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Forbidden Chapter 56

Forbidden Chapter Fifty Six

Entering Oxford Noctus 

 Once Okubi and his team had exited from the market. They went and search for a secluded area. In order for Okubi to open a portal to Pruflas's dimension. Few minutes later Team Okubi eventually found an empty alley. James, Angelina, and Lisa doubled checked their surrounding. Before Okubi was sure enough to open the portal. Ensured by his teammates, Okubi placed his right hand before him. Eligos resting on top of his Master's shoulders. Okubi opened a portal before his teammates and himself. However unlike Okubi's normal portal being pitch black. The portal opened before them was neon blue. Worried that something maybe wrong. Lisa is the first to speak her mind

Lisa: Okubi... gang. Something is off about this portal. Aren't your portals black?

Okubi: Yes Lisa but the portal before us isn't one of my dark portals. This particular portal is going to lead us directly to Pruflas. Which is why the color is blue instead of black. Trust me I'm 100% certain this portal will lead us to his dimension. I only hope we aren't walking into a trap. Once we enter the other side

Futanari: As long as it leads us to our enemies. Whatever awaits us on the other side is a risk we'll have to take

Angelina: Someone really wants to get their hands on Yamakagashi

Futanari: Well he is the reason I left my homeland... our homeland rather. I refuse to let that monster get away with his misdeeds. Even if it cost me my own life. I will make sure he answer for his crimes

James: I definitely know how you feel Futanari. Cannot wait to get my fucking hands on that sonabitch Ulric! Going to make him pay for what he did to my family and me

Tobirama: Despite the certain danger that awaits us on the other side. We all have our reasons for entering the portal. Therefore I think we should proceed

Okubi: Very well said Sensei. So unless anyone else has any other concerns they wish to voice. It's time we go and take down Pruflas and his minions

Lisa: Lord Asira please be with us

 Immediately Okubi and the others walk towards the portal. Entering the portal one by one. Tobirama being the only one yet to step inside. Quickly prays to himself in silence. Praying for the safety of his allies but especially Okubi. Not wanting to make the others wait too long. Tobirama rushes inside of the portal. Now with all of Okubi's Teammates having enter through. The blue color portal vanishes from the alley. Seconds laters Team Okubi arrives on the other side. Standing underneath an Oak Tree with various blue colored leaves. Next to the tree was a wooden sign that read "Welcome To Oxford Noctus". Finding themselves standing on top of a grassy hill. Team Okubi begins conversing with one another

Okubi: Well this place is rather lovely. Considering this is the dimension of a demon

Eligos: Looks like something out of the RPG MapleStory. I hope there aren't any annoying blob creatures in this place

Angelina: And here I imagined Pruflas's Dimension would be similar that of Razel's

Lisa: Thankfully that isn't the fucking case. That bitch Razel's dimension was gaudy as fuck!

James: Gaudy yes but convenient. Notice that we aren't standing directly in front of Pruflas's main domain. No castle or any tall building in sight

Tobirama: So I'm the only one who notices the cooper bridge over there?

Futanari: Oh wait there's a bridge?

Okubi: Oh talk about convenient. I wonder where it leads too?

Angelina: Only one way to find out

 Making their way over to the bridge. Upon arriving in front of the bridge. Team Okubi immediately notices a blue colored fortress. On the opposite end of the long cooper bridge. Okubi, Eligos, Angelina, Lisa, James, and Tobirama all able to sense a powerful demonic presence within the fortress. The heroes are certain that is where Pruflas and his minion are residing. Realizing how easy it was to find them. Both Okubi, Lisa, and James release a condescending chuckles from their mouths. Angelina, Eligos, and Futanari also finding the situation rather amusing. Tobirama on the other hand is rather skeptical about the situation. Noticing his Sensei's lack of enthusiasm. Okubi begins to question Tobirama

Okubi: Sensei is there something you like to share with us?

Tobirama: Indeed my student. While I don't mean to piss on anyone's parade. I do not think things are as simple as they appear

Lisa: The fuck do you mean Toby? Here is a bridge and on the other side is Pruflas's fortress. I'm sure you sense the demonic presence like the rest of us. All we have to do is cross the bridge and wallah! The seven of us will be standing before the base of our targets

Angelina: Perhaps Tobirama fears there's some sought of trap hidden on the bridge

Tobirama: The bridge itself can also be a trap

Lisa: OMG! What a fucking worry wart! Look if I can fly over this bridge without any problems. The rest of you better cross this bitch

Futanari: Well if you are going to be flying. How would we know if there are any traps on the bridge?

Eligos: Good point Futanari

Tobirama: Do as you please Lisa. However I have feeling you are in for a surprise. Once you begin your attempt to cross the bridge. Rather it be walking on it or flying above it

James: Just fly already Lisa. Hopefully you'll prove Tobirama wrong

 Wings instantly appear on Lisa's back. Ready to take flight over the bridge. Not even three after flying off the ground. Lisa's wings disappear and lands on her feet. Everyone but Tobirama stares at Lisa in disbelief. Annoyed by her sudden inability to fly. Lisa tries again but to no avail. Realizing something is very off. An irritated Lisa turns to her teammates

Lisa: So it seems like something is up with that bridge. While I can summon my wings without any problem. Any attempt to fly over the bridge. My wings will fucking disappear

Tobirama: I knew Pruflas wouldn't make things that easy. Okubi would you mind attempting to open a black portal over to Pruflas's Fortress?

Okubi: By myself?

Tobirama: Indeed. I want to test something real quick

Eligos: Do you think that's a good idea Master Okubi?

