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Forbidden Chapter 55

Forbidden Chapter Fifty Five

Preparations For War

 It was nine in the morning. Okubi, Eligos, and Othello went upstair to wake everyone up. Hearing the door unlocking to their room. Hellin and Xiaoyu were to first two to awaken. Seeing Okubi, Eligos, and Othello walk into the room. Both Okubi and Othello appearing in their combat wear. Okubi in his cerulean skin tight combat suit and Othello wearing her purple dress serving for both style and combat. While Othello has a neutral expression on her face. Okubi and Eligos are staring at Xiaoyu and Hellin with smiles on their faces. Xiaoyu smiles back at Okubi and Eligos before greeting them.

Xiaoyu: Good morning Okubi, good morning Eligos. Also good morning to you Othello

Othello: Morning Xiaoyu, morning honey

Hellin: Good morning mother

Okubi: Good morning Xiaoyu and Hellin

Eligos: Awe the feeling of being greeted by two beautiful women

Hellin: You calling me "beautiful" old man? Someone is definitely in a good mood

Eligos: We are allies Hellin for better or worst. I think it's high time we started treating each other as such. Needless animosity towards one another is pointless. Besides considering we still have the real enemies to deal with

Hellin: I suppose you're right spirit, but don't let my civil behavior fool you. I still find the majority you here irksome, but we are allies nevertheless

Okubi: I'm glad we are on the same page Hellin

Hellin: Now it doesn't take a psychic to know why you two are here. I can also tell by your appearance that both my mother and you had already showered. However exactly how is your battle suit not all tattered up Okubi? Didn't it get damaged at the Elestial Market last night?

Othello: That's a easy one Hellin my sweet. After Okubi, Eligos, and I had our talk. I brought the both of them to Babylon. That's where Okubi and I had gotten ourselves ready for today's mission. I had my tailors repair Okubi's battle damaged suit.

Xiaoyu: Well that explains that. Surprise you went with Othello to Babylon though. Didn't you worry she might had try to kill you?

Okubi: Despite Othello and I having our differences. I knew Othello had no desire to do harm against me. Even with my current power level. Othello and I understand what's at stake. Eliminating the remaining members of The Children of Ruin. Is tens times more important than our personal fued. Once Pruflas and the other remaining T. C.O.R. members are dead. Then Othello and I can decide if we still want to kill each other. That's of course goes for you as well Hellin. I haven't forgotten you want to fight/kill me as well

Hellin: Both Onyxe and you to be exact, but considering Onyxe's position in Mayland. I'll have to wait until either he's dethroned or resigns from being King. Otherwise if we succeed in stoping The Children of Ruin thus stopping Mastema's release from Forbidden. Then I can focus on taking you down Okubi. Until then I have "bigger" fish to fry. Starting with that bastard Iron Zabel

Othello: Speaking about Iron Zabel? I have something I wish to discuss with you later Hellin.

Hellin: So am guessing you're casting aside your vacation. In order to aid Anna, James, and I in assassinating Iron Zabel after all?

Othello: Well I'm not going to totally abandon my vacation. A bitch is still going to have some fun. However after talking somethings over with Okubi and Eligos. I decided that I need to be apart of Zabel's assassination

Xiaoyu: Speaking about going after targets. Okubi I didn't get a chance to talk to you last night. Due to the fact you were unconscious when everybody gathered together at the Elestial Market

Okubi: Indeed. One of Poisonous One's zombies had knocked me out. Thankfully my Sensei appeared from out of nowhere and rescued me. Otherwise I would currently be in Pruflas's custody. Enduring only Asira knows what. Thankfully since my clone had bitten that bastard. I can portal to his location. Course that's once we all talked about our strategy in handling our enemies

Xiaoyu: Agreed, but may I first explain a bit of my situation to the four of you?

