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Forbidden Chapter 57. 2

Forbidden Chapter Fifty Seven Point Two

Victim's Assembly 

 Reaching their destination ten minutes later. Entering inside the nearly empty auditorium. Xiaoyu and Syh spot five people standing on the stage. Immediately noticing Nara is not one of the five people currently on the stage. Xiaoyu along with Syh proceed to the stage. Now standing on the stage with the other five strangers. While Syh stands quietly behind her with his arms folded. Xiaoyu begins to introduce her and Syh to the five strangers

Xiaoyu: Hello everyone. I presume the five of you were also kidnapped by Karen. Anyways my name is Jia Xiaoyu and the unfriendly elf behind me is Syh Phlips. Now if you find folks don't mind me asking. May you the five of you please introduce yourselves

 The first to step towards Xiaoyu and Syh. A mesmerizing gorgeous green haired mocha skin woman. Wearing a revealing red and black long sleeve shirt. Barely containing her cantaloupe size breast. Along with leather white pants and brown high heel shoes. Staring at Xiaoyu with her Cloudy Purple eyes. The woman began to speak

Cool Nine: Well hello Ms. Xiaoyu and Mr. Philips. While my real name shall remain classified. The two of you may call me "Cool Nine". The reason I can't reveal my actual name. Is simply due to my occupation. I hope that will not arouse any suspicion from either of you

Xiaoyu: Unless you act in a suspicious manner Cool Nine. I see no reason not to trust you

Cool Nine: If only you truly felt that way. I know a detective when I see one

Xiaoyu: W-WHAT! How could you tell just by looking at me? Don't tell me you're---

Cool Nine: A telepath I'm not. It's due to my age and experience. I was able to determine your occupation just by your posture and the way you speak

Xiaoyu: "This woman is good at what she does. I definitely better keep an eye on her". Well whatever your occupation is Cool Nine. You're definitely a pro at it. Now may the next person please introduce yourself

 Cool Nine returns to where she was previously standing. The next person steps towards Xiaoyu and Syh. Standing before Xiaoyu is a woman with light sapphire hair. Wearing a rather gaudy body suit. Majority of the body suit is purple minus the strip of pink on each of her arms. Along with a black patch of leather securing her breast. While the woman possesses a curvaceous figure. Xiaoyu couldn't help but notice the woman's face is painfully unremarkable. The woman wasn't ugly but considering the rest of her body. One would had presume she was equally pleasing in the face. Having made her base observation of the woman. Xiaoyu came to the conclusion she was an assassin. Ignoring the thoughts running through her head. Xiaoyu waited as the woman began to speak

Pelham: My name is Pelham. No it's not a code name either. My buffoon of a mother actually gave me this unfortunate name. Anyways I was a former member of the Dark Guild called White Lash. Sadly after a mission had gone astray. My former comrades deemed me the one at fault and kicked me out the group. Currently I make a living as a hired hitwoman. Sadly after completing my mission in Neo Aigosthena. Some jerk in a suit hit me with some sought of knockout gas from his mouth. Hours after I had awaken. I found myself inside of a prison cell. Then some girl on the intercom ordered me to play a game. One that involved finding four numbers in the cell. Reluctantly I played her game and managed to escaped. Minutes later I ended up on this stage with these people. Course when I first arrived here. Only Cool Nine was presence. Damien, Romio, and Braddox showed up a few minutes after I arrived.

Xiaoyu: Your voice is very pure. Not what I expected from a woman of your occupation

Pelham: Deception comes in many forms. Sadly like the rest of you here. I'm also a victim of this Karen person

Syh: So it seems like we were all force to play Karen's Escape or Die game. Cool Nine being the first of us to complete the game

Cool Nine: Don't feel bad about it Syh. I was just the first one to awaken according to Karen. Once I woke up in my prison cell. Karen explained to me in order to escape. I had to find four numbers hidden in my cell under ten minutes. Otherwise I would be brutally murdered. Fortunately for me I found all my numbers in under two minutes. Never I imagine such an easy game from a psychopath like her. The woman truly lacks creativity

Xiaoyu: Well let's be thankful Karen isn't a mastermind of hiding. Course that doesn't make her any less dangerous. Anyways now that the ladies have introduced themselves. Gentlemen you have the floor.

