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Forbidden Chapter 58

Forbidden Chapter Fifty Eight

True Emotions, Hidden Intention

 Seconds after Xiaoyu and Nara left to find Karen. Okubi and his team follows right behind them. Making their way to the market before entering Pruflas's Dimension. Their hotel room nearly empty. The only remaining are Hellin, Anna, Othello, and Team Rose. Both Hellin and Anna deciding to use the morning to train. Preparing themselves for tonight's mission. Othello along with Lava Rose, Tre' and Zira get ready to head out. Othello walks over to Hellin. Planting a juicy kiss on her daughter's forehead. Othello grabs her fancy pink purse. Before heading out the door with Lava Rose and his friends behind her. Minutes after Hellin and Anna no sense Othello or Team Rose's presence in the hotel. The two friends begin to talking to one another

Hellin: Now that my mother and company are out the way. It's time I start my training for tonight's hunt. So Anna what will you be doing to prepare for our battle against Zabel?

Anna: Unlike you Hellin, I don't rely on my physical strength. Nor do I have to power to invade the mind of others. Instead I will focus on creating various potions. In order to prepare for our battle against Iron Zabel. I'm also remaking the potions that we destroyed yesterday at the Elestial Market

Hellin: Hmph! That fucking place. I'll forget what almost happened to you last night. I was so terrified when I felt your life force depleting. I felt so fucking bad I wasn't there for you. If it wasn't for Tre' healing you. I don't know what I would had done. I would had went on a war path. Anna I'm so sorry about last night

Anna: Hellin there's nothing for you to be sorry about. If anyone is to blame. That bastard Ekoda is to blame for nearly killing me. However because Ekoda had struck me with a fatal blow. It lead you to transform in Vixen. Which helped you defeat the members of K.I.L.L.E.R. Also as you had mentioned. Tre' was there to heal me. So at the end everything worked out Hellin. Please don't let yesterday's events keep running through your head. We now have to focus on dealing with Iron Zabel later tonight

Hellin: I can't believe you could be so lax about having nearly died. Yeah I get that you were saved in time, but weren't you scared?

Anna: I'm not as afraid of death as I'm leaving my loved ones behind. Knowing how crushed both my father and you would had been. Along with Okubi and the others. Scares me much more than death itself. So tell me Hellin what's really bothering you?

 Momentarily stunned by Anna's question. If Hellin didn't know better. She would had thought Anna was reading her mind. While Hellin was a master of hiding her emotions from most. Anna was one of the few individuals. Able to sense Hellin's inner emotions.  Once Hellin gets over her shock. Words fused with passion and disgust. Began flying out of Hellin's mouth

Hellin: It's just these past few months. Starting from the time of my rescue in Jazan. I began to feel emotions. Ones I was taught to shut out. Emotions that would be considered detrimental for a demon of my status. I'm the Princess of Babylon and perhaps someday it's Queen. Raised in the ways of an assassin by my mother. I was taught the only emotions I needed was anger and the joy of killing. Anything else was a sign of weakness. The exception being my mother. I didn't show a shred of emotion to anyone. Even harming those who dared attempted to befriend me. Unlike Mihoshi and my mother who befriended many of Babylon's servants and warriors. I loathe each and every single last one of them. My heart was cold as ice. Wrapped with barbed wire made of hatred. My entire being was purely a living weapon of hate. Serving to only protect my mother's Empire. That I may someday succeed in her position. All that changed the day you entered my life. Never in an million year. Did I ever imagine you would mean so much to me. Your only purpose was to serve me and nothing more. Yet you have become my dearest friend. No one else gets me the way you do Anna. Words cannot describe how invaluable you are to me

Anna: Aww Hellin. That's truly the sweetest thing you ever said to me. Your friendship means the world to me as well Hellin. it's thanks to you I don't feel alone anymore. I know you have a lot of pressure resting on your shoulders. Constantly having to prove yourself to your mother and yourself. However there's nothing wrong showing emotions Hellin. Every living being has them. It's impossible to only feel hatred and other negative emotions


Anna: Hellin?

Hellin: Anna... I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to explode on you like that. Just ever since I started fighting beside Okubi and the others. No matter how much I tried to fight it. I can't help but view as more than just allies. It's like am starting to actually care about them. I absolutely fucking hate it!