Hellin: Everyone else is still asleep Xiaoyu. I fail to see why not

Xiaoyu: Last night when my team went to find Lisa and Futanari. After successfully finding them safely hiding in a alley. My team had encounter both Lorenzo and the girl responsible for kidnapping her. The girl's name was Karen Caramel. Karen is also one of Pruflas's Elite Servants and the mastermind behind Neo Aigosthena's Underground Fighting Tournament. Lorenzo who is currently under Karen's control. Fought against the rest of my team. While I fought one on one against Karen. Half way through our battle. Karen threw two invitations to her tournament at me. Once the invitations were in my possession. Karen told me if I ever want a chance to rescue Lorenzo. I will have to meet her at a specific location in Neo Aigosthena. Karen also told me to bring along a friend. However there's a catch

Hellin: Color me surprised

Xiaoyu: If I brought along any of my demon allies. Karen would kill Lorenzo immediately. Therefore I think it's best I just go alone

Othello: Nonsense Xiaoyu. Going alone would be too dangerous. Besides only the majority of us here are demons

Hellin: Nara, Lisa, Futanari, Tobirama, Lava Rose, Zira, and Tre' aren't demons. Nara and Tobirama are Darkens. That annoying cunt Lisa is an angel. Lastly Lava Rose, Tre', Zira, Futanari and you are mortal sages

Okubi: Tre' is actually some sought of man made angel but that's not really important. Furthermore Futanari has a sole target in mind. The target is more than likely won't be present at Karen's tournament

Eligos: That target is no other than Satomi Yamakagashi! Who is most certainly is going to be with Pruflas.

Okubi: Not to mention I will be bringing Lisa with me as well to fight Pruflas and his servants.

Othello: And I have plans for the members of Team Rose. Therefore the only one who will be going with you is Nara.

Hellin: Mother don't tell me you want to bring Lava Rose and his friends with us to fight Iron Zabel? I strongly believe James, Anna, you, and I are more than enough

Othello: Who said James was coming with us? Now be quite Hellin until I say otherwise

Hellin groans in annoyance before becoming silent. A surprised Xiaoyu continues to speak

Xiaoyu: But Nara? I mean he's my boyfriend and is extremely powerful in his own right. However I don't know how everything will go down in Karen's tournament. The last thing I is to end up fighting Nara?

Okubi: I share you concern Xiaoyu, but what choice do you have? I'm not letting you go alone and let's not forget. Even without Karen's No Demon Policy. If someone like Hellin or myself were able to enter. If someone of our power level were to fight you. Having to face one of us would be much worst than fighting Nara. Plus I'm certain it won't just be Nara and you at Karen's tournament

Othello: Besides if you're serious about saving Lorenzo. Whatever risk you gotta take is going to be worth it. I would suggest to swap Tre' for Nara, but in order for my plan to work. I need all three current members of Team Rose with Hellin, Anna, and myself. The three of them would be needed to take down any minions. Which would allow Anna, Hellin, and myself to focus on killing Zabel. Plus unlike Nara, I know for a fact Lava Rose, Zira, and Tre' are experience in stealth tactics. Furthermore I personally feel more comfortable with Nara and you working together. Not only are you two very much in love with each other. Willing to protect one another at all cost. Nara is the darkness to your light. The two are you work better with each than anyone else

Xiaoyu: I don't know what to say to that... other than "thank you" I never would had imagine to hear such words come out of your mouth Othello. They are truly encouraging to hear

Othello: You're welcome I suppose. Anyways Okubi before we wake up everyone else. Let's do a quick run down of the teams

Okubi: Group O will consist of Eligos, Futanari, Angelina, Lisa, Apollyn, Tobirama, Brutality, James, and myself. Our mission is to take down Pruflas and his servants. Group H will consist of Hellin, Anna, Team Rose, and yourself. The six of year are to find and eliminate Iron Zabel. However unlike Hellin and the others. Killing Zabel will also allow Othello to avenge her deceased friend. Lastly Xiaoyu you will lead Team X. Which consists of only Nara and yourself. The two of you are to enter Karen's tournament. Defeat her and rescue Lorenzo and any of the other fighters. Now if there aren't any objections. Let's hurry and awake the others. We have to make preparations for the inevitable battle against Pruflas and our other enemies within this place. The tragic events at the Elestial Market still runs through my head. I may appear calm but deep inside I'm raging! I cannot wait to confront Pruflas and make him pay!

