Monday, December 5, 2016

The Remaining Combatants

Update: I'm currently in the process of getting the characters fixed

1. Damien Benzo

A nude model who uses the fighting style Tae Kwon Doo. Infusing his KI with his deadly kicks. Damien is able to create fire energy. Damien is one of the many fighters kidnapped by Karen and Stanford. In order to take part of the latest Underground Fighting Tournament

2. Syh (Pronounced "Sigh") Philips

An attractive but loner elf who lives in the Toffee Forest. Just outside of Neo Aigosthena. Despite his very young age of fifty. Syh is one of the strongest elves amongst his people. During one of his trips to Neo Aigosthena. Syh encountered a male demon wearing a suit. Before Syh could even prepare himself for combat. Syh was surrounded in a whitish silver fog. Syh has fallen to the ground fast asleep

3. Pelham

An assassin with a very gaudy battle suit. Pelham was a former member of the Dark Guild White Lash. After being responsible for a mission gone astray. Pelham's teammates kicked her out of the Guild. Threatening to kill her if they ever saw her again. Furious with her now former teammates. Pelham had wished to kill them but knew she would fail. No other option available to her. Pelham decided to become an assassin for hire. Months had gone pass and life as a hired killer was great for Pelham. Unfortunately after completing her latest assignment in Neo Aigosthena. Pelham had encountered a male demon in a suit. The demon engulf Pelham in a thick whitish silver fog. Pelham felt herself falling fast asleep. Pelham later woke up. Discovering she's now apart of an Underground Fighting Tournament

4. Romio Mitarai

Half French and Half Japanese. Romio Mitarai is a young photographer who like many in the world of Asira. Is a very skilled sage who uses a orthodox form of magic. During one of his travels in Mayland. Romio had gotten himself lost in Neo Aigosthena. Romio had asked many people for help. Only for every single person to either ignore him or unable to help. Fortunately Romio had then encounter a man dressed in a suit. Unaware of the man's intentions. Romio willingly followed the man. Believing he was genuinely helping him. However upon ended up in a secluded alley. Only then did Romio realize the man meant him no good. Sadly like many before him. Romio was knocked out by a whitish silver colored fog. Falling fast asleep on the ground. Romio was at the mercy of the mysterious man

5. Sinclair

A monster created by Karen. Using the bodies of the fighters of the previous Underground Fighting Tournament. Sinclair is a powerful being that fights in the tournament. In order to help his Master separate the weak from the strong. 

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