Anna: Hellin why must you be so hard on yourself? Why do you feel you have to be a heartless bitch?

 Hellin gives Anna a menacing stare. However unlike previous time where Anna immediately submitted to Hellin. Anna stared back at Hellin. Giving her a look almost as nasty as hers. Shocked by the look Anna is giving her. Angered by the reaction Anna is giving her. Hellin's red eye glow like neon lights. Hellin takes up a condescending stance. Pointing her right index finger towards Anna in great disapproval. In the exact same manner her mother does. Whenever she is belittling Anna

Hellin: How fucking dare you stare at me like that? Just because I opened up to you Anna. Doesn't make you and I equals. Now fix your damn face or I'll fix it for you!

Anna: I'm not backing down Hellin. I can't believe you feel ashamed about caring about Okubi and the others. Do you really believe showing compassion for others is a sign of weakness?

Hellin: YES!

Anna: If that were true Hellin. I would already be dead by your mother's hands

Hellin: Perhaps I just wanted to have the luxury of killing you. In case you ever pissed me off like you're doing now

Anna: Then kill me Hellin. Prove to me you are the perfect killer! I won't even try to defend myself. Both my mind and body is at your mercy. Show me you are your mother's daughter

Hellin: You cocky little bitch! No wonder my mother can't stand you. Give you an inch and you fucking take a mile. I regret ever calling you my "best friend". Prepare to die Annabelle Del Soto!

 Hellin's changes from it's human like state. Turning into that of a demon. The nails on Hellin's fingers transform into claws. Hellin charges towards Anna with the intent to kill. Anna unfazed by Hellin's ferocity. Remains calms as she waits for Hellin to strike. Hellin now standing right in front of Anna. Holding her claws in front of Anna's neck. Anna remains still awaiting Hellin to decapitate her. However Hellin just stands before Anna. Not making a single gesture to finish her off. Seeing Hellin behaving in a indecisive manner. Anna decides to taunt her

Anna: What are you waiting for Princess? KILL ME! Unless you don't have what it takes bitch!

Hellin: Did you just call me out of my name? WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!!!

Anna: Your best friend in the whole world. Trying to talk some sense into you. Now stop this madness immediately. Do you really think behaving like a barbarian. Makes you some type of badass? Masking your emotions with this false bravado. Only proves your deeper insecurities Hellin. Strength isn't define by how many enemies you defeated. Nor by one's level of power. True strength is acknowledging one's fears and shortcomings but without letting those weaknesses hold them back.

 Hearing those brutally honest words from Anna. Tears immediately began to form around Hellin's eyes. No longer angry but sad. Hellin removes her claws away from Anna's neck. Reverting back into her humane form. Hellin drops down to her knees before Anna. Covering her face with her hands. Hellin starts weeping before her friend. Anna starts to tear up as well. Lowers her body to meet Hellin's. Anna console Hellin by wrapping her arms around her. Resting her head on Anna's chest. Tearfully Hellin reveals her inner securities to her friend

Hellin: Anna the truth is... I feel anxious, mournful, and most importantly afraid! I don't know how this happened. Just ever since you and I left the Underworld. In order to aid Okubi and the others against The Children of Ruin. During our adventures to prevent Janiel and his buddies from releasing Mastema from Forbidden. We have encountered many powerful enemies and witnessed destruction and the deaths of many innocents. Death is nothing new to me. I had watched many die and caused many deaths. However it's different when seeing innocent people being slaughtered. I tried blocking these emotions from my mind. Plus all my near death experiences. Especially when I almost died at the hands of my own summoning. During our battle against Razel. It's just become a bit too much for me. However I felt it was my duty to remain strong. Hide my real feelings in the face of danger. In order to maintain the perception the others have of me. Unfortunately I'm starting to feel myself crack. I don't know how long I can keep this up. Which is why I worry about our battle against Iron Zabel. If I cannot get my emotions in check. I'm guaranteed to be a liability for you, my mother, and the members of Team Rose

Anna: Hellin it's okay to be afraid. Not even the strongest of the strong aren't without fear. Hellin you are the strongest demon I ever known. I'm not just saying that because we're friends either. It's okay to have fears and doubts. Just never let those things hold you back. Hellin you posses unimaginable strength and are destined for greatness.  I believe in you Hellin and so does Okubi, Queen Othello, and everyone else. I just need you to believe in yourself. Even if were raised to be a killer. There is nothing wrong having compassion and concern for others. Now if you're done doubting yourself best friend. Let us both prepare for our battle against Iron Zabel