 Pelham removes herself out of Xiaoyu's way. Returning to the spot she previously stood. Now standing in front of Xiaoyu. A very tall and muscular main. Blonde hair with red highlights at the ends of his hair. Wearing a skin tight long sleeve red shirt. Exposing a portion of his chiseled abs. Along with a pair of leather black pants brown dress shoes. Tattooed across his neck was the word SIN. In spite of the man's relaxed appearance. Xiaoyu detected a very evil energy hidden within him. Just like Pelham before him. Xiaoyu decides to keep her personal feelings to herself. Allowing the man to speak without judgment

Braddox: The names Braddox Morse. I use to be a top fighter back in my home country France. Unfortunate after some of my opponents from previous tournaments tried to ambushed me. I ended up brutally murdering each and everyone of them. I was then sent to prison and disowned by my family. After I completed my sentence. I decided to leave France and start a new life in Mayland. Things have been great ever since I started life here. Unfortunately that ended yesterday after some loon in a suit kidnapped me at my job. Now am trapped inside this hellhole with the rest of you. Anyways that's all I got to for now. Romio it's your turn to speak

 Braddox excuses himself from Xiaoyu's presence. Returning to his original spot on the stage. The next to speak is a half French half Japanese blonde haired man name Romio Mitarai. However unlike Cool Nine, Pelham, and Braddox. Romio does not stand before Xiaoyu. Instead he addresses her in his current spot on the stage. Wearing a wrinkle unbutton wisteria colored long sleeve dress shirt. A neon pink tie around his neck. However the most bizarre thing about Romio's attire. Isn't his shirt or unique tie but the pants he's wearing. Unlike the others in the auditorium who pants kept their genitals hidden. Romio's privates were completely in the open. Visible through his green slime colored pants. Xiaoyu quickly diverted her eyes away from Romio's crotch. Bringing her attention back to his face. Xiaoyu watches as Romio begins speaking

Romio: Kon Ni Chi Wa! My name is Romio Mitarai. My father is Japanese and my mother is French. I'm a photographer that travels the globe. Taking pictures of anything or anyone I find amusing. My mother told me to stay home after my last trip outside France. Unfortunately I didn't heed my mother's advice. I just had to go on an adventure in Mayland. Getting myself lost in Neo Aigosthena of all places. Now am trapped in this place with all of you. I swear if I get out of this place. I promise to stay home for at least a year. If only I realize what that nice suit wearing bastard was doing sooner. The next time I see his face. I'm going to give him a butt whooping he'll never forget. Anyways that's all I wish to share about myself for now

Xiaoyu: Thank you for sharing that with us Romio. Trust you're not the only one who wants to kick Stanford's ass. Now that Romio has spoken. All that remains is Mr. Benzo

Cool Nine: Pelham, Braddox, Romio, and myself already know about cotton candy hair over there. Both Syh and you are in for a real treat. Damien you have the floor.

 Before making his way to the center of the stage. Damien reaches inside of his pocket. Pulling out a chrome color comb. Damien uses it to pick his cotton candy pink hair. Once his hair is comb to his satisfaction. The slender but muscular toffee skin man. Wearing a skin tight red long sleeve shirt, gray pants with green, pink, and yellow polka dots, and a pair of cherry colored sneakers. Damien stares at Xiaoyu and Syh with his cerulean colored eyes. Everyone remains quiet as Damien prepares to speak

Damien: Hello sexy people. My name is Damien Benzo. I'm a Adult Model and even have done a couple of Adult Films. I'm also a skilled in the arts of Tae Kwon Doo. Just like the rest of you on this stage. I too was kidnapped by that Stanford guy. Caught me on my way back home to my step father. Anyways now that I shared a little bit of my backstory. May we please focus escaping this bitch

Xiaoyu: Agreed but I just have one more question to ask

Braddox: What would that be?

Xiaoyu: Have any of you seen a man with green spiky hair around here? His name is Nara and he was kidnapped along with me

Damien: Is he your boyfriend?