Othello: Well to Pruflas's defense. Ulric and his deceased assassins are responsible for last night's horrible events. James have better fucking make sure Ulric suffers for his misdeeds. That is of course if Pruflas didn't kill him already. However considering that he was rescued by Natan and Lita. I'm certain Pruflas has kept him alive.

Eligos: Perhaps it's to give him better protection against us

Xiaoyu: I have a feeling you are very right Eligos. Now if the five of us are done discussing things amongst ourselves. Time to get the rest of our comrades involved

Othello: Hellin use your telepathy to awake everyone from their sleep. I hope they had a good night sleep. Because it will be the last time any of us sleeps until our enemies are all dead

 After Hellin used her telepathy to awake everyone who were still asleep. Everyone in the room greeted each with morning pleasantries. Minus Okubi, Othello, and Eligos for obvious reason. Everyone else in the room grabbed their towels and necessary bathroom items. In order to get themselves ready for their mission. Xiaoyu and Apollyn decides to shower together. Using the bathroom inside the room. Hellin along with Lisa, Anna, Futanari, Brutality, Angelina, and Zira. Decide to use the showers on the second floor of the Gold Hotel. Making their way down to the fourth floor. Nara, James, Lava Rose, Tre', and Tobirama. Used the shower room on that floor.

 Once everyone had finished showering and dressed. Everyone makes their way back to the room to meet up with Okubi, Eligos, Xiaoyu, Apollyn, and Othello. Five minutes after everyone is inside of their room. James's cellphone starts ringing. Reaching inside of his right pants pocket. Seeing the name of the person who was calling him. James's face has a sickly look to it. Nearly everyone has figured out who was calling James. Anna being one of the few who didn't know. Immediately asks her father what's wrong

Anna: Dad is everything alright?

James: I honestly don't know baby

Okubi: James just pick up the phone. I know it's Onyxe

Othello: Considering the mess that went down last night. I'm surprised we didn't hear from him sooner. Now answer your fucking cellphone Del Soto

 While annoyed by Okubi and Othello's commanding tones. James realizes they are both right. It was only a matter of time before Onyxe called him. Especially after the massacre that happened last night at the Elestial Market street fair. Swiping his phone with his finger. James puts Onyxe on speaker as his call comes through.

Onyxe: Morning James. Are you and the others alright?

James: Morning to you too your Majesty. Yeah everyone is alive and well. I have you on speaker by the way

Okubi: Onyxe how are things on your end?

Onyxe: Everything is fine on my end. I just left Neo Aigosthena not too long ago. I had to do an emergency press conference about the massacre that took place at yesterday's street fair.

Eligos: Poor Onyxe. Hearing you in such a depressed state is so unpleasant. However considering the current circumstances. It's very understandable

Onyxe: Sorry I'm not my usual cherry self Eligos. It very hard to be happy. Knowing that three hundred and eighty one people were killed last night.


Xiaoyu: Oh my God!

Futanari: No! That can't be right... it just can't

 Hearing the number of people who died at the Elestial Market. Revives the despair in the hearts of The Heroes. Many of them nearly seconds away from breaking into tears. Okubi casts his emotions aside. In order to properly continue a conversation with Onyxe

Onyxe: Sorry I had to bare such bad news to you all so early in the morning. If only you guys were watching the news earlier. So many grieving and angry friends and family members. However the worst part about all of this isn't sole the deaths. The ones responsible for the massacre last night were no other than---

Okubi: Demons!

Onyxe: Yeah... how did you know?

