Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Combatants


Hello ladies and gents the name's Karen Caramel. I'm your host host of this years Underground Fighting Tournament. Which takes places every every year in the state Neo Aigosthena. Now now I know what you're thinking. "What is the Underground Fighting Tournament?" Maybe even "Who in the fuck is Karen Caramel?" Well not of that matters at the moment. All will be revealed in due time. However if you read the latest chapter of Forbidden. Then you should know know. I Karen along with the help of my good friend friend Stanford. Who like myself is one of the Elite Servants of Lord Pruflas. Successfully captured our two final combats Nara Chabla and the M.V.P. herself Jia Xiaoyu. Now now is the time I tell you the names of this year's competitors


1. Braddox Morse

2. Syh

3. Damien Benzo

4. Danielle Amarillo

5. Nara Chabla

6. Jia Xiaoyu

7. Romio Mitarai

8. Cool Nine

9. Sinclair

10. Pelham

 More details on the combatants and myself in the future chapters of Forbidden! I truly truly appreciate your continuous support in this amazing story. Bye bye bye for now reader. I Karen look forward to our next encounter. I promise you it will be a real real shocker! (Insert Evil Childish Laugh Here)

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