Xiaoyu: Both my boyfriend and fellow comrade against a powerful group of demons. I fear something may had happened to him

Cool Nine: I remember Karen mentioning me to me earlier. That there were nine people down here. Currently seven of us are standing on this stage. That means your boyfriend and someone else must be the remaining people we're waiting on. However if your boyfriend and the other person were made to play Karen's game as well. It's a possible they may had failed

Xiaoyu: That simply can't be. I mean Nara isn't the sharpest tool in the shed but even he should be able to beat Karen's easy ass death game. Even if Nara failed to find the numbers under ten minutes. Nara is stronger than Karen. He's a Darken for fuck sakes!

Pelham: You're boyfriend is a Darken?

Xiaoyu: My boyfriend is most certainly is Pelham. Back when Nara was a child. A demon had taken him to the Underworld. The demon of course planned to eat Nara. Fortunately for Nara a Darken had came to his rescue. After the Darken had slain the demon. Nara was brought back to his family. Course  for any mortal who is brought to the Underworld. Manages to survive long enough.  Either becomes a demon themselves or turns into a Darken. Nara was no exception to that fate. However if Karen did something to him while unconscious. There is no telling what could had happened to him. All I know is he better not be dead. Otherwise I will rip this bitch piece by piece. Until I find Karen and obliterate her

Syh: That is if Karen doesn't leave us to die here first

Cool Nine: Karen didn't go through the trouble of having her friend Stanford kidnap us. Just to let us die in this place. Whatever reason Karen kidnapped us. This is just the beginning for what's in stored for us. Hmm I'm sensing a presence coming towards the auditorium

Syh: I feel it as well

Romio: As do I

Braddox: Don't jump for joy yet Xiaoyu, but I'm definitely feeling a dark presence coming our way. I also feel the presence of another but it's not remotely demonic or powerful

Xiaoyu: It's definitely Nara but the other presence is completely unknown to me. It must be the six participant Karen mentioned to Syh and me earlier. However the way Karens spoke about the six participant back in our prison cell. I had expected them to already be in the auditorium with the rest of you. Meaning that bitch lied to Syh and I

 Seconds after Xiaoyu and the others detected the presence of Nara and another. Entering through the auditorium doors. Appeared both Nara and a attractive Mexican girl. Nara immediately spots Xiaoyu on stages and runs towards. After leaping on the stage. Nara grabs Xiaoyu around the waist and the two start making out. Severals seconds after kissing each other passionately. Nara gently releases Xiaoyu from his arms. Even before Xiaoyu could get a word in. Joyful words start flying out of Nara's mouth

Nara: Babe! I'm beyond fucking ecstatic to see you are okay

Xiaoyu: Thanks to the help of Syh, the elven man previously standing behind me. The two of us managed to escaped the prison cell Karen had placed us in. Course we had to find four numbers inside the cell under ten minutes. Otherwise Karen would had murdered Syh and myself

Damien: So how did it take you to find all your numbers? I bet you found it exactly in ten minutes

Nara: What are you two talking about? I was never in a prison cell

Cool Nine: What? You're telling me you weren't locked inside a prison. Forced to play some idiotic number hunt game. In order to escape with your life?

Nara: Not at all gorgeous. I was just in some plain looking room. Neither was Danielle when I found her

Syh: The shy Mexican woman who entered the auditorium with you?

Nara: Yep! Shortly after I awoken from my sleep. I began searching for Xiaoyu. Only to find Danielle sleeping inside a room that resembled a nursery. The poor girl was so shaken when I awoke her. Feared she thought I was the one who kidnapped her

Romio: I don't blame the lass for being scared. How old is she anyways?

Nara: Danielle is sixteen years old

Xiaoyu: She's younger than me. Poor thing must be absolutely terrified. I'm glad you found her

Braddox: Bad enough Karen and Stanford kidnapped us. It sucks even more knowing one of the people kidnapped is a mere teenager. I seriously wonder what Karen plans to do with us?