Hellin: Because we were fucking there last night! All of us fighting for our lives and to save as many civilians as possible! Unfortunately their were too many enemies to handle. There was no way we could save everyone without risking ourselves dying in the process

Apollyn: Apollyn and buddies honestly tried their best Onyxe buddy. Apollyn sorry we couldn't save everyone

 Tears running Apollyn's eyes as she apologizes to Onyxe. Apollyn unable to keep herself from breaking down. Falls to the falls and starts to cry. Xiaoyu and Brutality rushes over to Apollyn's side. Working on calming their tearful friend down. Nearly everyone in the room is focused on Apollyn. The exceptions being Okubi, Eligos, James, Hellin, Othello, and Zira. Onyxe continues to speak to the heroes.

Onyxe: I should had known you guys were there. It would had been hoping for too much if none of you weren't. So I guess Pruflas was responsible for last night's tragic events?

Hellin: If only that were true.

Othello: Truth of the matter is O. Pruflas's men only attack us once we were exposed. However it was Ulric and his assassins who are responsible for last night's massacre! The good news we killed each and every single assassin there. The bad news is Ulric managed to escapes. Thanks to the help of Pruflas's men. Course that does nothing to change the fact three hundred and eighty one innocent people are dead

Onyxe: So Pruflas was coming after James?  I fucking knew I should had made you come back to the Royal Lands immediately after the Eater was slain. All those people are dead because of my negligence! FUCK!

James: Onyxe please don't fucking blame yourself. I'm the one who is at fault. I knew if I was away from you for too long. The tracker Ulric had placed on me would activate. Giving away my current location in Neo Aigosthena. Having survived yet another assassin attempt earlier last night thanks to Hellin. I should had never went to the Elestial Market that night. All because I wanted to protect my daughter. All those people ended being killed by my former brothers and sisters of The Order. GOD DAMMIT!

Hellin: At least it's nice to hear you blame yourself for this bullshit. If only you had fucking went back to Onyxe. The morning after Okubi and I had killed the Eater. However you just had to fucking beg Onyxe to stay with us. Knowing good and well your fucking help wasn't needed. Now thanks for your selfish actions. Three hundred and eighty one people are dead! Despite the fact neither my mother or I cared for Ulric and his assassins. We even planned on assassinated Ulric in the near future. However all because you couldn't be apart from Anna. Keeping your ass exactly where it belong. Back with Onyxe, Yura, and the others back in the Royal Lands. I hope you're satisfied Del Soto!

Okubi: Hellin how dare you place all the blame on James?

Hellin: How dare I? Who fucking else do I blame then Okubi?

Okubi: All of us! Once we knew Ulric had placed a hit on James and pretty much the rest of us. We should had sent James back to Onyxe. However we instead kept him amongst our company. Othello could had returned to Babylon and probably talk things out with Ulric. Even if Ulric wouldn't had called off his hit. The massacre at the Elestial Market may had been avoided. If James was nowhere in sight. Unfortunately none of us thought to do such

Hellin: FUCK YOU! I'll be damn if I'm carrying such guilt. All of this would had been avoided. If James just went back with Onyxe and Mariah the night we fought The Eater

Anna: Hellin what you are failing to realize. My father did all of this. Just so he could be with me. If you're going to blame my father. Than you have to blame me as well

Hellin: Anna but...

Othello: Oh trust me I do Anna. I blame both Del Soto's for last night's tragedy

Xiaoyu: Now you wait a minute bitch! Neither James or Anna knew Ulric would go through such extremes. Just to see to it James was finally dead

James: Actually I did Xiaoyu. I knew if I had stayed in Neo Aigosthena too long. Ulric would find me and stop at nothing to see me dead. Onyxe and Othello both warned me. However I selfishly put everyone's lives at stake. Just so I can spend time with my daughter. In order that I can regain the love I lost many centuries ago. No matter how badly Ulric wanted me dead. Knowing that Anna hated me for what happened in the past. I just bare the thought of never reconnecting with my only child. I wanted Anna to know I was so sorry for everything that happened. From the death of her mother, her aunt, and even worst of all. The awful life she had to endure from both Ulric and Othello's. If only I hadn't thought of myself. The awful life you were force to endure could had been avoided. I'm from the very bottom of my heart. I'm sorry about everything I put you through Anna. I just couldn't bare knowing my princess hated me. Even worst believed I was the one who killed her aunt. You're all the family I have left Anna. I love you so much sweetheart