Hellin: You're right Anna. I'm behaving like a pitiful child. It just I feared showing such emotions would hinder me. I understand it's okay to care about others. I'm still a powerful demon and desire to become Queen of Babylon someday. Now that am done feeling sorry for myself. It's time we begin our training to combat Zabel

 Both Hellin and Anna rises up from the ground. The two friends hug each other. Hellin thanks Anna for helping her get through her fears and doubts. Now that both women have dried their tears. Hellin exits from their room. Allowing Anna to prepare her potions. While Hellin goes to find a quiet place to train near the Gold Hotel. Arriving back to the Royal Lands. Onyxe along Yura and Mariah rushes to the castle door. Yura hurries to find Hisako and Oriana. While Mariah rushes to the nearest guest bathroom. Onyxe is escorted by two of his servants. Bringing him to the King's Bathroom. Once inside of his personal bathroom. Onyxe sees his tub filled with warm milk and honey. Undressed with the help of his servants. Onyxe walks towards his tub with caution. Carefully placing himself inside the tub. The servants then add more honey into his bath. Then they pass Onyxe a basket filled with various fruits. Onyxe thanks his servants as they exit from the bathroom. Now alone sitting in his bathtub. Onyxe ponders to himself about the recent tragedy in Neo Aigosthena. Wondering why he didn't receive a premonition about such a tragic event? Also running through the King's mind. The whereabouts of his biological father, the Grim Reaper Knox. It's been a minute since he last saw him. Naturally Onyxe was worried about his father's safety. Along with the fact Onyxe has been feeling a dark power brewing inside of him. Realizing that he too is a Reaper. Onyxe worried having such power could possibly hinder his position as King.

Lastly Onyxe thought about his dreaded conversation with Neo Aigosthena's Mayor and Senators later tonight. While possessing a decent acquaintance with Senator Sliverbrass. Both Mayor Hamm and Senator Python loathe him. Unlike Mayor Hamm who simply despised Onyxe for being a demon. Senator Python's disdain for him was personal. Unknown to Onyxe back then. Mayor Python was very close friends to Mayland's previous ruler, Queen Golda. Who was also Onyxe's foster aunt and the one responsible for Onyxe's adopted parent's deaths. While many were neutral about Golda's death at Onyxe's hands. Senator Isha Python was one of the few who were enraged by Golda's demise at Onyxe's hands. Believing if he wasn't a demon. That Golda would still be Mayland's ruler today. Shortly after Onyxe began his reign as Mayland's King. The first two assassins sent after him. Both were hired by Python. While Onyxe was angered by both assassination attempts. Onyxe decided not to get even with Python nor bring him to justice. Instead Onyxe confronted Python and warned him. Telling Python the next assassin he sends after him. That he would have Python and his family publicly executed. Despite the hatred Python held for Onyxe. He did not want his wife and children to suffer for his actions. Begrudgingly Python promised to cease his assassination attempts against him. However Python told Onyxe he would never forgive him for killing Golda. It's been forty something years since then. Python's hatred towards him hasn't gone away.

 Using his power to play with the milk inside the tub. Onyxe decides to just enjoy the remainder of his both. Before getting himself ready to send Yura, Hisako, and Oriana w/ Ricky to Neo Aigosthena. Hours have passed since Hellin's training and Anna's preparation. Nightfall had arrived as Othello, Lava Rose, Tre', and Zira returned to the hotel. Upon opening the door to their room. Othello and Team Rose saw Hellin and Anna dressed in their Espionage Battle suits. Hellin's was red and Anna's green.

Hellin's Espionage Battlesuit

 A smile of devious satisfaction came across Othello's face. Seeing how both her daughter and servant were ready for action. Lava Rose and Zira were also impressed by Hellin and Anna's appearance. Tre' on the other hand was trying to fight the erection in his pants. 

