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Profile Braddox


The Man Possessed By A Demon

Name: Braddox Morse

Age: 42

Hair Color: Blonde with red tipped ends

Eye Color: Smokey Purple. Turns red when in battle

Gender: Male

Height: 6'3

Weight: 235 pounds

Likes: Adelia, fighting, exercising, protein shakes, heavy metal

Dislikes: His family, weaklings, Stuffed Poitevin 

Magic Name: None. Braddox's powers is caused by the spirit of the demon Crocell residing within his body

Abilities: Inhuman strength, durability, reflex, heighten senses, and producing a burning aura around himself

Bio: Born and raised in France. Braddox had a relatively normal childhood. Enjoying a rather decent life with his mother and father. Unlike many kids his age. Obsessed with magic and becoming sages. Braddox's dreams in life was to become a bodybuilder. Outside of his parents and a few friends. Braddox kept to himself. Focusing on training his body to physical perfection. At the age of fifteen Braddox possessed a body that put athletes to shame. Braddox continued to train his body. Living a pretty pleasant life. Unaware of the unexpected event. One that would change his life forever. During the events of his seventeen birthday. Braddox's body became inhabited by the spirit of the demon Crocell. However instead of falling under Crocell's control. Braddox not only retained control over his mind and body. Braddox gained the physical strength the demon residing within himself. Realizing what he could do with this newfound power. Braddox decided to become a professional fighter.

 Braddox first began competing in small tournaments around France. In order to test his demonic like strength. Once he understood how to use his powers against magic user. Braddox began to compete in major fighting tournaments. Battling against many powerful and skilled sages. Braddox defeated them all using his inhuman strength to overwhelm his adversaries. Having won so many tournaments. Braddox gained fans and admires all throughout France. Which only amplified Braddox desire to become even stronger. While Braddox's success brought a lot of good into his life. Many of the sages he defeated in battled. Banded together in order to seek vengeance against him.

 After securing another victory in the Combat Tournament in Lyon. Making his way back to his hotel for some rest. Braddox found himself surrounded by a group of sages. Braddox immediately recognized them as opponents from previous tournaments. Normally outside of combat Braddox is a very calm individual. However upon being surrounded by the sages. Sensing each and every one of their dark intentions. Braddox lost his cool and enter a berserker like state of mind. Savagely attacking each of the sages. Slaughtering them one by one. The few remaining sages who were still alive. Attempted to run away but failed to escape Braddox's fury. Covered in the blood of his fallen attackers. Before Braddox could make his next move. The police had arrived on the scene. Surrounding Braddox with guns and energy bolts in hand. Despite possessing the power to fight or run away. Braddox instead decided to surrender. Due to the shame caused by his malicious actions

Shortly after Braddox's actions had made the news. Braddox's parents had disowned him and friends abandon him. His fans trashed his name. Destroying whatever merchandise they owned of him. Braddox became a disgrace to France's fighting circuit. Braddox was sentenced to fifteen years in prison. During those long years in prison. Braddox was treated like a disease. Avoided by both his fellow prisoners and guards. Only interacting with him when necessary. Otherwise Braddox was a complete outcast. The only genuine interaction Braddox received. Is when he received letters from a woman name Adelia. The only fan who didn't abandon him. Braddox appreciated Adelia and often written to her. Ten years later due to good behavior. Braddox was released from prison. Despite his friendship with Adelia. Braddox wanted nothing more than to leave France.

 Starting his new life in the country Mayland. Braddox resided in the state Neo Aigosthena. Working as a bouncer in a local bar. Braddox had reframe from combat. A few exceptions being street fights every once in a while. Braddox continued to work on his body daily. One night after leaving from work. Braddox encountered a male demon dressed in a suit. Braddox knew the demon had ill intentions for him. Braddox was ready for combat. Sadly before Braddox could make a move. The demon had put Braddox to sleep. After engulfing him in a gas cloud from his mouth. Once Braddox had awoken from his sleep. Braddox discovered that he was selected to compete in a Underground Fighting Tournament. Hosted by a mad woman name Karen Caramel


1. Braddox's character was inspired by Azrael from the Blazblue series

2. Braddox shares a similarity with major character Angelina. Both having a disdain for their country of Origin. The only difference being. Braddox loved France prior to his arrest. Angelina on the other hand resented her life in Japan. Due to her parent's lack of affection and her lonely childhood

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