Anna: I love you too dad... oh don't cry daddy

 Similar to Apollyn before him. James drops down to the ground as tears roll down his eyes. Anna goes to her father and wraps her arms around him. Kissing the top of his forehead while holding him in her arms. Tears also begins falling down Anna's eyes

Anna: Daddy it's alright. I was too busy only thinking about my pain. I never once thought how you been feeling throughout the centuries. To tell you the truth father I never really hated you. I just felt so hurt. The day you left me back at that motel. I felt like you were giving up on me. Abandoning me in order to save yourself. When Ulric and his men found me. I thought I was going to end up like mommy. However having to endure all the emotional abuse from Ulric and The Order. I would had rather died than suffered all of that. Even the physical and emotional abuse from Queen Othello pales in comparison to what Ulric and his assassins put me through. If it hadn't been for Aunt Sel. Being my only saving grace. I probably would had already committed suicide. Even when I felt that you abandon me. In the deepest most broken part of my heart. I had always loved you

James: I love you too sweetheart

Othello: Awe how insufferably touching. Now if we can put a pause to the soap opera before us. Onyxe may you please continue. Unless of course you're too busy crying as well

Onyxe: I'm fine Othello. I cried earlier morning in front of the family of the victims. Although hearing James and Anna speak about their past. Has gotten me a bit more emotional then already. Anyways lets get back to the matter at hand. So now with all of Ulric's assassins dead. That means you all are going after Pruflas and his men next?

Okubi: That is correct Onyxe. During my battle against the servant called Poisonous One. After Poisonous One had unknowingly taken my Shadow Clone to Pruflas's location. Once my clone had made contact with Pruflas. My clone had bitten him. Which allowed me to obtain his location. Unfortunately any verbal information Pruflas made had revealed. Wasn't transferred from my clone to me. My mother had told me to be careful when I finally meet. I had hope to learn more about him. Before confronting him in battle. Anyways Onyxe if you're done speaking to us. We will like to make our final preparations. Before completing the task you had assigned us

Onyxe: It's a good thing we had this conversation. I now know what fully went down last night. This information will definitely prove useful in my conversations with the mayor and senators of Neo Aigosthena at dinner tonight. Which of course is taking place in my castle. I just pray they don't demand a ban demons from Neo Aigosthena. So many good demons live and work there.

Angelina: Or even worst blame you for not preventing it

Onyxe: Unfortunately Angelina that is inevitable. Sadly by now I'm use to be responsible for every public misdeed a demon does in Mayland. I can only hope not all demon citizens of Mayland are punished for the actions of the bad ones.

Othello: Hmph! That's why demons are better off staying in the Underworld. Sadly many demons think they are too good to remain in their home realm. However I don't have time to get into that conversation. I hope your meeting with the Mayor and the Senators goes well tonight

Onyxe: Thank you Othello. I really appreciate it. Now before I hang up this phone. I wish each and every one of you the very best of luck. Make sure you take down our enemies without mercy. The sooner Pruflas and his men are eliminated. The sooner we can move onto finding the next founding member of The Children of Ruin. James I hope you find Ulric and give that sonabitch the ass kicking he long deserves. Anyways heroes I wish you all the best of luck. Please if you need any help from me or the others in the castle. DO NOT hesitate to get ahold of me. Well until the next time we meet. I wish each and everyone of you sitting in that room the very best of luck

Hellin: We're going to need more than luck. If we plan on defeating our enemies

Onyxe: Speaking about your enemies. Hellin are you also going to help Okubi fight Pruflas?

