Apollyn's face. Futanari quickly puts a hand over her mouth. Realizing that Apollyn is under a trance. However before Futanari could even figure out what happened to Apollyn. The rainbow colored swamp begins to bubble. Futanari is certain whatever is coming from below the swamp. Means neither Apollyn or herself any good. Futanari gives scoops Apollyn from off the ground. Holding her friend in her arms. Emerging from out of the swamp. Appears a rainbow colored slime creature. Watching as the female monster steps onto the land. Staring at both Apollyn and her with a murderous intent. Never the type to back down from a fight. However due to Apollyn being in a trance. Futanari worries if she can fight the slime creature. While protecting Apollyn at the same time? Quickly placing Apollyn onto the ground. Futanari enters her battle stance


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