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Forbidden Chapter 57. 1

Forbidden Chapter Fifty Seven Point One

Escape Or Die

 Opening her lime green color eyes. Xiaoyu finds herself awaken within a prison cell.  Rising off her bed as she adjusts to her surrounding. Xiaoyu notices a collar around her neck. Knowing for certain she doesn't wear anything around her neck. Xiaoyu attempts to remove the collar off her. Unable to remove the collar by normal means. Xiaoyu decides to use her light magic to break it off. Upon attempting to create a ball of energy in her palm. Xiaoyu finds herself unable to create a ball of energy. Not the one to give up easily. Xiaoyu tries several more times to summon energy into her palm. Growing tired and frustrated by every attempt. Xiaoyu reluctantly decides to give up for now. Instead begins to further explore her prison cell. Spotting across from her bed. Xiaoyu sees a body fully wrapped underneath a beige blanket. Certain that the body beneath the blanket is her boyfriend and fellow hero Nara. Xiaoyu removes herself off her bed to awake him. Making her way towards Nara. Xiaoyu notice a wooden purple box in the corner. While curious what could be inside the box. Xiaoyu's main focus was to awaken Nara. Now standing over Nara's bed. Xiaoyu gently starts to remove the sheet over Nara's head. In spite in being trapped in a very unfavorable setting. Xiaoyu was relieved to be with her boyfriend. However Xiaoyu would soon discover. The body underneath the beige sheets was not her beloved Nara.

 Removing the cover off of Nara's head. Upon seeing the face previously hidden beneath the beige sheets. Xiaoyu quickly moved away from the bed. Not only was she surprise not to see Nara. Xiaoyu had certainly not expected to see an elven man trapped with her in the prison cell. Returning to her side of the prison cell. Xiaoyu watches cautiously as the elven man started to awake. Upon opening his spring green colored eyes. Instead of immediately moving out of bed. The elven man continue to lay down in silence. While keeping an eye out on the unknown man. Xiaoyu couldn't help but wonder if the elven man is thinking what she's thinking. "How did I end up in this place?" Course what was most on Xiaoyu's mind. "Where was her lover and comrade Nara? Is he even alive?" However before any further thoughts about Nara crept into her mind. The elven man raised his upper body off the bed. Now sitting up in his bed with his hands still underneath the beige sheet. The elven man turned his head in the direction of Xiaoyu. Seeing how the elven man stared at her with equal caution. Xiaoyu felt more certain the elven was no danger to her. Xiaoyu then decided it was the time to talk

Xiaoyu: Hello sir. My name is Jia Xiaoyu but friends just call me Xiaoyu. I give your permission to address me as Xiaoyu as well. So do you mind telling me your name?

 Despite Xiaoyu's warm and genuine greeting. The elven man remained silent. Concern the man might simply be scared. Xiaoyu decided to try speaking to him again. In order to ensure the elven man everything is going to be alright

Xiaoyu: Sir I know this isn't exactly a welcoming setting. However I ensure you everything is going to be alright. I will get us out of here. Not only am I a top class detective, but one of King Onyxe's chosen heroes. So please don't be afraid. It's okay to trust me

 Hoping to gain the trust of the elven man. Instead of the elven man showing signs of relief. The elven man response with a look of contempt towards her. Now irritated with the unknown elven man. Xiaoyu decides to take a more blunt approach

Xiaoyu: Okay are you death or simply don't speak fucking English? Do you need me to be Chinese, Mandarin, or Spanish to you? Perhaps elves have a special form of communication? I understand you're afraid but there's no fucking excuse for your attitude. So can you speak or what?

Elven Man: I understood you just find bitch! I'm remaining silent because I know everything you're saying is bullshit! If only I had listen to the woman on the intercom earlier. I would had already had escaped this hellhole. Sadly my conscious didn't allow me to take action. At least now follow all the way through

Xiaoyu: The woman on the intercom?

Elven Man: Yes! The intercom located next to the prison cell door

 Turning her head to the left. Xiaoyu spots an intercom next to the prison cell door. Immediately shouts out the name "Karen". Xiaoyu then turns her attention back to the elven man

Xiaoyu: So what exactly did Karen say to you?