Hellin: My voice must had gave it away that Pruflas isn't our only target. A man by the name Iron Zabel another menace within Neo Aigosthena. Okubi and his team are going after Pruflas and my team are gunning for Zabel.

Onyxe: Okay one more question before I hang up. Did any of you encounter a woman by the name Celia?

Angelina: Okubi, Eligos, Nara, and myself did last night. The bitch wasn't no ordinary chick either. Celia had referred to herself being a Beyonder! Despite her supernatural fighting abilities. Thanks with the help of my Dragon. I managed to take her out

Onyxe: Not impossible but very unlikely. Beyonders don't die easily Angelina. Especially if Celia is as crafty as Yura has told me. I wouldn't count Celia being dead if I were you. Well I think we chatted enough for the morning. I'll talk to you guys...

James: ONYXE WAIT A SEC! Speaking about Yura how is she doing?

Onyxe: Yura is currently fine thanks for asking. Yura like myself does miss having you around. However the two of us will have to wait. Until you finish your business in Neo Aigosthena first. I seriously must end our conversation now. I pray this isn't the last time I speak to any of you. I love each and every last one of you. May faith be on your side. Goodbye everyone

Okubi: Goodbye Onyxe. We will meet again once this is all over. In the meantime do what you have to do to maintain Mayland's order.

 Onyxe hangs up his phone. James having calmed himself down. Grabs his phone from off the table. Placing it back into his right pants pocket. The Heroes then discuss amongst themselves. The teams and various strategies against the enemy. The others realizing that Xiaoyu will only have Nara and herself to rely on. Majority of the group worries about what may happen to them. Once they arrive to Karen's tournament. Sadly with the greater danger being Pruflas and Iron Zabel. Plus Karen's "No Demon" rule doesn't help either. While Xiaoyu appreciated the concerns of her comrades. The Detective felt confident in both Nara and her abilities. Ensuring their friends the two of them alone can handle Karen and rescue Lorenzo. The time drawing near for Xiaoyu and Nara to meet with Karen. After saying their final goodbyes for now. Xiaoyu and Nara first exit out of the room. The two make their way downstair. Exiting out of the Gold Hotel. Once the remaining Heroes no longer sense Xiaoyu and Nara's presence. Othello turns to the others and starts speaking

Othello: Now with Xiaoyu and Nara on their way to deal with Karen. I think it's time I take my team and skedaddle. Since it's too early to start making our way to Bosman. Hellin, Anna, Team Rose and I will good sight seeing and various other activities around Neo Aigosthena.

Hellin: If that is your plan for the morning mother. I rather stay here and train until you return

Anna: I too would like to do some training before we go to Bosman

Othello: Suit yourselves girls. Team Rose are you three going to be buzzkillers too?

Lava Rose: I believe in fighting evil, but I also support having some fun

Tre': Some pleasure before the gloom sounds ideal to me

Zira: As long as you're paying. I don't mind having some fun before tonight's mission

Okubi: Well my team and I are going to head out. Futanari wants to pick up some things. Before we begin our journey into Pruflas's Dimension. Especially after our previous dealings with entering the dimension of our enemy. I want to make sure we are prepare for whatever dangers awaits us. Even with Lisa around to heal us. I agree with Futanari's suggestion in grabbing some potions. Anyways Hellin, Anna, Othello, and Team Rose. I wish the six of you the very best of luck. Iron Zabel is definitely going to be a battle to remember

James: Anna I promise you I will make sure to avenge your mother and aunt. Not just for you but myself as well

Anna: I believe in you dad. Make sure you kill that fucker good

Othello: If you managed to bring Ulric's head to me James. I promise to give you a blow job when you return

Hellin: MOTHER!

Othello: Hey I'm a grown ass woman Hellin. I can suck whoever's dick I like. Course that if James wants such a treat?

James: I'll.. I'll think about it

Hellin: "Bring Ulric's head back and I'll have yours"

Othello: "Harm James for bringing Ulric's head back honey and I'll give you a grand punishment. Don't think I don't know when you're using your telepathy"

Hellin: "DAMMIT!"

