Sunday, December 4, 2016

Danielle Amarillo


Born and raised in Mexico. Danielle Amarillo is the youngest of five children. Being the only girl amongst her siblings. Danielle's family were very over protective of her. Ever since Danielle was able to walk and talk. The girl shown an immense interest in gaining knowledge. However unlike her brothers who were determine to be sages. Danielle simply wished to gain knowledge and live a normal life. Danielle was such an intelligent child. At the age of eight Danielle had graduated from Elementary School. Graduated Junior High at thirteen. Danielle then went on to graduate High School at sixteen. Now that she had completed general basic school. Danielle decided she wanted to travel outside of Mexico. Before preparing herself for college. However due to the fact Danielle did not posses any magical abilities. No one in her family was willing to let her do such a thing. Unless of course she decided to take up magic. Despite not having a genuine interest in magic. In order to be able to travel outside her country. Danielle decided to study magic under her older twin brothers Fernando and Rodrigo. After two months of intense training. While Danielle didn't exactly perform to her brother's satisfaction. The family decided to allow Danielle to travel outside of Mexico. Happy to gain her family's approval. Danielle decided she would visit the country of Mayland first. Danielle promised her family she will be safe and come home within a month.

Danielle arrived to Mayland four days later. Traveling throughout many states within the country of Mayland. Danielle had managed to avoid any form of danger. Unfortunately upon arriving to the state Neo Aigosthena. Danielle's luck had taken a turn for the worst. One of the many souls to avoid the massacre at the Elestial Market. While partying at a bar located in Bosman. Danielle began to feel tispy. Not wanting to become drunk. Danielle decided to leave the bar and head back to her hotel room. Nearly on her way back to her hotel room. Danielle was stopped by a man dressed in a suit. Instinctively Danielle had tried to run away from him. Sadly before Danielle could attempt to get away. The mysterious man had trapped Danielle in a whitish silver fog. Danielle was knocked unconscious seconds later

This is how Danielle ends up as one of Karen's many kidnapped participants of the upcoming Underground Fighting Tournament 

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