Thursday, November 17, 2016

Cool Nine & Braddox Morse

Cool Nine

A extremely attractive sage from Kemet. This woman goes by the name Cool Nine. User of the Magical Arts Zare's Scorn. A type of magic that involves the use of magical dices. Cool Nine is one of the eight kidnapped combatants of the current Underground Fighting Tournament. However unlike the other eight kidnapped combatants. Cool Nine allowed herself to be kidnapped. In order to complete a special mission assigned to her

Braddox Morse

Born and raised in France. Braddox lived a relatively normal life. However on his sixteenth birthday. Braddox became possessed by the demon spirit of Crocell. A former Demon Lord that had been assassinated many centuries ago in the Underworld. Fortunately upon being possessed by Crocell. Braddox not only maintained dominance over his mind and body. Being possessed by Crocell also gave Braddox incredible supernatural strength and agility. Realizing what this power could do for him. Braddox abandon all intentions of living a normal life. Instead Braddox would use his power to compete in various fighting tournaments in France. 

Having defeated so many powerful sages and skilled fighters with his demonic strength. While Braddox gained many fans and admirers. Braddox had also made plenty of enemies. After his victory in the latest tournament in Lyon. On his way back to the hotel. Braddox found himself surrounded by several sages he defeated in the past. Normally Braddox is very calm and control of his emotions. However a rage had awaken within him. Causing him to unleash a fury like no other against the sages. Once the fight had ended. Braddox found himself surrounded by the blood of the now dead sages. Before Braddox could even make his next move. Braddox was surrounded by multiple cop cars and guns pointed at him. 

Despite possessing the power to combat the cops. Braddox decided to surrender. Sentence to prison for fifteen years. After having serve ten of his fifteen. Braddox was release from prison. While Braddox had accepted what he had done. Between being disowned by his family and friends. Braddox had grown resentful towards his country and wanted out asap. Less then a week as a free man. Braddox took a plane from France to Mayland. In hopes of starting a new life for himself. 

Finding work as a bouncer in Neo Aigosthena. Braddox didn't engage in combat the way he use too, but always made sure to train himself daily. One night after exiting from work. Braddox encounter a demon dressed in a suit. Knowing the demon did not mean him well. Braddox was ready to defend himself. Unfortunately before Braddox could make a single move. The demon hits Braddox with a cloud of knock out gas. Braddox will not know his fate until he awakes. 

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