Brutality: I will never understand women who speak so freely about sex. Some women really are more sexually expressive than others

Othello: The way majority of you girls are dressed. Y'all have some damn nerves talking to judge me

Okubi: Women dressing in revealing clothes doesn't equate promiscuous. Just because you enjoy talking about sucking dick, anal, and gang bangs. Doesn't mean every women is going to share that mindset. Course I never been the type of guy to care how a women conducts herself. As long as she isn't physically harming anyone. I honestly could care less if a women dresses conservatively or revealing. Now if we don't have anymore needless conversations to discuss. It's time my team and I depart

 Anna gives James a hug and a kiss. Before saying goodbye to him and the rest of his team. Othello kisses Hellin on her forehead. Leaving Hellin and Anna behind to train. While she along with Team Rose go out to enjoy themselves. Meanwhile nearly an hour later. Xiaoyu and Nara arrives to the location given to them by Karen. Standing in an alley around Baxter Street. Which was several blocks away from where the Elestial Market street fair had taken place. The gruesome sight of maimed bodies and puddles of blood were still fresh in Xiaoyu and Nara's mind. Guarded as they waited for Karen to arrived. Growing more suspicious of Karen's intentions. Right before Xiaoyu could suggest a new plan to her boyfriend. A portal opens in front of them. Stepping out of the portal. Appear a beige skin brown haired man. Dressed in a fancy black suit. Knowing that a demon had appeared before them. Nara quickly placed himself in front of Xiaoyu. Staring at Xiaoyu and Nara with his red eyes. The man began to introduce himself

Stanford: My name is Stanford Marshal and I came here at Lady Karen's request to pick up the final two fighters for the tournament. I'm guessing you two are Jia Xiaoyu and Nara Chabla. Karen knew that you two would show up

Xiaoyu: I thought Karen said "No Demons Allowed"

Stanford: That is correct Miss Xiaoyu, but have no fear. I'm not fighting in the tournament. My job is simply aid Karen. One of my duties being is to bring the participants to her. Now that I had answer your question. Time I bring the two of you with me

Nara: Oh how nice of you. However if you fucking think my girlfriend and I are just going to leave with you. Then you got another fucking thing coming

Stanford: Big talk Mr. Chabla, but I do not intimidate so easily. Plus if you're serious about rescuing Mr. Lorenzo. I suggest the two of you not give me a hard time

Xiaoyu: Nara we can't afford to piss Stanford off. Despite the fact neither of us trust him. I cannot risk losing an opportunity to save my friend. Therefore we have no choice but to cooperate

Nara: Grrr

Stanford: Logical as always Ms. Xiaoyu. There is no need to fear me bringing any harm to either of you. If I were to do such a thing. I would be receive a punishment from my Master, Lord Pruflas. Not to mention whatever Karen would do to me by hurting her fighters before the tournament begins. However I cannot simply bring the two of you into my portal. Instead I will have to put the two of you to sleep first

Xiaoyu: What?

Nara: Son of a---


 Releasing a thick fog from out his mouth towards. Stanford's Fog Of Slumber quickly engulfs Nara and Xiaoyu. Trapped within the sleep inducing fog. Xiaoyu and Nara simultaneously falls to the ground sound asleep. Stanford then walks over to the sleeping Heroes. Placing each of them on one of his shoulders. Having successfully retrieved Xiaoyu and Nara. Carrying them on his shoulders. Stanford slowly walks back into his portal. Now with all the fighters having been collected. Neo Aigosthena's Underground Fighting Tournament begins anew