Xiaoyu: Karen did say something about this being an Underground Fighting Tournament. Which must mean we are the selected combatants for her latest tournament

Damien: So in order to escape from this shithole. We all gotta fight each other? Talk about a fucked up situation

Braddox: Fuck up indeed but there's gotta be more to it than us fighting one another

Cool Nine: I'm certain this won't be a contest of simply who's the strongest fighter. Karen must have other stipulations set up for us. In order for any of us to escape this place. Furthermore how many of us would be allow to escape. If said conditions are met?

Romio: Are you guys even listening to yourselves? I did not come to fight anyone

Nara: None of us did dude... well Xiaoyu and I kinda did

Cool Nine: Exactly what do you mean by that?

Xiaoyu: Remember when I told you all Nara is not only my boyfriend but comrade? Both Nara and myself are two members of a group of heroes battling against a group of evil demons. Last night during the incident at the Elestial Market. Prior to being kidnapped by Stanford. I meet Karen for the very first time. That's when I learned she was the one who kidnapped my friend and fellow detective Lorenzo. Unlike the rest of you here. Nara and I were intentionally seeking out Karen. Neither of us expected to encounter Stanford. Who put the two of us to sleep. Before bringing to where we are now. Now that I think about it. Karen could had been telling the truth about a tenth participant.

Cool Nine: The tenth participant possibly being your friend Lorenzo? However I strongly feel that would be too obvious. Even for a woman of Karen's wits. Course before we go further about our situation. I would like to hear a little about Miss Danielle

Nara: Yeah Dannie don't be a stranger. Come up here with the rest of us?

Pelham: What's the point of getting to know one another? If what you're saying is true. The nine of us here are going end up fighting against one another

Xiaoyu: If you think I'm going to let Karen force us to fight one another. Then you're almost as delusional as she is. In the meantime let's here a bit about Danielle

 Slowly getting up from her seat. The beautiful Mexican girl makes her way towards the stage. Dressed in yellow and Spanish orange colored school uniform. Walking up one the stage. Danielle stands before the others as she reluctantly introduces herself

Danielle: My name is Danielle Amarillo. I'm a Mexican girl who plans on going to college soon. Course I wanted to do some traveling first. I decided to come to Mayland. My adventures through Mayland was wonderful. Despite the troubles going around the country. I remained safe within Mayland until I reached Neo Aigosthena. Knowing the high crime rate in Neo Aigosthena. I had intended to leave before nightfall. However I meet a group of really nice people. They invited me to party at a local bar. Everything was fantastic until I left the bar. That's when I encounter a man in a suit

Xiaoyu: Stanford!

Danielle: So that's his name. Once I encounter this Stanford character. I knew immediately he had bad intentions. I tried to run away but after being covered in smoke. I feel into a deep sleep. Hours past and I awoken inside of a nursery themed bedroom. The rest Mr. Nara had already stated

Nara: Danielle for the seventh time. I told you just call me Nara. Adding the mister to my name makes me feel old

Danielle: Apologies again Mr. Nara... I MEAN NARA!

Xiaoyu: Sorry to hear that happened to you Danielle. Other than Nara and myself. I'm truly sorry the rest of you were captured by Karen and Stanford

Cool Nine: Well much like you and your boyfriend. I too intentionally allowed myself to fall into Karen's hands. My reason of course shall remain secret until another time. Now that the nine of us have assembled. I think it's time for Karen and the tenth participant to reveal themselves

 Having monitor the fighters since they started gathering in the auditorium. Now with all nine kidnapped combatants standing on the stage. Karen along with Stanford prepares to meet the kidnapped fighters. Stanford opens a portal before Karen and himself. Stepping inside of the portal. Karen and Stanford appears seconds later. Standing before Xiaoyu and the others. Immediately Xiaoyu, Nara, and the others enter their battle stance. Ready to take down both Karen and Stanford. Danielle being the only one amongst the kidnapped. Not ready to engage neither Karen or Stanford in combat. Completely surrounded by Xiaoyu and the others. Karen and Stanford both wear mischievous smiles on their faces. Knowing how badly the kidnapped fighters desire to harm them. However before anyone could make a move against them. Karen turns to Xiaoyu and starts to speak

Karen: Well hello again Xiaoyu and friends. Now that you all have gathered here in this auditorium. It's time we get the latest Underground Fighting Tournament started!


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