Elven Man: So that's her name? Anyways Karen had told me. If I killed you in your sleep. She would let me out of this place. Course as you obviously being alive and all. I didn't follow through with the act. Thus I'm stuck here chatting with you right now

Xiaoyu: That little bitch! So now I understand why you're pissed off at me. If only you worried about your own well being. I would be dead and you would had been set free. Instead you decided to be a man of morals. I'm sorry you were put in such a predicament but thank you for not killing me

Elven Man: Don't thank me yet woman. I can still kill you I wished to do so. Thanks to the Magic Inhibitor I placed around your neck earlier.  Without the use of your healing magic. There is nothing to stop me from killing you here and now

Xiaoyu: Just go ahead and try asshole! Even without my light and healing magic being disabled. I'm well skilled in the art of Wushu. Do you seriously fucking think a woman like me relies on magic alone? I'm sorry Karen had kidnapped you like she did my boyfriend and I. However I refused to die in this place. Let alone by the likes of you! So fucking try me if you dare

Elven Man: Oh wow am so scared. You act like I can't just blast you into smithereens. Especially in a crowded place like this. I imagine it would be quite easy to strike you down

Xiaoyu: Perhaps but if that was really possible for you to do. I doubt your hands would still be hidden beneath the beige sheet. Now this is just a guess. Once Karen realized you weren't going to kill me. Karen must had put you to sleep and bounded your hands. Serving as a form of punishment for not killing me. Sir---

Elven Man: My name is Syh Philips

Xiaoyu: Okay Syh before I was interrupted. Now that both you and I are awake. The two of us need to work together. In order to escape this prison cell. However with you hands bounded by---

Syh: The Black Shackles a tool use to render Naturi Elves like myself powerless. They were placed on me shortly after Karen tossed a Slumber Grenade inside of our cell. I apologize for placing the Magic Inhibitor around your neck. Now both of us are unable to break free from this prison

Xiaoyu: It's alright Syh. Considering what you could had done to me. I'm thankful all you did was cut me off from my magic. Anyways let's focus on finding away to get out of here

 Suddenly a musical sounds starts to play on the intercom. Xiaoyu and Syh listen as the music plays. Seconds after the music starts to play. The two prisoners hears a familiar voice speaking through the intercom

Karen: BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Sounds like my dear dear dear Xiaoyu has finally awaken. How does it feel to know Mr. Philips decided to spare your miserable life life life?

Xiaoyu: You fucking bitch! Why are we here and where is Nara?

Karen: Oh did you already forget why I brought you here? Don't tell me you forgotten about sweet sweet sweet Lorenzo? Silly little China girl.. you're an participant to this year's Neo Aigosthena's Underground Fighting Tournament. Which should had been fucking eliminated. Had Syh not decided to be a good elf. Now instead of having the nine combatants I had desired. I'm stuck with an even number of ten combatants. Here I thought this years tournament would be different. Karen is so so so disappointed with herself

Syh: A Mastermind who desires only nine participants? That reminds me of a certain game I had once played

Xiaoyu: Does the game "Nine Hours, Nine Person, Nine Doors" ring a bell?

Syh: It most definitely does Xiaoyu... thanks

Xiaoyu: Ugh! So not only is this bitch crazy but unoriginal as well

Karen: You shut your fucking piehole! Everything Karen does is super super super unique! Besides just because I currently have ten participants. That doesn't mean all of them are going to participate in the tournament. Currently only six of my ten fighters have secure their spot in this years tournament. Both Syh and you are still in danger of being killed before then. However just simply letting you two rot in the prison cell is no fun at all. Instead I Karen had set a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful game for you two to play. If you look closely at the intercom. You'll notice a code right next to the speaker. In this very prison cell the two of you losers are trapped within. There are four numbers hidden inside this prison cell. Each number is a code to escape the prison. Course like any good of mines. There are severe conditions along with it. If you two successfully find four numbers within ten minutes. I Karen promise the both you a successful escape from your prison. However if you both fail to meet my conditions in time. I will gleefully make my way to your prison cells. Throw a paralyzation bomb inside there and stab the both of you to death! Thus eliminating you both from the tournament. Also even if Nara manages to survive my tournament. I will not release Lorenzo into his custody. That's a privilege only you alone Xiaoyu can obtain. So if I were you you you. I make sure Syh and you find those numbers within ten minutes or less. Even if a second passes after ten minutes. Regardless if you successfully find all four code and enter them correctly. The door to your prison cell will not open. Now that I said what needed to be said. I'm going to kindly count down from ten to one. After the countdown is completed. Both Syh and you need to start searching the room for all four numbers

Xiaoyu: Just wait one fucking minute Karen. Who's to say you're not pulling a fast one on Syh and me? What if there aren't any numbers in this room?

