Friday, December 30, 2016

Profile Cool Nine


Who Is She?

Name: CLASSIFIED Code Name: Cool Nine

Age: 88

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Cloudy Purple

Gender: Female

Height: 5'8

Weight: 111 pounds

Likes: Gaining knowledge, traveling, buttermilk pie

Dislikes: Closed minded people, people who talk too much but know so little, true evil

Magic Name: Zare's Scorn

Abilities: Possessing three of the cursed of Anubis. Cool Nine can use the following dice

  • Geb - A brown and silver colored die. Depending on what number Cool Nine rolls. Cool Nine is able to create earthquakes, summon rocks, harden her skin, and super strength
  • Khonsu - A lavender and vanilla colored die. Depending on what number Cool Nine rolls. Cool Nine is able to turn invisible, intangible, put her opponent to sleep by looking into their eyes, healing magic, and foresight
  • Oruju - A fiery colored die. Depending on what number Cool Nine rolls. Cool Nine is able to manipulate fire in various ways. Hurling fireballs of various sides, creating a fiery aura around herself, summoning walls of fire, burning touch, or fire immunity

Cool Nine is also skilled in hand to hand combat

Bio: Born and raised in Kemet/Egypt. Prior to becoming a member of a secret society. Dedicated to combating evil around the world. Cool Nine was once a regular girl. Daughter of Shepherd mother and a Librarian father. Cool Nine lived a simple but peaceful life. Everyday after coming home from school. After her parent's helped her with homework. Cool Nine's father would read various books about the world of Asira. Cool Nine's favorite stories were the one's involving different types of magic. Hearing the stories about powerful sages from various eras. Cool Nine knew that she too wanted to become a sage. One day after returning home from school. Upon reaching to walkway to her home. Cool Nine spotted her parents waiting at the door. Never had her parents waited at the door for her. Cool Nine was worried that something was wrong. Perhaps she did something bad at school. However upon asking her parents if everything was alright. Cool Nine learned from her father that her teacher had called. Telling them good things about their daughter. Cool Nine's parents decided to reward her good behavior. Taking her to the carnival in Luxor. Immediately Cool Nine hugged and kissed her parents. Thanking them immensely as tears of joy ran down her eyes

 Nearly three hours later riding in her father's car. Cool Nine and her parents arrive to the carnival in Luxor. They began having the time of their lives. Enjoying various rides and delicious foods. Everything was great until two sages riding a dragon had crashed the carnival. After landing on the ground. The sages and their dragon began attacking the civilians. Cool Nine and her parents were caught within the chaos. Cool Nine was fortunate enough to escape with her life. Sadly her mother and many others were not so lucky. Also having lost track of her father during the chaos. Cool Nine was then grabbed up by an unknown woman. Together the two of them left from Luxor.

 Her mother dead and her father's whereabouts unknown. Cool Nine was taken in by a woman named Ellen Rosemary. Founding herself amongst thousands of other parentless and abandon children. Cool Nine was now apart of a secret society. The very placed she received her code name. Removing her government name from all records. The secret society became Cool Nine's new family. Taught by her benefactors, Cool Nine received advance education, training in hand to hand combat, and most importantly magic. Trained in the magical arts called Zare's Scorn! Cool Nine used magical dices created by the Egyptian God Anubis. Allowing Cool Nine to wield various abilities. Depending the dice colored and the number she rolled. Cool Nine would use her magic and knowledge. Traveling all around Asira and combating various forms of evil. In order to prevent like the one in Luxor many years ago.

 Seventy eight years later Cool Nine serves as an agent to the secret society. After several of her comrades had disappeared in Mayland. Cool Nine's benefactors pinpointed these disappearances taking place in Neo Aigosthena. Cool Nine was sent to find the one responsible. Shortly after arriving to Neo Aigosthena. Cool Nine was kidnapped by a male demon in a suit. Which she had made herself vulnerable to be taken. Now forced to compete in a Underground Fighting Tournament. Hosted by a sage name Karen Caramel. While most of the combatants simply want to escape. Cool Nine plans on bringing Karen to justice

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