Othello: Looks you ladies dressed to kill. Let me put down these bags and change into something more suited for combat

 Othello gently places her many shopping bags on the ground. Then with a snap of her fingers. Othello casts a spell on herself. Changing her out of her dress and into a skin purple bodysuit. Course unlike Hellin and Anna's conservative battle wear. Othello's bodysuit was very revealing. Causing Tre' to place both his hands in front of his privates. In order to hide his increasing erection. Standing confidently before her mother. Hellin says to her "open the portal to Bosman". Othello still wearing her devious smile. Holds out her right hand, opening a portal behind Hellin and Anna

Zira: Well I guess the six of us are ready to take down Zabel

Hellin: I'm certainly ready. I hope the rest of you are prepared

Lava Rose: While weren't training along with you and Anna. Trust my friends and me have mentally been preparing ourselves. We are just as ready as you Hellin to battle Zabel

Othello: After all these years. Finally I shall have my revenge against Zabel for killing Balam

Hellin: Glad to hear it comrades. Now enough with the chitchat and let's enter the portal. The faster we take down Zabel. The safer the people of Neo Aigosthena will be. I refuse to have a repeat of last night's tragedy

Othello: Concern about the deaths of mortal? That doesn't sound like my precious little killer. Did something happened to you Hellin?

Hellin: A lot has happened to me mother since coming to Asira but right now isn't the time. My only desire is to see Zabel dead! Now if we're done wasting time. Let's move!

 Hellin turns away from her mother and enters the portal. Anna and Team Rose follows right behind her. However as soon as Tre' steps inside. Othello swiftly closes the portal behind them. Alone inside the hotel room. Othello stands with her arms cross. Looking towards the direction of where her portal once appeared. Wearing a look of utter disgust on her face. Few seconds after Hellin and the others had entered Othello's portal. Another portal opens in the same place. Stepping outside of it was the infamous demon Janiel, leader of The Children of Ruin. The very demon Okubi, Hellin, and the others seek to destroy. Upon seeing Janiel in her presence. Othello's face becomes slightly more soft, but her posture remains. Janiel walks his way over to Othello. Now standing in front of her. Janiel places his hands on Othello's ass. Planting a kiss on Othello's cheeks. Staring deep into Othello's eyes. Janiel begins speaking to her

Janiel: It's been a minute since I had some alone time with you my sweet

Othello: It's nice seeing you again as well Lord Janiel

Janiel: So is it just me or did you seem very angry not too long ago?

Othello: My anger wasn't towards you love. Although I can't say I'm going to like what you have to say. My greatest fear about Hellin has finally happened. The girl is showing compassion and concern for lesser beings. I wanted to rip off her head but knew the time wasn't appropriate. After all I'll need my daughter and her pathetic friends to distract Iron Zabel. Until I'm ready to make my move. If only I could see their faces. Once they realize I didn't follow them to Bosman

Janiel: Didn't I tell you a long time ago. Hellin is amongst the unworthy. There will be no place for her in Mastema's new world. Fortunately both Mihoshi and you are more than qualified... course if you don't decide to have a change of heart before then

Othello: Don't you be stupid my sweet. I want to see the destruction of Asira and the change to the Underworld. Just as much as you do Janiel. It's just unfortunate Pruflas won't be able to enjoy it with us

Janiel: Sacrifices must be made Othello. If Pruflas cannot survive his inevitable battle against his stepson. Than he does not deserve a place in the new world. However the remaining members of the Children of Ruin, you, and myself are most definitely worthy. Now I have much to discuss with you, but first. Let's enjoy this alone time we have together

Othello: One thing I always loved about you Janiel. Besides your desire to rid the Underworld of it's weakness. Your sex drive is as strong as mines. Now go get in bed and let me suck that juciy dick of yours

 Inside of his secret base located in Bosman. Iron Zabel sits proudly on his throne. Wearing a pair of designer shades while completely shirtless. Showing off his overly muscular body. Standing beside him is Celia and his disciples gathered around him. Removing the shades off his face. Iron Zabel reveals his glowing scarlet eyes. Indicating to his disciples there are enemies within their territory. Wearing a snake like smile on her face. Celia watches as Iron Zabel gets up from his throne. In order to address his disciples

Iron Zabel: I had foreseen the arrival of our enemies. They have come here in hopes of stopping my ascension to Godhood. However they are painfully unaware of my... our capabilities. Now that they have entered our domain. It is time we bring upon them divine punishment!


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