Karen: Xiaoyu I promise on my sweet sweet sweet little name. If there aren't four numbers within that room. I will allow not only Syh and you to escape. I will release Nara and the other participants. Including your dear friend and fellow detective Lorenzo. However I can ensure you all the numbers needed to escape are inside your prison cell. Now please shut your trap as I begin the countdown. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6,5, 4, 3, 2... 1 ESCAPE OR DIE!

 Upon hearing the completion of Karen's countdown. Xiaoyu immediately springs to action searching for the numbers. Deciding to check underneath her bed first. Xiaoyu manages to find two pieces of paper. One being a map of the prison leading to an auditorium. The other paper displays four child like drawings. The first drawing is a gray colored wall. The second drawing being a box. The very same box currently sitting in the corner. The third drawing being the very map she's holding. Lastly the final drawing what appears to be black hair. Xiaoyu immediately flips the map over. Behind the map is the number 2 in a circle

Xiaoyu: Well that was easy. The first number was behind the map

Syh: Is that really the first number? What does the paper with the drawings show?

Xiaoyu: If the drawing indicates the order of the numbers. The number two behind the map would be the third number of the four digit code. The gray wall reveals the location of the first digit. The second digit is located inside that box in the corner. The last one is the only one throwing me off. It looks like it's behind some sought of black hair. Perhaps there's a wig located inside of this room. Anyways now that we have one of the numbers. Let's hurry up and find the last three

Syh: Well you said the gray wall but there aren't any numbers on the wall

Xiaoyu: You're right Syh. That fucking bitch Karen lied

Syh: No I don't think that's it. Take a look at the ceiling

 Xiaoyu lifts her head up towards the ceiling. Spotting a huge number 4 painted on the ceiling above them. Xiaoyu immediately realizes she had mistaken the ceiling in the drawing as a wall. Now Syh and she have two of the four digits needed to escape. Thankfully the third code is located inside the box in the corner.

Xiaoyu: That was much easier than I had thought. Perhaps we can escape this place under five minutes. Now to get the third digit outside the box

Syh: Not that I can see the box while sitting on the bed. However something tells me that box requires a key to be opened

Xiaoyu: Do you honestly think I give a damn about some key? I'll just slam the bitch on the ground until it breaks. Our lives are on the line. We don't have time to do proper. Now unless you have any other bright ideas. Let me break open this box---

 Before Xiaoyu could finish her sentence. Music begins to play on the intercom. Once the music has ended Karen begins to speak

Karen: Oh what do you think you're doing?

Xiaoyu: About to get the next digit hidden inside of the box

Karen: Did you find the key for said box missy?

Xiaoyu: Fuck you Karen! I'll just break the bitch open

Karen: Oh by all means go ahead detective. Just know if you break my decease mother's precious box. I guarantee you I will kill Lorenzo. The only acceptable way to open that box is by finding the key for it. Anything else is simply simply simply unacceptable! Now be a goody good girl and find the key. It has been five minutes by the way. So get a move on unless you two want to die. Karen out!

The intercom becomes silent once again. Anger by Karen's threat to Lorenzo's life. Xiaoyu began cursing furiously

Xiaoyu: THAT MOTHERFUCKING BUBBLEGUM PURPLE HAIRED PSYCHODEC BITCH!!! Instead of letting me break open the fucking box. I gotta hunt down a key in this fucking shithole!

Syh: I understand your frustration Xiaoyu but cursing like a sailor isn't going to lead to our escape

Xiaoyu: Fuck off Syh! Ever since this bullshit game had begun. All you done was sit your ass on that bed. While I did all the code searching alone

Syh: Did I not tell you about the number on the ceiling?

Xiaoyu: Oh gee thanks. We are running out of time here. Just shut up so I can try to find this damn key

Syh: So you don't want to know about the object hidden in my bed?

Xiaoyu: What?

Syh: While I was asleep. I felt something poking me on my back

Xiaoyu: Holy shit that might be the key

 Rushing over to Syh's side of the bed. Xiaoyu removes the contour sheet on Syh's bed. Underneath it was the very key Xiaoyu needed to open the box that belong to Karen's dead mother. Quickly making her way to the box. Xiaoyu inserted the key inside the keyhole and opened the box. Inside their was a piece of paper with the number 7 on it. Also in the box was a black colored key. Remembering the Black Shackles bounding Syh's hands. Xiaoyu quickly made her way back to his bed

Xiaoyu: Syh please pull your hands out from underneath the sheet. I think this key right here will unlock the black shackles on your wrist

Syh: I wonder why would Karen put the keys to unlock my shackles in the cell?