Bonus Story

Yura's Resolve

 Having finished his business in Neo Aigosthena. King Onyxe was on his way back to the Royal Lands. Mariah who had once again been summoned by Onyxe. In order to ride him to and from Neo Aigosthena. Since five in the morning. Onyxe has been dealing with the crisis in Neo Aigosthena. Currently traveling through the forest. Sitting beside Onyxe was no other than his Leading Lady Yura. Stressed by his ordeals in Neo Aigosthena. The news about the death toll of three hundred and eighty one people. Immediately sent Onyxe into a depressed state of mind. However to make matters even worst. The ones responsible for the massacre in Neo Aigosthena. Were a group of demons much like himself. Knowing the unfavorable history Mayland and the rest of Asira has with demons. Every time a demon(s) perform a public misdeed. The Media along those in political powers. Uses these events to discredit Onyxe as Mayland's current King. Stating things such as "All demons are evil and want to kill us", "Demons belong in the Underworld. Not amongst us mortal beings", and the worst of them all "This is why having a demon rule over us is a huge mistake". These awful thoughts kept spiraling within Onyxe's head. Onyxe then decided to call James. Knowing that James would most likely put him on speaker. Onyxe first ordered Yura not to make her presence known. Yura nodded in agreement before Onyxe made the call to James. 

 Once Onyxe had ended his conversation with James and the other heroes. Onyxe's worst suspicions had been confirmed. James and the others were at the Elestial Market last night. Along with the fact they were partially responsible for the massacre that had taken place there. Onyxe did not have such knowledge until now. Thankfully neither did The rest of the public. Remembering back when the reporters had arrived on the scene. Having interviewed a brunette hair woman in blue and a black male wearing a red jumpsuit. Onyxe couldn't help but think they were both withholding information. Yet decided not to invade either of their minds. Realizing they must had assisted Okubi and the others against The Order. Allowing them to escape while they dealt with the EMTs, police officers, and the Media. The names of the two people were Natsumi Morgan and Miracle Chapelle. Finally having calmed himself a bit. Onyxe decided to ask Yura her plans concerning Celia Rains

Onyxe: So Yura about that Celia woman. Do you intend to go to Neo Aigosthena and hunt her down?

Yura: I feel it is my responsibility to bring her down. After all I know Celia better than anyone else. The two of us share of past covered in blood. I still remember the day I meet her. Never did I imagine meeting a soul as twisted as mines. The many unforgivable acts of evil with committed. However unlike Celia I began to regret my evil ways. I wish I had just went through my first solution

Onyxe: That one being where you killed both Celia and yourself

Yura: Yeah. Unfortunately I grown too emotionally weak by then. Once I had revealed to Celia I didn't want to kill for the sake of killing anymore. Celia broke into a rage and tried to kill me. Fortunately I was the better fighter. I had beaten Celia to an inch of her life. I just couldn't bring myself to finish her off. Now that Celia has re emerged in Neo Aigosthena. I'm can finally do what needs to be done. Kill Celia Rains! However I do not wish to venture into Neo Aigosthena alone. Even with our friends already in Neo Aigosthena. I wish to bring Lady Hisako and Oriana to assist me. Just in case their are obstacles preventing me getting to Celia. If that is okay with you Onyxe?

Onyxe: Yura if you know how badly Hisako wants to get some action. I know for a fact Hisako would love to come with you to Neo Aigosthena. Now as far as Oriana is concern. Despite the fact she is a descendant of the Great Sages. Along with being one of the Four Divas of this generation. Considering the amount of training Oriana and her summoning Ricky have been doing as of late. Perhaps this would be a perfect opportunity to put her training into use. Also while I know your goal is to find and eliminate Celia. However I'm also suspicious of that Zabel character Hellin mentioned before. Call it "male's" intuition, but I feel Celia and him are somehow connected. Therefore I'm granting your request to take Hisako, Oriana, and Ricky with you to Neo Aigosthena tonight. Just promise me you won't let the guilt from your pass sins. Stop you from taking down Celia

Yura: While a monster like myself will never obtain true redemption. It is my duty to bring down monsters who only desire to spill more blood. I loved Celia like a sister, but I will destroy her without mercy! Celia is that remains of my wicked past. I plan on finally putting an end to it!

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