Okubi: Good idea or not Eligos. I'm definitely curious to see if there's something blocking us for easily getting over to the fortress. Lisa was unable to fly over the bridge. Perhaps I'm unable to transport myself to the other side. Course we won't know that until I try

 Okubi holds out his right hand. A black portal immediately opens before him. Stepping inside of his portal. Okubi disappears from the view of his teammates. However about three seconds later. The portal reappears as an irritated Okubi steps out from it. Realizing that Lisa is unable to fly over the bridge. Nor is Okubi able to transport himself to the other side. The heroes begin to wonder how will they reach Pruflas's Fortress

Tobirama: Just as I had expected. Pruflas disable any easy attempts to reach his Fortress

Angelina: So Lisa is unable to fly over the bridge and Okubi cannot instantly transport himself in front of Pruflas's Fortress. So exactly how will we get across?

Okubi: I don't know about you guys but I have two working legs. I will enter the bridge first. If nothing strange happens as I walk upon it. James will follow behind me and the rest of your afterwards

Eligos: I shall join you on the bridge Master

 Okubi with Eligos by his side. Starts to walk on the bridge. His teammates watches Okubi cautiously as he walks on the bridge. A few seconds go by and nothing happens. Okubi along with Eligos have successfully walked one fifth of the cooper bridge.

Okubi: Nothing bad has happened since I began to walk on the bridge. I guess this is the only way to reach Pruflas's Fortress. It's just unfortunate we have to walk this entire bridge. In order to reach the other side

Tobirama: Well James you are up

James: Now if I can get to Okubi and Eligos without any issues. The rest of you get your asses on this bridge immediately

 Making his way towards Okubi and Eligos. James begins walking on the bridge at a normal pace. Seconds go by and like Okubi before him. Nothing bad seems to happen. The others watch in relief. Seeing that crossing the bridge isn't impossible. However just before James reaches Okubi and Eligos. Suddenly the bridge violently starts to shake. Causing both Okubi and James to lose their balance. Instinctively Okubi and James grab on the rail of the bridge. In order to keep themselves from being thrown off. Eligos watches helplessly as his Master and James struggles to stay on the bridge. Lisa, Angelina, and Futanari also watches on in panic

Lisa: OH FOR FUCKS SAKES! We have to find a way to help Okubi and James

Futanari: But how? It's not like we can just walk onto the bridge. Perhaps someone knows a spell to remove them off the shaking bridge?

Angelina: If I knew such a spell. I would had already performed it

Tobirama: I knew this was going to happen. Thankfully I have a solution

 Tobirama holds out his left hand. Summons a Dark Portal right above James. The portal pulls James inside. The once unstable bridge swiftly reverts to it's normal self Now that it's just holding Okubi. The Dark Portal reappears right next to the girls. James steps out of it both confused and relieved at the same time. Okubi easily manages to get back on his feet. Turns towards the direction of his Sensei. Unsure about what had just happened. Lisa begins to question Tobirama

Lisa: Okay this bitch is officially confused. Exactly why did you only remove James off the shaking bridge? Along with why it stop shaking. Once Okubi was the only one on it?

Tobirama: The answer is simple Lisa. Pruflas is the controller of this dimension. Therefore he controls how intruders are allowed to travel. Since Pruflas main target is Okubi. Evidence of him ordering his servant Poisonous One to kidnap him. Only Okubi can take the easy route to reach his Fortress. However if any of us attempts to use the cooper colored bridge. The bridge will react violently

Angelina: Shaking anyone off that's on it. Even if Okubi is also on the bridge. Well if that is the case. How will any of us besides Okubi reach the Fortress?

Lisa: That fucking coward is really only going to allow Okubi to cross the bridge? I swear when I get my hands on that bastard...

Okubi: Excuse me Lisa but Pruflas is my target! I won't allow anyone else to fight him. However if that fool thinks I'm going to enter his Fortress alone. Pruflas is even more foolish than I have expected

Eligos: Even with your tremendous powers. It would be suicidal to enter Pruflas's Fortress alone

Tobirama: Which is why we will go into the forest behind us

Futanari: Exactly how is going into the forest any safer than crossing the bridge?

Tobirama: Unlike the bridge which is specifically designed for only Okubi to cross. The forest will allow all of us to venture through it

James: How can you be so sure about that Tobirama?

Tobirama: Even with this Dimension being controlled by Pruflas. There are certain rules about dimensions that cannot be broken. Meaning if the bridge is inaccessible for us. The forest must allow all of us to enter without fail. Course that doesn't mean we won't encounter any dangers. Once we are inside the forest

Angelina: I also bet the forest is the long way to reaching Pruflas's Fortress

Lisa: Sonabitch!

Okubi: Long way or not. I'm determine to find and vanquish Pruflas. I'm certain the rest of you feel the same way

Futanari: I will bring Satomi Yamakagashi to justice

James: I'm not leaving this place until I kill Ulric

Lisa: I personally want to get my hands on those obnoxious fuckers Natan and Lita

Angelina: I want that asshole Poisonous One dead so badly

Tobirama: Then it's settle. Okubi quickly remove yourself off the bridge and let us head into the forest

 Now that Team Okubi fully understands their situation. Once Okubi and Eligos had gotten off the bridge. Lead by Tobirama the heroes enter the forest. In spite of the dangers that awaits them within the forest. Okubi and his friends are determine to reach Pruflas's Fortress. In order to take down one of the founding members of The Children of Ruin. Bringing them closer to stop Janiel from releasing Mastema from Forbidden


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