Xiaoyu: The hell I know what that psycho was thinking. Just promise me you won't blow a hole in this bitch. I want to at least try to find this black wig. Before time runs out on us. Then we will have no choice but to break out by force

Syh: Understood. I won't do anything until time runs out. However I refuse to let that bitch stab me to death

Xiaoyu: Fair enough

 Sticking the black key inside of Syh's Black Shackles. A simple right turn of the key and the shackles free themselves from Syh's wrist. Gradually Syh can feel his energy returning to his body.

Xiaoyu: Now that you're free. I can try to find this black wig within two minutes. Otherwise you know what we have to do

Syh: Are you sure that's a black wig in the drawing?

Xiaoyu: Honestly the thought of a wig being in this cell sounds obnoxious. Sadly we are not dealing with a sane individual. Only God Asira knows what runs through Karen's head

Syh: I personally think you are giving Karen way too much credit. I don't think that's a wig in that drawing but her poor drawing of your hair

Xiaoyu: My hair?

Syh: Why don't you at least give it a shot?

Xiaoyu: We have about a minute left. I hope you're right about this Syh

 Xiaoyu starts picking around her beautiful black hair. Five seconds later Xiaoyu feels a piece of paper wrapped around a strand of her hair. Carefully removing the paper out of her hair. Xiaoyu unfolds the paper in front of her. Revealing the last digit needed to escape the prison cell

Xiaoyu: Syh you're a fucking genius! The final number was inside of my hair

Syh: So what was the final number?

Xiaoyu: It's the number 6. So base on the drawing the order of the codes are 4 7 2 6 Those are the codes to escape the prison cell

Syh: So what are you waiting for? Go put them in

 Xiaoyu quickly runs over to the intercom. Standing before the box Xiaoyu puts the correct in the correct order. A few seconds later the intercom makes a beep sound. However the prison cell door does not open. Worriedly Xiaoyu wonders did she make it in time

Xiaoyu: Oh no? I don't think we made it in time

Syh: Impossible! As soon as the game had started. I counted six hundred seconds in my head. We managed to find all four number in nine minutes and forty four seconds. It only took you one and half seconds to put the codes in. Meaning we still had a little over fifteen seconds left before we failed the game

Xiaoyu: If what you are saying is true. That means Karen fucking lied to us. Well if this is the game you want to play Karen... let's fucking play! Syh get ready to blast---

 Just like the last time. Before Xiaoyu could finish her sentence. The music from the intercom starts to play again. Two seconds after the music ceases. Karen begins to speak to Xiaoyu and Syh

Karen: Wow never have I meet a sore winner like you Xiaoyu. There is no need for Syh to blast anything. The two of you successfully found all four digits within nine minutes. Along with entering all four hidden numbers in the correct order. Therefore you two are free to go join the other six participants. Just follow the map you found underneath your bed and head for the auditorium. I can't wait to see you two in person. Especially you my lovely lovely lovely Xiaoyu

Xiaoyu: I can't wait to see you too bitch!

Karen: Anyways bye bye bye for now. Try not to keep me waiting

 After Karen ends her chat with Xiaoyu and Syh. The prison cell door slides open before Xiaoyu. Gracefully jumping off of his bed. Syh starts walking towards in the direction of the open prison cell door

Xiaoyu: I guess the bitch does have some morals after all. Not enough for me not to kill her on sight. Just enough to make her death less painful. Course with this damn Magic Inhibitor on my damn neck. I don't know how I will go about killing the bitch exactly

Syh: Did you already forget I'm the one who put it on you? Therefore I'm the one who can also remove it. Now stand still as I make my way towards. Once I remove the collar from around your neck. Let's swiftly make our way to the auditorium

Xiaoyu: Sounds like a plan to me. I hope to everything that's good Nara is there

 Having successfully beaten Karen's game within the ten minute limit. Syh walks over to Xiaoyu and removes the Magic Inhibitor around her neck. Using the map Xiaoyu found underneath her bed. The two immediately start making their way towards the auditorium. Running past other cell doors as they hurry to the auditorium. Xiaoyu and Syh sees piles of skeletons inside each prison cell. Xiaoyu prays to herself that Nara isn't amongst the dead. Along with the hope of saving Lorenzo from Karen

TO BE CONTINUED IN Chapter 57. 2

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